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Online order
Jumped on the cinco de mayo special and placed orders for uniforms and discounted bag. 2 weeks pass and nothing. Reached out three times to customer service, UniformAdvantage were polite, to finally get my order. So, my last conversation was 6/14 (remember my order was from 5/5), they were finally able to put my order together and since there were no more of the bag that I ordered at a discount, they sold me an equivalent bag at full price. Seriously? Not my fault you messed up my order. But, whatever. At least I'm getting my order.
THEN! They informed me my order would arrive by 6/16, the 18th at the latest.
My order didn't come until 6/23rd. Will NEVER order from UA again.

I didn't plan on giving ANY stars for this review but had to add "1" in order for my review to be accepted. I have been a loyal customer and spent $572 this past weekend on scrubs and shoes. I live in Wisconsin. I happened to check my account yesterday only to find out that right after my online purchase, there were charges on my card for Miami and Fort Lauderdale (roughly 45 miles apart) which occurred after my purchase with UA, also located in Fort Lauderdale. I had to spend the morning with the Fraud division with Chase and then 3 phone calls to UA as I was hung up on twice and then held for over 40 minutes to get to an "online manager". The "young" man I spoke with stated he would "send out an email" regarding the event. He furthermore stated that their people "and even himself" don't have access to people's card numbers - only the last 6 numbers. I told him respectfully that this may be the case but ultimately, a purchase could NOT take place with my bank, Chase, without FULL disclosure of my numbers on my card and as a result, there is a leak in the system and UniformAdvantage have a thief in their midst. He then stated if they figure out who it is, they wouldn't be able to divulge the identity. I understand this may be the case but personally, as an educated individual in a professional role who has spent "considerable" money on their products I felt my concerns will not be addressed nor were they taken seriously on the part of Uniform Advantage. With a company this large
And their clientele, I would have expected better. As well, I am smart enough to know that I am not the ONLY one who has fallen victim to this problem, particularly in the world of COVID. Very disappointed! BUY AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE!

Poor Quality Item
I have purchased the last few years from UA and have been happy with the products, until now. I ordered a warm up jacket, Cherokee brand, and it was so poor quality, you can see through the material. I, for the first time, had a stock logo put on it and when I went to return it, it was a big no. I must have missed that on the site, if it was embroidered you can't return it. The embroidery was the best part about it. The rest of it was cheap and it won't last and I would be embarrassed to even wear it in my professional environment. Now I am stuck with it. I called and UniformAdvantage just kept repeating that I could not return it. They offered a code on my next purchase but why would I buy more poor quality. Very sad about it, it is not often I am able to buy something extra and it was a total joke. Beware and don't embroider is the lesson of the day! It also was not sized right, I always were an XL and I could not move my shoulders with it on. It is such poor quality, I could not even give it to a friend, I would be too embarrassed.

Horrible customer service
I ordered scrubs and long sleeve under shirts 11/28/16. When I received my order my long sleeve under shirts were a completely different brand. I figured mistakes happen and called the company (as the other brand was cheaply made). In total I have called uniform advantage 4 times (3 times resulting in me on the phone for 45 minutes) trying to help them figure out how my order got messed up. Waited to receive my actual order tens prior to shipping the other tips back. TWO months later and still nothing. Finally send their stuff back and told them to refund me as I no longer even wanted my items I had ordered in the first place. Checked to see if I had been refunded and it was $10 off. Are you joking? Never will I order from them again. Mistakes happen but then correct them!

Always Fast and Easy
It's been a couple of years since I had the opportunity to order scrubs based on what I wanted to wear to work. I spent a couple of years having to order from a company website, but now I can wear whatever scrubs I want to work, and Uniform Advantage has every major brand that I am interested in buying. Including Betsey Johnson, which was What I ordered most in my recent order. The first day I wore my new scrubs patients and nurses alike gave me compliments and begged for my clothes. Thanks, Betsey! You make me feel pretty while I'm covered with poop. Seriously the website is easy to navigate, the clothes come quickly due to being shipped USPS and I have loved everything I have ordered.

Poor customer service
I received my order and 4 days later many items went on sale. It was approximately 40$ for a 500$ order. I called them thinking UniformAdvantage would do a price adjustment instead of having to return and reorder but was told their policy is only for 24 hours. I wouldn't have even received my items in that timeframe. I just can't believe they would rather me return the items and have to have them restocked and then send me new items instead of just price adjusting. Poor customer service and we all know that all of of us healthcare workers are held to high standards when it comes to patient satisfaction. I just wish uniform advantage was held to similar standards. SMH!

Stick to Amazon or any company with customer service and good shipping
I ordered two sets of scrubs and despite putting in my right address it got switched twice- once without an apartment number to UPS and then a completely different address to USPS somehow. It was marked not deliverable and would be sent back to their headquarters. After talking with someone UniformAdvantage said I should figure it out with UPS or USPS. 7 or more calls later I got the address corrected but then got a call saying it was actually sent back. Then 5 days later it arrived making it nearly 2 weeks to get my package after I paid for shipping. If shipping and customer service is this unhelpful- I fixed it myself with no support from UA- shipping should be free. There was also very little detail on difference between petite / short and regular so my scrubs are too big. The material also isn't ve stretchy, which is important for me. I've sent it back but I still have to pay AGAIN for shipment back. Worst costumer service experience- paying for bad service and zero help. Don't shop here, stick to Amazon, an actual store or any other company.

HORRIBLE Customer Service
I ordered a week ago. 2 days ago I checked order status and it had not shipped, so I got on their chat page. He was going to check on it and email me. This morning I got an email that said one item is sold out so they're giving me 3-5 business days to select a different item. After 25 minutes on hold with customer service, the line picked up. I could hear breathing and keyboard clicking, but no one would respond. So I hung up and went back to chat. Told them I wanted the rest of my order sent overnight. Was told by Fernando he would "send an email to the concern department to expedite the order at no additional cost." I said, "so will I get it tomorrow?" He said no, UniformAdvantage can't assure that but it will be "handled on priority."

Stocking, Shipping and Poor Customer Service
I ordered $390 of Uniform Advantage uniforms (scrub tops, jackets, pants and shoes). After 10 days of waiting for my order to ship I get an email that an item is no longer available. Then another 2 days after that (12 days after order placed) I get another email that another item is no longer available. The Uniform Advantage website states most orders ship within 24 hours. If UniformAdvantage would have shipped the order within 24 hours my items would have been in stock. Uniform Advantage customer service said the order was too close to being shipped to cancel and offered no discount for the hassle. I demanded Uniform Advantage cancel my order and they did. I spent well over $1500 at Uniform Advantage in the last 5 years. Apparently it's more important to get the money from the customer than delivering the uniforms. Additionally I had no "custom embroidery service " or anything customized or embroidered. There was not one reason for a delay. So try another excuse Amy Indelicato. That's what your paid to do.

Butter soft products are sub standard and are not as described.
I have ordered products from uniform advantage three times now and have been unhappy each time. The Butter Soft line is horrible! I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt but never again! Always described as soft and stretching in both directions but in reality the material does not stretch at all. I cannot imagine how UniformAdvantage can publish this false information. The tops I ordered ran small and I bought Butter Soft pants and they were HUGE! Both in size medium. I received them yesterday and they are on their way back today. Now let's see if they actually refund my money in a timely fashion. I will go to BBB if I have any issues with the refund.

Horrible! I do not recommend this at all!
I wish I could give no star at all. I placed an order online using my credit card. The next day, I received an e-mail stating UniformAdvantage put my order on hold because they had a "problem" processing the payment and that the info I entered did not pass their "system." They are requesting for some information which I was hesitant to give. I called my credit card company to see if there was any problem processing the payment and there was NONE. The amount they charged went thru and was authorized. Weird huh? So I e-mailed them back and told them they shouldn't have a problem. Few minutes later, they e-mailed be again and asking for a copy of my credit card and ID (what?!) or they will not process my order (No way!). So I cancelled my order, and it has been three days, the amount they charged is still on hold. I hope they can read this because I am very unhappy with their service. Ordering from UniformAdvantage is a big mistake. Whoever read this, just order somewhere else.

Recent customer and still waiting for the order to arrive :(
Uniform Advantage has a good media marketing. Products, sizes varies and lots of options. The service, processing and shipping needs improvement.

I ordered my scrub uniform July 22nd, >$100 to qualify for free shipping. So expecting arrival would be 7-10 days. Well... product not arrived yet because UniformAdvantage did not pack the ordered product until July 27th.

Comparison to different online stores:
QVC and HSN: I ordered nursing shoes July 23rd, same thing with free shipping promo. Both shoes arrived July 26th.
This is with no follow up phone call necessary.

Victoria Secret: I ordered monday July 24th, with the free shipping promo >$100 of product. I received my orders July 27th. Awesome services and reliability.

This are the reliable websites that definitely customers can come back and purchase products and HASSLE FREE! No need to call everyday to follow up regarding your product orders!

Lost order
I just wanted you guys to know this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. My order is missing. The first day I live chatted UniformAdvantage couldn't help because it had only been 22 hours not 24. So today I live chatted because my order was still missing. Then instead of refunding me or replacing say they have to do an 8 business day investigation. I work at a big hospital in Vegas and need new uncontaminated scrubs because of COVID and now I'm literally stuck. You guys say you help frontline hero's but you obviously don't. Because now I have no scrubs before Monday and have to somehow buy some before Monday. Over one measly cheap order when you guys make millions. Amazing.

Buttersoft is not buttersoft
I purchased buttersoft scrubs for the first time and UniformAdvantage were so rigid and rough I felt so deceived considering I bought several other pairs of the uniform advantage buttersoft brand. I got one pair of the movement style and those are what I expected buttersoft to be. As many others mentioned, sizing really depends on you preference but I also found sizing to be a bit on the larger side. I used the size guide and found that the sizes are generally about 3-4 inches larger for the tops than the reference range. For example, size small is 33-36 inch bust (not exact but for the sake of the review this is an example) when I got my measuring tape and measured the scrub top it was 40 inch bust. So if you are in between sizes it is best to get the smaller size but again, I am the type of person that knows my measurements for this reason and it is frustrating when you try to get everything right and it still doesn't workout. Now I have to pay, nearly $10 in shipping that I was trying very hard to avoid. Not to mention there is a sale now and all of the items I purchased are at a discount and I don't see anything about price adjustments. I just re-ordered because it is likely by the time they process my return there won't be any of the colors or size options left for me because their returns process is so outdated. This is the only company where I still have to fill out a paper form. To have to calculate all of these things just so I can make a return is even more frustrating. I just think it is ridiculous to be paying an excessive shipping fee when I know this company is making tons of money with customers spending at least $100 per order.

Worst Customer Service
Since March, I have had such a horrible back and forth experience with Uniform Advantage. I accidentally realized I bought the wrong size and immediately contacted customer service and UniformAdvantage were so unhelpful and said they cannot cancel the order as it's being processed. They said I can buy the new size and return once I receive the new one and I'll have to pay for all shipping fees! What the heck is customer service there for if they cannot cancel it change an order all within 20 minutes of purchasing?! It was just so upsetting that they wouldn't care to help. It took about a month to receive my wrong size. I returned it the same day and that was 1 month ago. I contacted customer service asking them to immediately refund me or cancel my request for a new size. And they would not do that either. They said they would try. I requested to speak with a supervisor who never contacted or reached out to me. I will not recommend anyone of my friends or families or any strangers to by from this company as they have customer service that needs more training. Rude and helpful. Wish I could give negative stars.


Run Away as Fast as You Can! Don't Spend Your Hard Earned Money!
I ordered a jacket, two scrub pants and two scrub tops. It came to over $192.00. This place is not cheap. UniformAdvantage sent me the wrong size pants and the wrong size tops. I wanted the "slim fit" in the pants and the regular fit in the tops. They made a mistake and sent me "slim fit" tops and regular fit pants. I contacted customer service and told them about the sizing mistake. I sent back the tops expecting regular fit tops. Again, they sent me the exact same wrong size tops - "slim fit." I do not want "slim fit" tops! How much clearer can I make this? Not only did they send me the same exact wrong size back, they charged me an additional $9.62 for postage to cover the so called "return." I strongly urge you to spend your hard earned money somewhere else. I will no longer do business with this so called company.

HORRIBLE SERVICE - They lie to you when you call
I ordered scrubs on May 2, with an estimated ship date of May 6, Delivery around May 12. On May 10, status was still ready to ship. Service folks told me they'd ship next day, agreed to 2 day shipping. By May 15, UniformAdvantage still had not shipped - still "Ready to Ship" status. I cancelled the order, and informed them that I'd file a complaint with the credit card company if the order was not cancelled, and reverse the payment. They told me they could not guarantee they could cancel it. I expect to receive the scrubs now that I have made it clear I bought other scrubs and do not need their product. I can handle delays or out of stock status - but I need to be informed so I can change the order if necessary. Worst on-line service I have ever received.

Never again
I placed an order in December. I got an email stating it went thru and waited... Nothing ever came. I have ordered from UA before and never had any issues. So, when I inquired, a gentlemen told me via live chat that it was cancelled and to place again. He apologized and assured me there should be no problems with the next order I placed. I placed the order Jan 11,2021. Everything was in stock per the website. It was estimated to be here Jan 21. I waited until end of day on the 22nd to ask if UniformAdvantage knew when my order would be here (via live chat) because the tracking said "being processed". I was told a ticket would be made to check with the warehouse and I would receive an email in 24-48 hours. Still waiting on that email. I inquired again on live chat and they said to give an additional 24 hours for that email. Still no correspondence. I called yesterday (01/26) and spoke to a gentleman who told me he had to speak with customer service about my order on when it will be shipped and they would be calling me. They could not cancel my order without speaking to them first to see the status of my order. I still have not received a phone call and I am unaware of what is taking so long. It isn't UPS or postal services fault... my order hasn't even made it that far yet, it is still in the warehouse! Beyond frustrated and wish I wouldn't have placed a second order with them.

Fed up with poor service
If I could give zero stars, I would. I order scrubs for a fairly large clinic and the last order was missing half the items. Of the items sent, some of them were the incorrect size and item. Been in contact with their customer service rep for over a week now, the first time he told me he would email within 48 hours - a week later still no email. The best he could do for me was refund the missing items, but nothing said about the incorrect items, and a refusal to refund the cost of shipping. He then told me I could have 10% off my next order, when asked how I could claim the 10% I was told that once I had submitted the order and paid for it, I could contact them and UniformAdvantage would refund me 10% of what I'd paid.

The sizes usually run big, and are sometimes incorrectly labelled (e.g. Labelled size medium, but the size matches other small size tops of the same product), the colours fade very quickly, and wear through quickly as well. Have had multiple issues with non-existent or incorrect tracking numbers being sent to me with orders. The list goes on. I am honestly fed up with the service, and unhelpful representatives.

Lost my package and refused to refund
Lost my package via UPS. UA had UPS put a tracer on it and said I would get resolution in 8-10 business days. I called back 16 days later and was informed UPS closed the investigation with no resolution so UniformAdvantage would have to open another investigation and I would have to wait another 8-10 business days for resolution. UPS website stated package still in transit and investigation open and yet the supervisor had the nerve to tell me that the package was delivered! I placed the order over 4 weeks ago. They refused to refund my money until they received a UPS resolution in another 2 weeks. I finally just went to my bank and disputed the charge. There is no customer service.

Worst Shopping Experience in 33 years
I placed an order on April 24th, 2020 for almost $150 in merchandise. I had taken an assignment that required a specific scrub color and due to covid, was unable to go into a store to purchase. I went with UA because UniformAdvantage were going to be able to get my order to me May 5th which was well before my May 11th start date. On May 4th, I noticed the order hadn't even shipped so I reached out to the via chat and was told it hadn't shipped yet because one of the items was out of stock. Ok, well why hadn't anyone contacted me to tell me that and find out what I wanted to do and how long would this have gone on and if I hadn't taken the initiative? I told him I did not want to replace the item, that I just wanted the remaining 5 items shipped and requested that it be shipped 2 day at no additional cost to me. He said yes and that he would take care of it. A couple days later, I still hadn't received my package or any type of email regarding the order. I reached out via chat again and found out the order still hadn't shipped. I asked to speak to a manager and was given a number to call. I called the number and spoke to another employee who told me that all the managers were currently in a meeting and that since he was not a manager, he couldn't reach out to the warehouse directly to find out what was going on with the order but that he could take my information and a manager would call me back later that day. I never received a call back from anyone that day. The next day, I called again first thing in the morning and spoke to a manager. She told me that she had no way of contacting the warehouse directly because no one was there answering phone calls and that email was the best form of contact because someone was there yielding them and she would get a response within a couple of hours. Never heard back from her that day. The next day, Sunday, I call again, for the FIFTH time now, I am contacting them. Not ONCE had anyone contacted me still to this point. It's now the day before I start my assignment. The manager I had dealt with the day before was not on so I spoke with another one who did actually pick up the phone and call the warehouse and got through to them and found out my order still hadn't shipped because of the item that was out of stock. Apparently the first time I had addressed this issue, SIX days prior, it never got handled. They ended up overnighting them to me but it wasn't until Tuesday so I had to show up to the first couple days of work without proper attire and I'm not sure what the actual time frame would have been had I not stayed on top of this. If I had the option, I would've canceled the entire order all together. DON'T do it. It was stressful and chaotic. How do you run a business if your employees have no line of communication with the warehouse...

Crap customer service
My purchase says it was delivered at 3:40 on my front porch on July 5th. It was not. I waited a few days. Still unsure if it was passed onto Usps or was delivered by ups. Usps seems to f up a lot. The email was unclear. Today is July 9. Still no package. I called them and UniformAdvantage said that Usps delivered it on July 5th and that they don't have any control over it. They gave me the number to my local Usps and a new tracking number that was 28 digits long! So I'm supposed to hunt it down through the Usps myself? I spent $100 on some pants and it never got delivered yet it's my job to hunt it down through the federal system? Like their customer svc will be any better? They said if the package doesn't arrive by Thursday which is 8 business days after it went missing then call back and they will reprocess it as lost and will reissue another package or a refund.

Never Again!
I live in a rural area with the closest place to buy quality scrubs being over an hour away. So I figured I'd order from this company since their catalogs kept getting left in the break room at work.
I ordered two Buttersoft sets and a pullover hoodie scrub top. The Buttersoft Collection is AWFUL! Every bit of lint sticks to them, and UniformAdvantage are most certainly NOT true to size. I've been wearing scrubs for 22+ years. These run small in the pants, HUGE in the tops.
The black set looks terrible the moment it comes out of the dryer. After wearing them to work a few times, I threw the top and pants in the trash. I was constantly covered in lint! I also ordered another set in a dark teal color, following the company's suggested pants to match the top. The color is noticeably off, they don't match. Same color name, same brand, same fabric. And the pants are too small, the top is huge.
As for the pullover hoodie scrub top, I never even got to wear it. I washed it before wearing it and it came out of the dryer with the seams on the arms (at the shoulders) coming out. I'm talking about 4 inches of the seams coming undone.
The quality of these products is disappointing! I mentioned the problems I had with them at work and my coworkers all had the same complaints about the quality of Uniform Advantage's brand "Buttersoft".
I tried to review the items I purchased on their website, but I can't find that option anywhere.
I have included a photo of the pants with the lint stuck to them (they're clean, washed only with other pairs of black scrubs, and yes, I used fabric softener) and a photo of the pullover hoodie where the seams have come out after one wash and having never been worn.

Definitely will never buy ever again
Returned two scrub tops for a size smaller than what I got. First UniformAdvantage charge u for using their return label, so NO their return label is NOT free. Then they charged me an extra $17 plus. Then I was told after that that one of the tops were no longer available but yet they charged my card. Been calling for days now and still waiting to get ahold of someone. I saw a refilund of $1 and some cents. So where is the rest of my $15 plus. U ppl are ridiculous. So still haven't received the scrub top in stock nor my $15 plus. NEVER again will I ever buy from this company. Is this how u treat healthcare workers especially in a pandemic. It's been almost 8 weeks. Let's see if I'll get through to customer service on Monday cause apparently they don't work weekends.

Do NOT waste your time or money
I placed a large expensive order on 2/16/19. The online site does not show if items are on backorder until after you receive your email confirmation. Suddenly 2 items were on back order. Then the day UniformAdvantage were supposed to be in stock I checked and they were pushed back another 5 days. I emailed through the website to cancel. No reply. I placed a call and was told they could only cancel the backorder items, and would have a senior customer service rep call me within 1 business day because nobody was available. I was also told they didnt know why I had not yet received my other items because they should have been sent, but it showed a shipping error that *again* only a senior rep could answer what was wrong. Nobody ever called. Called again to cancel. Two days later received the order (minus the 2 backorder items) that suddenly was overnighted to me (when I chose regular shipping) including 2 tops that I no longer wanted because I cancelled the matching bottoms that were on backorder. Nobody ever called me back or repied to any of my emails. An order placed 2/16/19 was received 3/7/19 and nobody from customer service ever replied to me. Now I'm stuck with 2 tops that don't have bottoms and cannot return to the local store. I either keep them or have to pay to return them. Oh, and the return shipping label was also missing off my invoice. I would have given them 0 stars if possible. I didn't realize the website was not the same as the local store or I would never have ordered. My local store is amazing and the staff is always great. The website - just stay away!

Good Selection, Crappy Returns
The selection and prices for scrubs are good here. I found what I wanted easily and it was shipped out in a timely manner. I've bought the brand I was buying before so I felt comfortable that it would work for me. When I got my top it was too large, which was disappointing as this site has the worst returns. For one, the shipping cost was already kind of high for a standard shipping (my family's company ships a lot so I'm familiar with the costs when you are a major shipper). Return shipping with their label is outrageous (over $8!). For all the hassle and the cost of their shipping plus the small return cost at the post office I'm not sure if it was even worth it. Total waste of money. In my experience, buying clothes without free returns or being able to try them in store is just not worth the risk. I learned my lesson, can't ever be sure. Won't ever use this company again. Amazon offers free returns if I have to shop online so I'll stick with that.

Company full of lies and Crap customer service
Alright, this is a long one and I hope it helps people avoid issues.
I was super excited when I first found this site. I found a bunch of tops I wanted to order... and then came the shipping. It kept coming up as general UPS $49.99 USD. Now, I read all the info on the site and general UPS shouldn't even be coming up for shipping ACCORDING TO THE SITE SHIPPING. It should be iParcel, as Canada is on the list for that method of shipping, but it didn't even come up as an option. So I waste my time for almost two hours on two seperate phone calls to have some guy named Stephen or Steven tell me that he could get the iParcel option to come up twice but all other mock orders he made to Canada were having the same issue and he couldn't figure it out. He also told me that the iParcel shipping for the 10 items he put in the cart was only $19.99 USD (keep in mind too that the iParcel ensures no surprise fees from UPS and customs when it show up at your door, unlike the UPS general shipping). After I asked, he told me a manager would be contacting me back (ps I have proof of the conversations). Next afternoon, still no call back, so I used the on line chat, being smart enough to take screen shots of the conversation. I was told that there was a ticket and UniformAdvantage would be contacting back no later than Tuesday. This rep ALSO said he had just experienced the same problem with another client earlier that day, which tells me now that this should be a known problem. So Tuesday comes and goes, and Wednesday I call and had a young lady tell me there was no ticket and no history documented of any of my conversations. She sounded a little surprised when I told her I had the afore mentioned proof. So now I FINALLY get to talk to a manager and they have no idea about the issue either and they would look in to it. So I FINALLY get a response the following TUESDAY and here is what they have to say:
We have been researching what the issue is and we found that is due to some vendor items that have international shipping restrictions and can only be shipped within the United States.

We tried adding UA brand items and we got the option to select iparcel, but when trying with some of the vendor items we did not have it.

It has been very difficult to get a list of all the items that have a restriction, but we are working on it so it reflects on the website.

I wish I had better news; my advice is to purchase items that are UA brands, otherwise, you will not have the option to use iParcel, and you will have to pay the duties and fees.
We do sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. In the meantime, if we may be of any further service, please reply back to this email and we will assist you promptly.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Best regards,
Paul C.
Uniform Advantage | CS Supervisor
Which is, honestly, bull skittles! The site specifically states that they only items that MAY not ship to Canada are "Stethoscopes, New Balance and $#*!ies merchandise may not be shipped outside of the United States." Nothing else is noted as being a shipping issue. So there's that. Also, I took their advice, abeit rather angry, and removed all items besides the UA brands AS PER THEIR UA BRAND list. Guess what- same problem! No iParcel option comes up. Their generic response:
Thank you for contacting Uniform Advantage. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Email sent to customer, no response yet from IT. Sent email to Israel to follow up if we had a response.

Did we answer your concerns? If not or if there's anything else we can help you with, just reply back to this email directly.

Thank you again for shopping with Uniform Advantage: we look forward to delighting you with our merchandise quality very shortly!

Uniform Advantage | Customer Service
So thanks for wasting my time, Uniform Advantage. I hope this saves others their time and helps prevent people from being on the hook for the extra shipping duties, as I see there are quite a few angry reviews involving that, which should never have occured according to your site. I personally feel that this company should own their lies and reimburse people that money. Ps-there's screen shots of their shipping info to back this statement, if any one is interested.

I have an entire closet full!
I've worked in housekeeping for 3 years, all my scrubs are from UA and I love how UniformAdvantage have held up through all the cleaning chemicals and multiple washes. As you can imagine, I work quite hard and have to bend down and be in awkward positions at times due to my job. These scrubs do not rip, they do not tear, they are comfortable and movable. I love the color and print options, and it's great UA has other brands you can choose from that aren't easily accessible where I live. I'm a bigger woman, the plus sizes actually fit how they're supposed to and the cherry on top is all the petite options for pants. My favorite has to be the UA cargo joggers, they're comfortable and I don't have to worry about getting bleach on the bottom of them. Plus there's always something on sale! I tell all my coworkers about this website and I'm told constantly how adorable and nice my scrubs look. If you're plus size and on the fence about purchasing, this is a 3x woman telling you that You. Will. Not. Regret. It.

Still waiting...
I placed a $220 order from on 09/01/17 it is now 09/10/17 and the order has not even shipped. I was told my card would not be charged until the order shipped but I was charged $221 on 09/07/17... and still as of today there is no change in my order status. Had I read all these reviews prior I would have NEVER ordered from this company. Their website says orders are processed within 24 hours. Total lie. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. If my comment doesn't sway you, just google Uniform Advantage reviews and you can decide for yourself. I have no idea how this company even still exists considering the amount of horrible reviews by customers regarding their poor customer service, ungodly slow shipping times, insanely expensive shipping rates, and horrible return practices. UniformAdvantage charge $20 alone just to return an item. I've never heard of this before. Customers have also returned items never to be refunded and the company claims they never received the product. They are a total scam. DO NOT EVER USE UNIFORM ADVANTAGE

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Description: We take pride in our reputation and position in the world of professional uniforms and scrubs. For more than twenty years, the name Uniform Advantage® has meant: style, quality and above all, customer satisfaction.

Since its inception in 1985, Uniform Advantage has grown from having a single South Florida Uniform store to operating 30 Scrubs stores in key cities across the U.S.

In 1994, our company began manufacturing its own line of scrubs called UA Scrubs®. Since then, we have continued to upgrade our UA Scrubs® line to several more unique medical uniform brands to cater to each of our customer's needs and preferences. The UA Scrubs®, Happy Scrubs® and Butter Soft Scrubs® brands have become "standards" for medical uniforms & nursing uniforms.

Since adding a medical scrubs catalog in 1995 and a website in 1997, we continue to provide our style, quality and customer satisfaction to a progressively larger market both nationally and, more recently, globally. In the competitive world of medical uniforms, our name is synonymous with fine quality combined with favorable pricing in both our retail business ventures and web-based platform. No matter what your industry, Uniform Advantage provides quality made uniforms at a competitively lower price. In addition, you will receive the customer care and easy purchasing you need in order to maximize your uniform wardrobe and look your professional best.

Address: 101 NE 3rd Ave, Suite 2000, 33301


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