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SICK frog, DIES after two days. TERRIBLE customer service.
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE! Underground Reptiles sent me a SICK frog. I got it for my sweet sixteen, only to have it die the next day and look miserable and sick. On top of that, when i called an employee, they gave transferred me to a "manager" named ryan. I was incredibly upset watching this frog suffer that i wanted to love so much. The frog was lethargic, not moving at all, and when i told them they said IM KILLING IT from using a heat lamp. It was 60 degrees out. I have never been treated the way he treated me, yelling at me until i cried to put the blame on me, and hanging up on me mid sentence. I told him i was watching the frog all day and night and woke up to see him in the same position, and he said "so ur telling me u were watching the frog all night long without stopping" as if i wouldn't know if he moved. The next day he passed away, the company would not take ANY responsibility. The frog would not move, would not eat, and they STILL said "he's a stagnant frog he's not going to chase after food." i am so upset and traumatized from this experience, he took advantage of the fact that i was young and tried to manipulate as a business tactic. Disgusting and immature behavior coming from the MANAGER. He told me to have my parents call him because hes done, and had his employee answer for him and say he's on a call when u could hear him laughing in the background. This company abuses their animals and offer TERRIBLE customer service. So disrespectful and don't know how to care for their animals. Sad.

Finger pointing
My order for three sliders arrived, but the box felt too light. Upon opening the box, I found that it was empty, and appeared that it had never been used. I asked UR for an explanation and was told to "take it up with UPS". Since I cannot prove whether UR did not have the turtles, or whether shipping was asleep at the wheel, or that the UPS agent cut open the box, removed the turtles and then used identical tape to reclose the box, I'll need to absorb the loss and try to another supplier. Regardless, videotape your deliveries from UR while opening the box for proof of empty boxes.

Gift of joy in a box
I ventured off to find a turtle, but I had high expectations. I didn't want to Just ANY turtles, I wanted them to be healthy, active, cared for. I used to have 2 babies until Underground Reptiles were kept from me after a breakup. It had strong sentimental value. I found different websites but all had concerning reviews & no response from the company. I found this place and after reading some reviews I decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did! They kept me posted on the entire shipment process, I received my yellow belly babies overnighted. They were kept safe & the packaging was perfect for the travel to Cali. I received 2 healthy & active turtles & they are swimming around as we speak. I even got a phone call as soon as they were delivered to ensure I'd received them! Thank you for the gift of joy in a box! I will surely be back for any pet needs in the future!

Amazing I love them
I was hesitant to order as some of the reviews weren't the greatest but I ordered anyway since I've always loved turtles. I ordered the three pack of red eared sliders. I paid for overnight shipping with Ups and my turtles were on their way. I had one problem and it was due to ups not delivering my package on time, Underground Reptiles misplaced my package and it had to be delayed a day or so. But my turtles finally arrived they are thriving and came really lively and ready to move and swim. Amazing and safe packaging for the turtles they were kept warm and moist. Definitely will order again for sure! Amazing company! They came so small the same size as a quarter, the cutest little turtles ever, so in love.

Awesome service
Our rainbow Jackson came in amazing condition. I am so greatful for the excellent service at underground reptiles. Underground Reptiles called and let us know he was delivered. We didn't even know he was on our pourch. UPS just dropped him off and didn't even knock. He is so friendly. He hung out on my hand and ate a cricket right off it. Put him in his cage and immediately took off to exploring. I walked back over to his cage after about 45 minutes of letting him get aquainted to it. He was hanging out in the far back basking, saw me and headed right for the door. Climbed right in my hand and just pirched there. Extremely satisfied and will definitely be a repeat customer

Green Iguanas
I was really surprised to find out that I could have iguanas delivered to my door from Florida with just a click of my finger. I am really happy with my new pets. I ordered a pair and the male is doing great, my female is slowly coming around and was effected the most from the shipping. It's been a little over a week and everything is well. I will be purchasing from underground reptiles again. I was getting txt alerts for my overnight shipping, and the box was delivered the next morning before 10am. And was contacted by staff to make sure everything was ok and satisfactory.

Terrible place to buy from.
Bought 3 emperor scorpions from them and received them last Tuesday. Videotaped the unboxing like we alwsys do. 2 Scorpions we unresponsive and 1 would barely move. Underground reptiles called me to make sure everything was alright which was cool and emailed an issue form when i explained what had happened. I filled it out and called them the next day and Underground Reptiles hadn't received it so i filled it out again. They still didnt get it but sent me an email to send video and pictures to. After a weekend of not hearing anything i called and was told i had an email with an offer to fix issues. Their offer? 50% off 1 emperor and reduce shipping to 30.00! So a replacement scorpion ( to replace 2) for only
$55.00. I will never do business with them again even though they have several other scorpions and snakes i want and I'll never recommend them to anyone. Worst shop ive had to deal with.

Sick turtle
I've bought one other turtle previously, baby Florida soft shell. I'm pretty sure it's a female so I'll be shipping her back to Florida to be released at some point which is why I thought I'd get myself a baby mud turtle. All of which I've owned multiple of in the past. This baby turtle came and first thing I notice is the hind leg seems infected. Not sure what happened but the poor thing was missing half it's foot. This is all during a pandemic and so I did my best to treat it. Finally once that seems to get better I notice shell rot. This whole thing has been quite the mission, I'm not sure what kind of living conditions Underground Reptiles are in but it doesn't seem good.

Turtle & Iguana
So i ordered a 2-3 foot iguana and a baby red eared slider from the underground website and both came very happy and healthy. I did order a gecko which was WAAAY smaller than I thought but that was an issue on my part for not doing more research on it. Underground Reptiles had nothing to do with my mistake. On the first of November im planning to order another red eared slider and even a common snapper because i trust these guys. You can take care of an animal to the best of youre ability and something still happen. Its the chance we all take as pet owners. I take all pets I get strait to my vet the day i get them to know there overall health. Still even then something could happen. I see a lot of people with bad reviews on here about the place and its kibda shockibg cause ive only gotten good animals with great customer service. Thanks UGR

Service was very good.
I recently purchased a pair of Russian Torts and even though there was a small glitch with the order it was quickly resolved. This was my first time purchasing from Underground Reptiles and in a way I am happy there was a little problem. It tells you a lot about a company by how Underground Reptiles handle the problem and how quickly they resolve it. In my case things were corrected ASAP to my complete satisfaction. I look forward to purchasing from Underground again as soon as a couple of things I'm interested in become available. Once again good job Underground..

Don't recommend for online shoppers
Provide good customer service please. I bought a tortoise and it died in less than a day. I emailed them and filled an issue request with pictures. Rose replied and asked me for more pictures and more details. She suggested me more things to add in the set up and basically told me that I killed the tortoise. I have had tortoise before and did my research too. Tortoise don't die in less than 24 hours unless Underground Reptiles were already ill during shipment or before that. She then replied asking to reorder a new one and she would offer me a discount of 15%. I asked her is she could do a little more and no response from her. I read some reviews from other reptile stores and they wouldn't hesitate to offer a free replacement. Not going to buy from here anymore and wouldn't recommend due to the awful customer service.

There a joke
If you are looking for a place to buy your lovely new loving pet look somewhere else. I bought 3 baby pinkbelly sideneck turtles on 3/18 for my birthday on 3/23. I got them 3/24 one was DOA and the other died on the 31 or 1. Underground Reptiles replaced the one DOA but the other turtle they tried to say it was my fault because of the setup it was in. After two days of them being in the little tubs for quarantine they went into a 20 gallon in was not doing well so I put them in a 3 gallon tank. What I'm trying to say is that I have turtles and have been keeping them for a long time so I no what I'm doing. There is no way it should have died. Not only that but the 3 one is still alive so ummmm. Underground reptiles can u explain?

"Godzilla" The Asian Water Monitor
Just received my Baby Asian Water Monitor and he looks so cool. Seems to be perfect and with the size of his head and mouth, he'll have no problem eating the big boy Cricket's. Really love this guy and Underground Reptiles. A big plus with Underground Reptiles that I love, is that you can call them and actually talk to someone... not like some of the other places that will not talk to you on the phone. With Underground Reptiles you get personal attention that shows Underground Reptiles care about the animal and the customer.
Thanks... Underground. Can't wait for the Nile Monitor to come back in stock...
I highly recommend Underground Reptiles.

Piss poor business. Zero stars!
I ordered 3 baby Ouachita map turtles for my kids for Christmas. One of them looks blind and is not eating. It hasn't opened its eyes since it got here and it can't see to eat. I even looked up feeding blind turtles and followed the instructions and it isn't eating. The other 2 are fine. Every day since Tuesday I'm scared to touch it because it looks lethargic and dead. I called them on Tuesday as soon as I noticed it wasn't opening its eyes and Underground Reptiles asked for pictures of my habitat and the pet. Pictures of my habitat for what? It came here unhealthy. Regardless I sent them the pictures twice. I called them again today to find out what are they going to do about this blind turtle and they said my habitat looks nice, and told me to give it some eye drops and give it time to acclimate. Lmao! I ordered 3 healthy turtles not 2 and a half dead, blind one. This is really stressing me out because 1) I hate to see animals suffer, and 2) which of my kids are going to claim this poor turtle? I am really not happy with this response. Send me another healthy one while I attempt to save the life of this helpless turtle. At least that's what a decent company will do. It is so aggravating to have to go through this right before Christmas.

Definitely recommend!
I'm not one to write reviews, but I have to for these guys!
I ordered a 5-6 foot green iguana on 3/16 around 1am. I got a call later that afternoon telling me Underground Reptiles had one, and could ship it that day. He arrived right on time at noon today(3/17) and was nicely packed in a box with heat packs to keep him warm and cozy. He is beautiful! They kept me updated from start to finish, and I was able to get detailed information about where he was. They were very nice, professional and answered all questions I had about the iguana and what to expect. He is wild, but you wouldn't guess it! We've been hanging out with him all day. He was a little fireball at first, but he has calmed down so much since being out. He's a big, chunky boy and we're already in love! I would definitely recommend underground reptiles for exotic pets. I plan on going through them again in the future when I decide to expand my reptile family

Thrilled beyond belief!
I ordered a few thousand meal worms and a beautiful male rainbow Jackson chameleon. In the blink of an eye it was all on my front porch first thing in the morning. The chameleon is absolutely gorgeous and so friendly well fed and beautiful horns. He came right out of the container and went right into his reptibreeze. He didn't want to eat but he looked so well fed right out of the package that I figured he wouldn't feed. The mealworms seem great and honestly the best I've gotten in a long time. Active beautiful very happy with my whole order. We will definitely be ordering more from this company! Absolutely impressed with the pricing and the fast efficient shipping and contact! Have already recommended you to our local reptile chapter!

Great customer service
Live creatures get shipped via overnight delivery when ordering through Underground Reptiles. I checked the delivery window this morning to see that UPS had experienced a delay. I received a call AND email from UR about the delay, how their live animal guarantee still applied, and to be sure to contact them if there were any issues with the critters. Well, not too long after, I got my delivery and everything came in healthy. My children were happy and I'm happy with the service. Thankfully I didn't need to make use of the guarantee, but it looks like the this business stands by their agreements. If my children ever want more millipedes or isopods, I know I'll order from Underground Reptiles again.

Pinstriped Perfect
I recently bought a Reptibreeze medium cage and a baby created gecko with isopods. Being an order with live animals, the gecko would have arrived before the cage. However, the Underground Reptile staff contacted me and arranged to have the gecko held until after the cage arrived. I called after the cage arrivee, I called and ask for the gecko to be sent. Underground Reptiles sadly informed me that the created gecko I had order was no link mger available. Instead, the upgraded me to a pinstriped crested gecko and made sure I was satisfied with my purchase and experience. I was. I received truly great customer service and the crested gecko is healthy and well. I couldn't be happier!

Xo the axolotl home safe and sound.
We researched many animals before deciding what animal we could care for and wanted to love. Our hole family fell in love with xo our axolotl before she even shipped from undergroundreptiles in Florida. We were all very concerned about her trip to Utah from the breeders at UR because of her specific care needs. Underground Reptiles answered all of my calls promptly and all of my questions directly. Xo arrived safely, and our delivery driver even waited to ensure she was alive. She showed some signs of irritation (red gills, and irritated skin) but we got her water cooled and got her acclimated to her tank water, and into her home and all signs of irritation subsided very quickly. So I'm sure it was due to raised water temps and ammonia in the travel water. She looks healthy and just as perfect as we knew she would be we absolutely love her, and appreciate UR for taking good care of her, and getting her to us safely. She may be just a bit smaller than anticipated so we have altered our feeding strategy just a little bit, but she's absolutely perfect and our hole family is just head over heels in love with this sweet girl! We appreciated the courteous staff at undergroundreptiles as well.

Don't Waste Your Time. Very Disappointed!
So we received the scorpions as soon as Underground Reptiles arrived. 1 was flipped over in its case and unresponsive (it was dead). The other was very very weak and barley moving. I reached out to their customer service and at first they just wanted pictures of the scorpions. After I sent the pictures, they wanted pictures of the tank setup, which makes 0 sense because they arrived in poor condition to begin with. The wanted pictures of my setup so they could blame their deaths on me. I asked for a refund and they kept asking for pictures of the tank setup. You would think they would be able to send 2 more scorpions or refund me since they arrived the way they did. Blaming the customer is not a good look. I've purchased scorpions off of other sites and they are still alive. This is the last time I will ever do business with your company. Thanks for taking days to respond to my email and failure to answer my phone calls.

Smooth Fronted Caiman
I place myself on a waiting list to receive Caiman and within just a few days I got a response saying there was availability. I placed my order and within a week my order was ready to ship. There was a small miscommunication from the website for the time of delivery as to the size of the came in I had ordered but with a couple of phone calls and the staff being very professional I was offered a very good deal on a slightly older came in and Underground Reptiles had him shipped out the same day and I received him the next morning healthy and beautiful. I'm very pleased and will be buying another one very soon from here!

Not good at all
First I placed 1 order for 3 small toads from them. I had never ordered live animals online before I took a chance. Underground Reptiles arrive great! Healthy and hopping around, eating, everything great. I even emailed them thanking them and saying how much of a happy customer I was at that time. Well then I wanted to get into breeding so I could begin to add more education to others when it comes to oak toads since much isn't known. It was my birthday so a gift to myself as well, I decided to place another order of 3 more. Well, That's when it became a disaster. They first arrive a little lethargic, not really hopping around or trying to escape from me etc which can be explained after being bounced around in shipping, I noticed one was a bit puffy/bloated, but these toads are know to do that if they feel threatened so I didn't really give it much thought. After a few hours I set them up in their tank. The next morning 2 of them were gigantically bloated and one was dead. So out of the 3 I ordered, 1 was dead within 24 hours and 2 are so severely bloated and barely moving. I immediately messaged U. R and submitted photos. I explained I change their water daily, and always wear gloves sprayed with dechlorinated water whenever handling them. I take good care of my animals. I finally heard back a few hours later saying "sorry but this happened because I used a heating lamp" (which I don't, I use a regular 60watt light bulb that is over their tank so I can see inside when I need to) bloating is from bacterial Infection not from a lamp. I informed the associate that I didn't even have a heat lamp, and that a heat lamp will not cause excessive fluid from a bacterial infection, that doesn't even make sense. Then she offered discounted shipping and new toads. Out of curiosity I asked how much it would be since I paid $65 to have 3 toads for 24 hours, I'm not sure I really want to do this with them again. Well after asking them that question, I have yet to hear any response at all. Complete radio silence from them. I understand things happen but you sold me 3 very sick amphibians that one died in 24hours, 2 are half dead and now I'm paying massive vet bills for if they can even be saved and You didn't offer any help but to blame me. That's not fair. I should have listened to other reviews but I did not. Now whatever those 3 sick toads brought into my home I have been ensuring to sanitize everything and pray they didn't spread it to my others. I am now trying to find an open reptile vet near me which will cost $100 per toad to get them looked over just to even see if anything can be done for the 2 sick ones. I now have left since one has died. Never again $65 down the drain and now a possible $200 as well.

Sick turtles
I ordered turtles from underground reptiles and at first i though Underground Reptiles were healthy so i gave good reviews. Unfortunately few days later after close supervision i realized that they were sick. Most have trouble breathing, soft shell, and their eyes are closed most of the time. I also noticed pimple like growth on their head or neck and i contacted underground reptiles about that and they did not care. Packaging for the turtles were also terrible, they were put in a back with damp paper and when i opened the bag some were upside down with their eyes closed. I was really disappointed. One of them unfortunately passed away and the others are still sick. I don; t have a choice but to take them to a vet for treatment

Dead Frog
I ordered 3 Red Eyed tree frogs. When I received them Underground Reptiles were vastly different sizes, 1 was a baby, 1 was slightly larger and 1 was full grown. They called me the afternoon I received them to see how they were doing ( I thought that was nice) I told them they arrived alive, however they weren't really moving around and there was an awful big difference in the sizing of the 3. Fast forward 6 days, the full grown one died out of the blue.

I emailed them and told them what happened. They asked about my tank setup. I told them I had a bioactive Terrarium, live plants, heating mat underneath with a gravel layer, dirt layer, moss... UVb lighting only and sent them a picture. I also told them I've raised tree frogs in another terrarium and the setup is exactly the same, this isn't my first rodeo. They emailed me back to say that I should not have a heat mat or a lamp that the frogs were susceptible to heat that's likely why it died. They could offer me a discount on another frog and a discount on shipping. Excuse me? So the full grown frog was the only one to die... the babies are totally fine but my terrarium is at fault? 1) The heat mat only puts out enough heat to evaporate the water in the rock layer that drains out of the dirt layer, 2) the UVb light doesn't even put out any heat.

Thanks but no, I won't be buying ANOTHER frog to replace the one that clearly either had something wrong with it or was old to begin with since it didn't last a week.

Wonderful Experience and Turtles
First, I was surprised to actually get an email telling me eastern painteds were back in stock. I never expected to be contacted - having signed up on a list so many months ago. It was easy to use their website to buy them and schedule delivery. The prices were very reasonable compared to other breeders. Underground Reptiles arrived in the exact promised time frame - very nicely packaged, safe and sound. Right after I got them settled in I got a call from UR asking if I had received them and if everything was OK. It was nice to chat about their feeding program there and just talk turtles for awhile. The animals look wonderfully healthy. Hard to imagine a better experience. Thank you!

This was a rip-off
My first order was missing the frogs, and one of the chameleons was small and I order the larger and more expensive one and never received a credit memo. Contacted them and the next order I refused as I found out I didn't need the product. Now I found out there is a difference between their wholesale website and retail and if you purchase on the retail side your credit cannot be used on the wholesale side. Because I'm a wholesale customer I didn't even know the item came from the retail side so I paid full price.
This was not stated to me when I bought the product I had refused. What a mess this caused.
Now Underground Reptiles finally managed to help me with my credit (although they would not let me use it on my wholesale account and this is where all the problems started.) So I ordered off the retail side just to use up my credit and when I received my order it was wrong again!
I ordered two different types of the chameleon's a pair of Jackson's and a pair of flapneck's.
Now order received, we received one Jackson@ 4 inches and a baby jackson as the price is different between these two. I was charged for the larger of the two.
I received two flapneck's@ 4 inches, the flapneck, should be at least 6" to 10".

Ordered a marmoset online
SCAM... I ordered a marmoset off their website on March 15th... and paid IN Full! Almost $5000... paid for a plane ticket also for my mamal to be shipped to me. The website had me pick the date of the flight. I picked the next day. Since the website said next day shipping... i got a receipt that said my delivery would be the next day... but no farther instruction on which airport or what time... I was soooo confused. So I called the store... I explained what I did and the staff member said to me. "Oh, we don't suggest buying off our website." What?! So I said what do you mean? She said... "We don't even have any Marmosets right now " so I said. Well I just paid close to $5000 and it said it was coming tomorrow? She said..."yeah, you should have called us first because we would have told you." I said well when are you planning on getting the marmosets. And she said "I don't know, hold on let me go ask my manager " then she put me on hold for a while and came back and said "my manager said we don't know when we are getting them in stock it might be a few weeks... so I asked her to speak to the manager. She said oh well he's down stairs right now. I said ok... I'll wait can you go get him. She said umm hold on. Then comes back and says he's left for the day... like what the heck?! So I gave her my number and asked her to have him call me. The next day no call. Waited until half the day. Then called them and asked for the manager. Underground Reptiles said the same thing. He's "down stairs" then he's left for the day... took me Three days of non stop calling. And FINALLY after they told me when"left for the day" a lie... I told them look what's the oWNWERs phone number or I will just look it up because I paid 5000 for and animal that I didn't receive and don't know if you'll ever have it in stock again... I want my money back and it I can't speak to the manager AUSTIN right now I will assume this is a scam and report your business. Then magically Austin was able to take my phone call. "who was said to have already left for the day"... he told me we will have the babies in two weeks and once the babies come in he will reach out to me. He assured me the communication would be open and gave me his email and told me to reach out to him whenever... such a joke. After he has been telling his staff to tell me he's not there. Las a manager take the damn call, you made the situation escalate and for me to not trust your business... anyway. I'm still waiting for Austin's open communication... I emailed him today... because I still have not gotten a single update on my order and what my money back. I'm not sure if Austin is a good worker and that's why he's manger. But as a manager you should take update your website, take calls from concerned consumers and reach out to people who you said you would... would NOT recommend this place. Still think it's a SCAM

Sick animals
I bought 3 blue iguanas from this company paid 320$ for them and 2 of them recently passed away only had them for 9 days I messaged numerous people and Underground Reptiles also say this company is known for selling sick animals to people and I heard of other people personal experiences with them. I emailed the company about them sending me sick iguanas and they kept asking question but my set up was perfect how it should be for them my other iguanas I bought before used the same setup and are perfectly fine this company has no quality control at all and what they did to fix it they told me I can buy another at their whole sale cost with reduced shipping to what send me a "healthy one" they offered no full refund or another iguana. Will never do business with them and I'm warning everyone about this company.

Online buyers beware
My son saved for quite some time to purchase two red eye tree frogs. Underground Reptiles arrived alive as guaranteed but not healthy. We followed their protocol upon discovering their were not right. They gave us quite the run around to show the animals were not well. We were treated poorly and they do not treat their customer properly. We were not able to speak with anyone in upper mgt or ownership to discuss our problem. We spent roughly $90.00 their resolution for two dead animals one less than 24 hours and the other in 48 hours was to give us another frog at no cost and the second at a whole sale rate. We were expected to pay the additional shipping for the new animals as well. Or a credit for $25.00. We were told amphibian can be sensitive and things can happen. Please learn from our bad experience DO NOT BUY HERE.

Cheap,, at a cost
These axolotls are the cheapest i have found and at first i appreciated that i could pick my delivery date. However, the order was delayed by a whole day; not really a big deal, but I took a day off work because I was told Underground Reptiles were going to show up at any point in that day. I bought two of these babies on a Monday, picked Thursday to have them to be delivered. One of them was apparently 'out of stock' completely understandable, but I bought them almost a week in advanced and the most logical thing to do was to set one aside for me; right? They then further asked if I wanted one of the same breed of the other one I bought, but they were out of stock too. Asked for a refund and still has not happened. Overall short customer service representatives. Would recommend paying more for more quality shipping, handling, and service...

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