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Great customer service in ttdeye
Have to say great customer service in ttdeye. I ordered one pair of crystal ball yellow green last year and I like it very much. I purchase again this year for the same crystal ball, however i founded the color is a little difference these 2 pairs, i contact their service,
TTDeye said this the new I bought is crystal ball yellow green II while last year I ordered was crystal ball yellow green, these are a little different, and if I want, I will add $10 and they will send me the crystal ball yellow-green, I really like it, so I pay $10, I though perfect,
Meaning I only pay for a little for shipping and I got one pair of contacts, happy and
Ttdeye's crystal ball is really good, like so much

This company is an absolute SCAM!
I am literally still waiting on lenses that I ordered 3 entire months ago. The first time that I emailed them inquiring about where the lenses where and why I hadn't received them, TTDeye gave me a flippant story about how once it was shipped it was out of their hands. ANY legit company will make SURE that you get the product you paid for by at least locating the package. So I emailed again after another month and a half and got no response. They are a scam, plain and simple. Save yourself the headache and don't order from this skeevy company.

I never received the purchased items which were one pair of my clean blue contacts and a stupid case. $58.18 later when TTDeye claimed it was DELIVERED. Yea? To whom? Not me. I'm still looking for it. Instead of refunding the money they sent me in a wild goose chase to my nearest post office knowing it wouldn't be there because it was sent by a carrier called Bqc whoever they are. She also patronized me called ng me sweetheart and saying "thanks for the understanding!" I'm not understanding anything except that I've filed a claim with the bank to dispute this payment. Don't end up in my shoes this company is greedy and rude and into ripping off the customer.

Haven't received order
These reviews about people not receiving their contacts is TRUE. I've been waiting two months. I keep reaching out to TTDEYE but TTDeye keep saying be patient. When I checked tracking it says they been in California in the same spot for 15 days! This is unacceptable. They keep blaming it on covid-19, but I've ordered so much since March and have received EVERYTHING except these contacts. Thankfully I paid with paypal and they are working to get me my money back.

Do yourself a favor a d dint waste your time
Bull$#*! company do not buy contacts took 4 months to arrive 3 pairs were sun baked onto the foil. Customer service has ignored me for a week then I make a public statement amd TTDeye reply right away twlli g me to dm them on Instagram. So I did right away and once again no response its been more then 48 h again

A genuine review from a buyer in the UK, came across the brand by advert on a social site, looked into it a little more as sounded to good to be true, placed an order for 6 pairs with 3 being FREE - yayy! Within 10 days received my order no issues, tried on first pair of 6 today and absolutely love them! I have been wearing contacts for about 20years now so know plenty about them and can say for what you are paying the fact that this company will go above and beyond to ensure everything is packaged so beautifully, cases are included and a few other little treats to put a smile on anyone's face is a real nice touch :) ... anyone who has had a bad experience in not receiving their order, should know and have the common sense to see that this is NOT because TTDEYE is a scam company so takes the money and then fails to deliver lol it's down to customs for whichever country the order is being delivered too. Customs sometimes have reason to hold or even destroy packages for whatever reason so just saying it is a risk but I received mine quicker than I imagined so got lucky I guess! Otherwise Alternative option is people pay a bit more and order from your own country of residence FFS I mean wouldn't that just be a lot easier and reassuring? If not take the risk, place the order, have faith and stay calm and like me when you do those 3 and then receive your package it's so much more exciting! But overall BRILLIANT PRICE, BRILLIANT COMPANY, BRILLIANT LENSES ;)

Terrible customer service
I received my order after a month and a half with no way of tracking and when I had asked them, TTDeye told me to wait patiently and check my neighbors and my postal service... (like... wow!) And when I did get it. They ran out of a color I really wanted and gave me a color I didn't want. Worst part is they gave me 4 of the same color that I didn't want because I had initially ordered 4 of the ones I did want. When I emailed them a couple of times they just told me to return it back and reorder it... so there goes another 3 months of waiting and waiting... now im stuck and their customer service reps don't care or even understand English maybe... just a terrible experience and really really rude company. There are better companies out there... buy from these scammers at your own risk...

Awful customer service!
I ordered prescription lenses and TTDeye sent ones out with no prescription. I asked for a refund as i couldn't wait another couple of weeks and they keep fobbing me off saying they'll send more. I've so far asked for a refund around 6 times now and they said they'd refund me $15! How about refund me the actual price i paid. They dont want to give me my refund. They have terrible customer service and i'm still waiting.So unprofessional!

Fantastic, I dont beleive these bad reviews! Great prices... Cool Colors.
At first I was hesitant to buy from them, due to all the ( PROBABLY FAKE) reviews. First off the prices are amazing, please see for yourself before believing these fake reviews. Check the prices, and you will see how great TTDeye are. They have a variety of colors at great prices. ONE BIG issue is that the Post Office makes mistakes and then this company gets blamed, which is totally not fair in my opinion. DONT BLAME TTDEYE for mistakes of the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE. I am so happy with everything I bought from them.

Garbage company
Garbage company. Garbage customer service.
Problem 1: placed the order on September 20th and it still hadn't shipped 10 days later.
Problem 2: Customer service only responded about once per day, or only when I sent more than 1 email when communicating to figure out how to resolve problem 1.
Problem 3: I then get an email stating one of the products I ordered is now out of stock. Of course, it wasn't out of stock two weeks prior when I originally placed the order.
Problem 4: Now, because of the aforementioned problems, I'm in a time crunch to ensure this order arrives before October 26th and tell the customer service rep to just send the order as is so that it will arrive before that date.
Problem 5: After not hearing from customer service for 4 days TTDeye finally respond saying they can't control how long shipping takes and cant ensure the order gets here in time. Even though the sole reason it isn't going to arrive on time is due to their mess ups. There is no reason they wouldn't be able to do rush delivery to remedy this whole situation. So, I've now told the customer service rep to either rush deliver the order or cancel and refund it. I have yet to see how they respond to this latest communication.

Also, just as an extra tidbit of information, the customer service rep I've been dealing with goes by Meredith.

At first I was sceptical because of all the negative reviews left. But with Halloween approaching I finally caved and decided to order 4 contacts TTDeye took about a month to ship which is completely understandable with COVID-19 going on. And when I finally receive them they were absolutely beautiful easy to put in and didn't hurt my eyes. The colours are vibrant and packaging is beautiful. They give you mini tattoos and stickers and glitter and when I reached out to the company asking why my package was taking so long they were so so kind to me. I really recommend!

Still haven't received my order
I placed an order online with ttdeye on the 7th of April of over $70. It's now the 18th of June and I still haven't received my order. I've tried contacting the company via email multiple times and TTDeye just keep responding with "shipping during the current epidemic state will increase waiting times", "please wait patiently". They've also asked me to go check in at the post office and to call customs as they can't track where my order is. I'm very pissed off.

Horrible. Hospitilised
Y pissed off. Besides the fact that it took 3 months for my queen grey contacts to come in, the first time I wear them, it scratches my kornia within a few hours of wear and I end up in the hospital with excruciating pain. I am currently wearing an eye patch on day number 3 still suffering from my injury. I do NOT reccomend this company. I have been wearing contacts for years and this is the first time I have experienced this. The contacts must be extremely cheap to have done this to my eyeball. I'm very upset and would want my money back but the customer service is just as crappy.

NEVER EVER ORDER FROM HERE. Ever. For real. Please.
The shipping has been impossibly slow, which would be understandable because of the pandemic, however it's actually because these are being shipped to the US from a foreign country (TTDeye won't tell me which) and the items are getting stuck in customs. The customer service has been very slow to respond and not helpful at all. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Well first I was afraid to place tje order after reading so many bad reviews, but I did it anyway. Its true, that the shipping was longer then I expected (around 35 days) but I also placed the order during COVID -19. The packacing was super cute, contening mirror, case for the lanses, tweezers and some kind of help stick (to put the lens in your eye). The lenses are super realistic looking and there is no "pixels" showing. The only problem I have is with the diameter. I was used to 14,5 mm, but these lenses have 14 mm. Its little mit not comfortable for me, but that is onto personal preference, I guess. Overall I would recommend if you dont mind longer shipping and smallwr diameter.

Horrible Customer service
First off I made an order online and realized I didnt want it anymore the SAME day about ONE HOUR after ordering and TTDeye told me that "it's too late, we cant cancel orders once theyre made" which is such bull$#*!. I decided I would return the moment I got it, didnt even open the package. Worst mistake ever I should have just kept it because 5MONTHS LATER they claim they still "dont have it" its bull$#*! because my tracking shows it got to China and theyre always pretending like "nope we checked out mail and dont have it." they always start their stupid messages with "Hi dear" as though using this term of affection will make you forget how horrible their service is. Never ordering from them again so disappointed

A very very very wonderful contacts brand!
I am a totally contacts lover, and i used a lot of contacts, i know this brand through instagram, an influencer i followed recommend this and i try, in fact, its just so good, i feel comfortable even when it still in delivery, i get the parcel for 10 days and the customer service track the delivery for me on time and notice me to check the post. TTDeye are more comfortable than any other contacts i wore before, it's edge design and water content, especially its weight is very light, anyway, i strongly recommend this brand to you guys, BTW, you can use the code i used, there is a extra 10% discount: renjie.

If I could give 0 stars I would
This company's customer service consists of copy and pasting pre-made messages once a day. When my item didn't arrive for 2 months TTDeye copy pasted the same "please wait dear" message to me everytime i asked where my package was and I want a refund for the service. The lenses they sent me was the cheapest quality I've ever seen and a brand called EyeWish... which is sold for $15 anywhere else and I paid over $20 for them. The lenses are so uncomfortable and HIDEOUS but it's ridiculous that I can't return it because I've opened it already. Save yourself from the cancer and order from a legit company. Also, when they're not copy pasting replies they messaged and said "what's your problem". 0/5 customer service non existent lool

Never received order
I ordered from TTDeye around lately July. It is now freaking December and I have never received my contacts. I've talked to their customer service numerous times and TTDeye just kept telling me that they'll figure it out, but the tracking kept saying it was stuck in a city. I have no clue where they are or what happened. They might've gotten lost. I requested a refund and they refused to give me one. Worst company ever. I recommend never buying from them. Their contacts are also not considered safe.

No package
I bought lens from them and it's been over a month that I haven't received it. I keep contacting them regarding this, and TTDeye continue sending me the same response. I ask my money back but they continue replying to me with the same response that is not helpful at all. Although their lens are great their auto we service isn't. Definitely a rip off.

Wasted money, terrible customer service
I found Ttdeye on instagram and ordered a pair of contact lenses in June 2017. I am still waiting for the order I placed over half a year ago. The answer from the customer service was 'We will soon resend it to you. Please do not worry and wait patiently' every time. No refund. Don't waste your money!

Good service
I was beyond impressed and I'm just happy that I ordered my contacts from here! I'm loving my eyes and I do plan on ordering more, definitely worth the price y'all! Also I do have dark brown eyes and I am tan and TTDeye look great on me, like they are there and they don't make my eyes look like I have snake eyes or weird they just look good! BTW, the after-service were so nice!~

Honest TTDEYE review from a First time buyer 2020
So I got the brown green and Queen gray and both color looks very nice on me for someone who has dark brown eyes. The things that I was skeptical about was if it was going to come because a lot of people have been saying that TTDeye didn't receive theirs but, the shipping is already long which is stated from 10-20 days but due to Corona it is understandable for it to come a bit later. I ordered mine April 22nd and it came May 20th which is basically almost a month just two days off. Also another thing is I put it on straight from the package (which I don't recommend doing, let it soak in contact solution for 6-8 hours or even 24hrs but, I was just very curious on how it would look on me) and what I mean is taking it out and putting it into contact solution for a little bit just so I can quickly put it on to see how it would look on me. The Queen gray with it on was a little blurry to my vision but I could still see, but maybe it's because I didn't let it soak for hours and I could feel that there was something on my eye but, It wasn't a big of a deal. With the Brown green on my eye I was able to see way more than the gray maybe because it doesn't fully cover all over the pupil and again I didn't let it soak in solution for hours also I felt that something was there a little bit but, I'll check again after I let it soak in my BioTru solution for 24 hours. Also I like the brown green more than queen gray because as a black brown skin girl The brown green compliments my skin and everything way more than the queen gray (but that's just my opinion). Anyways,
It was kinda hard for me to put it on because I'm not used to putting things in my eye but with practice I sure hope to improve. For the overall experience I would rate it a 8.5/10 but I do recommend this company to other people as long as you don't mind the wait for shipping especially during Covid-19 pandemic. And no this isn't a fake review, just being honest and saying how my experience with ttdeye as a first time buyer, and I do plan on posting this review on other sites because I don't feel like rewriting this all again. Long story short I would recommend.

Unreliable Use
The contacts I bought stated that it can be replaced yearly. After wearing them for 6 months, the contacts started getting uncomfortable and moves out of place. I do a good job maintaining them and this has happened 3 times. The reason why I keep buying them is bc I'm in love with the color (queen chocolate) but if you're going to buy a yearly pair of contacts, make sure to buy 2 bc it is DEFINITELY not yearly!

Foggy effect, dry and red eyes. Very uncomfortable
I ordered the TTDeye Pearl Grey Colored Contact Lenses with prescription and TTDeye arrived in 11 days, so I don't have any complains on that subject. I liked how they looked on me (I have brown eyes), however, when I put the lenses I instantly noticed a foggy effect and then I wore them like 5/6 hours and they were SO uncomfortable! My eyes got really dry and red and I got a huge headache (and I wear lenses since I'm young). I just wanted to get home and take them off. It feels like my eyes "can't breathe". I'm very disappointedI don't recommend, they can damage your eyes.

GARBAGE company.
Just AWFUL. Not only are their prices on the high-end, for equally nice or better lenses you can find elsewhere for less, but I literally sat through close to THREE months of bogus tracking numbers and condescending emails (when TTDeye CHOSE to reply), telling me to "be patient, dear".

This is one company that really warrants negative review numbers.

Save yourself the headache and trust me (I don't think I can posts links) when I tell you that there are prettier lenses available at a lower cost if you look.

WORST company I ever bought from TERRIBLE customer service WASTE of money
Do not waste your money on this company... I bought contacts from TTdeye and before opening up the contacts I could see that the contacts were basically clear and I ordered Queen Gray. So before I even opened the contacts I contacted TTdeye telling them that I did not want the contacts any longer. TTDeye responded and asked me why? And I said just because simply I didn't want them. I decided after this response to send it back to the company HOWEVER the company purposely placed the WRONG return label on the package so it was sent somewhere else. After weeks and weeks of going back and forth with this company over email I never received my refund and now I no longer have the contacts or the money I spent on them... their response being "we will give you the return when we receive your package" but they placed the wrong address for the return label this doesn't make any sense... I am extremely disappointed and wish I would have never wasted my money on this company... I feel that customer satisfaction is not their priority and feel they don't respect their customers and were deceiving when placing a false return label with the wrong address on it. Do yourself a favor and order elsewhere. Do not believe the social media people who advertise these contact lenses they are sponsored and receive the contacts for free I am a real consumer who purchased these contacts and received the wrong contacts and never received my refund when I sent it to the RETURN ADDRESS TTDEYE PLACED ON THE BOX.

Very nice contacts.
I ordered 3 pair of lenses on Dec. 6,2018 and I received them on Dec. 26,2018 in California. I bought "real india" "queen brown" and "queen blue". It is advisable to soak your lenses in fresh solution before you wear the new contacts or else TTDeye may burn and feel uncomfortable. I loved how they looked and will definitely order more. Mine are prescription by the way.

Pretty, but not worth it!
I bought 3 pairs of contacts. Took almost a month to get them which I don't mind. What I do mind is the blurry, painful, unable to see clear lenses. Not only are my contacts prescription, but I can't see with either of them. The contacts look nice on you tube, online and in person. This was my second attempt ordering and I got the same results, painful uncomfortable contacts. I felt pretty disappointed because I like the gray contacts. I got the Egypt brown, Pearl Gray, Queen Blue.

Was worried it would be a rip off, but definitely wasn't.
This site does not deserve the bad reviews it has. I ordered from them a bit ago and got my product and it is exactly what I wanted and came pretty quickly. The item ships from China so it does take about a week to get to the USA. I thought that my tracking number wasn't working because the package did not appear to be moving for awhile so I emailed TTDEYE. TTDeye responded the next day explaining that since it was coming from China I would not be able to track it until it got to the US. This turned out to be true, and I was able to track it after about 7 days. I appreciated the quick response and an actual explanation. Their customer service is good and the products are great quality, have already ordered from them again.

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