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Identification method is weird but I bought multiple...
Identification method is weird but I bought multiple key codes and they're all legit. If you don't believe me, buy something cheap and verify. Prices are great and you can usually buy a wide variety of software below MSRP. Too bad Trusted Tech Team don't carry every type of software, then I could just shop at one store. lol. Regardless, this is my go to company for software, I am very pleased to have found them and look forward t out future business!

I found this company when I was trying to find some...
I found this company when I was trying to find some office suites for our work computers, Trusted Tech Team showed up on google ads so I thought I would take a look as it doesn't hurt. I was surprised at the affordable prices for the software that i needed. I decided to purchase 1 unit so I can test it and see how everything goes... Well it went perfectly! I ended up purchasing 15 more units of the Office suite and every workstation we installed them on was easy, no complications and activation was successful. I highly recommend this company if you are a regular consumer or a business. They are AMAZING!

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when it comes...
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when it comes to purchasing codes and stuff off sites that I've never come across previously. But i've decided to pull the trigger on this one as the price is amazing, and to my utmost surprise, the code was given rather instantly! This is the fastest code delivery experience ever! Such a huge relief and a happy man!
Will definitely recommend others and will be visiting the site more often myself too!


I needed ms project and Visio, did some quick research...
I needed ms project and Visio, did some quick research and decided to buy from Trusted Tech Team. To be honest for the price my expectations weren't that great!!! However my reservations were completely unfounded, the download was easy via the Microsoft website, the codes worked first time and I had the software loaded on my laptop less that 15 mins after paying for it. I'm not usually one for recommending things but this genuinely was a great service for a great price..

Great experience
Great experience - I purchased Microsoft Office 2010 from Trusted Tech Team and received the online information within minutes. I had a little trouble with the installation - due to my lack of expertise. I called Trusted Tech - got through right away and within 10 minutes Trusted Tech Team had me up and running. They were so helpful and everything is running great now. Will use this company again and recommend to others - so very happy with this product and company!

I had many doubts with all the reviews, in particular...
I had many doubts with all the reviews, in particular the payment method reviews, however, i have not known a faster and more efficient process than that i had experienced with other providers. I was also well informed by email in both trusted tech team and their unusual payment method correspondents with all the details i could ever possibly need and as soon as the very quick payment went through i literally instantly got my key, i was shocked.

After, originally contacting Microsoft directly, and...
After, originally contacting Microsoft directly, and getting only their virtual representative, I was extremely frustrated. So, I made a different decision to call Trusted Tech's Support team. I wanted to speak with a real person and see if Trusted Tech Team could answer my questions without just trying to sell me a product.

I was so pleased with Julian who answered the phone. He answered all my questions and I could tell he was filled with valuable Technical knowledge, he was honest and easy to talk to as I am a new mac user. His wonderful customer service persuaded me to buy the Microsoft Office 2011 version for my Macbook Pro 2012. I am so pleased with Trusted Tech Team customer service! I even followed up after the installation to ask a programmatic question, which was answered clearly. Very pleased, do not hesitate to call and purchase was smooth and easy.

Being a Microsoft user i came into contact with Trusted...
Being a Microsoft user i came into contact with Trusted Tech Team because i've been an avid and long time PC user. I never ordered online software before because i'm more of a physical copy's type of guy.. However i gave this site a try and i must say, as long as the price and the delivery is right, i might as well consider buying software or dlc's at a better price here! Thanks Trusted Tech Team for making this old time user feel renewed again.

Julian provided the most excellent support
Julian provided the most excellent support. From the beginning when I purchased the download of Office 2010 and USB at 10am today until he was instrumental in resolving an activation issue I was having around 2pm today. I could not have asked for more conscientious and dedicated support. He is a credit to the Trusted Tech Team, and I will let my friends know how great the service has been, and will recommend them to my friends.

First time that I have used and...
First time that I have used and I am very impressed indeed. The site was easy to browse, I found what I wanted without any problems. The checkout was uncomplicated and payment was swift and secure. I bought an Office Key code and it was delivered electronically instantaneously. The price was unbeatable and the whole experience of using "TTT" was pleasant. I will definitely use them again and I will recommend the site to my friends/colleagues.

Wow, what a great experience
Wow, what a great experience. I had never heard of this website until earlier today and now I won't use anything else! I bought two office product keys, I had anxiously been waiting to buy on the microsoft store (but waiting for big sale) for a fraction of the price I would have normally paid anywhere else. The key codes were delivered within 5 minutes of purchase and worked perfectly. Will be using this for every software purchase from now on! Going to be getting adobe acrobat soon from you guys as well :D

I contacted Trusted Tech when I couldn't get by Microsoft...
I contacted Trusted Tech when I couldn't get by Microsoft Home and Student 2010 software to open. Seems I downloaded the program but couldn't get to the installation. Nick new just what had to be done and did it. He was easy to relate to, professional and quickly got the install done and icons on the desk. I really appreciated his assistance. So far I have been very happy with Trusted Tech Team product and service. Thank you.

Trusted Tech Team is really the best site to buy software...
Trusted Tech Team is really the best site to buy software key's from! The prices are great and we have so many paying options, Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, Net Terms etc. I rate the site with 5 (five) stars, because Trusted Tech Team deserve this rating! TTT is the only site I use for buying keys and I am satisfied! :) If this review somehow manage to be seen by the TTT admins - I want to tell them to keep up the amazing job they do! Keep it up guys! :)

Items received
I received all my items and Trusted Tech Team were the correct replacements. I spent time with the customer service rep correlating the needed replacements with the model numbers of my food choppers. I was told before submitting my order that there was a back order on one of the items and that I would receive updates weekly when the full order was available to be sent, the updates were timely and if i had a question i called the number given on the order. No complaints. Would use this company again. Thank you

The Transaction was lightning fast
The Transaction was lightning fast. I purchased a Windows 10 OEM key in order to validate the copy I have running on my iMac (via Parallels). The price looked too good to be true at first, but after reading up on the specifics of OEMs and seeing the other positive reviews, dropping $139.99 felt like a worthy gamble when sized-up against the hefty $199.99 I would have paid for the retail version. I received my product code immediately after my payment, and Windows accepted it with zero issue. I'm up and running, and significantly less out of pocket than I could have been.

I never even heard of you until I ordered a office...
I never even heard of you until I ordered a office suite from amazon and to my disappointment, it was damaged. Somehow I stumbled across your site on the internet and was flabbergasted. It can't be. The price was amazing for the software I was interested in. It made my day, I can tell you that! And easy to use. I may never buy anything from amazon, microsoft or any of the other reseller companies again if this keeps up. Nothing personal to those companies. Trusted Tech Team were always great. But pricing and availability is the number one priority for me. Duh! Thanx again. Luther

Purchased Office 2013 Professional for my company computer.....
Purchased Office 2013 Professional for my company computer and after waiting anxiously for it for it for a total of 2 minutes, I had an email in my inbox with instructions (with pictures) on how to register, install & activate the software! I couldnt have asked for a better first experience with this company. Not only were their prices super competitive but Trusted Tech Team provided superb customer service! The keys worked great, I have all content, and couldn't be happier.

When I first tried to purchase Office, I accidentally...
When I first tried to purchase Office, I accidentally bought a European version that doesn't work in the U.S. on another website. I was able to contact Trusted Tech Team's Sales Department and explain what i needed and my past experience. Trusted Tech Team recommended a product to me that was cheaper than the last one too. Purchased it, downloaded & activated and everything was literally perfect! Wish I would have used this company first off, would have saved me time and money!

I ordered Microsoft Office Professional from these...
I ordered Microsoft Office Professional from these guys. The ordering process was straightforward, and the responses are very quick, I had my key and acknowledgements within minutes. The download was straightforward, Trusted Tech Team do offer instructions as PDF's, and the software installed without misgivings. The key authenticated, and I have exactly the product I ordered and paid for. I have no concerns, and would not hesitate to recommend this company and it's services to others.

I recently bought Windows 10 Professional for a work...
I recently bought Windows 10 Professional for a work colleague from TrustedTechTeam as an upgrade to the Home version that came pre-installed on a laptop. The price was very competitive. I was worried that there might be problems installing it or even getting the file as it was for someone other than myself, but it was all quite simple. I got an email confirmation with the download links, which I was able to forward to my colleague to use. He installed it with no problems reported. Trusted Tech Team also provided a VAT invoice which was handy as this was for work.

Most of the time i'm buying my keys from here i always...
Most of the time i'm buying my keys from here i always got instantly what i bought there was no delay. The only thing i would mention is that if something is an Open License, it takes a little bit more time to be available then i'd expected it however its microsoft so to be expected . For me though this is the number one online software reseller and I always recommend it for my fellow businesses and friends/family. Thank you.

This site look good but you are still left a little...
This site look good but you are still left a little sketched out because you truly never know, but I was pretty desperate for the unmatched deal Trusted Tech Team were offering and there are a bunch of other sites that are doing the same thing (selling digital codes). Plus, they had so many reviews on trustpilot and all the recent ones were positive as well as a direct link to their Microsoft Partner Page...I've never bought codes before but I bought a few Office 2016 Product keys for my office computers and they downloaded, registered & activated without any issues at all... Phew! Overall a very pleasant experience. Now that I purchased from them once, I am more inclined to continue as they are legitimate in my book now.

Bought two things (Office 2013 & Win 10 Pro Upgrade)...
Bought two things (Office 2013 & Win 10 Pro Upgrade) through Trusted Tech Team, both of them took about 1 minute to process. After waiting about another minute I received two separate emails with all the key information. Both emails contained detailed instructions on how to install the software w/ pictures! I also contact their support team for help and He made sure the code worked and it was over before I knew it.

I'm not new in online key purchases
I'm not new in online key purchases. I buy them from different stores and this time for Office & a windows Key code with trusted tech team. What surprised me was the speed at which everything transpired. I got the option to sign in my account which happened instantly. Then proceeded to buy the key, paid with a mastercard and seconds later i had the code paired with clear, visual instructions on how to redeem it. Again, less than a minute later i was downloading the software from Microsoft's website

In the beginning I was sceptical about it, never heard...
In the beginning I was sceptical about it, never heard of it before and prices looked "too good to be true". However I gave it shot and all went smoothly and easily to my surprise. So later I tried it again and once again all went awesomely smoothly to my satisfaction. Since then Trusted Tech Team is always my first choice when I want to buy software. If you are a consumer or a business, this is your one stop shop for everything software! (and some hardware)

At first I was skeptical of this site
At first I was skeptical of this site. It did seem too good to be true. You get the same software as from the retail store, but for less money? I didn't trust it, but I read some reviews and decided to try it. After all, it used amex so I would probably be able to get my money back if it didn't work. At the end of the day, my code worked and I have been overall very pleased with the experience. I would definitely recommend this site for everyone. If your code doesn't work, their customer support is great and you wil get another code. 10/10. I will definitely be using this site a lot more!

I was really admired at the fast reply for my questions
I was really admired at the fast reply for my questions. At first I thought it would be another scam to sell. But later realized my fault. I have noticed a wonderful and quick response from the team for all my questions.

I have got the MB antiMalware license just in 10 minutes after the purchase and it went well with the product. I am really very happy.

Once again,
I am very thankful for the support.
Madhu Muppala

I was skeptical at first but I read many positive reviews...
I was skeptical at first but I read many positive reviews for Trusted Tech Team and for their affordable prices, I was willing to take a chance. I got a couple emails shortly after buying with my purchase information and a link to download the software. I downloaded the .iso file and was able to install Windows 7 on my older MacBook Pro using Bootcamp and haven't had any problems after installing all of the updates from Microsoft. I waited over a week to write the review to make sure that the key was authenticated by Microsoft online and everything checked out. I would definitely use them again if I need to buy software.

I was sent the wrong
I was sent the wrong Product Number, which ended up causing 3 hours of support with the Intuit people and a lot of hassles all around. We finally got it resolved and the new upgraded 2020 version of QB is up and running - as far as I know...:-)

Except for that problem, your service was excellent and my later discussions with Nick have been great. I am looking forward to future purchases from you folks.


I was very annoyed with Windows 8 constantly having...
I was very annoyed with Windows 8 constantly having this "Activate Windows" at the bottom right of my screen. It wouldn't go away, got in the way of some projects, and just felt like an eye sore. So I went online to buy the license, and HEY! 100 bucks, said it'd deliver quick and it certainly did. Bought the product key, activated Windows in a jiffy and now it's gone completely. I absolutely love a site that IMMEDIATELY emails you the license key instead of sending you through hoops and ladders like some others do.

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Description: Trusted Tech Team is dedicated to being a reliable resource for all software and technology support needs. Our relationship to the Microsoft Partner Network allows us to provide competitive pricing and authentic software and support, all with a much-needed human element.

TTT delivers unbeatable customer service, with experts in licensing and high-level technicians always on-call to answer your tech issues in-depth. Hate waiting? So do we. Our Account Managers and Distribution Team fulfills orders quickly and efficiently, giving our customers digital downloads in record time so they can move on to their next big project.

We go above and beyond the average software reseller because we built our business on trust. As active members in the IT community, we work to support our clients’ businesses and provide them with peace of mind. After all, we tech things seriously.


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