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Best Decision ever
I was looking for medical suppliers 3 years ago and somehow i landed over to I signed up, paid for their VIP membership and i think it was best life changing decision i have ever made. Not only i was flooded with inquiries but i also gained some long term customers worldwide. VIP membership is good because you get a dedicated KAM to close leads for you while you can focus more on strategic planning and operations side which is the main job of CEO. Wish tradekey all the success. :)

Tradekey helped me increase my international sales
Tradekey is really a good and effective business platform. I was previously Alibaba member before and joining Alibaba was the biggest mistake and totally waste of the cost. There was so many chinese suppliers, My company plat is set up in Taiwan and South Korea. And my prices are higher than chinese low quality products price. This is what made it a terrible experience on Alibaba. The competition is intense. The buyers do not prefer Korean products because TradeKey get cheap prices from chinese supplier. There is a Superb service called KAM.My KAM helped me alot in a real effective maner. The buyer information is very suitable and enough. I totally disagree with the bad words written about Tradekey here by Alibaba staff and they posted their own advertisement here to misguide people.

Tradekey is a good platform bulk buying
I was looking for reliable seller of the product I needed. Then one of my business friends suggests me to get registered on Tradekey as a buyer. And order it via Tradekey. So I did the same and start looking for the seller. When I place an order request for one of the seller he shows positively responded very quickly. Moreover, packaging and dispatching process gone very quickly, although shipping take litter bit longer than I expected. But now I just received my first shipment, which I ordered via Tradekey. That's why I am writing Review for Tradekey. Over experience was good, Tradekey is a good platform bulk buying Scams Free Platform. I will defiantly use Tradekey again soon.

Excellent TradeKey
Our company gets some potential customers from Tradekey system. We would like to thank account manager mr. Daniyal Saleem, of Tradekey. His hard works and professional experiences, out of our original expectation, really impress us. Although our company has some patents and good products as well as quite good sales performance in local market, with Tradekey system, especially the help of Mr. Saleem, we believe our company can have more chances to get good business partners overseas. This makes us want to cooperate with Tradekey for long term. Thanks Daniyal again!

Tradekey should introduce Scam-free Trading Model
It is vulnerable to deal with tradekey sellers in the absence of their customer support and a secure trading model. It is due to the experience of tradekey staff who can sense that if the sellers are genuine or spam. I got to know in a discussion with tradekey person. Although, their key account managers assist well while communicating and finalizing but TradeKey have never been the custodian of the responsibility if the scam occurs. Other than that tradekey is fine to deal through. They are helpful in doing follow ups as well as their staff manually do check over scam free suppliers. We had a good buying experience and i wanted to share my recommendation through this review.

Always get a deal from this company, they are the best!
I would like to suggest and recommend to everyone Tradekey, who is thinking of doing business. Last month, I got an offer from Tradekey for a Gold membership for my company, which is an import and export business. Fortunately, I availed of that offer and acquired a six-month package from them. In exchange, TradeKey have to put us in contact with many premium suppliers to get the commodity of wasting paper.
Unfortunately, the account had informed me that he had found a supplier for my company in the United States. But I had to pay a meagre amount to get the required product from them, which was quite justified. I paid that amount of money, which was some $200 and I was connected with that supplier. I got the requested products within 2 months because we were operating from two different countries of the world.
We were connected through a We Chat number as the app Whatsapp was not working in China. As I mentioned that I got my order within a month, the manager at Tradekey has played a significant role in the timely delivery of the products. He was in continuous contact to get a follow-up on the matter.
Tradekey is the best company, especially if you are looking for suppliers in different parts of the world. I completely refuse any fraud accusations against them as my experience with them was the best among my so far experiences with different companies. They are completely scam-free.

Tradekey Reviews, and Positive Tradekey Feedback Mostly true.
We joined Tradekey as a GoldKey Supplier over a year ago. Because Tradekey Reviews are good all over the internet, now we are getting inquiries from almost every part of the world, even though success in international trade is often easier said than done. There are cultural and geographic gaps to bridge, not to mention language differences. But Tradekey doing great to break those barriers. & simply its batter to say that all those positive Tradekey Reviews, and Positive Tradekey Feedbacks are true.

Teribble service! Basialy stolen money!
Terrible terrible client service - first thing! I got answers for my email only when TradeKey tried to sell me ViP service. After I transferred many no contact for 4 months! They was telling me that consultant left, that there was holily - BULl$#*!! I was prepared to go to the police. But then the started apologizing and i said okey - maybe i will get some good buyers. NO AGAIN... Clients were crap! The best A grade buyers wanted to pay 4 times less than is our price for this product! The price is impossible - it; s cheaper than production cost. Don't go for their VIP SERVICE BULL$#*!. 1500$ for $#*!ty client list - all of this was something terrible, just waste of money! We at first told 3 others companies about this so they were willing to get vip membership - but I told them to stay away luckily.

Tradekey Made it Easy
I am new to buy machinery via internet especially via Tradekey site helped me to gain confidence for online purchasing and to buy machinery from other country. An Asian intermediary was also involved in this process along with tradekey buyer consultant who were guiding me for fraud free sources during the deal. This helped me to avoid fraudsters and scams to do purchasing and pay online to that company to whom i don't know and have never seen feedback before. A tradekey reviewed company was good to do business with as TradeKey completed a great job fabricating my machine especially when the seller is replying promptly.

Tradekey is one of the best B2B websites
We are the garments exporter, my company was facing hard time to find international bulk buyers, So that I start looking for online B2B platform and find Tradekey in Google search. I get registered with Tradekey initial process of setting up my page told few days, but just after the registration I start getting product inquiries, and now I just successfully shipped order worth 45,000 USD. I am very much satisfied from Tradekey platform. & I can say that Tradekey is one of the best B2B websites TradeKey have amazing customer support service Thank you, Tradekey for providing such a great business experience.

Update on tradekey
I have an update on my complaint with Tradekey.
I have been contacted by tradekey in order to remove the reviews I have posted on several sites about the fraud I experienced with tradekey.
A tradekey manager named * from QA Dep. Contacted me with a view to entering into an agreement.
In exchange for the return of the amount paid in advance for a deal that never existed, he asked me to remove the reviews that were damaging the image of tradekey.
I informed them that I would withdraw the complaints as long as TradeKey returned the amount in dispute.
The shane said yes and that he would send an email with a written agreement for me to sign that I would accept the terms discussed over the phone.
After a week I received nothing and contacted Shane who said he would deal with the matter the next day... until today, no response.
Once again they tried to deceive the customer with promises that they already knew they would not realize, just wanted my company to remove the reviews.
Once again they prove that they are not trustworthy and are only in the market to deceive customers and make easy money.
Once again, avoided doing business with this company and don't pay anything in front.

*Personal information redacted by admin is a scam free, cost effective platform
As manufactures of Chinese herbal extracts, Traditional Medicine we used to think that going global would mean that spending efforts, time and money to attend trade fairs in foreign lands. This was untrue. Through GoldKey membership of I got a scam free, cost effective platform, where buyers would come and contact us themselves! I also have a membership at a big b2b portal. However, due to lesser competition among suppliers, the number of deals closed at Tradekey are far greater.

Improvement Review for Tradekey
Tradekey website works perfect, yet I have couple of recommendations to enhance the service quality. First of the all, some people registered various accounts at tradekey which is extremely puzzling and should be banned so we can discuss with the company adequately. We have faced an issue that we contacted a company and got price, while doing market analysis, that company found with other name with a little difference and with another employee. Second, those clients who does not answer on email or does not reply ought to be expelled from mail and tradekey website because TradeKey are inactive and if they reply after so long, they have changed their business and line of work or switched their employment. It seems like spam accounts.

Honest & Respectable seller can only find on
A few years ago, I purchased jewelry Item from a seller using Tradekey that item was really beautiful, well designed, well packed, and shipped within a week I make a deal. I received exactly what I ordered. Since then I am a regular user of trade key, as well as I respect that honest seller and to show my respect, I make a frequently purchase from that seller. TradeKey always coordinate with my business to understand my requirement and send exactly what I need in high quality which is very much suitable for my business. So I highly recommend that seller to other business as well. And I believe such honest & respectable seller can only find on

Tradekey sellers deserve good review
I'm the use of Tradekey B2B platform for getting the jeans and t-shirts product. I've purchased many time from one of the apparels producer. I've been absolutely satisfied with their products in addition to with their communication, customer support and deliverability of my compliance. That's why we continued preserve to exchange with that producer. So thought this Review Thanks Tradekey for connecting us with product oriented producer and who are not scammers. Tradekey service always have persisted to exceed our expectations.

It's Best Other than high Quotation Sometimes
I am a registered trader at tradekey. I do buying and selling there and I like working there but sometimes, the quotation price from the dealers is high and difficult to figure and number of things in a great deal isn't clear for all vendors. So, valuing is great, most shipping is free and delivery time is fine in the event that you prepare. I have contacted few manufacturers of mobile charger connectors. There was huge variations among price, might be due to difference in quality. This made me confuse which one to choose. I decided to visit some but that was costly. I was looking to source as my stock was a bit short comparing with the order that my buyer was looking for. A proper review must be applied on price offering.

Tradekey is reliable gateway to international business
For us Tradekey is reliable gateway to international business. I am getting superb Scam free response responses from many clients which did not happened earlier than. The reason is - i've realized now - most consumers prefer to transact with Goldkey individuals only. Excessive best inquiries flow into my message box. With Tradekey. Com, it is grow to be easier to locate and contact customers. Maximum of the buyers I encounter belong to us. Tradekey Treat us as a member with highest fine regards.

We found TradeKey is best for our business
We found TradeKey is best for our business, since we joined tradekey as a premium member we made connections with international buyers and get many worthwhile orders during our tenure. The quality of buyers we received from TradeKey is very good and mostly buyers are in good connection with us and some of them are in negotiation for success full order closing with them. TradeKey provide us genuine inquiries from high potential regions, it gives our business a competitive edge and tremendous boost.

There are many B2B websites available but we found is one of the best as their premium service has many great features. We highly recommend to other business people to join to tradekey and give the boost to their business.

We will see our long term business relations with tradekey in coming years which will ultimately help us to grow more on domestic or international level.

Performance of wonderful account manager.
I am Azeez Jimoh, trading with company name Ishojim Resources Nigeria Ltd. I joined Tradekey Premium membership on the 4th of October, 2018 and upgraded from Silver to Goldkey member on 31st of October 2018.
In all the business links providers have registered and operated with before now, I have never witnessed the kind of excellent customer service delivery with significant results like my present experience in Tradekey.
A smart account manager, Calvin, handle management of my account (business products) in less than 5 working days that make a week, and gave me the results I have not been able to achieve for many years I have operated with some other Organisations as a premium member.
Calvin reviewed my products, redirected me on product posting and other features in Tradekey home page for better result. Within the period, he concluded a continuous export contract for me and about to conclude another one at present.
I really appreciate God for joining Tradekey and also appreciate Tradekey for having a Gold account manager like Calvin, who is really delivering the Gold quality with passion.
I wish Tradekey and all of us stakeholders successul business period. Wish you all it takes to retain and improve the quality of your account managers.

Azeez Jimoh

Good Business Happens at TradeKey (Tradekey Review)
I would like to express my appreciation to TradeKey through this Tradekey Review. Since, joining TradeKey two years ago, we have started many very promising business relationships with buyers from several countries, none of them was scammer or Fraud, and we still keep in touch with them through TradeKey. We are confident that this year again we will find many new buyers this year and will maintain long term relationships with them. And we also love to get feedback from customers. If you are looking for good quality apparel, then please do visit Tradekey product catalog. You will see why good business happens at TradeKey.

Found Tradeke.Com To Trust In The Scam World.
I was ready to get VIP membership but due to ReviewFeeder and after reading good and bad reviews, I changed my mindset and thinking. Moreover, the representative who was dealing with my business got unprofessional and started to play rude conversation. İ was wise enough and took the chat's screenshot.

TradeKey are a professional scamming organisation. They literally call on your number from a United States of America number although they are based in Pakistan. They show no professionalism at all.

I am also sure that the site is potentially full of fake businesses and fake sellers.

On the other hand, has proved to be a trustable B2B platform. My Company has already been registered at since the start of 2015 and I am progressing with my business around the globe, exporting our product to major markets around different countries in the world. My Tradekey feedback is highly positive due to their trust winning performance. Now I can easily sell my product to different countries in the world. You can easily get connected with the Tradekey scam free b2b platform and ace your business.

24/7 Connection with Tradekey Key Account Manager
It's amazing to review that the key account manager of tradekey is so helpful and closely working with our company that we can contact him whenever we want no matter what time of the day we need his help. Their system is lengthy and a little training is required to operate the tradekey website because we need to show the quality of our products and how our company operates so we would be able to attract customers of other country who are looking for sellers with good feedbacks and to have scam free trade. The most important is to get good feedback of products from customers so that we can do business again with them in future. Thank you tradekey for giving us a helping hand in avoiding fraud time wasters.

Good Inquiries and Professional People
We have registered TradeKey Few months ago as a premium member of after our registration we got into connection with our account manager TradeKey call it IKAM, he worked for our company on daily basis and time to time he learned a lot about our business and product line, we really liked his working attitude because he worked like he is working for his own business.
He optimized our company profile and products on tradekey website which increased our traffic and inquiries counts and out of those all inquiries there are many inquiries which are really potential who ordered samples from us, and 2 weeks ago we have closed one order with Tradekey's help.

We appreciate Tradekey team for their Human based Inquiries because these are genuine and verified.

Serious Fraud!
I would like to report and warn anyone thinking of doing business with tradekey.
Last month after a lot of pressure from a Tradekey account manager, my company, of import and export, agreed to a 6 months premium package.
In exchange, Tradekey would put my company in contact with premium suppliers for the acquisition of a commodity, recycling waste paper.
After a few unsuccessful weeks, the account manager informed me that he had a supplier, in the United States, ready to supply the requested product, but for this to happen we would have to advance 2000$ USD to ensure the reservation of the order and that this amount would be deducted from the global value after closing the contract with the supplier.
Much pressure was made and after many contacts by mail and whattapp, we agreed to advance that amount to make the order.
After several days and much exchange of messages we discovered that there was no supplier and tradekey simply refused to return the money.
When I sent an e-mail informing that the process would be handed over to our lawyers, all our contacts at tradekey, account manager, customer support, sourcing manager, disappeared.
Tradekey is a fraud, with accounts in China that no one can get to and a bank account in the US in the name of another electronics company.
The name of the company in the US is DIGI DEVICES LLC.
Be very careful this company is a total fraud.

Another order through Tradekey
We have joined tradekey in 2015 as a goldkey member. Initial introduction of this service was seemed like a spam trap. We then contacted some international companies to get its feedbacks to check whether TradeKey have been reviewed positively or what. Tradekey proved as a database of buyer information for us since we have been receiving quality inquiries on regular basis as well as special buyer introduction. This month we have won 3rd order via tradekey site. It is due to excellent assistance by tradekey finalizing price, product, shipping and payment terms with the importers on our behalf. A very strong gesture by tradekey to prove its positive feedbacks and reviews. We are in connection with some more clients who can be interested to buy from us. Where other companies are still fighting scams and making strategies for frauds, our company is experiencing business expansion in different countries due to which our management planned to work with tradekey for longer period of time.

Review Tradekey GoldKey membership
After experimenting with various B2B portals and marketing intermediaries, I eventually landed upon I research and found that Reviews and feedbacks of GoldKey memberships are great. So we buy GoldKey membership by which exposure that we are able to get is great and our products consistently appear on the top page rankings of many search engines. We mainly wanted to target the European and North American markets, but provided us with a platform that allowed us to also attract buyers from countries such as Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia, Iran and many more. Tradekey customer support is always ready to help us and is very professional and understanding to our needs. It is because of Tradekey marketing expertise that we are able to succeed and expand our business and look forward to a long business partnership with Tradekey.

Tradekey Scam Free Service
Tradekey tried really hard to ensure that i was secured from the scam sellers since I came in contact with tradekey manager for Import purpose. Tradekey assistance helped to be aware me with scam sellers' identification, due to which I dropped a deal with a seller seemed to be a fraud and chosen one with great reviews of other sellers and good feedback from tradekey team. When exporting companies ask me to deal with me outside tradekey or keeping tradekey away, i never trust them because those shipments can be disappeared even if you try hard to do scam filtration be only yourself.

Luckly i found tradekey a good platform for finding international buyers
I started a new business in foreign market and i found tradekey is the best platform in term of international buyers because all the buyers which I got were serious buyer and the best part of tradekey given buyer is that those buyers who connected with me since beginning are still in a good connection with me for future business requirements, which is the best part of any international business now i can say that my business is having good business presence on international level and enjoying my business by catering good importers whom are now my business friends as well.

Thieves usurping money of employees and cheating customers
The management of has usurped salaries and other payable to 100s of employees amounting to millions of dollars. Now TradeKey have started the same operations under a new name of "trade technado" to avoid payoffs of their liabilities. They are a bunch of cheats, liars and scammers.
The website is empty and filled with fake content. They use cron jobs to pull data from other B2B websites including Alibaba but very few real customers. When they get a buyer they connect the same buyer with 50 to 100 suppliers though fake inquiry submissions showing to the sellers that they can provide good inquiries but in fact they are fake.
Please beware of this website and this company whether you want to do business with them of work there.
I am an ex-employee of Tradekey and waiting for my money to be paid since last two years.

Site have its ups and downs, but there are more ups
Tradekey is the best for individuals who are searching for scam free merchants, providers, items, and thought and so on. Actually I'm utilizing Tradekey frequently and still don't have even one issue to gripe. There are ups and downs with every company but with tradekey, there more ups. No scammers, no frauds, genuine feedbacks and positively reviewed if you take tradekey's help. All the industrial facility are existed and genuine and reliable and proficient. I might want to thank Tradekey and each staff who are working so difficult to make Tradekey achieved this point. Much thanks to tradekey, Thanks to the genuine sellers, thanks to all who have been involved with us in any deal.

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Based on 50 reviews from TradeKey customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 3 stars, indicating that majority of customers are satisfied with its service.
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Description: Tradekey is a global company established in 2006 and have presence in many countries.

Tradekey company owns, manages and operate ( which is considered one of the largest International Electronic Marketplaces worldwide for both exporting and importing countries. It connects traders with global whole sellers, buyers, importers & exporters, manufacturers and distributors in over 240 countries, quickly and cost effectively. Based on its unique services, powerful search engine, trade matching and product promoting tools.

Tradekey have successfully helped numerous members belonging to various countries to explore potential business for the purpose of increasing their country’s GDP. Millions of people visits every month and tens of millions pages viewed without any single fail. These numbers corroborate with the veracity of the claim that can give an extraordinary exposure to traders in the global market.

Tradekey is the world's first B2B marketplace that earned both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System certifications to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, security and safe online trading for exporters and importers.

Tradekey Portal can be read in several different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish.


Saudi Arabia:
3rd Floor, Almas Center, King Fahad
Road, P. O Box 69088, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Office # 706,7th floor, Park Avenue,
P. E. C. H. S., Block/6, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.

Room 910, No. 738, Shang Cheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China.

Room 3311, Yancheng International Commercial Center, East Tower, 122 Tiyu East Road, Tianhe District.

Address: 3rd Floor, Almas Center, King Fahad Road


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