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Touch of Modern

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Total scam
I purchased a product from Touch of Modernist over a month ago, expecting a 2-3 week delivery, and not to be charged prior to the item shipping... both lies! The site also said final sale, non-returnable. After not hearing anything for a month I tried calling but found Touch of Modern no longer provided phone support. I filed a cancellation request on-line and a few days later heard back that the item was a final sale and couldn't be cancelled, but they were working hard to fulfill and ship my merchandise! Since I couldn't argue the point with a website, I filed a complaint with PayPal and they are on the case. Buyer beware, wish I had visited this site first!

Worst Customer Service, Mostly Refurb products or Bottom Basement sellouts.
I know, I know you have heard the stories before but at One point you probably would have seen a 5 star review here but this Company is on the decline and has been for a long time. I have been shopping this website probably since it's inception and initially, my experience was positive. It started first more then 5 years ago when I ordered a clock, it came smashed. Touch of Modern made me jump through hoops and video record the box and damage to get a refund. Then I ordered an expensive watch. Advertised as New, the watch was beat up and used. It was so frustrating but I sent it back and they refunded me my money but only after a small fight. I continued to buy from here, small items as they have some fun stuff to find. Now recently I ordered a watch, arrived 3 weeks late. Even with covid it took over 6 weeks to arrive, much much too long as they stated 2-3 weeks. Wait, gets better, I get the watch and it is defective right out of the box. I contact them via email because you CANT Call them, NO Number. They tell me basically Im lying and I don't know who to use the watch. I return it for them to "see if I am correct" about the watch. Now 3 weeks later, No return email or contact. They have my money and my defective watch. Who know what they will do? This is not how you do business, how they are still in business is a surprise but I implore you, use the website to find some great items but just go buy it locally, at the MFR website, Ebay, Amazon or anywhere else. Otherwise be prepared for frustration and disappointment. Good Luck TOM!

Cheap made products
Bought a backlit canvas. Took 2 weeks to get here. As soon as I opened it from the box I thought of how the box seemed better made than the canvas. I went against my better judgment and bought an shabby item from a douche bag coffee shop app.
I went to walmart at 8PM and bought a 9V battery to put into it. The battery connection was hot glued to the inside of the wooden frame (CHEAP AS $#*!). I hung up the canvas with the oversized nails Touch of Modern gave me with it. The canvas lit up and I returned home 24 hours later and it was no longer lit. I asked my wife if she turned it off and she said "no". I went out and got another 9V battery and it still would not turn on.
I then smashed the piece of $#*! in half, spit on it, stomped on it and swore I would angrily type multiple bad reviews. I thought that maybe I need a shrink, maybe I have anger issues. My wife looked at me like a psycho and then I realized that it's not me... its these $#*!ty little SCAM companies. Things used to be made to last. Even cheap $#*! used to last a month or two. Now things stop working after 24 HOURS!

Be very wary of any item you purchase…
Be very wary of any item you purchase online with them, first of all the bulk order for savings is a crock since I will have waited almost 2 weeks for sunglasses I purchased from them for $130 which I found on eBay exact same pair brand new with 4 day free shipping for $79. Be very very careful when purchasing anything from them and make sure to research these amazing deals online first as I am 100% sure you will find the exact same item for less.

What a horrible company!
I requested a refund for 2 of the 4 products. To be fair we loved the other 2 products, HOWEVER Touch of Modern would not issue me a refund on a lotus flower 3-D light for $49.99 and another soap dispenser for $69.99 that drips! I had to call my bank Wells Fargo and they are going after them with disputed charges. Hopefully we wil get satisfaction from my bank. DO NOT order from this SCAM company. BTW, they sent me a pre-printed email, no phone number, to read they they said F/U... WOW Really?!

Horrible Shipping Time
Ordered my package on December 15th, but the website never told me when the product would arrive. I keep checking the status and it said it shipped on the 17th, but there are no other updates about its whereabouts. Christmas is in 2 days and I ordered this gift for a family member who will now not receive this gift. I am truly disappointed. After reading all other reviews, it seems as if I won't be getting my product any time soon... it is too bad I didn't check these reviews ahead of time. I hope not everyone makes the same mistake. This is unacceptable... Companies like this are blood-sucking and could care less about consumer happiness.

Worst damascus knife
Purchased a damascus knife from touch of modern and this was the worst purchase of my life. Touch of modern and their vendors are looting their customers by selling cheap & damaged products. Knife come with totally damaged handle and blade was rusted. Totally Unusable. It would be great for hanging on the wall, But that's it. I was not expecting this from a company which is famous for their unique and special products.
Don't buy anything from Touch Of Modern and Deer custom.

You will be scammed!
It takes forever to get the items to start with! Their "discount" isn't really a discount & most items can be found easily anywhere for about the same price minus the frustration! SOOO many items are only refundable for store credit, stores that really don't have much to offer & their final sale items, no matter how expensive Touch of Modern are WILL NOT BE RETURNED, ever! Unless they were damaged or something but how awful is that?! And their customer service is helpless, so don't even bother.
I pulled the trigger despite all the bad reviews everywhere on the web, hoping I would be the lucky one but I was so wrong, don't make my mistake & save your money!

Touch of China
Advertised a metal butane. 357 replica pistol lighter. Upon receipt the thing did not work and it was almost all plastic. The function of it was defective unable to pull the trigger to light it. Found it was jammed up. I was able to unscrew and reassemble it to get it working again. Upon filling it with butane and letting it rest. First click nothing. Click click click nothing. Yep as expected $40 dust collector I could have purchased at a bodega for $6.99. Was a great representation of a gift idea for a gun collector, upon receipt was an insult of my intelligence. Can't be returned it has butane in it now! SOL!

False information
Bought a tie early July, i knew it could take from 3 to 5 weeks to ship but still went for it... On the 6th week, i reached out to touch of modern to have a status update, not sure is this is some type of drop shipping or else, but the customer service agent told me that my parcel was stuck for custom clearance and that once Touch of Modern receive it at their facility, it will be ship to me. 2 days later i received an email from them telling me that their supplier could not fulfill my order, without any explanation... after almost 7 weeks. If stuck in customs for clearance, it means to me that it was ship, unless it was a lie and they try to win some time, waiting for their supplier to confirm.
I am very disappointed by the service, when selling online, delivery is key and waiting over 7 weeks to get an updated is pretty bad
People do not buy from them, by sourcing the product you are interested in yourself, you can probably get it faster than going through them.

Poor quality products
I've ordered three items from this company: all were of very poor quality and/or do not function as advertised.

I ordered two pictures and a mask that is supposed to filter air particulate down to one micron in size:

A) The two pictures arrived and look like something you would purchase in a dollar store.

B) The "respirator" mask is even more of a problem. Because Touch of Modern was taking a long time to fill the order for the filtration mask I ordered one directly from the manufacturer and received it before Touch of Modern has even provided an update that the item is ready to ship (I received the mask a week ago from the manufacturer, Touch of Modern still indicates that it is waiting to ship their order). The mask is absolute crap and was ~ $80 with tax. The manufacturer claims it filters particulate down to 0.1 micron, yet I could not obtain a decent seal on the mask. I performed a fit test using isoamyl acetate (otherwise known as banana oil). I immediately had a strong smell and taste of the banana oil indicating absolutely no protection was provided by this device. Absolute garbage. I tried adjusting the mask - it simply does not provide protection as advertised (I am a registered nurse who uses other masks that do not have this issue). I cannot cancel the order I placed on the Touch of Modern website even though it still has not shipped and Touch of Modern will not accept a return of this item after it is shipped. From the Touch of Modern website:

"Touch of Modern works with our vendors daily to ensure production and delivery of orders as quickly as possible. This process starts from the moment our customers place an order. That means it's not possible for us to cancel or modify an order, but it's also how we're able to provide great products at steeply discounted prices. Please make sure you are aware of any return policy prior to making your purchase."

Well that's convenient for them.

Avoid their over-hyped, cheap junk.

Touch of Modern a scam, stay away!
I ordered two Jared Lang shirts in mid-January, expecting the order to be processed and shirts shipped. Instead I received an email saying Touch of Modern wouldn't ship for three weeks. But of course my card was charged at the time of the order. Approximately three weeks later they messaged saying the items weren't available and would issue a refund. What? I also ordered a cardigan, but three weeks later when it arrived it didn't look like the one in the site. I contacted their "customer service" (which only allows messaging) within five days to obtain return instructions. They messaged back that the return period had expired and no refund would be available. What? This retailer is a complete scam! I think it's just a fraudulent banking operation that makes money on the float from when you order you items and when the say they can't fulfill your order they eventually make a refund. Or when they do fulfill your order it's with items not a show. Stay away from this retailer for the reasons I've explained and based on my experience, I'd be surprised if they are still in business in a few months!

Absolutely the worst customer service department ever
I bought a watch from them and had no problems until the battery died. Since my jeweler couldn't change the battery, I wrote to the company and Touch of Modern said to send the watch back, even providing a return authorization. After many weeks of not hearing from them or seeing my watch, I started attempting to contact them (they did not reply to emails and it was impossible to reach them by phone). Eventually they did respond, sending my watch back, unfortunately in the same shape they received it... not working. Repeated attempts to contact them yielded no results and what I am left with is the world's most expensive "throwaway watch." It's unfortunate because there are so many items that I wanted to buy from them and, although I'll admit that most of them are out of my price range, I had and would have continued to purchase those items that I could afford. However, they've left a bad taste in my mouth and I would certainly not recommend them.

Don't buy food items
I have bought some good products, and some I really like from Touch of Modern, and some I am greatly disappointed with. Overall I am giving only a 2 star because the food products are over presented, overpriced and not-so-good. And when I told them Touch of Modern i was greatly disappointment they only offered a less than realistic store credit. I still occasionally buy from them, but ALWAYS research the product for yourself first and don't buy the hype... and don't but the food (except Sea Bear Salmon) I have been a Sea Bear client for years and saw them recently on Touch.

Bad customer service
I ordered two products, expensive products, for gifts. Once ordered, I noticed that Touch of Modern wont ship for weeks and they wont let you return anything. So if I get these expensive earbuds and they dont work, Im stuck with an over 200 dollar product that doesnt work. I sent them a communication to ask if there was an exchange option and of course they just blew me off. I will not be ordering from them again.

Rediculous terms if you have a credit
I have spent over $5000 with TOMO. Recently I had a credit to spend because I bought during a 'Spend $100, get $25 credit. Touch of Modern give you a certain amount of time to use the credit... fine. I realized that today was the last day I can use my credit... also fine. I spend some time searching for something I can't live without, finally add this item to my cart, only to realize the credit expires at 5pm pst. It was 5:14pst when I tried to check out.

This is ridiculous! Who does this? I saw the credit expires today. I assumed it expires at the end of the day like every other company. I am done buying from TOMO.

Be careful doing business with them
I bought two magnetic key holders from them and when Touch of Modern came in they were two different colors and one wasn't magnetic. No big deal right? Call them and let them know and they'll make it right. Wrong! They said they could not help me and they could not give me my money back they wanted to give me store credit after I told them I didn't want to do business with them ever again!

Just like other reviewers, Touch of Modern is not a good experience. Touch of Modern have taken too much of my time to receive an order that is yet to come. After waiting for 2+ months for my two orders to show up, I have yet to receive them. Customer support is horrible and rarely answers their phone. I am awaiting refunds among also speaking with them. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Ordered toothpick crossbows.
Sounds awesome and fun novelty. Ordered 5,1 for me $42 and 4 for my kids and nephews $20/each. All garbage!

The one for me (ghost hunter) will not even load a toothpick into the guide. I'm at least going to drill it out and make it work. The others (bowman) only shoot a toothpick a wobbly 3-4 feet max, not the meters as advertised. On these I can cut some add'l steel to make them stronger, but why should I have to fix their garbage. Stay away!

In asking for a refund and return label (as any reputable company would allow), their response was "The items purchased in Order #xxxxxxxxxxx are Final sale, not eligible for return or cancellation - this is specified on the product page prior to the purchase."

Couple interresting item with a TOTAL lack of customer service
After purchasing several items from this site. I wrote to report that an item I had purchased had worked for litterally, 2.5 seconds before totally burning out and showing 0 signs of life!

I basicly received a lemon. And all Touch of Modern had to say is: it didnt seem to have had a proof of warranty advertised so we cannot be of any assistance.

Thank you for washing hour hands of a product you are selling on your site...

Total middle man syndrome. Money is received. Thank you come again


Touch of crap
SCAM... Good #$%^ luck getting a hold of anyone. You won't get your product, all you get is a generic email sent from a robot or some jackass voice saying none of their reps are available. I should have checked their reviews first. Never got my item and Touch of Modern wont reimburse. They want to eventually send out what I ordered and then I have to return it, minus shipping. No way. They are rip offs and look at the owners last names, foreigners. F- these people and company.

Poor customer service and delivery
I ordered a pair of shoes from this sham of a company at the beginning of January. Since have been waiting patiently to have these shoes delivered. I called them over a week ago and Touch of Modern tell me that do to a labeling issue the package would be delayed. It's been a week since they said that and I've yet to receive any evidence that my package been sent, other than a tracking number that links to a package that was supposedly delivered on Feb 2nd.

They tell me that this will be updated once the package is passed on to Cnada Post - But I'm not confident this will happen. As a 'sorry' touch of modern has offered me 15 dollars off the price of delivery which was a total of 30 dollars. So, ToMo has offered me a savings of less than 5% of the total price of the shoes for my frustration. At this point, I don't even care if the shoes come, the experience has been beyond frustrating and this will be the first and last time I trust or order anything from touch of modern. App has been deleted!

Taken payments - no merchandise received
I ordered from them and Touch of Modern offered payment via Sezzle. Even so it was a small amount - $89 - why not. I sure regret this now. Sezzle has already deducted the 1st payment and is ready to do the 2nd one in a couple of days even so I never received the merchandise I ordered nor can "Touch of Modern" even give an estimated shipping date. Both companies just answer with canned messages. Total rip off

Defective and rusted knife
So called "Stunning damascus steel" but in reality you'll receive the rusted and defective knives. I bought a knife as a gift and was so excited, but then. I got the package, opened the box, and the knife is dull like it just came from the garbage. The tip was broken and knife was full of rust. It seems like Touch of Modern are selling their unsold stock. I am really disappointed. If I could give 0 star I would. The knife brand was cazadores knives.
Not recommended.

Scammers, Don't buy anything from them.
I purchased an Italian Coffee machine from them but got a different, cheaper (by over $1000) model from them last week, Since then I have been trying to get in touch with them. Email, link to customer service, text. No response of any kind.
Touch of Modern took my money and clammed up. Call it a scam, call it robbery, but stay away from this company.
The photo shows the Classic Gaggia I got, not the one-touch auto Gaggia Babila model I was supposed to.

Terrible customer service, especially after they screwed up
Terrible customer service, especially after Touch of Modern screwed up the whole order. They are slow in shipping, slow in fixing their screw ups, and slow in response. I had to force them to send the correct items, by disputing the charge, otherwise they would never had corrected their own mistakes. Shameful business ethics. I would not recommend them to anyone, and would advise anyone that values their time and money, to go somewhere else to do business.

Worst CS pissible
I purchased a nice jacket in Large for $75. The jacket arrived and it was marked Large. When I tried it on it was small, maybe a medium at best. I wrote 6 emails and tried to call 5 times and got no response about the problem or a remedy. No information regarding a return. STAY AWAY FROM THIS RETAILER, Touch of Modern don't care about you once they get your money. Worthless retailer.

Be very careful. I ordered several led pictures and a few magnetic sculptures form ToM. One led picture broken. And the others never showed up. Emailed them and no reply and got a phone message and put on hold. 3rd time calling, I say on hold for 25 min. And then Touch of Modern disconnected the phone call. Ended up calling credit card to stop payment. And couldn't return broken item done I one got back to me.

Stay Clear
Touch of Modern is the worst online company with which I have dealt. I ordered a Handy Gym from them that turned out to be a literal nightmare. After waiting an interminable amount of time to receive it, the item was received defective. I initially just wanted to return it to be repaired or replaced. I contacted T of M's "VIP Customer Service," which I later determined the name had to be a joke, because I wasn't hardly treated like a VIP. Instead, I was treated as if I were stupid and didn't know how to operate the product. I might add that I have a JD and LLM degree. I was given the run around for almost three months. When I asked for a return authorization, Touch of Modern said that I had to go to Handy Gym. When I contacted Handy Gym, they said I had to go to T of M.
I finally disputed the charge with my credit card company who credited the purchase price back to me. I then gave T of M a deadline to send me a RMA or I was going to dispose of the item. The next day I received the RMA. If T of M had done this three months earlier, I would not be writing this.
Note—I discovered that the merchandise on T of M can usually be found elsewhere at a lower price with much better customer service.

Valentines HORROR
I ordered 3 weeks ago special Valentines flowers for my wife of 19 years. HEre is the description:

"Show that special someone in your life just how you feel this Valentine's Day with this Kenyan Rose Bouquet, featuring two dozen fresh, long stem roses".

Not only did Touch of Modern not show up. I called 3x today and was told they would. When they NEVER showed up, I was offered a credit (duh) and a WAIT FOR IT... a $10.00 gift card.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I have spent over $15,000 in 3 years with them and they want me to say to my wife:
"sorry honey, I ordered you beautiful Valentines Day flowers but instead here is a $10.00 gift card".


Then, when I had "Matt" on the phone and I asked to speak with his manager, he actually had the nerve to say.'I don't have a manager".

GOODBYE TOUCH OF MODERN. See ya on the flipside of Chapter 11.

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