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After Serving my Country, I appreciated having TopResume help Serve Me.
I recently retired from the United States Air Force after serving my country for 20 years. At some point, all military personnel will transition into the civilian workforce and it takes finesse to translate our military skills and abilities in a way that hiring managers can understand and "appreciate". During the mandatory transition courses we are required to take we do cover resume writing, but I still found the task a bit overwhelming and welcomed the assistance from TopResume!

I initially submitted my resume on GlassDoor's website to receive the complimentary review from TopResume. While surprised, I agreed with their assessment that my current resume did not quite highlight the 20 years of accomplishments I had tried to convey. My resume was written in a passive versus active voice and I did cram too much information into the resume which could have been a negative factor.

Thankfully, I was matched with a Resume Writer (PAM) who understood military jargon and I was impressed with her ability to take the "bulleted accomplishments" and turn them into "sentences that sang my praises" (which is hard to do when you are writing about yourself).

Over the week long process I actually had time to reflect about my next career path and I realized the resume I originally submitted included positions I no longer had a passion for. My Resume Writer helped me settle on a new career path that I actually wanted to pursue and I was able to submit my "new and improved" resume YESTERDAY when I saw a listing that matched my goals and skills. I heard back from the hiring manager TODAY and I am confident that my new resume will stand out.

I am very satisfied with my updated resume and cover letter. I do believe wholeheartedly this is an expense that is truly priceless if you want to standout amongst the crowd of individuals competing for employment. Good Luck All!

Buyer Beware
With the job market saturated with millions of unemployed Americans, I thought it would be time to have a professional review my resume since it has been some time since I have revamped my resume. I provided them my resume, cover letter, and completed the questionnaire of my accomplishments. I stressed that my resume mostly focused on what I did and not accomplished. I would like for it to focus on what my resume accomplished.

After waiting for about 10 days, I got back basically my own resume with the same content. TopResume either swapped out a single verb or shuffled the same words around in a sentence - the end of the sentence to the beginning and beginning to the end. Besides giving me back my own resume with its same content but with a layout and format change, it was littered with proofreading errors. I showed a colleague of mine who recruits for IBM. He was in shock that this was a paid professional with these kind of errors. My last name and phone number were incorrect, but there were so many grammatical errors - missing commas, subject - verb tense agreements, and incorrect words such as using improvising instead of using improving. There were several sentences that just didn't make sense.

I immediately responded to the writer, it took him 5 days to respond back to my concerns and then asked me to provide a redline version of the draft. So I had to provide my professional writer a road map to all the mistakes. He responded that he would immediately make the necessary changes and address my concerns that none of the accomplishments that I provided to him were not used in my revised resume. I waited 2 weeks to get back the redline version I had already provided him and he swapped out some content that was from my original resume into the second draft that was not previously used.

I again responded as to what happened. What happened to my list of accomplishments? Why did this take 2 weeks to complete? My revised resume sounds the same with no added value. Its been crickets from the writer. Beware of them.

Good or Usable product but Extremely Bad Customer Service
Let me give this to you in points
First writer assigned did not know to even change the job designation properly, she argued it was the right one as copied from email even after telling twice. It shows that your writers dont read the resume word by word
Second when I called in your customer support guy "will" talks to me as if he owns the company by saying the words "ok ok you listen to me?" Like ten times cutting me in the middle, interrupting me many times. Is this customer service?

I tried to take it to his manager and it went to some manager and when I told him im in a meeting please call back, he goes we are email only company, we work by emails and he wasnt even ready to listen as well. What a bunch of non customer centric company this is? When the manager cannot set an example what is the use of even paying 250$ + amounts. This is exactly what I didnt expect.

The second writer assigned doesnt respond for two days in between and I had to reach out to customer care to get her to respond.
She mentions that she had to do guesswork, but there is no guesswork here? I have mentioned every point on what the corrections are in the email.

She mentions as a standard practice she wanted it in the document, she could have mentioned it when I sent the first or second revisions in email?
There is absolutely no guesswork, There is when I dont provide anything and you have to do it all by yourself.

If I hadnt provided all the info needed to be changed, TopResume can check the communication between me and the writers

When the customer service is not good any work good or bad Is not highlighted at all and here

Update -- They have emailed me on sunday saying that they dont have staff to deal with my issue and I would have to reach out on monday, but apart from that no one has been working with me. If you really take customer service seriously, I think someone from higher up the ranks should give a call to me and know about the issue. Not the other way round.

I went for the premium option: CV, cover letter, linkedin. I was weak-willed and thought a professional service would fast track my CV-rewrite! How wrong I was! Firstly, TopResume ask for your current CV combined with a survey - which basically gets you to parrot the things that are already in your CV. If they bothered to read the CV they would not need the survey questions. Their service was slow. "Katie" - obviously the name for their awful customer service - was slow and unresponsive. The CV I got back did not even match their own CV format on their website for my type of role. In addition, resume builders advocate using your credentials to help you stand out (e.g. MBA, CPA etc.) - they hadn't. They had randomly picked a couple of numbers from my original CV but did not capture the REAL achievements. They talk about crafting these CVs for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) but they limit the CV to two pages of boring, generic text whereas other services state that if you are aiming to stand out in an ATS, you can expand your CV past two pages. There was NO focus on my differentiators - what makes me a good hire. It was all generic blancmange. Having seen thousands of CVs myself and hired hundreds of people, I would not choose a CV like this on first pass just for its sheer blandness. The cover letter was ho-hum. More generics but as if written by a 12 year old. A cover letter is supposed to be the first impression. And I get the impression that these services are being delivered by very low paid staff members with close to zero real world business or hiring experience. If they had any, they would have chosen the WOW numbers from my CV and not the random minor performance KPIs. Their LINKEDIN service is JUST A CUT AND PASTE of your original CV plus a few generic tips and tricks. It's laughable. I could go on and on but in summary their service is NOT tailored. It's a generic cut and paste template based production line. What's more, they slow-boat the process then they give you only a few days to review so that they can minimize the changes. This is a total scam. I would not waste my money on them. Do not spend your money with this very spurious and obviously unprofessional organisation. As soon as I asked for a refund they went silent and I have heard nothing back. I have emailed them six times asking for my money back. It's bordering on criminal what they do.

Worst resume writing I have ever used
When I receive the first draft of what was supposed to be my rewritten resume I was shocked at the amount errors and the simple rewording of my current resume. I compared it against my current resume and saw that all the writer did was to reword what was on my current resume and add I guess what he thought were appropriate "buzzwords". There was NO improvement whatsoever in what was previously written.

In addition to a simple rewrite, the errors were beyond comprehension. Accomplishments from one job were listed as those of another job. Accomplishments from a previous job were combined into one accomplishment with those from another job. It's as if the writer just wanted to write something regardless of how inaccurate it was.

When I received the second draft of my "rewritten" resume, it was just as bad. Again, accomplishments from a previous job were still combined into one accomplishment with those from another job. The first accomplishment/bullet point he listed started out " Realized an additional $500K in annual savings by renegotiating costs in shipping". As the first bullet point, in addition to what?

I paid to have a cover letter written as well and it was just as bad as the resume. The very first thing I noticed was a spelling error in the word business. It was spelled "businses", and it was highlighted in MSWord as being misspelled. When I pointed this out in my response, the writer told me he is "only human". I'm only human too, but if I were a professional writer, I would be absolutely sure I had NO mistakes in something I was writing for someone else, first draft or not.

In addition to the misspelled word,, the writer combined accomplishments from different jobs as he did on the resume. Also, the leading sentence on the cover letter was very outdated. It read "I am elated to provide my resume for your consideration as [Position] with [Organization]...". In my response to the writer about this sentence, I provided three different examples of what I would have expected as a lead off sentence for a cover letter. When I received the second draft of his cover letter, all three of the examples I provided were used in 3 sentences, and the other errors I pointed out in the first draft were not corrected.

My advise here, if you need a resume written, or rewritten, stay away from Top Resume.

Look elsewhere. Waste of money and poor results.
I thought I would give this company a fair chance before I posted here, giving them the opportunity to make my Resume right.

Initial motivation: I responded to a Glass Door request for a free interview critique. Within 24 hours, I received a critique showing that my current resume was rated about 58% in many areas of exposure, and a promise that I would experience twice as many interviews within 60 days, or TopResume would re-rewrite it for free.

I have never had my Resume professionally written, so I thought it would be worth spending the $219.00 to work with one of their "specialists in my industry" to spruce up my Resume, and get me the 60% more interview exposure.

During and after my order, it stated that I would be matched with a technical writer, who would get back to me in 1-2 days, and that I would see a rough draft within 5-6 days. On the 8th day, I sent an email asking when I would be assigned to a technical writer, and did not get any response whatsoever. I sent another email, and yet still no response. There was no phone number, or any other options for contacting them via the emailed receipt I received.

I then posted a review on another site, and was eventually met with a response. The response stated that they were escalating my Resume to match me with a writer.

I got an email from the writer, with an introduction, but no interview questions of any kind regarding my experience nor skills. I then received a draft, which had duplicate bullet points, and clear misspelling of technical applications in my industry (Example VSphere from VMware, was spelled VPSHERE). Multiple duplication of bullet points, and complete removal of relevant past experiences. Did not focus on my specialties, and generalized everything else. The title at the top of the Resume, purported that I was seeking a job as a Chief Information Officer, when I was focusing on Network Engineer. Is it possible this was just a simple template that was being altered, hence the mistakes?

The cover letter I paid extra for was a generic joke, and not at all original. It was definitely a template that I would be embarrassed to provide anyone in my industry.

In short, I responded with all of the clerical, as well at grammatical mistakes, and although there was slight improvement, it was no where near the quality I expected, and the cover letter remained a novice template with "fill in the blank" information for even my own name.

I regret not either purchasing a Resume generation software, or locating a more reputable firm for $219.00 I spent (even though they immediately sent me an email with a 35% off discount).

End result wasn't perfect, but service was great.
The service was great, the writer did a good job with what she had to work with. But the end product has not been all I hoped. What would have really helped was if in the end, TopResume could have run my new resume through the same automation software they used as a sales technique and given me the same type of scores they used to convince me I needed help in the first place so I could better quantify how much my resume had been improved. My work around that has been to use to evaluate the resume before each application.

It has required a lot of re-working on my part, which is fair enough, a resume writer who is doing work from some documentation and a basic questionnaire can't work miracles. If you expect a perfect outcome, no service is going work for you.

If you need an uninterested party to re-write your resume to get you pointed in the right direction, this is a great service. And if you have ever struggled to write, the price is completely fair for what you get, I actually felt bad because the time it must have taken the writer means in the end the hourly wage wasn't much.

When someone else re-writes your resume who has no emotional attachment to you, it helps you accept your weaknesses in a way your friends/family can't. That said, there was too much flowery language and typical descriptions which she used to fill in where I didn't have enough on my own. After re-reading it multiple times I have simplified the language and adjusted it. But her attempt to fill in typical language where I lacked it gave me something to work with, it was easier to edit and fix because I could see where she was coming from and why she had done it, even if it wasn't prefect.

I would advise using this service along with and looking at the requirements on the various job postings, and adjust accordingly, eventually coming up with the perfect combination.

I didn't love the cover letter, I have found other formats work better for me, but as cover letters go, it is a nice start.

I have found I need to keep adjusting the resume to the missing language choices for each application in I have gotten more hits on LinkedIn since the re-write, but that was after I made changes to what I was given.

But without the re-write I would still be spinning my wheels. If you are willing to put in as much as the writer does, you will get what you need. If you expect the writer to give you an original resume without meeting half-way, you will be disappointed, but you are also expecting a miracle, and that is not fair.

Do not do business with Top Resume - You'll waste your money and get a useless document
Do not do business with Top Resume unless you like wasting money and being rejected from job applications.

Your experience might be different, and TopResume may be much better outside of the Technology field, but I found them to be completely useless for helping write an IT Sales resume.

I went back and forth several times with my offshore resume writer.
The moment I looked at the doc it was clear that it was created by someone that did not speak or write English as a native, nor did they have any understanding of my industry.

If the purpose of a resume was to trigger hits on keyword searches, then this document would be a success. For any other purpose, it was an absolute and complete failure.

Before beginning this appalling process, I applied to several jobs using my original resume, the source document I had sent to Top Resume. Fortunately for me, I am approaching the final stages in at least 5 different job opportunities.

Once I received the copy of the resume from TR, as a test, I showed them to the hiring managers and HR screeners for the job opportunities I'd already successfully applied for where my original document had done it's job.

100% of the people I showed them to said that they would have never called me back had I used that resume. This is roughly 10 different people that I had already impressed.

I have also showed it to friends and colleagues in the industry.
They all had the same feedback.

The documents were useless, and quite frankly, counterproductive to their purpose.

Some of the adjectives they used were: "barely coherent", "word salad", "buzzword bingo", "nearly English", "amateurish", and "clearly written offshore".

I'm going to say this again:
Had I used the documents you sent over, I'd have ZERO job prospects instead of the ten or so I've created for myself.

Your resume writer will basically ignore your feedback and make tiny, ineffective corrections to a document that isn't worth the electrons that compose it's existence.

Do not waste your money here.

I'm happy with my decision. The turnaround was very quick and I was impressed with the results. I purchased the "Executive Priority" package which included a resume rewrite, cover letter, and LinkedIn template. A writer was assigned within a few hours of my purchase, and once it was assigned to a writer, Elizabeth, she turned the first draft of the resume around within a few hours which I wasn't expecting. I was primarily concerned about the summary I'd written at the beginning of the resume, and making the bullets/achievements for each of my past jobs more succinct. She was able to rewrite the summary and sections in such a way that my experience and achievements are highlighted and will stand out better. It really makes me look good and represents my experience and what I'm going for much better! I had some feedback and questions which I placed in the document with comments, and she sent a second draft with edits and answers to my questions quickly. You can work with/go back and forth with your writer to come up with a draft you're satisfied with for a week.

I initially discovered TopResume through; I uploaded my resume to Glassdoor, and was offered a free resume evaluation from TopResume. I scoped it out and it looked legit, so I gave it a whirl. The free eval turnaround was quick and the results were thorough. I especially liked that TopResume ran my resume through an applicant tracking system resume scanning software like most of the big companies use. They show you what the scan shows potential employers about you, so you can get an idea of how to adjust keywords in your resume for different results. As part of the resume rewrite, my writer adjusted keywords to make sure that the auto scanning software would paint the right picture of my experience and what I'm striving for in the future.

Overall, a great experience. I was surprised by the quality of the results and the turnaround time.

Fraudulent Service & Horrendous Resume
I received an email from * with a critical review of my resume. I was surprised to see that my resume was regarded as "visually uneven" despite it having a modern and clean layout. That review made me think that the reason I was getting rejected by employers was due to my resume being useless.

I normally do my due diligence by reading a lot of reviews before I purchase anything. Although I did read reviews for Top Resume, I, unfortunately, read the wrong ones. Stupidly, I went through with Top Resume thinking TopResume are magically going to transform my resume to this amazing piece of work and it's going to stand out and get me jobs. Also, I wanted to get it done quickly so I could apply to future jobs with this new professional resume. Yeah, very high hopes. I paid $149 for just a resume re-write because you know $149 was quite pricey already. I filled out this questionnaire and I was one step closer to this amazing resume. They emailed me the due date for my resume and all was good. Next day, my friend, * sends me another email stating "Add a cover letter re-write for only $35 only available for the next 24 hours". Stupid me thought sure why not, $35 is nothing for a professional cover letter. A few days pass, and nothing. I get another email from * "I can slash the price of the LinkedIn rewrite down to just A$69 for the next 24 hours whilst we're working on your other documents.". For me, that was really pushing it, luckily I passed on that. Next day, I get an assurance letter letting me know about the delay and they will connect me with someone suitable. One day before the due date I get an automated email from * - my personal writer, that he's excited to work with me. I guess I just left that email alone and let my personal writer do his job.

Next morning, I wake up to see an email from my personal writer with my brand new resume and cover letter attached. This is it, this is what I have been waiting for some time now. I download the attachments and click on the resume first as that was the main reason for getting my resume professionally re-written. When I opened that resume document, I wanted to cry. What kept going through my mind was "Is this what I paid $184 for?". I was so disappointed, underwhelmed by how pathetic this "professional" resume re-write was. My original resume was regarded as "visually uneven" was two pages long, detailed, clean, to the point and just beautiful. This "resume" was very basic. All my personal writer did was cut my resume and make it one page, cut out the majority of my work experience, and re-word my legal experience. Even the formatting was wrong and clearly didn't know anything about the Australian legal field. Oh and remember how the resume review specifically states "visually uneven", this new resume is the definition of visually uneven and just bland. That was all for $149. I proceed to open the professional cover letter that I bought for $35 and it felt like a cover letter that I wrote back in high school. I didn't even bother reading it. I closed everything and emailed the personal writer and stated how disappointed and dissatisfied I was with the work and this new resume was not going to make me stand out to any legal employer.

I went and emailed their support and asked for a refund because I hated it so much I didn't even want to try to revise the resume. I honestly could just have it done myself if that was their "professional" re-write. Then * responds to my previous email and tells me how it's unfortunate that I didn't like the resume and justified why he made the resume the way he did. For a moment, I took a break and thought maybe I was overthinking this, maybe my resume was too detailed and wrong. I contacted a friend of mine that is a lawyer and let her review my new professional resume and original resume. She was shocked and unimpressed with this so-called professional resume. Just utter shock because it is that horrible. I left another email asking for a refund before I receive any final documents. * emails me again and asks me what I want so he can revise. I listed a number of things then he replies back saying he will work on it and in a few days will send it back. Not even 10 mins he sends me the "revised" copy where nothing has changed. I give up with this "person" and stop responding, no point in wasting my time.

After a few days asking for a refund I get an email back from * stating "I see that you have already provided your writer with your feedback, prior to him mistakenly re-sending the initial draft as a revised draft. Your writer will send you the correctly revised document as soon as possible, should you wish to continue." I emailed her back saying I don't want to continue and I want a refund. They kept stalling because every day I get the same email from * after I told her what I want three times as she believes I can benefit from a re-write from a new writer. After being patient for a week, I get an email saying they can only do a partial refund of 30% but offers me a senior writer to work on my resume. After that email, there were no more replies from * I believe it's because they took their time to respond to my emails and in return made me pass the deadline despite me not receiving any final documentation.

To this date, I have not received a refund or even a new rewrite or revised resume and cover letter that I paid for. I have tried emailing recently, and no reply back. Online chat is useless, the phone number they provided me is "not connected". Basically $184 straight to the trash.

Stay away from this scam

*Personal information redacted by admin

Bad start, got better.
Update (from 1 star to 3 stars): After hearing back from customer service, I was assigned a new writer. Initially TopResume attempted to restart my service from the beginning and I let them know that I was not OK with that timing and needed a writer who could provide edits and feedback quickly. TopResume accommodated. The new resume was written much more effectively. There are a few minor points that could be edited or fixed, but overall, the ending product is about 90% of what I want which is likely as close as I will get given the niche job-related terms in my industry. I had a bad experience to start and it got better later on. Ultimately this service comes down to who you get as a writer.

Couple points to help you recognize if you have a bad writer. One, your writer sends you a barely complete draft looking for "feedback on the template". Most likely this is a sign that your writer needs to submit something by a certain deadline and this helps them get past that expectation in their internal systems. Two, your writer submits the final resume on a Saturday night and lets you know that you have until Sunday afternoon to provide final comments. This was clearly another sign of a writer trying to avoid interaction with the customer and getting through the processes of their internal system.

Initial review: I wanted this service to work since I saw so many positive reviews. This is not a legitimate business. Clearly the writer I had assigned to me barely reformatted my resume, had multiple typos, and even re-used the same language in different sections of my resume. When I asked for feedback, he said he would re-edit it. I never heard back him again even after I emailed him a few times. Most likely, this writer met the minimum criteria for topresume's project management system but was more interested in getting through those checks than providing real service or even a competent resume. Later, I wrote customer support asking for help on this issue. Got a response but then nothing happened. Replied back to that a few times and still got no response. Please save your money. This feels like an offshored service where the writers are more interested in doing the bare minimum than helping you with your resume needs.

Inaccurate. Unuseable. Poor product.
The Top Resume effort was problematic from the start. Top Resume has each applicant fill out a preliminary background application, including the client's latest resume.
My Resume writer used none of it, or perhaps did not ever access it.
My resume writer had a pre-existing mandate to use a resume format that was supposed to perform best using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for reviewing resumes. The ATS is a corporate tool using software to scan codewords for relevancy, rather than using a human resource professional.
I made clear early in the writing process that I was not the typical corporate candidate seeking employment in a sales-based business, and that my skill set was unique. I made clear that my experience would not fit into a corporate jargon-heavy or embellished template.
None of my feedback had any influence on my writer,
"Teresa". She rolled ahead, disregarding my concerns, advising me that "embellished" was what was being used in resumes.
My writer clearly was working under Top Resume's business model of the "one size fits all", or, "make the resumes fit the ATS software" models.
This approach does not work for me and I told Top Resume this in advance. Many Hiring managers DO read my resume individually, and I wanted to keep my bullet points and highlights to some degree on my resume. This was rejected by my writer who insisted on using embellished and stilted jargon like "corporate governance", "world class", "liased", and "strategic relationship building", which have no place in my experience.
I sent feedback advising my writer of my experinece and preferences, and I allowed her to finish a product and run it through a sample ATS afterward. The results did not honor my preferences, but rather followed the same corporate buzzword-heavy template that I had warned against.
Resume writing is not "one size fits all." Its not about demonstrating metrics or "slashing" budgets! It's about concisely relating experience and accomplishments.
Sadly, this was not valued by my writer, and the cover letter is a generic piece of mush.
I probably will not even use the resume as I am embarrassed to try to have to explain how my true experience reflects the embellished jargon claimed in my resume.
I would like my money back.

If I Could Leave Negative Stars, I Would
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! All TopResume do is lie and make excuses. I paid for the Career Evolution Resume Writing Package and 48-hour Rush Service. I got the first draft from the first writer assigned to me well after the 48-hours had passed and all it consisted of was thesaurus vomit and fill-in-the-blank holes. The writer kept promising she'd have it done - Saturday morning, Monday morning, Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening... yet nothing, nothing, nothing. Then she makes the excuse she was ill. Then she had a death in the family. I'm sorry, I really am about the personal circumstances, but she had a responsibility to tell her management she could not take on the work if that was truly the case. Meanwhile, customer service makes excuses, says they'll refund the rush service fee. I get reassigned to a second writer and the same product - thesaurus vomit and fill-in-the-blank holes. I call and ask about the rush service refund and I get told I said the refund wasn't necessary (why would I continue to follow-up on it then?). I provided more than adequate information to complete the resume - two previous resumes, a detailed list of accomplishments, a career synopsis, and a list of recommendations. After two weeks, all I wanted was the resume they advertised, but ultimately they decided refunding my money was a better option than dealing with me. It appears no real work was ever done on the resume, as I asked to see progress. Sorry my expectation was that if you tell someone they'll have something by a certain time, it should actually be produced - guess that was too much to ask. I'll be shocked if I actually get my money back.

Would not recommend
I would avoid this company. After purchasing a package; I received an email stating it would be nearly two before I received the resume. I had a job I wanted to apply for asap so I decided to cancel to go with a company that could get it through a little sooner. I called and spoke to a customer service rep who ensured me that she would make a "notation on my account" to help expedite my resume and that TopResume are typically done within 5-7 days. I decided to continue on and not cancel my package. After several emails from the company stating that they were in high demand and was unable to match me with a "writer" and offered to throw in a post interview thank you letter for free I continued on. At week 3 nearly week for I made the decision to cancel; I had yet to be assigned a writer and the job posting I was interested in had been taken down and I think nearly a month of waiting was enough. I then received the following email:
Hi Sarah,

May we understand why you wish to cancel your services?

As we do not offer a trial or grace period upon purchasing, you will be subjected to a cancellation/processing fee of $75. As an alternative, we offer the below options:

1. Place the order on holder for a future date

2. Transfer the services to a friend, colleague or family member

Kindly confirm how you wish to proceed, as a formal cancellation/refund request will need to be submitted for final approval and processing by our management team.


TopResume Customer Care

Now why should I be responsible for paying a cancellation fee because they did not hold up their end of the bargain?
I replied to this email stating I would not pay or recommend anyone to this company. I received another reply stating they would refund the money and it could take a week for management to approve this.
After 3 weeks of waiting for the refund I sent another email asking where the refund was.

Hi Sarah

Thank you for your email, I am so sorry for the delay in responding.

Your order was initially placed on hold as you requested a refund before your due date due as you expected the draft sooner than the scheduled date.

As previously mentioned, we generally do not issue refunds an you may be subjected to a cancellation fee of $75 as you have already completed your questionnaire and all the back-end work to match you with a writer had already begun.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed with your cancellation and I will have this processed for you.


TopResume Customer Care

Basically they have taken 250+ dollars from me and yet to return it. I would avoid this company. I cant determine whether this is a scam or they have no communication. Nevertheless, setting an expectation and failing to follow through is not the consumers fault and basically refusing to give customers their money back is a scam in my eyes. They have done nothing of what I was ensured to have and still expected to pay. This is manipulation, telling someone "Oh these are always done within 5-7 business days" and then when you wait for 3 weeks " oh we never set a time period for this to be done so its your problem if you want to cancel" This is bad business and scam to your customers.

Be careful, please. Might be a scam.
After receiving an A+ on my resume, I decided to get a review to make sure the automated resume scan didn't miss anything. I assist at an Employment facility but I am by no means an expert. I went into this with experience with an open mind and, unfortunately, left feeling very skeptical. Job seekers are usually strapped for cash and I wanted to avoid anyone potentially getting scammed.

At first, I was pleased with the amount of detail that existed in the review but upon closer look, I realized most of it was not accurate. The review stated sentences were too short, but I'd argue quite the opposite. In fact, I was pushing the limits of allotted space and was flirting with sentences that existed on two lines. The reviewer said there were not enough numbers and too many signs of repetitive language (another thing I respectfully disagree with). Additionally, the reviewer said I had no career summary, which I certainly had. I looked over the review four times before researching the company and its reviews. Here's what I found:

1.) The reviews by "resume experts" seem to be auto-generated. I read other reviews and TopResume were identical to that of my own. There was very little variation and none of the people I reviewed were in the same field or stated the same things in their resume.

2.)The customer reviews have a bit of a pattern.
Postive customer reviews seem to be generated/similar at times. Factors such as similar language and clustered positive 5star reviews caused me to raise an eyebrow. It's very rare that companies consistently receive the same style of writing, same exact rating (with little to no variation), and all clustered together (usually in two's, which may offset one-star ratings). I may be wrong but it feels like a pattern created by management. These reviewers seem to only post about TopResume, as well. On the other hand, negative reviews have varied language and were not posted at the same date and time. The negative reviews discuss the same complaints and seem to be a bit more genuine.

Log story short: Please be careful. Being a job seeker is stressful enough without needing to be scammed. I assume they will make changes to their method as people catch on and complain more, in any case, be careful.

The resume writer wrote like English was her second language.
I got the initial re-write from Fatima. I am so disappointed and feel so duped. I realize now that I could have done better on my own.

She initially misspelled my name. She wasn't even consistent throughout the document on the spelling. In one place, I'm Cathryn and another Katherine.
She misspelled the name of at least one of my past employers.
She put a comma in front of a prepositional phrase.
She was inconsistent in which tense to use.
She had misspelled words in the job descriptions.
She put single bullets when everyone knows that if you don't have at least two points that need bullets you don't separate out a single item.
She emphasized my experience working in the healthcare field when I specified that I wanted to focus on engineering and IT companies.
She seemed to think that my employment as a contract employee was something of which to be ashamed. I worked all of my assignments to the end dates. I was a model employee and represented my agencies well.

She also misrepresented my experience.

There was no collaboration between us. She just messed around with my original resume.

Overall, the way she formed her sentences, made my resume sound like English was my second language.

I attempted to contact TopResume through the email addresses that had been used to contact me to register my total rejection of the first draft and my desire for a refund. There was no response. I'm guessing that Katie Warren is a fake person and the emails drop into a black hole.

Today, TopResume send another email with my final document which is the first draft now being called "final". There was no mention of my comments. I cannot use this or any version of this document. I wish I'd seen the reviews at the Better Business Bureau before these crooks got my $219. Thank goodness I didn't fall for their other service offers.

A Shockingly horrible service
Update: I was assigned a fourth writer (Lala) who delivered a very nice resume which I am using now. I have much more confidence in this resume than I did my own. This review started with 1 star, the final resume and customer service would rate a 5, so I've changed my star rating to a 3. My original review is below:

I received the first pass at my new resume within a few days. It was not a usable resume by any stretch of the imagination. My own resume, which I had sent them, wasn't bad and was getting me interviews, but I'd wondered how a professional resume writer might improve on it... So after receiving the one TopResume sent me I sent it back with edits EVERYWHERE. I received a quick and very professional email from a Customer Service person assuring me that, through their "collaborative process", I would ultimately get the resume I want. Here's the message I sent back:

Hi Erica,

Thanks for the email. As for this being a "collaborative process"...

I was shocked by the completely unusable resume that I was sent. I was mostly hoping for keyword placement, but the only new words that might have been keywords were for skills I wouldn't possess given my specialization. Key information was eliminated, wording I'd used to emphasize my strengths was either eliminated or replaced with much weaker wording. Weird, useless words like "only" and "integral" were thrown in for no apparent reason. The bullets from my original resume that specified my experience was recycled so haphazardly that it made for a page of gibberish.

There was only one helpful thing in the new version, and that was a formatting suggestion with a clear rationale.

Please know that it took me TWO HOURS to go through the resume I was sent. I cannot afford to spend that kind of time on it again.

I don't think I have ever, in my whole life, received such laughably unprofessional service from any company of any kind.

If the next version of my resume doesn't begin to come close to something that improves on my original version I will insist on getting my money back. I can't waste the money any more than I can waste the time.

Great service, just be patient with time it may take!
I found out about TopResume through a professional association website. I signed up for their promotional free resume review and submitted my CV. I was shocked when I heard back from one of their writers with pretty substantial critiques about my resume! After I got over my perfectionist tendencies, however, I realized that this was constructive criticism, namely pointing out that my resume was sharing what I did and where I've been, but not what I accomplished and my special talents. So, I went ahead and purchased the writing service, eventually adding on the cover letter for an extra fee. I am very happy with the final result of the resume! I've only been sending it out starting last week, but it already got the attention of a staffing agency in my city that is bringing me in for an interview this afternoon! With that, the process could have been a bit more smooth. First off, I am not sure how big (or small) the staff at TopResume is, but I felt that on more than one occasion I didn't hear back on updates as quickly as I'd like. Not about draft revisions, which take time, but just quick yes/no answers to questions like "did you get the files I sent you?". Second, there was a seven day revision window, which is fine, but at the tail end of it I got confused about whether I'd be hearing from the writer one more time or not. Aside from these small communication bumps, my money was well spent and after sharing my resume with friends in the HR field TopResume too felt that my new resume was much more powerful than my original. I also really liked that they provide it in editable MS word form so that you can make changes as you see fit at any time. Overall really glad I did this. In fact, my first resume submitted was for finance (my primary career path), and I've re-hired TopResume to create a second new resume for me, focusing on my education/publishing background (wrote a book in my field that led to guest lecturing, etc.). So I am looking forward to seeing how things go. Definitely recommend the service, just be a bit patient with the timing/flow!

Please read the negative reviews before you sign up for this.
Can't believe I fell for this scam. I took advantage of the free resume review offer. When I got my results, I thought TopResume were helpful and valid. They advertised their re-write services saying that they they work with you until you are satisfied, etc. and promised professional results. I thought it could only help so I signed up to have them redo my resume. When I received my first draft, I was horrified. Not only was the draft a major downgrade from my original, I was also told that I have 7 days (calendar, not business) to get through the revisions and that I was only allowed two revisions. What happened to the promise of "we will go back and forth with you until you are happy"? Also they originally gave me a different ETA for my first draft, and then they suddenly sent me this draft on a Friday, and now Saturday and Sunday is counting towards the 7 day review period. I did not even see the draft until Monday morning so there go two days of the seven-day review period. Scam.

As to the actual outcome, this was a complete waste of time and money. The outcome I received looked like it was written by a high school student. It completely ignored all the feedback from the original reviewer, and I have now spent more time documenting my feedback for this writer than it would take me to just address the original review feedback myself.

Their original review feedback focused on three main areas: formatting, wording, and the keywords.

On the topic of formatting, I was originally encouraged to use bullet points rather than paragraphs (I already had 90% of my resume in bullet points), and to add visual impact to the formatting to make it look more polished. The person who did my rewrite converted most of my bullet points to long sections of text and stripped out any formatting I already had, making it much harder to read. When I pointed all this out, she told me they don't provide formatting services and that if I want to send her what format I want her to use, she can put it into that format for me. Huh?

On the topic of wording and keywords, there was no rewording or additions done compared to my original. There was a bunch of fluff added to my summary section (you know the complicated phrasing you would find consulting companies use to sound smart but that don't mean anything?). The original reviewer specifically commented on the fact that my summary was perfect and needed no changes, so I don't know why this writer felt the need to add the extra fluff. None of it contained any relevant new keywords.

In general, I don't think the writer of my resume reviewed the original review feedback. I don't believe she really understands my field or my profession. She did not make any content or wording changes. In some cases she actually removed content that mentioned something industry specific that was important but she clearly did not know what it was so she simply removed it.

Bottom line - this is a complete waste of time and money. I've now requested assistance from customer service. I strongly suggest anyone considering this service to pay attention to the negative reviews. I suspect that if you are looking for an entry-level job, or maybe something in the service industry, and have never had a resume created, or have not been a hiring manager yourself and looked at hundreds of resumes, this may be helpful. But if you are fairly senior professional, I would advise keeping your money and doing the work yourself. This is not a case of "you get what you pay for".

EPIC FAIL. Run, don't walk, the other way.
Late delivery of product, runaround customer care reps, and North Korean level communications, When I informed them by email that TopResume were unacceptable late with my materials and that I wanted a full refund, I received no response, So I called their number, and was dumped into a voicemailbox with a promise to receive a return call "within two hours." After five attempts, no phone call.
So, I looked up one of their top reps, Amanda, on Linkedin, She was cordial, and passed me off to another woman named Amanda. Here is the email Amanda2# sent me: ----------Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for reaching out as well as for allowing us the opportunity to collaborate with you on this project.

After further review our internal team has advised that we are able to offer a 50% refund on the package purchased and a full refund on the phone call purchased if you no longer wish to continue.

In order to finish your project, and provide you with a completed document as purchased, we ask that you allow us to rematch you with a more tenured writer instead of a partial refund. They will have access to all documents you provided us regarding this project as reference - along with all other correspondence. I understand that you've declined this offer previously. We're confident that by collaborating with another writer, we can provide you with a completed professional document in line with expectations.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope that you still have the confidence in us to trust us with your rewrite.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions as well as how you might prefer to proceed.


TopResume Customer Care ---------Here is my response:--------
Peter Fox <*******>
11:26 PM (25 minutes ago)
To Katie

I've just received an email stating that I will be offered a 50% refund, not the full refund that I have demanded. Also, that I will be "assigned to a more tenured writer".

-The time to assign me to a "more tenured writer" was when I contracted for my order to be delivered on time-and not-late- when I made my payment to you.

-As I've repeatedly stated, I had a specific target date and needed delivery of my materials on the 28th. They were not delivered on time.

-I made five attempts to reach your company by phone. I was promised a call-back via voicemail "within 2 hours". I never received a callback.

-It took me reaching out to one of your representatives on Linkedin to finally reach someone to get a callback.
Put all of these facts together and what kind of picture do you see? Is this a company you would trust?

Send back my money. Today. All of it.

Peter Fox

Pathetic Service for Premium Pay
If you are looking to improve your chances of getting another job by sprucing up your resume, I HIGHLY advise you to stay away from Top Resume. TopResume will charge you top dollar for very poor service. I am talking in the range of $349 to $699 dollars. I have attached pictures to document the appalling product I acquired with my purchase, and the pathetic service I received. The "expert" resume writer chosen to help me was a Robin. I responded to the email immediately requesting a refund, Robin responded stating the new resume she provided me was a "vast Improvement". The resume I received appeared to be an early 2004, basic plain Jane, over wordy mess of a document. By no means am I saying the resume I sent them was perfect... however, I would argue it is vastly better, have direct links to social media accounts, quick and concise information provided, and visually appealing with color and easy to read structure. For obvious reasons, I marked out person info (email account/twitter account/cell number), but you can view the picture documents I have attached and can see where I am coming from. If you feel what they provided me is adequate, and better than what you yourself could produce, then sure, shell out $400+ to these scam artists. If you need help, I would suggest searching There are plenty of other websites, linden pages, and services you can find which would actually be able to help you. I have attached pictures also documenting a Jessica putting in a "request" for a refund. If you find yourself in my predicament, I have researched who you need to contact in order to have a chance of getting your money back.
Emily Gardner
Phone# *******929
Email *******

Steven Matos
Phone# *******158
Email *******

These are the Customer Advisers who you need to contact to get answers and to get your money back. I am an open and transparent person, and I have attached photos to show I am real, this was indeed a bad experience, and you are throwing away your money by giving it to this company.

Great interaction, great outcome
TopResume came with a recommendation by the alumni organization of my former employer, a top tier consultancy. As a first step TopResume give a free review of my old resume, which of course was designed to win me as a customer, but it actually contained a lot of useful information if I wanted to overhaul the resume myself. Since I am not good with bragging, I decided to have T. R. work on my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. Once I was past the initial forms, the service was very personal and to the point. The editor asked a bunch of questions on my old resume, what I am looking for; sample job postings, what I personally liked and disliked about my previous resume etc etc. Even the first draft of the new resume was extremely well written and to the point. The subsequent interaction to edit the resume was easy and the responses were quick and to the point. After the resume and cover letters were done, I got a word document with instructions as to how to overhaul my LinkedIn profile. I can already tell about the dramatic improvement of this profile that I am now getting much better matched job references on LinkedIn! And last but not least the editor announced that she would be available for minor edits for specific job postings even when the "main" job was done.
Overall I think the service is very much worth its money and I believe I now have the best written resume of my life. The documents have strength and just enough bragging to not make me uncomfortable.
I recommend two minor things to TopResume to further improve:
1. There is a questionnaire in the beginning to give the writer a chance to learn more about what I am after. While the questionnaire is good, the web form is spread out into too many little webpages. I tried to browse them to find out what kind of information I should collect and suddenly a page opened that stated that my form has now been submitted and cannot be edited anymore. There should be a better button that warns me ahead of time that I am going to submit at that point.
2. The time to review the final result is pretty short. I did not have time to really look at my documents and suddenly I got an email that my order is now closed. Luckily I can still contact my writer after the job is done (see above), but it would be great if the editing period could be slightly longer.

Overall: Great service, keep it up, and I can't wait to see the results of my job hunt!

Well worth the Money
I worked with Ruth S. From TopResume for a do-over of my resume. She listened to the concerns I had about my current resume and my my overall job search. My issue is that at 60 years old and previously holding a senior-level position, I was finding it hard to even be considered for a less responsible position (which I'm OK with, both financially and emotionally). Not only that, but my desire is to stay in my current city because this is where my children and grandchildren live.

Ruth crafted a great resume that highlighted my most current (20 years) position and accomplishments, and a cover letter that explained my desire to stay in my current city and even take a step back if necessary.

Now, I'm certain that most people are looking to take a step up, rather than back, but I have no doubt that Ruth and the other writers at TopResume can craft a resume that puts you in the best light and takes you to that next level.

Working with her through email was seamless and all drafts and the final product were done in a timely manner as promised and there were no extraneous charges. The price you see is the price you pay. FWIW, I chose the package with the Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile.

I worked with Ruth S. From TopResume for a do-over of my resume. She listened to the concerns I had about my current resume and my my overall job search. My issue is that at 60 years old and previously holding a senior-level position, I was finding it hard to even be considered for a less responsible position (which I'm OK with, both financially and emotionally). Not only that, but my desire is to stay in my current city because this is where my children and grandchildren live.

Ruth crafted a great resume that highlighted my most current (20 years) position and accomplishments, and a cover letter that explained my desire to stay in my current city and even take a step back if necessary.

Now, I'm certain that most people are looking to take a step up, rather than back, but I have no doubt that Ruth and the other writers at TopResume can craft a resume that puts you in the best light and takes you to that next level.

Working with her through email was seamless and all drafts and the final product were done in a timely manner as promised and there were no extraneous charges. The price you see is the price you pay. FWIW, I chose the package with the Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile.

All I have to say is STAY AWAY! This is set up like a scam site! I ran into and EVEN after reading some really bad reviews I decided to still give them a shot. It was a Saturday night and I needed to find a place to have a resume done in a shorter amount of time and TopResume advertised this here. I ended up paying for the service and also added on a 48 hour rush which cost me an additional $75. The 48 hour rush service never indicated anything else than 48 hours which I paid for. Monday comes and I'm concerned because I never heard a word from anyone at, I called them and they told me that I MIGHT have it by the end of Wednesday. I was appalled by this as I explained the rush I paid for and the time frame I needed it by. She told me she will try and get a hold of the writer but no guarantees. What!?!?! No guarantees?!? I paid for this to be expedited and now they are telling me they can give me a free cover letter. I told them I don't care for anything but what I paid for and the timeframe needed. I never heard back. I emailed them again on Tuesday and told them if they can't have the resume done by the end of the night to refund me. I never heard back. I emailed first thing on Wednesday and told them to refund me as services were never rendered, I never heard back. On late Wednesday I get a email with a ROUGH draft! Unreal! They completely ignored all my messages and slid in the resume as a very basic right draft with missing inserts. The resume is useless and I wasted 5 days on this place. Save yourself the time. The customer service here is as bad as it gets! They don't care one bit about you and they don't seem to care about deadlines or requests. For that, I would never ever recommend and should've stayed away from the start

Highly Recommend this service!
I will say I was a little skeptical given that the price for the service was well below what other companies were charging, but I really needed to update my resume, so I figured I would give them a chance. I feel like I robbed them! The process starts immediately from when you click "order". You have to fill out a lengthy form with all kinds of information, but that helps them figure out what to focus on, so it can't be skipped. Then it took about a day or two before I was assigned a personal resume writer (Sara G.). TopResume reached out and asked if there were other items outside of the form that I would like them to focus on. Within about 3 days, I received the first draft. In format and style it was already light years ahead of where my resume was, so I was happy, but the resume writer had placed notes in the document with questions for me to answer. You get one week from the time of the first draft to make changes, edits, etc. On the night before the week was set to expire, I realized that they had left out one important item off my resume. I notified Sara G at around 6pm, and the next morning there was a fresh resume in my box with the appropriate changes.
The best part is that the whole process is quick, effective, and in the end you are left with a Word document that you can edit and move on with from there.
If I had done this myself, the process would have taken months, and I would never have arrived at the excellent resume that TopResume gave me.
I could not be happier with the service. In fact I was so happy that I paid the extra money to have them craft a great cover letter that matched the resume, so now all I have to do is go in and customize each time I apply for a position.
I went and uploaded the new resume to several sites, and where before I was always receiving the terrible calls for "Open a franchise" or "Be an insurance agent", I am now receiving calls for jobs that are well suited to my line of work.
I am happy that I stumbled on to TopResume, I would highly recommend their services if you are in the market to update your resume.
Because TopResume ranked as one of the top companies in the country I decided to hired them to do my resume and cover letter for $189 dollars. #1 they claim that a writer will contact you within 7 business days and I wasn't contacted until 11 days, they send you an email saying your writer it's on the way. Half way through the week flag number one for me. #2 After the writer contacted me Ashely O. To tell me within a couple of days you get your first draft. Once I received my first draft, I replied with the necessary changes and modifications and the writer went dark on me for another 4 days and I was force to contact customer service. Then i was contacted my Ashley O. Within 3-4 hours saying she'll be very soon in contact with me, flag number 2 for me. #3 Ashley O. Send me my second draft a couple of days after with very minor modifications, very generic language and didn't follow the directions I provided simple things such as Orientation of the content of my resume on the left, changing the fonts, and not repeating so much the same descriptive words on all my different jobs experiences, flag number 3 for me. After debating with myself, I came to the conclusion that I didn't hired the best company to do my resume so I call customer service and requested my cancellation and refund and which they told me within a week I would get it finalized; that means they are going to review your request not to process your refund. I started on July 2nd 2020 and on July 24th today I receive an email saying that they can only refund me 30% of my $189 dollars for something I could of done myself. Conclusion, this is a company very good at marketing themselves online to lure clients but when it comes to pairing you up with a professional writer good luck. Just that consumers out there know, I contacted the FTC and reported them and plan to let others know about to be very aware with this company. On a better note, I contacted and within 5 business days not only the writer kept in constant contact with me but finalized my resume and couldn't be any happier; it's other companies that not only want your money out there thanks God but your satisfaction and customer experience as well.

Stay away, don't waste your time and money!
I purchased their "executive" service to keyword-optimise my resume. I successfully used my resume format for 20 years, but I figured out that with the new automated tools used by recruiters I may need a confirmation and maybe some touch-ups.

Not only that you only get a week with the writer (not disclosed prior to purchase) and because it takes in average 2 days for each interaction so at max you get a draft, a chance to review and a final version - like it or not.

Moreover, I had major concerns over the new version - not only that it looked like a MS Word template but it had obvious copy/paste text that had nothing to do with my actual experience! I asked to run it again through the applicant tracking systems (ATS) to compare with the initial assessment (that convinced me to purchase their services) but I was told that only Customer Service can do that - so how is the writer "keyword optimising" the resume with no access to ATS?

Moreover, their customer service is extremely bad - not only that it takes 2-3 days to respond back, but TopResume also just repeat the same platitudes over and over again. I asked to run again the resume through ATS but it took 3 weeks (and countless messages) to finally get something in writing.

Now, in their free initial assessment my initial resume read as "57% IT, 16% Finance and 28% Other Industries" - reasonably correct based on my actual experience. After the "professional" re-write my "experience appears to be concentrated in Finance / Real Estate & Facilities, with exposure to Information Technology / Architecture" - and I NEVER worked in real estate nor facilities!

Lastly, the "professional LinkedIn profile" included in the executive service was a copy/paste from resume into corresponding LinkedIn areas - when their own best practices published on their own site clearly state that this is the worst thing you can do! When I raised this I was responded "tell us what you want there and we'll write it as such" - so why did they take my money then, to put on paper what I tell them? I can do that myself, why would I need a "professional" for this?

All in one, it was a complete waste of time and money and received absolutely no value from their services - it's better to just use an MS Word resume template and fill in the sections yourself.

If I could give this company no stars, I would. I initially became interested when TopResume provided me with a free review on my current resume. I was excited because I am a very good writer but if there was a way to spruce up my resume and bring things to it I wouldn't have thought of, I was all in. I paid to have them update my resume, write me a cover letter and I even did a 48 hour rush on the order which cost me another $50. I put in my order on December 22nd so I expected to have my first draft by the 26th (because of the holiday). I received a first draft but the draft was for another buyer with all of her personal/private information on it. I mentioned it a day later and the writer apologized and said there was a "saving glitch" with his network and he would get my work to be right away. From that moment on, I felt like I worked for the company because I was doing all of the consistent following up. I never heard from the writer again after writing him several times in regards to when I could expect my 1st draft, I never spoke with a manager of any sort after calling several times and expressing my frustrations, getting no where. The entire time I spoke with a customer service rep named Brianna (who is the only reason I may give them a half star because although her promises fell through, her attitude was consistent) She promised that they would give 24 hours to the writer to respond and if he didn't she would follow up with me to discuss the next steps. That was on the January 3rd, I should have had my final copies by January 2nd. I didn't hear back from anyone. I had to call them 3 times (one of which I was hung up on) in order to reach Brianna and by then I was 100% fed up and wanted a refund. Brianna originally tried to tell me there was a no refund policy (which is no were in there clause so I knew that was bull$#*!) she put me on a brief hold and picked up to let me know that would refund me in full but they couldn't perform THEIR duties to get me what I paid for. I've been in customer service for a little over 6 years and I've never seen such horrible service from a company that is suppose to be reputable. Whenever the company messes up and a patient falls through the cracks, we take full ownership. I did everything on my end, I paid (which was ridiculously high to begin with) and I followed up with them almost everyday for a week to receive $#*! service and communication, no resume, no cover letter and a bunch of wasted time because I needed it by a deadline but their manager could even bother to get on the phone to speak with me and the rep just tried to throw in more things "for free" rather than putting herself in a customer's position and making sure this didn't fall through the cracks any farther because there is only so much a person can take. I would never recommend this company to anybody I know or didn't know for that fact, EVER. They are such huge disappointment.

DO NOT USE Top Resume
DO NOT USE Top Resume. TopResume will take your money, even if they do not provide any services.

Tldr; Accidentally ordered service while explaining their services to a friend, contacted Top Resume immediately to cancel, they charged me a $75 cancellation fee and still haven't refunded my money, 2 weeks later.

I actually liked the work Top Resume did for me when I had used them in the past. They did a pretty good job with my resume and I wanted to show a colleague of mine how it worked.

On Oct. 10,2020, as I was explaining their services, I accidentally submitted an order. No big deal, right?


I contacted Top Resume immediately via ******* to explain the situation that the order was accidental and to cancel and refund my money. I figured that was sufficient and went about my day.

On October 15th, they send me an email asking if I'd rather place my order on hold for a future date, or transfer the services to another person.

I declined and asked for the order to be cancelled and a refund issued.

Top Resume responds stating that I will be charged a $75 cancellation/processing fee.


I respond stating that it is unacceptable to charge me a $75 fee for cancelling an accidental order when I was actually trying to bring them business.

They reply with, and I quote:

Thank you for your email.

The cancellation fee is in place due to processing the order, sending the questionnaire.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions.


WHAT?! You're going to charge me $75 to "PROCESS" an order for a service that never took place and the sending of a questionnaire?!

Well, needless to say, that is absolutely horrible business practice and shows the level of care that they have for their customers.

They care more about a $75 cancellation fee than they do about making someone happy that just might bring them more business.

Good value for money
I purchased an Executive Package and received a fairly good result out of it in a record time. It happened just before Thanksgiving and the writer was very motivated to meet the deadline and speed up turnaround to the extent possible. If you choose this package, please, note that it's going to be a two-way process and require commitment from both sides to reach satisfactory results. In other words - time for comments is very limited for Executive Package and if you don't have time to complete the review of several versions in 3 days, then consider ordering other package.
Additional comments:
1) TopResume do ask you to fill the preliminary forms, where you can highlight your expectations in the note to the writer. However, for one reason or another TopResume do not do skype or telecom, which is more efficient in terms of delivering a message. So, you might need to spend additional time to write a separate e-mail to the writer in order to explain your expectations in detail. It would have been much more easier to make a call and required much less turnarounds, so focus on your needs and explain them in a cover note in as many details as you can.
2) Any subsequent versions of the documents from TopResume come in clean format and you have to go back to your comments and compare the documents to see what changes have been made. It's quite a tedious and time-consuming exercise.

3) Tie your cover letter to a specific vacancy or vacancy description and push TopResume to learn your information already provided in order to craft a specific documents that are actually relevant for the vacancy and promote your skills and experience. Push them.

It took me three revisions and several e-mails to reach the desired results, which in the end is not too much effort for a flawless application documents. I would recommend TopResume.

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