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The BEST cash back site
I have been using topcashback for over 5 years. TopCashback typically offer the highest payout for my shopping experience and many times have factored into my decision to make a purchase from a merchant. The percent I get back down the road has been important in my decision on whether to make a purchase or not.

Customer service with them can take a long time, as well as payouts, not much different than other sites I've used, so this is the expectation for the industry. I have had to file a few claims and the outcomes of typically go my way. Even when the merchant I purchased from doesn't come through on their end, topcashback makes it right. I firmly believe they try and do what they can to make their customers happy.

I was compelled to write this review, even though I typically don't do reviews. I had another great experience with them and they deserve to be a recognized for it.

Honored cash back when vendor was uncooperative
I've had great success using TopCashBack. While it can take a long time for money to be deposited and sometimes claims are rejected, typically cash back for purchases are honored. There are a number of terms and conditions (certain coupons cannot be used with cash back) so I don't usually challenge rejected claims. Recently, a vendor essentially waited until the claim was outside the window to process it and then rejected it (allowing them to say that the claim was too old for consideration). TopCashBack noted this unfair conduct and still honored my cashback (although it did take many months).

Failure to track large purchases
This site used to be one of the best in the business. However, after 3 STRAIGHT failures to track large purchases, I've come to the conclusion that this site is slowly dying. It promises the highest rates and then fails to deliver. Cookies cleared, no adblocker, only clicking from the site and the large purchases still don't track. My $10 purchase with 1% back? That tracks. My $$$$ purchase at 5%? Tough luck, TopCashback lie and say I the retailer sensed another referral for my visit. If you order anything over $100 don't expect ANYTHING back. Such a scam.

Do not use top cash back, you will not get paid
Don't take a chance on using top cash back, you will not get paid out. TopCashback come up with every excuse every time as to why you weren't paid. Start with oh you didn't click through our website, um yes I did here's the proof. Oh you used a promo code, no I didn't use a promo code, oh then you didn't clear your cookies, yes I cleared my cookies here's the proof, oh then you used a different account, um no again here's the proof, oh let me check further for you... as time and time - months and months go by... let me nudge this shat more... more time goes by, oh let me contact the retailer... unfortunately the retailer didn't approve the transaction. Sorry. LOL... this will happen. So I contacted the retailer... the retailer didn't know who top cash back was but they knew Ebates. They looked into top cash back and told me they would not recommend them. When you try to use top cash back u can't use another cash back site and you lose out on that cash back for that purchase. You also can't believe the positive reviews from trustpilot because businesses pay for people to review to improve their SEO search engine. It's on their website. This is the biggest joke and scam.

Zero Dollars Cash Back
I'm sticking to Rakuten. I've submitted several claims since 2019 and TopCashBack has NEVER responded to me. My last online purchase at Sam's Club was supposed to give me 10% cash back - sounds great when you're buying a laptop and you're "supposed to" earn 10 % cash back. That 10% amounted to almost $90 back back. I checked my account and instead of "pending" or "payable"... it was "canceled $0.00" less than an our later. WHAT A JOKE! I submitted another claim knowing TopCashback will never ever respond to me, but it's worth trying to get my $90.

Hacked - lost gift cards (Just use RAKUTEN)
If you use TopCashBack don't fail for the extra % if you redeem a giftcard my account got hacked and someone redeemed $82usd worth of Sephora giftcards. I had tried to use it the day before and added it to my Sephora account and the next day when i went to order the balances were zero. TopCashback couldve cancelled those giftcards and reissued it to the account and the shipments at Sephora wouldn't have been shipped. I contacted them and they said no other IP adresses have logged in and that either the "hackers had access to my phone" or that no such occurance happened. I sent them screen shots of a bunch of ip addresses trying to log into my email. My email and paypal ended up hacked. Apparently my account is secure and another account isn't needed. Also if you try to use those promotions of get $3 extra that never applies (you can even see that its an on going issue)

Overall $#*!ty customer service who accused me of lying.

I'd rather use Ebates/Rakuten
I signed up for TopCashBack right before making two major purchases (for me) considering the rebate for both of those purchases was going to be significant. It seems to take an obnoxious amount of time to receive any payout and then, lo and behold, the merchant for the first of my major purchases has supposedly "declined". Declined based on what? I have the purchase made through that link (which was tracked). The second large purchase is still pending and after reading reviews both here and on other sites, I won't be surprised if that one is "declined" too. I'm attaching pictures of my purchase as recorded by the merchant, the TCB acknowledging tracking my link to said merchant, my TCB account with the "declined" status for said purchase, and, courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine, a screencap of how much cashback said merchant was offering on the date of my purchase, which is why I purchased through TCB in the first place. I filed an inquiry into the "declined" status and if I'm not mistaken, I might end up receiving a mere fraction of what I was supposed to receive. As soon as my purchases are sorted and taken out of "pending" status, then I'm cashing out and closing my account.

TopCashBack has a lost perspective of customer service. I would not recommend.
My experience is TopCashBack does not pay. Despite their many responses here to save face. All of the responses blame you the customer or the merchant. And that TopCashback are totally innocent and are acting in good faith. When the truth is they are not acting on good faith and lay fault everywhere but themselves. I have used many other cashback services, and this one just does not hold water. Other sites have even given me the cashback, while they are investigating the issue. TopCashBack has lost their perspective of customer service. I would not recommend. TopCashBack stop writing responses here and pay us for heavens sake. It will be the only way you will survive. Everyone do not fall for the high percentages quoted on their site, because the actual amount is closer to zero percent.

Shows a great % back, good luck getting it
TopCashback still owe me over $100 in cash back from using their site. It wasn't a problem before, but lately its every other purchase. Ebates my be lower, but at least they stick to their promise of cashback.

OH and P.S. - When you ask them about the missing CashBack they will do the loop-de-loop and tell you we only give you the cash we get. Then divert the nonsense to saying "well other sites will keep a portion of the cashback, we don't" I call complete B.S. on that. Show us some transparency then TopCash. Please Prove me wrong, because I have told you to fix these missing amounts multiple times. If you even ask the vendors, I have no idea. Or you guys just need the extra cash. Either Or, I needed to learn my lesson and go back to Ebates, They may pay a little less, but at least they don't miss payments like you guys.

So frustrating...
EDIT: Changing it to a 4 * from 1*. TopCashback did resolve it pretty quickly (could have been because of the review here as well as sending the email to Dominique though). I was still a little frustrated with the back and forth - especially after waiting for a few months for the amount to become payable.

Original Review:

So obviously like any other cashback site, they have to get the cashback from the retailer and then pay it to you. I get that part of the equation. This is what their timeline is: />
So essentially after it is "Payable", you should be able to claim the payout and get on with your life, correct? NO! They will tell you that you will get the payout in <3 business days but it will never come. Then when you open a support ticket, they will request you to send invoices, explanations of what the transactions are etc etc - essentially hoping that you just give up on your money.

I have roughly $350 pending payout and I am getting the run-around :(

Unreliable cashback. More misses than hits
After having used TCB for a while now and lodging several missing cashback claims, I can say TopCashback have a very low success rate and high defect rate. Their system will record one visit and miss five so you're better off settling with lesser CB elsewhere but get it for sure rather than taking your chances here and being denied. With them, once denied always denied. They never reverse their decisions even in the face of bold evidence. Their customer service agents will very apologetically give you a cliched response that their site wasnt the last referred before making your purchase or that you did not clear your cookies or some other rubbish and you'll never see your money esp when it matters the most. I have spent innumerable hours and tons of energy going back and forth with them on some high dollar purchases that I made through their site when other sites had a zero CB offer, but to no avail. I have decided to ultimately quit using them after all. They dont have mechanisms in place and leave much to be desired. Attaching a sample of their common response that you're tired of reading over and over.

Account recovered!, thanks to TCB
Edit #2: Changed from 1 star to 5 Star. Thanks to TCB for not only unblocking my account but not removing my 2000USD cashback. Appreciate it.

Edit: got a reply from quality team of TCB, TopCashback calim they have closed my account because it made illegitimate and abusive purchases, without any verification from my end to proof that all was authentic. So beware if you want to make big purchases stay away from topcashback.

Made >~2000 USD eligible payout purchases, after few days of purchase showing in my account, login is not working, created multiple tickets, tried several times to reset password, account is not working. Tried email support as well, everytime i receive same response, that they are sending my request to another member, so i need to wait few days to get a reply.
I hope i get contacted by someone in authority to resolve my issue. Until then this review means no one has contacted.

SCAMMER, they LIE, They steal you cash back.
I used TCB for 3 purchases, my total cashback would have been $35.00. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, I got fed up and search the internet over for a phone number. I did reach TCB and was told that my Cashback must have slipped through the cracks. I called again for the 2nd and 3rd and was told EVERYTIME I called that "Oh sorry, you cashback deal must have slipped through the cracks"
This company is a SCAM, read the BBB reviews and reports. Check out all 3rd party reviews and see for yourself their ratings IS as bad as everyone leaving a review states it is.
This company is a total SCAM.

TCB in name only, customer service at the bottom
In last two quarters, the site has gone downhill. It will out rightly will not track the transaction. The would also claim that merchant denied. Customer service on clarification a very generic response that merchant denied it. I am providing exact example of it:

"The reason that we have received to support this decision states:


This typically means that either the item(s) purchased are not eligible for cashback, a coupon or promotional code was used, items were returned or exchanged or that TopCashback was not the last referred click."

Listen to the reviews about scammy modus!
I opened 3 claims for missing cashback and after several weeks they/their merchant declined them because TopCashback "cannot track them". All the excuses from them truly point to no error on my part as user, but regardless of lack of proof of user mistake they continued to reject my claims and insist with bias that their system is simply perfect and cannot ever be wrong. Very absurd. Before opening these claims I opened a support ticket about the missing cashbacks from the 3 transactions explaining that I was observing a potential bug in their website. In that support ticket I offered to provide my video recording of the potential bug behavior. I booked a hotel via with Cheapoair, and then Cheapoair processed it via Booking. I recorded the process. This was supposed to be an absolutely eligible transaction/referral. I took multiple videos to recreate the scenario from TopCashBack, and everytime, TopCashBack turns to Cheapoair and then turns to Booking. THREE TIMES. and have different cashback links under TopCashBack, so it was suspicious that they get redirected to each other or merged. I saw what was going on and how it can lead to disputes later. It is amazing that they deny it. Again, I have videos. I even agreed to do a remote cache diagnosis if they truly want to get to the bottom of it. I have other cashback sites with offers but I chose TopCashBack because it offered the highest amount. My mistake was trusting that their system and their merchants' are reliable and competent enough to trace and award my cashback. I find this very disappointing and disturbing because I know I earned those cashback properly. I am a long time user of cashback sites/apps and I am 100% sure I know what I'm doing. I let them know that I will make sure I share this experience with as many people as possible to protect them from losing their cashback and wasting their time with this unreliable service and ripoff. BUYER BEWARE! They give these "possible reasons" why the referral transactions did not track, as if the customer is just novice or an idiot, when the fact is that they are just technically deficient (and dishonest) and simply don't care to admit they are wrong. Hundreds of complains here and on BBB doesn't sound like their system and process is perfect and inerrant. Save yourself of the trouble and frustration! Like all the other complains here, my experience and advise is to stay away from this click bait.

Not sure about other people's bad experiences, but I always had great experiences here
TopCashBack is one of my favorite sites to go for cashback. Together with a couple of others. There are usually the few of them that offers consistently the highest cashback for all merchants that I usually shop at. I like that TopCashBack offers % bonuses for certain cash out options. I always receive my cash out in 1-3 days without fail. I am not sure why others are reporting the bad experiences TopCashback have had, but till date, I already cashed out over $500 from them successfully. The reporting feature for transactions that were untracked was also reliable for me for the minimal problems I have encountered (mostly as a result of ad block or something of my own fault).

Deactivated my account after I complained someone stole my money
I loved this site and had earned $106. I got an email while I was on vacation that my request for my money was approved and then that it was available. I was on vacation so I ignored it and reviewed all my email when I was home. Turns out someone had accessed my account and requested an Amazon gift card and redeemed it before I even realized it. Chatted with TopCashBack and TopCashback told me to check with Amazon, but they can't do anything about it.

Went back and started a case with TopCashBack and they gave me a runaround. When I asked why they couldn't see the IP address or the location of the person who requested the check they asked me where I was when it happened. When I told them I was in Florida all communication stopped (I'm assuming they knew it was requested from someplace other than Florida and didn't want to take responsiblity)

Once those communications stopped I could no longer log in with my email address. Requested a password reset and never received. Then tried the 'contact us' form and receive a delivery failure email in response. Today I tried it with my other email account, and wouldn't you know it, it went through.

In summary,
1. TopCashBack had someone infiltrate their security (even if someone stole my account information, the request for the Amazon gift card was done from within their system)
2. They refuse to take responsiblity
3. The worst part is that they seem to have completely deactivated my account in an attempt to prevent from taking any further action to retrieve my $106 from them. There is no phone number to reach them and their integrtiy is appalling.

I am really hoping that I am wrong and there is more a technical glitch than someone deactivating my account. I really can't believe that a company can and would operate in this manner. Stay away

TopCashback promised if you join their site you'd get a free $15 amazon card, and one of their offers after I joined said if I bought socks from Target they'd refund the purchase price with a credit to my account within 7days. Well I bough the socks, and after waiting the 7days I reported I hadn't received my refund NOR my Amazon card. They said I had to wait MONTHS for them to look into it (obviously past the refund return date for Target!) even though I provided all the info AND they had a popup confirmation on their site after I'd bought the socks on Target saying they'd tracked and recorded my purchase. Then they said only if they could prove I'd made the purchase to Target would they then give me the Amazon card promised for joining the site. WHAT? That wasn't even part of the deal! The amazon card was just for joining the site! IT'S A PURE SCAM! I see now exactly what they're doing! They promise you all this stuff, then say well we have no record of it and so we can't give you anything we promised. Well they have record of me joining the site! So they should give me the Amazon card, but they are saying they'll only give me the card IF I purchased from Target, which was NOT the promotion promised! They're rip off scammers tricking you into spending real money on their site! They had no intention of giving me an amazon card OR refunding my Target purchase! They trick you into signing up and buying things through their site so THEY get the credit with the retailer, then stiff YOU on the promises they made to you! PURE SCAM! Stay far, far away from these crooks! Luckily I knew better than to open the purchase from Target and will be returning it immediately so hopefully they don't get whatever kickback they expected to scam me for! SOMEONE SHOULD SHUT THIS SCAM SITE DOWN!

Before you read any further, go back and sort reviews by newest to oldest. That should tell you all you need to know about You'll also notice that a rep for Topcashback often politely respond to reviews asking to contact them at an email address so TopCashback can investigate. The problem is if someone is here writing a review then more than likely they already contacted attempting to resolve the issue. Also note that users are able to edit reviews so if this rep responding was actually helping customers then the reviewers would edit their reviews to show that the problem was resolved.

Regardless of what you're told when you try to file a claim for missing cashback, it should not take months to verify basic information and "investigate" whether you placed an order using their link. This is part of the scam to get you to eventually give up on your claim. You provided them with the order number, amount, date, time, and they have a record of you using their link to navigate to the merchant's website. It is not that complicated. You're also not involved in their "investigation" process so they can simply lie to the customer about the vendor's response after their months long investigation into an obvious purchase that is made.

This site is a total scam.
I don't understand other cash back sites can post their cash back amounts that I've earned within days (and many times sooner) but there is no acknowledgement from TopCashback that my purchases even tracked. I have been waiting weeks for a response to purchases I made through their site but have heard nothing. Rakuten has far better customer service and at least acknowledges that it tracked my purchases. TopCashback has totally unresponsive customer service. This site is a total scam. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my state's Consumer Protection Division within the AG's office. I encourage everyone to do the same. Let's put these scammers out of business!

Do NOT use this company. I never write reviews. Use EBATES!
I never write reviews. Do not use this company. Their customer service is terrible. Use Ebates. You are guaranteed your money and TopCashback will back your claims. I purchased a hotel on Priceline and used Topcashback as the website first and after 3+ months of submitting a claim (because the money never appeared), it comes back and says that I am not owed the money because I clicked another site WHICH I DID NOT.

Trust me... I am just a normal customer, I don't work for Ebates, l just would hate to see someone deal with what I did.

With Ebates, you know it is working because of the little E tag at the top right that turns green. Plus, if you are missing cash back, they don't have you wait that long... they will usually give it to you and give you the customer the benefit of any doubt.

The money takes just as long, if not longer, than Ebates to be able to be eligible to take out and even then, you have to keep checking to see if it is eligible. With Ebates, you know the date of when to expect your money.

This company has no problems giving out the small amounts of cashback out. Probably to make sure TopCashback keep somewhat of a decent reputation, but the larger amounts are always a different story. I have had 2 large amount claims that have been denied. Their response back as always with a generic answer of how I must have not done something wrong even though I do every transaction the EXACT same way. You are better off not to go through their website and use a coupon code to get a better savings then take the chance on getting anything back besides a few bucks here and there if they feel like it that day.

Doesn't Pay Out as Promised
I can't even count the times I didn't receive money back as promised, but this year's Black Friday deal was my final straw. I made 2 purchases to get a 10.00 bonus cash back, along with the regular cash back. Either of these purchases qualified me for the bonus & yet, here I am months later without a penny from any of it. One claim (Home Depot) was denied & never heard from Tractor Supply. I would give zero stars if I could. Mr. Rebates has never jacked me out of money a single time. TopCashback will get all of my future business.

The customer service is appalling
I have used cashback sites for years and TopCashback would be decent except it doesn't always work. Maybe it does five out of ten times? Then you have to submit a cashback claim. Then you have to encounter its customer service, which is a frustrating experience. These employees do not read what you've written and re-ask questions or you find yourself going around in circles and wanting to bang your head against a wall. Excuse after excuse is given for not awarding cashback, even if you didn't get it due to TopCashback's error - eg: I was told auto cashback at one vendor was 10 percent but after spending $450 on tires it turned out tires were excluded from earning cashback but TopCashback's page did not make that clear! It chooses to not live by its 'fair play' policy. It must simply be a marketing gimmick.

I like a good deal but I enjoy my time more.

I would rather use coupons from RetailMeNot or earn cashback through Ebates - I've never had a problem there.

Scam, Clickbait
TopCashback has higher promo rates as clickbait, and does not honor the higher cash back. I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro through the TopCashback shopping portal during a promo in November 2018, but did not receive the higher cash back. TopCashback has acknowledged the promo rate, which I have screenshots from TopCashback support, but I still have not received the correct cash back after over 10 months. I know that other cash back portals, such as BeFrugal and Rakuten (Ebates) would honor these promo rates, but not TopCashBack. No more TopCashback!

So far, so good!
I'm still new on TopCashback, but so far it's going great! There are so many deals and cash back options you can choose from. TopCashback do games and giveaways. Right now, they're doing Autumn Treats where you can win several prizes. It's definitely a fun game, just go to different stores and find the hummingbird. This is one of my favorite cash back sites, especially with them doing so much for their customers. If you've never used them, I highly suggest downloading it, or signing up online. It's honestly worth it, and like I said they do fun things for us too.

Very Pleased
I am a Cashback Newbie but so far I have been very pleased with TopCashback! TopCashback have a high rate payback with many options for how you want to receive the cash back. So far in the couple months I have been a member, I have won a Blog Survey, won several Cashback "Sweet Treat" Rewards games, and received Rebates from several retailers. The awesome feature is you have options for how you would like your cash back. So far, I have had cash go directly to my bank account and I also received a Virtual Visa card with higher payback. Customer service has been very responsive with my questions (newbie!). The only drawback seems to be that some retailers take longer than others. The Payable + tab shows just how long, so that helps. Thank you TopCashback!

Beyond expectations
My experience with TopCashback has been beyond my expectations. I think the reason why some people don't try it is because TopCashback think it's too good to be true, or they wonder "what's the catch?" I personally received close to $80.00 in cash back since I started using it late last year. It's only been somewhere around 5 transactions. I guess I need to use it more. To me it allows me to buy photographic equipment (Fuji) and get an additional discount no matter their promotion. Also purchased car repair supplies.
There was 1 issue from a merchant who did not pay out right away, but the customer service team did a fabulous job helping me recover my cash back! I have received all my payouts so far. Combine this with the points you get with your credit card... This is more money in my pocket, thanks to TopCashback!
So thank you, and thank you, and thanks again!
Attached is a screenshot of my payout from my TopCashback account :)

They will work with you
EDIT: After writing the review I did get in contact with Dominique through the promotions email on their reply and she definitely made it right! She worked with her team and reviewed my case and honored all the cash back and did it quickly! I've received my Visa cards and am looking forward to making more purchases and earning more cash back. Thanks again Dominique and Topcashback!

Getting any money from them is like pulling teeth and there are many better options for cashback out there. My wife and I opened 2 accounts and I referred her so we would be entitled to a sign up bonus. The emails were very similar and TopCashback did not like that saying that only one person was managing both. We made 4 purchases, 2 on each account. They said we would need to close/merge to only one and I would have to forfeit any "new" deals on one of the accounts and would receive on only one of them. After offering that, they come back and say that no sign up bonus or what they consider new member deals will be paid. They had sent emails with a "purchase $10 or more and get $10 back" and do not want to honor even that. If you want to be a masochist and an optimist thinking it won't happen to you, good luck!

TopCashback will argue with you and use any excuse not to pay you anything over a dollar. I tried to get a payout of a few dollars from my first purchase, let's see if I actually receive it. This company is so inept that like someone else had posted you will be waiting up to six months to a year for your money from the time of purchase. Just as bad if not worse then ebates with the bait and switch dishonesty. Wow, typing a two paragraph explanation as a response is the real red flag people.Sign up at legit sights that pay and don't type paragraphs while not even offering to give you the money you are owed.

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