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Pros- Easy to navigate the site while high (on marijuana), great selection of products, and solid prices.

Cons- Lack of scantily clad women suggestively holding your products. I mean if you're gonna have "rack" as half of your company/website name at least hold true to the name. I seen a lot of tires on your site so you're already half way there in that regard.

Despite the slightly deceptive name of your website I really enjoyed shopping with you guys.

Several website errors: Random session time-out, despite...
Several website errors:
Random session time-out, despite rapid page-page navigation
Error selecting ASAP Tire installer for deliver to address, during order process, despite them being available in my area (confirmed with them directly).

Tire-Rack customer service reached out to me apologizing for the problems encountered which was apparently an issue with the integration between Tire-Rack and the Installers computer systems. Tire-Rack arranged for the installation to be rescheduled and performed free of charge.
Now thats a company that values its customers and understands the meaning of "Customer Service". I will remain a loyal customer.

It was great with only one exception
It was great with only one exception. I found the perfect tire and had to run an errand. When I came back I clicked "add to cart" and it said my session had timed out and I had to go through the entire process over again from the start. I understand that the tires may no longer have been available but at least it could have given me the option to see if the tire was still available instead of just kicking me back to the very beginning like some 80s video game that can't be saved.

Manager to a car place referred me here!
Manager to a car place referred me here! It's where Tire Rack order tires for vehicles they don't carry in the ware-house!

Cant beat the prices. I run 315/35/20's on a challenger and always get charged $4-500/tire for G-Force COMP 2! Sometimes $600 depending on the location.

Today I went with the Firestone Firehawks in hopes they're just as smooth as the other tires were out of stock... Quality tire specialists for an unbeatable price. Helps save money when you go get them put on and vehicle aligned!

When I spoke on live chat I felt like he was trying...
When I spoke on live chat I felt like he was trying to get me to buy the more expensive tire with only minimal information and claimed he used both when I asked. I know one of the tires I asked about was released in the last year or so because I use the gen 1 of that tire. I like evidence and from what I could tell the cheaper tire appeared to perform as well or better and the big difference between them was touring vs highway and I had to do the research for my self.

Great tire and wheel package
You guys sent me a wheel and tire package when I lived in Jackson, Wy. I loved the michilen latitude x-ice, but the wheels degraded fairly quickly, but I knew at the time that Tire Rack probably would, because I recieved a call from your salesman before they put the tires on telling me those wheels would not last up in Jackson! That call is why I trust your business integrity over anyone else! And yes, It was just as easy to find and order this time as it was before.

Felt decieved
How do I create an account so next time I don't have to enter my crap. Thank you

Bought the one tire to replace one tire from a previous purchase set. I talked with customer service before I purchase the one Tire. Customer service said to purchase a tire and then file a claim on the hind end. After I purchase the tire and had received the tire another customer service person said that I had to purchase the tire after he claimed. Therefore I could not claim the two year warranty on the set of tires I had already purchased for my wife's car.

I had one customer service person tell me one thing and one person customer service tell me another thing. This led to me not being able to use the 2-year warranty on the tires I purchased for my wife's car.

Everything has been great
Everything has been great. The only thing I would change is when one of the items you order says in stock and then when you check out you get a pop up that says one or more of items are not available but never says which item so you have to manually fund out which item by process of elimination. Not very efficient for the customer. Other than this it's been easy. I appreciate you doing curb side pickup during these times also. Stay safe and keep up the amazing work.

Great! - I have a hard to find tire. I was told that it would be unlikely if TireRack didn't have them. Sure enough, Tire Rack had multiple options in stock and I can get them delivered and installed to a dealer nearby. I'm new in the area so I didn't know dealers either, so this made it very helpful! Only 4 stars, due to technical issues on the "scheduling appointment" feature - it just kept timing out, but I called the store directly. So not a big deal.

Top Products, Best Prices, Quickest Delivery
It was just a little difficult trying to purchase for my special construction Caterham car, as the car is not listed on your website and I could not add the tires iI wanted to may shopping cart and check-out without specifying a car type and then being told I'm order the wrong tire size for that car.

You need to add a special car category: Race Car / Modified / Special Construction - that will allow us to choose any size (completion) tire we want for our modified or custom car. Thanks.

I always find myself on Tire Rack when looking for...
I always find myself on Tire Rack when looking for tires for my vehicles. The site is easy to use and Tire Rack have pretty much everything I need when pricing out or sizing out some tires for my Evo / 350z / M3 over the last few years. This purchase was a nice front and rear set of some Continental ExtremeContact Sports in 255 and 275 for my 2015 F80 M3. The price was >way< better than the dealership, so it was a no-brainer to just pick the tires I wanted and ship them to an installer (whom I called before placing my order).

Help is needed
Help is needed. Hondas ( maybe other brands, too) place their level ( LX etc) on the outside of the car near the truck as in olden days. Where is there a note to help in this which selects the tire size? Maybe the front door sticker? Also, say something about double. Checking the torque tightening some weeks after installation on alloy wheels. Our installer makes us check with a 100 lb torque twist at a week or so visitation.! Speak to these issues!

Overall good but I called for a Road hazard repair...
Overall good but I called for a Road hazard repair claim but I first needed my original tire purchase number which I explained to the first representative transferred my call to the road hazard claim people. I then had to start over by calling customer service back where the next representative was competent enough to look up the information for me and then transfer me the road hazard people. It should not have taken two calls to customer service to assist me.

Love the reviews, buying insight, great prices and...
Love the reviews, buying insight, great prices and excellent free shipping on here! Wish you guys would create a single list of tire options with rankings based on what a buyer wants most (snow traction, road noise, etc) so it would make research faster, but I get it that you can't seem too favorable to one product or other manufacturers won't sell through you. Shame, I know you have the knowledge to really help us with clear decisions if you could... instead of a bunch of "this is a good tire too" reviews.

5 Stars!
Website is super easy to use. Found the perfect set of rims within 15 minutes, after searching other sites for hours. I wish I had looked at Tire Rack first! Loved being able to see the rims on my virtual car. Rims and tires came mounted, packed well, and in perfect condition. Price was excellent. Service is fast and easy, you don't have to jump through hoops to get to a real person. Tire Rack also verified information with my and provided updates along the way.

Had to call to reprocess my order after my credit card company flagged for fraud. Customer service rep had everything taken care of within seconds. So nice and helpful!

1st time user! Will be your biggest fan!
From looking at items on website, to a little help needed through your customer service representative and last but not least delivery. Great job all around. First time using Tire Rack, without a doubt I will be a repeat customer. I'll recommend your services without any hesitation. Appreciate dealing with a business that 100% goes above and beyond for its consumer. Keep up the great job. Thank you again. Please stay safe out there.

Impressive, well trained, kind and considerate to my particular issue. Sovled my issues with just that one call. Awesome customer service representatives!! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

The thing I truly appreciated was the many different...
The thing I truly appreciated was the many different ways you allowed me to search for, and categorize my prospective purchases, as well as being able to compare my choices side by side. THAT was OUTSTANDING! I feel GREAT about THIS purchase... and there are so many times we buy things out in this world of open markets that we always seem to second guess, and wonder in the back of our minds if we were taken advantage of. THIS is one time I am feeling NONE of those things. THANK YOU!

I like to be able to compare tires, to see how they...
I like to be able to compare tires, to see how Tire Rack perform, where they are made, i have ordered numerous sets of tires from tire rack. They are cheaper than the shops, and the (I.D. O. T) numbers are all the same(date of manufacturing) when you purchase tires from other shops it's VERY REAR that all four tires are made on the same week, I have seen numerous sets of tires that don't match( I work in a shop) some tires are made in different years. That's why i buy my tires from Tire rack.

I Never had problems with Tire Rack in the past, BUT...
I Never had problems with Tire Rack in the past, BUT... this time I didn't appreciate the default selection of an "installer for my convenience" - I was able to cancel & reorder before Tire Rack were shipped, BUT if I hadn't caught it... my tires would've been shipped to an installer about 1.5 hr drive from my house "for my convenience" (ha-ha) RATHER THAN to my shipping address: my house. - Thankfully, Jill (Customer Service) made up for this faux pas. Thank you for your help Jill; the 4th Star is for you!

For a first online tire buying experience, the live...
For a first online tire buying experience, the live chat was really helpful with making sure I made the right size decision. I really liked being able to see an overall consumer rating which helped make a decision on which tire to buy. Being a car guy and usually liking the face to face experience because I can ask the questions I need to, Online shopping through Tire Rack wasn't that different. There was even research done by themselves to even help make the decision for the right tire for me even a little easier. Just overall was a really great experience.

Great! - I have a hard to find tire. I was told that it would be unlikely if TireRack didn't have them. Sure enough, Tire Rack had multiple options in stock and I can get them delivered and installed to a dealer nearby. I'm new in the area so I didn't know dealers either, so this made it very helpful! Only 4 stars, due to technical issues on the "scheduling appointment" feature - it just kept timing out, but I called the store directly. So not a big deal.

Very easy to locate items by size, width, exact offset...
Very easy to locate items by size, width, exact offset spec etc - truly appreciate the transparent delivery date/in-stock accuracy as i have wasted so much time on other website having to wait on hold/call or email/chat outside of business hours simply wanting to know if i purchase something if it will be able to ship in a timely manner or if it is back ordered or not (often has been without warning on other websites that still allow me to pruchase it withotu that disclosure.) really appreciate the ability to order specific parts (eg center caps) from various wheel styles easily without having to look up obscure parts nubmers and call in and get someoen to try to find out for me. Thanks Tire Rack!

Found everything I was looking for quickly, all the...
Found everything I was looking for quickly, all the info I wanted was available (treadware rating, etc) so I didn't get a familiar tire that would wear out quicker. Good prices. Received text assistance and all my questions were answered promptly (warranties). All that's left is to see how things go with shipping and quality of my purchase when it arrives. Fingers crossed. 1st time ordering wheels n tires online, so far so good. 2 thumbs up.

Your website is so helpful!
Your website is so helpful! I'm a marketer, so i pay a lot of attention and am taking inspiration for my own site. I landed on Tire Track from google after looking up my car's oem tires, and it was super helpful that when i then went to "browse by size" you inserted my size there - so smart! Also, I was overwhelmed with all the results, so it was so useful you prompted the tire recommender quiz at the top of the results page! I too the quiz and bought the recommended tires. Great experience all around. Thanks!

Better Than A Boyfriend!
Better Than A Boyfriend! Tire Rack has saved me so much money and headache on tires. I have little to no knowledge in this area and was nervous when I had to replace a tire. Their reps have helped me with every purchase. I bought the wrong tire on my first purchase.The reps noticed it and called me after I had purchased to double check. We canceled it and had the correct tire ordered. Also, the road hazard protection was so simple to use when I needed it. Highly Recommend!

Fastest shipping around!
I always find what I need at the best prices. Shipping is super fast, usually free and I am confident that I am receiving the best quality products available. I try to tell everyone I know to at least check out Tire Rack because Tire Rack may very well find a better price there! I love that they partner with Goodyear credit to allow customers to purchase from Tire Rack but use their Goodyear charge card to receive rebates or special financing! I have shopped around every time I need tires for my 3 vehicles and I always end up back at Tire Rack. I could skip the search and just go with my trusted tried and true original choice Tire

Placed an order and received a call and text almost...
Placed an order and received a call and text almost immediately. The agent named Charlie informed me that the purchase I just made was bad for my family. His knowledge of the products have me real-time assistance and directed me to a great looking and performing tires for my V8 Jeep. Thank you Charlie for catching that before it got to me and found out the ones I had previously chosen were wrong fitfor my vehicle. Outstanding service thank you!

Terrible Customer Service
I attempted to place my order online, but was unable to finalize it. When I hit "Place Order" the page just recycled back to the same page. When I called customer service I was connected with a woman who was rude, did not listen and basically was in the wrong job position for her. She should not be anywhere near a phone where she can talk to a customer, as she has no interpersonal skills at all, which is a core competency for a customer service representative. I will seek another provider for my needs next time around.

NO STARS. I was forced to select one star in order to submit this survey.
Which should be fixed. Experience shared on the previous page.

Tire Rack had the best price compared to other sites...
Tire Rack had the best price compared to other sites and local shops, and I was able to score a significant discount on a premium tire brand "closeout" special, which saved me a couple hundred dollars off the total cost of 4 new tires, and included road-hazard protection! I am also very happy with the ability to ship direct to my local tire installer at no additional cost. Thank you for making this a pleasant, simple, and efficient process.

Very good so far except disappointed to learn that...
Very good so far except disappointed to learn that in order to pick-up my tires directly from the Denver distribution center I would have to wait 2 weeks. This seems like a long time when the system knew that I was from the Denver area (zip code entered) and it said that the tires were in stock. Guess "in stock" for delivery and pick-up are not the same. I can get tires delivered to me by next Tuesday, but Denver distribution center can't get them for 2 weeks? Getting tires on car was higher priority than $40 and 2 weeks.

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