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Download tinder if you want to lose all faith in the male race. First guy I met cried in front of me while playing Rammstein in his car, followed by showing me his frighteningly expansive gun collection. Second one slapped my friend on a night out because she was "talking back to him". Paid for nothing, and ubered himself home while leaving my friends I out in the rain. And the next guy I didn't even meet because he post-poned to the next night, not once, but twice before saying "running 15 minutes late" / not showing up or answering his text.
I uninstalled the app after that. There is a REASON this app is a running joke. And a REASON these guys are on there.

These jerks permanently banned me today because some jerk intentionally swiped right on me to harass me and insult me, called me names and had nothing absolutely nothing good to say to me. My responses had to do with the fact that I must have shot him down for him to have so much anger and I was only doing to him what he was doing to me. So Tinder people decide you banned me permanently. If it wasn't for the females in this world you wouldn't have a popular app at all. It is females like me that make you popular. Tinder also states that Tinder worry about the safety of their members. Where were they during all the times that I needed intervening. Ridiculous app and filled with glitches and bugs. Just use Bumble which I heard was created by a former Tinder creator.

I also can't believe the power they have to pull this BS but yet the same people constantly install delete in repeat. For those of you that don't know what that is that means there are certain idiots that create an account delete it and then recreate it so then you have to swipe left on them multiple times to get rid of them in some of these idiots do this daily. They can block my IP but they can't block theirs how amazing.

They also allow children to be posted which I think is completely inappropriate for a dating / hookup website. Shame on you people

Money-making, money, money-making...
Waaaay too secretive, convoluted and vindictive in the way that it assigns your "score" or "visibility" and deals out extremely low scores or even suspected shadowbans and such. Suspected to remember facebook accounts/phone numbers and reassign low scores upon account deletion and re-creation, or penalize you in other ways. And now on the verge of making impossible to truly start a fresh account with a clean slate, score-wise, without using a new phone number.

Tinder make it convoluted and difficult to use it in a reasonable way and get any kind of visibility, whilst at the same time penalizing people for deleting their account and starting over again, which they are obviously going to want to do because of how easy it is to unintentionally brick your account.If you are thinking of installing this and liking a selective handful of profiles that you particularly like the look of, and expect those profiles to ever see yours, think again and choose another app/website. Basically if you don't swipe right on somewhere approaching half of the profiles you see like some kind of horn dog you will get a crap score/visibility, if you haven't used your account for a while you get a crap score/visibility, and so on. It's like you're constantly fighting against it to stay above water, and that just isn't beneficial.

They orchestrate it like this, and periodically remove/retárd functionality, so that a minority of users will pay in an attempt to make it useable or restore functionality that was previously available for free, and this obviously works out for tinder business-wise, because the amount of users that are deleting their accounts and will never touch the thing again, without having paid a single penny, is staggering and increasing every day, so they must be getting enough money from these few, paying users to make it worth it. Useful if you are an instagram or snapchat slut and want to increase your followers though.

Oh, and now you have to repeatedly "verify" a phone number literally every few days just to be able to open the app. Yeah, that'll bring in more users and not annoy existing ones...

Tons of fakes and freaks
I'm mad at Tinder for taking my money for nothing! $300 down the drain. Tinder made me believe I had many likes and I paid so I could contact these people. But the majority of people who liked me on Tinder were fake and some had duplicate profiles. I talked to a few women who were downright odd and of course they looked down on an average guy like me. Trust me, I'm not too picky, ugly or rude but those few Tinder women who are not fake turn out to be ridiculously picky. They have nothing to offer but expect a knight in armour.
There are tons of fakes and freaks on Tinder. If you are super lucky to find a real and normal person beware of Tinder's manner to ban profiles for no reason. Tinder is such a time and money waster! They make money by nickel-and-dimming their clients until these clients realize that they have nothing to do on Tinder but by that time they have already lost their money.

Terrible customer service
I have to say that Tinder has the WORST customer service/support I have ever seen.
I sent a message 3 days ago and still no reply.
I've had issues before with Tinder and had to deal with an incompetent guy who just stated the obvious options when of course I had already tried them all and beyond before resorting to contacting you.
U need to get a better system: call or live chat
I am paying good money for an app that has no customer service whatsoever.

I was in Cabo for 11 days trying to meet people to hang out with. No matter what distance I plugged (up to 161km!) in or age range (27 to 45) I still only got 1 or 2 profile choices per day! How is that even possible. I even got Tinder Gold hoping that it might help. $100cdn layer, still no matches! Of course Tinder did not reply to my requests for support.
I tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and deleting my account several times to no avail.

Incredible $#*!
To my opinion tinder is a $#*!, i'm not talking about what kind of guys you can meet there, of course, all people are different and maybe not possible to meet a serious guy there, but help team keeping silence and Tinder blocked me as soon as i paid for tinder plus for a month, they blocked me twice, because of "other guys complaining", but this is not true, i was everytime very polite, trying to match an american guy, i guess americans really weird, they can complain on ur profile because you are ignoring them, but as a fact tinder team blocked me and didn't return money for tinder plus monthly subscription, they don't stay in touch and don't reply my messages. So my opinion is tinder is a $#*!!

They take your money and sell you a lie
I'm mad at Tinder! $300 down the drain. Tinder misled me, took my money and sold me a lie. They made me believe I had many likes and I paid them so I could contact these people. But the majority of people who liked me turned out to be fake and some had duplicate profiles. I talked to a few women who were downright odd and of course they looked down on an average guy like me. Trust me, I'm not too picky, ugly or rude, I go on dates through other apps and sites, but those few Tinder women who were not fake turned out to be ridiculously picky. They have nothing to offer but expect a knight in armour. Tinder is not a credible service anymore, all they do is fleece people out of their hard-earned money.

Fraud Alert
Match Group / Tinder defrauds investors and customers by using fake profiles (bots/algorithms) to use up credits. For example, if a new member joins Tinder, Tinder will likely soon find several new "matches". Any emails from these robo matches are often scripted, revealing that they are not real. They typically say things like, "tell me about yourself. I am next"... Key phrases tend to give away that they are fake accounts. Those fake accounts often disappear a short time later, but your credit is used up because you swiped on that fake profile. Tinder then tries to entice you to pay for more swipes. Due to the complexity and uniformity of these fake/bot accounts, I have reasonable suspicion that Match group is deliberately deploying them to:

1) Defraud investors by making their services appear to be more popular than they really are - by artificially inflating their numbers with fake accounts. You can try it yourself right now to see what I am talking about. They're not exactly discreet about their scheme.

2) Defraud members by causing them to use up their swipes on fake accounts, and then prompting them to pay for more swipes.

I urge regulators to conduct a full investigation of Tinder/Match Group as soon as possible.

Tension, Loin and Caution
Tinder is a log of crap. There probably are suck-cess stories from the loin down there. But those must be very few. If you succeeded with dating apps and dating sites, you must look like Brad Pitt. For the rest of us, it sucks to be the average man.

This was the first app I downloaded when I bought my first Smartphone and I was excited to try a new way to meet women.

I have the same stories as before with online dating: NADA! The swiping seems like a novelty to me like shopping for women to hookup with but none are ever interested. To add insult to injury, I explicitly stated on my profile that I am heterosexual and that I only want women. I would occasionally get homos and transhomos in my matches which just tells me this is b. S. I deleted this app from taking up valuable space on my Android.

These poor people need some major help
First off, Tinder will boot you for no reason. The sluts running around selling their bodies and using tinder as a pool for customers (and surely spreading diseases) are free to roam the site. This is essentially a legal sex site. I was harassed by TRANS and DRAG QUEENS DAILY. Paid $30/month, MALE looking for FEMALES, no further than 90 miles away -> what I got in return was homosexuals, drag queens, and transies that somehow made it past the crappy system tinder has; picks outside of the age range I specified (over 10+ years the selected age range) and picks from over 5,000 miles away (yes, I said 5,000). I also know a few women on this site, and they mentioned that quite a few men have harassed them and that multiple men are sending $#*! pictures through chat. Essentially, get a free tinder, add your number or gmail in a special way on the body of the paragraph, and you'll be good to go. If you pay for it you'll find out the hard way like I did that this app is phony. If you want sex, definitely add this app. If you want a good dating app, download Bumble. Lots of alcoholics and drug users, and women with 3+ kids at age 25. Good luck

Tinder, The Final Insult
With the Evil Empire having acquired all of the major online dating sites -- and now moving into the app business -- I had hoped to make use of Tinder before it was rendered useless. However, I was too late. And when Match Corp. took over OKCupid, the same transformation had taken place. The devious and outright fraudulent behavior that is so openly evident with OKC, Match and POF is now clearly present in the Tinder software system. In other words, the same diabolical programming that has been pulling this on everyone who used their online dating sites is now installed and in operation with Tinder. People who join can look forward to the following special features: real persons who have swiped right on your profile and Liked You are deliberately kept invisible. Instead, you will be treated to a pre-selected small number of either company made faked profiles, or inactive ones that Tinder have elected to put on your activity page. This is also the case concerning the supposed matches, although a little more effort is made to keep you hooked, by having one of their illiterate operatives feign a conversation with you. These must be the budget variety of cyber criminals hired by Tinder -- because they can hardly spell or punctuate.

As with Match -- and its wicked associates operating under the different names listed above -- the idea with Tinder is to keep you hanging on, believing that your lack of success is due to your photos being unattractive or perhaps your essay wording not being quite right. This leads to endless revisions by people, thinking they just have to improve their profiles a little to make the system work. The Tinder ownership and management must find this to be amusing, since they are running a site which is designed to prevent people from finding each other.

In my other review here, I opened up OKCupid like a Christmas turkey -- and went into great detail about how the system programmers for Match Corp. have created a completely artificial environment for the members to experience on their dating sites. Welcome to Tinder. The other real members on the site either can't see you at all, or, they do see you -- but when swiping right -- you never see it shown on your message page (Tinder Plus). It's tough to take, but those hours of sifting through hundreds of profiles on Tinder weren't going to be productive of anything. The system is designed to prevent you from meeting anyone. Please re-read that last sentence, slowly. Yes, and that is the horrible truth about the Evil Empire's dating sites and its outright contempt for good people.

The number of real profiles I've read -- with the gals lamenting that the guys match, but never say anything -- are astronomical. I hate seeing this happening and it was part of my inspiration to contribute here on the review site. Yes, well, OF COURSE they don't say anything to you -- they can't. They don't really exist. The guy you right swiped on is probably already married to someone and doesn't even know that he's still being featured on the site. This is the same for us guys, with the stream of inactive profiles to plow through -- and of course -- there's the site-made variety of faked accounts to consider. Personally, I prefer the crooks on OKC, because they can at least carry a conversation. The pay rate is clearly better for the cowards and losers employed by Match and OKC to defraud people. Let's examine some of the writing by the company paid fraud artists used by Tinder, shall we? It's time for some comic relief. It's been reported here that Bumble appears to have all of its profiles written by the same person? Yes, they are. Whoever said that is dead on and thank you for contributing to the effort here. Oh yes, I wasted my time and money there for a while. I then went to Clover, in the hope of finding an independent app that wasn't doing this to people. Well, ahem, there are no real members even active on the entire site. Stay away. Jeesh, I got off track there. Let's get back to the comedians who pretend to be members on Tinder. Some of my favorite sayings in the phony women's profiles, which are repeated HUNDREDS of times in the company made fakes, are the following (and notice the spelling): *** I love to wear six inch heals *** please don't waist my time here ***. Well, I do hope that their shoes HEAL them and that their WAIST is OK. Good grief. That's rather shocking grammar usage for gals listed as being CEO's in their profiles! And remember, these aren't independent scammers from Nigeria doing this, these are people employed by Tinder.

I'm afraid that with the monopoly now in place by the Evil Empire, we are all stranded and have been betrayed by the horrible ownership and people participating in these company made hoaxes. Lastly, I would say that if these phone app companies were honest, they'd be fantastic. I like the simplicity of using them. And although I'm not into hook-ups, it's clear that the ORIGINAL Tinder was a terrific app -- and thousands of real people found real people there. That sounds nice, doesn't it? We are presently in a world of darkness in the online dating industry and the commission of fraud by this corporation's dating site companies is being done RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN now. Be on the lookout for the next wave of smaller dating sites being gobbled up by Match Group, as a complete monopoly is presently taking place.

Just remember this: it wasn't YOU being rejected on these sites -- it was the greed minded Match Group Inc. ownership, the trick software systems now being used by them -- and their scummy henchmen -- that engineered your bad experiences there. (And I do hope some of them are reading this). It's almost like we need a giant Pest Control Exterminator Service to come in and just sterilize the entire online dating industry. Seriously. And then, perhaps, a new dawn.

As always, many thanks to the folks who took the time to write in about their experiences with the new Tinder here. I marvel at the other review sites online that are showing 4 1/2 stars as a review rating for this app! Oh yes, the Evil Empire also has its operatives running convincing fake review sites -- and there's several of them presently active. Keep in mind that the revenue generated by Match Group and its crime syndicate is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They can afford to buy as many phony review sites as they see fit.

My compliments to the ownership of this site, in providing a free speech forum to help us all from being taken advantage of. It has helped me many times.

Take care everyone. Peace.
And don't let me catch you on one of those awful sites again.
Promise? OK. :)

One of the best options for online dating
Im a big fan of this site and have been using it for years! You name it I've done it, bad dates, no shows, great dates, fallen in love, bailed on weirdos, everything! The only other site that Ive found that can compete is but between these two Ive had some really great experiences (focusing on the positives here!) and met some really nice guys. You could do far worse and with the amount of marriages and successes (everyone knows a friend who uses this site!) and also the money Tinder put into their ads you know from the start that you're onto a winner. Dont get your hopes too high at the beginning, it took me a while to get out on dates and then it took me a couple of dates before i had one i would class as perfect but stick with it and try to have fun, as its better to see it as a fun and sociable thing rather than your only hope at finding true love! Keep the pressure off and the fun going and let things happen naturally. As my mother always said, if its meant to be then itll happen.

Tinder needs to help women find the men they like
The main advantage of tinder is that it's widely used. It's good that apps like these exist, but Tinder need to cater better to women. The paying versions only help make you more prominent and increase your changes of being liked. But there is actually research to prove what most users already know - female users don't have a hard time getting liked, we have a hard time finding male profiles we like. There is absolutely no way to filter for anything, even language! In most cities the app is full of pictures of physically attractive, weird-looking men. Women almost always need more than looks to go on, for our safety apart from anything else. Until this problem is fixed a lot of women are likely to stop bothering with tinder even as it is and there is no way most of us will bother paying given that currently the paying options don't offer us anything.

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I decided to give Tinder a try after hearing good reviews but so far it hasn't been a good experience. Unlike most dating sites, this one is basically all about looks. You do not get any information on their personality or hobbies. For me, I like to know about a guy's religion, political stance, hobbies, expectations, what they're looking for, etc. I would like to understand a little bit about someone before wasting my time talking to a guy who doesn't have the same intentions as me.
I also realized that a lot of guys swipe right to every girl just to increase their chances of getting matches. This can be frustrating because when you message them, Tinder do not reply. Being on the site, I've gotten about 10 or 11 matches. Only one guy messaged me first and when I replied back, he never responded. The rest of the time, I was the one putting in all the effort sending messages first and I didn't get any responses. I try to be open to most guys I see. I prefer slim or fit guys, but even then, I swiped right to men who were overweight. There was one incident where I messaged a guy who was a little big and after I sent the message, he unmatched me. (Unmatching happens a lot.)
I just found it laughable how guys who weren't the best looking would unmatch me or block me if they did not think I was worthy of talking to them.
Don't expect to get many matches unless you're a blond, blue eyed model. That goes for men and women. People are a lot more picky on Tinder. Even ugly people expect you to look good.
I also hate how Tinder makes you use Facebook to make an account. Not everyone uses Facebook so those people are at a huge disadvantage.
I will either find a new site or give up on online dating.

Can't get SMS verification code from Tinder
Couldn't get SMS verification code from Tinder, even though I had no problem doing so with other apps like WhatsApp etc. Lots of people having the same problem, inexplicably, appears to be some problem with the software. Some have had success installing previous version of Tinder (don't know where to get it though, and not sure it's safe) then updating to new version once Tinder get signed up. I couldn't be bothered though, since you can't filter out single moms and smokers, seems pretty limited.

Tinder customer service was no help whatsoever, told me to check my mobile connection or try again later. Investors be warned, this is a company that does NOT have its act together. So you can find me on POF, which has lots of filters and doesn't even link to your phone number, you can just use the site or app as you please.

Waste of time, Terrible
I'll start with the only reason I tried Tinder was because of positive results from some other people who ended up in relationships.
I have been on and off Tinder a few different times now so my opinion is the men that I either chatted with, messaged, or had an actual conversation with, and the few I met in person were not the type of men I would be attracted to or interested in the real world if I was just out and about. Also with all the numerous men I communicated with I actually only decided to meet two in person.
The men I did meet in person did not look anything like the pictures on their Tinder profile, really pissed me off there. Both of these men had to be a minimum of 100+ pounds over weight, EASY! One guy I met all he talked about non stop was his ex-wife and her new boyfriend and child support and going back and forth to court, etc. the other guy I met this guy cussed so much it was unreal, literally every other word was profanity and again he looked nothing like his picture and upon meeting he asked me very inappropriate questions about my personal life. All the other men that I only just talked to by phone were basically the same; Tinder just talked about their ex-wives non-stop, or they talked about themselves non-stop and trying to promote their business, and another guy I spoke to by phone a few times, we actually were supposed to meet up; he cancelled twice so after that I cut off communication. Then a guy I spoke to only by phone claims he was out of town and could not meet up but would "fly" back to meet me later sometime (yeah right). Tinder is no different than all the online dating sites its filled with these people who are out for either just sex, the men are already in relationships or married, the men are not serious at all not even just to do a quick meetup, and in my opinion the men are simply just playing games and wasting everyone else's time in the process. It seems to me the men on Tinder and many sites like POF are like that "bottom of the barrel" men, these are guys you wouldn't notice on the street, nor would you be interested on any level. So in addition to all that from an intellectual view, the men I spoke to couldn't even hold an intelligent conversation, one of the guys I spoke with was asking me all these questions like "what's my favorite color"?, and it seemed like to me he probably googled questions to ask because he had no clue how to carry on a conversation whatsoever. Seriously this is what I was dealing with on Tinder and for me it was just a waste of time, I was just hoping to meet someone to maybe go out and date and get to know, these guys didn't even make it to that level the majority of them didn't last after the first real conversation. Also I can't even tell you how many times I swiped left. The age range for these men were between 35-45 years old. Sad..


Swipe, swipe, swipe... very few did I swipe right. Bored with the selection of people that kept popping up... all of a sudden I stumbled across a profile of a guy sitting on a shelf with glasses and his hands in the "Spider-man webbing" motion... intrigued by what kind of a nerd this guy might have been I check out his profile in more depth.

"Male. 23. Ca." His description read, "As long as I have a face you'll always have a place to sit." First thought that came to mind, "This guy can't be serious... what a douchebag." Then I went through his pictures one last time before I continued on to the next profile. I stopped for a moment and thought, "What the hell... he's cute we'll see what happens." I swiped right and continued on.

Later that night I noticed I had an inbox full of matches with messages that read various different things: "Hi. How are you?" "You're beautiful. I'd love to meet in person." "Those eyes with that hair..." etc and then I stumbled across one that read, "What's a girl like you doing in Fresno?" Sarcastic as can be I respond, "Just trying to survive." We hit it off immediately. The conversation flew effortlessly back and forth for hours. It was real... well as real as it could have been over the internet. He was so charming and sweet. Very witty and so quick to come up with a funny response. He seemed so fun and full of life.

After all the flirting and late night conversation he convinced me to have a drink at the restaurant he worked at and SWORE that this drink was by far one of the best drinks I'd ever have. I made sure to warn him I don't like alcohol and I'm very picky when it comes to the things I drink...

It was a Friday night. I walked in recognizing him right away he greets me at the table and does his best to impress me. Drink after drink I turn them all down. "That one's too sweet." "That one's too spicy." "That one's just flat out awful!" I'm sure by this point he felt defeated. THEN he remembered he asked his buddy for the recipe of a very specific drink. He made it and brought it to my table anticipating what my response might be at this point. I took a sip and absolutely loved it.

We decided to head over to Yard House as soon as his shift was over. We hit it off. He was just as funny if not MORE funny in person as he was through text. He was the perfect balance of funny, dorky, and charming all in one... it worked.

Drink after drink time flew by. We talked about everything... how long we lived in town... our parents. Our siblings. Music-likes and dislikes... high school... We talked about our friends. How HIS friends thought that this chick was too good to be true... and how Tinder teased him making it clear that they thought I was a fake profile... and IF I were actually real... I must be a transgender woman because I was "too pretty". Shocked and slightly offended I agree to take a picture with him so he can send it to his buddies to prove that I am indeed "real". Before we knew it the restaurant was closing.

Disappointed that the night was close to over we decided to get a quick bite to eat. When you're drunk... and hungry... where do you end up? TACO BELL. We get Taco Bell and after a night of not liking any of the drinks I ordered and passing them along to him... not realizing it would slowly catch up with him... he was drunk. We had a drunk make out session which lead to him inviting me inside and I respectfully decline. Realizing this was not what I wanted.

The next morning... remembering most of the night but the clearest memory of all was how drunk and sloppy we got. I didn't want someone to fool around with and then disappear once it got boring. I didn't want to waste his time and I certainly didn't want to waste any more of my time. He text me. I didn't respond. He text me again a different day. I had a short response declining his proposal to go on a second date. He text me one last time and again... I didn't respond. I'm pretty sure he got the message.

Little did he know that just like Cinderella I would disappear... and he would no longer see me. BUT little did I know that twenty long days later I would be right back for a second date with Prince Charming.

Twenty days later a girlfriend of mine wanted to meet up at his work to have drinks. She was meeting a guy she hadn't seen a while and wanted me to come along. I stressed the fact that I couldn't go back there and how I went on a date with a guy then never responded when he text me. She convinced me to text him and to ask if he was working. So I did... He replies and we meet up at his work. Again, we had so much fun talking and laughing at random stupid things. So, I decide to give it another chance.

Here we are nine months later and I couldn't imagine myself dating anyone else. I can't put into words how lucky and grateful I am to have this man in my life. He turned out to be one of the most amazing, caring, and genuine guys I've ever met.

If I didn't believe in fate before meeting him... I certainly do now. If it weren't for Tinder, his stupid pick up line description, and my friend convincing me to text him back I would have never found the man of my dreams.

P.s. It Only Took 20 Days.


Transgender Ladies Beware
I have been using this app for a few months, but recently deleted it for a few reasons:

1. Every time I get a match from someone, I end up getting unmatched probably all because I am a transgendered woman. No wonder why a few of the new matches disappear.

2. Whenever I am in the middle of a text or if he wants to meet me in person, I end up unmatched and the text disappears. Very disheartening, but true.

For us transgendered ladies out there, we are in the lookout for real relationships, but it's not simple as a flash for most of us, so if Tinder was to improve it's search filters with something like this "Male looking for transgender/ladyboys", this would be much easier because it will only focus on guys who are interested in transgender people. Other than that, this app was a waste of time and I would never use it again.

Tinder- better than most apps but Bay Area Ca sucks!
First off Im 48, not at all ugly, and in good shape, and retired?! The app idea itself is great- my problem is Im in an open marriage- yeah well sorry after years of working on our intimacy shes gone through child birth and menopause and intimacy really low and mine is not! We decided I can go oustside. Im still prefacing this all: I am a personable attractive person looking for friendship and intimacy- that is apparently NOT OK with womens 30-50 in Bay Area Ca. Well the women in this area my age are obviously over achievers and well, narcissistic yet Tinder all want LTR. Hey I have flown planes, jumped out of perfectly good ones, rode motorcycles, travelled, freelance author, educated but they have to show u pix of themselves doing what I just said- if I did that I hope people would laugh at such a show off?! I talked to a really nice rubenesque (I like that- sometimes they are a lot less vain) and we were having a really great talk ab everything! I forgot to put my height on my profile- so I was 2 shorter than her and that would throw off her mojo?!?! That is soooo Ca. Female!
So u have to list your height and that u are a good person and honest (I always have been) and that you arent a man and you will commit to LTR forever just because they can take selfies and list every accomplishment?
Venting here- Ill stop. You have to be clear on your little write up of yourself- heres the critique: the write up area should contain more characters so you can provide EVERY detail for what is really your interview! If u both swipe that u like each others page it opens a text bubble and you can choose to converse- very well done. I did buy a subscription that needs this all up for around $20 just for one month. Since Im obviously in the evil poly category now, I should have listed that although plenty are like yuck poly (Im going skydiving and taking care of me- come get me Im so much more awesome- thats why Im single). I did see some decent people who identified as poly and even less women in their 50s who were a little too far out there?! Hey its Ca. So people gotta throw in the no trump supporters or conservatives. Wow really? So sorry to rant but the Tinder idea is inspired but in Bay Area Ca. Its a joke. Lots of attractive ladies my age with kids single looking for their next husband?!? Nothing on their profile and not serious ab this at all. Then they will grill you until they know ur in no way looking to have any quality time with a lady but only job interview for LTR. Perhaps younger folks have a better time because theres so much sex drugs n podcasts? FYI stay away from Ashley Madison and Wild which are total scams to make u buy tokens with fake people trying to talk to you. Also Fet Life can be OK but I believe it works best with my non-hetero friends. I may try OK Cupid and just be brutally honest. I thought I had a pretty entertaining Tinder page that was descriptive, good pix, humorous, real. Some barely took the time to read it before responding. It could just be me in my situation: over forty and craving a partner with my vitality and passion and friendship- I guess thats just me being shallow. This is just being honest: many women are going through menopause and child birth really curtails sex for them- just nature. Well there is always that 30 something mother of my friends of my son who has been hitting on me and wants an affair- damn what? Like I need that drama in my life! Isnt that overture a little more inappropriate than what Im trying to do?

4 star review of Tinder online dating site
I dont know about you other folks but this is a 4/5 stars site for me. Ive not used that many dating services but id say this is my favourite along with from the ones ive tried as these are the 2 sites that I keep coming back to even when I try to leave dating online behind! Ive used a few new sites there are so many now - but this is definitely a top site and id recommend it to anyone as a first site or as an alternative to whatever Tinder are using at the moment, for sure. It has plenty of members, you can trust the company (very important when I choose a site) and everything is easy to do. Id like to see more female members in the Strathclyde area but aside from that I dont really have any complaints and will keep using it as part of my portfolio of sites that im a member of.

Online Dating - The fall of true love, The rise of hookup culture
If you're like me and you have severe social anxiety, you've probably tried Tinder or some other online dating app.
Hey look, Tinder is good for hookup culture. If you wanna find a guy/girl to hookup with and then forget about, this is the app for you. BUT... if you're on Tinder looking for true love, or looking for that soulmate, I would highly recommend looking for that elsewhere. You're essentially... erm... looking for love in all the wrong places. It's amazing what you can find when you approach people in person. The initial attraction is authentic.

And even if you do find romance on Tinder, it's not the good kind. It's the dead end kind. In most cases (And I said most, not all, before you get offended) of couples/matches who are made on Tinder, one of you usually ends up having some kind of emotional baggage that will one day rear its ugly head somewhere down the road. The result is seldom "happy ever after".

If you're afraid to meet people in person, I suggest talking to friends more often. Letting yourself go around people you feel comfortable with. Start by saying hello to someone you walk by on the street. You don't have to have a casual conversation, just say hello and smile. Preferably not someone you find attractive. This will increase your anxiety. Start by this and feeling more confident in yourself. But you won't find real love on Tinder or any online dating app. If anything, this will make things worse for your lonesome.

I just thought I'd put this out there for anyone who feels insecure or has anxiety, looking for REAL love, and is thinking of using Tinder. Plenty of people on Tinder anxious to find a real romance but I hate to break it to you, it's a false promise. Your chances of finding this on any online dating app are extremely slim.

Tinder is a huge scam
I had a hideous experience with Tinder. I recently found out that I was being charged $9.99 per month for the last 3 years, after completely deleting my account in 2016. There weren't any notifications about the additional subscription fee tacked on after deleting the account (I never signed up for premium in the first place) and in 2016, the online "app" terms of service language was less than sufficient during the time of download. Tinder has been draining money from my account without any communication. Attempting to get refunded has been an exhausting, pointless process with no end. After contacting both my bank, the Apple Store and Tinder (who all told me I had to contact the other companies involved), I've been left with no other options.

Word of advice, try a different dating app if you're interested in exploring one. There are plenty of other options with better customer service and more ethical business practices. Also, if you have used it - you might want to check your subscriptions on your device (even if you've never subscribed to anything).

Wasting my time pointlessly on Tinder scam
Maybe I would keep using Tinder if I were to live 200 or 300 years. One day I switched to -since I felt sorry for wasting my time so pointlessly on Tinder. Things turned around for me there and finally I had tangible results ( dates, real dates with real ladies, very good-looking ladies!).
It takes unbelievably long to find anyone real and genuine among fakes and scammers. I think the biggest problems of Tinder are its size (it's just too big) and greedy managers who want to string along their clients and take their money. It attracts way too many dishonest people: catfishers, gold diggers, etc. But Tinder managers do very little to prevent all this scam.

Big scam, worthless customer service.
After using Tinder's boost feature(s)' I've recently tried something new Tinder calls super boost' (i. E. 10 times more views and 6 times duration compared to a regular boost'). The times I tried this in-app purchase, it was always around the same time, same day, on a Tinder recommended time. Regular boost' gave me around 20-30 likes in 30 minutes for a price of ~4,-. The super boost' lasted for 3 hours, with Tinder claiming x100 more views, giving me 28 likes with the same profile as before. I am certainly familiar with deviations in certain features, but this time i most definetely call scam on Tinder. Advertising something which does exactly the same, for 8 (!) times the price. After contacting Apple Tinder recommended me to contact Tinder (2 times in a row), the only answers i got was to contact Apple and (more or less) that they don't want anything to do with this, not their responsibility. Would most definitely advise against any in-app purchases from this sad excuse for a company!

Bad services
This company is a thief. When I hired the services for 6 months I paid with my credit card and less the month I didn't get msg to match, nothing, I sent an email to this services and Tinder said I have to have been patient, in a 1 1/2 a month, nothing, its looks like a fake. I asked my money they didn't have intention. I didn't use it again and around November to Diciembre, they took money from my credit card, they did answer properly the msg, they ask ed me for a number of the transaction when I did not get it when I didn't purchase the second time and the first time and also you cant call them. It is impossible to talk to someone there. Then I am so upset, I need my money back.

I and several other Danish people have been permanently bannen from Tinder.
Without having done anything wrong. Normal, well behaved serious people, looking to find a partner.

I've been treated as a criminal and Tinder won't end my subscription.

I've been treated as a criminal and have without knowing it, done something wrong. NOT INTENTIONALLY.

So Tinder have permanently banned me from their site and WILL NOT help me refund my ongoing paid subscription.

As I wrote to them, just before someone shut the email connection of

"I have NOT DONE ANYTHING deliberately to over step your terms of use. I have absolutely no idea of why you have excluded me PERMANENTLY as if I am a criminal!

What about helping and teaching us?

And not only this, you won't help me end my paid subscription.

Parents Beware, Teenagers being Encouraged to find SEX fast on Tinder dating app!
My newly turned 17 year old, able to just change his birthdate, find an older young person after being told it's "a easy way to get laid!" I'm at fault as a mother, but now I have a twenty year old, sexual confused young lady living w me after an abusive family life finds her on our doorstep Easter night w no where to go! I hope she's not Cat fishing my son but after only a few visits, and lots of phone conversations who knows! After giving her three weeks to come up w plan, I fear my son will be gone w her! Tinder is known for their easy hook up site! My son was encouraged to use the site from other kids at his college for easy pick ups. And yes a 17 year old is still a kid.

The garbage of tinder. The owners faults?
The endless problems from the tinder dating app, one the frequent crashing of the app and the problematic issues with things working right. But let's not forget the issues with people also complaining about being blocked from ever using tinder again because of like most apps where you can just block someone you don't like, tinder will name a person account just to ban it even. Unlike most logical normal dating apps. People complain about being blocked for absolutely doing nothing to violate. Also just because someone reports isn't a reason because people can lie maybe Tinder don't like the person and just report them for no reason and they get banned for no reason. This is why there is the endless complaints

I have been trying to CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION FOR THREE CONSECUTIVE MONTHS. I tried with my google account, with my apple subscriptions and through my Tinder account and it does not allow me to do it! This is insane, I do not use the app, nor the service and Tinder are taking from my account $15 USD every month, it is just not fair and there is no way to contact them. I tried sending them a request through their website but the "protected by reCAPTCHA" does not work either, I really do not understand. This company is taking advantage of people and they should be hold accountable, starting at least with an easier way to contact customer support. WHAT A BAD EXPERIENCE!

So tinder, the infamous hook-up site. What a disappointment. Tinder do have the best looking girls on there. But none of them want what this site is about. Now I am a married man so I dont have a picture of my face. But I am open and honest in my profile. Ive chatted with a quite a few and only hooked up with one. Part of the problem is the Geography. Only gives you miles. Well 15 miles is great but which way are those miles. See I have a gameplan on how I operate. I tend to look for women who are really close to eork or on my drive home. This allows me to maximise my time. Eho wants to waste precious time travelling. So when im at work and i get a match within 30 miles. Fantastic, but its 30 miles north. It wont work for me. So if you're a married man and won't put your face in your profile, dont have a lot of free time, I would say this site is a difficult one to score with. The only good thing is its pretty much free. But remember that saying, you get what you pay for.

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