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1 star is 1 too Many
I ordered tickets at the same time as a group of friends (TicketsOnSale ordered from a different site at a slightly higher rate) and figured this was a chance to save a few bucks! Little did I know it would be the worst ticketing purchase experience of my life.

My event was 6 months away. My friends received their tickets at the time of their purchase, I received a purchase notice that my tickets would be delivered 3 weeks prior to my event.
I shrugged off the delay and said ok great I saved a few bucks now I just wait.
The time for my ticket delivery came and went. I emailed/live chatted with them over a dozen times trying to get my tickets by the date I was promised; they did not arrive but they always said the same thing "don't worry you'll have your tickets before your event".

Over 2 months before the event I knew that I could no longer attend and wanted to recoup some of the value of my tickets… but I could not because I had no tickets to sell.

I received my tickets on the day of the event only 5 hours before the event was taking place; only after calling and waiting over 2 hours on the phone for customer service to tell me the exact same thing "you'll receive them before the event". At this point I couldn't resell the tickets and had to eat the total price.

My advise, if you want to risk having to spend countless hours writing this emails/chatting with customer support just to be disappointed, this is the right company for you.


Absolutely crooked.
Only choosing 1 star because no stars is not an option. I purchased Dave Mathews tickets a year early. After being repeatedly postponed for another year due to Covid, the concert was cancelled 2 weeks before the show. This shady as hell company sent me an email refusing a refund, but offering 120% store credit toward my next purchase, which TicketsOnSale did not live up to. They just took some more money, continued to ignore me, and send the occasional email from Singapore with a new excuse, never actually bothering to reply to any questions. Try the customer service number and all you'll get is a recording about how you can email them on the website. That's the same website with wonderful ratings, which you are NOT allowed to add an actual review for. A shame I believed the bogus review rating and didn't bother to google them before purchasing tickets, so I could see the multiple class action lawsuits against them for doing this same thing to thousands. So disgusted with this brazenly criminal behavior and cannot imagine how they are still allowed to do business outside a cell.

D. Mitchell

TicketsOnSale is a criminal enterprise
I mistakenly bought tickets from TicketsOnSale, thinking I was buying them from the venue directly. The venue's price was $25 for the General Admission ticket. TicketsOnSale's price for the exact same ticket was $46, even as the venue was still selling tickets for $25! While I can understand scalping tickets when there are no more originals left, scalping tickets for twice the price when original tickets are still available is just plain criminal. And it gets worse... on top of all that, TicketsOnSale charged $15 per ticket as a "Service Charge"... And then TicketsOnSale charged another $7.50 for "Electronic Transfer", which was just a little extra 'F-U' for good measure. And it gets worse... since I thought my credit card company would back me up on just how wrong all of this was, I disputed the TicketsOnSale charge and got my $495.98 back (temporarily). Then I went out and bought the 8 $25 tickets from the venue (directly from TicketMaster) for $286.90. However, in the end, the credit card company reversed the dispute, apparently because you're not a crook if you get your customers to sign some BS agreement. But, by far, the worst part of all of this is that the artist did not see one penny of the premium I paid to TicketsOnSale. Not to worry, though, I ended up paying for 16 tickets (instead of the 8 I wanted), so the artist got twice as much as they would have from my attendance. So there's that...

Don't order tickets thru this stealing company
I got the expected response. I brought 6 tickets for a birthday gift for my family who came in town but because of COVID. The kiss concert got cancelled. TicketsOnSale will not refund my money because of COVID. Plus my family will not be here next year for the concert. So I'm out of the money and again the company won't refund. Plus the concert is rescheduled for next year. I know my family will not be here so at least they could do something about the 4 tickets but no it's a Covid issue.
Your company fracking sucks. Thanks for treating your customers like $#*! and telling them to recoup their money by reselling them. Great, stupid idea but that is not my responsibility. Thank you for stealing my money and frack this company. I will be telling everyone i know and my friends online and tell them to go somewhere else to get tickets. Plus I will always tell it like it is. Your company is a thieving piece of $#*!.

No justice for concert tickets purchase
I bought 2 tickets for a Halsey concert, and I made the purchase on 01/21/2020. The amount total was $385.21. The concert got moved to 2021, but then eventually cancelled when I got an email on 01/22/2021 saying that. TicketsOnSale refused to give me a refund, and gave me store credit instead of $462.25. I didn't want that at the time as I wanted my money back, so I kept trying to file disputes with them, PayPal and my bank with no luck whatsoever. I recently bought 2 tickets for a festival coming up in September using my store credit, but they didn't allow me to spend the $462.25 coupon anymore. I was only given the $385.21 amount to use for the store credit because they changed the amount for me due to the amount of times I tried to make a dispute. I'm very disappointed with the company, and I'm very upset I didn't get the store credit or money back that I deserve.

They changed their refund policy months after I bought the tickets - money gone
The concert was postponed for over a year from the original date because of Covid. That isn't their fault. I am happy to abide by the return policy I saw when I bought the tickets which stated the concert had to be canceled for me to get my money back. According to their nice chat support rep there is no limit on how many times a concert can be postponed or how many years away. There is also not a guarantee it will be held at the same venue so I may have to travel. So there is risk - But I guess I can live with that.

My grievance is that TicketsOnSale changed their refund policy after Covid hit and well after I paid for the tickets such that even if the concert is canceled they will now only issue me a credit towards other tickets from them. That's not really ok. I don't think that is how agreements work. It's especially frustrating because they stand by the new policy like it's the one answer to everything, but as we have learned that answer can change at their will. End result - I am now in a position to wait a year to see if a concert is canceled at which time I can only use the company credit to get more tickets. I do understand that they have to change their business model to stay in business. The ticket resale market has taken an enormous hit because of the virus. I hope it works out and trust that TicketsonSale is doing their best to do right by their customers. I probably won't be buying concert tickets from anyone for a long time until there is more stability in the marketplace.

Website is a SCAM
If there was an ability to give 0 stars I would. This site is a SCAM!

I attached their refund policy below. It states "if the even is cancelled we will refund the purchase price or provide credit" I asked for credit back and TicketsOnSale are refusing to honor this because of "government shutdowns and them only being a marketplace between sellers and consumers" so "their sellers are not going to be reimbursed".

I filed a claim with my credit card company in which TicketsOnSale responded with a threat in regards to their are willing to provide terms and conditions in which I agreed to upon purchase. My purchase was on Feb 2020 before any shutdowns and their policy stated what I mentioned above so when I purchased I agreed to the said terms and conditions before they changed it...

In addition, you can't get in contact with customer service agents through their phone number on file it just is an automated system that answers questions about the venue and how they "operate". Even with opting to chat live with them online, they only offer the same automated system. When emailing them you get a different person every time. In addition they keep saying that my money cannot be refunded.

So unless you want to waste your money or have a company that always changes their policies to make sure they don't reimburse you, DON'T GO THROUGH THEM! They're not even on any website so I think its a scam and their email is "bolivia time" so who knows where your money goes..

Kinda Iffy
In haste I bought tickets on this website. I expected to reach a point in the transaction where a review your order page would pop up, but instead you never get to see the fees that are added. I was shocked that there was a $50.00 service fee on top of an already high priced ticket. Had I known I would not have completed the order. Then I found out when I received the order confirmation that TicketsOnSale didn't actually have the ticket to sell, but would procure it for me. I got the the ticket a few days later. My seat was actually better than expected, but another person at the concert showed up with a hard copy of the same ticket-oops! Luckily, someone on the other side did not show up, so we didn't have to look into it further but one of us had a scam ticket, but both scanned to get into the venue. Anyway, not very honest business practice, and I won't use them again.

Dont make the mistake I did. Avoid purchasing tickets through this 3rd party Company
I bought tickets to an event at the Golden1 center in Sacramento through ticketsonsale. Everything seemed fine, I spent $214.38 a few months prior to the event on good seats and had a order # with receipt in my email. A few days before the event I look back at my emails, find my receipt and realize that the order # and receipt of purchase were not my tickets and turns out, its not even a way to remotely claim seats at the actual box office in sacramento. A bit panicked, I call ticketsonsale and after being on hold for 40 minutes, I talk to a representative and TicketsOnSale remind me of their guarantee of tickets in hand or a full refund and that they will just simply have the vendor resend the tickets to another email address. This never happened. After emailing, calling, and doing online chats with customer service representatives the tickets never made it to either of my email addresses. I even checked SPAM, Social, and Trash folders in both accounts several times... trust me I didn't want to miss the show. So the show came and went, no avail, no tickets. Customer service couldn't help and the box office at the Golden1 Center said they had no way of checking from a third party... only Ticketmaster could they check. I ended up purchasing some last minute cheap, nose bleed seat through ticketmaster once I learned that they were the only vendor of seats for the Golden1 Center and instantly Tickets were in my phone and we got to see the show. How it should have gone with ticketsonsale if they weren't a third party company. So, I try to get my money back from Ticketsonsale. I mean, they had a guarantee right? Wrong. I emailed them and they said that they could not refund my money because they said in their records they saw that the tickets were transferred to my email. So maybe TicketsonSale got some false tracking numbers or transfer receipts from the ticket issuing company? Or Maybe ticketsonsale is blowing smoke up my a$$. Not sure who is the scammer here... or maybe my gmail has another folder i couldn't find to search and ticketsonsale, being a third party, was unable to give customer support to ensure delivery of the tickets. Either way at the end of the day I'm stuck eating the $214.38, many hours wasted trying to get the tickets, then get a refund after I didn't get the tickets, when I should have just done some research and figured out how the venue I was buying from sold their tickets. Why buy from a 3rd party when you can cut out the middleman? Especially after my experience.

Joke of a company
This company "guarantees" their tickets. When you don't get your tickets, which I didn't, you can't call, email or chat with them. TicketsOnSale are impossible to reach. Once you do finally reach them, I did via FB messenger they sent me an email stating the seller of the tickets said they sent them. I only received one of two tickets. The email stated please reply to this email if you have questions. You reply to the email, it says this email is not monitored. They never resolved my issue so I had to buy more tickets which at that point we're double in price because we were 5 days from the event. Do not use PayPal if you ever use them company, use a card so you can dispute it because they won't deliver. This transaction cost me $700.00 and because I received one of the 2 tickets I purchased tickets on sale told PayPal they delivered the product. This whole experience quite frankly has been infuriating. I should have known not to go outside of StubHub and the companies I've dealt with in the last.

Absolutely trash company
I ordered tickets to Lady Gaga for my girlfriend for her birthday. I ordered the tickets in early march right before covid-19 really took its toll. The show was originally scheduled for early august 2020 at wrigley field. The show has since been postponed a year to august 2021. I do not know if I will be able to attend, multiple potential conflicting events and also work vacation time may not get approved. Company is impossible to get ahold of, the online chat no one answers and their phone line is one prerecorded message loop where you can't actually talk to anyone. This company is a joke. I submitted a fraud claim with my bank and TicketsOnSale can't do anything because ticketsonsale cited a bogus changed policy in their response to bank of america's fraud inquiry. Now i just have to hope it gets canceled as them not providing the original service that i purchased is the only way my bank will refund me over 400$.

They overcharge you, cannot cancel and No seat assignment
I searched for tickets to a show for a gift to my mother, and bought the tickets in this site because I thought it was the site to purchase the tickets. Since the show appeared on their site almost sold out, I bought two tickets right away. However, since the tickets were quite expensive, I decided to do another search right after and found that there were plenty of tickets for that show and at a much lower price. I call them right away to cancel, emailed them, replied to their email, with no luck. There is no way to contact them, even thought TicketsOnSale seem to be reachable, their chat doesn't allow you to go further, nor their phone service, and nobody replies to your emails, this is after a week. I received an email saying the tickets were ready to print, however, the tickets do not have seat assignment, how can they be legit? It's a scam. I bought the tickets again on the other site. In this site I payed extra $106.71 for two tickets, for a total of $362.71.

Complete rip-off!
My bad, I was ordering tickets for the Ordway Center in St Paul, MN and thought I was on their authorized website but I was on ticketsonsale's website. The seats offered were labeled Orchestra right, Orchestra left, and Orchestra. I chose seats in the Orchestra logically concluding TicketsOnSale would be in the MIDDLE, wrong! The seats were on the right side section at the very end of the row to where you could not see the whole stage!
Adding insult to injury, we paid $270 for 2 seats and could have got them directly from the Ordway for $130, shame on me! Tried their customer service to get a refund or exchange but got no where. I see they also somehow manage some reviews to get a favorable rating but this website correctly shows them as awful. I hope this saves someone else from being ripped off.

These guys are absolutely a scammer. I didn't even get to see the face value of the tickets I was buying until after making the purchase. I stupidly assumed I was paying something close to the original ticket price. Found out I paid more than double the face value. Then the concert got rescheduled and the new date doesn't work for me. Well, all TicketsOnSale said was no refund. You call them and nobody comes to the phone. Their automated phone system says reach out to them by email and it doesn't even tell you what their email address is. When I finally got a hold of someone by selecting the option to buy a new ticket, somebody sure came to the phone. I asked for their email address and the guy asked what it's for. I said it's about questions on tickets and transfer. He put me through that line where nobody comes to the phone and at the end it said this call will be ended. What kind of company does that? This is a huge scam. Stay away from this website!

Scammers…do not use!
I purchased tickets from tickets I received an email telling me that the tickets were transferred and a second email would give instructions on how to download. Of course, I thought this was going to be an instant download as TicketsOnSale advertise. Regardless, two days went by and no second email. I spent two hours total on live chat waiting for a representative. Kept getting cut off. So, decided to call. Spent an hour and a half on hold, finally got a representative on the line. She tried to tell me that I had received the second email. I kept arguing that I did not. After 45 minutes of trying to get the tickets I asked for a refund. Was told emphatically that they DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. I have contacted my credit card company and am disputing charges. DO NOT USE THUS SITE! Checked them out at Better Business Bureau and they have a F rating…wish I would have done this before purchasing.

ETicket to Paper Ticket to $80 FedEx to Frustration
The short: no one to speak to and the 'Chat' of five (5) separate Reps over a four hour period cut me off without resolving my issue. I had to pay an additional $80 to FedEx my ticket to my hotel. ToS customer service was horrible.

The long: ToS was quick to take my money many months before the show. Everything on the date of sale and all e-correspondence thereafter clearly stated mine was to be an e-ticket with a link delivered the day before the show (Friday night). On Monday of that week I received a phone call from a ToS rep asking to confirm my shipping address for the paper ticket. I pointed out it was supposed to be an e-Ticket but she said she had it in hand and was going to overnight it. With no other choice I said fine but be sure it's overnight as I leave south Florida for New Orleans early Thursday morning... 36 hours before the event. "Sure, no problem. I'll email you the tracking info." On Wednesday, 18 hours before I was scheduled to leave I called and the rep said the ticket had just been overnighted that morning. For delivery after I'd already left for the airport. It arrived in south Florida and my Doctor wife had to take time away from her patients to FedEx me the friggin paper ticket! No amount of Chat assistance and ToS telling me how much TicketsOnSale cared and were sorry solved my problem. ToS customer service and procedures suck and I will not use them ever again.

Not Pro Consumer Rip OFF
After purchasing tickets based on reviews and what came up on my web browser. I purchased tickets on this site, and a floor seat. I was emailed a seats for bleachers tickets in the rafters where one would need binoculars to see the event. I dropped lots of money for these seats and to be stuck in nose bleed seats? I contacted my bank immediately to stop payment and to work out something to resolve this issue. Customer service disconnects and TicketsOnSale don't want to owe up to a mistake where the seats to this concert go for 161$ but charge me 332$ for prime seats and stick me in seats where u need binoculars to see the event? Very disappointed and even when I contact them they do not want to speak with me or I cant get through and email is dropped... I would not give this company 1 star but had to give a star and that was for ease of purchase but the rest became a nightmare... still no resolve hope my bank will take care of this nightmare...

Horrible Customer Service!
I have been trying to reach a live customer and finally got one after being on hold for 55 minutes! I had purchased tickets to a comedy show and the event got postponed without a notice from Tickets on Sale.
I could not attend because the date was moved two days before thanksgiving. I asked for a refund and the agent told me with such insensitivity that I have to resell them through google or Facebook. Imagine a third party vendor like tickets on sale trying to tell me how to get sell tickets.
I asked to escalate to a supervisor or manager and he refused and kept saying to me "is there anything else?"
Save your money and do not buy anything from this horrible company. I wished I read reviews because TicketsOnSale are coming up as 2 stars which in my opinion is 1 star too many. How do businesses like this survive?

Bought tickets in good faith for a recent concert to see Brad Paisley. Checked the email to notice that I was supposed to receive an email from the ticket owner announcing the transfer request. Never received the email. Contacted TicketsOnSale customer service, informed me TicketsOnSale were through TicketMaster. Logged on to my account to see a notice saying Accept Tickets of which I did. Received a confirmation email showing tickets but never transferred to my account. Contacted TicketsOnSale customer service and informed them, they said to check my junk mail box, of which that date was deleted already and unrecoverable. Requested either tickets at will call or a refund under their 100% Buyer Guarantee of which they said the transfer occurred and not covered by the Guarantee and that I had signed their Terms and Conditions. So guess what, they operate and support FRAUDULENT TICKET SALES and I'm out $500 as a result. Plus I had to buy new tickets through TicketMaster which is a LEGITIMATE operation. BUYER BEWARE FOR TICKETSONSALE.COM!

I wish i could give no stars.

This company is an absolute scam, please dont fall for it like i did. Purchased a $300 front row ticket to a country concert that was rescheduled 3 times, then all the headline artists pulled out. TicketsonSale has NOBODY to talk to (every call option, email, and live chat is a dead end. Trust me ive been trying for weeks). Once you pay there is absolutely no way to get back your money. I even bought the "insurance" which turns out to be worthless because TicketsOnSale will deny any claim you file at all (i have friends at different concerts get denied as well... even if the concert is cancelled). Its all just a lure with low prices, and if ANY minor issue occurs you are stiffed with your payment. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. GO TO A REPUTABLE SELLER. What this business does is a crime

Nasty scammers
Bought a $280 "vip" resale ticket expecting the VIP package for the show. When i get there i'm told it's only for VIP access to a bar/standing (i'm not even old enough to drink nor did it say ANYWHERE it was a bar VIP) so why would i get that purposely? When i get to the show TicketsOnSale say they don't see my name & i show them my ticket, the box office tells me what it's really for. I called instantly because i had even called earlier to make sure it was VIP and there would be no problems tonight. Lady on the phone later basically blamed it on me saying i should have read further and i can't get a refund and all she can do is apologize. Lol we'll see about that. Absolutely trash. Didn't even try to help the situation in any way. Literally told me to go check the box office to see if they had any left over tickets for me to buy the day of.

Nightmare, Stress, No Communication, "rest assured" "Guaranteed"
I purchased VERY expensive tickets for a concert for my daughter's birthday. With a VERY long drive, hotel stays (not refundable) and her happiness on the line... I started using their chat after the initial concert date was changed due to COVID. Their chat people have scripts: "rest assured", "ticket guarantee", "special fulfillment team". It was all nonsense. I wasted 10 hours trying to get my tickets. It was a nightmare. I would NEVER EVER recommend this company. I honestly made an accident, and thought I had clicked on the LiveNation site, as I was so excited to get tickets for my daughter. There are ABSOLUTELY no refunds. Not for ANY reason. TicketsOnSale tell you to "resell", but when you don't have tickets... until less than 1 day prior to the event... you can't do that!

Absolutely stay away! Their fees are also excessive. I had made my purchase via PayPal and a Credit Card with purchaser protections, but that wouldn't have saved me on the hotel etc.

I did finally get my tickets. 1 day before the event. This is absurd. The tickets could've been sent to me 3 months prior.

If only 0 stars was an option
I purchased tickets with this site after, unfortunately, after not catching that I was redirected from TicketMaster. I decided what's the big deal and ordered two tickets for $400 plus tax/change. It's been two years thanks to the lovely pandemic, and the event was cancelled again. I've been on the phone with customer service multiple times since trying to get my money back and TicketsOnSale just say the same thing "I understand your frustrated but this is all we can do." I call bull$#*! but somehow keep getting the same female over and over again. Then they tell you there's no one else to speak with, so I just get her. Tickets on Sale has the worst customer service and they just steal your money. Please please be careful and don't make the same mistake as me, triple check what site you're buying from.

I got the tickets back in July, my concert was yesterday 10/10. I checked in with them a few days before my concert making sure I was all good and wouldn't have an issue getting in prior to the concert and TicketsOnSale said i would be fine and that I just needed the QR code. I get to the concert and they are unable to scan my tickets and told me that my tickets are invalid. I went to the ticketbox and they told me the same thing and for me to contact them to get the barcode. I called and called, even online chatted with them. 45 min pass by and all I am told is that I need the QR code then I was disconnected. I tried again and then they told me the same thing. Eventually they were able to get the seller to send me the ACTUAL TICKETS WITH THE BARCODE. I had already waisted about an hour of the concert. I've been trying to get my money back since I waisted most of my time waiting for these tickets that I purchased back in July and again, I keep getting disconnected. I will never be going through them again. I am so disappointed. They offered be $30 for store credit, as if I am going to be using them again. Like these other reviews, same your money and time and use a different site to order your tickets. Such bs. They said they would give a partial refund so lets see if they stick to their word.

Total rip off!
We purchased tickets to a concert scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th at 7:30 pm in Montreal at Olympia Theatre.
We live in Fredericton, NB and were driving there on Saturday, Sept 25th giving us plenty of time.
We received and email Friday afternoon at 5:45pm Sept. 24th that the concert has been rescheduled to Saturday, Sept. 25th at 1pm.
We received this less than 24 hours notice and the new date was 4 days earlier than the original date?
We immediately requested a refund as the re-scheduled time was ridiculous and impossible for us to get there. TicketsOnSale basically told us to go pound sand and no refund would be given because it was rescheduled and we should be happy with that.
I asked them if it had been rescheduled for 35 years later if that was still a reasonable solution and they said nothing.
Stay away from this ticket company, not legit and a big scam.
Just because the fine print says it can be rescheduled doesn't make it right if they reschedule it at a time that is unreasonable. This company has FRAUD written all over it! Stay away from them or expect to be taken. We were but will make every effort to let everyone know via social media.

Scam artists with no customer service. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.
Accidentally purchased 2 tickets thinking we were on the venue's website (our mistake). Didn't give us final price before clicking "purchase" and then found out we had paid $467 for two tickets (venue priced them at $85 each). Immediately tried calling customer service number, but never received an answer. Called venue and were told the tickets would not be honored for the concert. TicketsOnSale only accept tickets purchased there at their venue (or website). Still unable to reach TicketsOnSale, we filed BBB complaint. TOS replied with crap about their tickets being "legitimate and guaranteed" and said they "clearly state they are a reseller." (It's in tiny fine print at the top of their website, easily overlooked. I'm sure that's not an accident.) Not sure how tickets can be legit when the venue won't accept their tickets. They won't return our money.

Buyer Beware!
Received Dave Matthews Tickets 5 days before the event only to have them canceled by the seller 2 seconds after I accepted them. When I notified (No phone option the 1st day to speak to someone live) on Live Chat TicketsOnSale said their "Specific Team" will be contacting the seller and I will be receiving an update "anytime". Fast forward to the event day... No tickets. Phone option this time (95 minute wait.) Live Chat wait 30 minutes. "Specific Team" no update on seller. The response. Check your email periodically to see if the tickets come... WHAT! Event attendance takes planning, travel and not to mention, this is a birthday present!. So I ask for my money back. They refuse and state if the tickets do not come, I can have my money back. I reply so, if I get tickets 5 minutes before the event, I have to pay, and follow up with, "Do you think this is right?" The response again, we will refund if the tickets do not arrive... Shady business practice, terrible customer service, unwilling to do the ethical. 1 star. Please enjoy the Live Chat snaps below. is owned by Vivid Seats LLC
Ordered three tickets to football game on November 20,2021 from which I later determined is the same company as Vivid Seats LLC. (1) I cancelled within two hours of the order; (2) wrong amount charged - not only double but a $37 extra charge per ticket or $111 which is ridiculous; (3) have not received anything; (4) the tickets are not what I expected as the price is twice what it costs from the Tech Ticket office. I called, emailed, used "live" chat which is not a live person, texted (same as the live chat). Nobody has returned any of my concerns. In each I cancelled within two hours. Also, I googled online and checked with the Better Business Bureau and this company is well known for misrepresentation. It is rated as low as possible. Even when people had paid cash the company refused to return their calls or the money; or when TicketsOnSale were to receive a refund the same happened.

Pins and needles
Not only are the fees ridiculous, but I'm sitting here 3 hours before the show I paid for 2 months ago and only just got the tickets, I've been waiting, scared that my wife will be angry with me, and when I contact customer service, TicketsOnSale say it will arrive before the show or we'll refund your money. Well to me, a simple refund when we plan other things around those tickets being there is not good enough, but all they can say is don't worry and then hang up on you in the live chat. Stay away, bad fees, bad customer service, and a bad job delivering on what they were paid to do. I don't want to hear excuses that the place didn't release the tickets until 2 hours before the show, that's stupid, no show or sports event operates that way. They'd go out of business if they did and this site deserves to go out of business.

This is unacceptable. I have now spoken with TicketMaster; whom I believe I was purchasing the events tickets from. The event was literally cancelled within a day of me purchasing my tickets. As I stated, I went to a ticketmaster site to purchase my tickets. Receiving an email from thr Ticketsonsale company stating that I am being giving a credit for a cancelled event and not given the option to receive a refund is unacceptable. I have no interest in a credit from your company. I am requesting a refund.

Ticket Master purchase was made on July 15th, 2021
Event was cancelled on July 16th, 2021
The timing of the cancellation and your company's response that no refunds would be issued was not conducted in good faith.

If this is not remedied with a full refund as I requested in the near future, I will seek legal action on the grounds that the company is a fraud and presented themselves as a part of the Ticketmaster team and did not act in good faith. This is also a poor reflection of the Ticketmaster company and how TicketsOnSale conduct business.
Do not use this company nor support Ticketmaster if they can't control their resellers.

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