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Processing fees are outrageous!
Processing fees are outrageous! Why am I paying $7.50 to download my own ticket! There should be no cost as you are not sending me anything! Also $16 processing fees for EACH ticket is ridiculous! Either lower the fee or make it one fee for each purchase (ie. multiple tickets!). My total for the tickets should have been $112 however there was an extra $40 charge! This is way too highly priced!

can't wait to go see Drew on the PIR
can't wait to go see Drew on the PIR. I have asked the ticket sales reps at Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium about these tickets and the price I paid. TicketSales were thinking it might be a scam and our seat may already be sold to someone else. We could have got the same seats there for $52.00 each. I am just hoping I will get to go in when we get there, it was a shame I didn't get my tickets at ticket master they are legit and backed by the BBB. 7/15/18.

there was confusion with delivery method and instructions
there was confusion with delivery method and instructions. The email indicated the tickets were mobile and only and that TicketSales should not be printed. However the tickets I received via link indicated that they must be printed to be valid. So had to call customer service to resolve which was completed quickly and satisfactory. Just wish didn't put spouse through the stress of thinking tickets were not good.

Horrible. After days of sitting on hold on the phone, live chat and assurances from this company that we would get our tickets prior to the concert Friday night we were not able to get the correct codes for entry in to the Greek Theater. We sat at the box office for over an hour missing part of the show we were there to see and spent a lot of money on only to be told that we could not get in. This is a horrible company and the 100% guarantee means nothing. You will just spend a lot of money and be frustrated if you use them. I recommend going to the box office or Ticketmaster to purchase tickets. Never again!

Did not receive tickets until 2 hours prior to the game and company refused refund
I have never experienced customer service as bad as I have from I was not allowed to speak to a manager based on the call with Luis and I had 2 chats that took extremely too long without resolution the day of the event when I still had not received the tickets I ordered 1 and a half months prior to the event. I requested a refund because you were unable to provide me tickets until my phone call with Luis where the tickets were transferred only 2 hours before game time. This is unacceptable and poor business. I will never use this company again and hopefully this review helps others.

This is not a ticket seller related to any venue! This site is for TICKET SCALPERS who purchase tickets only to resell them! You will pay two to twenty times more for a ticket compared to LEGITIMATE ticket sites and may end up with fake tickets! Their website will tell you concerts or events are almost sold out when you may be the first to buy tickets! TicketSales use Google to push their site to the top in an effort to defraud people looking to buy tickets! Ticket scalping should be illegal but is now a big business with people who do nothing but buy tickets and then scalp them for a profit. DO NOT USE TICKETSALES.COM! Together we can put an end to ticket scalping by buying tickets only from LEGITIMATE ticket sites!

I purchased tickets to see a Broadway production for today (April 10,2021) last July with ticket insurance because I knew it might be cancelled due to Covid-19. In January, the venue announced its unfortunate cancellation. I've been trying since January to get my refund but to no avail. TicketSales claim that they have not been notified of the cancellation but instead it's just postponed. I have sent them screenshots of the venues website and contacted the venue for them to confirm the cancellation and given them that email. They still claim they can't refund me because it's not cancelled. They seem completely incapable of reading my emails and explanations. They don't care. They just want to steal my money.

This is the first time I've used your site and I needed...
This is the first time I've used your site and I needed some hand holding to get through the process, which wasn't there. I tried calling the help line, but got nothing except a recorded voice. I almost didn't complete the transaction, but decided to risk it even though I wasn't sure exactly what I was agreeing to. For new users your site needs to be more information rich, because spending $300 for 1 ticket is not a trivial event.

Overpriced $100 for craft festival music show. charged us $130 for two tickets to what we thought was a Ritt Momney concert. It turned out to be a craft festival that had Ritt Momney play for about 45 minutes. It was $15 dollars to purchase a ticket through the festival at the door. We spent over $100 for no reason and TicketSales said that there is no refunding as that is a part of the terms and conditions. Will not use ever again.

Absolute Worst Customer Service Ever!
I have purchased tickets through not intentionally but when trying to get tickets to the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks the AXS app redirected me to this 3rd party reseller. I should have paid closer attention to what was happening. I purchased these tickets in April 2021 & I was told the tickets wouldn't be released to me until July 8th 2021, two days before the show (I am traveling from out of state to this show & getting tickets two days before does not give a customer the warm and fuzzies that everything is going to be ok) I have called, emailed, live chatted with this company and I can not get an answer as to why these tickets aren't getting released to me. At first TicketSales said the tickets haven't been released from Red Rocks... but after calling Red Rocks that is absolutely not the case. I told this to the customer service agent. They told me well then the person hasn't released them and so I asked for them to contact the person reselling them. They said they have no information for the person selling them? What how is that even possible? That seems like total BS! I told the customer service agent that I was going to dispute this charge if i didn't get any answers and I was threatened by the agent basically saying they would make my life hell before they give my money back. I have purchased tickets through stubhub, vivid, and several other resale ticket platforms and have NEVER had these sort of issues and awful customer service. Oh and if you email them vs waiting to speak to someone for 35 min, they won't respond for 72hrs? Who does that? This company is such a scam & I am probably going to end up fighting for my $1200 back. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

All is good till you have to use their customer service which i waited an hour to talk to somebody
TicketSales sold me 4 tickets to a local baseball game ant because all the fires around us had to be moved to Sacramento, ca with no spectators aloud at game. This is the link i received in an email. /> They told me they wouldn't refund me my money because it was rescheduled. I tried to explain that it was moved 120miles away and they are not letting in anybody to watch game. I sent them this same link i just gave you and still they didn't care

Well I thought the service charge was a bit excessive...
Well I thought the service charge was a bit excessive but I couldn't get anywhere with Ticketmaster. TicketSales wouldn't let me order on line and when I called on the phone they said to call back, that all operators were busy so I needed to purchase tickets before they were all gone and I needed to buy them from a source I could trust so I looked you up and it was quick and easy. I tried to use my PayPal account and I clicked on it several times and it would not go to PayPal. I did not want to put my credit card info in but had no choice. Didn't like that.

La Mirada Theater has been excellent through the years
La Mirada Theater has been excellent through the years. I have been quite satisfied with every aspect of a multitude of experiences at your theater. In every instance, the personal whom you've hired have made each time at La Mirada Theater a positive experience for my family and friends and certainly, myself!

Today I bought and ordered 4 Disney on ice tickets...
Today I bought and ordered 4 Disney on ice tickets for $60 each.
I got a confirmation email and then later I got an email saying TicketSales were cancelled.
I called back about an hour later. (Once I realized it may have been cancelled for some reason.
The First Lady I spoke to said there may have been a billing issue due to address and the card not matching.
I know for a fact the card I used and the address I provided match. But I figured no big deal, I'll just rebook the ticket.(I have screen shots)
With in that hour tickets prices went up quite a bit. For the tickets I selected it would be about 100-110 per tickets and even the far back seats jumped from $30 per ticket to 80-89 per ticket.
I called back and spoke to a woman hoping you would honour the original price I payed.
I believe my tickets were purposely cancelled so you could sell them for more. When I meantioned my frustrations the lady told me to go ahead and buy from a different site. Not really a response I would expect to hear from someone trying to assist me to give me a good experience.

3 times I entered my credit card info
3 times I entered my credit card info. 3 times your platform said charge declined. I went to my credit card site and saw that the charge was there 3 times. Called them and TicketSales said that only you could withdraw them that they couldn't. came back to you and got stuck in the electronic "live Chat" asking for an order # which I didn't have because according to you, I didn't have one. you couldn't find me, my email or my phone number. Asked for a live person and kept getting robo live . tried calling and never got to a live person.

Can I give them a zero?
Unable to confirm legitimate tickets and I'm out $183 after endless Customer Service calls back and forth to get re-issued tickets on a link that doesn't work. Either TicketSales or the Seller are scammers but regardless TicketSales don't care to fix the issue — they confirmed that on the phone. Do not ever waste your time or be fooled that this is legit.

Worst customer service ever! My tickets are lost!
It's impossible to get a hold of them. Your wait times on home. No one in live chat can fix my problem or find my tickets before my session expires/ I sent an email and have not heard back from them. I purchased 13 tickets at $648 and TicketSales cannot be found. I just got a hold of someone and got disconnected. I have spent hours trying to get someone to find them. I am now going to cancel my order with by credit card company and dispute my purchase. Don't use this site!

Do not use this site!
Worst, by far, company I have ever dealt with. Could not download tickets, TicketSales said I did not have right search engine! That was after 2 hours on hold - and they hung up midway, had to start process over again with another hour on hold. Event didn't happen and they will not refund my WAY OVERPRICED tickets! Again waited on hold for an hour for them to tell me this. I beg you DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Tickets are way cheaper with better customer service elsewhere!

I'm disabled and have been up all night trying to get...
I'm disabled and have been up all night trying to get someone to help me with ADA tickets and left my name & phone number 4 times since appx. 4:00 a.m. this morning and no one from ADA has ever returned my calls, If you can please help me out with this, please call me. I've waited for years to go see Elton John, my favorite person/musician etc. and I can't lose the ability to see Elton on his last tour, please help me if possible, I only have disability for my income and this will take a year to be able to save and pay for the tickets. Please help me with ADA Accessible Seating, any help you can give me on my tickets I would appreciate it so very much, I'm 'permanently disabled' for over 20 years and my life is very hard on a daily basis and I feel going to this concert is my whole world and should be able to go and enjoy one thing in my life. I haven't even been on a vacation since 2002 and that was to visit my uncle in Illinois, who was dying and I got there in time to see him before he died and it was so important to him and me. Please help me with anything you can do to get me to an ADA Accessible Seating with less expensive tickets. Thanks for your assistance with this request. Christine Rogers *******285

Absolutely the worst experience purchasing anything...
Absolutely the worst experience purchasing anything in my entire life!!!! I was given the wrong concert date by a relative who after I purchased the tickets later informed me the correct concert date. I contacted and basically told I couldn't cancel my purchase. I guess nobody ever makes mistakes in life? I will never ever ever again purchase anything from this website for the rest of my life. I wish I could give them ZERO STARS. On top of this, I can't resell my tickets on their website. The same website I bought the same tickets. I have never really hated anyone in my life but I sincerely hate I hope you are happy knowing I am a 150% dissatisfied customer. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM TICKETSALES.COM!!!!!!!!

The tickets I bought cost $244 for two tickets
The tickets I bought cost $244 for two tickets. But the VISA charge was about $320 and there was no explanation why the price went up.

Also, you easily could have told me the exact seat and row. Some tickets said "could be from row J-S". Not very helpful in trying to buy a ticket.

But you have a monopoly on selling these tickets so I have very little choice if I want to see the show.

But I do not have to give you a good review. That feels pretty good.

I only realized once the entry hit my VISA account...
I only realized once the entry hit my VISA account that the cost of tickets was in USD funds. I would have never purchased tickets for this particular show had I noticed the currency domination. Its my fault so I learned my lesson. I did try to resale the show tickets through your agent but the agent was unable or unwell to assist. As it turns out I couldn't make it after all.

I'm not sure why these seats are sold in USD but I'm sure there is a legal reason or just a financial gain element. The seats were excellent had I gone but I'll have to source my seats from another agent going forward. I do attend a fair number of shows per month.

Buyers Beware
My father tried to purchase tickets to a Rodeo, 3 months from now, he clicked a link that looked as though he was buying directly from the fairgrounds. As soon as he made the purchase, my sister in law said the tickets should have only cost him $30 each. He was charged $80! I immediately helped him call Ticketsales to cancel. After being hung up one 3 times, I went through the live chat. I was quickly told that unfortunately the seller had already secured the tickets on their end so it could no longer be canceled. This was now only 10 minutes after the purchase at 6:30 on a Sunday. Not only do TicketSales present themselves as something they are not, they are dishonest.

At the initial order screen online it said GA Pit tickets...
At the initial order screen online it said GA Pit tickets were $49.50 each and we needed 2 tickets. Then at check out TicketSales were $92.00... each. On my phone I also could not change the zip code after trying several times and several different input methods. Had to complete from PC at later time that hopefully didn't result in the price doubling.

Scam. Do not buy tickets here!
I bought tickets for a concert for May of 2020. Not only did I pay double the price printed on the ticket but now I'm getting the run around about a full refund for a cancelled event. I received an email that said I could receive a refund but I had to contact them within 7 days. I was on hold for an hour only to be told he would put in the request but couldn't tell me when I would receive credit to my card. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he hung up on me.

Is it possible to ship my tickets on or after March...
Is it possible to ship my tickets on or after March 5?

The tickets that I ordered were for a concert that was to be on March 27. That concert was canceled due to the coronavirus. I requested a full refund as the concert was rescheduled on a date in which I am unable to attend. I was told that I could resell my tickets. I am not a sales person. I wish to receive a full refund, but was told that that is not an option.In addition, the tickets ended up costing $30 over the purchase price to cover the cost of fees. Ridiculous!

I feel this is one of the sites/business that buy up...
I feel this is one of the sites/business that buy up tickets then charge an inflated price to a person that wants to see the concert. Normal general admission tickets are $20 and for me to by 2 tickets from you is costing me $222 from your elevated price and fees. Just saying your fees are more than the general admission ticket. This is a racket and something should be done about this. This is stealing from the concert going and the musician. Maybe I will contact Kane Brown management and let them know what you people are doing to people that want to see his concert.

On April 11th 2021 I purchased (2) tickets from for $876.96 total to see Foreigner with Kansa@ Red Rock Amphlitheater concert on July 21st 2021. So, I learned the concert was cancelled by google online browsing and then attempted to contact customer services for a refund, which put me on hold for ever, then goes blank, I go to their live chat it tells me to email, I sent emails and TicketSales never returned my emails. So, last night I finally (after many, many, many attempt) got a customer service repersentative on the phone and he tells me that will not give me a refund! Because I didn't answer their email in 7 days and they want to give me a store credit. I never look at that email account and I do not want strore credit. I do not want to ever do buisness with Again. This company stole my money, they are a scam. I want a refund back on my credit card.

Fake! Doesn't honor their 100% Guarantee!
I had 4 tickets to Usher concert and when I got to the door the box office said the tickets were invalid! I had flown to Vegas, paid for our room, and didn't get to Usher! The tickets were fake! I have called, emailed, texted and no one is calling me back! TicketSales owe me $628 for my tickets! BUYER BEWARE! says they have a 100% guarantee! I have yet to see it! User another trusted Vendor!

I would very much like for the service charges to be...
I would very much like for the service charges to be featured more prominently with the ticket prices so as to make a more informed choice while shopping. Otherwise, I feel manipulated and much less inclined to return. I have no quibble with what you decide to charge for your service, but I find the lack of upfront transparency reprehensibly misleading.

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