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Highly do NOT reccomend this company!
I placed an order back in June for a full set of appliances(so we could have them in advance, we had heard so many stories and terrible wait times). I have since received 2 follow up calls advising me that my order was completed and everything was in the distribution center in Halifax. In the beginning, we advised our sales associate Adam, we needed them by the end of September - early October. So, I received a call on Friday past, telling me my range was not ready yet and wouldn't be ready until end of October - and this was not guaranteed. I asked questions as to why, because The Brick advised me in previous calls that it was in Halifax and it was secured on our order, and we would have it when we needed it. Adam suggested that another sales associate went into our order and changed the date of delivery that we needed our appliances for. He then went on to tell me that somebody from The Brick went into our order and took the stove that WE needed, and gave it to another customer as they may have needed it sooner then what we did. After going back and forth, I told him this was not okay and I was furious, as we have the appliances paid for in full and now we are moving into our new home without a range. (This is theft, this is not acceptable)
I then spoke to the manager Brian, who told me there was nothing he could do only suggest that we take a floor model, or to wait until our range arrived.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying anything off this company. I read the reviews before purchasing and I still put my faith into this company, as it is our first time purchasing and decided we would give them a chance.

Bad service and staff
The brick changed so much, customer service is terrible, when you call to ask a question you can't even understand the person on their end, you ask for someone else you get the same accent you can't understand at all, you go face to face with the staff a scruffy girl on the answering desks, her hair is not even brushed and the gum in her mouth blowing bubbles, I had to repeat myself 4 times for her to understand me, I repeated my phone number 3 times she still had it wrong, for the brick to pay half the wages for emergencies to save money The Brick sure are losing lots of locals businesses, the last experience I had with them I was angry yelling out words for her to understand, while I was there another girl came in screaming and cursing at them for the same problem, this is my last time buying anything from the brick and I will spread the word everywhere's.

Don't waste your time ordering from "The Brick"
We bought a Sofa and Chair May 21,2021 with the saleman promising the world. We opted for the 90 day interest free option and we had to apply for their Desjardins Credit card in order to have that applied. We have now payed off the full amount as we only did this out of convenience. WE STILL DON'T HAVE THE PRODUCT... and we have been told it won't be in until September 2021. We have now asked for a full refund and are getting the run around - Apply the refund to the credit card, cancel the credit card and then hurry up and wait for your refund.

Best advice buy somewhere else and save the headaches. We were promised initially to have it in or around the 15th of June then July then August and now September. Very disappointed with The Brick and will not buy anything from them ever again...

Looking for the worst management? Go to the brick furniture
I have been having bad experiences with the brick since 2016 while buying furniture. I had the most recent one in 3025 Ridgeway Dr. Mississauga outlet. I bought two similar sofas on sale. I received two different sofas. One was taken back by the delivery men. The other was having plastic cover torn at a number of places. When I opened the wrapping, I found that the sofa was unacceptably damaged. I rang up the store and I was told by the lady manager that she will call me back in 30 minutes but the call was never made. After about four hours I went to the store and requested for the return. After arguing for more than one hour I was told that the sofa will be returned but I will receive the refund once The Brick receive it back. It was picked up after about a week. I myself called the store to get the return confirmed and requested for refund. It's now about 15 days and I haven't yet received the refund.
The way the customer service deals with you is humiliating. They very very rarely attend your call and if they promise to call you back they never reply. They keep you standing at the counter, keep on gossiping with one another and you feel like you made a big mistake by going to that place.
Once they dropped a new broken bedside table at my home, complaint was launched in that branch but nothing happened. I would never recommend buying furniture from the brick.

Very poor after sale service t The Brick in Pembroke Ontario/2 h
I purchased a mattress and boxspring and slats at the Brick in Pemboke. On delivery the slats were missing. I had called the day before the scheduled delivery and talked to Patty to ensure The Brick were with the delivery. They were not so I called Nicole at the Brick who suggested I get and upgrade to a steel slats and said I could pick them up on Saturday as after spending $1500. They would not deliver them until the next scheduled delivery a week later. The original slats were on back order until June 2021. On Saturday they could not find the slats that I was promised. Thank God for Brian who works weekend only. He was nice and after 1/2 hour of search did find the proper stats( supposedly were on back order. Obviously The Brick does not read the reviews or they would try to improve their service. Thank you Brian. Not so much for Patty and Nicole. I woud not recommend this store.

I am beyond furious with the Brick and their customer service! The final straw for me to write this post was because someone from their customer service just hung up the phone instead of helping me and haven't tried calling me back! I wasn't even rude or unpleasant. I have been trying to get my credit of $646.50 for over a month now and have been directed from one place to another… I've called the Brick I originally made the purchase from (Calgary), was then instructed to go to my local brick for the refund, was told at that brick The Brick couldn't help me, then spoke to someone on the online chat, was directed called dejardins, dejardins said they couldn't help me and to contact the brick, I then went on the online chat (AGAIN), and they said they couldn't help me but to call the Brick where I bought the couch, I called them and then the girl had me on hold to figure it out and then hung up on me and hasn't tried to call me back. This is so ridiculous! How can no one help me? Why does the customer have to chase people/the company to get the refund you guys owe me! Yes I am livid. To add… the $3000 sectional that I bought is already pilling and its been a little over 2 weeks with minimal use. After this experience I never want to purchase from the brick again or recommend them to anyone. This is hours of my time that I'll never get back that I've spent trying to get this sorted.

The best customer service review for Jessica in the Orangeville location
My husband &I purchased a sectional sofa bed back on Aug. 24th/2020. We were supposed to have been able to pickup this item in mid October. I called because I hadn't heard anything, Only after I called was I told that there was a delay in the shipment and The Brick advised then it would arrive in the beginning of November. I called again in mid November and was told again that it still hadn't arrived and it should be there before Christmas. I had made all the calls to this location not once did I receive a courtesy call to advise of the on going delay or was offered any apology for the inconvenience. A few days after New Year's did I receive the 1st and only call from The Brick's customer service to advise yet again that the item I ordered would be around at the end of January. Yet again the end of January came and went when my husband got a call the 2nd week of February that our item had arrived and to arrange to come pick it up. I called the Orangeville location and spoke to the most amazing customer service person that works in that entire store. Her name is Jessica, she was emphatic, understanding and the most professional person I have dealt with at that location. I explained that when we bought the sectional that it was going up North to our cottage and that we had no place to store it until the 10 to 12 feet of snow melted enough that we could pickup the sectional and have it delivered. She made detailed notes in the system to advise others that if there was any issues and someone tried to give away our sectional that us the customer was to be contacted asap. I'm happy to say that I had the pleasure to once again speak to Jessica today who happened to remember me and we worked out a pickup date for my sectional. I can say for certain that if I hadn't had the pleasure of dealing with Jessica these last 2 times I can guarantee that I was never going to shop at this store again. I think that the Orangeville Brick is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful, friendly and professional employee there is the only reason that I would go back. Her manager Tara and Francis need to know this and hire more employees like Jessica, she is truly an asset to your store and you need more employees like her. She deserves a raise and a promotion.

Poor customer service
Sales people almost worship you just to buy stuff from the store. As soon as you buy it they're gone. We bought 3k worth of furniture, stocks are 3 months or so wait, delivery arrived. The Brick have to send to young skinny drivers and lift up all dining chairs and a MARBLE dining table. Note: PURE MARBLE. But of course the 2 skinny guys said it is not part of their job to assemble it! Whereas we PAID thousands of dollars and they expect us to assemble a very heavy marble dining table where 10 people can lift it up to assemble it. 20x we called to customer service and of course-transfer here and there! We have to drive all the way to the store and talk to the staff and all is done in 5 mins. We were complaining where the heck are the staff that when we call nobody answers and here in the office all of them are just chatting/sitting on the desk! Poor poor customer service! No wonder there always new people in their store

Won't honor their own warranty!
We purchased thousands of dollars in appliances 5 1/2 years ago, including an expensive LG steam washer / dryer set and purchased the 5 year extended warranty for $350…. We clarified specifically at the purchase time that the warranty would be for 5 years AFTER the manufacturer's 1 year warranty. Surprise surprise…NOW they're telling us that the 5 year warranty is actually only a 4 year warranty because the first year is concurrent with the manufacturer's warranty. Oh, but The Brick offered to make us a ‘good deal' on purchasing a new washer and dryer from them. As if we'd buy a stick of gum from them …. Never had shopped at the Brick prior to these purchases and never will do business there again. Terrible after sales service! Buyer definitely beware when shopping at the Brick.

Brick should fix the return policy
First of all, Brick is one of the best Canadian retailer of furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics. As a result, a lot of people across Canada trust this brand, however, I bought an expensive mattress from Brick store and the worker their she said that this mattress is the best quality. But, the mattress damaged after month from using it and I was disappointed about that.
Also the worker convinced me to buy a box with Metal Glide Bedframe and she gives me a discount and she asked me to try it. So after 4 days I received the items, but the Metal Glide Bedframe does not look good in my room, also its not comfortable to put the Metal Glide Bedframe and the box under a thick mattress.
So I called them in same day and I asked the customers serves to return the Metal Glide Bedframe or exchanged in any thing else. Unfortunately The Brick did not accept as well, I lost my money for nothing!
I hope from Brick management remedy this situation and fixes the return policy.

Great service.
Purchased furniture in Feb 2021 from Alicia at the brick in Brantford ontario. She was very helpful and knowledgeable, we were told the delivery would be in about 3- 4 weeks and that we would get a call the night before to confirm the delivery time frame. We were called on Mar, 23 and told that our furniture would arrive between 9am - 12 on Mar. 24, also received an email with the same information. On Mar 24 at approx, 10am, we received a call from the driver stating what he was on his way to drop off, it was the wrong items, we no sooner hung up from him when we received a call from a lady at the brick telling us that there was computer problems and that our delivery was not coming until between 3 and 4 in the afternoon that day, We explained that the time frame was no good as we had already made plans with our grandkids for the afternoon, that The Brick can deliver it the next morning, she was very rude and told us that they only deliver to our area 1 per week, and that I had 3 choices, either take delivery after 3pm, wait until the following week, or cancel the order. I told her to deliver after 3, but was upset and called to talk to Alicia at the store, I had her cell number and called her, she was on her way to work. I explained my problem and she asked me to give her a chance to investigate and she would get back to me. Approx a half hour later she called and said that she had arranged a delivery for the next morning if that was good, and we say great thank you. The furniture arrived the next morning as promised, because of Alicias dedication to keeping her customers happy, I will definitely recommend her to all of our family and friends in the future that are interested in purchasing any furniture, thank you again Alicia

Selling something that they don't have it!
I can not believe this! During the Black Friday sales, we bought a TV from their website showing the delivery date as Dec 3rd, and still contacting them weekly and hearing the item is not available in the warehouse! The worst is no matter which date we picked for delivery, as soon as I received the confirmation email, something was off! The Brick mentioned in the email that we'll deliver the item as soon as it was available! WHAT?! If this is not a SCAM, what is it? You asked me to pick a date and then totally ignore it on your email?! I am going to put some research into how to stop this action legally! We should protect our society from this kind of behaviour since this could become a norm for us in many other aspects of life, so please let me know what the next step is if you had a similar experience. Not only this TV supposed to fill out our free time in the holiday, but now they contact us that we don't have the item until Dec 24th or early January. It's too late, THE BRICK, and I hope everyone understands what you are doing and not support your business in future!

Terrible experience
I received my delivery at 9am today. I ordered my 3 appliances in September and finally got the stove delivered today.

To say my whole experience with the Brick has been a disaster would be a gross understatement. I certainly understand that during this Covid pandemic there can be many situations that are difficult to manage. This being said there was such a lack of professionalism by almost every member of the Brick laval staff, save for Mr. Azziz. Of course I was told that there would be delays and I would receive my appliances in November. I only receive one of them in November the rest were delivered late January and early March.
The only reason I received my appliances "so quickly" was because I hounded them weekly. I didn't want to have to do this, but after I realized that no one was returning my calls or emails this was the only solution. Every time i did get to speak with someone I was lied to. Availability dates were promised but then The Brick came and went without so much as a text, email or courtesy call. So I called again, and the lies continued. For the stove I got so frustrated as, of course, my delivery availability date was pushed back. I asked to speak with a supervisor (Sara) with the goal of either finding a replacement model or of canceling this appliance. Needless to say my call was not returned by Sara. Low and behold however a couple of days later my stove was available for delivery. A miracle had happened! The extacy was short lived.

Now came the actual delivery morning. Micheal B. And his fellow worker showed up at 9am and started to unload the truck. He then walk up our walkway to inform my wife that the walk was too icy. I was informed and went out to explain that warmer weather had melted the snow and then the cold weather froze it again. We are March in Montreal of course. As I was explaining this they started to bring the stove in, which I thought was weird as they firstly removed my fridge before they delivery the new one in November. The stove was delivered into my house right were I requested but then Michael B. And his colleague refused to take my old stove, even if I paid for this.(20$) We confronted him on this and he raised his voice to my wife saying in French that this wasn't his problem and he is not going to break his neck on the ice. Of course the ice was not too slippery to deliver the stove. I was shocked. I took some time to cool down and called the laval store I bought the appliances from and was informed that Mr. Azziz is on paternity leave until October. I ask to speak with the supervisor Sara and was told she was with a customer. I was asked what the call was about and I gave a quick explanation that I wanted to file a complaint. I also provided detailed instructions to have Sara call me within the hour. I thought maybe we can get a proper explanation or compensation to aliviate my rage. Big surprise no callback. Suffice it to say i will never again do business with the Brick. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

Extended warranty of the Brick sucks!
Don't buy extended warranty with the Brick! We bought some Samsung dishwashers with the Brick, the salesperson suggested us to buy extended warranty for 4 more years since the appliances only come with 1 year manufacture warranty. He said at the end of 5 years, if we don't need to ask for a repair, we could get the credit back to buy something else. Thinking that was a good suggestion, we went for it. As soon as the manufacture warranty expired, 3 of the Samsung dishwashers didn't work. We called the extended warranty number, found out the Brick has Trans Global take care of extended warranty, Trans Global pass it to another company called King & State Warranty company, we were put on hold for about 20 minutes, then switched to ring tone for another 10 minutes, after that the call became silence. We tried a few times, finally gave up. We then tried to send emails to King & State for the claims, no one got back to us. So disappointed! Suggestion: SAVE YOUR MONEY, DON'T BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY WITH THE BRICK AND STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG APPLIANCES.

Bad customer service and reliability of delivery
Brick cannot guarantee the delivery date at all. Initially The Brick give you date but it can delay a lot and they will not inform you. I ordered many items las October and I received some in December and others in February and finally rest in April. Also most of the items comes in good packing but the actual items are not finished good. They supposed to reimburse me but it takes a lot of your time to get them. Still now I did not receive some of it. I already requested to change my mattresses after a month i still did not receive them where as I was told i will get them on May 5. I went to store to discuss since they did not informed me but customer service is so horrible. I sent an email to the store on May 10 until now no reply then I sent an email to a specific employee also no reply. They take the payment immediately but it takes so long for refund and delivery. I would not recommend Brick to any one anymore and I will never buy anything else.

Anything for a sale!
I know covid is rampant worldwide but you shouldn't give delivery dates to customers when you know you don't have the product in your warehouse and unsure of the certainty of when you will have it actually in stock and can deliver the product when you say you will! I've been waiting for my range for months now. It was purchased on Sept 4/20 and my delivery date has been changed several times and currently told Dec 23rd now! So nice job! Its Christmas and I won't be able to get my christmas dinner done for Christmas day and our traditional holiday dinner takes days to prepare and cook! No time for Christmas baking either! I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from the brick again!. If you receive bad customer service... Shame on them... if you but from them again?... Shame on me! Tried to give them a second chance all in fairness... never again. You should tell customers you can't give dates for delivery until The Brick product is in stock... that way customers can make an EDUCATED decision... for those just upgrading as opposed to NEEDING a stove in your current global situation... prioritize you think!? Shame on you!

Terrible Communication and awful Delivery turn around
Purchased a couch over a month ago. Paid in full ($4800). Was told it will be delivered in 1 month, called to follow up week before delivery to be told my order is now expected in February. NO CALL from my sales rep to inform me of this VERY long wait. Also Called Cyber Monday for discount on the couch, for my sales rep NOT to tell me that anything over $499 is free delivery. Left me feeling very discouraged and that The Brick don't care at all about customers, just their commission that he didn't even work for, we had to ask him to come help us, as no one approached us. Pretty bad when the customer has to hunt for a sales rep. Awful. Really wished I could have given sales rep from Leons my business. However they didn't offer the couch we fell in love with. Not sure Ill be shopping at the Brick again.

Very disappointed
We ordered our appliances months ago as we were at the time building a new house and got an appliance package through our builders for $5000. Abdullah assisted us with picking out appliances and confirmed The Brick would be here on time for us on March 2nd on multiple occasions. Even 2 weeks up to our possession in an email he confirmed appliances would be delivered March 2nd. March 2nd roles around and we've heard nothing so I contact Abdullah. Abdullah then informs us he didn't realize our address (which he got months ago) was outside the city and the absolute earliest we would get them would be Friday... many times we called the brick to speak with the manager of the sales department Mark Maxwell and no return of call. I found his email online and sent him an email expressing our frustration where he confirmed he would call me to discuss the situation further however no phone call happened. I contacted customer service to express my frustrations and they inform half of our appliances aren't even ready till the end of March! Not once did anyone say anything about any sort of delays! No communication or accountability. Still no one was doing anything for us. So I contacted the builders, Ventura (who send them a ton of customers) and they had me write up a detailed summary of the events that took place and provide the emails where Abdullah confirmed the delivery date of March 2nd. It had to go all the way to the top by Ventura for anyone to listen to us or return our calls! So now they are supposedly delivering us our appliances with some loaners today... Abdullah has made this whole experiences just terrible, I wouldn't recommend using him for anything, he's incompetent and made 1000 excuses. Overall TERRIBLE experience with the Brick. We are cancelling our sectional and taking our business else where. We will never give the brick another cent of our money. Also how bad is this that customer service even said how terrible the Winnipeg branch is and that he doesn't like dealing with it. LOL WHAT A JOKE.

The Brick Coquitlam AVOID
The worst costumer service I've had in Vancouver. I've furnished 2 apartments and a house in last 4 years and used different stores but today was too much. 3 times before I was so disappointed but did not bother to waste more of my time on them. The Brick delivered a wrong firmness mattress, the one I never bought (I went for medium they delivered extra firm) my hips are hurting in the morning. Went to exchange it and sales person Ramanjeet is looking me in the eyes claiming that I ordered firm mattress. I ended up paying $500 more for the soft mattress (for she charged me $700 more for the same firmness I've originally bought and I had to buy one with the less $ difference). Of course NO OPTION to return it, even though they said mattress came with 10 years warranty. Like my body hurting was not good enough reason for it. Did not bother to show or say that they are sorry that anything happened as a result of their mishandling but clearly looking at me as a highly annoying customer who doesn't know what she wants for $8,000 spent there! I have 0 star rating for warranties bought there earlier too but have 0 nerves to think about it past this review.
Good luck everyone!

The Brick has ZERO policy for return and exchange for appliances and electronics for DOA
I've purchase a Virtual Pinball Cabinet from The Brick but Dead on Arrival. I tired to troubleshoot myself and check loose cables, hard reset and factory reset but nothing worked. It booted up after I assembled it and loaded into the game menu screen but after 60 seconds the screen gone blank but the playfield TV was on just grayed out. So I contacted The Brick and an agent told me The Brick do not cover exchange for "gaming items" after 6 hours of receiving said purchase. Not even given a 14/30 days period for exchange or at least 7 days protection. I was told to contact the manufacturer via email. Also I could not return an open product. The retailer hold no accountability after you received broken appliances or electronics and tells you to contact the manufacturer instead via email and there's no contact by phone. The agent also told me to read the manual to contact for further assistance but the manual said the retailer are reasonable for standard warranty. She didn't even read the manual at all.

This situation is absolutely unacceptable that there is no exchange before a 7 days period none whatsoever.

Fake warranty
We've purchased a stove that had to be replaced 3 times because the service tech, after looking at the stove, said no parts are available. The stove was 3 years old, so we had to order another at extra cost to us. We got the stove and when we turned on the oven it got so hot on the outer surface that it was dangerous. We call for service, stove needs replacing, at again extra charge to us. What's the point of having a warranty if it costs us money? The frigid we purchased at the same time had dents in the door, we called for service, tech said The Brick didn't put enough insulation in the door, six doors later there's still a dent in it? They were both LG. Now to the leather chairs we purchased, broke after 6 months, called for service, tech brought parts to repair, fine, one month later they broke again. Service tech comes, now no parts available, we have to purchase new chairs. The only problem is that we need to spend another $1000 to get similar. Again what's the point of getting extended warranty when it's going to cost to get a replacement. So we headed to the store and confronted the salesman who brought the manager, the manager said we don't refund money which at this point is what we want, at which point he turned and walked away, not resolving anything. The brick is the most useless retail store ever! Don't waste your money. Now we're stuck with broken chairs and nothing to replace them with unless we spend another $1000. I hope head office reads this and does something about it. We are extremely frustrated at this company.

Bad warranty service and very disrespectful customer representative.
I bought my furniture at the south common location in Edmonton, AB. After using my sofa sets for 5months the leather start fading with some discoloration, I tried to contact the location to speak to someone but the customer representative hang up the phone on me while explaining the reason for my call. I tried reaching out online to The bricks through there online messaging again and I was able to chart with someone but it was a scam. The reason was that the guy said someone will definitely give me a call back within 2-3 days but 3weeks after no call or nothing from The bricks. I have 5years warranty on all my furniture at The bricks but I guess it really not worth having it anyways because The Brick are a scammer. I don't understand why a good company will treat their customers like this? I will never recommend The bricks to anyone because this company is a scam and not responsible to there customers after the delivery of your furniture. I bought a new furniture to have peace of mind on the wear and tear aspect but 5months later the sofa that was supposed to be real leather start fading out. I really feel have been cheated, disrespected and not valued as a customer.

Thunder Bay Brick is 8 months behind someones stealing $20 out of $80 for deliverys!
The brick in thunder bay has a floor manager named Ken who clearly has something to do with the missing $20 out of $80 for delivery that customers are paying for their purchases to be delivered. But not telling customers it wi be 8 months behind because the brick has NO Delivery drivers or movers the brick truck doesnt move why is that? Someone needs to investigate why the brick is running a $#*!ty business here? I know this because my boyfriend was trying to help someone who was trying to help a manager at the brick just for ken to lie to their brick customers blaming the third party company The Brick hired to help with the bricks mess in the first place. And when i heard ken blame my friends moving company giving us a bad name it made alot of us employees very disappointed in the lack of professionalism at this multi milliondollar business whose managers alcoholism is showing and now publicly known.
I think everyone should go get their money back andgo to dufrense or another furniture store that isnt a rip off to their movers for their own company and they wonder why ppl quit?
Drink some more managers blame it onthe third party movers who only tried to do your useless ass a favour. If only corporate knew really what you people have been doing at their store in the thunder bay location!
I would love to let you talk to my partner cause he is-traumatized by the events.
Getting a delivery to the wrong address more than once no thanks to the brick deliveries list that was given by the brick.
One customer called the brick and cancelled his order went to dufresne ordered his fridge and stove and got it delivered that day. The brickwas so slow they got it delivered to the guy who was pissed right off at thebrick. Cause it was aweek that passed by and it was not processed.
Give me the job at the brick I will clean it up myself. Deliver peoples stuff to them with my own truck for the $80 a delivery.
I am ready to go downto the brick fire everyone myself!

February 2021 I ordered appliances for a Brand New house in Ottawa and waited 5 months for a refrigerator and 7 months for a gas stove that I had to switch to a different brand that was scratched and not in a box. The customer service sucks, not even one day had I been informed ahead of time on not meeting the supply date (by the way the supply date was extended every 2wks) and only got to know when I called to follow up.
The stove replacement was delivered on July 25th, my Friend had to open the door for a very rude delivery guy. By the way I work out of town and I do not live in this house and noone has ever lived there and this is a brand new house less than a year old.
On Aug 5th my friend's husband went to give access to a contractor from the brick who was hooking up the fridge and gas stove and both the cotractor and my friend's husband noticed damages on the floor in front and on the side of the stove floor space. The Brick took pictures and advised me and I then emailed the brick. One can tell that it was caused by the stove. The brick's answer after 4 days is that I should have reported in 24hrs. I paid hundreds of thousands of $$$ for this hoise and I find it taken advantage of by the brick. I WILL KEEP FIGHTING Until they fix my floors. Anyone who was frustrated by the Brick? Any advice?

VERY frustrated & disappointed customer
I made a purchase in September for a wide variety of furniture (over 14000$.) Our furniture arrived incomplete and in different shipments. When I say different shipments, I mean it took months after to receive the incomplete pieces (example, the chairs for our table.) It is now mid January and we are STILL waiting for our Christmas gifts that we bought months ago for family. We bought two classic flames, a tv stand, and 2 heater Bluetooths as presents. We are still waiting for the second piece of each of the heaters. We received our mattresses fast, we received our headboards a month after, and we just recently received the frame rails. I did not know that our experience would be a long delayed delivery that was incomplete where I would have several separate boxes that we had to assemble ourselves. Attached is a picture of our receipt that shows that we made our purchase in September along with all the incomplete and separate boxes.

Installation nightmare. Washer leaked. Ruined floors
We purchased a washer and dryer from the Brick.
It took many months to receive it due to supply shortages. This we understood.
However, once it arrived (5 months) later, the installation turned out to be the real problem.
The brick subcontracts this work to 3rd party vendors.
What shows up are 2 young individuals who are essentially glorified driver/movers and definitely not skilled installers.
Long story short, a few days after installation we started to notice a sound from our floors. Upon further inspection we found water seeping up between the floor boards.
The Brick 'installers' had not connected the hoses properly and a small leak had been steadily leaking from the hoses for days and spreading under our flooring unbeknownst to us.
40% of our flooring is damaged and now we risk mold and mildew growth if we don't tear it up.
Our entire floor has to be replaced.
We tried to resolve this with the brick in a calm manner. But they have absolved themselves of any responsibility. We gave them a few options for resolutions that were acceptable to us and they refused them all.
Replacing the floor will cost more than the washer + dryer.
The brick does not stand behind their services.
Stay away.
Do NOT buy from the brick.
You will regret it.
Go to LOWE'S. Much better service.

I bought a chair from the Brick, it came, the truck park at the top of our driveway, two men went inside the truck FOR OVER 20 minutes I walk out, The Brick had this chair on its side and they are trying to fix this chair I caught these people RED HANDED giving me a used broken patch up chair THIS CHAIR IS FROM THE SHOWROOM A LITTLE BOY WAS PLAYING ON THIS CHAIR IN THE STORE THE BOY WAS POCKING HIS FINGER IN A HOLE BETWEEN HIS LEGS AND THIS CHAIR HAS THE SAME HOLE. THE FEET ARE ALL WORN THIS IS NOT A NEW CHAIR I AM BEING NICE THAT I CAUGHT THIS STORE RIPPING ME OFF PLEASE COME GET YOUR JUNK THANKS NEVER AGAIN DARRELL, VISA WILL HAVE THE FULL REPORT, this is a covid dirty chair OMG FROM THE BRICK IF YOU WANT A COVID DIRTY CHAIR ASK FOR JAWAD HE WILL HELP YOU AS HE HELPED ME... MAY 12 2021------ STAY AWAY(((((( WARNING)))))))RED HANDED CAUGHT IN THE TRUCK FIXING A NEW CHAIR (((((((((((((THIS IS A SHOWROOM COVID CHAIR WHO WOULD WANT THIS)))))))) THIS IS ONE STORE THAT GETS HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS EACH YEAR()()()(). DO YOU WANT TO SPEND A YEAR FIGHTING I LOST $768.25 I am disabled, so low this store called the brick just don't be fooled SURREY CENTRAL.

Furniture not Received when promised
The Brick Sunridge in Calgary-
DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Their sales people lie to you to get the sales and the commission. I wish I could give them 0 stars but that is not an option.

Ordered a Reclining Sofa and Chair in March 2021 and was told sofa would be here for May and recliner not until July. Second week of May comes, I contact them and The Brick tell me no furniture until end of July.
I go to the store and freaked out on them... Sofa was delivered 3 days later.
Now it is August 9th and I call about my chair and am told not until November. Told that no stock of this reclining chair across the nation.
What the heck? They are still selling this recliner and telling the new buyers that it will be 6-8 weeks and taking full payment. They know darn well that they can't meet these dates but they will LIE to you just to get your money.
I feel like I have been robbed... The Brick took my money in March but just keeps saying sorry, it is delayed.
The Brick takes advantage of people like you and me to take our money, hold it in their pockets and the little guy (like me) is left with nothing but empty promises and so called delays.
The whole situation has left me sitting on the floor, out $2,000.00 and stressed like you wouldn't believe.

Absolute disaster
At the end of 2018 I bought a set of a love seat and couch with extended warranty, last February I claimed for a small damage on the love seat and I had to wait for more than 4 month a lot of phone calls I had to make, The Brick keep telling me they are waiting for parts and then finally to here that the discontinued the product, I was offered to replace it with another love seat from their store which is not going to match with the couch or keep the damage love seat so that I will be credited a 70% of the original perched price, I have no option to keep the damage love seat and use the 70%. I went to their store planing to use my many the sales man wanted to make sure if I have credit with them, I went with him to check I was told I can use it in any thing,. After about 1 hour walking around the store trying to find any thing, they told me I can not take any thing with me today because the credit is not released yet so I have to come back, this is the worst experience of my life, the brick in Waterloo including the manger very disrespectful they have no solution but to tell us they will call a police on me and my wife, I would never ever will go to this place and I don't wish any one to experience what I have.

Great Sales Rep Support
I don't normally shop The Brick because of its shoddy reputation for product and sales support. I recently was in the market for a Murphy bed and saw one on a sales flyer. I went to the Winnipeg, Kenaston location and met up with sales rep Roy Tia. While that location didn't have the item on the floor, Roy worked hard to answer all my questions about the product. Later that day, I was contacted by the Kenaston store and advised where I could see the product in another Winnipeg location. After viewing the floor model and comparing the exact product with a number of on line sources, we found the Brick's price was very competitive. We decided to purchase the item from The Brick and Roy worked with us to seal the deal and ensure that the item was available at the distribution centre when promised... this required him to spend some of his day off in confirming the arrangements to ensure my pick up experience was positive and productive. Pick up at the Distribution centre was friendly, efficient and competent. We'll see how the product works out at home (we just received it), time will tell. This has been a positive experience due to the diligence and professionalism of Roy Tia... good job Roy!

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