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TexasRaod house Findlay Ohio poor customer service
I want to Texas Road house for supper we order are meal little past six then. We were told it would be about 45 minutes for food would come out. And about. Ten minutes later she come back and it will be a hour. So hour later here come are meal my wife stake over cook but she took it any ways mine had hair on it and I send back. 20 minutes went past no new meal. My wife was done with her meal so we got are waiters and toll her to cancel my meal we were really Togo the manager came over and said she was sorry but don't really act like it soon left with out supper won't be going back there anytime soon. Very poor customer service

Horrible customer service and such rudeness
November 10th 2021 at 4pm, my daughter and 6 others showed up and reserved 2 tables fir a total of 12 people. Texas Roadhouse seated 6 told 1 he had to wait for the other 5. Myself and 2 seniors showed up. We had others on the highway about to get off and show up to make more than 12. The others never got a chance to come in. After waiting 30 minutes with my senior mother I asked if we could be seated since the table was ready and we could order appetizers and drinks while we waited. I was told 3 times no. That the complete 12 had to be there. So I asked to speak to another manager because the lady manager on duty was seeming to be a little rude and agitated. Like we were bothering her. Then comes a man claiming to be the other manager. Explaining the situation to him which he was very aware of it. He was very stern in saying no we couldn't be seating even after asking the lady if we could sign up for seating for us four. Still being told no we needed to wait for the rest of our party. The man manager told us he was doing a favor because he was loosing money by the table being empty in which it was his refusal of seating us. So I said what are you saying? You don't want our money because we are trying to sit and eat and it just continued to go down hill. The other employees that was seating people wanted no parts of the situation. One couldn't even answer a question because they didn't wanna answer wrong. Him telling us that he was loosing money was a lie and him doing us a favor was a even bigger lie. We were spending our money! We gather up our party and Longhorn Steak house was happy to have our business. Kudos to them for saving my big day. A total of 25 happy patrons! My birthday was almost ruined!
Texas Roadhouse must do better!

Texas Roadhouse simply don't care what the customers comments are. Called in the complaint number and also emailed about my first experience where we didn't get all of our food or any condiments requested such as butter and sour cream, but there was never any response back. Tried again tonight and the steaks were cooked well well done when ordered medium rare. Ribs were dry & either overcooked or old. They've lost my business and anybody I have influence over. Unconscionable that a Steakhouse cannot cook steaks to order. That's a lot of money
And anticipation of a nice steak to be so disappointed. I'm wondering if you eat in the restaurant they at least attempt to do right by you. Perhaps it's just the to go orders they don't care about. But I'll never try them or give them my $$$ again
Money again!

My experience at Texas road house was somewhat disappointing. Of coarse the food was delicious and the staff absolutely amazing. The night started out as a mess when we walked in and there was peanut shells all over the floor and none of the staff seamed for care. Honestly, I wanted to pick up the broom and vacuum myself. Immediately following dinner my disappointment reached an all time high as I was expecting my sister to be able to ride a REAL horse for her birthday, BUT imagine my disappointment when Texas Roadhouse brought out a fake horse/saddle. Honestly, Texas Road house should not set such a high expectation for their customers if they are not planning on purchasing a real horse in the near future for birthday outings. Honestly I don't know how this issue hasn't been brought up before. I wish they would at least have the decency to have a sign on the door "no real horses inside " and I would have just gone down the street to the next steakhouse. It gets worse. We proceeded to leave and the parking lot was covered in snow! The nerve. First, please consider the weather when ur asking customers to come out. They expect customers to come in such harsh weather conditions, quite frankly it's dangerous and impolite. Second, if I would have know there was no valet I would have parked a lot closer. A sign clearly stating "no valet " would be very helpful! My evening quickly slid into a dangerous ending as I barely made it to my vehicle as it has already been snowing for an hour and the side walks had not been plowed yet. By the time I reached my car I was hungry again.

I went to Texas roadhouse on Saturday May 8th 2021. Location Middletown -Warwick Rd. Delaware.
I observe the bus person wiping off 3 different tables after customers left. He wipe off the tables with the same cloth for all three. He wipe the food particles on the floor. Never wipe off the menus, or any salt, pepper, or anything else that was on the tables. Leaving I went to the front desk and said do you take suggestions? I was told yes. I told them about the what I observed. Texas Roadhouse girls up front told me they wipe them down every time. They would not write down my suggestions and kept telling me they do wipe the down over and over. I left and went home and called the corporate office. They got in touch with the manager. He called me on Sunday May 9th2021. Told me that the state of Delaware lifted the restrictions and they don't have to wipe them down. I told him I will call the public health department. He said go right ahead. Well I did and was told different. Also bathrooms were dirty with sink filthy and toilet and paper towels all on the floor. SO THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS. JUST THINK THE NEXT TIME WHEN GOING THERE. WHAT DOES THE KITCHEN STAFF DON'T DO THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO DO!

Steaks ordered well done and very welldone were bloody, even after sending 1 back brought back same plate and steak was very red. 3 weeks before a member of our party was there no mask medical reasons, it was no problem. This time Texas Roadhouse made the person hold a napkin 3 inches from the face after letting 2 other customers in with no masks right before us. They say there's limited seating but there's not and the people at the end of our table were only about a foot away from the people at the next table. They also turned the music up so loud at one point you couldnt hear the wait staff. If not for a nice waitress it would have been a zero. The manager was a jerk woman manager with brown hair, kinda short. She brought the steak out the 2nd time and didn't offer even an apology she was very rude and that made 5 people which had touched that plate I was supposed to eat off of. I will not go back to Texas Roadhouse in Greenville.

Terrible Service
Went to eat with my family on Tuesday 04/14/2021, arrived at 5:40pm, Waited approx. 35 minutes to be seated at table for 4. Once seated we ordered, food came out and 3 meals were good the 4th was supposed to be cooked medium, it was well done, my waiter was nowhere to be found so I stopped a food runner and told him, he took my meal and stated he would tell my waiter. The waiter cam back about 10 minutes later to check on us, told him I sent my food back, said he would check, Mgr came over told him my steak was over cooked, still waiting for my food 25 minutes later still no food, waiter got Mgr. Again, Mgr came to table then checked with the kitchen, came back to table and said it would be at least another 5-6 minutes by this time it was 7:30 or so and we had a prior engagement at 8pm, told him to forget it, I left with an empty stomach after almost 2 hours. Texas Roadhouse do not care about the customer, did not offer anything. Will No longer be a customer, very poor service. UNACCEPTABLE.

Ordered online and was told that it would be ready at 7pm... at 7; 15 still had not received a text that it was ready so called the restaurant... was rudely told that it was being made... asked the kid that was bringing out the car next to us - he walked in and walked right back out with it... the steak was sol salty that it could not be eaten, the baked potato was rotten inside, the salad was warm and quite slimy, the rolls were rock hard... sent an e-mail to advise them - the response I got? Wow... DAVE SISK responded to me by just saying "im sorry you had a bad experience"... when i responded with how cold and dismissing that was his response to me was for me to be an "adult" and "sorry, you are upset"... that man does not need to be any type of rep for the restuarant. So rude and dismissing... I wouldn't recommend that restaurant to ANYONE.

Early dinner at Texas Roadhouse yummy!
I Love Eating Here During the Week during their Happy Hour 4pm - 6pm Menu Items Prices are Reduced. Texas Roadhouse is a full service, casual dining restaurant chain. We offer an assortment of specially seasoned and aged steaks hand-cut daily on the premises and cooked to order over open gas-fired grills. In addition to steaks, we also offer our guests a selection of ribs, fish, seafood, chicken, pork chops, pulled pork, vegetable plates, and an assortment of hamburgers, salads and sandwiches. The majority of our entrées include two made-from-scratch side items, and we offer all our guests a free unlimited supply of in-shell peanuts and made-from-scratch yeast rolls. Today, the Company operates over 510 restaurants system-wide in 49 states and 17 foreign countries.

My Gawd! My family& I have been dining at the newest Texas Roadhouse in Florence Ky since January. There is ONE server that is rude, loud& quite honestly the filthiest mouth ever I've heard on a woman. We were sitting to where we could see the expression from the table diagonal from us. Kara(the server from hell) was heard by us& neighboring table commenting on a large table saying Texas Roadhouse looked like they were smoking crack& the insults kept coming about their children& her guess of how this family lived! My family will NOT be returning until Kara has been FIRED! The same night we overheard her in the kitchen area saying her table was over $100 and left her $7. Was she surprised? Complete lack of respect of others, cussing like a man in a bar. No class, she seemed annoyed when asked by her table for something. This profession takes confidence, patience& the willingness to please the community. This woman has none& we did try twice calling the manager to just get disconnected after 20mins! So a complaint will be sent to corporate. This establishment is great, but no room for a server such as Kara that has little to no respect and a sense of entitlement

My family and i hardly come here, but we came in today and our waiter tammy wasn't all there, my mom had to ask her to remove some of our dirty dishes in order to eat out dinner, my father had a sirloin and it wasn't cooked the way he wanted, my brother had ordered a sirloin and a side of macaroni, but instead our waiter brought none of his sides and when we thought he ordered veggies, she brought us some but still charged us for something we didn't get, which was the macaroni. She also messed up our ticket by giving us a ticket that didn't apparently have all the things we ordered and then came back with another ticket with a bigger price... my family and i will never come back.

With Covid 19 going on we haven't gone out and celebrated anything. 41st Anniversary came around and husband wanted to do something special. Decided to order for pickup. Ordered drove 15 miles in town to pick up order, did not check bag drove back home 15 miles to find Texas Roadhouse did not put salad in. Called and told them, offered a coupon for a free appetizer, like you get about weekly in your emails to get you in. Didn't really get the impression they really cared about their mistake or was it mine for not checking the bag, or ever ordering there. Well later that night see on the news people were told if eating any food from Texas Road House to get a hepatitis A shot, dates were listed, last day was 2 days before I ordered, wouldn't you think they would tell people so they could decide if they want to take a chance. Mistakes happen, mine was to order at Texas Road House., support businesses, what about them treating their customers with respect.

Never ordering again
Unfortunately, this is NOT the first time our order have been wrong. Its disappointing and getting to be very frustrating. I ALWAYS have to return because something was forgotten or wrong. Tonight, I didn't go back up to the pick up window because I was super annoyed. I ordered a dozen rolls with 4 extra butter. I got 6 rolls and NO butter, the extra butters are $2 each. That alone is ridiculous. I ordered a Chicken Salad and when I got maybe a small handful of lettuce and dried old chicken. I ordered a side of shrimp that comes with a roll and some dipping garlic like oil for $8 I got 4 small dried up shrimp without the oil or roll. No matter the order, its never right and COLD. Its as if Texas Roadhouse don't care about take out orders. I haven't gone back in a very long time and tonight I remembered why. You need to give the same attention to your take out orders as you do your indoor dining orders/ customers.

Just plain bad
My co workers and I ordered Sat, 12/19/2020 a to to go order, (4) orders, nice orders. My coworker drove thru xmas traffic to pick up. When she returned. No silverware, no dressings for salads, no butter, no sour cream, food was cold. When i called she said Texas Roadhouse don't include silverware unless you ask for it. So she made a trip back, by then the food was very cold and still no butter. Food portions for the steak kabob were so small it was like a childs portion. And they said the meat wasn't very good either. So disappointing since I had recommended and I had good in side dining b4. I don't think i could ever convince my coworkers to ever order again. I don't think I will either. Last time wasn't so good either for takeout.

Very disappointed
I have been employed at the roadhouse for almost 3 years I have complied with everything Texas Roadhouse have asked me to do I have asthma and bronchitis so for the past year have been forced to wear a face mask. Now the governor has a lifted The Mask mandate and I'm still continued to be forced to wear a face mask but customers can come through the door unvaccinated we are not allowed to ask nor do we care we welcome everyone, but I with asthma and bronchitis and my breathing has gone down 30% in the last year and still being forced to wear a face mask because I have not been vaccinated and I will not take an experimental shot that they do not know what is going to happen to anyone. I love my job but in light of all of this I have put in my two week notice I am not going to be forced to wear a face mask and continue not being able to breathe when right on the box it says this mask will not stop covid-19 so can someone please tell me why I continue to be forced to wear a mask?! Very sad and I'm going to miss my job but I'm not going to have my rights taken from me by anyone!

Bad Customer Service
A few friends and I decided to take a coworker of ours who was leaving to work in another state for drinks and dinner at the Walpole Texas Road House. We waited for over 40 minutes to be seated. When we were we were all squashed at a small table all 6 of us. We started our order and proceeded to start with drinks. All our Ids were checked and just one from our group was refused because of her having a foreign license, we were told she needed to have a passport so therefore she could not order any alcoholic drink ( she is not a minor) We proceeded with our evening and had to ask numerous times for them to clear our table as we did not have space for our plates. During our stay we observed that all our drink orders were confirmed through the manager and we watched her hovering over our table which made us uncomfortable. We ordered tequila and was told because it was a family establishment we could not be served. Upon inquiring at the bar we were told Texas Roadhouse did serve tequila and that we should order from our table. We ordered and the waiter again went to the manager to confirm our order. This was not good customer service as between Ashley our waiter and the manager we were treated unfairly and felt we were discriminated. There is no way I will ever go back to Texas Road House.

No Food but Charged Anyway
At about 6:10 P.M. on September 16,2021, I placed an online order for pickup at the Marietta, GA Texas Roadhouse. I waited about 15 minutes before I left to pick it up. Once there, I followed their instructions to announce that I had arrived. I received a text message that my order is not ready yet. About 20 minuted later, I still had not received it so I gave it another 15 minutes.

After waiting more than 30 minutes, I went inside the restaurant to inquire. An assistant manager stated that it was coming up next. I watched as several orders were delivered to other customers. After waiting for more than an hour, I told the assistant manager to cancel my order and I left. He apologized and said that my credit card charge would be canceled.

After getting home without food, I called the general manager of the restaurant to make sure that my credit card charge was canceled and, yes, to express my displeasure with what happened which I did as courteously as possible. In general, this "manager" was defensive and seemingly oblivious when I told him what happened. He said something about their practice of "staggering" orders when Texas Roadhouse were busy which made absolutely no sense.

He said that they would issue a credit to my card which he did not do and he gave me what I interpreted as a verbal middle finger with a somewhat sarcastic "Have a nice day." and hung up. Afterwards, believe it or not, at 7:30 P.M. I received a text message which stated "Your order is ready."

I and my family and friends have dined at this restaurant on several occasions in the past. But that, my friends, was my last visit to this customer unfriendly business.

My hubby & I visit this place about 3 times a week. We went in Saturday 12/5 the place was empty
around 3:00pm. We wanted the bar seating but got a bar top a really big table for like 5 or 6 it was just us 2. We normally sit with Ashley at the bar & Carina but the bar was full. We never asked for that big tabletop. After we had early dinner The manager came over after we stated we would be a while and did not want to be rushed still he had the Balls to say to us that we have been at the restaurant at the for over 2 hours and that we had to leave. We visit this place about 3 times a week here Texas Roadhouse know us already. My point is my $ not enough nor as good as anyone else's. There was no lines nor people waiting like other times which is why we took our time. I worked food & beverage at the Hilton NY for many years I get this is not the Hilton but we sat by the bar for this reason not to be rushed. To have a manager avd ask us to leave when we spend so much $ in this place is ridiculous. Lesson learned I guess we won't be visiting any longer. It's really a shame they should get to know the clientele that really use to give them good reviews. If looking to get kicked out after u swallow ur food go to Texas. Enjoy ur meal.

Service is Unsatisfactory
The food is delectable. If it wasn't for that, we'd never go back. 24530 Tomball Parkway, Tomball, TX - We did pickup on a Sunday night. We were on hold for 30 minutes trying to place the order. We were told it would take 30 minutes to get it which is expected. However, when we got to the restaurant pick up spaces, the number you call to leave a message to say we're here to pick it up, said the voicemail box was full. SO, I went inside to pick up the order and was told it wasn't ready yet and Texas Roadhouse didn't know when it would be! After a bit, someone else went back to check on the order and found it waiting to be delivered. When we got home, we saw the order was not complete, no rolls at all, and the loaded baked potato was only a plain baked potato, not even butter. Really?! Pickup is the new normal and we're disappointed Texas Roadhouse hasn't kept up with the times. They need more staff who are informed and able to deliver good customer service. It would be bad if this is the only time this has happened, but it's the second time in two months!

Dining in
First we were told it was a 15 to 20 minute wait, that was fine. But after 20 minutes and we saw several parties be seated before us (party of 2 at 5:15 pm) my husband went up and questioned the hostess and we were immediately sat. There were 4 empty booths that set only 2 people. Si why did we have to wait 35 minutes? Waiter cam, took our order and everything pretty much came to the table ALL at once. Didn't even get my liquor order until after I got my salad. Literally took 5 bites of my salad and our steaks came! He plopped those down with the bill and never saw him again until he came to pick up my payment! In the meantime we asked another waitress for my husband's steak sauce. And he never offered us more rolls either. Luke we were rushed to get out of there. I, also found a baby roach crawling up the menus and showed my husband. Hos comment was... oh well he won't eat much and he flipped it off in the floor.
After a long day at Duke, I just wanted a nice Relaxing meal. This was not that by any means. I will think twice about ever dining here again after a long tiring day. This visit was So not relaxing, by any means. Just not what I expect from a higher end restaurant! It will be quite soon time before I take a chance and dine here again. I've always really liked this place, but not anymore. There are too many eat to eat without taking this chance again!

Bad experiance.
Roadhouse use to be enjoyable fast service fast food good atmosphere. Now its like round em up and wait. We came in got on the list waited till some people left to sit down finally got to sit down only to be told we need to go back out in the rain to our car to wait a half hour. So we did. Then came in could not get close enough to the check in to let them know we were there. Once we did.we sat down nobody came over untill the manager came to help us the after the waitress showed up we filled her in on what the manager had already done.we got our salads pretty quick since manager put in that request. Then we waited over a half hour untill we finally ask someone to find our waitress. I watched that waitress talk to our waitress as she did some more stuff on computer went to another table that just sit down brought them water. Then litteraly ran to the kitchen came out with our food. Ask us to cut into it. The food all of it was cold as we expected it to be after that long. So we thought well just take it home and warm it up then. Manager came over we told him just want to take it home.he took the food then another 15 min went by. So ended up asking cashier how much two salads are she handed me a little baby menu and said it should be in there. Wow this place has changed wont eat there again.the waitress did say she would talk to manager before we got our bill. But by this time was tired of waiting and left $10 at register for our 2 salads

We got to Warsaw Texas Roadhouse and we go in Texas Roadhouse say 1.5 hour wait... they said they would text us when our table was ready... here we were 2 hours later and that still hadn't text us so my dad goes in and asks about our table... he came back to the car pissed because they literally forgot about us... so anyway my dad said they are cleaning a table for us right now and they would text us when they are ready... 30 minutes later they hadn't text us so we walk in and demand for a table... so they take us there and we were finally at a god dang table after a 2.5 hour wait that was only supposed to be 1.5 so at this point we were pissed... so we order our food and they then bring my mom her salad and there was a god damn hair in it so the waiter who was the only nice person there took it and apologized like ten times for it and brings her a new one (thank you to our waiter who was super sweet) so then they bring the actual food and my mom had ordered steak that had no pink and you want to know what they cooked for her it was pink ok but that's not all let me tell you that I ordered a hamburger not pink it came pink so ya I pretty pissed off and that is the last time we visit the Warsaw Texas Roadhouse I will however still visit Fort Wayne's

On labor day we returned our daughter to Ball Sate...
On labor day we returned our daughter to Ball Sate University and went for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Muncie. First it took forever to get our food, we complained to the manager, who basically called us a liar about our wait time, with no explanation or apology, when it was finally received it was not correct. Our previous visits to our local Hamilton, OH restaurant has always been good. We will not ever visit this location again and would like corporate to take a look at this manager. Our food was so late my husband did not even get to eat and had his meal to go. Very disappointed with overall experience.

Order to pick up
We ordered two meals to pick up at Texas Roadhouse, because it has been one of our favorites. We were shocked to see so many people waiting to eat in and not wearing masks. Some of the staff, including a cook, were not wearing masks, or were wearing them below their nose.
The order wasn't correct. We did not receive one of our sides, and the vegetables were almost raw. The Country fried stead was nearly inedible. More than half of it was gristly and had to be spit out.
We were so disappointed in the food quality, the safety precautions, and even the cleanliness of the restaurant, that it will be a long time, if ever, before we return.

HORRENDOUS customer service
I was having trouble placing my order online. Originally I selected "ASAP" as my pickup time but the website told me I needed to pick a later time. The only option as a drop-down that said "Sunday May 9th" - nothing else, so I was unable to place my order online.

I ended up driving to the restaurant and explaining the situation to three different greeters inside. Texas Roadhouse all just looked at each other, totally lost. I was then sent to the pickup window back outside but get this... the lady there still can't take my order. Mind you, I am physically at the restaurant and the person is in front of a terminal. Yet she insists that I have to go on my phone to place the order. Meanwhile another person shows up and she acknowledges them... because it's the pickup window. She then tells me to wait a minute - she's stops assisting me to help this customer. WTH? So I said screw this and left. Hello, I was ready to place my order and pay for it, yet I was being forced to go thru a bunch of gymnastics... all because the staff were either too lazy or too incompetent to assist me.

I'm never ordering from Texas Roadhouse again. They are very disorganized. What is indisputable: I was right in front of them and they wouldn't take my order. What a disgrace.

We were so excited when Texas Roadhouse built the Texas Roadhouse at Cottonwood, as it was closer to our house and have eaten there happily for years. Now, post pandemic, ordering online has not become the way to continue to enjoy the food. The chicken fried chicken we ordered is about half the size now that it used to be, as is the house salad we ordered as a side. My hubby and I used to order this in the restaurant and split the meal. Not any more! It was barely enough for one person! When I called to speak to a manager, she had nothing to offer but excuses for the portions we received, and when I asked for a refund was refused. I was offered a discount on our next order. She did offer to make our meal again, but after having to wait an hour for the first order I thought that it probably should have been done right the first time. If you're going to make the portions smaller for take out, then your prices should reflect that. We won't be back. I have no respect for a business that would do something like that to their customers, especially in these difficult times.

Rude waitress and manager
My family and I went to eat here Sunday around 4pm. We sat at the table our waitress came over rude with an attitude asking us what we want to drink. We asked her where the bread was an she lied an said it wasn't ready then proceeded to disappear for 20 minutes so we asked to speak to the manager the manager was rude too and also tried to lie an say the bread wasn't ready in which we could see the bread coming out from where we were sitting so we called her out on it she got mad an walked away, when we finally received bread it had hair on it so I took pictures of it an then we got up an left. No to mention I had my one and a half year old crying because he was hungry. The only reason we come here is because we know that the bread comes out when we sit at the table so my son could eat it until his other food comes. Another thing is we stood and watched every waitress get bread an walk with customers to their table with bread but ours didn't I felt like Texas Roadhouse was being slick racist anyway because I'm African American my son is mixed, my fiancé is Caucasian an they was already giving us nasty looks before we even sat down.

My wife and I went to lunch there today, we ordered grilled chicken ceasar and grilled chicken salad. The chicken was so over cooked that it wouldn't even cut with the steak knife. We commented to the waitress about it, she looked at us and said sorry. She didn't even say anything when the chicken was piled up on the saucer. My wife made a comment, all she said was I'll go ahead and take your plates and be right back with your check. Not once did she offer us anything. We waited to see if a Manager would come by and see how our meal was. NOT never happened. Will definitely think before we come back. So disappointed.

Bad food no customer service
We spent over a hundred dollars and it was the worst meal of our life. Instant potatoes for mashed instead of real,
Daughters prime rib was overdone then replaced with a super rare one. Grandson given beans instead of corn. Waitress acted as if she had no energy or no interest in working. Daughter kept getting her Mr. Pibb refilled with coke, I had to ask for my ice tea twice, my prime rib was so tough I couldn't slice it with the knife. When we complain the manager just acted pissed off instead of fixing what was wrong. At least the rolls were good! Worst meal of my life and will never be back. Wouldn't recommend this place to my enemies to eat.

Worst experience
Last night I took boyfriend to Texas roadhouse for his bday and after it took over an hour to get our food our potatoes were so cold the butter wouldn't melt. Mine wasn't done. His steak was cold. My ribs had no flavor and over cooked. The manager comes and she's STRUNG OUT ON SOMETHING! Her hair looked like it hadn't been brushed in a month. Her make up looked like she put it on last week. When she talked she couldn't stop figgeting! You know when someone is on drugs! Instead of giving us this meal free since WE DIDN'T EAT IT all she could do was give us a card for 2 free meals. Thing is she had to write on it and she did that in MARKER. She shook so bad couldn't read it. Not even the waitress could. We had his son with us so a meal that wasn't eaten cost me $85.00. We love Texas roadhouse but better get better management there or this woman will close the place down! For this experience I give them 1 star and that star goes to our wonderful waitress!

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Description: Texas Roadhouse is a legendary steak restaurant serving American cuisine from the best steaks and ribs to made-from-scratch sides & fresh-baked rolls.

Address: 6040 Dutchmans Lane, 40205


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