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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

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Ridiculous Business, Garbage Products, & Zero Customer Service
This company is a fraud. I purchased 3 pine trees from them, and all arrived sick and were dead within one month. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery do not offer refunds, but said they would give me $3 off and free shipping on my next order. Gee, a whole $3 off after wasting more than $100 on their garbage?

And they don't even package bare root plants with wet newspaper, soil, or hydrogel. So the roots were all bone dry after being sent across the country. No wonder they all died. Total rip-off. And they refuse to answer their phone. Go ahead, just try to talk to someone before you order.

Bottom line: Avoid Tennessee Wholesale Nursey unless you want to be treated like garbage and prefer dead plants and trees to healthy ones. Absolute garbage.

Lovely carpet of green
The Pennsylvania Sedge we planted is gorgeous. We are always complimented on the garden as people walk their dogs near our townhouse path. It is too bad that it is winter now or I could attach a picture of beautiful flowing grasses that never need to be mowed and require little maintenance. Love the plants we received and their survival rate was excellent. A very good choice in a shady area within a hot climate. We will continue to order from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery are a well-run company.

Mislabeled plants
I've ordered a couple of times from this place that goes under several names. I will never order from them again. While everything is not wrong, their list of native plants included several present but non-native plants and some plants are mislabeled. I ordered native black raspberry (rubus) and got Japanese wineberry, a horrible invasive instead. A plant nursery should know this but native plants evolved in the same area as the pollinators, birds and insects that all complement each other. Plants that were introduced from other countries, but have naturalized here (escaped into the wild) are not native. Do your research folks and don't skimp.

Great Experience!
This nursery has provided the only trees that have survived for us from mail ordering. We purchased several kinds of red maples that have done well in our hard seasons in North Idaho. The other times we tried mail ordering trees Tennessee Wholesale Nursery were all unsuccessful, but Tennessee Wholsesale Nursury sent us trees that have thrived thus far months later. Prices were reasonable and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

This place is a joke. 100%. If I could give the zero stars I would. If you wanna be ripped off then by all means, shop here. Took them 6 weeks to ship & The trees were dead and broke in half when I received them. TN nursery after numerous emails finally messaged me back but only to tell me I'm screwed. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery don't refund money! Wow. They suck! $180 down the toilet.

Setup to scam customers
Wish I had searched for reviews about this company before buying anything from them. Everything stated by others about this company is true. Hidden in their "warranty" page is clause that Tennessee Wholesale Nursery can send you anything they want essentially. They claim equal or grater, but what I received was a common grass plant rather than the more expensive plant I ordered.

They will only offer store credit, but if you buy anything from them with such credit, you would have to keep in mind the substitution clause.

If you read their reviews and their reply across the net, it is painfully obvious that this "business" is just scamming people out of their money.

They took one customer to court for a review years ago (and lost) and have threatened people with ruining their credit by filing false unpaid debt claims and using collection agents to hunt them down and harass them. Both of these are violation of the law.

They also do business under multiple names like TN Tree Nursery, DNT Tree Nursery, Quick Growing Trees, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery and OnlinePlantNursery.

Warning- Negligent. Unprofessional, Rip Offs
We got total games and run-around from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery after Tennessee Wholesale Nursery sent us the wrong plants along with completely rotten plants. They played games with us and made us jump through hoops for a whole month after we spent several hundred dollars with them - and they refused us any refund or to replace the mislabelled and dead plants. I have several decades of experience as a professional native plant specialist and worked for several major botanical gardens and native plant conservation organizations. These people are the worst around.

After spending hundreds of dollars, we have nothing to show for it. They clearly take advantage of out-of-state buyers. This is a disreputable business and a total rip off/


I paid $96 for 100 bare root creeping phlox. I specifically noted to be sure Tennessee Wholesale Nursery sent me white. I was very excited about my purchase and highly anticipated the arrival of my white creeping phlox to fill the bare area off my patio.

What I received was a nasty Ziploc baggie just thrown in a box, partially open, dirt everywhere. The nasty baggie had "100 creepin phina." written on it and yes, missing the g! The plants were bone dry (not packed in gel like they state on their website), not bare root, not creeping phlox and not white. They were regular (teenie tiny tangled rats nest) roots in 3 clumps with rubber bands AND they were purple! I was seriously ticked off! Oh! Did I mention I paid $18+ for shipping? $18 for a dirty, nasty baggie in a tiny box! No packaging. No moisture for the roots. Nothing protective whatsoever for the plants.

When I contacted TN Nursery they basically and snidely told me "We have the right to substitute and send you anything we feel like sending you!" Really? Why not send me a lemon tree or a rose bush?

Needless to say, I was livid so I reported it to my credit card company. I received my temporary credit from Chase while the charge back went through the process and eventually got the permanent refund.

So basically, TN Nursery advertises thousands of gorgeous items for great prices on their website. You painstakingly go through it and choose SPECIFIC PLANTS for your SPECIFIC GARDEN/AREA and they think they can send you ANY PLANTS OF THEIR CHOOSING and you're supposed to accept it and plant what they send you in your garden even though what they sent you isn't what you want, might not match your scheme and may not even thrive in your chosen area!

It's absurd and it's a scam so save your hard earned money and look elsewhere. I'm shocked at myself because I research everything to death! I let my guard down because this company seemed so legit as did the reviews on their website. IT'S ALL FAKE! What I received DID NOT come from a nursery! It most likely came from the scammers back yard!

Also, if you read their "terms" you'll see how they attempt to scare people away from filing disputes/charge backs and that's because they've probably had so many filed against them. What doesn't make sense is why they scam people. Charge backs cost vendors big bucks when they lose a case. The whole thing is a joke and I'm shocked the website hasn't been removed. I read somewhere they changed their "business" name like 5 times!

So my dream of a blanket of white creeping phlox off my patio is not going to happen this year because of the SCAM known as Tennessee Wholesale Nursery or TN Nursery. How it's possible that any human would scam another human this way is beyond me especially during these unknown times during the Covid pandemic. It is beyond self-serving and evil!

I will post a photo of what I received as soon as I get my new iPad to desktop cable.

Rip off
Tennessee Wholesale Nursery charged me for 15 large ferns, mulberry tree, 4 spruce trees, pine tree, and 5 viburnum in Nov. 2020. All were supposed to be delivered LIVE and 3-4 feet tall for LIVE trees. I received a 2.5 foot dead pine or fern like plant, twice, in a brown box, spring 2021--not packed to survive nor could I revive it. Because they sent two boxes to ship the dead one twice, they claimed I got my entire order. It cost me over $250 to receive one dead plant. BEWARE.

Unhappy customer
I have ordered 4 pine trees 2 pitch pine and 2 short leaf pine back in March. Open box and trees where wilted and dry there where no moss are any kind of packing to keep roots moist. Said the trees where in dormant stage but had new growth. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery where shipped to late in season I believe. I planned them and a week later they were dead all 4 of them. I will not recommend to anyone or will I ever order though them again

Wisteria Vines
I ordered four wisteria vines to plant along my barn after seeing them at a local nursery for $35.00 each. For less than $30, I was able to order all the plants I needed from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. My wisteria vines arrived in good condition and came with clear instructions for planting them. I can't to see them bloom in the spring. I will definitely be ordering more plants for my garden next year from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

Received dead plants and no refund
Received dead plants, not even one woke up. Used rich soil and planted by instruction I found in internet. There Was no instructions from nursery how to plant. Customer service just said that Tennessee Wholesale Nursery are sorry, promised that they will resolve an issue and did nothing. Better pay more and get quality products somewhere more reliable.

Total scam - worst nursery ever
What a horrible business. I ordered plants that were shipped May 11th. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery arrived May 30th. After 19 days in shipping, they were completely dead. The nursery website states that plants are good for 10 days in shipping. This nursery confirmed via my photo that they were dead, but refused to refund my money since I "received my shipment." Absolute nonsense. Find any other nursery to order from instead of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

This company ships dead trees. Tells you Tennessee Wholesale Nursery are "dormant" and instructs you to plant them even though they're dried out and have no root growth. Then after spring comes they think it's too late to complain.
Have photo... it won't upload.

Happy to Have Found this Nursey
In November, 2021, we discovered TN Nursery as a source for the native plants we're using around our house. We placed an initial order for seven varieties to check out the quality. The bare root versions looked great (if you're used to bare roots) though it will be spring before we know for sure. Also, found that customer service was quick and responsive. Since then, we have ordered and received Club Moss (a very difficult plant to find) and a couple of dogwood trees. We are thrilled with finding this gem and have received a Christmas present from our family of a gift certificate to use in the coming months. We highly recommend them.

Mulberry trees
We ordered two mulberry trees at the end of 2020 and asked for a delivery of April. We live in N. H., and our pachage came right on time. We soaked the roots the appropriate amount of time and planted them just below our peach trees. It's now July and our new trees have tripled in size. The leaves are georgeus and plentiful with branches shooting everywhere. We are well pleased and satisfied with this company and their product.

Quality plants and moss
Came across TN Nursery while google searching for moss and native shade perennials. I liked the selection Tennessee Wholesale Nursery had available so took a chance and really glad I did. Well priced, high quality bare root plants with detailed instructions, and really great sheet moss that i was lucky to get on sale. I'm a repeat buyer and will continue to be so!

Completely satisfied
After searching with other online nurseries I soon discovered that the ones promoted most were from northern states. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery did not understand like Tnnursrry that in the south - December is a great time to plant. They all wanted to wait till April. In the south that means lots of watering with few roots to survive the summer. Tn nursery understood and sent a redbud tree professionally packaged and it is now happily planted in my front yard awaiting the spring.
Thank you.
M. Scott

Reliable and fast
I have ordered serveral items and never had a bad experience. Communication is great and I am aware of every step my plant takes in getting to me.
Plants come healthy. A word to the wise: if the plant ships dormant, don't worry! Follow instructions and you will have success!
I'm planning to place an order very soon for some fall planting.

Plant died, warranty is a joke
I ordered three plants, planted and cared for per instructions. The tree did not make it. The two others are barely alive, no buds in them and won't likely survive. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery say I have to send them back at my own expense, but only after they have had opportunity to work with me for 7 days. They won't work with me, just give me the run around. Total scam.

The plants you receive are the worst EVER for an online site. This is not legitimate. I received dead roots, literally minuscule plants with dead tops and a few feeder roots. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery told me to plant them because they had a 1 year warranty. That covers 40% of cost, and you get a store credit. After 6 weeks nothing grew. Even Dave's Garden won't accept further reviews because Tennessee Wholesale Nursery was suspected of putting up fake positive reviews. I wish I had researched before buying.

Excited I found TN Wholesale Nursery!
I am starting a woodland garden in our trees that surrounding d our property. I found a plan that called for plants I had never heard of before. In my online search I found TN Wholesale Nursery and found all the plants I required! Great user friendly website. Plants were delivered as specified at check out. YAY! Preparing a other order!

Very pleased
I'm always hesitant to order from a company online for the first time. But I was extremely happy with my experience. I had 2 separate orders, I had started getting a little concerned after about 2 weeks that I had ordered from a iffy site since I hadn't had any updates on my orders, however I received a email stating Tennessee Wholesale Nursery were being shipped... when I received them I swear they had just dug them up. They were fresh, soil was moist and packaged well. Of course they are dormant at the moment but you can tell they are simply dormant and appear healthy in their dormant state. I will definitely order again.

Our carpet moss
We couldn't be more pleased with the Carpet Moss we received. It was in perfect condition when we received it... moist and ready for planting. The planting suggestions were great and the moss is already firmly attached on the berms we prepared it for.
Attached a photo of installation day and I intend to send photos next spring, when our little Zen garden is complete. I thoroughly expect the moss to survive the winter here and look lovely next spring.
Than you so much for a great online shopping experience with live plants. We may be in the market for some golden ferns next!

I've ordered ferns from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery a number of times, and received them in bare root, a selection right for my area, and always prompt in shipping. "Naturalizing" is the word I've found for what I'm
Doing. A so-so lawn in front of my house now boasts the beginning of a native fern garden and wild flower volunteer plants. Bravo! And thanks!

So far so dogwood!
Albeit a premature review... we live in hope! Pics in the Spring! So far the experience with Tenn Wholesale Nursery has been tremendous. Even with the free USPS shipping option, the two dogwood trees were delivered within a couple of days of placing the order.The barerooted specimens looked healthy and had a substantial rootball. An excellent price for a pink and specimen. I look forward to future dealings with this company as our new house and garden develops. Colin & Kim Burke

Tennessee Nursery = EXCELLENCE
Every plant that I have received from TN Nursery has been vibrantly healthy and Tennessee Wholesale Nursery have all arrived as scheduled and in excellent condition.
I love that I can order plants that share my geographic location with confidence they will thrive in their new home; plus it's so nice to buy quality plants at a good, fair price.
Tennessee Nursery is my new "go-to" for for growing the gardens here,,,,, THANK YOU!

Total $#*!
I order these plants, thinking Tennessee Wholesale Nursery were fully bloomed plants. That is what the picture showed, recieved only roots. Then those roots were not even well maintained. I had over 5 plants showed in a small cardboard boxes in ziplock bags with no soil. And most of the roots were broken, some were not even the roots just broken sticks. Waste of money!

I ordered this little tree in July in honor of my tiny niece. One of her nicknames is Sassafras. I was thankful it was held at the nursery until November. Louisiana heat can be pretty hard on a tiny tree. When I received it the packaging was in tact and secure. The tree was healthy and firm. I intend to keep it as a specimen tree so I have it in a barrel outside. We've been through a couple of cold spells. I took a couple of pics where you can see it is still green and actually tiny new growth. I highly recommend TN NURSERY

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