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Rip Off
Do not purchase from Tee Chip. Total rip off. TeeChip ignore all contact. I cancelled my order the day I ordered it- and they went ahead and charged my credit card and printed the shirt weeks after I ordered and after I had repeatedly contacted them cancelling my order. When they finally did respond when I put a hold on the purchase they finally contacted me with really no response at all. Shameful behavior. They should be ashamed.

Great service and really fast turnaround...
Great service and really fast turnaround. I was a bit sceptical when I placed my first order because of some poor experiences with a few other online stores. The design in their ad was what I was looking for so I couldn't resist placing the order. I must say when I received the shirt it was exceptionally beautiful. TeeChip have exceeded my expectations. I'd recommend this website to anyone.

Online safe shopping with TeeChip
Online safe shopping is a challenge with some sites especially with goods quality and exact items deliverable. However, my experience withTeeChip from the day of order to delivery the services was good. I was updated about my items consistantly, goods quality was satisfactory and delivery meet my expectation. Online safe shopping met my needs with TeeChip. Feel free, relax and enjoy your shopping with TeeChip.

Very expensive for very low quality
While I still like the printed graphic on the face masks and tank I bought, the quality is horrible. The shipping took about 5 weeks. The face masks ($15 each) are cheap, non-breathing polyester and are very small. The described-as "flowy tank" ($32) is sized for China, which is extremely small and didn't fit, little lone flow. Of course, I now find TeeChip won't take returns because they claim the merchandise is "custom printed" even though I've since seen it at other companies. It's one of the most disappointing purchases I've ever made. Lesson learned. The attached photos show the cheap fabric.

My grandson loved it
Tee chip shipped my package fast and it was easy ordering. My g sndson is graduating this year and I thought this would cheer him up since there won't be an actual graduation. As soon I gave it to him he added it to his story on FB and his friends reacted with " that's bad ass"... He really like it and is something I'm sure he'll always remember... Thank you Tee Chip... Awesome company!

Tamara Deer ( grandma)

Birthday gift
TeeChip do not even deserve on star. I wish I would have read reviews before I bought shirts. I ordered a month ago for a birthday gift and still no package. I have tried to call and email but nothing I put my information in for them to look up my order and says cannot be found but the very day I purchased these shirts they took the money out of my account. I'm so upset over this. My friends birthday is this weekend and I can't even speak to anyone as to why its still not here a month later. BULL$#*!

It took 6 weeks to get my product instead of the advertised 10 days. Their recorded message said it was because of covid-19, so why not just put that on the website and say there will be delayed shipping time?
Additionally, the product is not as advertised. I ordered a mask with a picture of Elvis. Their ad showed the mass going from the nose to the chin, when in reality it goes from the nose to the middle of my neck. It's ridiculous.
Last but not least, since ordering from Teechip, I now have an ABUNDANCE of crap being sent to my email.

Steals Art
This company steals art, poorly replicates it, and often double bills for it. TeeChip are a scam through and through. I disputed my purchase of a poster because of poor quality, realized they had lifted a small image from the original artist's website and just blew it up to poster size - straight up stole it! Paypal refused a refund because they insisted I try to contact teechip and discuss with them, and teechip simply refused to respond until the dispute time period had run out.

But wait! There's more!
The 2nd poster arrived and was EXACTLY like the first- mistakes and all. Chatted w customer service rep again who said rest assured they'd fix it and send a new one- still no refund as per their own policy. So... TeeChip sent A THIRD POSTER- still wrong and exactly like first two. I'd venture a guess that the postage on the last two would have covered over half the cost of the refund I originally requested! Moronic idiots!

The absolute worst buying experience I've had in a very long time. Ordered a Frank Zappa, charcoal colored cotton face mask. Took over a month to receive the item. What I ended up getting was a black face mask, with no graphics, made out of some type of ultra thin material. Wouldn't wear it even if it had the correct graphics as the material is so thin, the product would be useless. Have filed a complaint with both Teecup and my credit card company. WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

FACE MASKS- FO-get-about-it
Paid over $20 buck for a face mask ordered 6 weeks ago. Finally got it and it sucks! It's made of crappy, thin, slippery, nylon material with white elastic ear bands. There is NO WAY this piece of junk could be worn to keep out of the Coronavirus. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Automated system only. Tried chat- got disconnected, but only after finding out TeeChip are U.S. based. Really! It's been thrown in the garbage, where crap belongs :((

Funny face mask
When I first saw these online I question about buying them. Once I receive them I couldn't wait to put them on and go outside and have a ball with them. Here in California we are all still wearing face masks and it's great to drive down the street with a funny face mask on just to be different. I never went by my pharmacist and the entire Pharmacist and Pharmacy assistance all busted out laughing so hard. Thank you so much for making my day and for making other people laugh. Antionette M Kelley

Don't expect to actually receive it
It's been 3 months. I received on item in my order but the other item has been "processing" for the past couple months. I have contacted them a couple times and always told it is processing and will be shipped soon. I was offered a discount for another purchase. Why on earth would I want to deal with this company again? One child has her t-shirt but the other child is still waiting for his. Don't use this company!

Golden Girls tee shirt.
I'm very satisfied with the golden girls tee shirt. When i received the shirt in the mail, the shirt was even more awesome then on the website. I can't wait to wear the golden girls shirt and show everyone how cool the shirt realy is. Thanks for the fast shipping and reasonable price for the shirt. Outstanding seller and best quality. I definitely recommend this site for anyone who likes the golden girls.

Hands down the worst customer service ever
First TeeChip charged me for 2 shirts when I ordered 1. I went through the website to change my order and was refused to within 2 minutes of placing my order. Then was told that it would be 20 days before the order will be shipped. Here i am a month and a half and still being told 20 days more. No way to speak with a person and I keep getting the run around from them. Do not under any circumstances give these people your money.

Posting images of people dead children to sell merchandise
This company is using fake Facebook accounts, posting pictures of someone's dying child with photoshopped blankets or shirts on them, then saying their child died and TeeChip loved "post group characters here". When every comments they are so sorry they try to sell the people these items with illegal copy written materiel on them. With a link to the teechip store. Absolutely disgusting, i hope these scum rot in hell. Wow! I can't believe it. The below picture originally had a caption that said "my son died today, he loved Calvin and Hobbes" now it is a link to their store.

Place and order 6/5/2020 company says it is in processing 6/10 todays date 6/29 and no update, no tracking no response on the phone finally after 15 mins waiting on chat got support. Claims shipping out next week. Problem is this was one tee shirt for a gift July 8th shipping to Nevada. Wow. So no matter what company name TeeChip use service was crappy and will not order from either name again or a Facebook ad so far this is the 3rd company from Facebook that SUCKED... and they use multiple names and USA city claiming to be located here SHAM SHAME

Plain awful
I ordered a limited edition Totoro poster and for almost $30 I definitely expected something better than a low resolution copy of a Ghibli Studio official poster poorly printed on a piece of paper. It looks cheep, awful and the whole impression is that someone was trying to make easy money by downloading a low res image from the web and printing it at some cheap place around the corner. Seems like there is no respect for artists, copyrights or even clients so TeeChip looks like a joke to me. Avoid at all costs.

14 days still in processing
I ordered a mask 4/19, it went into processing 4/20 today is 5/3 and still no mask. I have sent 5 emails (the only contact) and I keep getting the same auto generated email. Item in processing. Until I requested a refund then I got a response saying unable to refund due to item already in processing. There is no contact information for this company. Will be filing a fraud alert with the BBB and my bank.

Classic T-Shirt Order
I've never seen a t-shirt / tank top with the WKRP Turkey Drop on it... a CLASSIC! Tank top is attractive and the image was bright and sharp. This is a Christmas present for my wife... and she will love it! In addition, the communication with was excellent. TeeChip kept me posted on the processing of my order, when it was shipped, who it was shipped through, when the delivery date would be and provided a tracking number so I could follow it here. Good company who provide a good product and good customer service. I will order from them again!

Sizes are Way Off
I ordered three t-shirts from this company. Okay, I understand why it took so long to receive the t's (over a month). The first t-shirt That I paid approximately $26 for was way too small. I ordered a 2xl and the shirt is at best, a large or even medium. The other two, which arrived a week or two later, were the correct size and I really like them. There is no communication from the company and to complain, I need an order number, but there was no invoice included with the shirts and, like I said, no emails with information.

Quality merchandize, value for money, delivered on or before stated date, I really like my hoodie
Quality merchandize, value for money, delivered on or before stated date, I really like my hoodie, good quality, didn't shrink when I washed it and didn't produce any lint in the washing machine like cheap clothing. I'll wear it all winter now. Thanks I really like my hoodie, good quality, didn't shrink when I washed it and didn't produce any lint in the washing machine like cheap clothing. I'll wear it all winter now. Thanks

Very disappointed in my purchase.
I purchased a T-shirt for my wife from this company on Facebook in October. It was a Christmas present to her and I found that it was too small for her. I attempted to exchange it for a larger one but was informed that the time to exchange was expired. Most companies at this time of year give you plenty of time to exchange a gift especially if it is bought in enough time to receive it for the holidays. Really disappointing.

Terrible Customer Service *******816 email shopping2477 does not work it bounces
Order masks on 4/22/2020 $132.22 was deducted from my account. Received a email on 5/1/2020 that my order was processed and would ship in 14 to 21 business days.

When you call their customer service number listed above it bounce back an forth.

No response from customer service.

Do not purchase anything from this company.

Forces you to pick a star or will not let you leave a review. -1

I purchased 2 x Hoodies, 1 x T-shirt, 12 x Facemasks and 2 x Coffee Mugs
I purchased 2 x Hoodies, 1 x T-shirt, 12 x Facemasks and 2 x Coffee Mugs. I must say everything is fabulous. I would however highly appreciate it if the delivery was a little quicker. If I had got them just one day earlier I wouldn't have missed the function. But TeeChip delivered in the specified time, not their fault. After reading some of the reviews on here, I think if I had requested the customer service they would have expedited the shipping for sure. Not your fault guys. I love the products and will keep buying from you in the future.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to cancel my orderthe day after I placed it. Started trying to contact TeeChip but was never able to. Not through email, live chat or phone. Contacted PayPal. TeeChip supposedly never responded to PayPal either. I never received email with order number. When I received email with shipping info, it came from cozy-shirts!? Very very poor customer service! Stay away!

This is a time to practice patience and gratitude
I want to start by saying, I knew it would take awhile to get my order. I was more than happy to wait knowing that st this time everyone is doing the best TeeChip can under uncertain times were having with this Pandemic. I'm very appreciative of all the essential workers. They have alot on their plate, considering they are dealing with thousands of orders daily.
I ordered a Kelly green tank top with all the names of black people murdered by the police. IT TOOK 2 NMONTHS TO GET MY ORDER BUT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. ALL THE NAMES WERE PERFECTLY CLEAR. I WOULD DEFINITELY ORDER AGAIN.

Terrible customer service.
Good products I think? But don't expect any customer service at all! Tried to cancel an order that was incorrect the minute I received confirmation. It wasn't going to be printed or shipped for 7 days. No response. I am stuck with a child's size shirt for a woman with MS. Recieved 2 weeks later. No paperwork to send it back. No returns. No refunds. I've ordered from other custom tshirt places that are great. After 3 weeks I finally got an online chat. Waste of time!

Pixelated Shirt from Likely Stolen Art
I ordered a shirt that looked great in pictures, but what I received was a pixelated, grainy mess. It looked like someone copied an image thumbnail from someone else's site and then pasted and enlarged the image before slapping it on a shirt. I submitted a complaint and TeeChip said that at this stage of the process, I'm not eligible for a refund, just a reprint. I told them that a reprint wont fix the fact that the art is low quality and enlarged past what is reasonable and that you can practically see the pixel lines. They insisted on sending a reprint first.

The second shirt I received was a more color saturated version of the exact same hazy, ill-defined, pixelated image. I contacted Customer Service again and was told that I was only eligible for another reprint, not a refund, and if I wanted to proceed in the refund process I had to consent to another reprint. So wasteful, but after much protest, I consented. Then I got an email today saying I'm not eligible for a reprint or a refund. Insane. I would have never intentionally ordered a shirt that looks so tacky and homemade. I know exactly what stolen art and/or cheap graphic production looks like, and this fits the bill.

Great platform to sell merch
I have been looking for reliable platform to sell my merchandise online and finally got the best one. Teechip helps me a lot to understand more about artwork creation and selling online. I heard about them through a colleague at work. He has been selling on Teechip on the side for quite a while and making a decent amount because profit margins are good here. Thought I should give it a try.

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Description: Design and sell shirts, mugs, and phone cases online with TeeChip Pro. Upload your artwork and we take care of the rest. No upfront costs. No minimums.

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