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Region issues with foreign imports
As many reviews suggest the items are being imported from outside the UK. This can lead not only to long delays, but also region issues such as with the Galaxy watch I ordered which is locked to regions of South America. I'm attempting to resolve this with Samsung but the 2 week wait to get a product that I then have to get fixed so that it works as expected is not worth the cheaper price. Trust me.

Update: After talking to Samsung their recommendation was to send the product back. Info for doing this is on (add /returns to the address)
Important! Read the page on about 14 day cooling off too. Was offered £10 for the £282.99 product at one point! Though this may have just been poor use of english in their email. TechInTheBasket would not refund my postage unless I remove this review! If you want a cheap, semi-functional product (or one that you can fix if you have the technical skills) then this may be a good site for you as the product was at least in brand new condition.


Had I read these poor reviews before placing my order, I wouldn't have used them. Everything I've read has come true.

I placed an order the same way I would with any other online company. TechInTheBasket send you a receipt email at the time of ordering and then a processing email including a tracking number a day or 2 later.

The tracking number is fake. Although they say it will take a few days for it to become active. It doesn't. At no point has this number worked.

A month and a week later and no item or refund.

Currently they claim the courier (Royal Mail) has collected and they are unable to contact the courier to arrange a return. Madness.

Two weeks ago they agreed to refund me in 1-3 days. The refund never arrives.

I'm taking legal action to recover my refund and fees.

All I wanted was a pair of headphones for my exercise. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! ITS NOT WORTH THE STRESS AND ENERGY

Nice customer service
I ordered beginning of the month the Sony wh-1000xm4, and TechInTheBasket were delivered within 6 days, but I had the issue where they didn't include C/O in the address, so DHL couldn't find my name and returned it. I reached out to customer support who replied within the promised time of 48H that they will send it back. Communication was smooth and they were very professional, I had to follow up every time but nothing out of the ordinary.
I got them today, and the product is authentic at a great price, I am very happy and satisfied.

Iphone 11
Bought a iphone 11 (128gb £643) in red, had it a month and it wouldn't connect to my sim. Tried a brand new sim as well as the sim from my wife's phone still wouldn't connect. Took to apple who said TechInTheBasket could fix it (2days) BUT it was a Chinese iphone that could only be fixed in Chinese regions. Emailed titb who said it had to be sent to them 4 MONTHS OF EMAILS, YES 4 MONTHS of being fobed off I was finally offered 50% of the money back, bag of youve been warned!

$#*!ing ace
Well I've read all the horror stories and thought $#*! it "he who dares wins rodney."

I ordered a galaxy active watch £146 when the going price £229.

It came within 5 days brand new in sealed box.

The tracking number is sent a few days early so it doesn't work when you first receive it.

Any queries or takes 24hrs plus to receive reply but the do reply in the end.

Ok no UK warranty but how many people fill the warranty card out anyway.

Could not fault

Scammed. I wish I had read the real reviews and not fallen for the fake bot reviews.
Just got scammed out of just over £400. I see lots of other users here getting the same template responses I got. Hopefully Paypal will assist in getting my money back.
This is not a company, it's a one-man operation,
Kei Chuen Lee, a fraudster.
He takes your money, gives you a fake delivery date and a fake tracking number. Makes up loads of bull$#*! stories about how TechInTheBasket courier is holding your parcel for an unknown reason. AVOID THIS SCAMMER

Real personal experience: I bought a Huawei P10 Plus 128G Gold dazzling from TECHINBASKET (PRO) ( and it is of bad quality... After using normally for less than one month, it broke down, showing blurry screen with many horizontal stripes... The seller TECHINBASKET (PRO) is highly irresponsible and unreliable... Even though TechInTheBasket offer 1 year guarantee, they rejected a direct replacement or refund at first. After I wrote several complain letters, they cheated me that they would replace it. After I sent them the defective phone, they broke their promise and still sent it for repair... I cannot believe there is such untrustworthy seller in this world... Now I have spent 510 EURO and without a functional mobile phone for more than 3 months... and until now TECHINBASKET never offered me a satisfying solution... They even block customers from posting on their Facebook. BE VERY CAREFUL if you want to buy from them! Here is the link to my comment on their FACEBOOK:*******17259215/community/?ref=page_i...

A different voice
My shopping experience from this website is quite different from most of the customers you can see on this page.
First, my parcel was delivered within the 6-8 business days TechInTheBasket are advertising on their website, actually, it was faster, and I didn't even purchase the rush delivery.
Second, I have been receiving notification letters from them from the moment I placed, I think this shows their care towards their customers.
Also, although I was told that the Samsung A51 is an international version, it works perfectly and I'm quite satisfied with it.
For those who are still considering, I would suggest not hesitate anymore, I do not regret buying from this website for even a second.

IPhone XR
Great price, reasonable delivery time...
Phone worked great for 34 days but stopped charging one evening so i took the mobile to Apple for diagnostic where I found out they're unable to do the repair as the mobile phone is a Chinese version and all Western Apple shops are unable to repair as there are different components used.

Contacted Techinthebasket who have said the phone is out of their return policy time even though there is a 12 month warranty period but at least TechInTheBasket have offered to cover some of the repair fee on a managers approval if I feel the 5 week repair procedure is unacceptable.

Scam company.
TechInTheBasket advertise products at low prices that they cannot supply. Their communication is appalling, they provide false tracking details claiming an item has been shipped. Check the tracking number with either TechInTheBasket tracking page (does not exist) or the delivery company (cannot confirm the status...) after a week.
Basically a scam company, ripping people off fraudulently claiming items have shipped.
Now, take a look at the positive reviews here, no-one writes reviews like that, these are written by journalism graduates that can't get a job so get paid for fake reviews!

Superb service and an unbeatable price!
Recently purchased my DJI Mavic Fly More bundle from Techinthebasket, cane within 48 hours via DPD (selected the free shipping option) and a huge plus is that it was a UK spec, UK plug, UK barcode model all in the sealed DJI packaging, for the price i was expecting a grey import, not so and £380 cheaper than any of the "authorised dji resellers" Registered with DJI and UK warranty activated, also added DJI refresh with no issues. 5 stars, will be using them in the future!

Ordered a Nikon camera from this online company which turns out to be based in Hong Kong with London address of convenience.
Paid for item by PayPal however TechintheBasket / Digitalab Services Company / Shui Kin Bally Butt decided to place extra charges on top for which I had to go to PayPal to recover.
Provided with DPD tracking number with 3-6 working day delivery and elected via DPD site to have parcel delivered the following Wednesday. Waited in all day and no parcel. It turns out DPD had not even received parcel from TechintheBasket. TechintheBasket response was that TechInTheBasket had taken two weeks holiday. So "Working Days" are their working days.
They have two "Helpline" numbers but don't bother wasting your time ringing them as they ring out with no option to leave a message.
I have no faith in claims of decent after sales service or claims of extended warranty so cancelled the order prior to delivery.
I would suggest that you give this company a wide berth. Pay a little more and be assured of receiving the genuine article, when you expect it and for the price you expect to pay.

Great value for money
After reading some of the reviews I was concerned ordering an Apple Watch, however I shouldn't have worried. I received a confirmation email after placing my order. On shipping I received a further email with a link to track my delivery with Royal mail. After a few days I recontacted them as the tracking page hadn't been updated but received a response immediately with a delivery update. My item arrived via Royal Mail brand new in sealed original packaging. The delivery may have taken slightly longer than originally expected but I have no issues what so ever with this purchase and would use them again

Don't believe the positive reviews, this is FAKE!
Don't believe the positive reviews, this is FAKE!

On December 17 I ordered an iPhone SE for euro 384,98.
On December 23 I got the message that it could not be delivered.
And yes: here starts the whole process of automatically generated emails.
I received them in German, obviously translated by Google-translate as the use of language is really bad.
I will report to the Dutch Police and the Dutch internet fraude department.

Techinthebasket don't comply with their terms of sale and after-sale service advertised
I've bought £240 phone from them in the end of August 2019. 6 months later I started wearing my glasses and realized the photos made on close distance had diagonal pixel line across. I contacted Techinthebasket and for the following three months I kept corresponding with them on a daily basis. Their website says "TechInTheBasket provide the after-sales service for at least 12 months and up to 6 years. They issue the prepaid postage label to send for the repairs. They will replace or refund the item if the item you purchased is not repairable." It's all lies. In spite of I requested the prepaid label, they told me they experienced some technical issue and couldn't do it. I paid the postage to send the phone for the repairs. After one month of daily correspondence they issued £4.50 refund towards the transaction of the purchase which means as if I paid not £240 for my phone, but £235.50. They kept my phone for 5 weeks and returned it with the same fault without acknowledging it. I requested to provide the problem identified by them during the repairs, if any. No reply. They ignored all questions with regards to their contacts, company registration, contact for the finance department, etc. They sent me the fake invoice, which had only a picture of their company's logo. After 11 months they said they won't repair it anymore due to the warranty is expired, so I had to remind them, that the warranty is still valid. All in all, before the 6 months period is over, you are still OKeish with them, due to Paypal. But after that good luck to you. I wasted my time with them instead of filing the claim with Paypal. Beware.

Shocking experience
Not UK company as TechInTheBasket claim. Dodgy international company based in Far East. No uk stock or products. All of the trust pilot reviews are made with bots do not be sucked in by cheap price.
You will pay up, and then never receive the item, In its place you will receive an international adapter plug so they can claim they have shipped and have tracking information.

So far this adapter plug has cost me over £400 and im having to make several calls with paypal to resolve which it is still not!


Don't use this company
I ordered some Sony wireless headphones from this company whom state TechInTheBasket are UK based, if this was not stated I would not of ordered from them. They said delivery within 6-8 days. I contacted them via email after 10days as the tracking number is non existent. They ignored my 2emails so I contacted them through PayPal asking for a refund and why they have advertised ito be UK when they are in Hong Kong as I found this out after trying to get a phone number for them. There response onPayPal was tracking number is automatically given when purchased but not the right one saying there was problems with service on there end but they have been shipped. I replied with you are scammers and deceiving people as you state you are feeling n the UK. They responded with they cannot refund unless I return them so I said how can I return what I have not recieved. I have opened a dispute with PayPal. I have all photos of everything people like this should not be allowed to scam hard working people. And now my grandson won't get his Xmas present because of these thieves and they have no shame. By the way I have only given them a one star because I cannot post my review my honest scoring wis minus 100

Ordered Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. Received an empty phone box a week later! TechInTheBasket then stopped responding to our emails. Managed to get a phone number from the courier for them. When called, it gets re-directed and then disconnected.The phone number has a Manchester prefix.The given address is a Postbox in Manchester, not a genuine company base. The email address changed domain from. Com to. Deu(Germany). The company is however, based in Hong Kong.
Reported to Police and filed ActionFraud report. I don't for one second believe the 5 star feedbacks given for this company.It is probably added by them to pull in the gullible punters. All the hallmarks of a scam. Avoid at all cost and save yourselves a lot of grief. I am shocked that Paypal is processing payments for a bunch of frauds. Very stressful times for me as the phone was supposed to be a treat I had worked extra shifts for.

Forgotten delivery
I have ordered a phone and TechInTheBasket wrote me that once my order is proceeded, it will take 5 working days to be delivered. TOPS. But what really happened: I made my order on 11.01, and on 19.01 my tracking number was still not active! I wrote them to ask why is it taking so long to get my phone and they answered that it is being prepared! It took them 4 more days to deliver it. I am not satisfied with their service at all! If I haven't reminded them that I am waiting probably I would never get my phone! A Feedback section is not available ot their site as well. Coincidence?! I'm really disappointed, because for this amount of money, I expect to get my things in time.

IPhone 8 at £130 less than anywhere else - whats not to like?
Ordered on line on Boxing Day - paid via PayPal just to be on the safe side. Site stated delivery would be between 3rd and 8th Jan. Arrived by DPD (my favourite couriers) on 3rd Jan. All sealed in proper packaging but did come wit a 2 pin plug but no worries as I have plenty of Apple plugs anyway. Restored backup from old iPhone 6 and have just checked on my Apple Support account and the new phone is sitting there under registered devices. Very happy, thanks TechInTheBasket!

Full refund
I ordered an Apple Watch series 6 as a gift. It was about £70 cheaper than elsewhere. Unfortunately I discovered the recipient wanted something else after I placed the order. As it had only been a day or two and the watch hadn't yet shipped I asked if I could cancel the order for a refund. Customer Services responded very quickly and said TechInTheBasket would cancel. I received a full refund within a couple of days. I can't vouch for the product quality or delivery but customer service was very good.

Unbelievable! Stay away at all cost
I've ordered a samsung s9+ about 10 days ago, at first i was nervous as well but thought i would give it a try looking at all the reviews. Everything was fine, i got the tracking number and the DPD said it would deliver my item on the 21st may, but no parcel arrived. I called the DPD and the tech in the basket guys only to hear that my parcel was lost somewhere (so i wonder, how could TechInTheBasket inform me that it would be delivered to me) when i told them i got an update stating my delivery date they said it is automated (how can you automate something like this without the product) they said they will track the product and get back to me within 24 hours. But its 48 hours now and no update whatsoever. I've paid it through paypal and raised a claim since they are not responding. The case is still under review.

THEIR Warranty has zero worth
TechInTheBasket will not stand over their warranty which is supposedly 24 months. My Samsung S7 Edge has a faulty screen. They diagnosed "artificial damage" whatever that means. From purchase, it was enclosed in a protective casing, it was never dropped ar got wet. But they refuse to fix it unless I pay £180 over 50% of its cost. They are not an ethical company and will tell whatever lies to renege on their responsibility! My advice is spend a bit more with a company who will stand over their warranty.

Super happy, ignore bad reviews.
I ordered a Sony heapdhones after searching the net for the best deal and Techinthebasket has a great one. After reading the reviews of Techinthebasket I was worried I wouldn't see my order or have trouble contacting them, etc. I emailed them yesterday because it had been 4 days since I ordered. Then I received an email from them saying it had been shipped! And low and behold it had already been delivered this morning! Super happy with the process, only downside is that TechInTheBasket didn't send me a dispatched email until after I emailed them so just bare in mind the lack of email updates. Ignore the bad reviews because I think they are people who have had bad luck.

Be very careful with your money!
Say it how it is!
Say it how it is! Simple. I purchased a Samsung galaxy 20 plus from this company, not knowing until payment was made that is was in fact in Hong Kong, I used PayPal to purchase as a safe guard, £554.00 later! It arrived on the 8th day, then problems! It was not 4g, it was LTE, 3g, would not pick up 4g after reset etc! Came with a 3 pin adaptor for use in the UK! Battery life was shockingly bad, I did question if it was in fact a new Phone! But was told it was. Any way TechInTheBasket accepted my request to return and emailed where to send it, a UK business address, So I sent it back and it was delivered the next day using DPD! My postage was £40.00 pounds of which £30 pounds to cover loss for insurance. Thay have refunded my money for phone but nothing for my postage costs! So I am out of pocket for the privilege! I personally will never purchase anything like this again outside of the UK just to save a few pounds! Lesson learnt

Terrible, scam company!
Terrible. Ordered a OnePlus Nord from them. Given a Royal Mail tracking number but Royal Mail never delivered the package and, when I went to the sorting office, TechInTheBasket couldn't find the package. Reading some other reviews, seems like this is a common problem and my suspicion is that they manage to somehow generate a false tracking number but never send the goods.

Customer service is really terrible - they respond once a day and they respond really unhelpfully, so it's like talking to a brick wall. Another sign of a scam company.

I finally got PayPal to refund the money on their buyers protection but not worth the hassle. Avoid companies like these..

Samsung Galaxy A9
Originally, what a dilemma. Such a good price 40% off. Too good to be true. Negative reviews were of concern. What to do? I went with my gut feeling, there were more positive reviews, and the phone model was not the most recent so discounts could be expected. I ordered the Samsung phone. I received an email thanking me for my order. A delivery date of 6-8 days was given. Within 24 hours a further email informed me of it's dispatch. Day 8 the phone arrived. Well packaged, box sealed. All information on packaging, on and in box was in English. Easy to set up even though this Granddad was transferring information from a Windows to an Android. Delighted with new phone, especially the cameras. From my experience I would recommend TechInTheBasket. Many thanks.

Never had a problem
Ordered phone on Sunday got it on Thursday. Well packed and sealed. This is the 6th phone I have bought and I have never had a problem with any the phones or delivery. All phones brand new and sealed. So I can only talk about my experience and would recommend them. I had a problem getting access to a network with a xiaomi phone and contacted techinthebasket, TechInTheBasket replied with instructions on how to solve the problem and after a week they contacted me to see if it was resolved. Have used them for a few years with no problems

Samsung Galaxy S8+
I ordered a Galaxy S8+ dual sim around around January 2018 for 505 pounds, it came with DPD tracking and item arrived within a week. It was all original in boxed packaging. I ordered one at first by accident and got them to cancel the order so TechInTheBasket did reply and cancel the order for me but for other general enquiries they are slow to get back or don't respond at all. People who have had bad experiences I would say ordered the latest phones like S9 and items did not arrive I think because it's the latest device, it prob got stolen in the post because it is a sort after device. I would not hesitate to order from them again but not when a new device comes out, I would wait til the item gets a bit cheaper. I ordered S8+ for 505 now it is 365 after 6 months. I recommended everyone to tech in the basket after I ordered my phone, I would always pay with Paypal pay after delivery though the negative feed back I would still not be put off to order from them again. Samir East London

Sent item to wrong address
Fo not go near this shower of crap I ordered a GoPro paid via my PayPal account when the order went through PayPal automatically put my old address as delivery address so I immediately contacted tech in the basket via email to change the address to my new address which TechInTheBasket confirm by email they had done. They subsequently sent me a delivery email with a reference number that was not recognised by Royal Mail then I received a second email saying that my parcel has been delivered to my old address.
After apologising was told buy techinthebasket that I must go and find the parcel myself even though they had made a mistake telling me I must find out who lives at my old address.
Send them an email saying I want my money back for my goods delivered to the right address and they have ignored me so now I'm going to have to go through the rigmarole of claiming my money back via PayPal on my credit card company.

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