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Spolid my day
After my night shift I order breakfast. Delivery person called me ask for my location I eaven share my location its already there in app. But with out delivering food in there application it's showing delivered but I don't get any items. I contacted customer service but Talabat are believing there delivery guy not even considering customer concerns. AL last l lost money, I didn't get the food more over I lost my sleep.

Worst Delivery Experience - Talabat
On 05/08/2021 I have placed McDonald's order for delivery through Talabat. As shown in the "order summary" I have placed an order for Large Chicken Mac Meal (Without Lettuce, Without Mayonnaise, Without American Cheese). Basically, a plain sandwich for my 10 year old son. When I received the delivery, the bag was sealed having the delivery receipt on the outside mentioning the same order details as shown on my Talabat order. When my son opened the order to enjoy his meal he found a SPICY Grand Chicken Sandwich with extra Jalapeños and all add ons. I have called Talabat and informed them that I received a wrong order and send them the photo of the sandwich pack + the receipt on the sandwich packaging (which has all the details of the sandwich). At 1:30am I received a call back from Talabat Customer Service informing me that Talabat also need a photo of the INGREDIENTS INSIDE THE SANDWICH! I informed the customer service that is the most ridiculous request I have ever received. You are calling me 1:30am asking for photo of the INGREDIENTS! Though I have went an extra mile and provided a photo of what I received. Any reputable delivery company that has the bare minimum standards will apologise for this and have the meal replaced (which costs AED 32/-). However, I was shocked when the customer service informed me that they will not be able to replace without photo of the INGREDIENTS. I informed him how about also sending someone to taste the sandwich and check whether it is spicy or not! If there is a minus rating I would have given for this review but unfortunately "0" is the minimum. Not for the meal that was wasted or the value of the meal but for the type of response you get from these companies and how they respond back to customers. Such companies should not be allowed to operate without having minimum standards for consumer rights, supervision and customer satisfaction.

Very Poor Service!
One star is not enough!

So we are WAITING for our order and turns out that it's CANCELLED. No one informs me or CALLED me that Talabat will cancel it. I contacted the live chat of Talabat to find out it's CANCELLED!


Woow! And what are you going to do to us, customers that are complaining? Tossing or passing to each other Talabat or KFC?

No one fixed this problem! NO one!

This is NOT THE 1st TIME Talabat!


YET AGAIN! Yes again! Talabat messed up the order then during the next 2 hrs after my order was placed promised to call me back. Absolutely disgusting customer service. Robotic, like they're reading off a script. Won't answer yes or no when I ask if I will receive a replacement order. Then ask ME to call THEM back in 15 mins if the order doesn't arrive again. Only for it never to be replaced anyway. The last time I waited 4 hours. Both occasions the order was just 1 small pizza for 1 person. I can't imagine how they'd cope with a big order. Contact: for any complaints guys!
They are making a bad name for the UAE. They should not be trading!
Talabat app now deleted. Stick to Deliveroo - awesome service!

They dont even deserve 1 star!
Talabat has the worst customer service agents, Talabat dont respond well to complaints. I had 3 incidents in 1 week that happened with different restaurants which my colleagues and I had ordered through talabat, there is no such thing as following up with an order, talabat doesnt communicate with the restaurant. The first incident was that after i complained that its been more than 1 hour and a half since I ordered then only talabat checked with the restaurant and found out that the restaurant did not even recieve the order, which led to them bringing it after 3 hours. The second incident was with pizza hut where again it took around 3 hours and several phone calls to talabat which also we found out that the restaurant had received the order from talabat after 3 hours. The last incident was today with a mandi restaurant where the payment was done online with a credit card and after over an hour i contacted talabat again to ask about my order and they said that restaurant cant deliver it anytime soon, I then called the restaurant myself to make sure and they told me clearly that when they received the order from talabat they contacted them directly and told them that they wont be able to deliver but unfortunately because of talabat's poor customer service they did not inform me until i had to call them and ask. I made sure that I will put a very bad review everywhere about talabat and will make sure to spread this story.

Terrible Service
I had to wait over 2hrs for my food to be delivered. Not only that, it was missing an item. Talabat said they would give me 8AED, but only if I register to their website. They don't have a tracking system. Only chat & email. I had to follow-up many times. Plus, the agent said the delivery was complete. If it was complete, do they think I would complain? The restaurant I ordered from said in their cctv, the missing item was placed in the bag. If that was the case, then it's the driver who has the problem. The attached email is insinuating it.

Overcharged and refusing to refund
I have ordered many times from this app and never had any issues. Unfortunately, I ordered two different takeaways on one evening, but got charged 4 times for 2 orders. I sent over my bank statement to customer services which clearly shows 4 charges for 2 orders and Talabat are refusing to give me a refund for the overcharging. They have robbed me of my money (which would be very easy for them to see on their system that they've overcharged) but instead of refunding me, I have received patronising emails. Awful awful company. Do not use them or you'll be scammed.

Horrible service
Wish I could give them minus points. Tried ordering from a restaurant from which I previously ordered and it says selected area is not accurate. After chatting with Talabat customer service staff he says the restaurant doesn't deliver at your location when the restaurant still shows that it does deliver at my location before I could say anything else the chat was logged off. The food when it's delivered takes around 90 mins suggestion would be to stop using this app as it's not professional like uber eats in certain countries. I tried Talabat in Qatar btw where there are hardly other food delivery apps unfortunately. However, I will be trying the app Carriage heard its better than Talabat. Save yourselves the horror guys and don't order from this app.

Poor quality company.
This company has never took customer complaints into concern, Money is all what Talabat think about.
I have had several food delivery delays with multiple restaurants, some of them even took up to 3 hours, and everytime I contact Talabat customer service, I get same automated messages.

In conclusion,:
0 standards for approved restaurants within their Database.
Never take customer complaints into concern.
False promises that are given each time.
My advice would be to use other websites such as zomato or foodonclick.

Pathetic service.
I placed an order for 107 aed and the money was deducted from my account immediately. An hour later, a rep from Talabat called to say the restaurant had not received my order so it would take another hour but the food will be delivered. Another hour later, I get a call from another rep saying the restaurant still hasnt received my order and payment. I was given the option to cancel the order and was informed that the money would be refunded in 5-7 working days.

I will not use the service again.

All I got was become hungrier and very angry
It has been almost 3 hours and still no food in sight. Talking to their chat bot is like talking to a brick. Talabat have no edit option on the order. They could learn some ecommerce lessons from EatEasily which has consistently fast reliable service seriously. Shame on me for trying out another service. I should've checked out reviews before I tried out Talabat. I am so freakin hangry now. They should know more than to piss off hungry people!

Talabat is unreliable and the customer service is awful. My parents were away and me and my brother were starving and decided to order food. I hate talking on the phone so we used Talabat. I ordered a burger for my brother and mention it have no onion, ketchup, or pickle. The site didn't recognise this and it came with all three of those things. We took this up with customer service and Talabat were extremely rude and patronising, refusing to admit their website had glitched. They refused to replace the order with a new one. Awful service indeed.

Absolutely the worst online food service in GCC
Everytime I order food from this website it takes well over an hour to be delivered and the food is frozen or soggy by the time it arrives, the customer service is absolutely terrible, their time management is even worse. When u place an order and your order has been cancelled because Talabat do not have an item, they don't even notify you. Basically you just sit around hoping for something to arrive and it arrives in the worst format. Strongly recommend to use another online food delivery service this is by far the worst there is!

Third Chance... Still Fail Miserably
Talabat is the most pathetic online food order company i have ever dealt with with zero customer service.

I wish I could post a screenshot of how ridiculous Talabat are. They make me wait for 15 minutes to get a simple response, and then they take more time, at which point kept messaging them back. What does Mostafa from Talabat do? Disconnects the chat.

Well done Talabat. I will now use Talabat just to see what is close by my house and order directly from restaurant.

Worst delivery ever
Extremely bad and unprofessional customer service. It's a rip off. Talabat charge you and then the restaurant declines the order simply because the restaurant has broke its deal with Talabat. However, Talabat did not remove the restaurant from their list. They promise that money will be refunded which never happens. When you contact them about that they claim money was refunded but it doesn't appear on your card statement which is simply a big lie. Moreover, you place the order online but your address doesn't show to the restaurant and they have to call to complete missing information. In addition to delays. In short it's the worst delivery service ever. Never again

Zero intelligence and zero costumer servixe
For the past two years I order frequently from talabat and every time I get the shop to call me for address and directions and then the driver calls and tries to find my house again! Be it Arabic speaking or english speaking Talabat fail every single time to get it! I love in beda. And everyone in kuwait knows Bedaa is one block yet they employ drivers that are ignorant and most of the time can't read

The problem is in the talabat service because instead of being a dumb call center or a dumb online site, they should have incorporated some systems to use google location, tracking system, order delivery process evaluation! I honest to god don't u deratanding why rocket Internet paid 170million for

If anyone has the money please open a competition to talabat and use proper ordering and tracking system and u ll see how u ll make millions

Read Request Column and Train Delivery People with Politeness
Every time we order, we add in the "Request" column to bring change to a particular bill, and every time this sour faced delivery person of Hot Pot would ask "no small bill?" and would insist to give him a small bill. The request is even printed on the receipt!

These delivery restaurants should make it a standard to give their delivery people "funds" for possible need for change or better yet, read the Request column properly. We will not request for change if we have the exact amount available. Yesterday was the worst, he complained that his other customers would just give him the change! We really like the food from Hot Pot, but if this attitude and inefficiency continue, who would like to patronise them more. Please remind them to do what is right and send polite delivery people.

Terrible service, giving misleading information to customers
Order was late, 1,30 hour after order has been placed driver calls asking me for the address even though it's there, clearly written on the app. He is telling me to call Talabat and change my address and I didn't understood what was going on. I've contacted Talabat through a chat(since you cannot actually call them) and after checking agent is saying there is a road closure and the driver can't come, it's to far. Talabat said also someome from Talabat will call me in 7-10 minutes to resolve this(which later happened but after half an hour). There was no road closure as I checked every possible very accurate and always updated map.
Second chat with them, they connected me to the restaurant from which we ordered the food, who was saying that the driver is not assigned yet (2 hours after an actual order placement), although the driver already called me half an hour earlier to ask me for the address. No sorry, no explanation, nothing, very rude and unprofessional as well.
After that I get a call from Talabat saying sorry and how driver had an accident and couldn't come.
4 different stories from 4 different persons. Spent 1,30 hour of my time at 1 in the morning trying to solve the mystery of my food, instead of them calling me on time(even if there are any problems) and notifying me about the order that I paid for and that as a consumer have the right to know. If I haven't started chat in the first place, probably I would wait for my food until the morning and still not get it. Super unprofessional, with bad attitude and giving totally unreliable and misleading information to the customers who are paying for their services. Deleted the app and I would not recommend it to anyone in this world.

Avoid Talabat or Die of Hunger!
I have ordered Dominoz Pizza form Talabat and i would like to say that the service of Talabat is beyond terrible.

The resturant calls me after one hour, after i have called talabat and complained of my late order, and mentioned that Talabat did not understand my order and they will need another 45 mins to process the order.

The resturant blames it on Talabat and talabat blames it on the resturant. Not just that the service is quite inadequate, but they do not even take responsibility for their lack of service.

If you want your order experience to be atleast simple, avoid talabat and just call the resturant directly.

Awful Talabat customer services, horrible never arrived Mc Donal delivery
I advise everyone to avoid ordering food on Talabat. Talabat used to have reasonably good services, but lately, their service is awful. They are unprofessional and do not care about their customers—horrible and unprofessional customer service. I ordered from Mc Donald ( never again), and I paid with a credit card and have never received the order. Mc Donald used one of the most inept and incompetent drivers who could not find a central location in Salmiya. I contacted them only to hear mechanically repeated words, such as " don't worry, we will solve the problem. They stated that a team would take care of it. The team has never contacted me, and I have never received neither the food nor the money.
Be aware and do not order through them. It will be a waste of your time, money, and energy. I requested to talk to a supervisor, and of course, they gave me a runaround. They are highly disrespectful, uncivilized, and do not care about their customers. Order at your own risk! I will never use the services of such incompetent, unprofessional, and disrespectful people!

General services
We constantly where using Talabat for servicing. Lately there it just no service at all. Contacted them on Thursday ( which we are aware is a busy night at 6.46pm) Order to be delivered in one hour. After 45 min. The tracking serviced said it was delivered. Call the call centre which immediately apologies and said Talabat would get back to us. Immediately offered a fee of QR20 for the inconvenience. Nothing happened. We contacted them again and similar. Apologies and they would get back to us. This is after 2 hrs. Contacted them again. Similar to previous response. We were then told that the specificic restaurant does not pick up there phone. After three hours we requested to talk to a manager. We had a call from a lady called Isa which again similar to all the other apologies and offer us another QR20 for the inconvenience. Again were told that the restaurant does not answer the phone. There are many similar restaurants available in the same area. We were then asked if they need to cancel the order. Never they offered to order it from another place. We cancelled it as most of the people went to sleep as now it was over 3.5 hours since we ordered. Please train the employes to look for options and not to apologies offer a fee and nothing else.
Appreciated your urgent comments

I placed an order through these guys for a Burger king to only get a call to say Talabat cant deliver to me and will cancel the order. Then asked to simply use the money to place another order but I was told no. They have to refund which will take up to 5-7 days and if I want food place another order. As I had no choice I did what they said. Food was delivered with my fries half eaten by the delivery man smh couldnt believe it. Emailed to complain... No response. Since then I have spoken to their so called customer service every week and I'm repeatedly been told it will take 5-7 days for refund of the first order. Its now over a month and yet to see my money. Absolutely ridiculous! And the worse part is noooo complaints department... Don't waste your time. Keep my money you idiots. Incompetence all round!

Terrible service
Terrible service! Was waiting for my order for 2 hrs and had to call them twice to check on it! My order has been confirmed as soon as I ordered it but apparently it never went through even though I was charged! It clearly said that it was confirmed on the application! The restaurant called me 3 hrs later to inform me that the order was just arrived! Don't order from them! Useless

The worst app for ordering food
Every time I am ordering food from talabat i got very cold food with a big delay
I don't know why Talabat are not writing the correct waiting time
They have a very unprofessional customer service
I contacted them regarding my order delay
They said that they will give a gift 8 AED instead of the delay
And i told them that I don't want the 8 AED because it worth nothing since my order value is around 150 AED. And it will come cold
The customer service ignored me and added that 8 AED and he knows that I don't want them
So ignoring the customer decision is not a behavior of the customer service!
And at the end i got my food which was very cold after waiting around one and hours
( before ordering it was written it needs only 35 minutes)

And i gave them another chance but the same thing happened
Very poor application

The worst experience
I have been travelling all day and just arrived jn Dubai! I ordered food over two hours ago and nothing has arrived! The number does not go through and i am 16th in line on their live chat option! This is by far the WORST company i have ordered from! We a have 2yr old who is hungry and we are so angry! Talabat have taken the money and there is no sign of the food! Please DO NOT order from this place! IT IS THE NOT WORTH IT!

It's my first time to order from Talabat and would be my last.
I know my area DWC is quite far and very less options of restaurants which deliver here. When i checked Talabat, Talabat showed they are delivering to DWC area, i was happy and excited, ordered from Shanghai Station and they immediately accepted the order and prepared the food. After 1 hour, i got a call confirming my location, 2nd call telling that the food is on its way and 3rd call telling they cannot deliver as it's very far and they will cancel the order.

Amazing right! Well i don't want to elaborate more but i've never been this disappointed to add that you're really hungry and craving for something.

If you don't want to experience the same, call the restaurant directly (good lesson for me too)

Terrible, never order from Talabt again
I used to order from However, this has been acquired by Talabt. I tried to order 2 times from Talabat. My god, delivery was late and worst customer service. I really don't know why such a good company 24h are acquired by Talabat. It is a seamless service from log into the website until you get your food delivered. When it comes to Talabat, each step you run into problems and problems. You should close down Talabat and bring the old team of 24h. If you do not know how to operate website for food delivery, please don't do it. You are wasting so many customers' times and make everyone angry. Close down and bring back 24h.

For the second time in the row an hour after placing my order I contact the restaurant and Talabat tell me that Talabat havent gave them my order I check my track your order on the app and it shows that my order has been placed I called Talabat and they blame the restaurant but my previous order was with another restaurant so the fault is definitely with Talabat. Terrible customer care very disappointing

Worst service ever
Honestly the worst experience ever. The food was late by double the time promised by them. The app kept sending me notifications that the restaurant will contact me (it didn't). Moreover, I tried talking to a customer service agent through the live chat but it did not allow me! When I tried calling the hotline it said that all agents are busy with other customers and that I should try the live chat... seriously! This is in the UAE.

Absolutely deplorable service
I ordered at 3:58. Around an hour later, I contacted Talabat customer service to inquire about my order. I was told to give it another few minutes since it had not been quite an hour. About 15 minutes later, it had been over an hour and I wanted to make sure the delivery instructions were clear. Talabat told me to wait until after prayer. I waited until 5:40 pm and contacted Talabat again only to be told that my order was canceled because no one answered the phone, which is an absolute lie. I had been inside my flat all during that time and nobody called me.

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