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Could be great - but customer services is non-non-existant
Sun Basket could be great as the dishes are pretty good - but, Sun Basket has a lot of backend issues Sunbasket have to work out - like actually deliving the product to you. I've had one successful week of deliveries. Sun Basket is unresponsive and deliveries get missed with little or no explanation. Their customer service is non-responsive even after several attempts to contact. There is no way from the website to cancel your subscription - you have to call and wait on hold for hours. They do not call back or respond to email. Here is a snip from the email they sent this week to explain why my order would be "late" but it never showed up:

Weve been working hard to resolve a warehouse issue. As a result, your Sun Basket box scheduled to arrive today, Tuesday, March 7th, will be delayed by one day.

Rest assured that the warehouse issue does not impact the quality of your Sun Basket. Your ingredients will be delivered fresh and ready to cook.
So, food is great - service and assistance when you need it - not with this company. Steer clear - at least for the next few years so they can either fold or fix their issues. There is another reviewer that states the same thing about cancelling your subscription and getting customer service. You maybe able to get a product delivered occaisionally, but, you will never get customer service.

For lots of reasons... Love It
Simple reasons I love this... organic, good tasting, healthy, reasonably priced, fast to prepare. I wonder at people saying its pricey. If you tried to buy these ingredients you would pay the same or more and have waste. My husband watches each penny we spend (a good thing) so he can tell we spend the same or less and since he's eating the meals, he would be the first to suggest stopping if it isn't tasty and a good value exchange. He's happy. I am happy. We've lost weight simply by portion control and healthier foods. Sold!

A big no!
I was so excited to try this company. I placed my first order and had no trouble receiving the product.
I used the $35 off coupon that was advertised on the website. To my dismay, I checked my credit card bill and found that I was charged full price and my coupon was not honored. I figured that this mistake would quickly be solved once I contacted customer service. Unbelievably, the customer service representative told me that my coupon ‘expired' and Sunbasket refused to help me. That coupon is STILL currently on their website ( and clearly NOT expired.). To provide context, this was my very first purchase. I have never found a more inept customer service group. I have tried another food delivery service in the past (Home Chef) and it had to excellent customer service. I will return to Home Chef immediately! I'm just so shocked at the slow and inept responses of this team.

Some inedible items, and difficulty canceling service
I just got my first basket yesterday after a co worker raved about the products.
I was not pleased. One dish, The salmon dish, the cucumbers were soft and mushy, Lemon look old and was also soft and one of the flimsy containers of seasoning was cracked. On another dish, Chia pudding, Fruit had leaked into the bag due to the poor packaging, the Chia seeds were all at the bottom of the bag due to the poor packaging and it was completely unusable. I also questioned the packaging of the salsa. Pretty much had to toss many of the ingredients on two of the meals.On the meal Sunbasket sent that looks ok they substitued an ingredient without giving me an option to change my choice. If I wanted cabbage over Bok Choy I would have ordered it. I hate cabbage. While it did look fresh - It also wont be used.
From what I salvaged it was not worth The first time cost of 34.00. I called, was on hold for about 30 minutes and then I was told they would credit my next order for 20.00 - I was not given an option to cancel. I immediately went on line and skipped all six weeks so I would not be charged anything else while trying to sort out how to cx this service. After about 2 hrs of the run around I got someone who was very nice and they said they cancelled but not before offering me now 30.00 credit and free shipping on my next order. Why would I do that when there was so much I had to throw away from this order. It would have been nice if I was compensated for what had to throw away. Time will tell if they actually cancelled me. The packaging of the items is questionable and it is very hard to get a person on the phone. They need to get some better checks and balances in place, work on the packaging and compensate people for deliveries when the food is not usable. I will stick to the grocery stores.

Keta Salmon - Really?
I was interested in SunBasket because of its claim of organic ingredients, and wild-caught fish and seafood. I've tried Blue Apron and Home Chef and while Sunbasket were ok, I was excited to try a meal delivery service that had the highest ratings (albeit more expensive), and had more options (vegan, paleo, and carb conscious) compared to the other brands.
I tried our first meal last night - seared salmon with panang curried cauliflower rice. I like the curried cauliflower rice - very flavorful. But I was shocked when I looked at the salmon - clearly marked Keta salmon. If you don't know, Keta is chum salmon (bait!). I decided to be open minded and try it. It was absolutely pale and tasteless. And now it is too late to cancel next week's delivery, which contains, you guessed it - more salmon which will probably be keta. I'm so disappointed in this company. So, next week I will be buying wild caught soho, king, or sockeye salmon in my local grocery store, at my own expense to go with the meal. Because really, who eats chum salmon?

Not Bad, not the best
To be fair to Sun Basket, a lot of people complain about inability to cancel subscription. I was almost there. Took me 25 minutes to finally find the phone number. Links take you nowhere. Finally, found the phone number under Help and it was a breeze. Customer Service was excellent. The few meals we ate were ok. Not the best but not bad. What had me calling to cancel was the first charge that was a full charge. You receive a discount on the first order. Home Chef has much better meals, quality is higher and much more organized in the package. Plus, Sunbasket are $20 cheaper. They cost $60 a week, my second bill from Sun Basket was $80. I can buy a lot of groceries for $80. They just can't compare to Home Chef and not worth the cost.

It looked and tasted like a gourmet dish!
I had to laugh, I am not a cook, I dabble at cooking, but last night I served my husband a meal that looked like it came from a gourmet restaurant... the major difference being that I had prepared it! Amazing. The food was fresh and all organic, it was so easy to follow the directions and was ready in a flash. I am so impressed, I cannot wait to prepare my second meal! It looks like I am going go be a like long customer of Sunbasket! What a wonderful company, the food also arrives in all recylable containers. The recipes looks so good and what a variety. We will be looking forward to our 3 days a week of Sunbasket food every week. Sunbasket seem very easy to work with, we are going out of town and I had to cancel a week and that was no problem at all, In fact they gave me a chance to change my mind. All very simple.
My new favorite!

Terrible customer service
I tried sun basket for a while then I put my account on hold. After having my account on hold for a bit I randomly got a charge to my bank account yesterday. Now meals are supposed to be delivered that I didn't even choose. As soon as I knew that there was a problem I contacted the company. Sunbasket refused to stop the order and refund my money even though my account was on hold. This is really bad business practice. I emailed customer service back and forth. The only thing they would offer me was $20 credit to my account. Sorry but I am never using your service again so why would I want a credit?

Missed date, inedible meals, refused full refund
I ordered meals for a friend who was scheduled for a hip operation. She is a vegetarian, so I ordered vegetarian meals, the first to be delivered the day after she returned from surgery. Those meals didn't arrive. The following week SunBasket sent beef and chicken dinners! My friend couldn't eat them. The following week, two more meat meals! A complete waste and ill-timed! I called and was told by the customer rep, who didn't apologize, and that SunBasket would refund me half the cost of the meals, not the total cost for which I asked! I finally hung up on the rep as he kept on talking, wouldn't explain the delay, and would only say that in order to address the matter he would have to talk with his team! A waste of my time.

Not at all worth it and they are not honest in their business practice.
To begin with I had ordered Sun Basket just to try it. On the day it arrived I could tell I wasnt going to order it again and went directly to the site and cancelled. The next day I got a notice that they'd just sent another order and charged me of course. I called them and pointed out I'd cancelled in the time Sunbasket said I could. They told me that I was a few hours late in cancelling and it was just too bad. I have cooked the first meal and while it was fine it was no great deal to be charging as much as they do. I dont like that the recipes come in a catalog rather than individually. I will be going back to Hello Fresh, which is still my favorite after trying others. This one seems to have a history of fleecing people who want to cancel as well as being unimpressive with the food. Seriously try Hello Fresh, it is less expensive and they are fantastic in customer service.

Charged too much and YOU CAN NOT CANCEL ONLINE
Watch out for their "coupon". I got 60% off and scheduled it for about 3 weeks later since those were the meals I wanted. Got an email that I got 86 dollars off my first delivery. Cool. When it was time to be charged for it Sunbasket charged me the full amount (143 freaking dollars). I don't think so. You also can't cancel on their website like every other service out there. You have to call or contact them. I have no idea how the food tastes and I don't even care. They are terrible. There are plenty of these services out there who are better than this and don't make you jump through hoops to cancel. The most you can do without contacting them is skipping 6 weeks. Avoid avoid avoid.

I am sorry but I received 2 weeks of deliveries and I didnt eat one thing out of those boxes. First and foremost my packaging wasnt even close to your pics. I had 1 lonely freezer block in the not so insulated box. I temped the protein the second I opened it only to find all were out of the danger zone and god only knows for how long. For those of you ignorant in food safety the zone is 41-135 degrees. In that zone bacteria grows exponentially. My proteins arrived anywhere from 48 to 56. Sunbasket are going to really mess up someones digestive track not to mention salmonella and ecoli. The mirepoix(finely diced carrots, onion and celery was putrid. At least a week old cut. And all of the (fresh herbs) were not fresh at all. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I am a C. E. C. And know quality. This is far from it.

I'm already pissed off at them & I haven't even received my first order
The customer service is via chat only, so you can't easily get anything on your account corrected. It seems like Sunbasket randomly lock you out of things in your account, without notice of any sort - such as changing your delivery to every other week, while still paying for weekly account. Customer service is usually terrible from most companies, usually teenagers often with poor english or writing skills, but add onto that unapologetically saying that you are locked out and thinking they have done their job is pretty pathetic.

Currently my first order is a day late, with no notification of the date change. The carrier only gives a window of a date before 8 PM, which means you'll have to be home for a 12 hour period waiting for food - unless they decide to not show up that day. I fully expect most of my $300 order to have thawed/melted and gone bad. This company seems to be con-artists with no way of contacting a real person.

** The account locking ended up being taken care of, but there have been multiple issues since. All relating to extremely poor delivery & notifications - the delivery carrier for SoCal is awful, and they are regularly a day or more late. With zero notifications that they aren't showing up, and no way to get in contact with anyone (much like Sunbasket customer service dept.). Wasted days sitting at home waiting for food. And when the food is delivered spoiled/thawed/rotting after days late, Sunbasket customer service does not give refunds or credit your account - not even an apology.

The responses that I got were basically "well, sometimes deliveries are late..." (which started to be the norm, not sometimes) One person in particular, named Brittany, was such a terrible Customer Service person that she didn't seem to understand that the company she works for is a food delivery service. Not delivering when promised, food not being edible after days late, and terrible customer service (even just getting an answer whatever method text/email/phone call). None of the three things of FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE were being done.

I canceled my subscription with Sunbasket and am using Home Chef, they give notifications ahead of time if there are delays & use a professional carrier Fedex that gives text/email notifications for when they are showing up, and progress of the delivery - so you can plan around time to receive it. So much better than some stoned Uber kid throwing your half destroyed box of food on your porch two days late.

Fun Recipes and Good Customer Service
I've tried several meal delivery services subscribing for 1-2 weeks. So far Sunbasket has had the best service I've tried.

I love their recipes. I don't care that stuff is "organic" (In fact I usually avoid buying organic and non-gmo due to concerns about the environmental impact and unsustainability of these inefficient methods) I have now had 2 boxes from Sunbasket, however, and the recipes were just better than the other services. Nice touches like a refreshing apple/mint salad and interesting spice blends or use of flavorings like lemon zest to make things pop. Even better, Sunbasket send a full recipe booklet so I can try out the other recipes I didn't chose for the week!

The customer service however, is what motivates me to write a review. My first box got lost. I am sure I entered the address correctly, but it looks like it somehow got auto corrected and South 10th Street turned into South Street and I didn't notice til too late. I wrote that my box was missing and was immediately not only issued a credit for that week, but they pushed back my coupons so I would still get a discount on my next 2 weeks. I then went out and found my box, that had been sitting in the rain for 10 hours. Not only was it still in pretty good shape, the meat was so well packaged on a block of ice that everything was still good. I reported I had retrieved my box, but they didn't take back my credit, so I ended up with a free week. I haven't had to cancel yet, but I am impressed enough with the level of service and care to recommend them to my friends!

TERRIBLE delivery in LA area.
Hey, Sun Basket, stop using "Axelhire" for your delivery in Southern California. You claim to be ethical then hire a company that severely underpays and exploits their workers. I literally don't care how cheap Sunbasket are, you are losing customers because the Axelhire service is TERRIBLE, and why wouldn't it be? It's no wonder the workers don't care about properly delivering things considering they're paid dust. I had them leave my Sun Basket in the sun on the wrong side of my house on a busy street directly under a sign that said "no deliveries here" with clear instructions on how to properly deliver. Your "fresh food" was spoiled because you're too cheap to hire a shipping company and are resorting to what's essentially a scam.

It's a shame, because otherwise I'd leave you 5 stars. The meals are great! But I'm about to cancel my subscription because you wanted to cut corners and hire Axelhire. I'm not the first one to do this and I won't be the last. I don't care how cheap they are, IT'S NOT WORTH LOSING CUSTOMERS.

I enjoy sun basket
I first signed up for sun basket in early 2017. Its been my favorite meal delivery out of all of them. The meals are unique and still made in a reasonable amount of time. However, as of 2018 their menus have changed. Sunbasket now charge extra for organic, when this is supposed to be an organic brand to begin with! Now the box costs over $80 per week. I'm sorry but I can go to trader joe's and spend that same amount and have food for a week without having to eat out at all. I will most likely be canceling my membership.

I too am very disappointed. I have been using this service for about a year and in the beginning Sunbasket were excellent. The food was always fresh & delicious. I loved the organic angle and the fact that the sauces were pre-made (saves a little time). However over the past 4-5 months it's been one thing after the next. Spoiled produce, sloppy packaging resulting in items spilled out in bag, substitutions, even sending ingredients to make your own sauce & some produce not marked organic (so now I question that). I started skipping all weeks & picking at last minute alternating with Blue Apron (not all organic but delicious and fresh + cheaper). Last week was the last straw with spoiled produce (its getting hot and that can only get worse); I cancelled (in writing-online). Of course they said sorry to see you go but if you come back we'll give you $20 off your next order. No thanks, that just kills what I had in mind here. Good food, all layed out for me to cook & enjoy. I will stick with Blue Apron and maybe try one of the others.

Will not let you cancel!
Sunbasket has been the worst experience I have ever experienced canceling a delivery service. After I had a written cancellation email from Sunbasket Sunbasket proceeded to send and charge me for a new box at a cost of $50. I contacted them and they refused to reverse the charges. They said that I had logged back on after I cancelled and that triggered re-enrolling. I remember going back in to make sure I was not being sent another box. I guess this triggered re-enrollment. My credit card company is disputing the charges but beware of extremely shady conduct on Sunbasket's part.

Terrible customer service
Tough to rate the service when I couldn't even sign up. Their database didn't have my shipping address listed so my account wasn't accepted even though I live in a major city in a building that has been around for 100 years. The customer service rep passed me around for about two hours until Sunbasket solved the issue. Well, only to find out same issue with the billing address for the credit card. This time it was unsolvable and hour three I lost patience and signed up with a competitor. The whole process seemed sketchy and did not inspire confidence I'd ever see the product.

Website very confusing
I have tried several meal plans and order weekly and have for 2 years. I wanted to try a new plan and organic plan sounded like a new idea. I tried the plan, food was great and I could have been a regular customer but the website in ordering and pausing or canceling was terrible. I had to put in a request for them to call me to cancel. I was asked why, which is a rude question. I explained that your website is confusing, the four other programs I have used are simple to pause or pick items. He then hung up on me! I will now stick with the other companies, do not use this company Sunbasket need an overhaul on customer service and the website!

Dishonest business practice
I went onto sun basket to check out their menu. Somehow without me knowing my account was reactivated. I never received any email or notification. I only found out when my PayPal account was charged $80. I immediately contacted sun basket and out in a claim with PayPal. Of course Sunbasket did not get back to me until it was too late to cancel the order according to them. I never even received an email letting me know an order had been placed. They have refused to refund my money. I find this to be poor customer service and dishonest business practice. If the only way they can get business is by deceiving people I think it says something about their product. I would advise not going on their site at all.

Will not honor my $100 gift certificate
I tried to place an order of one 4 person meal for several weeks in a row, and every time I placed the order for under $100 (the amount of my gift certificate gifted from my employer). However, each time Sunbasket suspended my order for adding an extra $30 of fees due to hidden upcharges that were not showing on the order. They will not allow me to view the menu options or place another order unless I enter my credit card information and subscribe, which based on their hidden upcharges and the reviews describing the difficulty of canceling service, I refuse to do. So I am left with $100 credit which they will not honor or allow me to access.

I'm pretty surprised to read the bad reviews of this company. I have subscribed for about 6 months, maybe longer, and have been almost completely happy with it. I honestly think that it's a complete miracle that there's a company who offer organic AND gluten free AND each meal is already organized in a little bag AND Sunbasket taste good AND they only take about 30 minutes to make AND they are delivered to my house? AND I get to choose which meals every week? AND they are always different? This place has been a complete GAME CHANGER for my family. My food has always arrived very cold. There have been a couple of times that a piece was missing, but I live near a grocery store so it wasn't a tragedy. I just cooked a different meal that DID have all its items, and went to the store the next day. This service: prevents food waste, supports organic farmers, uses biodegradable packaging, isn't outrageously expensive, saves me the time of meal planning, keeps me consistently healthy, and delights me with the variety of choices every week There are consistently foods from EVERY culture, with EVERY choice of protein (plus vegan! Plus vegetarian!). I am a VERY HAPPY customer!

Unbelievable and Dishonest Business Practice
I decided to try SunBasket again since the pandemic has taken another turn and the holidays are here so grocery stores are busier. I ordered two meals. Should have been $53 (estimated). I got a charge on my credit card of $77! I'm getting some beans and an egg, and a two pieces of fish. Seriously? I could actually do the same meal for under $25. I tried the chat... had same experience as everyone else and it just ran me around in circles. Let's do be clear about one thing, folks. We are into this pandemic now for what, 8? 9 months? Are you seriously believing that poor customer services is still related to covid? Uh... seems a bit off to me. Seems to me the perfect way to not have to address the poor business practice and quality issues (which is why I left last time. My food always had an inedible something in the box)... It's been two years since I used the service. I'm done. Cancelled. Will probably give the overpriced fish and beans away. SunBasket is a true joke. Poor business. Wish I could give minus five stars!

Waste of money
My experience with Sun Basket was awful. The first week the produce was right on the edge of over ripeness. I barely made it through the third day of meals with usable produce. However, on the second week, 50% of the produce was already rotten and the balance was again on the verge of being rotten. I had already canceled my membership before the second week arrived. I do not recommend this group... everything, including the proteins were questionable. Vacuum packed fish should not be off when unsealing the package... unless go course it was bad from the beginning.

Bait and switch - Terrible Delivery
Sunbasket is the worst. After my first week there popped up options for and xtra charge for differnt qualities of organic. The Delivery is terrible- we order 3 meals to make it easy on me during the work week. My only option was Wed-- and then two weeks in a row I got an email Tues that my order was being delayed til Thurs. Well only part of the order came on Thurs and the other on Fri- Making my convenient meals Very inconvenient. And i had to scurry to get food for the week. Half the produce was brown and i ended up throwing alot of it out. The Basil was nasty and wilted. And i agree Sunbasket make it impossible to cancel- when I finally talked to someone they ask why im cancelling and when you tell them they just say OK- HORRIBLE COMPANY-- Dont use them! Too many others out there who care about the people they deliver meals to.

Terrible Customer Service Experience
TL; DR: it irks me when businesses are non-transparent, do not strive to hear from unsatisfied customers, and treat loyal customers poorly.

From a food perspective, the meals are fine - some are a hit, some are a miss. It's nice to have a wide selection for options and to receive their magazine with recipe ideas. Agree with other reviewers that it's more expensive than it needs to be and you can find meal delivery options with higher quality ingredients at a comparable price point.

I give this company one star for its terrible customer service. My husband and I recently moved, changed our address using the Sun Basket app, and were expecting our food shipment for the week to be delivered tomorrow. Upon checking the tracking information, I saw that the delivery was going to my old address so I immediately reached out to Customer Service to rectify. Despite the fact that I'm confident that the issue was on Sun Basket's end (I remember submitting the updated address through the app and am very Type A about this sort of thing), the customer service representative refused to issue a credit in full to my account, refund me in full, or explore other options. Also didn't receive a name or phone call or anything; had to settle it all over text. So yeah: it's a $70+ sunk cost on my end for a mistake I didn't make.

I'm further convinced that something shady's going on on at this business. When I went to permanently unsubscribe my account, Sun Basket's website would not let me leave feedback or submit my cancellation when I chose my reason for leaving as "I had problems with my Sun Basket account" (sub-option: issues with delivery). By the way, I tried to cancel my subscription/select this option on my Mac, PC, AND through my app, hoping it would allow me to provide them with my feedback. So it's definitely not a user error. Actually, the ONLY way any of the three platforms would let me submit my cancellation was when I checked the reason for me leaving as "Too busy to cook meals." Seriously, Sun Basket? You don't want to hear from your unsatisfied customers to improve your model and improve your customer service?

My advice is: RUN and take your business ANYWHERE else. There are many great alternatives (recommend checking out Purple Carrot, Peach Dish, Home Chef, and Bon Appetit box to name a few). Wish I could link to their websites on this review.

Customer service issue resolved
We enjoyed the food and varity of options. I'm GF and we used that and Paleo options. The trouble started the third week into our subscription. The order was a day late but food was fresh and cold. It appeared from tracking that the delay was from the shipper. This week my order hasn't been delivered and the tracking says it hasn't gone out yet. I have no luck with all the automated contact. There's no personal service and no way to resolve a situation like mine. Very disappointed. Cancelling and will try another service.
-After I wrote this review Sunbasket contacted me and all the issues were resolved. Sunbasket more than made up for the problems and I decided to continue with their service.

Best one I tried this far!
I have subscribed to Blue Apron (had to quit because I could not get 3 meals a week to fit my gluten intolerance) Hello Fresh (very good and able to fit into gluten intolerant lifestyle) and now this one (the other two I tried were so bad, Sunbasket are not worth mentioning Pete's Paleo and Freshly). SunBasket has won the taste test hands down. After three deliveries I can honestly say SunBasket beats all these in consistent delectable flavors! From our three meals a week, we have had only one meal we did not care for. SunBasket is all organic so cost is a little higher, but the quality is there. Their recipes are much more friendly and fast to put on the table as they do much of the measuring and prep work for you. Everything is washed and ready to work with. Spices are combined, so most meals take 30 minutes or less to make. The recipes are from cuisines all over the globe and are just delicious. Makes dinner something to really look forward to. Clean up is easy, all you do is a little chopping. It does save us money as I do not have to buy so many spices or ingredients that I may use only one time for a specific recipe while trying new dishes. Packaging is very recyclable, and very easy to work with, one package does an entire meal. If you use organic food, love trying new cuisines, want a very simplified dinner plan that provides tons of flavor as well as healthy, well balanced meals that leave you satisified and satiated, then SunBasket is your best choice. I can not say enough about how delicious our dinners are! Something we look forward to every day!

Terrible products and services
I signed up for service to try it out. The first box was terrible. The meet was warm and smelled rank. The herbs were brown and wilted. I canceled. Their app wasn't working correctly so I skipped all future meals. I called and cancelled. Sunbasket charged me and sent another box while I was out of town. I thought it was sitting at my door for a week however, it never came. Customer service would only give me 20$ out.of my 60 or 70$ they stole. Customer service claimed I never called, they were rude and smug. Laughed at me because I wasn't getting a refund. I am disgusted and appauled at their terrible products and services. I do not recommend using this company. It took weeks to get a real response. I don't have time to deal with this completely inappropriate behavior. They are theifs and should be shut down. Buyer beware!

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Description: Sun Basket delivers fresh organic ingredients and easy, healthy recipes to your door. The best food from the best West Coast farms, plus customized menus for Paleo, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian diets. Recipes are developed by Chef Justine Kelly, formerly of the James Beard Award-winning Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco.

Currently shipping to CA, OR, WA, CO, ID, UT, AZ and NV

Address: 1 Clarence Place, 94107


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