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STAY AWAY from Summit Racing
One of the worst on-line retailers I've ever dealt with. Ordered a product which appeared to be in stock and ready to ship. Not only did Summit Racing not have the item but neither did their distributor. They would not allow me to cancel the order as they said they'd have to confirm the distributor didn't ship it. Didn't hear back from them so I called to see what's going on. They said they'd contact the distributor and call me back. About an hour later I get an email saying the item had shipped and a UPS tracking # was given. This tracking # was not my order and going to someone else in Michigan. Called them back and explained to CS again... I asked them to put me on hold and call the distributor and they would not do it. I did a little detective work and figured out the distributor was Helmet House... based out of CA with warehouse in South Haven, MS. I called the CA office and they assured me the item I ordered was still on back order and they'd been without stock for quite a while. They confirmed there was no chance my item shipped yesterday. Now back on death-hold with this worthless CS department. NEVER AGAIN!... So after holding for 40 minutes the CS agent still refused to cancel the order and tried to put me off again. After arguing with him he agreed to call the distributor while I was on hold, 15 minutes later he comes back and tells me I was correct. They do not have stock and my order did not ship out. I asked him to put me on hold while he cancelled the order. He gave me the runaround about how he couldn't do it but assured me he make it happen. Still not done and the business day is over. Glad I used Paypal to pay these clowns, just got done filing a claim.

Outstanding customer service, bar none.
I use a Moroso Vacuum system, and some where misplaced my shim pack. Talking with the sales rep. I was put on hold. The sales rep soon returned with the news that Moroso doesn't sell the shims. BUT, some one that my sales rep talked with while on hold said he had some and would send me what I was looking for. Now if that is not going the extra mile, I must be missing something. Thank you again Summit for just another example of your great service. John Carpenter, Lynden WA

Where has customer service gone?
What has happened to Summit Racing's once stellar customer service? Summit's fantastic customer service is a big part of why I have shopped with them for years! Summit Racing used to be so very easy to work with.

I have recently had to return an defective part. The website makes that easy. But, should you run into an issue that is not on the website's list of issues and have to call... GOOD LUCK! My last attempt to call was pathetic. After dialing and going through the menu options, I was put on hold to wait for the next available representative... 56 minutes later I gave up and hung up! I also tried the SMS system only to get a text the next day. I can't get the texting representative to understand the problem. So now, three days later I'm still waiting...

Worst shipping iv experienced ever in a decade of building cars
Im from canada and have built several high performance cars, all have shipped in a timely manner. Summit says part in stock if ordered now will be shipped at 3 weeks waiting for the order with 4 parts, iv emailed several times and zero response. I guess because my order was only $300 dollars Summit Racing dont care. Funny thing is iv spent 20k in parts on my last build, my vehicle is stuck in the driveway now for 3 weeks iv been walking to work... i estimate on spending around 10k more on this build, not from yourself a favour and otder elsewhere, they dont value the little guys

Customer Service - Head Up They A@@es
I ordered pushrods for my LS conversion. I ordered the incorrect pushrods. Summit said, return them, once we receive them we will exchange for the correct pushrods. 30+ days later and no pushrods, no communication, just dead in the water. I called Summit customer service to see what the status was. Summit stated that the pushrods were in fact returned and that Summit Racing were holding my refund for absolutely no reason at all. Summit says "We are really sorry about this, would you like us to send out the pushrods you ordered?".

Horrible shipping and customer service
I ordered a pair of replacement upper door trims for my 87 Vette on 1/23/19. I was told prior to my purchase that the product wouldn't ship until 2/8/19. Well 2/8/19 came and went with NO COMMUNICATION or notification from Summit. I had to call them on 2/14/19 just to find out that the product I ordered is on back order until the second week in March. Unacceptable customer service. I'm currently awaiting a full refund and I don't plan on ever ordering from Summit again.

Terrible Service
I made a larger order by phone a few weeks back. Summit Kept telling me my card was declined after 3 tries I called my bank. Turns out the rep I was talking to on phone inputted my card number incorrect 3 seperate times.

Once the order went through, I got a call the next day with a message to call them. I had my wife call and the Girl was incredibly rude and nasty and insisted she must talk to me. I took a break from work and all she asked was for me to repeat the shipping address to her.

Summit Racing stated all items were in stock. I received tracking for majority of my order after 2 days. The rest I received no tracking on. I emailed to ask why and still to this day I have no tracking or reply answering my question.

Worse service I've had if quite some time.

Parts did not fit properly
I ordered four shocks for my 69 chrysler 300 and Summit Racing did not fit properly. The repair shop did not notice the wrong fitment until after they cut off the old shocks. Needless to say they made adjustments to all four shocks to make them fit and charged me for the fabrication. After speaking to customer service they said that they would have replaced the shocks but could not because they where modified to fit. The savings on the price of the shocks was eaten up by the extra labor cost. I will not buy from them again and would not recomend them to anyone.

Useless thieving mongrels
Ordered $1700 worth of stuff a month ago. Shipping seems to have halted and will not update any further. Got onto customer service only to be told it's not their problem. I'm sitting in Australia so I expect about a week and a half for delivery but no over a month now and still no parcel or parts. Refuse to rectify the issue. Did not want to be held accountable for taking a week just to begin sending my parts. But no that's ok just take my money straight away and treat me like crap as soon as you get your theiving hands on it.
Have emailed several times and been ignored, done the live chat and honestly the Chinese can respond in far better English than these people. Useless, pathetic and down right scamming mongrels.

Scam Artists! Don't trust that your purchase is protected!
I purchased a set of brake calipers that when I received them were used. I tried to return them and Summit Racing blamed me for installing them! I had to fight for my refund.

Jump ahead and I ordered the wrong leveling kit for my truck. Set up the return. Paid for the shipping back and guess what... they are denying this return as it "doesn't meet their expectations!"

Shop elsewhere. This place is a total scam looking to take advantage of its consumers.

Save your money...
I paid $160 for a high performance alternator for my 1969 Ford Galaxie 500. The 140 Amp barely lasted 2 yrs., and this is for a car that is driven less than 500 miles a year. When I discussed this with Summit's customer service, Summit Racing said that there is nothing they could do for me as the warranty is only for 1 year. They wouldn't even honor me as a return customer and offer me a discount on a new alternator. Wow, this says a lot about how much (or little) they value me as a customer, especially when one of their products underperforms.

As such, I would not do any further business with Summit and will choose to give my $ to a company that actually values me as a customer.


White letter tires scuffed bad
I said;
3 out of 4 tires received had the white letters damaged (scuffed) on them do to the way you taped them together with nothing in between the tires. The white letters look terrible.

Summit Racing said it was my fault
I apologize once the tires can not be returned as new and unused. I can not warranty them because it is clear from your pictures that the tires have been cleaned. The coating over the letters is meant to wear off. Harsh cleaning with brush and chemicals will remove the white off the tire. I suggest getting a tire letter marker such as SLC-T19


They suck
I've been calling for 4 days now and sat in the phone for 45 mins on my lunch break and an hour when I got off work at 3 all 4 days this is bull$#*!. I made an order and Summit Racing gave me a number too my money but still haven't sent my $#*!ing order why I made my order on Friday and here it is Wednesday. I go in my order form and it shows nothing but I got a text from y'all with a order number. I refuse to every use this company ever again NPD IS WAY BETTER A AND SO IT'S JEGS. Try something new you get burned. Never again

Fake Reviews? My Long Experience With Summit Has Been Good
[Original 5-star review] I am really surprised to see so many negative reviews about Summit Racing. It's is an excellent company that you can trust. In over 30 years as a customer, I have never had a problem returning a purchase if I needed to. Summit Racing are very clear about which products they have in stock, and when they expect to ship the products they don't. Their customer service is responsive and tries to be helpful. It's not realistic to think they can be experts on everything - one poor seat recommendation comes to mind - but I have found their advice to be worth asking for, and better than their competitors'. Summit's recent (from a 30-year perspective) entry into restoration parts is a welcome development. I recommend Summit to anyone, and can attest from personal experience that Jeg's can't even come close.

[2022-01-21 update] I still consider myself a fan of Summit, but their product recommendations are now worse than useless. This is based on several recent experiences, but to cite just one - I asked if Summit sold a 1-piece carpet set for a 1980 Camaro. "Angelo" told me that they only sell 2-piece sets. It's not true; I found multiple 1-piece options on my own.

IMO Summit is still really good about telling you realistic ship dates, price matching competitors, having a great selection, and making returns easy. They are also able to get sales tax right; sadly, not everyone can.

Used to be good, not any more
Have been using Summit Racing equipment for years, Summit Racing used to be a customer service oriented outfit, always went out of their way to make sure customer was satisfied. Over the years have bought close to $100K in parts from them. Recently they just don't care, expect to be on hold with customer service for hours. I purchased a $2K air conditioning system from them and they got the parts wrong, not a big deal it was a complicated setup, but getting them to fix it was a 2 hour ordeal, and they made me feel that it was my fault for ordering it from them and charged me additional shipping. You can tell the employees don't care anymore and that is a sign of poor management. Going to drastically scale back on my business with them, have been using JEGS and ClassicIndustries more often now.

Just the rudest people i have dealt with
I live in Australia and wanted a PA2 weather station for our drag racing car. First of all the courier Summit Racing used did not keep us informed that the item had been held overseas. The item arrived and did not work. I spoke to them for about an hour and got nowhere with them, they are just hopeless with their customer service. Its the same old company line over and over again, they have no idea about the products they sell. They would not be allowed to get away this in Australia, the customer has rights. I have now had to send the item back and hope they get their fingers out and issue the refund quickly as i need to get another one.

Sales service
I have been a Pro Shop member for several years. The savings seem to have been significantly reduced recently. Promotional sales are frequently a better deal.
I have been promised a "call back" on several occasions from sales persons - but not received one. I then would call again and start all over with another sales rep because the original person could not be reached.
Today I encountered a sales representative who perused my request to the
Fullest extent. I am very pleased with his effort.
Thank you Fulton. You are a refreshing person to deal with in a so so marketing environment.
Robert Pigott

Technical support rude.
When I call in trying to get some help on figuring out parts applications for a custom build I am building and all you can tell me is once you start mixing parts im on your own and you cant help? That is fine, I get it its annoying to help with those. But when I have actual part numbers, the year make and model of said parts, not to mention I've had previous people help me out with part compatibility when I've called. I don't see the need to be rude about it and pretty much tell me i'm on my own and that you're not going to help me out when i'm asking for advice on parts.

Good price great customer service
I ordered a Traxion ProGear Wide Body Creepers 1-100 from Summit. The price was hands down the best I could find.

Shipping was quick and I received my new creeper in 3 days.
The creeper was sent in a plain cardboard box which had normal looking, it has been tossed into a truck type of damage on the outside, nothing that would have made me reject shipment.

Long story short creeper was bent/defective. It really wanted to only roll in in right hand circle. The bend in the creeper's 'outrigger' was outward so I think it was likely a manufacturing defect and not a shipping issue.

Called their support line. LONG hold for answer. Rep told me that Summit Racing had new CSRs in training so they were shorthanded. Very nice CSR. I explained what was wrong with the creeper and he assured me that they would inspect one and box it up and send it to me.

They sent me a new creeper immediately (received in 2 days) as well as a pre-paid return label,

The new creeper was boxed up with extra rigid corners taped onto outside of box and was very well packed.

I ask them to price match rock auto it was only a 4 dollar difference was getting 2 items the sales guy started talking about shipping cost with rock auto I was getting over 100 dollars with summit but the items I wanted matched from rock auto was 16 59 there and like 20.49 at summit I was getting 2. He said he would have to add rockauto shipping price. Well if I was only getting the 2 items from one store or the other the shipping was 9.99 at each store But since I qualified for free ship for over 100 dollars with summit total was like 118.00 He said well I would have to add ther shipping cost I said hell with it I will get at rockauto It says price match nothing about shipping screw summit To many other places to by and there shipping is never on time or has a long delay just look for youself many items will not even ship for several weeks and if Summit Racing say in stock it still ships from someplace else and is late

Hidden unrecorded random shipping fees
Ordered a roll bar a few weeks ago. While the item did arrive from their warehouse in more or less the said time, Summit added a hidden $40 shipping charge. Consequently Summit Racing defrauded the part invoice by showing the purchase price+tax and a total $40 above that. The numbers didn't add up, and when I brought up the issue with them several times the "rep" said there was no record of it and they couldn't break out the invoice to show where the number came from. Essentially fraud.

Customer Service overall does not provide customer service
I ordered a dash pad on May 10,2020. It had an original estimated ship date (ESD) of 6/?/20. When I looked into my order, It was given ESD of 7/20. It has gone that way every time I would call to inquire. Customer Service (CS) original response would be "I don't know". When I demanded that Summit Racing call OER and find out status, they would always say that they talked to someone called "Ernesto, and no ESD, and yet their ad for the part (12396694) would always show a future date. It currently shows May 10,2021. Some Customer Service employees would not give me their surname. I would request to speak to a Supervisor, and would later find out I was transferred to a team leader. Not a Spvr! I would have them tell me they would bump my issue up to management, and I would not get a return call. I would call the extension they gave me, and it would go to a generic voice mail. I even tried getting in touch with OER, and they never responded to my email. I've written to Scott Peterson, president of Summit Racing at email (******* Some guy named Carson responded with the same old "valuable customer, blah, blah, blah". The only good advice I got from these people was to order from another company, and complete sale with company that responds first. I ordered from another company on 12/17/20, and on 01/08/21, I completed the sale, and received my dash pad on 01/11/21. OER was the company that provided the product. I found out that this company received a total of 13 dash pads. To this date, Summit Racing has received none. I had to pay over $100.00 more, but it was well spent money, to not have to deal with those people anymore. I am 72 yrs old, a Vietnam combat veteran and had been a loyal customer for many many years My overall rating would be ZERO, but no button for that. Just happy that this ordeal is over, and Summit Racing has lost a good and loyal customer.

Extremely long on hold
I ordered a header on wed 7/15/20. I rcvd an email that day with an order number and ship date. Never rcvd a note showing tracking number so I logged on to my account to check status. My account shows no orders open. There is no other way on the website to check on an order. As I type I have been on hold for 1 hour and 20 mins. My rebuild is on a time schedule and I really need this part ASAP. If only I could talk with someone about this it would ease my frustration. I went to on line ordering because shopping at a Summit store is a beat down. I hate waiting in line and the stores have 3 of them just to purchase a part.

Screwed by summit and wilwood brakes
Several yrs ago I purchased a wilwood drum to disk conversion kit through summit racing for my 1966 F100 2 wheel drive pickup with a Ford 9-inch rear end. I was on the phone with the salesman from summit for a good 45-90 minutes where he kept putting me on hold calling wilwood brakes to confirm the part that I needed. I wanted drum to disc matching disc brakes on all four of my truck wheels. The next year I called in to purchase the front drum to disc conversion kit where I was informed that Summit Racing do not sell or make a kit for my truck / model. I ended up doing some research which The summit racing tech should have done for me being I was on hold so many times for so long and after my research I found master power MP made a bolt on kit for my truck. Ifinally got around to installing the front drum to disc Master power drum to disc conversion kit. It was a sweet bolt-on system it is worth every penny! I got around to finally trying install the rear wilwood under disc conversion kit where I come to find out it's the wrong offset! So I was hoping to just exchange the brand new kit (still in the box in a brand new packaging open one time) and I was informed by summit and wilood that they would not help me because it was too old and it was no longer in their system, yet the kit was still in the packaging and all I wanted to do was exchange it for the one that would work for me. They pretty much both told me to take a flying leap and would not stand behind their own product. Summit racing offered me a little bit of a discount if I would have purchased the kit that I needed LOL unbelievable

Excellent service
Wow! These reviews are unbelievable I've had nothing but a great experience with this company, & at first when Summit Racing didn't put my apt.# on the order & ups could not deliver I was upset, but the supervisor Jerry called me & apologized & he was great after that I ordered a set of power stop brakes which did not work out called them & said send the brakes back mind you I had used them for about two weeks they said they would give me a full refund & they did. Because of this great customer service I bought another set of powerstop brakes & they are excellent. Thx summit racing

Wrong parts and damaged parts
I purchased over $1,500 in parts from summit in February. The first round Summit Racing sent me the wrong parts. I was ok with it because I am converting a Pontiac from a Pontiac engine to a Chevy engine. I racked it up to confusion in our conversation. I did repeat my needs, but things happen. They told me that they can send me new parts but I would have to pay for them and they would refund me after they received the returned parts. So, I had to wait almost two weeks for the correct parts. One of the headers had a large dent in it. It looked like it might be designed this way for the spark plug. The dent was obviously made before the ceramic coating because it was flawless. When I contacted Summit they asked if I had installed it I was honest and said yes. Then they told me that I was out of luck. The pictures I sent them shows that the damage was there before. It was also located on the side that is protected. No one could even damage it in this location without trying to. It is protected by the other tubes. I would recommend anyone looking for parts to shop locally or use Jegs, or another company. When you are working on a time line they will not care. I will never use them again! They also sent me an email 3 days after I sent them pictures and services request saying that it had been resolved and client was talked to. When in fact no one had ever responded or even talked to me.

Very disappointed
I own an automotive company and regularly do orders from summit and have for years, sometimes large orders! Recently i was blocked from my account due to a screen that said suspicious activity. In the meantime i made an order from jegs because time was an issue. I sent a mail to them a week later to have it released. Never heard anything. I called and got someone tonight at customer service 1/27/20 at around 9; 30. I gave her all the information to clear this bogus hold and was informed i hadnt done anything wrong, it just happens sometimes. Then she wanted me to go through this long page to identify myself to which i told her i didnt have that kind of time. I told her everything she needed to identify me from phone numbers and addresses to accounts and she still wanted me to go this process. I told her i didnt have the time to complete it right now and i would have no choice but to order from jegs again. At that point she was rude and short and basically told me oh well! Thats where my problem lies! I am a business and i spend alot more with this company than the average mechanic. I have had problems in the past where i was told a differential would be here in a week to 10 days, and took 2 months from the manufacturer. I was even ok with that, thankfully my hotrod customer was understading. What i dont like is being treated like shes doing me a favor by allowing me to spend my money there. I even felt like i went above and beyond to try to get this resolved. She was not helpful in trying to find a solution and her story changed several times along the way. This seems to be an all too familiar story of american big business. Summit Racing start out big, very helpful and very good customer service then it turns in to a money machine that really doesnt care if you buy or not. There are other options out there, jegs, speedway, etc and i will search for a company that appreciates customers and service better than what i was shown at summit. Motorsports in this country has been taking a major hit, you guys arent immune!

I ordered KYB Shocks from this retailer based on the fact thwt Summit Racing offered a $25 rebate per shock. I was given a website to go in and register the rebate online and after MORE than 3 months, still NOTHING! Tried going again on the website and it gave NO option for checkimg the status of a claim, just how to file a new one with KYB. Dont bother, Summit racing WON'T answer their phone either! Sat on hold first for 30 minutes, listened to a recording saying "due to high call volume we will answer in order. They hung up on me after 30 minutes! Called back once again, was on hold over an hour, hung up on me again! One of the worst online retailers with zero reliability!

INVOICE NO. 3363485 I would like to thank summit racing and Caroline and her superintendant and tech support for the PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING AND WILLINGNESS, to help me figure out my electrical woes on my hotrod. After 4 msd boxes, four alternators and hours of sleeplessness, my baby is back up and running. These people bent over backwards LITERALLY to help me with ebays worthless policies and still stood behind me to help with my returns as the seller no longer excisted. I cant say enough to thank you as you saved me alot of $. I could never imagine going to ANYONE! Else for my hotrod wirng woes.and would also like to thank tuffstuff alternators and msd for the same understanding and help. Yal rock!

I have dealt with Summit (via mail order) for over...
I have dealt with Summit (via mail order) for over 20 years and have always been satisfied with their promptness, fairness and knowledge. Summit Racing have replaced damaged parts for me with no hesitation. They shipped me a part that was marked with the incorrect size... they told me to keep the incorrect part and shipped the correct size part... no cost. I located a part that was $20 cheaper than Summits and after a phone call was told Summit would meet the other venders price. However when I was billed Summet charged me $40 less. I have called them with questions and if the individual I was speaking to does not know the answer I have been transferred to another individual that can answer my question. SUMMIT KNOWS CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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