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My purchases
My first order was in July last year. I got no complaints. This year i saw big discounts, and i ordered more stuff. I am very dissapointed. The stuff is huge, the person in charge doesnt want to cooperate, you cannot send it back, and the clothes i got, doesnt look even closed to the picture in the website. When i sent the photos of what i received, StyleWe claimed, they didnt receive them. I sent it to my friends, everybody got them. So, i will never deal with them again, and i wouldnt recomend it

This company is a SCAM!
My first (and last) order from STYLEWE was a nightmare! It was by far the most regretful thing I've ever done!
The package has never been delivered although their tracking number (through an unknown logistics company stated otherwise). I had to call multiple times with no solution just to get an email from STYLEWE saying that I got to solve this issue with the logistics company.
After calling multiple times to the logistics company, StyleWe simply stated that they do no longer have a contract with STYLEWE and so they have no obligation to prove the delivery.
I had to escalate the case on Paypal in order to get a refund after almost three months. During this time, STYLEWE was never willing to look into this case.
Expect to call at least ten times to get something solved if you don't get your order. What a waste of time!

Just took my money, keeping the returned product. This product is shipped from China, not the U.S.
My dress arrived after many weeks. It was cut smaller than the average size. I asked for permission to return and I received permission, no other instructions were given. I returned the dress to the address on the original shipping label, Chino, California, submitting a tracking number on the StyleWe site. The dress arrived at the destination.

When contacting StyleWe, StyleWe said the return address, Chino, California is not the address I should have sent the package to. It should've been sent to: 1st Floor, Building 3, Jinyuan Square, No. 2 Taohong West Street, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510000
Hmm, I'm just guessing if they have a return to CHINA, many will not return their items?

Their note to me: "Sorry for the inconvenience. We did not receive your return so that there's no refund issued."

Thus, one star. I have lost my money and they have gained a resale!

Don't let this happen to you. Do not buy from this company. They do not say on their website that the merchandise comes from China, it just shows up late.

Returns? Not unless you want to ship to China... even though the item is pretending to be coming from California!

Poor quality and difficulty returning
(updated from my initial review) I've purchased 3 items from StyleWe so far. The first one was a small surprise in the fabric quality but somewhat bearable. Recently, over Black Friday, i purchased 2 items, and StyleWe arrived in about 3 weeks. Both were found to be very poor quality - the fabric and other things look very cheap and the not breathable. One of them has outright sewing defects.

I had great trouble trying to return one of them. They agreed to give full refund after about 5 rounds of email, and my strong statements and persistence. A bit waste of time. After i posted the review, they did respond in a friendly way, and they have given the refund without having me ship the item back.

The other item was at $65 at sale price, but the fabric and metal part are so cheap that i think it's worth perhaps $20 or less. It appeared to be a final sale and i didn't find a way to return it some days ago, but now I found it's returnable. I'll be responsible for the shipping cost returning an item. I'll see how it goes.

They do seem to care about reviews and try to remedy the situation. So i'm thankful for that.

Very unprofessional and they sell the wrong size as US sizes
These people asked me to take the measurements of my bust to prove that the blouse StyleWe sold was the wrong size. I wear a US xl size, and they sold a blouse with US xxl that is clearly small. Instead of checking the order and reviewing the fabric, they are looking for excuses to refuse return or get me to pay for their error. How unprofessional, meanwhile I sent them a picture of myself wearing the blouse. I will never purchase from this people again! Horrible experience. I spent $200 for a heart ache and hours of writing.

Terrible return procedure, tayloring not the usual US fit
StyleWe would send the clothes from a US address, but would only accept returns in China. First they try to convince us to accept a 25% discount to use for alteration, and we have to respond to their first email within 7 days, otherwise we can no longer return the merchandise which in this case is not possible to alter.
They usually taylor the waist too small, making it hard to choose which size to pick. I normally fit a medium waist in a skirt, but going by their waist size reference, I had to chose a large size, which leaves the bust and hip way too big, to the point that they cannot be altered. The customer has to pay for shipments both ways: from a US address and returns to China. Their return policy only says that customers have to pay for returns, but no country is mentioned. Their contact address is in England, but is not used for returns. Had I known that this return would be so costly and complicated, I would not have bought from them. I was going to order the smaller size dress, but the way this is going, I may never order from them again.

Bait and Switch. Their stuff is Just. Crap. Their site should be taken down in the US.
First off, it is very clear StyleWe are hiring people to write reviews. It's pretty easy to spot. They don't even use proper grammer. However, that said, I had to give it a try. I know there were bad reviews but the stuff was so cute so I took a chance. After $119 I realized, I didn't get one thing as represented in the photos on the website. Everything is the worst material. It's like, Imagine you are trying to replicate something beautiful and all you have are the dregs of the dregs of fabric and use that fabric to try to recreate beautiful things. That is what these clothes are like. The only thing that is correct is the color of each item. The dress (3/4 Sleeve V Neck Holiday Boho Dress) is like the inside lining of a cheap coat, the "sweaters" (Shift V Neck Casual Pullover) and (Casual Animal Cotton Top) arent even knit! Read the descriptions on their stuff. They are sneaky. What they show isn't what you are buying and their descriptions are how they are getting away with it. The jacket (Solid Jacket Vintage Pockets Plus Size Blazer) is some sort of unlined poly micro fleece and I didn't even get one of the items I ordered. But, from what I am seeing here, trying to get it from them would be like prolonging a nightmare. SO, I will not be ordering anything else and donating most of it to the Goodwill. Also, I will be filing a claim with the BBB.

I would give them a zero rating if I could! I ordered multiple items on 1/5/19. I received them. Most were too small, so I had to spend $150 to ship them back to China (per their directions). My packages arrived back on my doorstep SIX months later. StyleWe never made it to their destination, so a COMPLETE waste of $. They then gave me a CA return address. They received my items via Fed Ex on 8/15/19 & acknowledged receipt. I received several emails on 8/21 & 8/23/19, telling me that my refunds would be issued in one week. I did receive one of my refunds. However, it is now 9/27/19, & I still have not received ~ $800. My complete return shipping costs were just over $200 & I STILL haven't received my full refund. I am just getting the constant runaround from them with NO offered solutions or actions. It has been NINE months! This is the biggest SCAM of a company & they have NO right being in business! Do NOT order from StyleWe! Biggest nightmare EVER! Packages that came back to me below.

Effective "no-return" policy
Do not do business with this company! It borders on the fraudulent.
The stated "return policy" is very vague, until there is a need to actually return an item. It then becomes clear, after an email exchange, that the return center is in China, and there will significant costs and delays in receiving any refunds. The company therefore suggests you accept a 15% cash refund, but without any obvious method or procedure to request this refund. (I responded in the email, hoping this will work.)
The bottom line: Do not order from this company unless you are willing to accept the item, as is, and hope it is exactly as desired.

Knock off, not the real deal - DON'T BUY ANYTHING!
Express shipping took 3 weeks to arrive, fabric is very poor quality, the design of this jumpsuit did not match the photos on the website at all. There is a flap on the chest that looks like it was sewn on by mistake. The bow is a flimsy clip on and does not look like a flower at all but a last minute made up bow! The material for the bow was not sewn well, you can see the stitches. The quality of the bow and the actual jumpsuit are very different material, the mesh for the shoulders were cheap and nearly ripped when I tried it on. This is definitely not Designer's Apparel but a knock off with horrible duplication. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE!

If you don't want to lose money, DO NOT buy stuff with this company. I bought a few items from them, and the material is too low quality. I returned the items back to them. StyleWe gave me back the exact credit amount into my account. After a while, I did not see they have any new design coming out that fits with me, so I did not buy anything. I left the money alone in my account. Just couple days ago, I went back to shop and tried to use my credit, but then it did not work. I contacted them and they said:" due to the update of our website system, the previous credit cannot be used. We will help you convert the credit into code. You can also use this amount for shopping." I was okay for what they said about the CODE at long I can buy something else. Afterward, I went back to shop with them buy using the code they provided to me, unfortunately it did not work. I emailed them and they said: "Pls note that code is not available for the pre-sale items and flash sale items." Now do your guys sees the problem. It is my money; I can buy anything I like; it is no matter if the item is on sale or is presale, and/or it is regular price. It is not that they give me a free money as a code and/or discount whatsoever with a restriction for shopping. They converted my own money into a CODE by the way they want to. I simply entitle to my own money. I do not need their CODE for shopping and then restricted me with shopping in a regular price item only. Now money is not an issue for me. It is principle. Do not lose money with them. Please be aware, they are from China. Deceiving customers is their skills. This should be reported to the website to prevent them taking money from other innocent people.

They responded to me that "The store credit was issued on 2019-04-26 and thus invalid after 2 years." NO it was not true. On Jun 27,2021 when I asked them what is my credit amount? They even replied to me that I have $78.87; and advised me it converted into a code number for me to shopping.

STYLEWE is a scam retail site.
What you see on the website, does not even closely resemble what you get if you order something. And there is no way to speak to anyone live if you have problems with your order or merchandise. The quality of the clothing is so cheap and the stitching looks like someone just learned how to sew. I bought 5 items once and three of the items were literally defective and the other two were just cheap material with bad lines. That said, I wanted to ship everything back.

I tried calling but there is no live contact available and when you email StyleWe do not respond consistently. And when they finally respond to your email, they will not offer ANY refunds for defective products. They want to give you a partial store credit as if you would ever find anything that is wearable on that site. I tried to ship my products back and they wrote that they are based in China and it would cost more for me to send my defective product back, so they encourage me to take a store credit. Why would anyone have to pay for shipping if you products are defective? Two of my products were ripped at the seams and 1 of my products was a totally different product than I had ordered. And they want me to pay to send it back to China? I reached out to BBB to file a formal complaint after trying to contact the website over a dozen times regarding my defective products. All I can say, DO NOT BUY FROM STYLEWE.


Only because I had to but they get No STARS... ZERO
At 50 this has been the worse online shopping experience I have EVER had! My 2020 Europe trip was cancelled due to the pandemic, so I am thrilled to finally reschedule for September 2021, yayyy! Of course, I went shopping. Stylewe came up because this is not my first-time shopping or buying from Stylewe, but it was the worst and last time.

The products I purchased look nothing like what is advertised on their website. Shocked to say the least. No big deal I will return them. When I requested to return the products, I was told StyleWe are from China, and I would have to pay to ship them back. Shocked again, I explained I am returning because they do not look like your pictures, I even sent them pictures of the products I received. They replied several times "sorry you're not satisfied your return has been approved" with the UNPAID shipping label.

After reviewing the website, I did see it says your responsible for the shipping. I could understand that if I ordered the wrong size or just changed my mind and no longer wanted the merchandise; however, that is not the case. Then they insult me with a 15% to 25% cash refund to keep the clothes and use the money for alterations... really?! I spent over $200 on clothes from them that look horrible no alterations is going to help this.

I will NEVER buy from them EVER again. I will be posting on my IG and FB with a warning from my horrible experience.

That being said, I do have a suggestion for Stylewe... when a buyer puts a product in the cart that is out of the country, a red pop-up warning should let the buyer know this product is coming from out of the country and the buyer is responsible for the shipping if returned. I had no clue where the products I purchased were coming from.

I have been using this website for over a year. They are timely with their offers and go out.
I have been using this website for over a year. StyleWe are timely with their offers and go out of their way to provide examples of how to best take advantage of offers, including my favorite: subscribing and saving posts. Unlike other bargain sites, they actually respond to comments and if I write that I'm looking for deals on something specific, they stay on their toes. I am constantly impressed with the number of things and the number of offers that this online boutique draws my attention. I'm a fan! Looking for savings? Look no further. - Great deals, great service. I definitely recommend!

Refund policy does not indicate returns to china
The return policy says fast refunds. When you request a return and refund StyleWe then send:
Our return center is located in Guangzhou, China.
According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees). Your refund will be processed after our return center receives and inspects the return package.

Since International returns might result in long waiting times and incur substantial return costs on your side, we recommend some alternative methods to resolve this issue.
We would like to offer you a 15% cash refund instead of returning the item(s). If there are any sizing issues, you can use this fund to alter the cloth.
If you still want to return the package, you should email us for a return label within 7 days, the aforementioned deadline.
I have also sent this to the BBB. This is the response from the BBB:
His is in reference to your complaint against Stylewe. Your complaint was assigned ID 15659461.

Your BBB has tried to present your complaint to Stylewe in an attempt to resolve this matter to your mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we have received no response to your complaint. We attempted to contact Stylewe through written correspondence twice on your behalf, but we must now close this matter in our files. This does not minimize the importance of your concerns, nor is it any reflection on the validity of your dispute.

You may now want to pursue this matter through an alternative resource. To view a list of agencies you may wish to contact for additional assistance, please visit:

Your BBB helps settle many marketplace disputes between consumers and businesses, but please understand that we are not an enforcement agency and we cannot compel a business to settle your complaint in a particular way, nor can we compel them to respond. BBB mediation is a voluntary process requiring the good faith and willing participation of both parties to a dispute.

The firm's failure to respond to your complaint will be reflected in its BBB record. A firm's rating may be affected by its failure to answer even one complaint. Your experience may, therefore, alert other inquirers seeking information through the BBB.

Do not buy from them StyleWe are not a reputable company. I ordered clothes from them, when they arrived they did not match the image or description made from poor poor quality. When I enquired about returning the products I was told that I had to return them to China at my own cost! I went to the post office and discovered the cost of returns was £78.00! The post man advised it was jut worth my while to return the clothes. I then read on the internet that they dispute the products were received. You only get a refund once the products were received by them but most the times they dispute this was received. So I complained again about the shoddy workmanship, poor quality materials and sent them images to which they didn't comment upon but refused to give me my refund. They offered a tiny amount. I came down from 100 % to 50 % which they refused and in the end had to accept their offer due to how long this was taking and the stress it was causing me at being cheated robbed! I started my complaint jan 23rd and Despite numerous emails I still haven't had my refund processed. Now they've stopped responding to my emails. The attached photographs are just a few examples.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed.
I purchased 7 pieces of clothing here for the first time. I was extremely excited because I see their ads all the time. My purchase took more than a month to come (no big deal it was coming from China) but when it arrived StyleWe were all poor replicas. The material choice was extremely cheap and no way were those the fabrics the models were in the pictures. The only two things that were decent were a white cotton shirt and a t-shirt. The sizes were really off on the clothing. I bought a medium dress which had to be an extra-large in size and also the t-shirt I purchased was nice but it also had to be at least an extra-large so. For the $130 I spent, it was really disappointing. I did not return because the review says you have to pay for it being shipped back to China and many people never received their money back. If you are going to try stylewe, i suggest you purchase one or two things and don't go all in, like I did.

First and foremost, if you want to return an item, the address is in CHINA, The cost is not worth it. StyleWe offered 15% on your next order if you did not return it. Seriously. Second, the items purchase are different than the picture in quality and color. The material of poor quality it is insulting. I bet they make 1000% profit by using such poor material. I would not buy from them again. The return address should be reviewed so that the buyer has a choice whether to proceed with the purchase.

SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE! It started with a lie about the 1st time shopper coupon and went down hill from there. One lie after another. I paid $50 for express shipping (2-5 business days) only to be told that doesn't apply to processing which could me 7-12 days... Turns out the $50 I paid was useless b/c the items were delayed by "processing" then shipped 7-12 BUSINESS days... ftom Hong Kong. NO apology. NO refund. Just condescending comments and insults. Read the complaints on the BBB site BEFORE shopping with these people. If I could rate them negative stars I would. REPUGNANT is an understatement!

BUYER BEWARE- Returns have to be shipped to China for refund and postage is expensive.
I ordered 8 clothing items and had to cancel 2 because StyleWe had not arrived after 1 month. Of the 6 items that arrived after 2 weeks I had to return 4 because of poor fit. The return label they provided had a China address even though their website return policy does not mention this anywhere. One assumes the return address would be in the USA. Shipping cost to China is expensive and requires Customs forms to be filled at the Post Office. I had to pay $28 for postage alone when the domestic US postage for that package would be $5. Open a disputed transaction with your credit card company and tell them Stylewe website did not disclose the China return requirement on their website.

Don't ever shop from them. I had issues with the dresses I ordered and contacted them the moment I received and opened it. Literally within the hour of getting it. Issues were:
1. Materials used on the dresses were cheap.
The white bodycon dress I bought was see through.
2. StyleWe sent me wrong dress, wrong size and again CHEAP MATERIAL.
Finally when I managed to get hold of them and have them sent me return address, I sent it back within just a few days. It arrived in CHINA 1 week after I sent it. Oh and I also paid for the courier fee. Now it's been nearly a month and they still haven't received it because they refuse to pay for the duty and tax imposed to them by customs in China. Hence they haven't received my parcel and won't release my refund. On top of that they said that they will only refund if they receive it within a month upon receipt. Now they won't even reply to my emails. THEY HAVE VERY POOR AND UNSYMPATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Defective, cheap copy sent (not what was pictured)P
I ordered a black handkerchief dress, and the item received was a MUCH cheaper and defective version of the item pictured. I believe this company takes pictures from other designers and websites and then makes cheap copies. The dress I bought was sewn crooked down the zipper and had no hem at all at the bottom. It was just cut jaggedly with scissors which looked completely unfinished, unwearable and was already starting to unravel with strings hanging everywhere. Although the dress was obviously a cheap polyester material & completely defective, I could only manage to get a 50% discount as StyleWe continued to argue & lie over countless emails for weeks. Buyer beware! Cheap misrepresented products from China and terrible customer service.

It is my favorite!
For the first time I am not stressed at all by my internet purchase here! Because I know that the shipping service of this online boutique is amazing and I will have the dress in no time! Also, his size 6 clothing is a fairly small brand, so all of his divine dresses fit me well and save money because there is no tailor involved. Plus, the uniqueness and wide range of styling options give me plenty to choose from! It took me less than 5 minutes to find the perfect dress and order it. Free from worry!
I know I will quickly become addicted to this store, it is my favorite!

StyleWe = bad customer service. Placed order, never received, did not get a refund.
Update 11/7/2021.
Refund promised 10/16/21, never materialized._____________________
I ordered some really cute dresses on 2020/4/24 13:30:28. Order No.: K2597313. A month later 27 May 2020, I wrote to customer service enquiring about the order. I received a reply that my order was shipped, StyleWe also included a tracking number. I tracked it and to my horror, it showed that my order went back to sender. Why? It stated I did not sign for it. The next day on 28 May 2020 I contacted StyleWe and well, the matter is still not resolved. To clarify: it was during the lockdowns. I was working from home. My husband and I were working from home. Our apartment complex office was closed and did not accept deliveries but my apartment # was clearly stated and Fedex never left a ticket, or knocked on my door. For the record, the tracking and shipment notification arrived AFTER the order was returned to sender. Stylewe says they never found my order.
Moving on, I contacted Stylewe and they offered either a refund, or to send the goods again. My mistake. I should've asked for a refund. My order never came the second time either.
Since then, I have contacted StyleWe as and when I remembered and had time. Now they are saying that it's too long ago, and they cannot find a record and so on. And that I would not get a refund.
I am immensely disappointed, frustrated and from now on, I will be purchasing my clothes at retail outlets.

When I returned the items I bought from them, I asked for a refund to my PAPPAL, StyleWe said if I agreed not to ask them to credit $ back to my PAYPAL, and agreed to put the amount I paid for as the store credit, they would pay for the return shipping fee by issue a STORE CREDIT for the amount I paid for plus the return shipping fee. I agreed and I had a STORE CREDIT OF $120.53.

My total order was $146.16 and I selected free standard shipping, but they canceled my order twice stating that they canceled them due to expensive shipping. So they DID NOT honor the free standard shipping as they advertised. FRAUD ADVERTISEMENT!

On May 25,2020, I used the store credit of $120.53 in my account to buy something else for a total of $142.37 (I paid them $21.84 by PayPal and I used my store credit $120.53) to pay for this purchase totaling $142.37. The next day, they canceled my order and refunded me $21.84 to my PAYPAL and put $120.53 back to my account as "Store Credit". I sent them an email asking why they canceled my order, they said due to expensive shipping cost. Then they asked me to place the order again. On May 30,2020 I placed the same order again, and the next day, they canceled it again. They said due to expensive shipping cost again.


Here is the email I received from STYLEWE after they canceled my orders 2 times"
Hi Catherine,

Order # K2626063

Here is the email I received from STYLEWE after they canceled my orders 2 times"
Hi Catherine

Sorry that order was cancelled due to expensive shipping cost.

Store credit and money refund has been issued.

Hi Catherine,

Sorry that we can not ship this order.
Your order was cancelled due to the expensive shipping cost.

We will issue the refund to your original payment method in one week (store credit $120.53, PAYPAL $19.63).
Tore credit and money refund has been issued.

Sorry for the inconvenience it might cause.

Best regards,

Order # K2626063 and Order # K2621648 (they canceled both of my orders and put back store credit $120.53 in my account, they won't let me use it to buy items that I paid for by store credit of $120.53 for 2 orders K2626063 and K2621648.


Cute design made by an inexperienced dressmaker
Update: the company refunded the cost of the dress after I contacted them with pictures and my complaint. I commend their fast response time and willingness to refund 100%.

Original review:
I loved the picture on the website for this dress. I checked reviews which were pretty good. Placed my order and Im guessing due to Covid is the reason it took a month to arrive. Sadly the collar is cut noticeably crooked; much larger on one side causing it to look very crooked and lopsided.
The website has such cute things but StyleWe are apparently made by inexperienced seamstresses.

Will not refund for returned item
These people are thieves. I ordered and never received a jumper I paid a reasonable amount of money for. StyleWe have consistently requested me to check this, check that, which I have done. Even when sending them the Australia Post enquiry number and return track number (which was received and signed for by StyleWe) they still question me. Very unhelpful and dishonest. I have asked for my money to be refunded on many occasions but there is always another request/excuse. DO NOT SHOP WITH THESE PEOPLE.

Misleading return policy information ~
I ordered a dress from StyleWe, and then read reviews that said if an item doesn't fit, I would be responsible for paying the shipping back to China (very expensive). The website does NOT say this. In addition, negative reviews and scam alerts on this company lead me to not want to proceed with my order. I have emailed the company to ask that my order be cancelled, but I've also read reviews that say the company does not reply to emails. I'm hoping that this review will result in my order being cancelled, so that I can get a refund and avoid a headache with this company.

Poor quality, poor customer service, Rip off
Ordered 3 items, all really cheap quality and one was so small that I, who am size 0 or 2 had a 6" gap in where it was supposed to close. When I wanted to return it, StyleWe kept offering discounts to keep it. Would not give me a return address and then finally gave it and found out I have to return it to CHINA/Hong Kong. The postage cost more to return than cost of items. This is a scam and rip off. Product is so poor quality that materials are totally see through. They make it look attractive in photo, but in fact is bad, bad bad and fit poorly. Don't waste your money. Have not had any satisfaction. Lost all the money it cost and I can throw the items in the garbage. Don't buy from this firm unless you are willing to be ripped off. Should be outlawed from selling in the US where you cannot return it. They enclosed wrong packing slip, so I had to fight to get order #. Now they may not publish this review because I don't have a photo of receipt. One scam after the other.
Very Dissatisfied and upset customer

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Description: StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. We are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.

By working with cutting edge independent fashion designers from around the world, and combining them with our high quality production and digital marketing capabilities, we will turn the fashion designers’ dreams into reality by providing high fashion to customers worldwide.

Rather than just an online shopping store, we would like to create a community which will be shared by both designers and customers. The community will enable all parties to communicate, share ideas, and recognize each other. It would not only provide instant feedback for fashion designers when launching new concepts or products, but would also allow customers to share their shopping experiences and fashion dreams.

We bring together designers and fashion covering many different styles. We hope that every one of our customers will find their own unique and exclusive designer fashions at StyleWe.

We believe the fashion trend should not be controlled by the few, but rather be guided by the collective actions of every designer and fashion consumer. At StyleWe, our goal is to empower designers so that they no longer feel hidden behind the brand, but are able to proactively communicate directly with their customers throughout the entire fashion life cycle.

We believe fashion should be personal and diversified. Fashion designers should not cater exclusively to the rich and famous. We have dedicated ourselves to enabling talented fashion designers to build their own brands and achieve their dream. Together with our designers, we will deliver high quality designer fashions to everyone.


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