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Professional guidelines and good job opportunity.
So far I believe the website is good at offering job opportunities for people wanting to develop within the writing field, although I would suggest expanding your knowledge to more than one area just so you are able to find a bigger amount of work chances. Also, payment depends on the students, so better focus on completing the tasks you can manage and will get your payment faster than you would expect.

Their guidelines are helpful for you to engage in a positive relationship with the student, which allows you to increase the chances of them helping you with tips or invitations to further questions. This is important as the payment is also depending on what the student decides to offer.

Overall I believe Studypool is a respectful website that offers chances of growth for both the students and the tutors. Would recommend if you are looking for a serious site that allows you to learn about responsibility and drives you to continue working and expanding your writing skills to many fields.

Best site ever
I have been working on Studypool for a year now and I can say that it's the best site ever. It caters for the needs of both the student and the tutor adequately. Through the platform, I have been able to help very many students in such a short period of time. StudyPool distribute work well. If you are a quality tutor, you will definitely work well with Studypool because to them, the quality of work takes priority over any other matter. When you make a withdrawal, your money is typically sent within 24 hours. No delays! So generally, Studypool is the best to me.

Horrible Experience Applying For Tutor
I applied to be a tutor here and I've taught at a private institution, Kumon, other online institutions, and of course I private tutor. I spent hours on perfecting the essay and everything else for the application and when I completed the Knowledge Based Quiz, I was told I was rejected because of "Failure to meet one or more requirements." There was no actual reason why so StudyPool could've just randomly denied me. Furthermore, I contacted their support team and below in the photos will be the conversation between a "Moderator" and me. It's quite shocking how useless their support team is and they will definitely only be hearing negative reviews from me (on top of the hundreds of other negative reviews).

Pretty much a scam...
I signed up to be a 'tutor' on this site. After writing my essay and waiting several days for an email accepting me (so far so good). I went in thinking that this was mostly going to be middle/high school level students since their culture is all about teens. Come to find out, a vast majority 90%+ are college students. And StudyPool are not looking for 'help' on assignments. They are looking for people to do assignments for them.

I did notice that one of their 'hidden/private' students actually seemed to be asking legitimate "help me understand" questions. I answered three of his questions... bringing my total up to $13.00 (conveniently just shy of the $15 cash out limit). They are kind enough to put students that you have helped before into a 'my students' tab for easy access to repeat service. I noticed this same student (who has asked over 45000 questions... hmm?) seemed to be repeating the same questions over and over, but I could no longer answer any of his questions. I asked the staff if this was some sort of bot to test new tutors or something and they said they didn't know why I was getting an error and why he repeated the same questions and basically played dumb.

I tried to answer another student's question about help with excel. Looked easy enough, but the student's linked files could not be downloaded. I asked the student to re-upload them and never got a reply. So I asked the staff what to do. They said I had to wait on the student, but if the student didn't reply my reputation would not be affected. The student cancelled the question, gave me a 1 star review for being overdue in answering it, then I got a suspension for failing to answer the question and went from 100% premiere tutor to a 75% standard user. When I asked them to correct this problem since it was the student's fault, the staff said that they could not do that.

I want to help struggling students that need help. Not help adults cheat. Not the site for me.

By the way, it's funny how most of the 5 star reviews on this site seem to have the same 'usernames' as the staff members on their on-site chat... Francisco? Come on...


Tutor-friendly platform
After several months working here my experience has been very pleasant. Either you get chosen by the students or their support staff assigns certain students to help. When a student is new, their review has more value. The more badges you earn, this equals getting more and more assignments. My adivice: always be kind even for the upset students and also never bid for a last minute assignment unless you're over 100% confident that you would be able to address it. If not your rating will suffer badly, and most likely it would favor the student. To finish, it has a well established privacy policy, rating system is complex but fair, students pay very well and while others even leave awesome tips, and lastly, support is very kind so it is a very tutor friendly platform.

Racist. Undermining the Kenyan tutors who are over 90% in the platform
To be honest. This Studypool is a scam. StudyPool are practising racism of the highest level. Africans, Kenyans, are the majority and are being mistreated. The commission for partner accounts are different with those of Kenyan profile. If they are genuinely minding their tutors, why favour the partner tutors? Why not add Kenya, with 90% of tutors coming from there as a partner. Why overcharge their students and later overcharge the tutors too for every question. Dear students, run to other sites like coursehero, Uvocorp and Essaypro as they mind the Kenyan tutors who happen to play a major role in the freelance industry.


Reliable source of income
With this pandemic going on, it has been very challenging to find a regular job. I tried working on other online platforms, but the pay was very low. I've been a tutor in Studypool for 5 months now, and this has been my primary source of income. The first few weeks had been quite difficult since I was still establishing my reputation as a tutor. But with hard work, I was able to help more students in no time. I love that I can work comfortably at home and that I have complete control of my time. I can also choose which questions to bid on. Moreover, their support team is very responsive and is available 24/7, so you can always send them a message whenever you have questions.

Sites like this one are hard to find
Being stuck with a hard project or a difficult topic is not a funny thing, even worst in quarantine times. In these times where classes have become more strict in terms of time and explanations, there is really no space for questions and extra after schedule explanations. That's were Studypool was very handy. This site was recommended by some friends whom I started to see a great increase in their grades and now I was able to see a great increase in mine as well. Thank you Studypool for delivering all the help I needed in order to finish up my semester with good grades!

Tutor rating and performance
I have notice that tutors get chosen by for assignments by students even if StudyPool had some bad reviews and these is due to students not being able to full see tutors rating and last performances. Ans it leads to certain tutors with top badges getting assignments yet they had some bad reviews from last assignment. So kindly fix these, let the students see the full tutor profile. Like the photo below the tutor had some bad reviews in few days, so am sure if the student had seen that he or she couldn't have trusted the tutor with the assignment, but the student trusted the tutor because he or she has a top tutor badge.

Fast and really helpful!
I had a crisis a couple of days ago and I couldn't find time to study for this test and I needed someone to help me with an essay because I didn't understand the subject so I looked for something online I found this website that had this document I could use. So I signed up and made a purchase but it got lost somewhere and I couldn't access it. I asked support and StudyPool were nice to give me the docs adn help me find them by myself, the guy was nice about it too. The document was kinda simple but it gave me a good idea for my paper and I finished on time. Overall I liked the site even if it can be a bit tricky and the things are done very quickly which is good when your in a hurry. I will use it again for use.

The worst Academic Account.
I have been working with studypool for almost a year now, but the experience has been worst. I was once suspended after following a procedure given to me by the support an cancellation of an order I could not do, and also I was suspended just because the student asked for a refund for an order and giving another claim while the QAD was giving a claim that is not related to the order. For those who aspire to work with studypool don't do this account. Just another account because these people are after the money and not helping both the student and the tutor. These guys will ruin your account until StudyPool ban you.

Studypool for quality academic assistance.
Hey, I have to admit Studypool has got strict rules. However, I appreciate this because this keeps us (tutors) on toes and creates a great platform for students to get quality academic assistance. Once we follow the rules, we can always meet the demands of students and this, in turn, makes students enjoy their experience on the website.

Personally, I have worked with many students who have enjoyed the service and keep coming back for more. I'd recommend students seeking academic help to try the site if StudyPool need quality. As for tutors and other aspiring Studypool tutors, the site is great and you can work at your pace and earn well, based on your efforts.

If You Write for Studypool, Don't Expect to be Paid
I signed up as a tutor on Studypool kind of on a whim. Advertisements for the service, I noticed, boast that there's no waiting period to receive payments, and some students are willing to pay good money for a tutor to do their homework for them.

So, I signed up. If I remember correctly, there was a short grammar/writing assessment, and then I came to a screen stating my application was under review and I would have a decision on it within 24 hours.

The next day, when the same screen popped up upon login, I opened the chat box in the lower right hand corner to inquire about the delay, but instead of getting an in-chat answer, I received an email a little while later responding to my question, which I found kind of wonky. The studypool rep told me to give it another 24-48 hours.

Okay. No problemo.

A couple days later, after I'd already forgotten all about my application with Studypool, I was unceremoniously approved.

The first thing I did was go to look through the student questions. I liked how many topics there were to choose from. I had to do 3 "newbie" questions as an, uh, assessment. A post-assessment assessment, I guess.

Okay. No problemo.

The newbie questions are easier to "score" than non-newbie questions, which you have to bid on competitively against other tutors. I wrote my first answer -- a general explainer on Florida's child support laws (500 words, cite sources following the APA style guidelines) -- for $5, which I assumed would be transferred into my account automatically, per the aforementioned payout guarantees.

I finished the essay and submitted it to the student. Then I got scolded by pop-up text boxes about not introducing myself to the student first, using contempo-casual lingo to make the student feel comfortable. There was also a message above my text box where I could type messages to the student helpfully urging me to use gifs and emojis liberally, again, to make the student feel comfortable.

I wrote something like, "Hey there! All done with your assignment! Please let me know if you have any questions!" And then I tacked on three of those "ok" sign emojis.

The student never responded. My payment didn't come, either. As it turns out, the student has 72 hours after an answer is submitted to review it.

Okay. No problemo.

I moved on. Next question: "Explain the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire." Same style guidelines. $5.

This time, I sent the student an introductory message that was almost identical to the message I'd sent the last student about finishing up. I looked for a good gif to add but I couldn't find one so I just added more "ok" emojis instead so the student wouldn't get anxiety.

I completed the assignment and submitted it. 72 hours. I began looking for the next question. I noted before beginning my next search that the student never responded to my introduction.

The third assignment was something medical-related for $4, but had no minimum word count. I finished it and turned it in. This time I did not bother with an introduction. It didn't seem to matter. None of the students responded to any of my messages at all.

The assignments, however, were all approved, and I was congratulated for submitting high quality answers and promoted to "rising star" status. I still have not received payment for answers about one week after submitting them. There's also something about a commission rate, so I'm fairly certain I'll be getting my $14 total minus 20% commission the site "earns" on each of my answers, leaving me instead with $11.20 for over 1,000 words, which I've still yet to receive.

I've never received an assignment since those first three newbie questions. The students are prompted to submit a "range" they're willing to pay, and most of the questions I'm qualified -- as a "rising star" -- to answer are in the $1-$20 range. I always bid at the top dollar amount, because even then, the rate the student is paying for the amount of work they're demanding is laughably low. There *is* an option to bid higher than the student's range if they're being unrealistic, but that's probably studypool suicide considering other tutors are willing to answer questions within the student's price range.

The website itself is what bothered me the most about Studypool. There is a drop-down menu at the top right corner where you can view your profile, your tutor panel, your questions, etc., but your tutor panel and your questions are the same thing, and you are taken to the same page when you click either one. Your profile is this wonky looking page with something you wrote in your application plastered to the bio section. When I once again opened the chat box to ask how I could change it, I received an email again hours later that said "you can do it through us" -- that's it.

I also downloaded the app, and it seems to be an improvement, if only StudyPool had a way to access your profile (and update your bio yourself), review your tutor panel, see your messages, see your questions (past and present), and read your reviews from students. I also can't find anywhere -- online or in the app -- to view my earnings. And I've looked and looked (though admittedly, I have not asked).

Overall, Studypool is an okay concept, although I have a moral aversion to helping students cheat. What can I say? It's hard out here.

Suggested improvements: Make the website interface more seamless, clean up the useless buttons on the drop-down menu that all go to the same place, force students to be more realistic with regard to pricing, respond to technical issues in-chat or don't offer a chat box at all, and be more clear about how everything works from the beginning.

Update 2/18: Being that I was unwilling to partake in the "race to the bottom" that bidding on assignments consists of, I decided not to pursue Studypool any further and instead cash out the pittance I earned.

I have been informed that I cannot withdraw my funds until I reach $50 (so like, never), and after emailing several different people -- quite politely, I might add -- I have arrived at the following realization:

Studypool makes money by advertising a service to students, and offers tutors the opportunity to earn money by fulfilling that service. Tutors sign up, perform Studypool's services, the students pay Studypool so that Studypool can pay the tutors, and Studypool just keeps the money instead.

I attempted to escalate my claim to receive the payouts I earned, but was simply told by a bored Studypool rep that if I wanted to see the money I already earned, they suggest I continue working on the platform until I reach $50. In the meantime, they will simply be keeping my earnings.

The students whose assignments I did were quite pleased with the work I provided, and I'm afraid they will leave Studypool a good review, thus generating more business for this site.

Final judgement: I wish I knew which VC firm funded this POS service at the startup stage so I could go chuck a rock through their window.

Studypool helped me get by while I was in between jobs
I was laid off from my employer about 2 months ago right before my daughter's birthday which we had planned a trip to Maryland. I have 10 years of experience in my field but the worse thing I could do is say yes to the next job offering. I decided to really dig deep this time before committing. My options were extensive, but I did not trust these companies long term. I was in my third week in, and I hadn't had an income since (besides severance, geesh), so I looked for something temporary where I can work from home and at my own pace and found Studypool.
The application process took me less than 30 minutes and I was notified acceptance within 24 hours. I read all the guidelines on how to tutor (which I have never done before) and it suggests that you work with students relevant to your expertise. I did just that. I stuck with the work in which I was confident enough to tackle and I hand picked every bid, at my own time, and set up my own deadlines which allowed me to continue my job searching! I felt so productive as I was establishing an income that I controlled.
About a few days ago I was hired and will start this Monday. I'm so happy that Studypool came in at the right time to help me take a very stressful moment in my life, and made it secure so that I had the funds to take my daughter to Maryland!

Flexible work hours, load, and location
The best parts are determining your own workload, hours, and location. Additionally, you earn badges as you successfully complete student work upon them submitting feedback and the more badges you have, the more you are prioritized for future work. The downsides are that work is not guaranteed since all work is done through a bidding system. The more you bid, the more likely you will receive work. Another downside is that there are significant deduction fees per work that you complete: ranging from 20% at best if you help new students and around 30% for other students. The work environment is very independent and pretty secluded. Most interactions are with a mentor you are assigned to where you can ask questions.

The best tutoring platform
Studypool is the best tutoring platform that helps students from all over the world connect with the best tutors. The tutors have established professionals which have expert knowledge of their subject areas. The support team makes sure that there is a learning environment in which tutors can share their knowledge and valuable insights with the students. Students can find an expert in any subject area. There is plenty of work on the platform and it gives tutors the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. It is the best tutoring platform.

Scam and low quality education
I hold major degrees in education and have been teaching at 10+ schools for 15+ years. I even lectured at university and coached 1000+ students in my own classes. I also own two tech companies and consult upcoming entrepreneurs for much higher fees than what I could earn on studyproof but I thought it would be great to teach upcoming kids and teenagers.

As a prof with masters in education I got declined at an education platform while freelancers from India, Pakistan and other countries are flooding the platform.

Tells you a lot about the seriousness and quality of this platform of this business.

When profs get declined and Youtubers and teenage kids from India are approved to lecture about education. StudyPool might know things but that's quite poor quality standards.

The tutor assigned to me pulled through, Thanks Studypool!
I signed up with Studypool last week after researching a bunch of other Academic help websites, I found Studypool worked the best for me. I like the fact that you get to communicate directly with the tutor and StudyPool do not get paid until you have received all the help you need with a particular course or assignment. I had a few last minute assignments that I needed assistance with and the tutor that was assigned to me pulled through, she helped me with everything I was in doubt. Overall I am extremely happy with this service and I will continue to use this platform.

HIgh level to payout
I signed up and answered a few newbie questions to get a few bucks. Then I was put into a different pool with the other members. Kids are trying to get tutors to write a ten page essay for them, and StudyPool only want to pay five dollars. There's a dozen tutors bidding on one underpaid question. How am I or any new tutor supposed to compete with them? And I can't get my few bucks because I need fifty to cash out. It's like the system deliberately gets me to answer easy questions for free until I realize there's no way to actually win in this over-saturated website.

StudyPool gets an A+ in my gradebook.
As a student, I used and so during my Master's I was able to keep my 3.8 GPA. Afterward, I searched for-e-v-er for a legitimate online business in which to work. I should have just stayed right with StudyPool and saved a lot of time looking for something that was right in front of my eyes all along! The company has a solid process of vetting its tutors and has high quality standards. It is also one of the most ethical online companies I have ran across... for the student and the tutor. It values its partners. I plan on a long-lasting relationship with StudyPool and highly recommend it. K-

I've been a tutor here for the past 5 months- employed back in June- and it has only been upwards from there. I have had the opportunity to feel like im actually helping out my students and feel a sense of gratitude from the CEO and upper management. I have helped over 10 students achieve their writing goals throughout their freshman year of college and have helped 5 other students really enjoy what StudyPool hated to do all their life- write. Thank you to the management team as well- they have always brought out the best possible benefits (stock options, 401k, etc)- and the best part- is that I work right from home.

Top-notch tutoring services
I've had the opportunity to tutor on a few online platforms as well as institutions. I've found StudyPool to truly be the best of them. The work schedule is entirely up to me, and there's a degree of freedom in the time I have to respond to students' academic needs. And as the cherry on top, the website's interface is extremely easy to work with. The main concept of StudyPool is to provide excellent service in any time frame student needs, and StudyPool certainly deliver. I'm jealous this service was not around when I was going to school! I highly recommend students to try StudyPool. They will Not be disappointed.

Not bad.
I got some help on a homework. I was a little lost but I asked customer service and StudyPool told me how it worked and gave me links on how to use the page. IT was a lot of info but I finally decided to post a test question.

When i posted the question I got to select features. I posted a question for 5$ and with a deadline of 5 hours. A few tutors wanted it but some of them wanted more money. These were "better" tutors I guess, so you actually have to pay for quality.

They delivered the answer and it was good so i posted a bigger question that was handled nicely by the tutor. I would recommend using the private feature since it hides your work from content checkers.

Hopefully, this will be how the site works every time, becuase Ive read really bad reviews. And it wasn't bad at all.

You will like it when you start earning
I will give a brief review, have not been into this for long.
For the few days I have tutored here, it is rewarding. There is a constant flow of work, and these guys keep their word. I have managed to withdraw earnings without a problem. One more thing I like is their openness. Unlike some tutor sites, Studypool tutor does not conceal the student budget; you know what the student is offering, and what you get as a tutor is calculated as a percentage. For new applicants, just put your best foot forward. The application process is, however, rigorous but not difficult for serious applicants. I have seen my former college mate fail the test. If you are planning to join Studypool, prepare adequately. You will like it when you start earning.
Cons?. Yet to encounter any.

Fake applications
I applied to be a tutor and was accepted overnight. Then StudyPool asked me to do a knowledge quiz. I answered 3 science (mostly medical) based questions. I submitted 3 academic papers written with reliable sources such as many highly respected medical journals. The grammar and punctuation was flawless and the information was accurate. But it would seem many doctors and surgeons holding both an MD and a PhD are below the standard of Studypool. This leads to two assumptions: either applications are fake, or they are rejecting applicants at random. Please, explain.

Rip Off
I contacted study pool over a year ago because I needed help with an assignment. A high school student could have done a better job compared to what I received. I complained and StudyPool gave me credit because they do not do refunds. Today I tried to make a payment using my account balance but instead it kept asking for my card. I contacted them and the rep told me that it would automatically use the balance in my account first before charging my card but that they needs a card in file. Behold, they charged my card for the amount when I have almost double the amount in my account balance. Come to find out, same doc is on course hero. Stay away if you can. Course Hero is better.

Not recommended for either tutors or students
Terrible shady experience in every way. I do not recommend Studypool for either tutors or students. Waste of time and money on both sides. I recommend you do a little digging on this company before being fooled into how easy it is to join. It is only their small-print disclaimers that keep what they're doing from being downright illegal. It isn't a real tutoring website– it is nothing more than an essay writing website– StudyPool dishonestly misrepresent themselves. Students basically are paying for the same type of service they could get on online q&a forums like Yahoo Answers or Reddit for free. Studypool does not properly filter their 'tutors', and there are no education or teaching credentials or experience required to become one - all a 'tutor' has to do is write some good application essays and they're hired. Any tutor work submitted is then owned by the company to potentially steal at their leisure and use, with no obligation of further payment to the tutor. The company is not professional, honest, organized, reputable, or reliable. Do not be fooled by glowing online reviews- note how specific any negative reviews are, yet how generalized most positive reviews are and how they don't seem to speak of any real personal experience but rather just generally promote the company – classic telltale of fake self-promoting reviews (which they can easily submit just by using different email addresses) – the negative reviews are very clearly the valid ones. You don't really know until you are on the inside, but they also have an extensive well-known history of payment issues, 'missing' payments, and of the direct taking of both tutors' & students' money without appropriate services rendered or explanation– once on the inside, you'll find that they have disclaimers that allow them to do so without cause or explanation, which makes this virtually 'legal theft'. There is no real process for any disputes, and they don't really care about them, because new tutors and students looking for an 'easy' tutor/student process are attracted to how easy it is to join, so the company has no shortage of fresh meat joining their platform that they can continue their money-making scheme with. Their online live help is useless- their ability and knowledge is limited solely to cut-&-paste responses from their own public website pages and forums- if your issue falls outside those generalizations or is regarding your personal account, they can't help you, they'll just keep cutting & pasting unrelated things, & they aren't even required to use proper grammar themselves, which for 'tutoring'/essay-writing website employees adds to the joke of this whole company. I've never had a more unprofessional shady experience- Studypool is dangerously border-lining on being an outright fraudulent scam. Please save yourself the headache and go to a real online tutoring company.

Online communication
Sometimes I don't know how to talk to a student. Even though I'm well aware StudyPool are in a hurry or stressed over something they need us to help, some of them might be a bit rude and you have to be as polite as possible but at the same time, they think you are being passive aggressive. This is con from working without having visual contact with the students.
I started working as a tutor 2 and a half months ago, unfortunately, I have attended 2 of 5 rude students. It hasn't been a fully bad experience, but I hope some students were nicer to us. At least in my case, that motivates me to help them as much as I can.

Never Make An account on studypool i say never.
Don't make an account on Studypool
An honest opinion and true to detail.
This site is a fake and most of the tutors are fake and are only shown to show that this site has some traffics some tutors like me who are unaware of this fact make an account on this site and waste their time.
I had seen a video on youtube how this site promotes fake tutors and manages to produce fake comments on the timelines of the fake tutors to make it look genuine.
Now let me tell you my story I had bid for a question around 20$ and was happy that it got selected and then I answered the question the time I marked the answer as final the payment was cleared instantly no doubts asked no clarification. This raised my suspicions about the website but I trusted it anyway and tried to withdraw my amount.The amount was withdrawn from the account. For 5 days I kept asking them when I will get my money StudyPool sent me the same copy-pasted reply on 6th business when I asked them a clarification about this they said the transfer has been successful and they said me to cross check my account again i checked still the money was not there after a long discussion for few hours they have stopped responding. This site is a fake and you can search on youtube for that video rest I left for you to believe but this is a true review and I hope that it prevents someone's time by realizing it earlier than I was able to realize.
Hope this helps.

Helped me pay my bills, literally.
SO I only work part-time at a coffee shop, and I spend the rest of my time in school - part time sucks with minimum wage (6.50 for small employers). I started making money the first week at Studypool (~$200 in 2 days) - I literally helped students with their assignments and made sure I submitted everything on time and did my best; I used my school vacations to squeeze in more time since my job currently doesn't hire full-time employees. I like the site and any questions I've had are answered quickly (I love the little IM on the side so I can reach customer service instantly) - I do recommend it HIGHLY as it helped me (and continues to help me) pay off a few things I owe.

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