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Studybay is my lifesaver
I am a single mom with two kids and a mortgage to pay. I had to have two jobs just to be able to get by. One of the ladies I work with at the supermarket told me she has no problems with her son's schooling because he is able to pay for himself because of Studybay. Within the first week of joining, I was able to get 3 jobs and enough money to buy groceries for two weeks. I have already quit my 2 jobs and now work comfortably at home, enjoying my time with my kids whenever they're home from school. You're a lifesaver Studybay!

I found an excellent writer in Studybay
I am a Mathematics major in university and I never thought I would be able to find, let alone hire a freelance writer, who would be able to work on my term paper. I had an accident and was bed ridden for two weeks. That significantly decreased the time I would be able to work on my term paper. Luckily, Studybay has an excellent writer whose specialty is in the field of Mathematics and he was able to provide me with a detailed work. Thanks man.

Gave me what I wanted, but
I posted a request to answer 4 questioms related to Financial Management, reveived around 20bid, talked to the writer, Studybay answered very general stuff like I can do it, I have knowledge etc. but when you press to ask more questuon, they just dont answer.
Chose a writer who was a bit more willing to answer my questions, and gave then the bid. The work received was... how to put it... high school level stuff. I expressed on my bid and to my writer this is for my master assignment. Asked for revision, but wasn't much help.
I paid the writer anyway as they did provide the work for me. I don't recomend this site at all. I did not have a bidder who's english is their mother language. Don't waste your time or money, better off doing it yourself, which is what I ended up doing.

Terrible experience
I have used studybay a few times because I have gotten two wonderful writers who had just started. However, since Studybay have left I have tried three more and all three times were horrible. Plagiarized paper, terrible sentence structure, and poor grammar. I asked for help because writing is my weakness I can admit I am terrible but when paying for an "experienced" writer one would expect the best. I have had to ask for corrections so many times that I ended in asking for a refund, of course, I did not receive it back and writing the paper myself. Please save yourself the hassle and never use this site. These writers are from other countries who cannot write English the way it needs to be written. Lastly, Studybay does not help with issues the way they portray to.

Don't use Studybay, Writers are unprofessional- 0 ratings but I had to rate something
I needed a paper done and hired a writer on Studybay. The writer accepted and gave him all the information first to see if he can do it, so he accepted. Almost midnight, I received a email saying the writer declined to write my paper and it was due the next day. I mentioned to the writer that I had a deadline. He did not give me an explanation of why. I went back on Studybay at midnight and asked another writer if he could do it and he accepted. I asked him if he couldn't do it, please let me know ASAP. The next morning at 7:00am, I received a email from the writer saying he declined to write my paper. Studybay do not care if you have a deadline, so unprofessional, liars and break promises that they could not keep. So these writers will screw you over. DON'T USE STUDYBAY!

It looks like I can party hard now a days..
I have used this site numerous times and each and every time my assignments have been completed accurately and on time. I have always received an A on my assignments, as well. Highly personalised service with writer Rann. Timely communications and submissions, easy to use platform and a high number of writers to choose from with reviews on each writer's page to help you choose... Although the worse customer service ever you can get from this website. Never refunded my money though, Studybay charge you a high fee from you and the writer.

Te truth as I experienced it...
I have over 30 years as a lead editor, online English Literature course writer, and 27 years as the Creative Writing Director of a large urban school. I enjoy working from my home office. I am well known in this college town and edit many university students' drafts. I was curious about this web site for additional work. All I can say is that if you are willing to "prostitute" your knowledge and write their papers for 8 -10 bucks... this is for you. You see, you bid on jobs. The problem is that professional writers such as myself bid 30 bucks on a 10-page 3 reference APA paper and you will not get the bid. These so-called students only accept the lowest of all... 5 - 10 buck bids! Seriously, if you are thinking of making money here, go to the nearest Dairy Queen and you will make money there... not here.

My Go-To site when I need help
I first stumbled upon StudyBay when I needed a paper done in a few days. I was looking for a website who had the cheapest prices. Ever since then, I've been ordering from writers on StudyBay. I love their policies on how Studybay handle assignments if I'm not impressed with them, and I'm able to look at reviews/ratings of writers before I hire them. I love that I can communicate with the writer during the whole process. I'm also able to negotiate prices with the writers before deciding who I want to hire. I DEFINITELY recommend StudyBay for anyone who needs an assignment done.

Broken English, Horrible Papers, Customer Supports Dreadful.
Before starting, I'd like to say that the 'experts' on this site are NOT native english speakers. I used StudyBay to write an essay for me that should be 1375 words long, and informative on the subject at hand. I provided my "expert" with very thorough and clear details that are crucial to the success of the paper. What I received back was a congealed mess that has terrible English skills, terrible consistency, and quite frankly does not meet standards for a paper. There were even plagiarized parts in the text and NO in-text citations! Not only that, NONE of the very clear instructions I sent were followed! I tried explaining to the 'expert' that my essay was due in a couple of days, and I had no time for future revisions and simply wanted a refund. The expert then continued to plead with me asking me to trust them and continue. Ignorantly, I did. Since there was no chance I would receive a refund otherwise. I get the final draft of the paper back, and look at that, none of the instructions followed yet again! I shouldn't have to babysit an 'expert' to do a paper correctly. With how much you guys charge, I expected at least a slight amount of professionalism. This website is a huge scam, Studybay deliver papers, but they're papers that aren't college-level nor plagiarism-free. Never use them, worse $70 I've ever spent. Unless you wanna fail an essay, stay away.

Great website!
I recently signed up with StudyBay after looking around at a bunch of other websites I found this worked the best for me, I love the fact that you get to communicate with your writer and Studybay do not get paid until you have approved the work. I had a few last minute assignments that I needed assistance with and my writer pulled through, she did everything I asked, she even sent a rough draft on each assignment to make sure it was what I wanted before she sent me the final copy, overall I am extremely happy with this service and I will continue to use this platform.

The papers I got from Studybay were good
Just before Easter break, our professors gave us so many assignments. My family and I are going to the mountains to ski and enjoy the holidays, but I couldnt do that with papers hanging over my head. My classmate advised me of I was skeptical, afraid of the cost, and scared of plagiarism issue or something. But Studybay proved me wrong. The papers I got were good enough. I tweaked them a little bit and there it is, a great paper. So glad to pass my papers before I go up to the mountains. Thanks Studybay and the helpful support staff and the writer Rhian.

Studybay gave me a meticulously researched paper
I have always been skeptical about these so called writing websites that offer to do your research for you. But I was met with an unfortunate accident and knew I had no choice. It was either to fail or get help. I was surprised with the service Studybay gave me. Within two days, a competent writer messaged me and thereafter sent me a meticulously researched and excellently done thesis that meets all of my university professor’s demands. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Studybay helps me
Im Japanese and dont speak much English. I am real good with academics but was failing some subjects because of my essays. My professors all said the same thing, I have good ideas, I just didnt know how to write them in an academic essay. So, I hired a Studybay writer to help make my ideas into good essays. She has been a great help, shes been teaching me as well as telling me how to improve my work. I paid her 2x what she asked because all my essays have been so far this semester.

Excellent Service
The writers I hire are very dependable and reliable. Studybay always produce top-notch excellent quality of work and very detailed. They follow directions and have good research. I haven't had hardly any bad experience yet with studybay maybe 1-2 but not that many. I started picking the same writers that I'm more comfortable with now and haven't had any issues. Studybay has been very helpful to me and I couldn't have it any other way or pick a better site to help me with the school.

Studybay are charge you a lot and they don't know ever their writer. It worse website I saw in my entire life. They only looking for money and they don't have responsibility about your assignments. They play with your life. You have to know they don't live in USA and they pictures and names are fake. Me and my friend worked 3 online courses with KIDULA
I paid $687. She started communication with me out of the website and ask me about the money all the time. I gave her $100 more. She got two fail of 3 courses for me. She made me full of stress in whole semester and now the website says assignment completed. I have all chats and all documents. After my assignments she left the website. It was only one example. My friends had and situation when they worked with study bay! I tried several times to uploaded all my document but there format were different and I couldn't. Don't trust this website and don't give them only one paper.

Quality of paper is not what you expect. Grammer, sentence structure, and even format are not followed. Most writers just bid on your assignment without even reading your instructions. Not matter how much detail you give them, it is not used. You are 100% better off writing your own paper. Studybay will NOT, I repeat, NOT refund your money. They do not abide by their own posted rules. They are there to protect the writers horrible work. Stay away from Profliz1 especially if you are going to use this site. Many of the writers state they have masters degree in something related to english, but many cannot even spell correctly. Keep in mind this website originates in Russia, and there is very little legal action you can take besides going to your bank to dispute the charge.

If you do use this site, keep in mind they use filler words and spacing. It keeps it off the plagiarized sites like turn it in, but when you edit those mistakes, it will find them. Studybay will not refund a paper that was plagarized either.

I've been using Study Bay for all essays and writings I need for over a year now. One of my papers I gave a writer on there was on political, social, economic, or cultural issue in the United States today. She did an awesome job! Plagiarism free, good communication, when I needed correction and adjustment it was done after my professor reviewed it and wanted changes and most important it within the stipulated time frame. I have referred alot of friends on there and Studybay all thank me till tomorrow. Have a lot of workload? Cant think about how to write any type of paper? Stuck or don't even know what to do? Just Go on there and find a writer with a good rating and review and your problem is solved!

Studybay has unprofessional writers Warning! Avoid hiring ProfessorA
This wirter (ProfessorA) is not a professional writer as he claims. Writer took up the job to write my paper confidently claiming to deliver a high-quality paper, he/she instead prepared a plagiarised paper with wrong and misleading information. Reluctant to respond back with changes. This writer prepared a paper of failing standards, I had to prepare my assignment myself after the due-date. Beware, people there are many other trusted sites offering to write papers in cheaper price, studybay is not cheap, Studybay will charge you $20 as processing fee at checkout, another $7-8 surcharge on chosen payment option.

The experience was pleasant, easy, and smooth. I gave some specific information and it was all met. I had a minor thing to discuss when it was submitted and some revisions were made without question and very quickly. Some things were missing but it was MY FAULT for failing to mention them. I had a little extra work to do because of my own fault.

The quality of work was satisfactory and if I'm ever in a bind I would consider coming back.

Great but has frictions
I am a writer at Studybay. I love the fact that there are jobs almost every time. What I don't love with the site is lack of proper controls especially when it comes to who posts a job. I have come to realize that there are so many idlers posting jobs. I remember a certain client who was looking for a 3-page essay. I placed a bid on that order and I was ready to complete the work for $15. The client was insisting on paying only $5 for the whole work. I told him there's no client who could write 3 pages for $5. He then started asking me whether I can be his sexual partner. I was taken aback cause I didn't expect the chat to take that direction. I checked the other people who had placed their bids and realized that he was only replying to female writers with pretty faces with obscene comments. I think he's a pervert of some sort or someone who's undergoing adolescence. It's pretty easy to place an order on Studybay. You don't need to load money to your virtual account when posting an order. You only need to have money in your client account when you are hiring a writer. That means that anyone can post a job even when Studybay know that they won't hire anyone. The administrators should do something to make sure that those who post jobs are serious enough.

The writers and editors at Studybay are highly skilled
People think that the writers who work at Studybay are those who have nothing to do with their lives, but Studybay are so wrong. As I found out after a year of ordering from them is that the writers and editors there are skilled and dedicated essay experts and they are highly qualified professionals who understand what we are going through. They are willing to share their expertise to help make us write essays and term papers that gets us high grades.

Studybay wrote my speech and I got a standing ovation
I have been working with the HR Department of my company as a recruitment officer for a couple of years now. A week before my company’s celebration party, I was asked to write and deliver a speech about the department’s efforts of bringing in a good workforce that helped our company land a major deal. I was pressed for time and decided to try Studybay to help me with the speech. After I delivered it, I was given a standing ovation. Wow! Thanks to my writer for that.

Stay Away-writers do not follow directions
I have used them 1 time and never again. Scott1 was my writer and the paper was so poorly written my instructor couldn't even finish it. Like other reviews have pointed out the writers use extra spaces and misspelled words to get around turn it in as flagging it as plagiarism. The paper was to be in APA format and it was not I had to reformat it. I also corrected many spelling errors and still didn't get them all as my instructor found more. When asking for a partial refund I was denied because I didn't send it back for revision. What a JOKE. StudyBay should be shut down. After reading the review about getting a refund from paypal-I now wish I would have used my paypal account and not my bank account. I will definitely be watching my bank account closely to assure no other funds are taken. I received a grade of 109/150. How is that quality work?

I went into this being very apprehensive, as I have never used an outside source for my work, I had a lot of final projects due end of the semester so I thought I would try it out for some of my easier classes. I submitted my statistics project (with all the frame work just needed it put into a report) that was due in 8 days, I paid $25 bucks for the project to be put into an open auction that I figured would be bid on by experts, that was not the case. I was able to pick an expert pretty quickly and that helped ease my apprehension of this process, next I found out that the expert has 12 hours to accept the project. 12 hours later, my project was never accepted so it then goes back up to auction which again i was paired pretty quickly, another 12 hour wait... this process went on 4 or 5 times until I gave up and decided on another site to help me ( and Studybay are legit and awesome, used them 3 times since). The money you pay stays in your wallet with no place on the site to start a refund, I waited until after the due date and called customer service and requested a refund. Customer service was a whole other story, basically did not sound like a business and though she said I will be refunded, i will only believe it when i see it back on my bank account. I will update with refund process. I would not recommend this site to anyone looking to get their work done in a timely manner and since I was not able to to get my project done I cannot validate the validity of the experts work.

Just the Best! 5 stars
StudyBay is my only go to and the best website where you will find excellent A+ writers. Thanks to StudyBay I have been able to accomplish school assignments, Work full time, and spend time doing what I need to get done. There are three writers that I love. I recommend Three of my favorite writers which are: luvlyn, Ephraim Kimani and Speedysolver. Speedysolver will deliver urgent work as fast as 4 to 5 hrs if needed. I am currently working with speedysolver with my second assignment and she excels at what she does. I am a very pleased and Happy customer :)

RIPOFF! All the positive reviews are FAKE! Look at their join date and # of reviews.
Don't waste your time. You will end up creating more work for yourself because these "writers" are from Kenya and other places like that, so the writing comes across like it was written by a foreigner who just learned to speak English last year. Forget about the so-called "guarantee". I ordered two papers and asked for refunds on both. I only got a $10 partial refund on one and that was added as a credit to my account there to "buy more papers" from them. Yeah, right! Oh, and the writer reviews are al fake. If you look at more than one writer's reviews you will notice most of them repeat themselves.

UPDATE: 12/23/2015

I was able to get my money back by filing a dispute through PayPal. I wanted to add this to my review so that others who have been taken advantage of by this company know Studybay have another option to get their money back. Oh, and as far as the rep saying they were going to "look into it", yeah that never happened. Not that I was expecting it to after all times I tried to contact them and got nothing in response.

StudyBay Site
I came across this site and was thrilled at first as I learned Studybay write papers for you. They throw a $5 off coupon your way to try and reel you in. It seemed great at first. I submit instructions for my essay and immediately got spammed hardcore with a ton of messages (+50) from "people" who work at StudyBay. I viewed many of the offers, trying to decide which one seemed most suitable for me but began to question if they were even real people or not because all of them would use the word "kindly", use the same exact paragraph when messaging the first time, and/or speak weird English. Many of them also threw the same offer ($5 per page) at me which gave me even more reason to believe that this site is just a big SCAM. All of the so called "people" on there sound like BOTS or someone from out of country. Trust me, you are better off writing your own paper even if it is $#*!ty, because then at least you won't be losing any money! Either that or you could hire someone you know personally and who is reliable. I wrote a 5 page paper for a friend for $10 and had it done within two days and she came out with an A+ and was SO happy. I should've charged more lol but i figured I'd give her a discount since she was a friend.

Terrible Experience
I was bogged down with too many assignments. I thought I'd lighten my load and hire someone to write a simple paper for me. First, all of the writers flood your inbox to solicit you like a lineup of prostitutes. Studybay all claim to be very educated and skilled, but they're not. You choose one and then wait. The paper I received was beyond awful. I asked for a rewrite. The revision came back way past my deadline and it was even worse than the first. I requested a refund and was harassed for hours by the writer, who proceeded to accuse me of wanting something for nothing, and having no right to not like such a prize winning paper. The company refused to give me a refund. I ended up failing that assignment because my professor wouldn't accept late work. They are a terrible company, with horrible writers, and stupid policies. Don't waste your time and money. You will be harassed, frustrated, and robbed.

The Best Site
I am one of the tutors at StudyBay and I assure you it's the best site you can have your paper done. I do finance, accounting, management, information technology, marketing, human resource, and project management papers. I have received several positive reviews and return clients because of my good work. Most have recorded As in their papers and I attribute this to value I attach to our clients. Contact me at *******@gmail you won't regret.

Great site
I came across this site by accident. I love that you can give your writer an outline and Studybay will follow it and create an original plagiarism free paper for you at a very low cost. The time in which I needed help with my paper I was overwhelmed with finals and exams. This site is great for help in any area, I needed help with a paper concerning operant and classical conditioning in my psychology course., the writer delivered on time a satisfactory paper.

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