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Total Rip-off
This place will only work if you get the order correct on the first try. They do not accept returns for refunds and will request you buy the same item again (which they call a remake) and give you a 30% discount on future orders, mind you if they can't get the first order correct, why would you trust buying the same item again at full price because you can't use the 30% on the remake order. Don't waste your hard earned money!

I was in contact with a woman named Pearl about a problem...
I was in contact with a woman named Pearl about a problem with my initial order and she has not responded to me since last week. I had no choice but to reorder the correct vest with the correct lining at full cost because the wedding I am in is Oct 4 - less than 4 weeks away. There is NOTHING on your site that stipulates a waist coat will be made with the same lining as the jacket when clicking default - why wouldn't I have just put down WINE for the waistcoat if I wanted it to be wine? Default means the DEFAULT COLOR and not "we'll match it to your jacket lining". Please follow up with a different representative because I am extremely frustrated.

I did receive two "empty cart" emails, but I asked...
I did receive two "empty cart" emails, but I asked for help confirming measurements, suit fit, and discount assistance. The measurements and fit questions redirected me to webpages I had already read over and over. I was told discounts are never given, although I did find a sale section of 30% for both suits and jackets. Even 5% or free shipping would have given me more confidence in my purchase. Finally, your PayPal business name is Harry Fashion, LLP— I understand DBAs, but maybe make a note of that on the payment page. I am very nervous to get this suit and still have to majorly alter it, and at this price, I am not sure I can afford to. You seem to be place that has the color fabric I need, so I am taking what feels like a gamble.

No Real Tweed, Not Suit Construction, No Fit, Waste of Money
If you get joy being ripped off by a third grade "tailor" than this is the place! Studiosuits sent the first of three Tweed suits I had ordered. The Jacket you cannot wear because they do not even know how to get a straight shoulder done. They do not use real Tweed, in my case Donegal, but they charge for it. The construction of the suit does not correspond to any norms, they do not even use canvas for the jacket and the waist coat. It is the cheapest piece of clothing I have ever ordered. Their response was to try to charge me more money for things I already specified in my orders and had paid for. My botched jacket, they said, I should bring to a tailor here. This is a complete rip off!

A little More goes a long way
This is great that there are many options however the sizing can be a little difficult if you have never been fitted before and or just know your sizes from your country. I asked for a size 34 jacket but there sizing chart only goes up to 36. It took 3 emails throughout the process but I like that Studiosuits were responsive and took the time to verify that they didn't understand my sizing. However, once they understood my suit was shipped out the next 2 days and I received it within less than a week. Quality was A1 and just in time for my birthday gathering. It would make sense to have multiple sizing charts that would help the ordering process. Overall I had a great experience and I will definitely be order from Studio suits again.

It took a while for them to understand that I only needed a size down from what the sizing chart offers however. They tried to reach out as much as possible to get the job done correctly.

You get exactly what you order.
The website is easy to navigate and walks you through every step. What you need to remember is, their tailors are professional and build your clothes exactly how you order them. If you send in measurements, which are shorter or longer than you want, that is exactly what you are going to get. I took a gamble and purposely sent in measurements which were shorter than my size. I ended up getting tight fitting shirts. This is my fault, not theirs. My advice is: pay a local tailor to give you your exact measurements, then send those to Studio Suits. Studiosuits will use those detailed measurements and give you a quality product. I will continue to order more clothes from them as soon as I figure out my exact sizes.

I had a few questions about styles and they were prompt and detailed with the answers. They definitely have just about the best customer service I had ever experienced with an online company.

Amazing service and amazing suit!
The service was absolutely impeccable, before the suit went into production I had made an error with my measurements and Studiosuits contacted me to confirm and re-measure. Then when I emailed support to inquire about when my suit would be delivered; Paul, Terry and Bryan all took amazing care of me and I could tell they all worked together, across different departments, to make sure I got my suit before my wedding, with enough time make any alterations if needed. Unfortunately, I had measured everything completely wrong when building my suit online so when the suit arrived it was very large on me, so I appreciated how quickly they were able to get my suit to me as I was able to get everything tailored in time. The fabric (the Roman light pink linen) was absolutely amazing. A suit of this quality and build would have cost me three times the price at retail, even if you add the cost of shipping, duty and tailoring. From now on I will only buy my suits from this site. Thank you for an incredible experience!

Paul, Terry and Brian were rockstars! They helped me with everything and even contact me to make sure some of the measurements were correct before production. Greatest team ever!!!

Garments are not as advertised--exercise caution
I will recommend everyone considering to purchasing something from studio suits to exercise caution. I'm attaching a photo of the product that I received and the product's photo in their website. As you can see, Studiosuits are completely dissimilar. What I discovered—the hard way—is that they don't have customer support. I reached out to them, and pretty much they replied "boo-hoo, get a sample next time" It is obvious that they don't care if you will be a returning customer, and that tells a lot about the business that they are operating. You just have to buy one thing from them. Having said that, it's only worth to use studio suits for articles less than $150. Because it is an unreliable operation, It only make sense to order from them if you are in a low budget. Such that if you get what you expected—it is a gamble with them—then it won't heart your pocket. The tailoring is poor, and the images of the products are not representative, so if you are planning to invest more than $200 you should have a look to other, more trustworthy and established, made-to-measure services out there. If you are considering investing to these guys more than $400, I wish you good luck.

I ordered a suit jacket for my husband for Christmas on December 4,2020. I did not get a confirmation. There is not contact or phone number to reach them. I contacted them through email so many times I cannot not count. It is now May 18,2021. I sent them emails asking about my order and a month later I get an email asking for measurements that I have replied to at least 4 times. Each time the letter is exactly the same with a different team member. At this point I don't know where this company is located and have gotten no service or real response from them. I have ask to cancel this order at this point and return my monies. No response. I believe that the great reviews on this site are FAKE REVIEWS!

Measuring up
My first time ordering made to measure. So I wasn't sure if I would get my measurements accurate. But the on-site guidance was very helpful and I was enthralled that my two piece suit was a perfect fit. The delivery was very quick and the boxing used for delivery, kept my suit and other items in perfect shape.
I really ordered the suit as a trial run to see if the quality would be acceptable and if the "bespoke" description was in fact a hand-made item... it is obvious to me that great card was taken in the creation of my suit and this company provides excellent and reliable service. I will definitely be ordering more pieces from them in the near future. Great job!

4 weeks to enter production
I ordered a custom suit on 7/26 totaling close to $800. This was for my wedding on 9/12, and I figured there would be ample time for production and a shipping delay, if necessary. On my account page, it was listed as "into production" on 7/27. On 8/14, after having not received an update, I reached out to inquire about the delivery date.

StudioSuits brought my attention to an email that was sent to my junk folder. It requested that I buy an additional suit for $99 to ensure that my measurements were correct. Even on the surface, this is not ideal. If it takes 2-4 weeks for shipping in general, why would I quite literally double the process by having an additional suit tailored and delivered?

Studiosuits were waiting for me to accept or decline an offer to spend MORE money before beginning production on the suit I ordered. Nowhere in the email did it state that my order would not begin production until I responded to this offer. Nowhere on my account page on their website did it state that my suit production wouldn't begin until I responded. The fact that my entire suit's delivery was contingent on this one email, which ended up in my junk folder, is flat out ridiculous.

Further, it wasn't stated anywhere in our email communication just how delayed my order was. The verbiage all seemed to be vague enough that I could assume my order was still on track. They told me it was "into production", that they had contacted their factory, etc. However, when I reached out again after no contact for ten days, they told me they had JUST ordered the fabric from Italy, which will take 10-15 days. Then tailoring. Then shipping. All of this puts the delivery date WEEKS after my wedding. Thankfully they offered a refund, but the process by which they sought to fulfill this order is completely unacceptable.

If I had not reached out to begin with, would my suit have never been delivered? Were they happy to sit on my $800 until I accepted or declined an offer to spend more money?

So now I need to find a new suit that fits our wedding and get it tailored during COVID within three weeks.

Waistcoat cut HUGE, terrible customer service
The waistcoat/vest I received was enormous on me. After inquiring about the issue, I received the following response:

"Where for chest you had given us 34" and we made 38",

For stomach you had given us 28" and we made 33",

We add standard loosening to the measurements you provide us for better comfort and movement.

We would request you to alter the waistcoat as per your requirement with the help of your local seamstress since it can be easily altered."

Adding 4-5" to measurements is crazy. It's a vest, not an overcoat.

It cost me $60 to have the waistcoat altered to fit.

StudioSuits refused to refund any portion of the purchase. Studiosuits offered 25% gift card towards next purchase (obviously not helpful).

Buyer beware, if they make an error on your order, there's no recourse.

Cheap suit, fast delivery
I ordered a corduroy 2-piece off-the-rack suit for a Halloween costume. I was going to get something fancier (and more expensive) but this one had the earliest estimated shipping date. It arrived right on time. The packaging was nice. The suit itself is a nice color and I like it enough that I've since gotten it tailored to see if I can wear it more than once. The construction is cheap, though, and on the first day the stitching in the pocket had already broken. This suit is not built to last - the materials are cheap. If you're looking for a high-quality suit, spend some more money and get something from a master tailor, or Indochino, or J Crew or something. But if you need a cheap suit in a pinch (like I did), the shipping is fast and the color and size are roughly as advertised. In other words, it'll do in a pinch.

Hopeless measuring
Got the pants which where so tight I couldn't sit down and just barely move. Instead of admitting their mistake Studiosuits want me to order new pants with a slight discount. Furthermore the sewing gave away below the knee second time I tried them on when making pictures to send them. I can not recommend this taylor. This is the fifth suit I have made, all from different taylors and never before have I encountered this kind of problem and met such arrogance. Same measurement to all taylors and got the pants just fine but studio suits blame my measuring. Don't waste your money choose another taylor.

Corduroy Suit - Massimo D'Alba copy
As the new James Bond film "No Time To Die" features in it's early parts a corduroy suit and I want to feel a little like James Bond, I ordered a copy (as near as I could make it) of the Massimo D'Alba Sloop suit as worn by Daniel Craig in the scenes shot on Matera.
The Massimo D'Alba suit retails at £990, mine was considerably less and of course made to measure.
I found the website easy to use and nearly allthe options I required were available - working cuffs, unlined finish, natural shoulders, horn buttons, suspender buttons, ticket pocket, pick stitch. I used a mixture of measurements taken from the body and measures taken from well fitting garments where I was unsure of how I wanted the item to fit.
The jacket is beautifully finished. I went for wider lapels and working cuff buttons. The fit is good if a little boxy but that can easily be adjusted here. I will probably revise my waist size down a little when ordering again. The pick stitch is fabulous and there's a generous amount left in the cuff (although my jacket fits just as I like it)
The trouser is good but the bottoms have been finished like a jean which leaves no material to let down if Studiosuits were short - I was surprised to see this, perhaps it's because the material is corduroy that such a finish has been used.
The garments came packed in a sturdy box, and delivery took less than three weeks from date of order. Communication was adequate rather than excellent, an update half way through would have been good.
I've attached pictures. I may not look exactly like James Bond but that's hardly Studio Suits' fault!
In short - I'm delighted and will be ordering again before the week is out.

Return Nightmare
I ordered a Chino suit for my husband. The suit was nothing like the ad photo. The Jacket and Pant were mismatched in tone. The Pant hem was the worst, and the sleeves were too long. I emailed them about these issues and just wanted to have them send a return shipping label and Remake the suit properly. I got a response and sent in 10 photos in different lighting situations as they(PAUL & PEARL) asked and still after almost 10 days after last email no response. Thank God I ordered by PayPal, Since Studio Suit doesn't want to to honor there policy as well as respond back, PayPal is issuing me a Refund. However, I looked at cost of shipping it back and it almost as much as the suit. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Studiosuits WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS NOR HONOR THEIR "GUARANTEE FIT" REMAKE POLICY.

Unfortunately my package arrived in unbelievably rough shape, I had taken pictures and talked with a customer service person and Studiosuits simply put all of the blame of the shipping method, saying customs takes the package apart and puts it back however they want, out of studio suits control. I am still upset with the suit after it has been dry cleaned and pressed.

Package arrived sealed and in tact but the suit itself was in a ball all wrinkled and carelessly packaged. Blame was put on third party, no responsibility was taken from studiosuits and I will certainly avoid this company at all cost next time I am in need of a suit.

I ordered a lycra/cotton blend three piece suit with all the nice options. The suit arrived in three weeks and it was beyond ridiculous in how badly made and ill fitting it was. The fabric is thick enough to be a ranch coat. The vest comes down to thee inches below my belt. The arm holes are so small that my arms don't even fit in comfortably ( and Im no body builder)
As if all this wasn't bad enough, the sewing is sloppy and the jacket is too tight.

I exchanged 5 emails with the company and Studiosuits twice requested pictures (see attached) and each time I wrote assigned a different "review number" Their best offer was to "remake" the suit for 1/2 price. No suggestions regarding re-measurement or possible corrections.

This is a terrible company and they make junk.

Avoid truly terrible
I stupidly bought a suit and trousers from this company. Website and fabric choice was good but what arrived was widely outsized with a rip in the sleeve. Customer service was slow and unhelpful to resolve - suggested I went to a tailors to get the suit adjusted to my measurements. The fabric quality is good but the cut is laughable - looks like my first suit' Bought from a charity shop. Trousers never arrived. In the end $400 wasted - no chance of refund and no recourse. Tried to claim the money through pay-pal but rejected as this type of purchase is not covered by their payment protection. AVOID! I feel stupid, don't make the same mistake I did. I am doubtful of the positive reviews on here - funny how there are only 5 star and 1 star reviews isn't it?

Do not use this dreadful service
I ordered a coat from this company in March. Studiosuits were charging a hefty £185, but the photo looked just like what I was looking for. One of the measurements they were asking for didn't apply to the item I was buying, so I left a note on the order saying that it didn't work, so please contact me before making the item. No one did contact me before sending the coat. I had to wait 4 months for the item. I have never felt more depressed at an item of clothing than when I saw what awful, poorly made rubbish they sent. The photo on the website bore no relation to what I received.

Rather than a coat, the item looked and felt more like a long jacket. For some bizarre reason they had placed the back half-belt under where your bum. The front pockets were placed midway down the thigh. The buttons were placed around the pelvis rather than the chest. The general styling of the coat on your website was of a retro/ classic design - but the item's styling was poorly executed. The lapels in the coat on the website are wide peaked, and the lapels on the item I received were not.

I was extremely disappointed. I was so depressed by how badly this item turned out, I had to put it back in the box and hide it at the back of my wardrobe.

In the photos you can see the image of the coat from the website on the right and the dreadful item they sent me on the right. In one photo I demonstrate with my hand where the belt is supposed to be.

At this point I entered into a strange, almost surreal set of exchanges with their customer services who generally dind't reply for a week and after my pointing out how incredibly badly the otem was made, their only suggestion was that I buy the coat again with a 50% discount. As I didn't really have the money to but the appalling coat in the first place, there would be no way I would want to engage their services again to botch another item which would cost another £90.

"You get what you pay for"
(NOTE. I also posted this on Trustpilot)
Even though my tweed overcoat arrived speedily and was made according to the measurements I gave, that's where the good part of this review ends.
The lesson is, you get what you pay for. A lesson I should know by now and, based on my experience, one which potential customers of Studio Suits should heed. My coat was cheap and that's what it looks like. A cheap coat.
It hangs, and wears, in a sort of baggy shapeless square, looking made rather than tailored. I think this has a lot to do with the quality of the cloth. I'm sure it is Donegal Tweed as described, but it has none of the richness of texture normally associated with that material. It's thin, to be blunt.
Moreover, the lighter orange flecking in the brown that appeared so attractive in the Studio Suits advertising, turns out to be rather muted in actuality.
The overall impression is one of a dull thin shapeless brown. It's a janitor's coat, as my wife with fatal accuracy described it.
I shall wear it, as I have no grounds for returning it, but the coat is far from what I had been hoping for.
You get what you pay for, as I said, but on this basis I can't really recommend Studio Suits.

Outstanding in every way!
Love the options. Wish I would have been able to be professionally measured for my clothes beforehand. Super easy to use the website and order. Shipping wasn't too bad and I am very excited to see my clothes!

Everything arrived perfectly and in a very reasonable timeframe! Dealing with customer service was amazing and Studiosuits were so polite and professional! I found a seamstress and am getting professional measurements and will be ordering more suits in the future. I've received many compliments on my trousers and how beautiful my vest is. My tailor had to make a couple of minor adjustments and she even commented that it was a very well made garment. I love these guys!

So polite, professional and willing to chat about my questions. Top notch!

Shipping Issues from Studiosuites
The delivery process was pretty good by DHL but, the surprise came when DHL sent me an email telling me I had to pay duty plus a DHL service charge for their agent to process the transaction through customs. The taxes and duty were $5.00 canadian while the service charge for an agent to process the fee calculation was $19.00. As far as I am concerned the process fee for the agent was a rip off by the DHL people and should not have been charged. To me it was a ransom fee and the product I bought was held an extra 5 days in Mount Hope Ontario until I paid the ransom.
While the jackets looks and fits well, the skulduggery to force me to pay extra for the delivery process was outrageous and should never have been charged. To add insult to injury, in no was was it made clear by Studio Suits that this process would take place and that I could face a surcharge with their customs process. Needless to say, I will not deal with Studio Suits again because of this nonsense.

Not at all !

Very low quality materials -or just bad customer service?
The Vintage Rope Weave Black Tweed Suit is of extremely shoddy material and is not even tweed. When I ordered this suit, I hoped it would be something like the picture, but instead it was covered with pulled threads (given the low quality of the material, you will end up with multiple pulled threads each time you wear the suit). To add insult to injury, when I inquired about replacing this unusably low-quality suit with a better one, the staff at StuidioSuits told me just to "cut the pulled threads", as if this was a reasonable solution to improve a low-tier product. Of course, that's an option if someone wants to wear a poorly made, flimsy suit. I then suggested that I could return this suit for credit and would then pay for a better suit/material. Instead of taking yes for an answer and encouraging me to buy a different better suit, the StuidioSuits representatives kept repeating the advice to "cut the pulled threads", as if the presence of pulled threads wasn't indicative of a wider problem. Clearly, those who run this business have 1) no taste whatsoever and/or 2) no idea how to allow customers to give them money. Very sad.

A company that does very well with a particular style and try very hard to be attentive
The company overall did make their goals listed on the page, but there have been large questions that took a long time to answer. There have been a few very attentive service agents and some that make the process more difficult. Overall their construction is great if you are just looking for your sizes, if you truly want to customize the style then Studiosuits are well made but not quite exact.

There are excellent agents and some that make the progress more difficult. The fact that the email address is only the generic and that the ticket response doesn't connect you directly with an agent you're working well with is difficult.

Refused to refund after months of not replying
I ordered this suit back in March for my wedding in June, then the coronavirus caused them to stop production. Normally this is okay I understand people are doing their best but I tried contacting them for months with no success. After finally getting ahold of them Studiosuits said I WAS able to cancel the order ( I had to cancel because my wedding was in less than a month so I had to order a different suit because they were not replying to me). A day after saying I could receive a refund they said never mind and they started production so they refuse to refund me for the suit I no longer need. So I tried reaching this company for months and when I finally get ahold of them they basically just say tough sh*t. I HIGHLY recommend you don't order from this company.

Very satisfied
I ordered a custom-sized tweed jacket. After measuring myself, I submitted my measurements, selected the fabric and customized my jacket (buttons, pockets, flaps, etc.) My jacket arrived in a very well-wrapped and sturdy box, and I didn't have to wait very long. The jacket fit exactly as I had measured it! The quality seems to be excellent. Overall, I'm very satisfied.
If I could suggest any improvements, the one thing I would like to see would be more detail about how to measure yourself for a jacket or suit. My jacket ended up being about 2-3 cm short, but this was because I'm not a tailor and wasn't sure how long I should make it. So in a sense, it was my own fault for making it too short. But it would help customers to have more detailed instructions for the measurements.

Would give a zero if I could
Would give a zero if I could. Worst customer service experience I have ever encountered. Ordered my waist coat with tuxedo buttons. I had contacted before my order to co firm, immediately after my order to confirm, and one more time after the extra payment Studiosuits required. The waist coat arrives with no tuxedo buttons. After two weeks of email and no phone calls (because there is no number to call) they tell me they are in the waist coat pocket and it is my responsibility to have them added to the waist coat. They are not present in the pockets.

I've pretty much written off this two hundred dollars at this point due to their unwillingness to do anything at all for refund, fix, etc. and moved on to another custom vendor for my waist coat.

Avoid if you can. I'm sure if everything goes as requested they may be good but if not it will be a nightmare.

Highly disappointed & no resolution given.
I do NOT give bad reviews on anything. So it really bothers me to break my habit of only being positive. But for this 1 occasion it's a must. I am very disappointed in this order. There are many things wrong with the order. The blazer was way to big in the waist area by 8 inches, we measured it. The sleeves are not slim fit at all (which is crazy because I have big arms & still the sleeves are huge. The coat was 3 inches to long the sleeves are also 2 1/2 inches to short & to make it all even worse the color of the suit is several shades darker. In fact it is no where near plain gray. It as charcoal grey or glascow grey. Then to make it worse I reached out for help from customer service who then basically told me it's my fault the suit does not match what was promised me at all. I was honestly hoping to become a long time customer as I wear suits every single day & usually buy about 4-7 suits every year for several years now. But now I feel like I can't trust the products from this organization anymore nor can I trust that it will be recectificed with some sort of solution. Even if I was offered some kind of discount or something I would have just took one on the chin & said ok, mistakes happen. But to get treated like their several mistakes are my fault. Unacceptable.

I have bought two jackets. First was medium Prue wool
I purchased first jacket medium weight pure wool in my size 40 regular. It fitted me well so the sizing was right. The fabric good weave and falls well. The second jacket l wanted a heavier wool so l went up one size to a 42 short as l wanted easier fit with a heavy jacket. The short gave me that fit and arm length was just right. The fabric again was nice weave and very comfortable. I congratulate studio suits as the finish, design and tailoring is a very good standard. I suggest that buyers double check their fittings from the fitting measurements scale to get the you jacket or suits as you wear them.

Very happy with my purchase


Melbourne Australia 2021

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