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TE03XL battery works really well! For my HP Omen Laptop
I have been looking for different websites to purchase a replacement battery of HP TE03XL for my HP Omen laptop. I bought one other battery from another website but I was left disappointed. Until I found, I decided to give it a try and I am very satisfied with the battery performance so far. The battery received is the same as the original genuine battery, now my laptop with this new battery can easily last at least 5 hours. I'd recommend this website if you need a laptop replacement battery.

NEC pcvpbp97 Awesome legit and fast
At first i was scared lol i was thinking maybe its not legit and my money will be gone lol hahaha. I took the risk cause i felt helpless and thank goodness my nec pc vp bp97 arrived today dec 7 2020. I purchased it online on nov30 2020 next time i won't pay for fast delivery to save money cause its legit anyway i know it will arrive lol. If your not in a hurry dont pay fast delivery hahahaha it will save you money. Plus there this girl Amy she super nice she give me correct tracking number. Amy is awesome.

Feedback on Storebattery service
I ordered a 3 cell laptop battery with storebattery. However StoreBattery emailed me to inform that the 3 cell laptop battery I had ordered is currently out of stock and willingly to send a 6 cell laptop battery instead without any extra charges. I think such cases are rarely seen as a customer. Storebattery had really satisfied the customer and the delivery time is reasonable.

ASUS VivioBook K451L Battery Replacement
Did Google search for replacement; some sites showed 14.4V output rating whilst some stated 7.5V. Run HWinfor app and verified that the original battery rating is indeed 7.5V. Apparently, it's actually using S451 battery spec. While 14.4V might work, I decided to stay with the original rating. StoreBattery gives the correct specification. The part took 9 days to arrive with tracking infor provided. Packing was well done with foam and bubble wrap. The part looks original. Run HWinfor app after replaced and data showed zero wear and tear. Charging is swift and task bar status at 100% charge shows 10 hour usage. Bravo!

Good product - Average delivery
The macbook battery I ordered looks official (the inscription on it is the same as my old battery) and works nicely.
The delivery is however not done by the DHL or another classic transporter, which was a bit annoying because the guys supposedly passed by my house on sunday while I was at home but I heard no one ring the bell. As a result I had the choice to pay for redelivery or go fetch the package myself in a rather unconvenient location.
But in any case, the price was good for a battery that fits my requirements.

Replacement battery for Toshiba Protege
Excellent service from Storebattery for the prompt response from Amy! Thank You!
Order took 10 days from payment to shipment to delivery, which is satisfactory. The battery was contained in a box and was bubble wrapped for extra protection.
Battery quality is good and working fine although the battery part number received (PA5043U) is different from the one from the original laptop battery (PA3931U).
Overall, satisfied with Storebattery and highly recommended.

Much to my expectations!
Item arrived well packed. However delivery date was a bit longer than to the stated delivery dates. At first I thought I didn't got a real one as the battery brand "Dell" has been crossed out so I hesitantly remove my old battery to make way to try my newly bought battery. After several minor configurations and system test (including hardware - Battery). Much to my expectations, the battery did works well without fault.

Good price but not Genuine it seems
Price was good and etc but the batteries do not seem to be genuine from laptop manufacturer. The images on the website shows the genuine manufacturer battery but what I got seemed to have a sticker label over the manufacturer brand which is inked out. It will be good if this is mentioned.
But anyhow, the batteries seem to work well with no issues so far so I am happy overall. Shipping was fast and no issues.

Good replacement hard to find batteries
Have been looking for a replacement battery for an Eee PC with no luck until coming upon Ordered a replacement for the Eee as well as a Toshiba whose battery had outlived its usefulness. For the Toshiba was able to obtain a higher capacity battery then the original. Service was good and shipping/customs went without a hitch. Batteries work very well and the two laptops can again go for hours without needing to be on the power mains. Pricing reasonable - not a "rock bottom bargain" nor outlandishly expensive - in line with expectations and certainly a cost effective restoration of the laptops which were slowly becoming boat anchors.

Website was a bit cumbersome to "wade through" in order to find the desired products. Fortunately StoreBattery were found after some convoluted searches.

Offered me a refund after supplier not able to explain the issue.
Received an email from them after a month for the refund offer. I saw some really good reviews for the shop so I might be the only one very unfortunate with this battery issue. At least StoreBattery did not abandon my issue and gave me a refund after a while. It is possible that my battery model is just too rare because my laptop is not a popular laptop, so the battery fabricated by their supplier is one off and not good.

I would emphasize that their communication and support is good. The only issue for me is the product from their supplier and maybe the product is not good because my battery is very rare.

Good quality replacement batteries
I've bought 3 batteries from StoreBattery for my old Dell laptops, and StoreBattery shipped rather quickly even during the COVID-19 period where countries are having lockdowns. The batteries were the perfect fit, and works quite well. Also, communication with them was very good, they wrote to confirm the laptop models for the batteries to ensure that my order is correct.

Asus laptop battery
I recently purchased an Asus laptop battery from this online store to replace my current laptop battery. First off, I found this store to have one of the lowest prices(including shipping) for this battery model. Next, this store helped to create an account for me on their website, to allow me to track the shipping details. Though the delivery came about a week later than mentioned, a quick email to them in the week got me back a reply in less than 24hrs. Their response in the email was of satisfaction. StoreBattery answered my queries and gave me a definite answer to the question without beating round the bush
When the delivery came, it came well packed in a box, with the battery placed in an anti-static bag and bubble wrapped around, and sponge was placed around the box to prevent the battery pack from shaking around

I'm overall very satisfied with the service and the product

Dell Laptop Battery 65Wh Type MR90Y
Hi all I recently purchased a Dell laptop battery from this company and when I tried the battery in my laptop it did not work. I then got a new battery directly from Dell which worked fine. I would not advise any body to deal with this company. If you require a laptop battery go to the computer manufacturer and purchase a battery from them. Do not deal with the company Singapore Battery. Then to really rub salt in the wound I asked for a refund of my money and StoreBattery asked me to send back the battery however I had to pay for the shipping myself. What an unprofessional company!

Trusted Website and Dealer
The delivery took 9 days to arrive from the date of purchase. Had to pay for the delivery of S$8.50, but the tracking was great. With a lot of scams, this website can actually be TRUSTED. Battery came in at 98% charged in an anti static bag and fully protected. It fit perfectly in my laptop. You can see in pics the comparison of the original battery(4300mah top) and the third party battery(4200mah bottom). Battery quality was an ok. Useable. Lasted around 2hrs for normal use. Overall, I would recommend it.

Smooth & no worries!
Right from the ordering stage to the receiving stage, the steps taken to come to selection and sending out the order is done without tension and stress, feeling of loss along the way, etc. It incurs very little effort and time compared to Qoo10, Taobao, etc. No frustration or the seething feeling of lots of time spent just to ensure the right thing, delivery, etc. will be ok till the item arrives at your door step! And all that peace and calmness makes it worthwhile for a future revisit!

Acer Aspire Replacement Adapter
I ordered a replacement adapter for my Acer notebook from As there was a difference in the plugs across different models which I was wholly unaware of, their CS reached out to me to enquire which one was specific to my notebook. After giving them the required information, I received an email almost immediately for shipment tracking. After this positive experience I will definitely buy from them again.

Good buy. Original battery. Confusing for me at first.
<4.9 stars>

I received my Asus N55SF battery replacement and the first thing that I noticed were the black marks that suspiciously covered the battery. I immediately thought I had gotten a non-genuine battery. However, it looked genuine and it aside from the marks it looks exactly the same as the battery that originally comes with my laptop. I inserted it into my N55SF laptop and it works with zero issues.

Curious, I actually emailed them about why the Asus brand name and why even the word « Korea » had been crossed out on my Asus N55SF laptop battery and StoreBattery said that it is due to their shipping company not allowing it, and customs. They suggested using alcohol to remove the black markings and it worked for me. I had bought a laptop battery on eBay which only lasted for one year and I compared it with my original Asus one and the eBay one. The battery is definitely original.

Aside from the production date sticker, pay attention to the *exact* placement of the printing on your battery; a fake one usually has the printing slightly off-centered, or it might just seem a little too sharp. Impossible to tell from pictures alone though.

Photo attached below.
On top: The battery I bought from
Middle: A (most probably) fake battery I bought on eBay.
Below: The battery that comes with my Asus laptop.

I like that shows you a video of the laptop battery. Interestingly, the video directs you to another sister website which confused me for a while. I ordered from because it is closer and cheaper for my country.

EDITED. I recently posted an answer to a question about whether the staff at speaks English. I said that I emailed them and they « appeared to be not English speakers ». My bad. That was another email totally unrelated to this. I don't know how to delete/edit my answer!

My second purchase in the past 3 years
This is my second purchase for a replacement battery for my Macbook Pro (late 2011 version) since almost 3 years ago, and this time I also purchase a new power adaptor. The Seller is quite responsible and send email and measurement to ensure the connector is the correct one for the power adaptor prior shipment.

If there is only thing that could be improved is the China Post shipping tracking number is not trackable on the sites provided.

Received good product promptly
Ordered replacement battery for my HP notebook. The store people are very responsive and get back to you within 24 hours regarding your queries. I received my order within 1 week of placing it. StoreBattery also gave me a 5% discount upon registering as a member. The product works perfectly fine and all their batteries come with a 9 mo-1 year warranty. Very satisfied with the experience and would definitely buy again.

Delivery guy was very rude
I was out of town and when I got back to check my message and realize the item was left outside my house. There wasn't anyone to acknowledge in receiving the item. When I rang and speak to the delivery guy and I got scolded for not answering his calls just because I am not in the country at the moment of his delivery! Omg, beware of this outsource delivery company, completely no responsibility!

Dell XPS 13 (9360) replacement battery works well!
The replacement battery (SGD 80.50) I have received was of very good quality, even though it was not an original Dell battery. Delivery (SGD 10.50) was very prompt, arriving in Singapore from HK after just 9 days. Dimensions and specifications are just like the original Dell battery, and it seems to be working just as well. If there are any problems, the battery comes with 9 months warranty. I would like to thank Amy for being so responsive to my queries via email. Let's hope this works well!

Very good service and quick shipping.
The replacement battery was delivered very quickly and well packaged. After I installed it, it was recognized by the OS and a calibration was done successfully. The capacity is not as high as the original (maybe close to 90%) but nevertheless, it will extend the use of my laptop by another few years as the old battery was dying. It remains to be seen if the replacement battery lifetime performance is good as it is new at the moment.

I would recommend trying

Legit Battery for My Acer Laptop, Great Service
This company sells legit products and provides very good customer care.
Got my Acer laptop replacement battery in 7 days of order (Sat and Sun included). Their customer care was responsive and helped me with shipment tracking.
What about the battery? Oh, it works perfectly fine with my 8-year old Acer laptop.
Yup, I did have a head-ache free smooth experience with this seller.

Reliable site for laptop batteries
I ordered a replacement battery for my Asus laptop recently. Upon order, an order confirmation email was sent. A follow up shipping notification email was sent in the next 2 days as well. The tracking number was provided in that email and status of the shipment was timely updated too. I received my order in 4 working days which I found to be rather fast.

Overall a pleasant and fuss-free shopping experience. I felt assurance in the reliability of due to their responsible manner in handling orders. Price was decent too, highly recommended to get laptop batteries from this site!

A Refreshing Experience
I bought both internal and external batteries for my Lenovo x250 which arrived within the time I expected. One of the batteries that was purchased was incorrect due to my giving the wrong product number. I contacted the supplier and was very pleased with the outstanding service provided by Amy. She was fast with her replies - same day, and her English was clear and concise. With Amy's help, the wrong battery was returned for a refund. The correct battery was purchased. Both batteries are now installed and I am pleased with the performance. A very good experience with a quality company.

Dell XPS 15 9560 i7-7700hq Laptop Batteries
I tried to order a replacement battery for my Dell XPS 15 9560 i7-7700hq Laptop Batteries from DELL and I was surprised that StoreBattery DO NOT have stock for it. Then I googled and found StoreBattery which offers a genuine Dell XPS 15 9560 i7-7700hq Laptop battery. I was skeptical but didn't have a choice as my DELL laptop battery was giving me problem. I was surprised on how easy it was to make an order and the speed for me to receive the said battery. Just want to say, "THANK YOU" & I will recommend anyone which wishes to buy a replacement battery for you.

Excellent Service, Knowledgable & Trustworthy Site!
Great customer service with swift and efficient responses to eliminate any doubts about their authenticity on the site! If you are unsure about what battery to order, not only do StoreBattery lrovide accurate information and pictures for your visual aid, they reccomended the closest alternative to my old battery really fast so I don't have to worry if I ordered the wrong one! Thank you for the fast, awesome and credible service. Would definitely order with you guys again!

Happy with the purchase, and the battery works well!
My son's Asus vivobook battery has gone bad, was sourcing around for the Asus battery supplier. Came across a few suppliers and decided to buy from StoreBattery. I am glad I chose the right seller. Placing order is easy and seller sent prompt emails to inform the status of the order. Received the battery in about 8 days in good working condition. Would consider buying from StoreBattery again for my future battery needs.

Fake battery for galaxy tab
The charge me a price of "original battery" but gave me a fake one, I got another fake battery with price of fake battery, compared with the real original battery in my tablet, this three guys are 71g, 83g(real original), 69g(from this seller). I decided to give such a expensive fake battery a chance and fixed it into my tablet, the system told me that the design capacity is only 2100mAh.

Good prices and quality for DIY
Found this website while looking for a place where StoreBattery sell parts to upgrade my 2000+ cycle macbook pro early 2011 13" battery. The price is one of the best around even compared to Carousell resellers. The shipping took about 5 days, well packaged with bubble wrap. You'd need to get your own Tri Wing screwdriver for unscrewing the battery from your MBP as its not included, I didn't have one and used a flathead, highly not recommended as it may strip your screws. The battery itself looks identical to the original except that the word 'Apple' has been marked out with a black marker. The battery cycle count was 1 when i plugged it in, have been using it for more than a week now and its doing fine. I would definitely buy from them again, saved me a couple hundred bucks if i were to send it to a shop to get them replaced. Check out DIY videos on youtube if you're on a budget like me but still unsure of doing it on your own, the process is really easy and can be done in 5 minutes and I have no pior knowledge in fixing or upgrading anything. Do get the right screwdrivers for the job though, to ensure the longevity of your screws.

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