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Shady and Dismissive Customer Service (I have bought a handful products from them)
Let me start by saying I have purchased a handful of times from StockX and have had slight issues here and there, none that made me write a review here and everywhere else, to raise awareness of the shady/poor customer service business StockX runs. Stockx stand behind the fact they are a mere re-seller and do not hold stock on product to "wash their hands" in making the sale 99% final, and up to their judgement to help or not their customers.
I purchased a pair of sneakers for a friend on 5/26/20, to my bad luck the sneaker order went out with the wrong shoe size. This was due to a faulty app process during checkout, after selecting the shoe and the size (8), clicking on the buy now button, it defaulted back to size 10.5, which was the very last size shoe I had purchased (on a different date). I have contacted StockX customer support multiple times, through their contact site, through Twitter, and all I get is a dismissive email saying in other words, the sale is final and nothing can be done. The customer support rep says the only option is RE-SELLING the shoes on their site, to their advantage and additional profit. I have an email from their customer support saying they apologize the app is faulty, but still they can't help me further, mentioning again I can re-sell them in their website... This is absolutely no way to treat a customer, to build loyalty or to just conduct business, zero solidarity and "owning" the situation.
Pasting the customer support response on my third attempt to resolve the issue, and explaining exactly what I say above

"Hey there Gianmaria,

Thanks for reaching out to me! It sounds like the product page selected size 10.5 as this was the size from previous purchases. Please be careful when looking at the product page. I am sorry to see that you want to cancel your recently confirmed order on StockX (#12141238).? Unfortunately, when a 'Bid' and 'Ask' match, the order is confirmed and no longer can be canceled. The integrity of the marketplace depends on it.? The good news is that once you receive your purchase, you can always resell it on StockX.? I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and please let me know if you need anything else in the future.



Not Authentic-terrible customer service
I bought a pair of Kith New Balance 990v4 8.5 for my son. Amazingly, Stockx claim they were authenticated and were perfect, but they arrived in a New Balance Box clearly marked "SECOND". Not only were they seconds but they were not the Kith Collaboration. When I emailed customer service, I was told that the box that they came in was damaged so they sent me the box with the word "SECOND" stamped on it. I was never notified that the box was damaged as my son resells his shoes. Their final response was take it or leave it $20 coupon code for a future purchase. I'm actually going to take this one to Small Claims Court just to prove a point. They could have easily remedied this situation by refunding my money but they don't really care. I don't understand how you can say shoes are authentic when they are in box marked "SECOND". How is it that they were lucky enough to find a box marked New Balance 990 v4 size 8.5 with "SECOND" marked on it as a substitute box for the supposedly damaged box. What a coincidence. Absolutely ridiculous.

2 orders 2 different outcomes
I recently purchased 2 pairs of Air Jordan's through StockX the first was The Jordan 1 Retro High OG Prototype These came exactly as advertised brand new in original packaging. Stockx are great!

The other pair was the Jordan 1 Mid Banned (2020) and needless to say when I took them out of the box I was less than impressed with the "NEW" condition shoes I just purchased. There is a clear crease in the toe of the right foot. Also the front toe area on the right shoe sounds like a plastic bag crunching when you touch it.

StockX's customer service was very kind and they took the shoes back to inspect them but they claim this meets their expectation and requirements for "NEW" condition, so there is nothing they can do for me, other than they sent them back to me.

Again I will reiterate that the first order was great, this one not so much so just be careful when purchasing off their site, not everything is as advertised.

On a brighter note I guess I don't have to worry about creasing them since it already has one!

Palace x Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater
I've made 8 purchases with StockX so far, the 9th purchase was from the
Palace Ralph Lauren Collab - The Polo Bear Sweater. For about 2 weeks,
The item showed as "En Route to StockX for authentication" so I emailed
Them to try to see what the status of the parcel was, Stockx emailed me a
Standard response they probably give to everyone else saying: "Your
Item is in route to StockX. Typically, StockX authentication takes 1
Business day. However, this time can vary based on how many packages
Come in for authentication. We are working around the clock to process
All incoming orders. You will receive email notifications once your item
Gets further processed. You'll also receive updates under the Buying
Page of your account. We appreciate your patience. Please let us know if
There is anything else we can assist you with. Thanks, Joey"I wasn't satisfied with that response so I emailed again asking for status update and I receive: "Estimated
Delivery to you is 6-10 business days from your order date, and our
Goal is always to get them to you sooner. You can monitor the status of
Your purchase under stockx. C/buying. " So I wait another week
And I know this is odd because none of my orders took this long for them
To receive so I email them asking where the parcel is originating from
And instead of them providing more information, they instantly initiate a
Refund saying: "We're very sorry that we won't be able to
Fulfill this order, as an issue has occurred with the seller of the item
You purchased." I asked why they decided to immediately refund
Me? Aren't they supposed to find me a replacement at no additional cost?
The sweater was purchased for $750, the next size large is up for sale
At $1000! All you can do is email them and hope they will reply, there
Is no phone number, no live chat, just an email to trust your hard
Earned dollars to. This service is for people that know nothing about
Determining whether or not their streetwear is authentic, and they
Either don't know how or are too lazy to legit check their items
Themselves. The prices are outrageous in comparison to what people are
Reselling for on their own but they accept payment plans through Affirm.
Customer service is non-existent unless you just want some
Condescending corporate rhetoric spewed at you via email. But it's okay
Because Eminem and Wale do their ads for them. They offered me $50 off
My next purchase which I grudgingly accepted but I'm still upset with
How they handled my order. I honestly feel that someone from StockX
Stole the package because they refuse to provide a tracking number or
Any information about the last UPS scan in order to "protect the
Seller's privacy". How StockX ruined Christmas.

Make StockX a last resort
I order 5 pairs of shoes For myself an my 4 children the prices are already too high it's like a Price gouging site for things you can get somewhere else for cheap, ok all the shoes are coming to the same place on the same day but there is no quantity option so I had to pay shipping 5 times an there is a processing fee I paid the processing fee 5 times as well, an also taxes 5 times. This is a rip off as I sit here an think about it I think my kids would've been happier if I would've just given them the money from these shoes instead of wasting it here. I'm waiting right now for a response to do a return this was a waste of time everything done December 11th an nothing is here an won't be until after Christmas it's no point if it's after Christmas. Two pairs where for special needs kids an that's all Stockx wanted now I don't know what I'm gonna tell them cause I chose this site to buy from. Just think twice before you purchase here. Plus one of the shoes didn't make it through so they canceled my order I needed the shoe so I had to re order the price was higher an so where the fees just trying to get gifts for Christmas that's it. Epic fail one of my orders don't have a picture but I ordered it an the one I ordered days after I ordered my kids on the 11th came first I don't understand how the shipping works it's not sent out by date at all can't be.

Awful, terrible, do not use this company!
Having placed an order with the company I realised the delivery address was incorrect - attached to our UK address (we are currently in America). So I immediately ended up sending 4 separate emails through different pathways regarding the order, the delivery address and the $40 fees attached for international shipping!
Stockx are so adamant to not refund a single penny that they will ignore you till its apparently 'too late' to do anything about.
Someone did get back to me but clearly had sent an automated response and not really read what I'd written. Then they said it was also too late to change the shipping address as the goods had been dispatched.
This was a lie.
I then received confirmation that the order had been dispatched at about 4pm, the following day.
When i complained they simply referred me to a third party to resolve - UPS. However, this would not refund the extortionate fees and in fact would have meant that there would have been an additional shipping fee - back to the US. This in all meant I would have spent more than double what the product was worth just in fees and then the cost of the item on top.

Penny pinching, money grabbing, unhelpful and inconsiderate. Do not use this waste of time and money company because they will take your money and leave you high and dry.

Shop at reputable competitors
Continuation # 2 below

Reply from StockX
5 minutes ago
Hello Mark, after taking a further look into this order, I do see that we provided you with a full refund on these shoes because there was a delay. Do understand that we never want to cancel and refund an order, as everyone loses when this is done but we would not have been able to fulfill this order without the card. At this time, I am not seeing any recent emails from you. Please reach out via support if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

The incompetence is really alarming. Let me break it down again, I won an auction on 4/5 for a box of basketball cards for $99 not shoes as you people insist. You will notice that If you actually researched my order. Not by reading off the company line to me. My order was canceled for reasons unknown. I know the shipping reason is convenient to tell me. Anyway, that same exact item sold for $224 on 5/5 and $225 on 5/4. Im not questioning the whereabouts of my refund. I know i have received it. I want the item my bid was accepted at on 4/5 as it you continue to broker deals and prosper on both ends (buyer and seller) with the same item my bid was accepted at on 4/5 to this current date. Why was my order automatically canceled, and not fufulled when shipping allowed for it to be shipped if that were the reason? Could it be the seller watched the market of this item before backing out of the accepted agreement? Until then i will give my honest review everyday on as many websites possible in an effort to assist would be customers to beware of stockx shady tactics

Dear Basketball,

From the moment

I started rolling my dad's tube socks

And shooting imaginary

Game-winning shots

In the Great Western Forum

I knew one thing was real:

I fell in love with you.

A love so deep I gave you my all —

From my mind & body

To my spirit & soul.

As a six-year-old boy

Deeply in love with you

I never saw the end of the tunnel.

I only saw myself

Running out of one.

And so I ran.

I ran up and down every court

After every loose ball for you.

You asked for my hustle

I gave you my heart

Because it came with so much more.

I played through the sweat and hurt

Not because challenge called me

But because YOU called me.

I did everything for YOU

Because that's what you do

When someone makes you feel as

Alive as you've made me feel.

You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream

And I'll always love you for it.

But I can't love you obsessively for much longer.

This season is all I have left to give.

My heart can take the pounding

My mind can handle the grind

But my body knows it's time to say goodbye.

And that's OK.

I'm ready to let you go.

I want you to know now

So we both can savor every moment we have left together.

The good and the bad.

We have given each other

All that we have.

And we both know, no matter what I do next

I'll always be that kid

With the rolled up socks

Garbage can in the corner: 05 seconds on the clock

Ball in my hands.

5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

Love you always,


BUYER BEWARE: Please Read!
Stick with ordering from GOAT! I've ordered numerous times from GOAT, never an issues. This was my first and will be my last time making a purchase from StockX. I ordered a new pair of Yeezy's for my boyfriend's birthday. When my order arrived, the left shoe had AWFUL scuff marks on them half the size of the shoe! I immediately took pictures and emailed their customer service. All I got was a generic oh sorry too bad' response. Their company's generic, non-helpful responses are almost as disappointing as the shoes Stockx let pass. To say I'm "not completely satisfied" is an embarrassing understatement. How are scuff marks half the size of the shoe considered a "minor flaw"? How is that acceptable? With GOAT, the buyer has the option to purchase shoes that are "new with defects" so at least you know what you're getting yourself into. I was completely blindsided that the new Yeezys I would be purchasing would be in such subpar condition. Their solution to resell on StockX is frankly pathetic and insulting. I would rather throw away my disappointing purchase than give their company another penny. Please if you are considering buying from this company, look elsewhere! A company that doesn't back their customer doesn't deserve your hard earned money!

Please look at the quality of shoe StockX proudly backs and sells to their customers. If you like the "already worn and scuffed look" definitely order from them!

Not that bad
Hello, whom ever may be reading this.

I am a frequent customer with StockX. I have bought quite a few shoes from them.
I did have some issues with some of the shoes for example; I bought a pair of Nike SB Dunk Blue Fury's and Stockx came creased in the toe box and the sides. There was also a little scratching on the suede. I emailed the customer support and got offered $40 or a full refund. I opted for the $40 because I knew that I would wear the shoes and they would crease anyway and the scratch was minimal. It took around 4 days to finally get my code but it was resolved. I have legit checked all of the shoes I bought myself and through a third party and they have all been good so far. So I'll keep my fingers crossed on that. Overall, I'd say if you don't mind waiting a week to two weeks for a pair of shoes you can give it a try. They're customer support is a joke at times and takes sometimes up to a week to respond. But, most of the time the shoes arrive in good/excellent condition and as described. I'd recommend for purchases under $800. I'd say if you're looking for a shoe that is over $800 you should look to stadium goods or flight club as they are the most trusted sneaker resale stores that actually age good websites and customer service. I hope this helps a bit.

StockX denied my Supreme hoodie due to it being "improperly folded".
Shortly after my Supreme Raiders hoodie arrived for inspection I received an email stating it failed verification due to being worn. This was impossible as the only time the product had been touched was when I confirmed the size (as got more than one of the item), re folded it, and shipped it out. After complaining to the StockX representative and requesting proof, a follow up email stated that the item was not folded improperly and did not resemble that of a Supreme factory fold. The representative stated that it was 100% authentic and was not worn, but due to the fact that it wasn't folded correctly, it failed to pass inspection. I have sold on StockX multiple times before and was not charged the 15% "inspection failure fee", however the entire situation is complete bull$#*! considering that Stockx are known to allow fake shoes to pass through. I am not sure if I will continue selling through them, although I haven't found a good alternative for streetwear (other than ebay). I hope this informed anyone wondering how hypocritical and redundant StockX can be.

Terrible seller experience on stockx
Stockx claim once they receive your sold item they will verify it for authentication. This process takes 2-3 business days.

I've sold two separate shoes and had no contact with them until I reached out to support to ask why the app isn't updating.

The first sale was 9/21 and I shipped within that same hour of sale. They arrived on Wednesday 9/23 but on the stockx app it said it would arrive Thursday 9/24. Fortunately for me I have my own delivery app to check when items ship and are received and it notified me the item arrived. I contacted stockx and they told me nothing, but someone manually went in after our email correspondence and changed this item to received. I get a generic email on Tuesday 9/29 stating "your item arrived at stockx for verification". That's 6 business days. Terrible.

The second sale was on 9/23 and again I shipped it within the same hour of sale. This item arrived Monday 9/28. I contacted stockx again with screenshots showing the time has been delivered and this time no one emailed me back, instead I get the generic email of "your item arrived at stockx for verification".

This whole experience has been terrible and I'm not happy by any means. I still have not been paid for my first item and it's been long enough that I should've been paid for both items already (see photos provided).

I will not be using them any more and I suggest that if anyone is going to be selling items to do so on another platform. Personally I've had more success selling items on mercari and payment has been paid once customer rated the item. This stockx craze is all hype and feels very fishy.

Any company that have customer service number is suspect to me.

Not responding to repeated emails concerning failure to correctly Authenticate a pair of Nike shoes.
This company is Nothing more than a bunch of low life Scammers!

I purchased a pair of Nike Stranger Things Sneakers, and if you're not familiar with the part of authenticating these particular sneakers, Stockx come with Hawkins Pins and the sneakers are covered with a copy of the "Hawkind Post" it's just a thin sheet of newspaper covering the shoes, with the tissue paper underneath that, The Hawkins Post basically describes what's happenning in Hawkins, which might not sound like a big deal, But, if you want at some stage to onsell these shoes, you can bet, and rightly so, that serious collectors will be aware of what they get inside the Nike box. Hawkins pins and the Hawkins Post sheet covering the shoes... Thats what I wanted, still want... NOTHING!... Nice Authenticating!
Well, I never received my Hawkin's Post Newspaper, so I Immediately, the same day, sent StockX an email with photos of the box and an Authentication tag... That wasn't good enough, they wanted clearer pictures so they could go back and evalute the issue. So no problems, I did as they asked. I received a response from a guy called Aliyah on the 13/01/2020 and he said he'd get back to me within 24 Hours?... Bull$#*!!... Hey Aliyah, it's the 22/01/2020 and no response... WTF? I have sent them at least 3-4 emails, NOTHING!... And the following day I had another order which I was waiting for, a different pair of Nike Stranger Things, which was Coincidental Cancelled... Not that I give a $#*!, Knowing now what F'ING dogs they are... I did receive a full refund on the last pair they cancelled on me... Good on you StockX... NOT! And I'm still waiting for a response from them... You have been warned... They have a rating of 1 STAR, FFS!... That speaks Volumes... Don't buy Anything of these guys, not even a pair of shoe laces.

SO releived!
THANK GOD! I was really desperate and bought from this site. I read all these bad reviews, but I decided to trust the sites "verified" purchases. I made a purchase for some Nike's that were $125 on this site. Everywhere else had them for about $200. Stockx are limited edition and sold out, and of course my son said it was the ONLY thing he wanted for Xmas. Of course, I didn't want to get him only ONE thing and I also really didn't want to spend $200 on a pair of shoes for a ten-year-old. So, I took my chances. I heard you can't get a hold of anyone from customer service, so I emailed them as a test. I asked a dumb question and they responded about a day and a half later. (That earned them one star) The price was great! (That's two). So, I ordered. I used PayPal and deleted my bank account from pay pal immediately after- in case of fraud. The shoes were verified 2 days later (3 stars). 2 days after that (today) I received the shoes (4 stars) and they were perfect! (5 stars!) In box, brand new, and had a little verified key chain attached to them! No additional funds have been charged to my Paypal account. It was an excellent experience! I'm sorry to everyone else who didn't have the same. Weird but it was great for me!

Stay away

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3 minutes ago

My issue with stockx is not a favor 1

My issue with stockx is not a favor 1 recently the SB nike black hornet drop so I place a bid for 350 for the special package I won the bid when I contacted stockx I was told it's not the special package and there is nothing Stockx can do. Mind you I place the bid on the 15th when the shoes drop the special package how can I be offered anything else when the next release would be today 22feb. Shoes wast ship ontill today 22feb and I won 15feb very disappointed in these dishonest monopoly in the sneakers games. Now the same shoes that they sold me for almost 400 I bought today for 109. The same shoes is now on stockx today 22feb for 161... without apologize this bunch a guys has no respect for customers... I reach out to them from day 1 and told them that this was what I bid for. I feel so cheated out of my money



Disgusted with Stock X
Disgusted *******@StockX, I placed an order for a PS5 on 12/12/2020 everything was was going good I received an email my item was being sent to Stock X for verification, received another email my PS5 was verified and going to be sent out to me and so my story begin and mind you i have made purchases off Stock X and I have not experience this before. Stock X used T Force what the heck is T Force. Stockx are a horrible lying shipping company, I have been calling them since 12/23/2020 and the tracking is updated every day that my item is out for delivery, then I was told it was lost, then i called again and was told it's out for delivery, and I was told a yesterday 1/7/2021 that is sent back to Stock X. Today 1/08/2021 I am told my item is lost again. TForce keeps advising me to Contact Stock X which I have been but only through emails and they keep giving me the tracking info that I can look up myself and I have been. Today 1/8/2021 the tracking is still advising out for delivery it is now 6:45pm New York time and still no package. Where is Stock X in all of this no where. I am alone in this and no one to help. Stock X does not care what happens after you use there service and they leave you to fend for yourself. This is disheartening I bought this for my son, he really wanted and at first I was refusing to buy off of stock x because it was pricey then he gets covid tested positive on 12/2/2020 and isolated in his room for 14 days, his birthday is 12/19 so I caved and spent combined the cost of the PS5 and fees 1025. 00 and I am left in the cold. Beware if you purchase off of Stock X they are nowhere to be found and I was charged. I am going to reach out to my credit card company to see if they can assist we will see

Stock X sells Manufacturer Defect shoes as 100% Mint DS
I ordered Anta's Klay Thompson East Bay Times shoes and I am furious over the condition of the shoe and response from support... Immediately when opening the shoes the left shoe is clearly scuffed where there should be black print newspaper ink style where writing exists in the body of the shoe... there is a glaring white spot created by a scuff. Instantly I wouldn't buy these anywhere because of that let alone pay more than face value. Then the other shoe has marks all over it no one would buy if Stockx saw it first before spending money... like tiny black scuffs from hitting shoes on steps. I immediately asked for a refund and sent pictures to the support email and I got a response that tells me these marks are MANUFACTURING defects! How do they know that? Did they see them before "verifying" and just toss them in a box ship them out? No REFUND No RETURN... Are you kidding me? You sell manufactured defective shoes and are ok with that? The shoes look worn and scuffed right in the front. These are major collectors items with 200 made and you say it's a mass manufacturing error? These can't be worn without the eyesore or displayed without anyone who sees it would be like..."cool shoes but what happened to them?"
Complete scam, unprofessional, lazy and flat out disrespectful. Greedy too. THEY WILL PASS MANUFACTURED DEFECT SHOES THAT LOOK WORN AS VERIFIED 100%DS... ABSOLUTE THEFT. No one would buy these anywhere with these marks no matter what for any price let alone over face value expecting mint unworn condition... furious over this joke of a company 285.00 out of pocket and not to mention the collectors box is ripped on both sides making it virtually not resellable anywhere which is A OK and the STOCK X WAY VERIFIED

Do Not Buy Your PS5 From Them!
I bought two PS5s from here. The first one was by mistake. I meant to buy the disc version and I purchased the digital by mistake. I looked up the information on returns and let me start out by saying Stockx do not accept returns at all. I figured that's fine it was my fault. The box came with no padding in it and a dent on the corner of the PS5 box. But being that the box the PS5 was in was a tight fit I figured it would be fine and it was. I checked it. I then purchased the right one. OMG! What a horrible mistake. The shipping box looked like Fed Ex was playing kick ball with it. The tape around the box looked like it had been removed and retaped. The box it came in was waaaay too big for the Ps5 and there was ABSOLUTELY NO PADDING IN THE BOX! The PS5 box was missing the green authenticity sticker, the PS5 box it's self was ripped in all places. I immediately took pictures and sent this to StockX. By the way everything is through email. They do not have a number to call for customer service. They pretty much told me that because the authenticity sticker was removed that there was nothing they could do! This was yesterday. I am so scared to test this thing out today because at this point they won't do anything about it so I just lost almost $900. Please do not purchase a PS5 from these people. I paid $875 for something that looks like I pulled it out of the dumpster.

Did get my money back after stockx cancelled my order
I tried to buy a par of Jordans but unfortunately after I paid the sneakers, I got a email telling me this: " Since the payment method(Ideal) you selected works through a third party, it takes longer to process and send to our ordering system. In that window of time, a new buyer was able to secure this same product for the original Ask price you ordered. Because of this, we were forced to cancel your order. You will be refunded within 24 hours". It was a little bit strange because after I refreshed the page I still got the same price for the jordans also till today its the same price. So, I waited 24 hours to pass by to get my money refunded but nothing. Besides I also could not find any more info on this matter or if someone has also experience this and actually got their money back. I tried to contact stockx customer service and after few days I got an reply and their were very helpful and understanding and ready to help. When also posting this review that I did not got my money stockx also contacted me via ReviewFeeder message to help. Thus to conclude eventhough I had experience cancelled order the way stockx handled it was amazing and this is why I would recommend then even after experiencing a cancel order because after all I received my money back in 7 days.

Sold me fakes - worst customer service
My complaint below: "response - you can resell them"

You mentioned that you look for two things -
1- The item is authentic, and
2- The item is in a condition that would be accepted at a retail location.

My complaint was that you either did not look for these two things during your inspection, or you did and still decided to authorize faulty and possibly fake pairs of shoes. I'm not sure which is worse, to be honest. Your negligence or your intentional manipulation.

The pair that I received does not meet either of these conditions. It definitely is not in a condition that would be accepted at a retail location, and for that reason, it's either not authentic or it is a faulty item with factory defects that would never be retailed. (photos attached)
The stitching on the back of one of the pairs doesn't align/intersect at the middle of the wave (W shape) which is by far the biggest red flag.
The stitchings are crooked.
There's glue residue all over the shoes.
The inserts are cardboard and not the original red plastic.
The font and text on the label on the box are unlike any other original box.
The label of the box should mention the colour of the shoes. It doesn't.
While I recognize that it's common for some of the sneakers to have manufacturing defects, the pair that received has all the defects in one, and then some. An item with ALL these defects (you call them defects, I call them fake) would never be retailed. A pair where the stitching isn't aligned with the middle of the shoe would just be considered a faulty pair and would warrant a refund at any retail store, so don't tell me that "the item is in a condition that would be accepted at a retail location". I'm neither blind nor stupid.

To say that I'm unsatisfied with my purchase is an understatement. I have been conned. And I refuse to participate in this pattern and enable thieves, by re-listing on StockX and selling it to someone else. That just makes it someone else's problem to deal with a fake and faulty pair, instead of the original seller taking responsibility for it.

You, StockX, as the enabler of this transaction, and as the authority who approved the authenticity of these sneakers should take responsibility for the faults in your process. YOU received a pair of shoes, looked at them, saw all the factory defects, saw the misalignments in stitching, saw the inauthentic labelling and thought to yourself that "oh my customer doesn't know any better, we'll just tell them our experts have approved it". By doing that, you enabled a fake sale. And now you're trying to continue the cycle by telling me that I should just list the shoes again. Seeing as you authenticated it once, you will do it again and make another poor customer suffer the consequences.

Instead, you should've done your job from the start, returned the pair, and called out the seller for trying to sell a fake and faulty item.

So please come back to me with another solution, that resembles an ounce of ethics and accountability on your side, as opposed to "please join us in this endless cycle of fooling people until someone falls for the trick, by re-listing the item on StockX, and help us profit from each sell, and re-sell, and re-sell and re-sell and..."

StockX is one of those businesses that are not legitimate nor honest. I ordered a Supreme cosmetic pouch. The shipping was $14 and was sent via UPS. The item never arrived though claimed delivery. It's a $60 pouch and I wasn't going to try to scam a business over 60 measly dollars by lying about not receiving it. Honest to God, contacting StockX and telling them your item didn't arrive will just lead you to a dead end. Stockx replied to me and said "please contact UPS". Living in NYC my whole life, I can guarantee a customer contacting their post office or UPS does nothing. StockX should be the ones responsible. They should've insured the package and also contact the carrier for the customer.

In a failed attempt, I contacted UPS and of course, they told me that StockX has to file the claim as they were the ones who created the shipping label and shipped the item out. Just like another reviewer said, StockX refused to help file a claim with the UPS. When contacting them again, they told me to file a police report. For a $60 item? Really? Conclusion: Don't order from StockX. They don't care about their customers. If you don't get your item, then it's automatically your problem and you basically waste your time and lose money. Complete joke as they refuse to take blame for anything. Also, judging from this scenario, they probably ship items out to customers without any insurance or signature required. No real business does that. They can't even cover their own asses but never want to admit they're wrong.

StockX is great with only one or two minor issues
I love stockx as a seller and as a buyer because it allows me to get the shoes I love and wear for I do not live in a big city and Stockx are not available to me. I can also find obscure shoes I love and am always looking for. These are the great things about being a buyer. StockX has also pretty much determined the aftermarket price of shoes which nearly everyone follows to some extent. As a seller it can be good and bad. Once you get food then you can make money but they tax the ever-loving-sh*t out of you so you have to account for that when you do business. You also have to account for the taxes as a buyer because you may win a bid for 200 but you end up basically paying 250 to get your package. This is the world we live in now and I have accepted it and I always try to find shoes for the cheapest price possible but when it comes down to it, stockx is reliable. People say tons of fakes get through and a lot of people have been ripped off but I have spent and sold over a combined 30k and all of my transactions were good. I wish StockX gave more money codes and had more perks for people that use the app and company all the time. They should be doing more in this area.

Rather take chances with EBAY
Purchased 2 Pairs of Jordans around the same time a Christmas Gift for my daughter and husband. Within 2 days the orders were a nightmare as Stockx were delayed with shipping. I got the items just in time before leaving out of town for the Holidays. I quickly checked them, wrapped them, and moved on. My daughter's shoes we fine, but when my husband returned out of town and we did Christmas with him, he noticed a severe defect in the stitching of the shoes causing the front to wrinkle... No big deal right? We will contact StockX and they will make this right since it was an oversight... WRONG. They are refusing to do what's right and state after 3 days I have to accept something that I did NOT pay for. It was NOT listed in the details there was a defect and their "inspections" OBVIOUSLY DO NOT protect the consumer... GREEDY, IMPRACTICAL business. They do not protect the buyer at all and have a ridiculous policy. All tags and everything STILL attached and they still deny me customer service. I will never make another purchase from them again.

I'd give less than 1 star if i could
I purchased a pair of yeezy boost 350 v2 a month ago. Not only have i still not received them, the status still shows the stockx is waiting to receive them from the seller. I have contacted stockx support several times via e-mail and it takes about a week for them to respond. The first response i got said that Stockx had a problem with the seller but the found a new seller and the shoes were on the way. Over a week later i contacted them again and they told me they had the shoes and they were being checked and should be sent out soon. It has been about 10 days since then and i still have no shoes. My order status still shows that the order is being shipped to stockx from the seller... I have reached out again but have not received a response. This is a terrible company. Pandemic or no pandemic, no other company i have dealt with is having an impact like this. I have purchased a few pairs in the past and each time it has gotten worse. They are not the same as they used to be. Time to move on.

Worse Experience Ever! FAKE SHOES ALERT
If I could give this company ZERO stars I would. On May 5,2020 the Air Jordan 1's Royal Toe dropped and Stockx were sold out before I could purchase them for my daughter. Due to Covid-19, my daughter has been stuck in the house since March and she hasn't been able play any sports or socialize with any of her friends. I wanted to get her these shoes for she can have something to look forward to. So, I decided to go on Stock X and make the purchase. I ordered on May 12th and received the order on May 18th. My daughter was home, of course, and she was excited to see that her package has arrived. She opened her package and saw that the NIKE SIGN (check mark) was receding from her shoe. She was so disappointed and so was I. I immediately try to get in contact with Stock X, but of course they are so fraudulent that they don't have an direct contact number. You have to contact them by email and who know's how long that would take before I'll receive an response. So, I went through my bank to dispute the transaction. And I sent their FAKE shoes back.

Extremely disappointed, this was my first experience with StockX and I had never heard great things prior but was desperate for the new console. Upon spending over $350 of retail price Stockx also charged $100 for shipping and had, in a statement on their site, that their shipping "is fast and reliable a 5-7 day guarantee" which I had hoped was true seeing that they charged me $100 for it.
However, weeks go by and I find out "oh sorry we didn't notify you but the original seller didn't send your console, we will get you another seller." After doing that I am now almost 30 days from the day I purchased and have no information, not on "my account" on their site nor from emails on the whereabouts of my console.

Just check reviews everyone. This is a scam. They claim they have "customer service" but I'm out close to a grand because I trusted a site that isn't legit and doesn't care as long as they have their money. Pandemic or not, other companies and businesses have notified their customers of shipping standards which I can empathize and be understanding of. However, There is no excuse for lying to your customers and over charging for services you cannot follow through on.

I really wish I never bought here.
Can't cancel your order, doesn't matter the situation. Extra fees. Product to deliver 14-30+ days. Out of all the 5 legit websites that sells stuff online other than Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Best Buy. StockX is probably the last place you want to visit if EVERY store shut down. Your paying double the price of one item and will receive it within 14-30 business days and get the wrong item. Welcome to StockX.

If your looking for authenticity this is your website, but your waiting for a good 20 days of delivery. Along with being unable to cancel any order purchased, cannot contact seller, and Stockx sell products that are not even out yet. For example, scalpers that are selling PS5 consoles double or triple the price $900-$1,500 USD. The company or website gives the seller a good 7 days before a deadline fee. So during those 20 days wasted of your life waiting, you could of bought it somewhere else. The website doesn't notify or have good features to explain much about them. Which frustrates many new people that are in rush like I.

Not trustworthy
I ordered a pair of Jordan 1 low Shattered Backboard Sneakers that were advertised as new. Upon opening the box, it was apparent that Stockx were not new. The soles showed dirt on the bottoms and the sides showed slight scuffing. There was also slight scuffing in the area around the ankles. They were either extremely shop worn or worn at least once. Since these were a Christmas gift for my daughter, I showed her the shoes later that day and she did not want to keep used shoes. The same day they were received, I took the numerous photos required for the return, including photos of the tag that they attach, still attached to the shoe, and through emails the return was approved. Now the company is claiming that the tag was tampered with (removed), so the return is denied. If the tag was tampered with, it was by StockX after receiving the return to have a reason to return them. There wasn't even time to have worn the shoes. I ordered from this company before, without any problems, but now I will not order again because this is how the handle a problem. The tags seem to be a nice scam to deny returns. Even though I have photos showing it was attached, there is no way to prove it was that way when shipped. I am currently debating filing a complaint with the BBB to warn others.

My advice is research, research before you buy! You will get them cheaper and from more reputable de
Just came across this site and the browser warned me the site had been hacked in the past. I can live with that I thought as it happens to bigger companies. Started seeing the reviews of the trainers being shipped with toe creases and was worried. I have just received my brand new paid of Jordan 4 What The which I paid around £220 for and Stockx have BAD toe creases. They look worn or second hand. I collect Jordan 4's and currently own 3 pairs before these were received. I have photos that show the 2 which are brand new are totally smooth on the toes so these trainers are definitely either second hand, used or fake. I have just contacted them via online chat and they have opened a case which I will hear about in 48 hours. Based on the other reviews I do not have much hope of a satisfactory outcome. My advice is research, research before you buy! You will get them cheaper and from more reputable dealers. Do Not Use. I'm gutted I had to write this review as I was hoping the others were from people with agendas and I would be one of the few to give them a decent rating. Unfortunately based on the rubbish they have shipped me, i cannot in good faith do that,

Ordered Yeezy's from this site in the hopes of expecting my package to be delivered to ME safely. However, I was very very disappointed.
It turns out that my package was delivered to a different address by UPS, not the address I provided. I contacted Stock X to let them know that my package was not delivered to me and instead of helping me come to a solution/ providing some form of reimbursement, I was told to file a police report or contact UPS, but other than that there was nothing Stockx could do on their part. I contacted UPS, but they told me there was nothing they could do and to contact Stock X. I then contacted Stock X once more, and once again they didn't offer any solution. I am in complete distress as I spent over $400 dollars for a package that was not delivered to me. What is even more upsetting is Stock X's unwillingness to help. Do not trust this company, they lure you in with promises of making a safe transaction, but in reality these are just fabricated lies.

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