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Steve Madden Liars and thieves
I ordered a pair of shoes paid for two day delivery didn't receive them in two days contacted via email was told there was a slight delay then I was told the next day that Steve Madden were being shipped received the tracking number tracking number said they will be here on Monday Monday came they did not show up went back to FedEx FedEx said that they had not received the package yet and now it is day four which is actually a complete week from the first day that I ordered the shoes I've emailed five times called more than five times now when I call it tells me the system is down till Monday and today is Tuesday. I have no shoes and no refund. I will file a small claims court before I let anybody steal $104 from me. Order SMUS#3521912. This is so low budget

Terrible Customer Service
I ordered the khloe shoe in November Steve Madden came and was way to small I then took them back to the cross county location in Yonkers, NY they was supposed to send me a bigger size for me not to receive them I called the customer service # who advised that I have to go back to the store which I don't know why when I originally brought online any how I go back to the store who then tells me oh it says delivered I advised I never received them I now want my money back they said Oh we have to give your store credit because the rep who returned them didn't give an option to put back on your card. After I had to settle to get a store credit the employee said next time you need to come back sooner because this was from Dec 7th which I had to advise I work a great deal of hours what's why I order online I shouldn't have to go through the hassle to only end up with a store credit that I don't freaking want just a disappointment

Received my order a couple of days ago from
Received my order a couple of days ago from and the ankle boots are fab. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 only because Steve Madden don't offer more shipping options. They don't offer USPS shipping, only FedEx or UPS... which we all know charge insanely high brokerage fees. To my surprise, I only had to pay FedEx $19.74cad in fees this time. The last time I had shoes sent to me via FedEx from, I had to fork out over $80cad. So the fees were actually decent this time around. And the Customer Service Department was extremely helpful, fast & prompt in assisting me with the revision of my order in a different shoe size. Ordering from during their 25% off Friends & Family sale saved me $50 compared to if I had purchased them for full retail price locally at the mall. :)

Terrible Return Policy
I order 2 pair of shoes while in the store to be delivered to my home. Shoes were delivered ill fit. On 2 occasions I attempted to take them back to the location. Store was close dispite the mall being open. I called the corporate office and asked for corporate to send a return shipping label. Corporate said Steve Madden couldn't help me although they could pull purchase up on their computer. It appears that Steve Madden makes it really difficult to return shoes during the pandemic. Not like many other businesses who've gotten the whole seamless return policy worked out during this difficult time. Such a disappointment.

I ordered some shoes on sept 24, and on the website Steve Madden showed back ordered until oct 8 which was fine, here it is October 24, I've sent an email to them after the 16th about how I ordered these shoes, I DID NOT GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, NOTHING. They emailed me back the next day apologizing for the miscommunication and told me they'd email me once my shoes ship. NOTHING STILL. I WOULD UNDERSTAND THINGS BECAUSE BACK ORDERED BUT IF ITS PASSES THE EXPECTED THEM YOU PUT ON YOUR WEBSITE DONT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE CUSTOMER AND PROVIDE THEM WITH THAT INFORMATION. I called into their call center today and asked to cancel my order, the customer service agent didn't ask why and didn't apologize for the inconvenience. I then went on the ask why no email and why she didn't even attempt to give me an explanation, she gave me some sad excuse about covid and then being manufactured in China and how it was delayed. Girl just refund me my money, covid can't be an excuse sorry but waiting a month on something and didn't even get an apology. I'll never buy from their online website again, might not ever stop with Steve Madden again.

Customer Service
I placed an order over a month ago! Did not receive my order and no contact what so ever from company informing me Steve Madden were in search of my size lol why would you let me choose my size when ordering and then after a month say you dont have them available?
That's just the beginning to this nightmare!
No one answers the phones ever
No one replied to my live chat message...
No one replied to emails only after 2 weeks?
Last but not least they took all the money from my bank account AFTER SAYING THEY WOULD CANCEL MY ORDER? AND REFUND ME?

Wish I read these reviews before ordering
Alright I am going to begin to say that everyone here was right about their customer service, it's absolutely shameful. I attempted to order the Jillian booties in the "available" size 5.5. The order process went fine and normal like expected, this was sept 7th 2020. Today sept 10th I decided to look at my order status, only to find it says "unfulfilled". That confused me a lot, and I then became very worried because I felt I was about to go through what everyone here experienced. I contacted the customer service number and I did get through to someone, however it sounded like the girl didn't care at all. She told me that my order is out of stock ( Which should've been updated on their website!) and that I should expect a cancelation email along with a refund whenever it comes. I got scared that I was going to lose my $158.18! None of this sounded right to me, so I decided to email someone instead, which wasn't bad. The response time was moderate, the approach was decent. However I was told something completely different there. The person over email said that my item will arrive soon, and that I will get a notification for when it ships. Now I've been told 2 different situations in regards to my order. So I decided to take it to the live chat online to see if I can talk with someone who could help me. And for that, I have got to say bravo to the live chat customer support... the worst service I have ever experienced in my life. I stated briefly my concern, along my order number, and waited 10 minutes for someone to connect to the chat, I had to write a second message to get Dana to assist me. She opens with her opening lines. I begin explaining my situation, and nothing. No response, no nothing. Completely ignored. I wrote 3-4 messages explaining my situation, and she responds to me after 30 minutes of waiting. SAYING THIS "WE ARE SORRY, YOUR ORDER IS UNFULFILLED" YES DANA I KNOW IT IS! NO ONE TRIED TO EXPLAIN WHAT UNFUFILLED MEANT. All I wanted to know was whether I should expect my package or not. No one was able to help me. So finally, I call the call centre customer support and ask the woman to just cancel my order. I literally wrote 2000+ characters to share my horrific story that is Steven madden. Never will make that mistake again. Wow. Below I will share a screenshot of being left with no response for 15 minutes. -100/10 is my rating of Steve Madden, and their "customer support".

I preordered the Patrina Black Multi sandal on May 3,2021. I received an email on from Steve Madden on June 4,2021 stating that my order had been shipped. It is now June 23,2021 and I still don't have my SHOES!

Today I contacted customer service and the first representative tried to tell me that Fedex lost my shoes. When I search the fedex tracking number provided on fedex website there is no evidence that fedex EVER received the package. Since the first representative could not provide me with a viable explanation I escalated to a supervisor.

Supervisor Robin got on the phone and told me the warehouse confirmed the package was turned over to fedex on June 4th. I explained that was highly unlikely as fedex drivers scan packages as soon as Steve Madden are picked up. Fedex has no evidence of the package being released to them. The warehouse is simply giving misinformation. They never shipped my shoes.

Supervisor Robin said that she will check other facilities to see if they have the shoe. I am not too confident of this because I searched your website and there is no availability of the shoe in my size; size 8. At this very moment it appears that I am not going to get my shoes and I'M PISSED OFF! I really wanted those shoes. All supervisor Robin could offer me for my pain and suffering is a 30% and I WANT MY SHOES!

Signed a very pissed off long standing customer

Worst customer service and merchandise ever.
Do not buy Steve Madden wallets, purses etc. The material Steve Madden use is cheap cheap cheap. When I tried to contact the customer service department, I got the run around when I showed them what was happening to a never used wallet. See photos and note this has NEVER been used. They did not stand behind their product and sent me in a million different directions. Pls save yourself time and aggravation. Do not deal with customer service and the only way to do that is by not buying their cheap stuff.

Perfect Shoes
Firstly I brought a Pair of Steve Madden slip on Trainers for around £70 from John Lewis and not
Online Steve Madden are cheaper but there is NO SHIPPING OPTIONS TO THE UK, which is a real disappointment as they can be brought for less. (This is why one star has been deducted.)
The shoes feel heavy and good quality, at first they were really stiff and hard to break into which was annoying.
They are a more stylish version of "normal" trainers which I love.
Overall I am really pleased with them and they are comfortable and appear to be hard wearing and are OK for the money but better value online.
The shoes overall are perfect, highly recommend the brand.

Charged, slow shipping, or no shipping
I ordered a purse from them. It was backorder. Finally shipped 3 months later, label Generated, no purse. Contacted them, no response. Finally contacted FedEx who told me to have them reach out to submit a claim. Steve Madden offered to reorder, but on back order again. So ordered in December, got lost in March, reordered in April, still haven't received it. Now ordered a pair of shoes on June 3rd, card charged, still hasn't shipped. It's the 15th. If I ever get this order, or the purse, will never order again. My bad I guess. All these reviews say the same thing. They are clearly advertising items that they have no way to fulfill. Counting on the people that won't challenge them or fight back for free money.

Sold used shoes in store
I purchased some shoes from the Atlanta Lenox mall store. I didn't realize Steve Madden were used at the bottom until I got back to my hotel room. I tried to return the next morning, manager said that she didn't sell me used shoes. That's a lie! I never walked outside with these shoes. I only tried them on in their store on their not so clean floor. Imagine how many previous customers did the same thing. I called corporate. They're a joke. They wouldn't refund me either. They instead offered me a coupon! Ha! I'm not putting anymore money in this company! Now I feel like they're calling me a liar. This was my first time purchasing Steve Madden shoes and will be my last. They customer service is mediocre. Seems to me they don't care about losing potential returning customers.

Cancelled My Order Twice and Provided No Refund
I am never shopping here again. I've given them two tries over the course of the last 4 months. Each time, I ordered a pair of shoes and waited over a month before I was informed that the shoe was out of stock and my order was cancelled. The first time, I could understand, the product was out of stock before I placed my order, and my charge was removed from my credit card. In the second instance, I place my order in the beginning of June, was informed in the beginning of July that my order (for the exact same pair of shoes) was cancelled due to it being out of stock and that I was never charged. I reached out to customer service inquiring about the charge that still remains on my credit card balance, and received a generic automated response denying that I was ever charged. Steve Madden need to manage their online site such that this isn't a regular occurrence, and not make their customers wait over a month before receiving a cancellation.

Horrible service
I ordered a purse that was supposed to be shipped. When I look online it states order unfulfilled. I have emailed with no response. I called and I have been on hold for almost an hour with no one picking up. I am currently on hold now. It's been 50min.and all of a sudden it hangs up. Steve Madden give an option to do live chat however it's not working either. They are terrible. I expect this from a small retailer however who would have thought an established company would have such terrible service. I will never buy from them again. I will posting about this on all of my social media and I plan to let everyone know who will listen that Steve Madden is not the place to order from. I looking into how to cancel the order. I'm afraid it will never arrive after reading all the problems other customers have had. If something isn't done soon I will also contact BBB.

Will NEVER ORDER from STEVE MADDEN/ update 6/15/21
I purchased 2 pairs of sandals. 1.on may 2,2021 with order#3185695 and 2. Pair on may 4,2021 with order #3197993. The shoes were back ordered and I was okay with that even though with back order I should've had the shoes already. Problem the shoes sent shipped email on may29,2021. And after a week of sitting only pair1 has been in transit, still have yet to receive. Pair 2 has been sitting since may 28,2021 with only a shipping label created, no movement what so ever. STEVE MADDEN CHAT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AND YOU CANNOT GET ANYONE ON THE LINE AS I HAVE TRIED MANY TIMES. By the time I get the shoes summer will be gone. I paid for 2 pairs of shoes, and I don't have no shoes. I will soon have to contact my bank as there seem to be no resolution for receiving my items from Steve Madden. Horrible experience, horrible service and customer service.
Update: 6/15/21 after leaving review, customer service reached out to me and was more than helpful. I have since received 1 pair of the sandals and the other pair is now in transit. Very helpful after getting in contact with them. I'm pleased.

Wrong shoes, wrong size, 0 customer service
I ordered a pair of sandals well over a month ago. Imagine my surprise when I finally get a PARTIAL shipment that the sandals inside are not only completely the wrong style Steve Madden are a size 5.5 and I'm a size 8. Upon receipt I immediately emailed the company pictures, my order number and complaint. No response. Emailed again, twice. Called multiple times. Utilized their chat option online, no response. Don't waist your time or money unless you want to be completely disappointed. Oh and still no word on the rest of my order.

Worst customer service
If I could give them 0 stars, I would. I placed an order on Jun 8th, received tracking numbers on June 9th. Steve Madden charged my CC almost immediately. However, FedEx never received the package. It is June 17th, and I have not gotten any updates as to where my order is, I am unable to reach them by phone and was pretty much on hold for 3 hours before I decided to give up. They don't respond to emails, their live chat is down, how do they expect us to get a hold of them. There is even no way to cancel orders on their website.
My recommendation: NEVER BUY DIRECTLY FROM STEVE MADDEN! IT'S AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR ORDER! If you do happen to order and see these reviews after, call your credit card company and dispute the claim since you will probably never receive your order. They don't deserve our money!

Update to my awful experience
Steven Madden customer service contacted me on here and I was finally able to talk to them about my order. Steve Madden stated that Canada Post was the reason for the delay because they are taking limited orders for delivery. However, I just got an email (June 11,2020) stating that they do not have the shoes that I ordered in stock! And in that email Steve Madden said that they were refunding my credit card for the purchase and then another email was sent a couple minutes later from Steve Madden stating that my card was never charged... We will see how this goes and if I actually get my refund. Worst experience ever and still won't be ordering from them again.

Is this really happening in 2020?
During this pandemic I have bought several things. Some from Amazon others things from Walmart, Macy's, Kohl's, and Target. I've been looking for a clear/transparent heel and I continued to be recommended to Steve Madden. In doing so I noticed Steve Madden had a 60% off sale. I was ecstatic! As anyone could imagine! I decided to purchase the Classify Clear in a size 9. As it stated it was available. 6 days later I noticed that I was getting two emails a day from SM but not an email stating my order was shipped. I proceeded to call SM. The representative proceeded to tell me the system is trying to locate the item in one of their warehouses. I then proceeded to ask, "It takes the computer system more than 6 days to locate an available item in a warehouse?" That tells me right there that SM is totally unprofessional! You all had a huge sale! Yet you don't have the capacity nor the technology to fill the orders? That's so disappointing and terrible business ethics! Needless to say, the representative said if the system can locate the item it will send it. If not then they will refund me. If the item was NOT available it shouldn't have been listed as available. I recently made a purchase from Target. After putting in my card information and selecting next to pay it kicked it back out and stated the item was no longer available. They didn't waste my time not did they take money! You all make plenty of money from your consumers. I looked up the net worth of the owner himself. Please get rid of the antiquated system that you're using and replace it with a system that is up to date and professional. You are turning customers away. If my order is canceled I will proceed to write my review on all Social Media Platforms.

I probably won't be buying again.
I ordered my shoes on 6/27/2021 and Steve Madden came on 7/8/2021. They stayed in CA for that entire duration and it was supposed to arrive way earlier. When I sent a concerned email, they sent back an automated email saying that basically it will get here when it gets here. I was very displeased with that. Once they actually got here, they were too small and I sent them back for a size exchange the same exact day. It is now July 14th, and I have not even received a tracking number on my exchange. I have tried to call twice and I have not gotten to a real person YET. They advertise this "Live Chat" option and there isn't even a real live chat. I am very dissatisfied and I do not recommend it. The shoes are at least cute and do not feel cheap.

Pretty design, cheap shoes
Steve Madden has very beautifully styled shoes, however, on 2 separate occasions i purchased $100+ high heeled sandals in my usual size which is 9. When I got home and and tried on the sandals I realized Steve Madden were too small. When I went to return both sandals, the store associates would not allow me to exchange my shoes due to it being "worn". Mind you, I only walked around my house to test the comfortability of the shoe. Never did I walk outside in the pavement but the soles of the shoes are so cheaply made with low quality material that a small amount of friction will dent the shoe and make it look like it had been worn a few times. I lost $250 on both these sandals that I won't even be able to wear. Ladies, their high heels run small so remember to go up 1 size and a half. Other than that just be careful choosing your size. It's a waste of money.

Never RECIEVE my shoes.
It seems like this website average star is a one star and I'm not surprise. "Signature was not require" seem really fishy to me. I was suppose to receive my shoes April 26th, when I order it in the beginning of march. On April 27th, I message them asking where my shoes was. Steve Madden told me it's delay until April 30th. I said ok no big deal, after April 30th my shoes Never came, I message them AGAIN and was told my NEW date that my shoes will come is June 30. The next few days I got a weird sense about this website and check the website of the official page again... I notice that if I was to buy the same shoes today, it will be shipped to me on May 30... Um... That's awfully weird. So I send them a email asking how come if I order my shoes in March, my shoe will come on June 30 but if I order my shoes today (May, 4,2021) I can receive it in may 30? The women or man dodged my question and said " we can ship you the shoes on May 30 instead of the June 30. Turns out, my shoes was "suppose" to be dleiever may 10 but today is may 11 and FEDEX said it's been delivered. This website is so fishy. Going to put this review up so my friends can see! This is fake, took my money!

The shoes was never deliver to my house.

Never will order from them again
I placed an order on 061320 which is a Saturday and i understood that it would be processed on a Monday, as of today my bank account is saying that my transaction is still pending, I know that I placed this order because I setup an account with them, I went back to check my order history and it said no transactions have been made, but my account is saying that payment is pending. I've tried contacting them through email, calling and no one is trying to help me. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER, and like I told the lady either yall gone send me my shoes or cancel my order or else I'm taking it to the next level with my lawyer. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I feel like this is fraud. I really need those shoe because my Anniversary is next friday.

Poor management and service from Steve madden gateway
Poor management at Steve madden gateway store

The only way to describe the service and management *******@stevemaddensa gateway store. Extremely disappointed with the type of people managing the store. Bought shoes on sat the next day I wore them and my feet were cut and blistered I even took of my shoes and showed my feet to the manager Valerie who isn't even capable of running the store. She with held my shoes saying she would get back to me on Sunday. Today is Monday I had no response from her I called the store 5 times for an update apparently its her day off. I spoke to an assistant manager Logan who couldn't assist me in any way saying its not his problem he doesn't know what to do. 4 hours later still waiting 4 his call back. Now he's on break. My shoes are being with held illegally firstly since I paid for those shoes I dont live in the area and I explained that to Valerie so how are Steve Madden planning on giving me back my shoes so thats theft. I *******@stevemaddensa needs to find better managers for their stores to maintain their elite brand because these people aren't able to even manage a store and will instead lose customers this way. Extremely disappointed with the service and will never shop there again! The worse part was the service and it seems that these people's have no ability to manage the store or train staff

2021 Worst Company and Customer's Service
First let me preface this complaint and review by saying, I had no idea that Steve Madden had such a poor reputation until seeing their low rating on this site. So my complaint Steve Madden should be used to!
I will never again purchase items from this company. Not only did they send me a damaged and flawed boot; which they were fully aware of when they sent it to their customer, but their communication, and customer's service skills is absolutely horrible!
First of all, upon opening the box of boots(which I purchased two pair), the boxes presentation with the damaged boot was a bit suspicious. The boot that was not damaged was placed inside protective plastic. The boot that was damaged with black ink spots, was NOT in a protective plastic, and simply just thrown carelessly in the box. I thought that was strange in the beginning. Once I pulled the one boot out of the box, I immediately saw that there were black ink spots on the boot- but you see, because the boot is patterned, this company figured that their customer would NOT notice the flaw, and decided to send the damaged boot to their customer anyway. I noticed IMMEDIATELY.
I immediately contacted them. They gave me the run-around. They then stated that the boot was no longer available. They offered to take off 20% of a boot with obvious block ink spots on it. For almost two weeks I have been back and forth with this so-called business. There was a new employee responding to my emails each time. I always end my emails with "Mrs."- and they continued to address me by my first name, EVEN after I requested that they honor my request, and exhibit a professional behavior, other than the casual, laid-back, and nonchalant attitude that they were projecting.
I then agreed to have a replacement boot sent, however, they requested that they receive the damaged boots first, and that if I went over the "15 days"(keep in mind during a pandemic, and the holidays; which could prolong the shipping process) that they allowed to return the item, they would charge me for another pair of boots. Ridiculous! I then told them to just apply the discount instead. The very next day I received an email that I had purchased ANOTHER PAIR of boots from them! I had NOT. Keep in mind they said that the boots were no longer in stock, and that I would have to wait until January 11th, in order for a possible replacement. Now, if I had known that they were actually going to have sense and send the replacement boots in a timely manner(1 day later than our communication, instead of January 11th), I would have decided on the replacement boots without a doubt. I then emailed them and informed them of their mistake, and from there it went even more downhill. They presented as confused, unprofessional, and hard up for a pair of boots which were on sale.
They had preferred to lose a customer, than to send the boots beforehand, and perhaps take a loss. I informed them of this too.
The worst company of 2021!
Do not purchase your shoes from Steve Madden. The business SHOULD be closed down; expeditiously.

Ordered in the beginning of June
I ordered a gift for a friend in the beginning of June (June 1st) thinking it would be shipped and at my house by the end of June. WRONG. My sister ordered 5 days after me and received her items right away.
Whats the hold up? I understand Steve Madden could be a bit backed up but there is no reason why my items couldn't have been shipped already. They told me its in stock. I also ordered face masks without knowing they are special order which they don't have that on their website. I've emailed and called and all they can say is they are doing their best. Great. I'm glad you guys are doing you're best, but clearly you're best sucks. So annoyed that I can't even cancel my order since it won't be here in time. Thanks steve madden. Never ordering again!

Only giving one star cause the shoes are cute.
Steve Madden keep deleting my reviews on their page.

I was excited to get these sandals as they are really cute and im going on vacation this weekend. Upon reading the comments, i ordered a size up. I usually wear a 7 in Steve Madden so I ordered a 7.5. Unfortunately they were still WAY TO SMALL. They fit like a 6 / 6.5. After emailing customer service, i was basically told because i got them on sale for $65 that i was not able to return them or exchange them for a bigger size. $65 is NOT CHEAP.
So i then called customer service & waited on the line for 40 minutes, still not getting to speak to anyone.

I dont think its fair that im getting ripped out of $65 for sandals their sizing department clearly labeled wrong. This is terrible customer service. Ive never had issues with Steve Madden before, but after this experience they will not see another dollar out of me.

Customer service is very LACK OF & they clearly dont care about their customers. All i wanted was a pair that fit.

Attached is the shoes & another pair of sandals I ordered that are a 7. Those fit. The 7.5 are way to small.

Terrible customer service
I signed up for email notifications to receive the $10 off. When I went to order a pair of shoes it stated I could not use the $10. I wrote a complaint to customer service and was told that I could not use the $10 for the shoes however Steve Madden would give me 20% off. With the 20% off I then had to pay for shipping when it was free prior. This bothered me as with the shut down all stores are closed so we have no other choice but to buy online. In my opinion if the store is closed the shipping should be free. I decided to go ahead and order them anyways as I really liked them. Two weeks later I checked the status as I never received them and the order was canceled with no email follow up. I again wrote a complaint and was told that they were sold out. These shoes are still available on the website over two weeks later but apparently sold out I have unsubscribed and I will not be buying from this company.

This was my first time ordering shoes on the internet
This was my first time ordering shoes on the internet. I was greatly disappointed when I opened my package and found one shoe only! I had ordered two pairs but only 3 shoes. I called immediately and Steve Madden told me they would look for the missing shoe to send it to me only to tell me they could not find it. They would then send me a return label only until they received the shoe they would send the new shipment. That meant time spent on the phone, having to drop off at the post office and then wait again for the shoes. I decided then to return everything. They are now charging me the "handling fee" plus what I paid for shipping is done cost. I spoke with representative then manager and both were worthless and offered a 10% discount on my next online purchase for the inconvenience! Their email system is also reductant. They don't keep track of any of your previous emails and you need to repeat yourself countless times. Customer service is only available certain hours a day not like 24hrs for purchases. Once they got you instead of serving you better as a consumer they treat you like you're nothing. I will never shop on this site again! I hope you don't either! You will regret you ever did! Their shoes are not even that great! The dmv has better customer service than they do! Sincerely, Customer Service Is Everything.

Website does not update item availability in real time, but takes your order anyways
My Fiancé found her ideal wedding shoes at a local store, Steve Madden did not have her size so she ordered them from Steve Madden as the website said they were in stock, in her size. She received an email confirmation that her order was received, and when we checked her credit card, she was charged for the shoes. One week later we noticed she had not received an email indicating the order was shipped yet with a tracking order. We called SM customer service, which is outsourced to a European call center, to inquire. They informed us that the shoes were out of stock. I complained that their website showed them in stock at the time, we even had a screenshot. They said that they take the orders in the order they are submitted, so someone who ordered before us got the last pair in her size. They never gave us a satisfactory answer as to why their website can't update item availability in real time, or how they can justify taking money if the item is not in stock, and just leave you waiting without any updates about your order status. We requested to speak with a supervisor and were transferred to one, but got the same message and no satisfactory answer as to how a business can operate this way when the technology exists to track inventory and all the reputable businesses can do it. Furthermore, the shoes are available in the States but there is no mechanism to ship to Canada, where we are. They could do it but choose not to. She felt bad for us and offered a discount on some similar shoes that showed as available on the website. We took her up on the offer and she said she would have to wait until the next day to check with the warehouse to see if they were in stock, which just added insult to injury as they are 1)not the shoes my fiance wanted and 2) again the website says they are in stock! She did process the refund for the originally purchased shoes, and also processed the purchase of the new shoes but said we would have to wait until today to know if they were in stock. Her manager left voicemail that they are still waiting to hear from the warehouse if these shoes are in stock, the website says they are though. Will we get our wedding shoes or not? Either way, this is the last time we will order through SM and I will tell anyone not to bother ordering through SM as well.

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