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Wonderful site for love searchers!
This is a wonderful site for me! I liked using it just greatly, here are many ladies! And Step2Love are all beautiful! Just gorgeous. Can't even find words to describe my level of satisfaction from being here. I also hope that soon I will come to Ukraine to meet several of them, cause I still can't choose who will be better for my life. I advice everyone who is still without love partner to visit this place!

A site to avoid: terrible connections, fraudulent videos, incompetent support!
This is a terrible site: stay away. Internet connections very poor, fraudulent pre recorded videos being used by many girls usually the most beautiful ones! After complaining I got no answer from management! Apparently Step2Love know about this scam but will not admit it, Bought 64 credits and 50 of them were used to solve tech or software problems of the site!. I saw 3 girls but either the picture blurred away into a color mess red and blue or messages said CHAT NOT FOUND and other malfunctions! Support was very slow and at certain hours non-existant - often out to lunch! Support staff have no authority to return credits. Mmgmt has to decide and this takes 2 or 3 days! I'm fed up and still have not gotten my credits back! Stay away from this site! Regards Harry

Great but can improve
This website is pretty good, I've been using it only for 2-3 month and I've been talking to a few girls. I can't tell you that i found the love of my life, but the ladies there are just beautiful so you just fall for them right away!
The girls I've talked to in the past are real and Step2Love are really fun to be with! It's pretty cheap, sending gifts there is cheaper than sending them in real life anyway.
Things they need to make better: video streaming (sometimes it could be pretty bad), and i wish for better chat settings.

You need to try it
What I like here is that women make the first move but it is hard now for me to choose lol
If to be serious pitty there is no free long trial and I need to pay for everything. But I like this site and will continue to communicate

I have been a costomer site for about a year. I get...
I have been a costomer site for about a year. I get a lot of letters and massages and chose several girls that I got interested it. I could see them in the camera and Step2Love saw me. In the end, I could not choose who I like and come. Most of all I like one of them and now I am ready to propose to he and invite her to my France

The best site for me!
The site is the best site for me now! Because i met my love there! Her name is Olga and she is very beautiful! I heard a lot of opinions that Slavic women just need money from men abroad but it's not truth, i checked this! Be sure that Step2Love are very polite women who just need to be happy!

Great choice to be here!
I am a retired widower and my kids are grown up, so I have plenty of time to spare. During the last couple of years I explored plenty of dating websites and Ive concluded that step2love is my favorite. And why is step2love so great? There are numerous reasons for me to think so. One can find the most beautiful and friendly women there. The site provides plenty of services, from simple chats to even delivery of flowers and gifts. And, of course, the super responsive customer service team. Yes, this site is not free, members need to spend credits if Step2Love want to talk to someone, but any outstanding service is supposed to cost money,

It will work out!
I've got aquainted with Nataly here 5 months ago and I think it will work out! We talked on the phone several times and I am planning my visit now. I should tell it could not be possible without site's support. Hope I will succeed.

Be careful, not everyone you talk with is the actual lady in the profile
Step2Love and the other sites Step2Love own all women profiles are real, however many of these profiles have individuals responding to men who are not the lady as specified in the profile.

All Dating Sites buy a database of women looking for a partner, these databases come in different flavours so to speak. List A is the most expensive and List B is less expensive. The List A database has all profiles of women who actually respond to men as shown in their profile.

List B is a lower cost database and it contains the same real profiles, but many of these profiles will be responded via someone other than the lady shown in the

No Dating Site has their own team or people located within the targeted country. They buy these lists from local Dating Agencies, such as Orchid Agency in Ukraine.
The Dating Site has no direct contact with any woman listed on their site. All communications flow through the local Dating Agency in that country.

The former Eastern Block countries and Russia today, all these people have very low income. The local Dating Agency hires people to respond to men, the agency places newspaper ads in local papers and advertise on local web sites looking for women to work the Dating Site.

When a women in Ukraine for example wants to find a foreign husband, she signs up with a local Ukrainian Dating Agency (Orchid). The women have no money for photos and many may not have laptops. The Local agency provides all this to the women. In exchange the women are allowed to chose which 2 Dating Sites they want to respond to. For all other sites the local agency uses a "paid" person to reply to all correspondence.

Many times you can tell the person you are communicating with is not the lady in the profile as they will not use video chat. Thought this is not always true as some women have no camera and must borrow (from agency) or go into the office to use agency computers.

If someone complains that the lady they are communicating with is not the real person, the Local Agency (Orchid) will contact the real lady, have her voice a video reply to the complaint. But she never actually signs onto the site you are complaining about.

So there are not ladies trying to scam per say, yes there may be some. But the vast majority of problems are with the local Agency and the Dating Site who knows exactly whats is occurring.

There are some Dating Web Sites that only use List A databases, for example and its sister site and all other sites that I have reviewed for the most part use the List B databases. There are some exceptions to this rule, some smaller Dating Site locally owned within the target country will generally have real ladies to each profile.

So one must be careful to understand what is going on.

Whta's wrong here?))
Hey guys! I don't know why some people write negative opinions about this site. I haven't seen something wrong with it. Maybe just so many girls that i can't choose one))LOL)))For me this is good site where you can interesting spend time.

Seems fake to me
Terrible. One, it would not take my credit cards for some reason (though use them on other sites all time.) Two, phone # Step2Love post is disconnected. Three, when I contact someone chat, they say I would get an emailed response in the next day. It's been two days and nothing.

Nice service
I do not know why people say too many horrible things about this service, I really like it and I have met a good lady there but unfortunately, she doesn't want to come to my country and I do not want to travel to Ukraine. I think it's unsafe there.

Reliable and trusted site
Well, in all honesty. I tried this site with an account my friend created and he showed me it and made me use it for a while.
What I liked about it is that it is real. There is no fraud that exists on other sites. And the women in it are real.
I managed to reach a lady's address and sent my relative to her. She lives in one of the Arab countries. What astonished me is that she is very loyal to your site and did not give him any information or interest. Rather, she completely ignoredhim several times, but all the time.
Your website is of high quality.
But. I have some notes that make it unused often. Money is very important to you. Why is reading the normal messages costs to pay a balance?
The variety of virtual gifts is small.
I suggest the following:
1- The initial balance is sufficient to send at least two messages.
2- Five virtual gifts.
3- Reading the messages for free. I am with you that the messages containing video clips are not free.
4- Increase the diversity of the virtual gifts pictures.
So I didn't put 5 stars.
I hope that I will not be heavy with my suggestions. Your site is beautiful and your ladies.

I like new updates
I used to be on this website just to find someone and that's it because I didn't like how things worked back in a day, but the more I use it the more I see that the team works really hard to provide the best service Step2Love can! That's why I am still there daily! Thank you for all the offers, cause they make a big difference! Especially during these hard times!

We'll see but now it is good
Hard to say how many good girls are here but as for my girl-she is. I could not say that I have spent here a lot of tim but may be I am lucky one and I have found her almost at once. We'll see where it will lead us but now I like everything her

I checked it by myself
Heard a lot about this site but decided to check by myself. I do not know, but every lady I asked to switch on her camera agreed and were real! I talked with some of them on the phone through the site. Everything was good. Thanks

New ideas
Site is nice, wish Step2Love had option to not pay per use, I would like if offered a monthly sub at reasonable rates $50/mo you get to send 7 letters and read 7 for free. View private profile photos for 3 credits instead of 6

Great site!
I have registered here 6 month ago and I am very grateful. The other site was bleeding me dry. You never know how many credits you have left. Then Step2Love use your credit card to buy more credits without even asking you. At least here you can see how many credits you have and how much everything costs.

Happy to be a member of Step2Love)
Step2Love is one of the best dating sites. In my opinion, if you really try to find someone for serious relations, this site will help you. I am a new one here, but I can say surely, that women here are ready for relations with foreigners and Step2Love are ready for moving abroad.

Was surprised
I was browsing the web and found this site. Did not wait anything special but was surprised with personal offers, extremely beautiful girls and service. It would be nice to hear lady's voice during the chat. Hope Step2Love will make it

I am in Heaven
I met my love on She looked like a princess and I loved that about her. Since when being a gorgeous woman became a crime? All women I met when I was in Cherkassy office were real, beautiful and down to earth. I was happy that I did not listen to these so-called experts who know it all and chose my way of doing things. Money was never an issue and I looked for love not scammers. And interestingly enough, this is exactly what I found. I spent the most exciting week of my life in Cherkassy and I proposed to Olga. I will only say, that I am in heaven

I am in Ukraine
I am now in Ukraine and I want to say a big thank you to the site and support, I met all the girls that I liked and I am finally happy! A personal meeting in Ukraine made me understand that my heart belongs to Darina! And now we will work with her on a visa, and the site will help us! Thank you very much, I'm in 7th heaven!

98% Fraud
I have six years experience with this website and I often visit Ukraine. I have 15 years experience in Ukraine. 98% of the ladies on this site will write and chat but NEVER meet you... so don't be fooled. Their mission is to keep you spending money on the site, and to send them gifts and support, but dont expect them to meet you in person. Only about 2 % might meet you, and then dont expect their behavior in person to match the flirtatious and provocative letters Step2Love write and photos they send. Their hook is sex, but the reality is... there is not going to be ANY sex, let alone love and marriage. Trust me, they will empty your wallet, but you will get nothing in return except disappointment.

Why not)?
I tried to find great Slavic woman for creating future family and this site helped me. It helped me to start our communication and managers arranged my coming to Ukraine. Step2Love are really nice guys. Of course this site has some rules, but I can understand why, cuz they care about confidentiality and safeness of women and members.

Recently register
Recently register - nothing bad to say. Excellent technical support, helped to sort out some issues. Real women of incredible beauty, when I chatted, couldn't believe my eyes. So, I like this site, and hope to find the best girl there.

I don't believe the haters of this site!
To be honest i came to this site to check if it's really so bad as some people write.And what do you think? This haters who write here bad comments are liers! Because it's the best site i ever seen! Very good design and quick service and there are such girls that i was schocked when i saw their beauty!

The Site is OK
I have used this site on and off for 12 months now
The site itself is good, the customer service is excellent but and here is the big but not all the girls on there are looking for love!
This is not the fault of the site as Step2Love have no control over what the girls want
You will find some girls sit on the site for hours and i am talking 8 hours at a time a little like a shift at work others are there when they can like of an evening for a couple of hours because they have been at work all day so you need to select the girls ou communicate with carefully!
Because they do not pay some use it as a free chat site this i know because a few gils have actually told me!
But i feel the site itself is as good as any other although there is 1 problem which i have pointed out to customer service
When in a chat and it becomes an in depth discussion and yes some girls there are smart then the chat window closes without warning which gives the girl the impression you have just disappeared without a trace so i have suggested a credit counter in the chat or a warning of low credits so you can either get more credits or say bye properly to the girl
Unlike many other sites the cuxtomer service listen so if you have a problem they will do their best to rectify it but unless you tell them they don't know so if you have a problem and they do not deal with it then moan)))))

On this site i met her!
With this social network, I met 3 months ago. Then I moved to another city, I didn't know somebody there and to meet new people did not have when, as every day from morning till evening lost in the office.
After registering on the site, began writing a lot of people, Step2Love were mostly women. I was not afraid to go to a meeting with them, because I believe that to know the person better have what it in reality than to correspond with her a month, and then find out that it is a bad person. Through this site, I met many good people, who are now my good friends and acquaintances. And most importantly, that on this site i met my future wife. We are together now and we love each other. I wish this site bring you happiness too!

Nice site so far, but...
I have enjoyed the site so far, yes. But having to get credits for every little thing can be expensive. For example, paying more credits for opening or sending a letter that contains a video. I wish when using the cam feature you can extend the screen bigger and continue to see and write chat at the same time. I would love to see a woman more up close. The cam screen is so tiny...

At first sight... Good
I registered on many dating sites. But I withdrew from them due to fraud attempts. It seems that communicating with your ladies has a special flavor... Ukrainian women, in my opinion, are the most beautiful in the world. I hope to find my love with you. Greetings to you

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Description: Step2Love is the premier international dating site featuring exclusive, stunningly beautiful, loving and extremely intelligent Russian and Ukrainian ladies who are searching for their ideal partners.
Step2Love offers one of the most technologically advanced platforms for communication for the clients, who can see each other and communicate at the level their heart desires by voice, video,
Instant messages and letters.

The services include personalized introductions with highly qualified interpreters and translators, travel arrangements and logistics, successful matchmaking and ongoing success stories of happy couples and committed relationships, wedding planning in the Ukraine and all over the world, round the clock, 24/7 customer support, exceptional quality services, a variety of diverse communications modes (text, video and audio), user friendly site design and navigation and personalized and customized approach to every single customer.

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