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There has been a month since I ordered my daughters and my glasses. I told them to ship glasses to my home. 2weeks later i received one of my pairs. Frames were correct but I couldn't see through lens. BY THE WAY I HAVE CALLED THE STORE NUMEROUS TIMES TO GET NO ANSWER) A week later my other pair came in. Wrong frames, correct lens. We were told to expect our glasses to arrive on 08/04/2020. As of today my daughters glasses has NOT arrived. I tracked her order and Stanton Optical are shipping her glasses to store. Why did I PAY FOR SHIPPING IF I WILL HAVE TO GO GET HER GLASSES AT THE STORE. TODAY, 08/20/2020 I WILL CALL YET AGAIN PROBABLY TO GET NO ANSWER AND NO HELP. I RATE STANTON OPTICAL A NEAGATIVE 10

Scheduled an appointment in the Waco store for the $129 special. That has a free eye exam, 2 boxes of contacts, a bottle of Saline, a contact class and a $50 certificate toward glasses, which is on their website. I told the girl at the front which she knew nothing about. She asked another associate which she knew nothing. I told her to check the website. Finally, the last assoc. Said that Stanton Optical would not honor that special. I drove 30 miles to get to Waco for NOTHING!
Then, I called the 1-800 number to let them know about my disappointment. I told the representative, who didn't understand why they did that take the $129 offer. He then, left me on hold for over 10 mins!
DO NOT BOTHER! If I would had read reviews on this company, I would not have wasted my time!

Sour turned sweet
I contacted Stanton Optical to make sure Stanton Optical would take my vision insurance. I was connected with a corporate representative. The friendly nature and the information provided was impressive. I was assured that my vision insurance would be taken without restrictions... and, in fact I was advised that any other vision insurance I had would be honored also. I was happy, schedule an appointment, and looked forward to my upcoming visit.
On the day of the appointment my wife and I drove 65 miles to the Stanton office in Tallahassee. I checked in... or at least started doing so. The young man who was assisting me was just simply outstanding... but had to inform me that my insurance would not be honored as I had been informed. I ended my registration promptly, upset at being told a lie by corporate. As I was leaving, thoroughly disgusted, the nice fellow asked me if I would talk with the manager. Agreeing, welcoming the opportunity to do so as I had some things to share with the manager. The manager, Drew Miller, soon appeared and asked me to move to a more private section of the open area, which I did. He asked if he could help. I proceeded to explain my reasons for being upset. He listened with the patience of a saint. After I had made my introductory statements, Mr. Miller, asked me if I would give him an opportunity to make it right, which I was certainly willing to do, especially with his refreshing approach. He worked with me from a standpoint of respecting my situation and with a convincing manner that he was sincere. My frustration was replaced with a renewal of faith in the fact that good and honest people are still around and being thankful that I had found two of them while dealing with a very disappointing and upsetting discovery after I had attempted to get all the information needed before making an appointment. These two representatives are wonderful representatives of a corporation that has a flaw in the initial process for one to secure their services. That flaw represents dishonesty, intended or not. My suggestion is to have corporate meet with Mr. Drew Miller and ask him what corporate could do to improve their appointment process. He turned a really distasteful situation into a most pleasant experience that has earned my return business.

Stanton Optical Milwaukee, WI If the price seems to good there is a reason
Tempted by their ads I should have read other reviews on the web. Their eye exam is done remotely by who knows who or where and typical yes/no flip the lens 10 seconds later flip some more. Communication with examiner difficult because of system and set up. Stanton Optical only correct to 20/40 which is minimum for state of Wisconsin. If you want 20/20 correction... go some place else. Employees are not cordial and some act like they don't really know what they are doing. The ad pricing is for dollar store type glasses is enticing but when you get down to real glasses they are significantly higher priced than any chain store optical I have ever visited. They are based on profit only, service is non existent. I was told glasses will take a month to get so 2 weeks into the process I'm waiting. If the end product is anything like what others have gotten I'll end up going elsewhere for real glasses.

Horrible. You choose pain by choosing this place
Waiting and waiting. Worker programmed to say "be right there with you" to everyone who walks in the door. So, you think someone will be right with you? No way! Screwed up my appointment 3 times. Pay the extra money and go someone else unless you got nothing else to do with your life and like being tooled around. Seems like a good place for people who don't have much money? Take the advice from most others who have reviewed this place. Still thinking about going to Stanton? Then you choose to complicate your life with BS and lies. Lies with the price too! This place is a big Scam! Still want to go to Stanton? You will be the fool. I was the fool. You get sucked in with the promises and lies. Something that seems to good to be true is too good to be true. Still want to go?

Do not use, lacking in customer service. Eye exam was done per a machine, not a human being. Stanton Optical got my RX wrong and I was told I could ONLY order a years worth at a time. When I contacted them telling them I cant see close up the girls said, oh your contacts are only for distance. What? When I told them I needed multi focal. I raised so much sand and they agreed to a free exam but would do nothing about the $100 I had spent on the wrong lenses. They were very unethical and unprofessional. It is not focused around the paying customer, it is, get as many people in and out as possible and if their is an issue, oh well. I have to demand for this situation to go to corporate, a doctor in FL of all places. I would give a 0 star if I could.

Great service but a SCAM!
Got exam for my daughter went great! Then the bait was go in for 2 pair of glasses for $59 and free exam. Went to the glasses for the 2 for $59 just terrible. About 12 pairs that were really bad style and crazy colors. All others were about $99 or $159 and Stanton Optical had a deal purchase 1 pair get another free. Found nice pairs for $99. Got 2 pairs for my daughter expecting $99 plus lenses thout 2 pairs for about $150. The bill was $259! No upgrade on the lenses no coating. Walked out of there 2 pairs for $259 I feel cheated! That is really high for a discount place. I had asked the clerk why so much and she said tha the price no knowledge of the lenses at all. Stay away! I am going to cancel my order as glasses are so cheap now on the internet. SCAM!

Frauds and Misappropriation
I lost my Prescription eyeglasses on Wednesday 04/24/19 early evening. I didn't realize it until Thursday morning when it came time to read and watch TV. I searched my purse, my car, my bedroom, living room, the house and realized I could have left them at the places I had been the prior evening. I put telephone calls into those locations. L explained my dilemma and left my telephone number in the event someone turned my eyeglasses in. Friday 04/26/19 still no calls regarding my eyeglasses. I can't drive without my eyeglasses at night, nor can I read, so I decided since Stanton Optical has this constant commercial advertising 2 pair of eyeglasses for $59.99 with an eye exam I decided it would be within my budget. I scheduled an appointment for Friday 04/26/19@ 12:15pm. Eye exam was very quick then I roamed through the store looking for frames. I couldn't see the prices since my eyeglasses were lost. Bottom Line I found 2 pair that were cute and comfortable and sat down with Nadia Reihahi for the up sell. My bill ended up $621.35 without hardly any upgrades. I was told by Nadia Reihahi I would get my new eyeglasses in 10 days. In early evening I received a call telling me someone had turned in my eyeglasses. I was ecstatic, and went to pick them up. On Saturday 04/27/19 I arrived at 09:35am at Stanton Optical to cancel my order. I waited nearly an hour as there was a very short staff. I spoke with Thomas the assistant manager explaining the reason for my cancellation. He stated his manager Kent Sayre had Genentech out ill all week. He made a telephone call to him and came out of the Optical Lab stating he was only the assistant manager and I would have to come back on Monday 04/29/19 as he was the only one with authority to give a refund of that amount. I requested Thomas cancel my order as the prescription has not yet been started. It was only 20 hours and 14 minutes since my order and nobody was working all night to start my order. Thomas stated he was only the assistant manager and could not do a refund of that large amount, and that I'll I needed to come back Monday 04/29/19 to cancel my order and get my refund through the manager Kent Sayre. I left with the opinion that Stanton Optical was very unprofessional, but still believed I would get my $621.35 refund. I came back Monday 04/29/19 at 09:33am. The man I spoke with was as he stated the new Lab Manager, and this was only his 4th day and didn't know how to do a refund. I asked him to go into my account and cancel the order before it went into production. He was unable to help me as well and stated that Javier was the manager coming in a little later. He took a photo of my receipt with his mobile telephone assuring me Javier would call me as soon as he got in. I waited for Javier's call until 06:02 pm and called him myself. Javier stated he had been extremely busy all day but knew who I was. He then stated "no refund as there is nothing wrong with the eyeglasses". I stated "The eyeglasses are not even in production so I want a refund. Javier then stated "I cannot refund because Stanton Optical are a medical device". I responded "They are not yet in production, so they have not become a medical device" He said the same things over and over and completely blew me off. I asked for his Managers name and telephone number. His response was "I don't have one right now" I then became completely insulted as Javier was now treating me with complete total disrespect. I demand a cancellation and refund. He stated no refund on medical devices and there is nothing wrong with the glasses. He was obviously ignoring me and blowing me off. Upon hanging up I went on to the Better Business Bureau website to discover there are 305 complaints against Stanton Optical to date in the past 3 years. I will be taking appropriate steps tomorrow calling my bank and making a small claims court filing. Whichever one comes in with the refund 1st, I'll cancel the later.

Thinking of going to Stanton? DON'T DO IT!
Of my 50+ years. Of wearing contacts/glasses, my Pensacola Stanton Optical visits were WORST EVER! Was assured would have both regular glasses and sunglasses by time of my surgery as I could not wear contacts while eye was healing... long story short... one pair was ready in time but not my sunglasses NOT until AFTER my healing time where I no longer needed them... trips to store were many and very frustrating (Stanton Optical don't answer their phone); calls made to customer service, who like the personnel in store, did NOT follow up as they said. Oh and the two pair for $59, WOW what a joke! That didn't happen. Lesson learned, I'll be returning to REAL EYE-CARE professionals who know what they are doing!

False advertising
Stanton Optical say it's a certain price then the manager comes out with all the recendation to upscale you then it shows you
Mentally the height price tags you say no I want all the basic then it's still higher then expected they come back and say it's only for eye exams and frames not the lenses so it's a hidden extra fee that the natural eye don't see or understand. So they upsale to higher when in all Reality you were already uphold
From the get go. Go to eye mart save the trouble and beside eye mart is a eye exams place all together still cheaper then this place last time we will ever go here. Second reason if that's not bad enough they told me my glasses was ready waiting on truck promise date is the 12th drove a hour to get there no glasses new promise date the 15th! I got we're sorry about that.

Staton optical in Stockton, CA on Pacific Ave is the worst. I spoke to a lady named Addie after being transferred around twice. She was rude and would not let me talk. I called in because my contacts were ordered and i wanted to cancel them because Stanton Optical said it would be 3-5 business days it was 5 business days yesterday and when trying to ask her then why say 3-5 business day she proceeded to interrupt me When I told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor she said she was the supervisor then I asked to speak to a manager she said she was the manager of the building. She kept interrupting me when talking would not even let me speak and stated to me, " Are you going to let me get a word in?" after I let her speak. Then I asked for a district manager she then said to me they dont give out the number its the weekend and they are not working. I told her I knew that and that I would call on Monday she refused and hung up on me. This is the WORST SERVICE EVER! My advice to anyone who choses to come here, DON'T waste your money go some where where you are treated kindly

Poor customer service
Spoke with Tom from the Greer SC store (he refused to give any other identifying things like last name or employee number). He refused to tell me if the store would cover the insurance but insisted on selling a visit. I would have to go in to find out if Stanton Optical took the insurance. When asked for someone else to answer my question he gave me a phone number and that person answered the question over the phone quickly. But he also wanted to sell a visit over phone customer service. What time can we set up your appointment is not the answer to I want to complain about Tom not giving simple info that is not HIPPA protected like they claimed.

Horrible experience, it's a slick scam.
Yep, the $59 deal quickly escalates to $300 & up but okay, Ieeded some extra lose stuff & sales guy was very helpful with what I was asking for. Ordered 2 pairs, one for dark & one for light I needed to compete in an indoor sporting event three weeks after ordering.
Get one pair but Stanton Optical tell me no more frames. Drive out of my way back there, find an okay substitute. A week later, they tell me the lenses can't be cut at the store to fit the second frames. They will send it out and express mail to my hotel at the event. Everyday, nothing. Never came.
Three months later, still saying in transit! Refusing to give me a refund, only store credit, insane how much time and aggravation I wasted with this idiotic company.

Best Customer Service and Frame Sellection
I can't begin to tell you of the most incredible customer service I got at this Stanton Optical location. I broke my prescription sunglasses and my prescription expired. This was one of the few places that offered an eye exam with the Coronavirus restrictions. I had purchased 2 pairs, 3 yrs ago here and still happy with my glasses.

Well the selection of frames to choose from was the best I had seen, compared to 4 other places. I got my eyes exammed and glasses ordered the same day.

Two weeks later, one pair arrived and the second was still not ready. Long story short, my second pair was lost and Kristine, the store mgr, was quick to upgrade me to a better frame and lenses to replace the lost pair.

I need to wait a little longer but Stanton Optical gave me a referral to fix my broken sunglasses. So I couldn't be happier and highly recommend this location to all my friends and family.

Thank you Kristine at Stanton Optical in Fair Oaks!

Shell game
Starting a new job and needed bi focals quickly as the demands of the job were more then my regular readers could accommodate. When I called the Clackamas center i specifically asked of i would have to wait the usual 2 weeks for lenses and even specified bi focals. I was told "if the prescription wasnt too complicated should be able to get them there. I drove 45 min. There for just that reason. Took the eye exam. There is a clause in their contract that specifies $45 for the eye exam if you don't get frames there if you do it will be added as a credit for the purchase of your glasses. Rock around chose my frames but you can forget about anything having to do with $49 or $99 or anything like that. Not going to happen. When all was said and done initial billing for two pair was $289. The associate that helped me gave me another 25% off which still came out to $216. When I asked about $45 credit she said that was just for the eye exam there was no credit. Not only that I was told it would be two weeks to get the damn lenses. I asked about that why was I told I could get them there? She said she didn't know anything about that what couldn't offer bifocal lenses in the office. The whole process took over 2 hours only to spend way more than I wanted to, way more than was implied by their advertising, I still have to wait 2 weeks to get my lenses. It's the old switch-a-roo, say whatever you need to say, tell them whatever you need to tell him to get him in the shop and then stick it to them. Honeymoon before the transaction, divorce after. Find somewhere else to get your glasses.

Run don't walk
Made an appointment online but then called the store for more information and spoke with someone about what I needed, eye exam and glasses, arrived for my appointment only to be told that there was no Dr. there to give me an eye exam and I could reschedule for tomorrow with a 10% discount. Utterly crazy, why would I be told to come in and then told the Dr. switched her days so I could either reschedule or have an eye test just to get a script for lenses by looking into "SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A TV SCREEN", but it will not help if I have any eye issues nor would Stanton Optical be able to give me anything for dmv. Which I also needed. I should have been told this on the phone and no wasted my time going there. They said it was because I booked through the call center, But not only should they be informed that no Dr. was available that day, but I also called directly to the store the morning of my appointment. The people behind me had the same thing happen and they walked out as well. I went to an optical store after leaving there and started to tell them what happened and they told me that most of the people work there do not have any license and are just hired off the street with no knowledge of glasses and that they have had several people come in form Stanton with complaints and wrong scripts. I was also told that they are trying to get them removed from our area. Wow that was a shocker, almost glad they screwed up today. Will not go back nor recommend them. Very disappointing, many loop holes in their 2 for specials that aren't explained on the website. Buyer beware

Very Deceptive and Dishonest - High Pressure Con Man
Very deceptive and dishonest interaction. I spoke with Raymond that acted like he was at our local store. I asked about my insurance and he said I would have to come in to talk with an insurance specialist. I asked if I could speak with one now, he said Stanton Optical were very busy, I offered to wait and he just kept saying as a High Pressure salesman, I can schedule for this time or this time, so I asked to speak to a supervisor, he informed me a call back would be anywhere from 24-72 hours. I should have known it was a shady place. So I took the appointment and found out this guy does not even work at the local store. He is in a call center. Save yourself a bunch of stress and find an honest company that will be honest to you from the start. I will never go back. So sad they treat people like that.

Wrong apt dates!
I called the customer service line and made an apt on Saturday at 10:25 am. I got an email notice on the 24th that my apt had been canceled. Not by me, but by the store. No one called to tell me, just an email. So I called again and made another apt for the same Saturday at 9:45 am. I arrived at the store, but it was closed. I checked my email, the cust service rep had made the apt in a CA store, when I asked for the same store I had made my first apt. I waited until the store opened, and mentioned my apt being canceled. The guy there said Stanton Optical were 'over booked' which is why it was canceled. No phone call, nothing, just an email. I have the screenshots below. If the company cares so little about it's customers, and after reading these bad reviews, I see I need to go somewhere else. I guess this is a blessing in disguise.

Rip off
Went in for my yearly eye exam to renew my contacts... no more LIVE eye Dr. my exam was done over a monitor from some foriegn Dr. then I told them I wanted the air optic lenses. Do ok. I get to conuter to pay and I was told my part was going to be almost 200.00$. I said. I never paid that much. What happened to a free exam yearly. Us I joined their eye club a few years ago. Whatever that was. So she said that Stanton Optical do price comparison with Costco and that my cost would be around 60.00$. Then she charged me a tax of 35.00$. I said WHAT. Do ok. I pay it. Get my contacts 3 Days later but I can't read or see computer. I called them up went in during my lunch hour and was told the color lenses aren't made for reading. They never told me that. Now I gotta take time to take them back and get another script. Will not do business there again... it's the worst place. Bet they won't be in business long

Terrible customer service
I did the exam at Glades Stanton Optical, Boca Raton, on February 13th and bought 2 pairs of glasses, Stanton Optical said it would be ready in 10 to 14 days. However, when I passed on February 25th I was surprised that my glasses had not yet been ordered, I don't know why...
Attendant Jessica said she would order on the same day (25th Thursday) and be ready on the 26th Friday, I don't understand how she would do it. I returned on Saturday the 27th to see if it was ready and yes it was ready but with the wrong lenses, they asked me to take the old glasses to check the lenses. After that I realized that they are bad at what they do. They said that Monday March 1st would be ready, I went on Tuesday 2nd and it wasn't ready, the service was done again by Jessica, I asked for the return of the full money, because I don't know if the exam is correct or not. However, she only returned the money for the glasses, claiming that the exam cannot be returned (even if she doesn't know if the exam is correct or not). How am I going to make glasses elsewhere? I will probably have to take an exam again in a more reliable place. If I knew I had seen these reviews before, what surprises me is being rated 3.6 and most reviews have only one star. Horrible place and incompetent attendants.

Stanton sucks on Rock rd
Lady wouldn't listen to me, tried telling her glasses where blurry. She was rude saying are you gonna listen to me. Told me wear them 2 to 3 weeks & my eyes would adjust, WHAT? Then only 1 pair was ready & I drove from outta town. She basically called me a liar & said we told you 1 pair ready not both. NO! I wouldn't have drove to Wichita otherwise. 2 for $59 turned into $545 but after some unhappiness reduce it to $340. Still lied. DO NOT GO TO THESE SCAMMING RUDE PEOPLE. Guess Stanton Optical didn't like my Trump 2020 mask. Screw them, go elsewhere. RIPPOFF! Need to call state attorney general & file complaint. Glasses are useless. I finally left, tired of her argumentive attitude.

So, I went in January & spent over $100 on a pair of glasses so mind you that this was before the WHOLE world wen into shutdown for the virus. So, in March I called in regards to my GLASSES that I ordered and Stanton Optical told me since the virus struct they had a lot of orders on hold and I'm like cool and the rep told me that I could come in and get a temporary pair of Glasses until mines were ready and I said okay. Once I got there the rep told me that I'll be able to keep these glasses as well as when my original pair comes in I'll be able to get those as well. The glasses I ordered were BROWN & the glasses they gave me were GRAY! So fast forward to June I called before I went out of town to see if they're ready at this point I'm like they should be being that it's been a couple months now! NOPE not ready & that was when I first spoke to Customer service and when I spoke to customer service they said indeed they don't see an order for me nor do they see me having picked up an order. The agent was like I'll get an escalation sent over to the staff at the Tallahassee store to get the issue resolved that was on June 26th NO ONE FROM THAT LOCATION CALLED ME (have records to prove case), Fast forward to JULY on 7/14 I called and another agent did a case for AGAIN for that store to see what was the issue and where my glasses were and from what the CUSTOMER CARE AGENT said to get a refund started! He said wait 24-48 hours so when Friday came no one had called me so I called left a voicemail and NO RESPONSE, so I called on 7/18 and spoke to someone this time at the Tallahassee store and they took my information down and still NO RESPONSE now its Monday 7/20 and I call and get the Store Manager (Ralph or Marcus) couldn't make it out but at this point I don't care because I don't care. So, I explain to him that I've done TWO escalation and no one from his store has called me or gotten back to me in regards to my glasses that I ordered and then he tells me he sees that I picked up my glasses in April I'm like incorrect information, I told him he sees me picking up my TEMP glasses which are gray and the ones I PAID for are BROWN he states that is correct so HOW CAN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU SEE ME PICKING UP GRAY GLASSES BUT MY FILE HAS BROWN GLASSES (he said CORRECT). I asked him do I need to go through my bank or can i get my money back and I'll be GLADLY bring them back to him if he would like being that I know for a fact that I NEVER GOT MY ACTUAL GLASSES. SO, this is the part that got me "well the glasses that you ordered are out of stock" & I'm just baffled at this point because NOT ONCE IN THIS ORDEAL DID ANYONE CALL ME "I've been doing all the contacting" and at this point I'm annoyed because at this point I want my money back keep the glasses because NO one should have to make contact no matter if I SPENT A $1 with said company. Paid for them in JAN never got them & its now JULY & what was were to the TWO customer service agents doing with the escalations? THIS IS NOT HOW YOU RUN A BUSINESS! I even emphasized that to the REP. Like how is the customer doing all the reaching out. & since its after 30 days he said I would have to go through my bank like... I'm truly frustrated & annoyed. Like HOW DO Y'ALL "NOT" HAVE ACCURATE RECORDS& CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT I NEVER GOT MY ORIGINAL GLASSES "brown"! NO TYPE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE

Frames are garbage
Exam went OK, wife and I ordered 2 pair each. Both her pairs were wrong, the bi-focal line was near top of lens. One pair of mine had wrong frames. In a matter of a couple of days the right lens popped out. I put it back in and put glasses back into case until I go back to get the glasses being remade. I had to put them back on today and within a couple of hours the left lens popped out. I have never had lenses pop out of a set of frames before.

Don't know if the frames are garbage or if the lens machining is the problem. Either way, I won't go back to Stanton Optical for glasses again.

Stanton Optical 214 S Magnolia Tallahassee ROCKS!
ALL the folks at my Stanton Optical in Tallahassee are the BEST! Stanton Optical are friendly, knowledgeable, and so helpful all the way around. Dr. Mann is very thorough and wants you to see your best and wants best for his patients.
Upon checking out Geovani went above and beyond and so courteous. While they were very busy, I waited patiently, several of the associates apologized for my wait, which no fault to their own, However, Geovani came over to the desk apologized for my wait a few times while he was helping folks before me and it was nearing the end of the day and closing of the store, no one rushed me and Geovani made me feel so at ease picking out glasses and answered all my questions. What a pleasure it was picking out my glasses and getting my contact.
Thank you ALL so very much for the best customer service! However, this is the norm to get great customer service at this location.
Thank you Dr. Mann for taking such good care of my eyes and Thank you Geovani for excellent customer service!

Alright, well where to begin... i was recommended to come here by my father and I'm sure he's as upset as i am. I have held off my review(s) until i knew for sure whether Stanton Optical would make it right, but they didn't, so here we go! I went in for an eye exam for contacts and glasses, I paid half that day, which was $169, then paid the remaining balance a few days later when I picked up my glasses. This was all between July 18 and 25, so it's been awhile. The remaining balance was $167.44, which I paid with two $100 bills. Apparently, they have no record whatsoever this was paid. I either threw away my receipt, lost it, dropped it, etc, and because I wasn't smart and used cash instead of card, I have no physical record either. But here's a kicker, why do i have my glasses if I didn't pay?

In-store Damaged At Customer At The Expense
Your in store representative, adjusted my frame without warming the the metal up and snap the inside arm of the frame. The purchase isn't a year old, and when I returned to have the frame repaired or replaced he wanted to charged me $30.00 for in-store services. I neither broke or damaged the frame and he was the only person who worked on it; I made an extra trip so it was done properly and still ended up with no frame. These bifocals are very imperative to me, I cannot see anything without them I'm extremely upset!
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Terrible! I suggest don't use them!
My first encounter to this business has not been favorable of this eyeglass/contacts provider in Columbia SC. I am a senior citizen and have cataracts, astigmatism and Diabetes. First day, I went to get eye exam and look at glasses. I did not like the Dr or his way of handling eye exam. Next, Stanton Optical had only 15 pair of glasses to choose from for the 2/59.95. Selection was terrible. They finally allowed me a wider selection so I picked out some glasses. A week later glasses come in,. Not made on sight as advertised. That was shock as I thought my glasses would be made there. Then the specifics for the order came next. One was tint, the only option I chose.

The tint is sort of dark on these glasses at the lowest level. Not happy with that. Then one pair of glasses came back even darker, Iike sunglasses. They had to be sent off to be remade. Not happy with that.

A week later I get a call everyday with a reminder my glasses are ready again. I live 1 hour and 10 minutes from the Stanton store. So I go to get my glasses... again. So it takes a while for it to be my turn, always a Wait here. They look for my glasses. Then look some more. Then more. Then another Stanton employee helps with the search. Then a third one. Over an hour looking for my glasses. None to be found. Then one employee said there was a tray in the lab with my name on it but nothing in it. More searching. After a while I am told they were damaged upon arrival and sent out again to be remade. This inept business practices and I am very, very unhappy. Not a place I am comfortable doing my business. Well my husband walks in raising the roof after wait for me so long. I had to deal with his rant over the situation all the way home. I've not been offered any compensation for the bad business and delays. I am quite disgruntled with this place and their lack of appropriate customer service. I do not recommend them for your eye care needs.

I am extremely frustated
I went to Stanton optical for the 2 for 59 glasses when I came in Stanton Optical did the exam immediately after I asked which glasses were 2 for 59 they were the worst glasses I've ever seen did not match the ons they display online after that I was upsold to a pair of three hundred dollar glasses 2hich I could not afford but I had to pay for the exam so I bought the glasses anyways they were supposed to be done in a week I am still waiting I can't see and I can't return to work til I have glasses this is the worst optometrist I've ever seen would not recommend to my dog... these people suck

Wrong Contact lens
I had my eye exam July 2nd, 2020 for eyeglasses and contact lens. I received the contact lens July 30th, in the packet was a trial lens and contacts lens for 6 months, after trying the lens I realized I couldn't see with it everything was blurry and it was hurting my eyes. I went back to the store to take back the 6 months supply and explained to the store representative that I can't see in them. Stanton Optical did have me take another eye exam, which the result turned out the same. Next thing was to order me another trial in a different brand. While all this was happening, the store manager was letting me know that they can't take back the one they already ordered because I opened the 6-month supply box. I explained numerous times that one of the boxes was already opened, and I opened the other one to confirm if I have the right prescription because I could not understand why the trail lens was so blurry and hurting my eyes. They ordered another brand of trial, and the manager said when I come back to pick up the new trail, he would see what he can do about taking the old ones back. I received the new trial in August, that fit well, I went back Sept 14th, to return or exchange the old lens, and the manager told me they can't take it back because I opened both, and I still say, I opened one. I was told I would have to buy a brand new one and they can only offer 20% discount on the new lens. Here are my issues with that statement. #1, I paid out of pocket for the lens, I already felt like I paid too much for the lens and glasses combined together which I think it's a lot for how they come up with the numbers even with insurance. Secondly, no one ever explained or told me "NOT TO OPEN" the box when I picked up the contact lens. Something like that would be a clear instruction to give a customer if you had a policy like that in place. Thirdly, You should never go ahead and order a contact lens for a customer without making sure the trial lens fits perfectly first, that is a terrible idea, and went I stated all this facts the, manager tried to justify that's how Doctors office do it. Which isn't true, this is my first time at Stanton optical, but this isn't my first-time getting contact lens. And the most upsetting thing is how nonchalant the people there are, they will keep repeating the same statement "just pay for new lens" like everyone can just afford to drop money like that.

Lied to and charged for covered procedures
My buddy and I went in to get exams and new prescriptions for both of us.
After his exam he was told Stanton Optical didn't accept his insurance. This is something they should have explained to him before the exam ever took place.
I was told my insurance didn't cover anything (exam, frames or lens) which was an outright lie.
After calling my insurance company, my Rep called Stanton Optical.
After spending a day on calls with Stanton Optical, my Ins Rep called me back explaining that everything should be cleared up and she faxed Stanton Optical a copy of my coverage and I should call Stanton Optical and make arrangements for a refund of what I was charged for the exam and so forth.
I tried calling Stanton Optical but was given a run around and Stanton has been avoiding me making no effort to communicate with me.
A completely untrustworthy and incompetent facility.
I would have given Stanton Optical minus 5 stars but sadly they don't make that an option.
I have been in business my entire life and never have I seen the garbage I see today.
In my day you could not stay open acting like these people are.
Anyone doing business with these people are fools.

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