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I am Kathy Rose. I DID NOT leave a POSITIVE review 1 day ago. This was left by Spiritual Quest themselves.
OMG. I couldn't believe I saw this when I went onto the site. In fact, my husband was called names when trying to clarify the features. Wanted to send a video of the non working components only to be told that SpiritualQuest don't "have time" to open videos. The Sauna purchased did not heat to the 150 degrees stated when making the purchase for the "last 2 person sauna" I quote because looking on the website they still have a "last one' after we purchased.

Thank you.
I stumbled upon the sale on what SpiritualQuest call the single salt cave sauna after reading the product information pages and watching the videos and doing a little research on multiple companies I decided to choose spiritual quest and saunas and which is the same company just two different websites and what I found was is that there was a tremendous amount of information already provided on the websites and there's a tremendous amount of information that made this the easiest choice after I called and talked to a couple people clearly they were very very busy because of the holidays but they took the time to describe the size the accessories with the boxes the benefits the EMF levels man I can't even think of all else they told me about so shortly after my first conversation I ordered online and I'm looking forward to getting it I would say the situation with covid-19 makes it very important for us to get something like a sauna for a health and wellness while we can't go to the gyms one thing that they explain to me is that it's very important for vigorous sweating and the person they're called the sauna guy explain the vigorous sweating something our forefathers did quite often that we never do now or never do quite enough of so that sweating is really critical to the detox of the body and the overall health and well-being after that conversation it was done I had to buy I recommend you buy one too I'll be back to show photos and an update on my son once I get it

I Do Not Trust This company.
After i placed a order i got bad feelings about this company... First off i called to ask a question and Richard answered... Was gonna place the order online and richard said why i can do it so i did... He told me my order would be shipped wed or thurs.He also sent me a invoice with NO order number AND charged me a packing charge(which he told me about) when online it was free shipping and packing because i checked!. Ph order supposedly have priority over online)Ya right!... On sat i hadn't received a shipping email yet so i emailed them because i needed a tracking so i could be home for delivery to sign. Richard emailed me back that evening telling me he needed my order number before he could find out any info. Lol... I told him YOU didnt send it to me and at that point i just asked for a full refund because i know it didnt ship yet. He was very rude... So mon i called asking for a refund and the guy? Dont know who it was said ok he will do that... Well later in day i decided i wanted a email confirming my refund and this time a gal said she could do that... GUESS what NO email!... I called my bank and filed a dispute on credit card.
I will not do business with someone i dont trust when i am buying certain things... SpiritualQuest did not follow thru with what they said they would do... Spiritual? What a joke.


A long standing company lots of great choices and highly desired products.
The products are packed safely and with obvious care. Refreshing. I got some nice gifts I love having items on hand for any reason. Everyone likes my larger lamps and therefore since I am smart I always stock up and give them, friends great gifts. Thanks guys thanks to Kelly for your suggestions. Best experience ever.

Terrible customer service
I ordered gifts for Christmas and I called several times to check the status and SpiritualQuest would tell me they were being held at customs so I ask for a refund and the guys helping me was so rude I told him I wanted to check my refund status he said what 8s your name you act like we know you by name its been taken care of don't worry about it and hung up on me wow unbelievable how people are


Great service.
Just wanted to let everyone know that I ordered a lamp on Monday of the holiday week and it arrived today Friday it had to be here for family that was visiting for Thanksgiving just wanted to say thanks for spiritual quests who got it out on a priority basis. The lamp I got is much better than the ones I seen in stores this is a very nice evenly colored lamp that is all kinds of discoloration rutilation lines and you can see where the salt formed over millions of years it's a gorgeous lamp I got the gigantic lamp it's about a hundred pounds

Excellent service very thoughtful very well.
Excellent service very thoughtful very well presented website I was enamored with the products first of all I started looking at a couple of smaller lamps I ended up getting an array of lamps which included medium salt lamp a large salt lamp and then the salt bowl SpiritualQuest couldn't have been more helpful couldn't have been packaged any better sensational this is a must buy

Great Doing Business
We've been doing business with Spiritual Quest for almost 6 years. Their products are superior to others on the internet and SpiritualQuest stand behind all that they sell. When ever there has been a problem in what I've ordered vs what I've recieved, Rick has always made good and my expectations have always been exceeded. We are now reworking our Salt Cave and Rick has been instrumental in providing us with knowledge that I couldn't find elsewhere. Hard to do business with great support and that's what he provides along with great products and service.

Great service.
According to package of mini tea lights or Himalayan salt chunks that are drilled out with a tea light hole I got six of them for about $20 I think SpiritualQuest arrived package really nicely protected all in one piece and they made the great greatest perfect little gift for my close friends and it fit my budget during the pandemic. We literally got six tea lights for about $16 plus a little teeny bit of postage and they arrived when I expected not mind-blowing or anything just got exactly what I ordered when I expected it.

This company is discusting! A disgrace for being any type of honest business. And it will have the worst reputation after I file complaints with any possible advertisement and review site on the internet. And news paper publications. SpiritualQuest havent even responded to the better business bureau after being reported over 3 weeks ago. I was told on the phone that I was on a layaway plan. And I was harrassed 2 weeks later to make a payment. I got no call back to make any type of payment. Then I got an email stating I had 1 day to pay the full amount. I was threatened that I would also have to pay storage fees. And my credit would be ruined. Now I am told I wont get my money back of $1,800 that I put down for a salt booth. I have a lawyer looking into how disgusting this whole issue has been. It has caused anxiety and depression on my part. How can a company just lie and steal that amount of money from someone?


A month ago I purchased 4 XL salt lamps, 2 packs of amber bulbs and a salt bowl with round balls. This has been my awful experience dealing with Spiritual Quest and the owner Rick:

SpiritualQuest are incredibly rude. Rick answers the phone very unprofessional. If he is on the other line, he will say "I'm on the other line, I'll call you back" and he will hang up on you. Sometimes he will call you back, sometimes he won't.
Rick quote me one price over the phone and charged my Credit Card for $25.00 more than the quote amount. He had already taken my card over the phone then sent me a receipt with the extra added amount. This is what I believe is called bait and switch. I called him to let him know about the extra amount he charged me and he told me he would refund it. It has been a month and I have yet to receive the refund.
I ordered over $200.00 worth of items from him. It has been a month and have not received part of my order. When I have called, he does not call me back and when I have inquired through email, he does not mention when these items will be sent to me. I have since asked for a refund.
I ordered 2 sets of amber bulbs to be placed in my salt lamps. They sent me 3 clear boxes. This is not what I ordered. When I called him back he said that he doesn't remember our conversation and that he will send them out when he sends the bowl and balls. I have yet to receive the bowl, balls or the amber bulbs.
As stated before, Rick is incredibly rude. In fact, Rick has got to be one of the rudest "business" people I have conducted business with. In my last attempt to resolve the issue, I sent the following email to him:

This is my last attempt to contact your company about my request for a refund of the $25.00 as previously discussed. I have called and I was told I was going to receive a call back and have yet to receive a call back from you. I also sent an email (please see below) without response.

I would also like to inquire about the salt bowl with the salt balls that was paid for on 8/10/2018 but have yet to receive. I understand there was a 2-3 week shipping delay due to back order but would an update on the progress of this order.

I was also advised that the amber colored bulbs I ordered but did not receive (I ordered 2 sets of amber bulbs but only received one) would be shipped out with the salt bowl with balls. I would like to confirm that amber bulbs will indeed, be sent this with order.

If I have not heard back from you by end of business today, I will contact the Better Business Bureau in Carson California to file a complaint. I will also leave a review on google, site jabber and other media outlets letting others know of the poor business practices I've experienced and the poor customer experience I have received. And lastly, I will have to put in a dispute with my bank.

I pride myself in doing business with small companies. I understand that you don't have a lot of employees and are trying to juggle many responsibilities at once. I also understand that small companies are the pillars of our communities. My wish is not add stress to your plate but simply receive the $25.00 refund I was told I would receive and get an update on the item that was purchased yet have not received.

It is with high hopes, that the issues above will be addressed without having to address these issues further involving outside influences.
Thank you

His Response:

" we did it yesterday LADY threaten all you like

It was a courtesy for you on our part go away call your credit card company"

It is apparent that Spiritual Quest Company and the owner Rick does not care about their customers. He is extremely rude, does not value the customer that spends their hard earned money with his company. It amazes me that Spiritual Quest Company sells items to relax but creates such a hostile experience with their customers.
I have contacted my bank to dispute the charges, filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and will be putting this review on every social media outlet I can. I'm even considering contacting the local news stations in the Paramount, CA area.
Please don't make the mistake I made in doing business with this company. It has been such a nightmare.

Buyer beware!
I paid handsomely for the large "Mountain Rare White Himalayan" salt lamp and got a lamp that was only partially lit, only the quarter bottom lit up and the rest was dark, VERY UNLIKE THE PHOTO on their website!

I wrote the owner and asked for him to send me a shipping label to return it, unless he could exchange it for one that looked like in the photo he advertises. Long story short, he basically told me "too bad". He treated me as if I had bought a $15 dollar trinket instead of having spent $300 PLUS, because I had also purchased another large lamp.

So much for customer service! The absolute worse ever. In fact, never have I seen such poor customer service. If you're not buying a very expensive salt room from him, you're worthless as a customer to him.

If you are hell bent on buying something from them (good luck!).
Worse experience ever! Look at the photo of the lamp he advertised and look at the photo of the lamp he sent me!

The packaging was ALSO horrible, it arrived in shambles and I feared the product would be ruined. When I told them SpiritualQuest said the someone had quit and the person that shipped it didn't know to package properly. (Really?)

As if that wasn't bad enough, upgraded dimmer switch and lightbulbs were also missing!

Hello Rick this is Robert you.
Hello Rick this is Robert you had sent me a whole bunch of replacement bulbs and a replacement cord even though I had ordered from you several years ago it turns out it's very hard to find the correct wattage on the bulbs and it's very hard to find the cords for these things so we came back to you and you were very gracious or should I say your support team was very gracious. I'd like also say that you did provide me with a free replacement and all you asked is that we paid the postage I think that was more than fair. Please note it's very important for me to have people like you to do business with even though we don't buy a lot of salt lamps I just wanted to share that receiving the bulbs and cords we needed to keep using them was a very nice touch. If ever I have a chance or a need to buy more salt lamps we'll buy from you for sure thank you

It's important.
It's important to make the distinction that duet is 6-in deeper and has carbon fiber heating elements carbon fiber heating elements are the natural progression of infrared heating elements from ceramic tube ceramic tube being the original version some say carbon fiber are more subtle and more comfortable that said SpiritualQuest produce the same exact light wave which is infrared and it forces the body to sweat from about two to three inches inside.

Just got our product.
Just got our product I ordered just after Christmas my daughter had asked for a specific salt lamp and a specific color range I honestly did not know much about them I ordered from spiritual quest it arrived safe and sound and works perfectly she loves it thank you spiritual quest

Both of the saunas are remarkably popular and both of them are made with our same standard technology with regards to the construction and configuration there is zero VOC and they're all both ultra low EMF in addition we're working now on 5G protection which is not part of it but will be an add-on later on maybe as early as 10 days so if you're inclined the duet is by far a nicer sauna is what we would call an elite series sauna as opposed to the executives

Happy customer!
Customer service -5
Packaging -5
Quick shipping -5
Colour and quality -5

Very pleased with the salt lamp 3ft x 4ft wall. I was really nervous for it to travel cross country, but the package was on point! Very impressed It's a true piece of art!
Thanks Rick
Zen on brotha!

The worst customer service I've ever had
Product totally unacceptable. Support team unwilling to offer any credible support. CD player doesn't work. Salt wall isn't a wall. I was lied to about product. I can't return it without original box which I do not have. Basically making warranty worthless

Poor customer service
Some items were missing from the order. SpiritualQuest simpy forgot to include them. I contacted customer service and was told that they would ship them if I wanted to pay the shippng fee. They forget to put the complete order in the box and I should have to pay? Poor service and poor customer relations. When I told them so, I was told I was a petty person. Also, the video on the website assures you that the items are all shrink wrapped in plastice hence assuring you of the quality. I ordered five and not one was shrink wrapped. Will not be purchasing from them again nor will I recommend them to anyone.

Thank you I just got my order
Thank you I just got my order of the salt lamps I got the basket salt lamp and the abundance bowl salt lamp but my angel was missing I know that you told me that those are on backorder and we would like to wait until SpiritualQuest come in cuz we know they're so popular so the other two arrived thanks so much we love them and I'll wait for the angel salt lamp which is on back order have a great day.

Everest it's awesome thanks
We've ordered from spiritual quest in the past so the product choice was easy we went back to the place that we know have great product.
This is our second order we're very happy previous order we got the glacier salt lamp this time I upgraded to a larger one the Everest it's awesome thanks spiritual quest you have my highest recommendation

Today is the time for change
I have never taken the time to write a review and I am not sure how to say this, but I got one small lamp and one of the sets of salt blocks stones. SpiritualQuest are brilliant and to think I placed my order and they arrived 4 days later packaged to the nines. The packing was so generous in how they protected the salt, using thick foam, double boxes, and bubble wrapping. The cost of the packing must really add up, regardless of the lamp and stones arrived safely. I think that is a miracle they must really know what to do and how to do it. A great experience for sure I must order more very soon I will. Then I got to thinking my package was heavy these poor guys that lift these rocks all day and then take the time to pack them as they do, man I can't believe they can stay in business the value was unbelievable thanks so much and thanks to Cali the person that shipped my items, She left a handwritten note in my boxes so nice what a nice touch. My top five experiences so far this year and oh yeah open during the pandemic

We really enjoyed shopping
We really enjoyed shopping for our large salt lamp it sits on the floor so we call it the floor salt lamp and we ordered some extra bulbs everything arrived wonderfully packaged and safe The lamp was over a hundred pounds so that's a tremendous feat in and of itself thanks guys

Excellent Products and Service
Rick was instrumental in helping us purchase our first Infrared sauna. We are extremely happy with the quality and ease of building. The spa includes lighting and an awesome stereo cd player which is awesome for our spa cds. The service and response time was also impeccable. I will recommend their quality products to everyone!
Sandy C

Got a great lamp and got it fast
I was roaming around the web one day and found a salt lamp that caught my wife's eye, you know when your wife wants something we as guys have to get it, anyway it showed up fast and it was packed up very nicely. The item is called the mountain salt lamp, its huge and was on sale with free shipping. Thank you.

Bulbs don't work
Beautiful lamp, good price for xxl size. The bulb that came with it, as well as an extra bulb that was included in a separate box do not work. I happened to have a nightlight bulb so that worked fine in the lamp, so no big deal. The shipping was impressively quick. Overall, I'd say I'm very pleased with my purchase.

I know quality and that is why we chose Spiritualquest
A frequent buyer of their products has made me keenly aware of the items I get from SpirituaQuest are by far the very best. I put my reputation on this review we have an know this company and SpiritualQuest deal perfectly with really nice quality items. The salt walls are amazing.!

The single person sauna has been great
The single person sauna has been great for getting a deep sweat in as saunas in california have been closed for almost a year now. It takes about 20 minutes to heat up - i set it at 145 and sit in it for 20-25 minutes and get a great sweat. Worth the price and wait for delivery.

Salt Bowl Lamp - Doesn't work as advertised
I requested a salt bowl lamp for Christmas as a gift. The lamp arrived but the salt balls weren't in the box. Instead there were salt rocks, I called customer service - a really nice lady answered and she shared that the salt balls were on backorder... another shipment would be arriving in a couple of weeks. The salt rocks were complimentary due to the delayed shipment. She was extremely accommodating! Why only 2 stars? If she wasn't so nice, I'd rate as 1 star. The salt balls arrived (I received them a week and a half ago) but SpiritualQuest don't heat! 1 ball (that sits directly over the lamp) gets slightly warm, the rest of the balls remain cool to the touch. I've heated the lamp for hours, with the same results. I called customer service last Friday (needless to say it was not a stellar experience). The gentleman proceeded to tell me that the salt balls don't heat! The lamp doesn't get hot enough! I asked him why it's advertised on the website that the balls can be used for massage and it's advertised that they heat up. He said he didn't know why but that the lamp is for looks, I have to find an alternative way to heat the salt balls... such as wrapping them in a hot wet towel. I'm pretty sure a warm wet towel will cause the balls to degrade faster. I'm very disappointed with this purchase - I wanted them to use on my muscle aches.

Great customer service.
Yeah I emailed spiritual quest asking for them to send me some physical documents with regards to their products I thought SpiritualQuest refused, but I found out is that all their information's online and the gentleman that I spoke to had his assistant send me links to my exact questions while that is a simple response and appreciated I was really stuck on getting something in paper mailed to me it worked out just fine on both sides I'm definitely going to order in the very near future. And the links they sent me were directly pertaining to the products I was asking about. I learned a lesson sometimes it's simple just ask for directions to the products instead of demanding physical actions anyway thanks again guys

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Description: Finest quality Himalayan salt lamps and products including: salt pipes, salt caves, salt bricks and abundance bowls. Wholesale packages available.

Address: 7901 Somerset Boulevard, 90746


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