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Spectrum has terrible customer service
Today i called Spectrum to try to lower my monthly bill, as I have a bundle through them for myself and my mothers appt. When I first opened my account I was paying $198/mo and for my mother $135/mo. after the first year increased my monthly to $246/mo bundle ( internet/Cable/Phone) and $199/mo for my mother (internet/Cable/Phone). For years, i have had the bundle reset, will this time apparently they couldnt do it, they could only adjust the bill for a lousey $20/mo and gave me ways to use ROKU and other means to stream without boxes to lower my bill even lower, but with out boxes I can DVR my favorite shows. They finally figured that was not a good option. So then I get transfered to retention specialist, who asked me the same questions as the first person, her name was Erica from austin, tx and she was worthless and was reading from a script and didnt deviate from what she was taught and made no attempt to solve any of my requests. MInd you I have been a customer for 20 years. I then get transfered to a supervisor of customer retention and her name was Temmeka from austin, tx who was also worthless and asked me for the third time the same questions as before. We are now one hour and twenty minutes into the call and nothing. I just wanted my bill adjusted down another $15 and they told me they could not and th same for my mothers account. So for a lousey $30, they did not rentain me. I unfortunately cancelled all my accounts and moved to AT&T Universe. To top it off the superviosr disconnected two my main boxes in my house. That was a tactic to make me more upset and she should be fired from her job because she did nothing to solve my requests, which were very reasonable. I now am back on a call with them to solve this. Erica and Temmeka have no business working in the customer service field because they have no focus or empathy to retain customers but to make money for a company that is obivously putting profit over their dedicated customers. LEAVE SPECTRUM!

Bullying customers
Our subdivision had a contract that originated with the developer 15 years ago. The contract allowed for basic cable and the amount in the contract per household was added into the subdivision monthly dues. The contract expired and, because half the neighborhood didn't want Spectrum the subdivision board did not renew, freeing residents to go with whatever company wanted. I had Spectrum and, over and above the $36.99 p/m that I was paying in my dues for basic cable, and was paying a $110.00 bill for the next level cable and high speed internet. After the contract expired and I saw ads all over tv for $29.99 cable with Spectrum, I called to see what it would cost to continue with Spectrum. Now, first off, the customer service people said that people from our sub could only speak to the "retention" department. So I was transferred and was told that the same cable that I was paying around $150 total, (my bill plus what was added into the sub dues), would now be $215. When I asked why so much the woman told me that if I could persuade the sub board to sign another contract they would give us the going rate, til then they were going to penalize us for not renewing the contract. This company is such a rip off that I want to tell everyone to stay away from them! I'm a realtor and when asked by new customers moving into the area what cable company to use I tell them what a rip off Spectrum is. I hope I've saved a lot of people the hassle of having to deal with Spectrum. Their "come on" pricing is just that, a "come on". I went with the other cable company in our area and am paying exactly what I should of been paying with Spectrum. I would have to say that after their little bullying exercise they lost about 60% of their customers in our sub. Do yourself a favor, don't waste your time with this company.

Rip Offs, Lies & Broken Online System!
On May 30th, I put a disconnect order in with Spectrum in Big Bear City, CA. I told the representative that I was moving to Joshua Tree, CA. said I should just hang on to my modem and return it to the Yucca Valley, CA store (near Joshua Tree). But they couldnt schedule service in Joshua Tree because it was a different company, due to the incomplete merger. So she transferred me.

After transferring me, I talked to another Spectrum/Time Warner representative about scheduling service in Joshua Tree. She first mentioned, by the way, dont try to return your equipment in Joshua Tree because they wont take it - even though the previous rep said they would. Then she said there is already service at my new address so they would need to contact that person (which is the property owner) to verify its okay to disconnect their service. They couldnt get a hold of him but left a message. He called back and they didnt know what he was talking about and he couldnt get the service disconnected. When talking to the rep, she did say that there was good news. She said I would be getting twice the speed at the new location of 200MB/sec - and that it would cost $45/month.

Then I called Tuesday, the 5th, at my new residence in Joshua Tree to see if they made any progress. They said they have an installation scheduled for Thursday between 8 & 9am (2 days notice, and during a time when I have a weekly meeting with the company I work for). Also, the price went up to $50/month.

I ended up just holding the work meeting during the installation (from home), and dealt with the interruptions. The tech did a good job at trying not to disturb me at least. But then he told me that I would not be getting 200MB/sec, but instead 100MB/sec.

I now can not log into my account, cant see if I have any previous balance or refund from Spectrum in Big Bear City, CA. Nor can I access any of the side-services that I should have access to like hot spots (my carrier charges me for data usage when not at home). I did try to call to resolve this, but they couldnt help me, couldnt tell me if I was due a refund or had a previous balance, and couldnt even tell me my account number (I never received any paperwork at all).

To summarize, I was lied to about the speed, lied to about the monthly charges, lied to about the equipment return, lost access to my account online (and possibly a deposit/prorated refund), was scheduled for a very bad time for installation (without my knowledge), and am not receiving all of the services that Im paying for (wifi hot spots). And lost several hours of time holding on the phone to not accomplish anything.

To this day, a month after connection, Im still not able to log in to pay my bill, set up a user/pass so I can access hotspots. Spectrum has gone down hill since the merger. If theres another option, I do NOT recommend them.

They don't take responsibility for their mistakes...
Three days ago I received a notice of transfer of service from my apt to another apt in the complex. The only difference between my address and the address of this neighbor is one digit. He has the same apt number as I do, the only difference is the number on his building is different to my building. I called them and informed them of this mistake and said it was no problem. They asked me to call billing in the morning and make sure they knew about it. They'd fix it and the service would stay on. Later that day I came home and my internet was off. I logged in with my phone and discovered that they had removed my service. Had to call them back and explain the entire thing again. The rep activated my internet and my channels again. I thought it was over, yeah not by a long shot.

Today, my internet was off again. Called them and they said I was delinquent. Talked to a really nasty rep who accused me of not paying my bills (I had just paid them late Feb), authorizing the transfer of service (which was a lie) and that I had to pay another amount or it would go into collections. She started making comparisons to not paying for gas and seeing a movie without paying for it. Completely unnecessary. I worked in customer service once and you try to work with the customers, you don't shame them. The late payment thing was interesting because usually they send out emails and texts and snail mail etc. I told her that they aren't held accountable for their mistakes, they shut my internet off on Monday without authorization and didn't even have the good sense to make up for it. I hung up on her after the conversation went off the rails and got personal.

I paid the bill. The second $120 in two weeks. Because of their mistake my due date changed and they generated two bills for me in the last few days. When I call I still get asked if I want to hear about my neighbor's account or my own.

This isn't over. My next guess is they are going to start charging me for my neighbor's bill because that's the kind of scum that they are. It started with one little mistake on their part, they didn't think to ask my neighbor for the password or to get identification from him to make changes to my account. They just did it. They can't tell the difference between a 0 and a 2 as far as addresses are concerned. His name was even in the notes for my account. If they didn't have such a monopoly in this area I'd be with another ISP.


IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SIGNING UP WITH SPECTRUM. - DON'T. are horrible, their customer service is deplorable, their Representatives are the worst I've ever dealt with. I have Never dealt with a company or provider that is as bad as Spectrum. Check the Consumer Reports and all of the Spectrum sites on FACEBOOK. Going with Spectrum would be the worst decision you could ever make. I had an issue with Spectrum and nobody could help me, I would Be on the phone for hours, being transferred over and over. I went to the Spectrum store and they were rude, useless and didn't even attempt to help me. They never resolved my issue. DON'T CHOOSE SPECTRUM!

I recently called Spectrum to find out how much the internet, mobile phone and television connection would cost. I received a verbal quote and let the salesperson I would talk to my husband and we would decide. 3 days later I received a call that the technicians were coming to my house to connect our service. I let them know we had not decided to go with Spectrum so the canceled their visit. Then the next day I received (via Federal Express) 2 (two) apple boxes from Spectrum to connect our Television to Spectrums services. In the following 5 days I called Spectrum to find out how to return these devices. Nobody could tell me that information. One person told me to hold onto them because I was liable for them. One person told me they couldn't have been sent to me because Spectrum wasn't using them yet. I was on the phone over 1 hour each and every day trying to get an answer being transferred over and over, placed on hold and FINALLY one person told me to take them to the Spectrum Store. I went to the store in Plano Texas and the person there told me they wouldn't take them back and that it was my problem. He was one of the rudest, worst customer service employees I have ever talked to. Then two more days of 1-2 hours worth of calling Spectrum. Some one told me to take them to a Federal Express Store. So I found one, took them there and they weren't able to take them back because they weren't able to scan them in the Spectrum system because that equipment didn't have a scannable scu. Another hour on the phone there and I finally just got them to Federal Express them to the Spectrum Store in Plano Texas at a cost of $30.88 cost out of my pocket.

This is the worst "service" I have ever seen. Not one single employee would reach out and help me solve this issue. They would just transfer me to someone else, they told me I would be liable and nobody used Anything Close to positive customer service to the customer. I was probably on the phone in excess of 10 hours and I am out $30.88 mailing your equipment back.

Phantom Order, Sleezy Spectrum salesmen
About 10 days ago I came back from running errands. I had a knock at my door; it was 2 sales representatives wanted me to switch my phone, internet, and cable service to Spectrum. I told them I was not interested.
offered me a ridiculously low price to switch service. In addition to 90 days free. I gave them my info and told them I would think about it.
On Monday May 18th I had 2 boxes show at my front door. I immediately called customer service and told them that I was not a customer and I did not authorize a switch in service. After about wasting 30 minutes of my time they said they would pick the boxes up on Tuesday. In the conversation they wanted me to take the boxes back to the shipper. I told them it was not feasible and it is their problem to make all the arrangements.
On Tuesday night I called again and said the boxes were supposed to be picked up and they were still on my porch. She told me they would be picked up Wednesday, May 27. I told her that will not work. I told her my trash goes out Tuesday and the boxes would be put in the trash if they were not off my porch till then. She could not do anything to change the pick up date but she would "flag" the request.
I called back at 9am on Wednesday and spoke to an incompetent man. I asked he was a contractor or an employee of Spectrum. He said he was an employee. I told him the story and he said the boxes would be picked up Wednesday the 27th, and I told him that would not work. If they are not off my porch by Monday they would be put in the trash! He said if they could not get them, I would be billed. I told him I never authorized this order. He said I should call UPS, and I told him that was not my responsibility: it is a Spectrum problem. To end the story, he, "through his supervisor" said it would be picked up 5/22.
I called corporate to complain about this incompetent fool. They lady on the other end said it would be picked up on Friday. Should I call Fan Duel, Draft Kings, or the AG's office? We shall see.

AVOID Spectrum - the worst imaginable
I wish there were negative stars! This place MUST be avoided - like a crossing a rickety bridge over crocodile-infested waters.

First off, the service is horrible - the internet bandwidth is a rip off, never able to handle the load of two devices let alone more. I relocated out of state and cancelled my service the first week of September. I was told by Spectrum to turn in my equipment either in my original state (Maine) or turn into a Spectrum store at my new state/destination (Colorado). So I did just that, on Sept 22,2017, I entered my Colorado Spectrum store and turned in my 2 DVR's and modem with remotes. I have a receipt for such return. On Sept 27, I receive a bill for outstanding equipment. So I call customer service and say just wait until you receive your final bill and it should reflect. So I wait. On Oct 18, I receive a collections notice for $160! I enter my Colorado store and ask what happened. The CO store says they don't communicate with main Spectrum because my cancelled account was originally Time Warner (prior to being bought out). Really?

I try calling the customer service line and am on hold for an hour waiting for a supervisor. Once I get a supervisor, I'm on hold for another hour. So because this company is stuck in 1970's with their inability to communicate and inability to process a signed receipt by THEIR agent... I'm in collections. As of Nov 1, they say the equipment on the receipt is not the equipment they seek. There are 3 other pieces with different serial numbers. Sounds like one of their "stellar" installers forgot to return equipment after an upgrade or something. Why on earth would I have 6 pieces of equipment, and if for some bizarre reason I did, what benefit would I have keeping it when I'm only getting service for 3?

Do yourself a favor, and go ELSEWHERE for your entertainment needs. Reading other testimonies I can tell this company won't last long. I will NEVER return to this deceitful and corrupt company. I don't care if I have to pay an arm and a leg more, I will never do it. I have already preached the gospel about this so-called company and people are following suit by cancelling and going DirecTV.

Liars, overpriced, monopoly, and just very bad customer service!
It took Filling a complaint with the BBB to get a charge off my monthy bill and return a Apple player i didn't want, after six months of new TV service, When i open my account online the sales person said that i couldn't stream all of the channels i was going to subscribe to with my Roku player and i had to have a apple tv device to work with there DVR, after having the service installed, i tried installing my roku and guess what?, it worked as well as the apple but easier, when i called them about it, the person i spoke to told me i was told wrong and that i couldn't return a opened apple device, but Apple said had a 30 day return policy, i called several times to customer service and talked even to supervisors and they would tell me i could not return open ones, I had one i decided not to install so it was not open and i had to ship it to Spectrum, but after sending back in they still charged me for it even though they acknowledged they received it. After the second month i was calling billing and they would tell me they were trying to get it taken off, in the mean time they told me just to send them $139.80(the cost of internet, tv, dvr and one Apple tv box that i unplugged)mean while i was still trying to return the other Apple tv, every month thy keep charging me for both Apple devices, after five months i couldn't even get my local office to straight this out and i started getting a late fee plus the 5 months charge for the apple device i sent in, but i was NEVER late, but the late fee was for the receiver i sent in and was deducting from my monthly bill. I called (spectrum) and told them if the didn't get this straighten out and take this apple player back i was going to sue them, The supervisor i talked to said they will take care of this asap.The next day a agent called me said that the extra charge on my account was not for the apple device i returned but the were charging me double for the one i own so i would have it paid off sooner? WTF?. That was it... I knew i had to do something before these people destroyed my credit, so i thought i would try the BBB and file a complaint along with a million other people. But it worked, some guy a manager With Charter Communications from Akron Ohio called me and emailed me(about a week after the complaint was filled), got all of my email transcriptions and bills and review it, and told me to send the last Apple device back in, he then credited all of the fees and late charges from my account. But in less then a month after i got 3 bills from Rectum in 3 days and all three was wrong, i called the rep told him about the bills and said he forgot to take off these late fees that WAS NEVER LATE.he said he was sorry and would take care of it asap.It has been three weeks now and got my new bill and it still is not right, they have raised my internet bill in a two year price yesterday i took my DVR in to my local office dropped my TV, and can't wait for sprint to come out with 5G, i will then break ties with sprectum for good!

Beware Assuming Existing Account
This involves a Spectrum account that was in the name of a man who was married to my 93 year old Mother. He passed away in December 2019. After seeing a bill of his from Spectrum at my Mother's the first of this year I realized her phone and internet service was also tied to Spectrum so I called them in an effort to see what had to be done to drop his cable service and keep the internet and phone service for my Mother - she is very hard of hearing and needs the internet service to be able to use her CapTel phone so she can read the call conversation. I advised Spectrum of his death and the need to discontinue his cable TV service - even offered to ensure the equipment was returned, which I did. The agent helped me ensure my Mother would have phone and internet and set the account up in my name and advised of the new reduced amount. There was never any conversation about any continued cable TV billings so I was very surprised to receive a $244.86 bill in my name. I recontacted Spectrum and advised the above and was told that by assuming his account I assumed his billing which was for the service period 12-24 to 1-22. I cancelled the TV service the first week of Jan. I advised I was never told I was assuming his service or given the option of establishing new service nor was I told I would be responsible for his bill after his death. I asked for an adjustment and was not only turned down but advised the account is delinquent and without paying that outstanding balance her other services could be turned off. I also received a delinquent notice and have not even had an account in my name with them for 3 weeks and it even has a late charge on it! Spectrum is threatening to shut off service for a 93 year old hard of hearing woman who recently lost her husband who lives by herself and her only means of communicating with anyone if I don't pay the bill of a deceased person I am not even related to and never agreed to assume. I think their actions go beyond poor customer service and their sales associates should not be allowed to operate in such a deceptive manner.

Employee Speaks Out
To Mr. Rutledge,

I am E158856; that was before Charter took over the giant cable mogul. I am now referred to as P2155105.

One thing I know about sales, is that in order to close, you have to connect with the customer. If you dont have anything to relate to the person your trying to sell something to, you can lose them in a matter of minutes; two minutes to be exact. Your a numbers person Mr. Rutledge, so I figured the best way for me to gain your attention is by greeting you, instead by name, but by my alias ID that was given to me.

Mr. Rutledge, I am sending you an email with some concerns regarding my position within the company and I have made the decision of resigning due to a tumultuous 3 1/2 years in the inbound sales department also known as DSC IBS for the Raleigh, NC Division.

I feel that there has been a personal gaslight that has been targeted against me by a few supervisors and directors, whether it was because of strong dislike, or antagonistic assumptions made by their colleagues whom had their share of taking the stick and poking the bear. There has been many accounts of panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, to the point, I am currently out of work on short term disability, as a result due to manic depression, which I was diagnosed with in early August.

Although, Sales, is a tough job, Charter Spectrum, formerly Time Warner, invest in providing the tools for agents to be the best that he or she can be on the phones, in order for them to succeed in closing and decreasing average handle time.

These same tools, Mr. Rutledge you invest in, are the tools used to corporately abuse me with secret shoppers, supervisors friends, or close relatives, purposely routed through the Avaya Telephony system, portrayed as customers in order to see how far could entertain my breaking points. I have had countless ex-Spectrum employees on my line, whom have made it blantantly clear which department they work with, call my line just to see how far they could get with such amusement.

One of the biggest tricks or enjoyments from Directors and Supervisors, is the rerouting or disconnecting a sales call so that I couldnt get the sale. I remember distinctly last year, April of 2016 or Spring 2016, Director of CSG Sales, Deia Woods, and DSC Supervisor Tawanna Ransby, on a Friday afternoon, where I had flexed hours from 9-6am, while on a sales call, I was talking with a customer, I had seen where my phone had beeen disconnected and resetted on the Avaya system and seen where Deia had committed the automation from her computer. Although Woods and Ransby acted as if it wasnt noticeable, they tried to make it seem as if they didnt do anything.

Ironically, Deia Woods, has been the greatest influence in my stress condition. Since transitioning from Outbound Sales to Inbound, I feel as if Deia Woods has had a personal gripe with me which I cant fathom as to why? Surprisingly, Deia was the person whom interviewed me for the position. It was brought to my attention that when Deia went to her Winners Circle trip two years ago, she boasted about how poorly my numbers were as if making some sort of bet that I wouldnt make it within the company much longer.

Deia Woods went as far, one Saturday morning trying to convince DSC Supervisor Kenneth Sureles to get me to resign so that he wouldnt have to terminate me being that I had such poor percentages and numbers. Of course at the time, Frank Pedrayes, who was my director, knew about the situation and seemed ambivalent about the matter which, to me, meant he didnt care what I did. How did Frank know? When I decided that I wasnt going to resign, Kenneth refused to give me my badge and spoke to Frank Pedrayes in his office regarding the matter. Which, as a director, I would assume, Pedrayes would have at this time, intervene in the matter.

As months passed, Directors changed, as well as supervisors, I was passed over to Kimberly Dooner, whom would be my standing supervisor. I assumed that change would allow me to give a leader another chance in which ended up being a nightmare. Kimberly Dooner, was the supervisor known for having all males on her team, yet I was singled out, and another prospect for gaslighting once again. Based upon my previous supervisor, she treated me on the basis of what my profile exemplified. She didnt give me the chance to see my actual potential.
I can remember during the Christmas season of 2014 when I was the only agent receiving multiple calls and she laughed and joked with another agent about my calls and how my yield was much lower than others for that particular day. Of course that didnt make my day any better but to have my leader laugh at me just made things worse. Not to mention, how she urged me to try and setup a customer with multiple pastdue debts just got entered percentages, and as she claimed, asked for forgiveness later even though i wouldnt have received credit for.

During one of my coachings between Kimberly and myself, she even threatened to fire me over a disagreement with one of my calls where I felt as if she was purposes unrating me. I remember going out for almost a week in IOP due to stress and seekers therapy where I had my first panic attack and was rushed to WakeMed emergency room. That month, while battling just to make it off a final, I suffered with a $200 commission, while my peers enjoyed $4000 and able to provide their families with gifts.

The straw that broke the camels back, as the saying goes, is my dealings with Ramy Maky, whom decided to torch the gaslight a little higher than his peers. During the end of Summer 2017, I had seen a major decline in my percentages and yields, which were identifiable and unrealistic for the work that I was doing each day. There was a discrepancy regarding my commission due to a false sales agent that was using my ID in California, yet Ramy stated that I was only for a month, yet when he decided to look further into my profile, he started to become less "loud" in regards of finding a resolution. The supervisor-agent relationship was very toxic and went as far as stating, "no supervisor wants to work with you"; not to mention the corrective action for selling a customer but because I didn't say it or sell it the way he wanted me based upon my verbiage, he gives me a corrective action resulting to a written warning.

Mr. Rutledge, your probably asking, Sir, why would you wait this long to not say anything? Well, that's a question I cannot provide an answer to you for. The fear of retaliation which would lead towards far much worst than manipulations of my EID, Avaya, colleagues friends-fake customers, etc. Data is no longer available due to constant expunging of my computer, supposedly considered a routine maintenance, I'm sure everything I say is null and void. I assume, this email will be set with other agents, whom seem to have similar distortions and so-call 'made-up' stories. But after carefully, consideration, I have decided to email you my concerns. Will anything come of this matter, I assume not, but I'm free from such Hell. I don't have to worry about the constant depression and worry. That has caused, an eviction, late payments, and discrepancies with what is owed.

E158856, P2155105


Unbelievable - if they can screw it up they will
Started with Time Warner installing a modem upstairs as far from where we "live" as possible, 12 + years of bad internet reception, walking up and down 3-4 times a day to reset the modem & router. Finally after 12+ years of terrible reception & about 10 service calls, a guy tells me he can put a second modem in our den (upstairs now phone, downstairs now internet). Why couldn't any of the others do that? Great internet? But then the prices skyrocketed! So we took channels, extra box off... then home phone but turned off the wrong modem and we lost internet. But they insisted they didn't, wouldn't believe me! Made me turn the box off/on, off/on, off/on, for an hour. I was patient, finally asked for a visit. Guy comes immediately believes me, fixes it, takes the box. Then we find the alarm won't work w/o home phone or it costs $150 to set up alarm with cells! So we ask to turn home phone back on (no problem) go get modem, call to get it turned on. The woman I get turns off the other modem (you don't need that now). NO! I told her what they'd done with the internet two days ago, went without it for 20 hours. I laughed & said I would find her & kill her. She knew I was joking because she then asked why we need 2 modems. I had to go thru the 15 minute explanation that TW gave me. Why does she need that? Just turn on the stupid modem! After 15 minutes of explanation, I was done. I gave the phone to my husband. No one was there! She had put me on hold and transferred me! He's now been on the phone with someone else for about 15 minutes! You would THINK their records would show we had/have TWO modems and why! No one knows what's going on! Still no home phone working! Oh and why did we want to turn off home phone? Between 20-30 junk calls a day? Their answer? Install nomorobo. We have it. Hmmm... So now the guy my husband is talking to turned on the phone and turned off the internet modem AGAIN! He said he had to turn both off to fix the problem. Both stayed off for about 30 minutes then he turned both on. Finally everything works but what a mess. And what a messed up system they have! The last guy was nice and helpful but their system stinks!

I couldn't hate this company more than I do
I used to have ATT internet, but when I moved I was forced to go with Spectrum due to some legal issue that prevents ATT from being in my area to prevent a monopoly. Spectrum is a horrible company to deal with. I set up on autopay, so I haven't logged into my account in probably over a year. I do not remember my login, and when I request a password change, the verification code that send never works. When I call and enter the phone number associated with the account, I am told that there are two accounts linked to my phone number (no), and when it asks for the street address of the account I am calling about, it says that my address doesn't match their records. So, I have no access to my account. They call and harass me regularly at work to offer me TV service, even though I tell them every time that I am not interested. I have no other options for internet in my area (how is this protecting consumers?), so I have to deal with their $#*!, or not have internet. I hate Spectrum with a passion. They are so concerned with sending weekly letters telling me that I qualify for their TV bundle, their phone bundle, and whatever else, but they can't even maintain a working website that allows people to retrieve a forgotten password. They sent me a letter that my service is being upgraded for free to "up to 200Mps". For a couple weeks it was jacked up to close to 200, then it promptly dropped lower than it was before, and now hovers somewhere about the 50 mark all the time. Also, the router has decided to start dropping devices at random, which it never did in the previous two years. I am guessing it has something to do with one of their router updates. My phone, my computer, my wife's laptop, daughters laptop, Ipads, Netflix all just randomly disconnect at any given time (individually, other devices stay connected). The only way to fix this is to unplug the router to restart it, disconnecting everyone.

Spectrum not offering major networks & local channels in streaming package?
If you are in a situation where Spectrum isn't including the major networks and local channels in your package, I recommend getting a digital over-the-air converter box and antenna. When tv went digital I didn't have cable and had to buy a box and antenna since I missed the free giveaway. After some research, I decided to get a Roku box to stream the cable channels I like through Sling, and use my digital tv adapter (Luckily I had kept it!) for over the air channels like network and local. And, doing that also gives me channels that aren't available on cable like Comet and Escape. I If I want other optional channels that aren't included in either place such as HBO, The Disney Channel or Pandora music, I would pay a small monthly fee to get them. Spectrum does offer a streaming channel on Roku but you still have to pay for their cable subsciption to use it. Typical! But with Roku and Sling there's no contact, no equipment rental, and a technician doesn't have to come to set it up. It's easy! One thing though: you have to have Wi-Fi since the service is sent through the internet. That price would have to be included in the overall cost. So I paid a one -time $36 for the Roku box, my Sling subscription is $25 a month, I pay $5 a month for the optional addition of having CBS All Access, and my internet costs $15 a month (I signed up when it was still Time Warner and had a promotion for basic service at that price and it was grandfathered into Spectrum) for a total of $45 month for live tv and some on demand content! The additional outlay for someone else might be more depending on what equipment they have to buy- but it's cheap; even cheaper if bought used. I hope people will re- think having Spectrum as their cable provider and go in this direction. It's easier, more choices are available, and far less expensive! So everyone... Please feel free to copy and send this review to others. I'm sure someone will appreciate the information!

Reasons You Can't Just Change Your Brand
I often watch the commercials because it is all just about an act. It isn't even about your slogan but more about noticing that people aren't obligated to do anything that involves real work. This brings another concern up because the companies who're suppose to be handling things in a professional manner are not. I am going to use spectrum as an example because always come on trying to dunk on direct television. Spectrum is contracted through your apartment complex which must agree to let them do work in their respected areas. This means if he isn't allowed to do work there that he probably won't tell you and his job is done. Because you are not his first concern at all. Then when you call in wondering what the heck happened nobody has the right information because they are not obligated to tell you anything important. You are more clueless at this point when you get on the phone with them and they're recording your every minute with them on the line.

This way anything you agree to can be played back if you even get these suckers in a court room but somehow the guy who pays out the ass for direct television almost seems to be getting the better deal. He seems to be locked in by contracts and paying for his service which is doing well. Little do you know that his provider makes him pay just like spectrum does while they're doing maintenance on nodes that have fallen down off the wire. Oh what's even better than this is that someone like me has to call them out of the blue and be like hey bro your node fell off the wire. I just happened to be walking outside and saw that you're still charging all your customers but you don't care right? Over all grande communications mocks the snot out of them from what I can tell by showing that they're at least balancing out everyone's radio frequency channels. It is even kind of catchy to see the guy balancing out the ballerinas feet with the way he needs them to be.

Long term and loyal customers lose
Technicians don't show up like supposed to and late without you calling
After I was on phone for over 2 hours with several representatives from the organization. I find it unacceptable as a VERY dissatisfying as and loyal customer that my rates are continuously being changed and increasing. I'm trying to be convinced into downgrading my service to keep the same rate amount we current have and being told that I'm getting a good deal when in fact I'm losing out on extra services and features. I spoke to 5 Representatives yesterday and I was told different information from each one and different rate amounts. Not even the two supervisors that I spoke to can't even come up with the same calculations. I think this is absolutely ridiculous; and it has changed my outlook, opinion and most importantly my trust about spectrums organization all together. Each time I've called which hasn't been that often in the past 5 years, my family has had a financial dilemma, not one representative from spectrum is able to assist or help. All I get is a representative only offering me to downgrade my service in order to either keep the same amount or upgrade my service by paying more. The current service I have and the amount I was paying prior to downgraded has been way too much economically and unable to afford. I have an excellent credit and payment history with them. I have been very displeased with the transition from Time Warner to Spectrum. Time Warner seem to care more about their customers and Spectrum is all about upgrading paying more, greedy; and especially the lack of knowledge from many representatives to be all on one page has resulted into my family looking elsewhere for our bundle service. My bill has drastically increased in the last year but I have done what I can to stay with Spectrum. remove channels even before my promotion is over by collecting the same amount but taking away some of my agreed contracted channels. They saw I have a higher speed internet but our computer always runs slow and freezes. I Ieel there is no other alternative and to look elsewhere for service that my family will able to afford. I wanted to express my frustrations and overall dissatisfied and disappointment in Spectrum not offering a loyal and long term customer nothing; no affordable options without downgrading, losing out more and/or changing our current status. We have expressed not being appreciated by offering any special deals, discounts, Perks or movie channels with no obligation and just receiving alternative motives and a bunch of sales pitch or paying extra. My family and I are definitely planning on leaving in a few months. Unfortunately due to all the number of attempts I've made to Spectrum and speaking to employee who don't have a care in the world has resulted into my anger and frustration in this company. Spectrum has failed my family; and also retaining our business as a life long customers even though getting a call from a supervisor which resulted into nothing being done in the end because employee's hands are tied. Shame in you Spectrum. Stop paying more on your advertisement gimmicks and your celebrities endorsements and put out more emphasis and benefits towards your long time good standing customer; and especially more on caring for your customers and long term retaining them.

Spectrum: The Last Straw
After eighteen months of Spectrum Cable in our house, its time to say goodbye. The continued raiding of our channel lineup has become such an issue that it was decided upon by family members months ago when the last raid occurred, that wed move our business to another provider when and if the next one happened. The back of last months bill had a curious little message about adjusting our package (yet again) and w out actually saying were going to skim the current package, I knew that is exactly what they were going to do. So I called and of course had to wade through automation alley. None of the programmed sayings ever match what I really want to say, you have to wonder like I have the other times I had to try and get answers, are they really just trying to discourage the customer from getting a real answer? You could easily see why some would elect to hang up and just put up w Spectrums dodgy way of doing business. However after so many incidents coming out the losing end of the consumer spectrum, weve decided to leave.
I was told last month that there was no worry, that our package was only going to see the PAC12 channel disappear and nothing more. Since no one counted that a loss we went about our business and lo and behold last week, The Movie Channels (171/72/73) are no more. Having endured double speak from a so called operator last summer when Spectrum disappeared an entire swath of channels in the 700s, I knew there was no point bothering w them, as they havent seemed to care about channel raiding since they began service in place of Time Warner.
Any time I have had to call Spectrum and try and get answers it always leaves me angry and dissatisfied. Compared to our past providers, Spectrum is really low rent. Apart from a few flowery letters in the beginning stating how Spectrum was going to love us into the next millennium, and provide us w service the likes of which weve never seen, they NEVER bothered to update our cable packages. With so many channels now gone from our package, we reckon we know why they didnt attempt to send us any updated package information.
Several months ago Spectrum apparently had an issue w Viacom, without any indication things were wrong, three of the four MTV channels suddenly stopped availability on our lineup. I called and when finally connected to someone claiming to be customer service, I was told it was all on Viacom and Spectrum had no liability at all. He didnt seem to understand that I indeed was aware Viacom could demand a reconstruction of product availability, resulting in channels being unavailable. What he didnt seem to get was that Spectrum should have at least let us know that there were possible issues regarding our channel lineup that were not going to leave us happy w the service.

The practice of raiding a customers channel lineup over and over isnt considered good business practice anywhere in the world that I have lived. Spectrum seems to excel at it and it has left us vowing NEVER to do business w them again. After the numerous fruitless conversations with their so called customer service agents seeking some sort of satisfaction, weve grown tired of accepting this as a normal way to do business. In eighteen months the bill has risen from 109$ to 120$, small to some but to an elderly lady it starts to add up. With no real feeling of satisfaction during the last year and a half, and seemingly no care on Spectrums part well happily explore what else is on offer from another provider. I have to laugh now when I see their adverts on TV, what they promise is something they really dont deliver on. Judging from the many, many complaints found here and elsewhere on line Im not alone in being dissatisfied w Spectrum. We were aware of the shoddy phone and internet service from the start, so we never got screwed there, but many have, just read.

Absolutely horrendous customer service, the worst I have ever had from ANY company
When my cable bill recently went up to $138/month (out of the blue) when the ONLY thing I ever use is the Internet, I called them to "officially" switch to Internet only (before then, it was actually cheaper to have more than 1 service than Internet only -- makes no sense). Anyway, the rep set me up for a $75/month Internet package, but I would need a new modem, so he ordered one and said it would take 3-5 business days to come in.
So as of today it's been a week with no modem, so I did the online chat asking if could track when my modem would be in. They said the modem order from the week before had been CANCELED -- they could not give me a reason, and they had not emailed me or called me or put a note on my account, NOTHING. They transferred me to Sales so the order could be put through AGAIN, which seemed to go fine, then they transferred me to Billing so I could ask for a credit since I am still paying the $138/month rate due to their being late (and apparently incompetent).
Well, the BILLING rep on chat said there was NO RECORD of my order for the modem today; I said it just got done and maybe that was why she wasn't seeing it, and she said the Sales person couldn't even DO it so she didn't know why the Sales person had said she not only COULD do it, but DID do it. Needless to say I was flabbergasted and asked to speak to a supervisor so I could get the order to go through.
So now I'm transferred to her supervisor Nicholas, who is one of the worst "customer service" reps I've ever dealt with. He said yes, the order HAD gone through -- the previous rep just couldn't see it yet. (I said I had suggested that could be the reason, but the other rep had said no, that couldn't be it. Idiot.) He offered me a whole $10 credit on my bill. I said not only had the first order been canceled with no reason and no notification, but now I'd been on chat for TWO HOURS and had been given bad info by reps. He insisted that $10 was it, and did I want it?
Well, of course, but I also want customer service reps to actually know what they're doing and not give bad info.
If I had another choice for Internet around here, I'd switch in a heartbeat. Spectrum STINKS. In the past I was able to go to my local office and THEIR service was always great -- but my local office is now closed due to COVID-19 so I can only deal with reps online or on the phone. Absolutely disgraceful service, but they don't seem to care.

Don't bother contacting Kathleen Mayo, Vice President
For years I had been paying Spectrum for 10mbps of fiber internet, pri, and the cost of construction to bring fiber internet into my office building (approx. $600 mo total) per our original contract. After that contract expired and the cost of construction was paid, I signed a new Spectrum contract in June 2017 that dropped the pri and continued to provide fiber internet (see attached). The June 2017 contract also increased my speed 25mbps and lowered the monthly payment to $399 mo. Unfortunately, our bank auto pay remained in place and we continued to pay the $600 rate to Spectrum on auto pilot. Once I discovered our over payment, I contacted Spectrum. After no actions on my issue I escalated and sent an email to Kathleen Mayo, Vice President of Customer Service.

I finally got a call and spoke to her executive DeWayne Rick. Mr. Rick told me that Spectrum, for reasons I do not know, apparently never "provided the new service" under the new contract, but yet removed the pri service per the new contract. Other than that, Spectrum just left the old slower speed service in place at the same rate of $600 for 10mbps which included pri service that I was no longer receiving.
Notwithstanding the fact that the cost of construction was also paid in full at the conclusion of the prior contract. The fact that I signed a new contract with Spectrum apparently made no difference. Mr. Rick, firmly argued that in any event, I had 60 days to dispute the bill and since that time has passed to dispute, Spectrum is unwilling to take any action. I voiced my disagreement and asked about Spectrum simply doing the right thing and not exploiting the situation to keep the obvious over payment. His response was they will not do anything and gave a bold suggestion to file complaints with the FCC, Better Business bureau, and others, and told me to have a nice day.

Following the conversation, I emailed the above to Ms. Mayo and requested that she call me personally, hoping for an ethical and reasonable person. The following day, I got another call from Mr. Rick saying he already told me Spectrum's position, with Ms. Mayo's affirmation and their legal department. Thus, she will not be calling me. With another closing of have a nice day.

More expensive, less service.
Had Time Warner for years. Cable and internet. I didn't think it was possible to be worse at customer service than Time Warner. Spectrum proved me wrong.

The prices went up. There's no negotiating with them at all. We lost channels. Including the Local Weather Radar map that could save your life if there were a tornado. don't even know what it was when you call to tell them to PUT IT BACK.

The internet speeds have dropped. You have to "press any button to continue watching" the cable. So if you have your TV on to give the impression that someone is hope, forget it. Spectrum would like to see you robbed. I'm guessing it's a professional courtesy to the other thieves? They TURN OFF YOUR CABLE if they think you're not watching it. Yeah. You read that right. They turn it off. You pay for 24 hour access. But they turn it off to save bandwidth and then lie about it. "You must have the power saver option turned on". No. I don't.

Calling in because someone cut your cable while they were mowing the grass? Well they won't send anyone to fix it because "no one else has called about an outage". Yeah. It's not an outage, genius. And it if were? They would lie about that too.

I just went through an internet outage. In fact my whole neighborhood did. Their solution? To tell me to run a speed test. As if I could with the INTERNET BEING OUT. Then they offered to give me the phone number to the manufacturer of my router. Again implying that an outage is somehow the customer's problem, not theirs.

These scumbags go to unbelievable lengths to never admit to fault, to never have to fix anything and then TRY TO BILL YOU for making them do their jobs.

I pay $200 a month for internet and cable. This is the last straw. I'm looking for a new provider.

Spectrum - a Rip off Internet Service Provider (Update)
I acquired Time-Warner's Everyday Low Price Internet plan about six years ago as I'm not a gamer and I don't stream movies from NetFlix. I just enjoy reading the news and making occasional online purchases. So I didn't feel the need to pay for Hi speed internet. Time Warner was a pretty good plan with decent service.

About 5 years ago Time-Warner was bought out by AT &T who sold off the
Cable service to Charter Communication's Spectrum.

Right from the start I began getting calls from their representatives for me to upgrade my service, add phone, TV and what not which I declined. I have my own broadband phone installation which works fine so I didn't need another. At the same time I was
Receiving saturated mailings from Spectrum informing me of what extra service
Packages I could order. The phrase not interested' has absolutely no meaning to the company.

In December of 2018, I opened my Spectrum bill and found that it had jumped 25 percent, down slightly from the 33 percent increase of 2017. I promptly called them to discover the reason for the latest increase.

The Representative I talked with either wasn't very knowledgeable of Spectrum
Plans or was deliberately misleading me on the various options. It's likely a corollary of the axiom "Tell customer anything to get the job or keep the service."

The Time-Warner Everyday Low Price (ELP) Internet plan is no longer offered on the Spectrum Website and the company will not let customers sign up
For that plan even though my monthly bill continues to show the ELP
Selection. />
After informing me several times that Time-Warner no longer exists and that essentially I didn't have a right to the ELP service at Spectrum, she continued to evade my
Questions on the reason for the price increases. After much persistence on my part she finally told me that Spectrum initiated a company wide price increase.

However, despite the representative's assertions, the pricing increases appear to be some sort of punitive measure to force the consumer on to a plan of the company's
Choosing rather than honoring the user's preference. There's also nothing like subsidizing Spectrum's acquisition costs for Time Warner.

Today's business strategies concentrate on forcing customer's to buy services don't need or want at outrageous prices in a captive market created by government regulations and other federal enablers. Remember Net Neutrality. A half baked government plan to equalize broadband speeds, no blocking access or throttling traffic,

Broadband competition is intentionally muted to force prices upward and holdovers from less expensive plans are targeted for forced upgrades: />
I'm not alone in experiencing Spectrum's abusive rate hikes; Charter Communications has lost roughly 100,000 subscribers during the switch from Time -Warner Cable to
Spectrum. Here are more customer's thoughts:

"After being a customer for 18 years they are trying to increase prices well above their ongoing advertised prices of TV Service, Internet Service."

"When Spectrum purchased Time Warner I kept getting letters in the mail from Spectrum stating save $10 to switch to Spectrum, reading the fine details, year two would increase by $10, year 3 would be what ever going rate is. I just hit year 2 and price went up $20. I called and spoke to 5 people. All said I am getting the correct rate. If anyone has a copy of the letter to prove me right or wrong would be appreciated" Read
More Spectrum complaints at: />
Spectrum offerings differ from locale to locale usually pushing phone, Internet and TV services at three to four times the cost of Internet alone. The cheapest Internet
Offering I saw was a promotional at $44 per month soon to become $65 a month. And Spectrum only offers two speed tiers 60 Mbps and 100 Mbps, "with no data caps, usage-based pricing or additional modem fees," according to a recent company press release.

60 Mbps =
$64.99 ($53.99 for customers who also have Spectrum TV)*100 Mbps =
$104.99 ($93.99 for customers who also have Spectrum TV)*

I asked the Rep if there were any changes to my broadband speed. Spectrum responded that I'm getting 3.5 MB service but clocking the Internet speed with Speedtest shows 2.3Mbps.,
Download at 3.02 Mbps; Upload 0.25 Mbps

Spectrum's own speed test is pretty comparable with a slightly higher Upload speed at 0.5 Mbps but these will vary from day to day based on traffic load, etc.

Both tests confirm that I'm getting less than 3.5 Mbps service so either the Rep doesn't
Know what speed is supposed to come with Time-Warner's old ELP service or one
Gets whatever the company feels like providing.

In Oct of this year (2019) I received a notice from Spectrum that they were increasing my monthly fee for ELP service $3.00 which now totals $27.99 per month for an alleged speed increase that I didn't request. So I performed another speed test (same independent source as above) which now shows me getting 4.65 Mbps download speed and 1.93 Mbps upload speed an actual overall increase from what I had before. In reality, there should have been NO COST increase because I demonstrated that I was not getting what I was paying for originally so their speed increase simply brought me in line with what I was supposed to be getting in the first place. Interestingly enough Spectrum would NOT let me check my internet connection speed using their platform as I did earlier. Instead you get two choices from their results screen, Login' and View'. (See the attached screen shots.) I didn't try the login choice because I would either have to create an account or use my existing one, slick method huh?

They must have read my earlier review because now when you click on their second choice 'View" it's nothing more than detailed plan advertising including projected' speeds for different packages. You never get an actual speed result for your connection. While I was there a window popped up asking me how I would rate my site experience. I replied with a zero' and another window immediately popped up asking me to explain why I gave that rating, which I did. It's obvious Spectrum doesn't want to provide evidence that speeds provided aren't up to what they advertise. So the bottom line is that deceptive advertising laws are worth exactly nothing.

I would still rate Spectrum at zero if the ReviewFeeder system would allow me for Spectrum's deceptive business practices, disingenuous advertising, credit billing irregularities, minimal plan choices and unwillingness to allow people to keep their current plan and an endless solicitation harassment to upgrade services from both mail and phone calls.

Spectrum is a dud, best to avoid it.

There thief's
Be carful going there. I went there to get a low tire fixed. Had to go back 2 time to finally get it fixed right. tried to sell me new tires when mine where fine. Trying to Use scare tactics on me. When that didn't work they then tried to tell me my rims where bad and tried to sell me new rims. I will never go back there again.

Loyal Customer Cast Aside
I've had Spectrum for almost 1.5 years, always paid early/on time. A few weeks ago, I decided to upgrade from the 400mbps Ultra plan to the gig plan. Easy, right? Keep in mind, all of the story below happens in the span of 6 days...

Tech 1 comes out on a Saturday morning (8am) and he's in and out in 45 minutes. He provides a "new" router and says to give it until midnight before the speeds kick in. I thought that was weird, but okay.

By Sunday at 9pm, I have slower speeds than I had before the upgrade. Call Tech Support, and Tech 2 comes out on Tuesday. The tech checks EVERYTHING-- the tap, the box at my house, the lines... 3 hours later, still same speed.

Call tech support again and she sees a lot of variance in the decibels in my line... definitely not right, so she sends Tech 3 out to my house. Another 3 hours... keep in mind I'm missing work during these visits.

The final conclusion is the Tech 1 gave me a refurb router. The router wasn't pushing 1 gig signal direct connect to the router, it was barely pushing 400mbps-500mbps. Tech 3 replaced the router, now all is fine.

I called customer service to get the $199 install fee waived as compensation for 3 visits, and 7 hours of my time (far cheaper than paying me for the hours lost at work), and after 3 calls, 2 supervisors, and an escalation by the "Retention" Dept management, the rep was ready to let me cancel my service after denied my refund request. I'll spell it out... this company was willing to let a loyal customer who is now paying $105/mo. Walk away over a $199 fee because they do not understand what customer service is.

You know the saddest part? EVERYONE I spoke with --- install techs, tech support, reps on the phone --- they were all very nice. It was the management that let me down. So, take this experience for what it is, and AVOID this company. Go with AT&T.


Spectrum is a Petri Dish!
Do not work for this place! It's a Petri Dish, and the reason there will be a huge virus outbreak in Clark County WA. say they care, but they really don't. It's all smoke and mirrors. The reason the Call Center isn't in the area that Spectrum services, is because no one would work for them, and angry customers would be at the office door. They know not to "#sh-*t$" where they sleep. They will hire ANYONE!... oh, but you're special :) Every call is about how horrible the products and services are. Every call is an angry customer that Spectrum allows to use racial and sexiest slurs against it's Billing Agents. As long as the customer pays, that's all that matters to them. Of course, they try to convince you of otherwise. Spectrum gouges, and prays on seniors and the poor, by making pricing and billing as confusing as possible. Not to mention slowly increasing the bill or adding products, like a land-line, that the customer never ordered. They offer a IVR system, by which the customer is supposed to be able to make payments for free. However, it never works, and the customer is instantly transferred to an agent, where the payment can be made for a $5.00 fee. I was paid $15/hr, but Spectrum made twice that, an hour, on payment fees. This place is Garbage! They terminated me because I refused to work in their petri dish. I was told they constantly wipe down common surfaces. However, the virus is spread by aerosol, and in a Call Center, aerosol is constantly being created. They roll out the red carpet when you interview, but at the end of that red carpet, is a big kick in the REAR END. Stay clear! I'm putting together a group to picket this place. You must have a hazmat suit, goggles, and a v1 face mask. I'll provide the signs. Lets get this crap out of our community. I'll be in front at every hiring event. I have to give them a star, in order to post this. SMFH

Good battery. Stupid packages
I purchased 2032 3V batteries 8 pack. It shows "Child Secure + bitter coating". I can't get into the package with scissors, knives etc. not only have the cardboard but each battery is enclosed in an individual plastic casing that is so tight to the batter that I can't get it out without seriously scratching the battery thus causing potential leakage and blowout. I contacted Duracell only to be told that the batteries are set up to be child proof. Child and Adult proof. Then the gave me "storage" instructions. Seriously POOR customer service and support. NOT a fan of Duracell anymore!

Overcharged Over & Over... RUN AWAY!
I have been with Spectrum for years & was overall somewhat satisfied with their Cable, but not so much with their internet service. My promotional offer ran out & my bill skyrocketed a couple months back so I called & was offered another promo that would keep my bill at the same rate. I was shocked to find be billed $28 extra that month but figured I'd give them time to apply the promo & I'd see the credit on the next bill.
Next Month- The next bill is charged & is $15 over the agreed upon rate so I call back. Spectrum states this is my rate with the new promo & refuses to pull the recordings as proof. I let her know I'll be canceling service as this bill is too high & not only do refuse to honor agreement, they refuse to research it.
Fine & agreed so I begin looking for a new carrier, find one with a much better rate & reviews, so I setup service. As soon as we receive equipment I call Spectrum back to cancel. I'm given a final bill which is not pro-rated, not the agreed upon rate, yet I'm being billed for a full month of service when I haven't even used 2 weeks, & it not even the correct rate, AGAIN.
I'm on the phone for 30 mins today, not to mention the time spent on the calls the previous 2 months, & I get nowhere. I chat & finally get it escalated to someone that can help. I'm assured they want to fix this for me so I give them plenty more of my time chatting back & forth.
My Answer- Yes, they see that I was offered a promotional rate, but also had a rate increase which is the reason I'm being billed higher.
WAIT- this happened the same month it was offered, how is this possible much less good business. After threats of escalating the matter & writing reviews the Man found that I was correct. I was billed $28 extra the first month, almost $15 extra the second month so he will issue a $43 credit.
GREAT- Are you going to also pro-rate this final bill since I spoke with Spectrum about canceling & was never notified of such a policy?
Answer- Absolutely NOT...
So you're telling me that I've paid for service over the years when there were outages & never offered a credit, then offered a rate that doesn't exist, overcharged twice in a row, argued with multiple times about how I wasn't overcharged, to then agree that I was. Now, I'm going to be charged for a full month of service when Spectrum dropped the ball again, & you refuse to pull the recordings as proof.
Wow, this whole thing is unbelievable & it's appalling that you originally refused to research anything, decided to research part of the problem, & your bottom line is you are going to overcharge me again because you refuse to research the information provided to me.
I would have thought such a large company would stand by the information provided to their customers, within reason. I couldn't have been more wrong. What a awful experience & a horrible company to do business with. I have no problem paying my final bill once corrected, but Absolutely refuse to allow them to overcharge me once again. They've definitely lost my business for life.

Worst service I've ever had!
I don't even know where to begin... will do everything they can to rip off a customer. For several months they charged us a wireless/router fee when we use our own. When they came out to install it, something got messed up and every time the power would go out, we would have to factory reset our modem to be able to activate its wireless. Just a month ago, after about 8 months of issues and complaints, another technician came out to check if a different wall jack would work. Now the wireless on the modem works without having to reset factory settings. To me, this seems like they were trying to force us to use one of their modems so they could get additional money. Calls about this problem never changed anything. In fact, they blamed the modem itself even though it worked prior to them messing with something outside.

For the past few months we've had additional charges to our account. Auto pay is and has been set up since installation yet we constantly get late fees (and yes, there is plenty of money in the bank.) Every month we have to call to get it straightened out. The price suddenly went up an extra $10 without any warning. Not a big deal but would be nice to at least get some kind of notification ahead of time.

Customer service, in my experience thus far, has been some of the nastiest and rudest people I've ever talked to. It's to the point where we get very rude back because no matter how calm or nice you talk to them, they still treat you like dirt and always blame the customer.

We've had to have them go back on prior recorded conversations to justify a price or a fee waiver because the next month it gets added right back on, again, without any warning. They are also VERY persistent on trying to force additional services onto you even though you tell them no several times. It gets to the point where you just hang up on them because they don't want to take no for an answer.

If I could give them 0/5 stars, I would. Sadly, where I live there are no other options aside from satellite internet which I find very expensive and unreliable.

Worst Company Ever
Worst Company Ever! I've been stuck with my "internet only" account with Spectrum for over 2 years because have a monopoly in my area. Sadly, they are the only provider servicing my apartment complex. Spectrum is so bad that I've even joined Waitlists for AT&T and other Internet Providers requesting notification when they will be able to provide future service here.

Technicians Did Not Show Up for Confirmed Appointments. From the very beginning, Spectrum's Telephone Staff were incompetent and unprofessional. As a Disabled Senior moving into a new apartment, I wanted Spectrum to install my internet system so I would not inadvertently cause any "user errors." In total, it took 3 "no-show" appointments before a Technician finally came out and installed the equipment.

When complaining about the no-show Technicians, Spectrum told me their excuses for not showing up to my confirmed appointments include: (1) There was nothing on "their" appointment schedule. My thinking = Since the Technicians work for Spectrum, they should have the same appointment schedule; (2) The job before mine took too long and the Technician did not have time to come to my house. My thinking = They should have called to let me know instead of leaving me waiting for hours for someone they knew was never coming; (3) They could not get on the property because of construction work. My thinking = This was a total LIE! This is a well-established apartment complex that is not under construction. This Technician is a LIAR! And that makes Spectrum liars. It seems that part of the Technician's scheduling and attitude problems result from Spectrum using (and not controlling) Outside Vendors instead of their own employees.

Dysfunctional Telephone Staff. My observation of the interactions between Spectrum Telephone Staff and their field Technicians is one of dysfunctionality. Whatever scheduling systems they use – or do not use – are not effective. These issues are exacerbated by the chaos within Spectrum's internal departments and the almost impossible path it took to speak to the "right" person. The amount of hoops I had to jump through to speak with the department which handled my exact and particular problem were astounding. Bad management and even worse organization.

Frankly, the disorganization and way the Telephone Staff handled Customers made me think I was dealing with multiple companies, not just one. I was given conflicting information by the Telephone Staff several times and discovered they did not always take notes, so when I called back no one knew what was going on. This was extremely frustrating because I had to keep reexplaining the issues every time I called. Finally, after a telephone conversation with an EXTEMELY DRUNK Telephone Staff, I began to understand why Spectrum sucks. Between waiting for "no-show" Technicians and the multiple follow-up telephone calls, my time was wasted over and over again. Unfortunately, there were many, many calls (in addition to the Technician appointment problems) that I was forced to make because Spectrum was incompetent and could not execute the simple task of setting up an internet account.

Spectrum Delivered Two Sets of Internet Equipment. Inadvertently, Spectrum sent us 2 sets of internet equipment. Surprisingly, not all Spectrum Telephone Staff were aware of this when I tried to get someone to pick-up the equipment. And those who realized the mistake told me I had to physically return the second set of equipment myself to one specific location, which meant driving about 30 minutes each way. Spectrum flatly refused to pick up the equipment. My Thinking: Why should I have to spend an hour + of my time and trouble and gas returning equipment I did not order? I have back injuries and do not want to schlep boxes of equipment and wires because Spectrum is too unprofessional to correct their own mistake.

And even when the Technician finally arrived (after 3 failed attempts) to install the ordered set of equipment, he refused to take the duplicate set. He belligerently refused to take the second unordered set because he was afraid it might get lost in the warehouse and he would be held responsible. My Thinking: Is this guy lazy? Is he a liar? Or are Spectrum's warehouses a horrific unorganized mess? Naturally, I phoned Spectrum to complain because they told me the Technician would take the equipment. And I certainly did not want to be charged for something I did not order. Finally, after asking to speak to the Supervisor's Supervisor, Spectrum agreed to pick up the unordered equipment they incorrectly sent me. Again, Spectrum's incompetence and bad attitudes created unnecessary frustration and a huge waste of time.

Cheating on Monthly Fees. Spectrum was also dishonest about the monthly fees they charged. When I first signed up, one of the few professional Telephone Staff I spoke with told me that Spectrum would raise my bill after a year. Because they do not have a viable plan for low-income people (see "Alternate Plan" discussed below), she confided in me that Spectrum had the ability to keep the monthly fee the same. As predicted, a year later Spectrum raised my bill by over 10% -- even though I got nothing in exchange for it. But when I called Spectrum Billing, they refused to keep the monthly fee the same and basically said, "Too bad for you. We're still raising your bill. The other woman did not tell you the truth." So which Spectrum employee was lying? My guess is the Billing Telephone Staff.

And Spectrum raised my monthly fee again after the second year. But this time they raised it almost 20%. When I called the Billing Department this time about the increase, they had a new story. Now the Billing Department told me I was initially given a 2-year contract and discount when I first signed up and had been receiving "credits" for the past 2 years. Now, my credits are finished. Well, this is news to me. I did not have a contract, let alone a 2-year contract. My account was month-to-month. What a scam!

Apparently, Spectrum thinks it's fair to charge people (including disable seniors) 30% more but NOT give them anything in return. When I directly asked the Billing Staff what I was getting in exchange for the increase in fees, she remained silent. I even asked her twice and paused waiting for her response each time. But Billing had nothing to say, because Spectrum was not giving me anything in return! And when I answered the question for her and stated that Spectrum gave me nothing in return for their increases, she did not dispute the fact or try to argue with me.

Rich internet companies do not deserve self-granted "cost of living" raises or gouging profits from all of us consumers who struggle financially (or don't struggle financially). No one wants to be cheated. But Spectrum's actions absolutely evidence it does not care who it lies to and steals from.

Alternate Plan for Low Income. As a further con and way to defend themselves against their price gouging, a Telephone Staff told me Spectrum did have a plan for people with low incomes (like seniors on disability). But the only catch was, people had to go without the internet for 30 days! Who can go without the internet for even 1 day, let alone 30 days? This is obviously a con designed to make Spectrum appear like it cares. Or perhaps Spectrum is receiving some special consideration from the FCC for offering this type of account. The harsh reality and truth is, the only one Spectrum cares about is Spectrum. If they did care, Spectrum would simply change the type of account and reduce the monthly fees accordingly. Pretty simple. I'm 100% sure if a customer "upgraded" their account that Spectrum could instantaneously change the type of account and immediately increase (and collect) the higher increased monthly fees. Spectrum clearly would not make the customer wait 30 days to upgrade. But Spectrum refuses to transition customers to a low-income account and insists they go without the internet for 30 days. What a perfectly devious way to stop low-income people from saving money on their account. Greedy, greedy, greedy Spectrum.

As if moving was not stressful enough, having to deal with the lying, incompetent, self-serving, and shamelessly greedy Spectrum is beyond reasonable. Clearly, SPECTRUM WOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS IF NOT FOR THEIR PARALYZING MONOPOLY.

Stay Away! Would almost pay you to pick someone else!
If I could give minus stars for this review I would have. I have had THEE worst experience with Spectrum Charter/Charter Spectrum/TWC Spectrum and the many of the affiliates it is currently called. There are too many to literally list, but I will list the last four months. First, I was preparing for a relocation to Upstate NY or MN. I called to cancel my service and was advised to put the service in a Seasonal Hold where I could reactivate the service at my new address which confirmed to provide service. So after paying to transfer service to my new residence, I was told upon arrival that it could not be done. Then was told to drop off equipment to Spectrum location in the Twin Cities. Problem: There is NO location in the Twin Cities.

I was called by Spectrum/Charter/TWC representative who informed me of who said they would send me a Roku box for Spectrum Streaming for trial, if I did not like the service I could cancel, with no penalty and could keep the Roku box. Also, she informed me of the many forms of Spectrum/Charter/TWC and said she would help me return my equipment and call me back shortly after looking for the right place to return equipment (but never received the callback).
The next correspondence I received was for $324.00 of unreturned equipment! I called Spectrum/Charter/TWC again and spoke with a representative who told me they could not send me a return mailing label (but they could send me a bill!), and that after explaining I wasn't paying to ship the equipment back, gave a credit (which in the end DID NOT cover the lowest possible cost of shipping - it wasn't the money, it was the principle of the issue).

I received me new equipment for the new account I needed to sign up and self-installed (saving $44), but when the equipment came, the line was working and we had to have a technician come out. The technician who came engaged in small talk and when she asks if he lived around the area, replied yes, and then began speaking derogatory of the changing diversity of the area! My wife was taken back, but replied that she loved it.

So, I received the Roku box (I already had a digital antenna) and tried setting it up. It was JUNK. I called to tell the representative (what I was told by Spectrum/Charter/TWC) and was informed that THEY BUNDLED my services and taking the TV off who void out the Internet promotional and increase my rate from $39.99 to $69.99! I was livid! I spoke with a rep who then transferred me to a supervisor. After explaining the near hell that I had been through with Spectrum/Charter/TWC (and the many of other iterations of the company), I was not paying more for services. To which he shared that where he lived he had to pay $80.00 for 75 Mbps service (which had nothing to do with my service). End the end the supervisor said he would give me a credit, which is more than he had to do (great, he was doing me a favor for their pathetic service), and said, sorry, you'll be paying the higher price for internet. (Great business plan: call people who don't have all of your service, bundle said service with false representation, and then when customer tries to remove, tell them they are stuck with higher pricing ($30 increase with 100,000 people = $3 million increase in monthly cash flow)).

I explained to the supervisor that it was the principle of the matter and he finally replied that he would probably be even more mad than I was. I literally could not believe this was happening. I informed the supervisor that it wasn't him personally, but the situation.

The average person is connected to 2,000 other individuals by the time they reach 21 years of age. I regularly have the opportunity to speak face to face with 2,000-3,000 weekly (do the math). If in sparing one (1) person the deep frustration of dealing with the debacle of wasted time and money with Spectrum/Charter/TWC, et. Al, in that I can take solace for the good of others.

A hard NO
Stay FAR AWAY from this company. Nothing but problems from Day One. I took over a business almost a year ago and still haven't changed the name on the account from the previous owner's to mine. At first this was obviously causing billing issues, so I call their customer service line to resolve this, and I get transferred repeatedly between an array of clueless call center reps who keep using the nonsensical excuse that they aren't sure whether this is a "regional" or "national" issue, as they have separate entities that deal with their various accounts. "Ma'am, this is the REGIONAL number. You want the NATIONAL line". Uh, ok. "Ma'am, this is the NATIONAL line, you want the REGIONAL people". And so on.

Finally the fifth random person "helps" me with 1) a billing issue and 2) the name change issue. He listens to my details, takes his notes, and tells me he is "opening a case" for each issue. He tells me he has no record of me sending in a notarized request for account transfer based on the sale of the business. This is hilarious because Spectrum is the ONLY company/vendor who had asked for a NOTARIZED business transfer document. I can tell you what both I and the former owner were wearing and what the outside temperature was on the day we went to the local notary for precisely this reason. I tell him that I know for a fact that document was sent in. He says I will have to send him a new one in order to have the name changed. I tell him that won't be possible, as the former owner has moved across the country. He promises to investigate and says that I will hear back within a certain number of business days on the "status of these two cases", which by the way are a pure unnecessary nuisance to a new business owner who spends 12 to 15 hours at work, six days a week. I wait. I wait some more. It has now been a couple weeks. So I decide to deal with my credit card company directly about the over-billing issue. They investigate and rule in my favor, approving a refund of my Spectrum overcharge. I never hear from Spectrum regarding this "case".

With more pressing business matters taking up my daily allotment, plus reserves, of physical and mental energy, I continue paying my Spectrum business internet bills, albeit sometimes late because of the name discrepancy (there is no way I can set up auto-pay). On one of these payment phone calls, they are confused and they ask me who the owner of the business is. I explain that it's me, that they had failed to change the name, and could they please correct this thing once and for all- it's causing a lot of undue stress and it appears to be their responsibility. The woman supposedly fixes the error with a few clicks of the keyboard, no notarized document needed. I'm good to go, she says. My bill is still coming in the mail addressed to the previous owner.

The mobile side is even worse. I had signed up for services at the end of last year, but I never actually installed the Spectrum SIM card nor switched my provider from Verizon. Spectrum billed me anyway for nine straight months until I finally called yesterday to cancel and get a refund. One could argue that it was my responsibility to cancel earlier and stop getting charged for services that I wasn't using. Very true. But what happened next was simply a customer service bomb.

The gentleman who initiated my resolution ended our conversation by saying that I would get a call within 48 hours regarding the status of my $460 refund. He simply said it was standard procedure. I had no reason to believe the refund wouldn't go through. In fact, earlier this year, the salesman who sold me the mobile plan had called after a couple months to ask why I hadn't switched over to their services yet. I explained some issues I was having with a damaged phone, which precluded me from opening it up to switch out the cards. Plus at this point I was already leaning away from the idea of transferring another service to this shady, disorganized company. But he told me that as soon as I changed over, I would get a refund for the previous couple of months. He gave the impression that refunds for unused services are rightfully granted here. HA.

Today I get a call from a man who said "the system" would only allow him to give me back $90, so I escalate it to the next person. He keeps me on hold for twenty minutes while he waits for her. She comes on and agrees to give me $135 back, so three months' worth. I ask to speak to a higher-up, who happens to be in a meeting. She says she would have her call me. Same person calls me back because higher-up lady is again in a meeting. She raises her refund offer to $230. I see where this is going. Naturally I ask her to have higher-up lady call me.

So she finally does and tells me that I'm only getting $90 back. Period. We argue back and forth. This was my responsibility, we have thousands of customers, we can't be calling and checking on people's accounts, there is no further higher up to speak with, blah blah. I should have taken the $230 offered by the previous woman, she says, even though THAT lady will be "talked to", as will the first guy who said I should be getting $460 back. He should never have given me such a total, she says. So she fails to honor EITHER of the two previous "offers". Unprofessionalism at its finest. Clearly nobody within the company talks to each other and everyone has their own rules and standards.

I tell her it looks like I'll be canceling my Spectrum business internet as well. She says yeah ok.

Why has this company only been banned from New York State and not the rest of the country? Not only do they fraudulently charge people for higher speeds that they don't actually deliver, but they profit off of free money that didn't cost them any data, bandwidth, etc. All with no regard for ripping people off. Business owners and individuals: don't even for A MINUTE consider this band of bandwidth bandits.

I moved into my parents house after my dad died and my mom moved to assisting living, and "inherited" their Spectrum account. I established electronic payments through Bank of America, as I have done with many companies. For nine months all went well. My August payment was rejected by Spectrum; no reason given. Bank of America neglected to notify me, but did respond by not sending the Sept payment. In mid-Sept I received a notice that my account was overdue and would discontinue my service. That's when I checked Bank of America and discovered the rejected August payment. That night, I submitted an electronic payment to cover both months ($486).
A week later my service was discontinued, with a message on the screen to call an 800 number. They could not tell me why the Aug payment was rejected, but wanted money from my credit card right away to restore service. I wouldn't give them credit card # (hint to readers: DO NOT DO THAT! SPECTRUM WILL KEEP CHARGING MULTIPLE TIMES A MONTH IF YOU DO THAT!), so went to local payment office. There, they told me that they stopped accepting electronic payments from banks and would only accept electronic payments from their payment service, where Spectrum has permission to take out money from your account when they request it. Nope, wasn't going to do that!
So now I have to pay them in person every month. Planning to drop Spectrum as soon as I can find replacment Internet, landline phone service, and access to all sports, nature, travel, and network channels I want.
And that $486 electronic payment? Bank of American received a confirmation from Spectrum that it was received, but it was not creditted to my account, and the people in the accounting department deny receiving any such payment. SPECTRUM STOLE $486 FROM ME!

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