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Snapdeal is not safe and secure as they claim
Snapdeal Order ID: *******0216 (1 Item) DETAILS
Placed on 22 Jul, 2019

Snapdeal is not safe and secure as SnapDeal claim. I contacted Snapdeal regarding the leak of my contact and online transaction details. I got a reply saying that we are looking into it and sorry for the inconvenience. Since then i am following up with them but no proper response. I got a call from call centre assuring me that her boos will call but till now i have not received the call.

Meanwhile i got the delivery of Da Tasche Brown Leather Office Bag with the following defects:

1. Partition of main compartment stitching is not done and the partition cloth and leather has come off.

2. Second compartment zip holder is missing hence i am unable to open the second compartment of the bag.


My First mail to Sanpdeal:

Dear Snapdeal,

I have place done leather bag yesterday with following order ID Order ID: *******0216 (1 Item) on 22nd July, 2019 and since today morning i received 3 SMS and 2 calls claiming that they are calling from Snapdeal and i have won car in lucky draw. On enquiry they told me that i have purchased a leather bag on snapdeal and my online shopping order has won Mahindra XUV car, Tata Strom and Tata Safari in 3 diffrent SMS and asking me to pay Rs 7500 and 4200 to claim the car.

They asked me to contact on the following numbers:
1) *******330
2) *******7553
3) *******4285

I got calls from the following numbers:
1) *******64285
2) *******44929

I just wanted to know that the calls and SMS's are genuine or it is fake? If it is fake then how come my contact details are leaked and how they got to know about my online shopping details.

Please revert back to be on this ASAP or give me the contact details your cyber cell or fraud detection personal.

Is snapdeal selling fake items?
Snapdeal has never sold me fake or a counterfeit item. I don't think so as I have never received any fake product from Snapdeal. In my last many orders with Snapdeal, I never found any item sold by them to be counterfeit or fake stuff. I have ordered more than 25-30 times in the last 2 years and in all price ranges between 100- 10,000. Recently, I ordered a Bosch pressure washer and WD external hard disk and SnapDeal are not just original, in fact they are very useful. I got them with a great deal from Snapdeal. Before buying them, I compared them across all the Indian Ecom portals, however, Snapdeal was giving them at very low prices so I quickly grabbed them. Additionally, I got one coupon from their spin the wheel game. In conclusion, Snapdeal is a trustworthy ecommerce app and it's the only Indian digital app that sells a variety of products. Moreover, Snapdeal is a marketplace where sellers sell their products so, if anyone has any issue with the product, they can directly raise a return request via the Snapdeal App. They have no question asked policy. Snapdeal also allows a user or an individual to report a fake item to their team in the recently launched program by them (I don't remember the name), and their team takes action post reviewing it internally.

Order not completed, Status shows Delivered
Since long I'm an avid purchaser from Snap Deal besides other online shopping websites. I never had any problem with snap deal before in years but this time. It was WORST. I ordered Havells 1200 mm Leganza Ceiling Fan -Bronze Gold 4 BLADES on 18th of April 2016 and paid through Net Banking. My order was placed successful(
Order ID: *******1087). On 21st April, SnapDeal all by themselves cancelled my order and placed it with another seller. On 23rd April, they sent email that my product is on it's way to my home. To our shock we received 3 BLADES fan instead of 4 Blades on 24th April for which I paid. I asked for a REPLACEMENT. On 25th April they collected the fan from my house and from that day my suffering started. They keep on delaying my order from 25th April to 2nd of May. On 5th May, I got an email that my order has been successfully delivered and an Invoice has been sent to my email where as the truth is I NEVER got the order delivered. I sent repeated mails and Facebook posts to them regarding this. Customer Support at Snap Deal Just keep or posting the repeated text messages which they have handy at these types of situations. I even tweeted, the same copy paste message like facebook. On 2nd May, they cancelled my order and on 2nd May itself they processed my Order again with an estimated Date of delivery in between 4th to 6th May. On 6th May they sent me mail asking for the product order. Don't Snap Deal keep records of incomplete order or complaints. Then today I got an email asking for Images of the product which WAS NEVER DELIVERED to us.

They even declined to replace the product on 26th April or refund my payment

I'm a NRI and I booked this fan for may family back in Hyderabad.

The product is still available with different sellers yet Snap Deal is not willing to deliver the product for which I paid. I have all the emails, communications, snapshots to prove the above problem I'm facing for this particular order.

Snapdeal is Pathetic, Slow and unresponsive
It all started when I wanted to buy a DVD for my Xbox One Gaming Console. I usually go for Sites such as Flipkart or even Amazon. I decided to try Snapdeal out for one time and believe me, it was horrible. It was going well until it reached the nearest hub(I have no idea were that is). Next day it said it was out for delivery(I'm a guy who tracks all my orders). I was quite excited and decided to stay at home to purchase it. But no call or anything came. I was quite disappointed but it had happened to me one time with Flipkart as well.It said that the first delivery attempt failed. Next day same thing happened. And after that as well. It said that all delivery attempts were failed and order was canceled. Snapdeal Suck soo bad. I'm sure it was the fault of the courier as SnapDeal were not even trying. They couldn't give a $#*! to call me. Stupid freaks. Never buy anything from Snapdeal if you are not from Mumbai or Delhi or Kolkata.

I wish to share my experience of buying from SnapDeal
I wish to share my experience of buying from SnapDeal. I placed an order with Snapdeal portal. Frankly speaking it was a gift to my mother on Diwali, who loves Gardening dearly. So, after exploring a bit I decided to place order with SnapDeal, solely because mine was a SD(SnapDeal fulfilled) order not seller fulfilled. I trusted that the Snapdeal will uphold the trust that it so boldly publicizes all over multiple medias. Seems my biggest mistake was I choose SnapDeal and then my ordeal of suffering began.

I inadvertently gave a wrong contact number for my order. When I realized that I immediately contacted SnapDeal, but I received a mail saying the contact number cant be changed.

The first estimated delivery date was 12th Oct and when the product was not delivered till 12th Oct, I contacted their customer care, who didnt had a clue and just kept parroting the same thing over and over again like a chant - Ma'm it will be delivered soon.

After waiting for another 2 days, I contacted the Snapdeal team via message, and informed them that package is still not delivered. I was supposed to get a response in 48 hrs but got no reply. In the meanwhile I also contacted SafeExpress(the courier) on my own and gave them 3 alternate contact numbers. Even SnapDeal assured they will get package delivered soon but nothing happened and even they didnt pass on the correct contact information to destination office.

I waited for another 2 days but still delivery did not happen and so posted a complaint again. I contacted SafeExpress once more and they gave me the number of associate courier in the delivery area(ideally they should sort out such things on their own, instead of passing on the burden to us). I contacted the destination office person who was very rude and non-cooperative and he literally advised me to cancel the order as he was ready to send product back. It makes me wonder, is this the kind of service we should expect from a company like SnapDeal. In first place product doesn't get delivered, then customer care don't respond/resolve problem in the committed time and lastly they have tie-up with couriers which have such low-level of service. They dont even know how to talk to customers and literally shout and dont listen.

I am filing for Chargeback with my bank and will recover money from them. Please DONT BUY FROM SNAPDEAL if you dont want to loose your peace of mind.

This is not the first instance of traps, lies and cheating happening to me from SNAPDEAL. However, only this time I have finally lost all trust in this website and want to WARN ALL OF YOU! This website entices you with offers, limited availability products and other tripwires. But the very moment you place an online order and make full in advance, their CHEATING and LIES creep in. I ordered an E27 base Philips CFL bulb from snapdeal. At the checkout I was made to pay FULL ADVANCE PAYMENT ONLINE and was GUARANTEED to receive my product delivery within 3-4 BUSINESS DAYS. However, just on the day of deadline when my product did not arrive, I logged on to track to order, their system sent me an email that the delivery date has been revised. HOW CONVENIENT! SnapDeal did not bother to contact and inform me or ask my approval, just casually extended the deadline to another 7 days further.
This shows unreliability of their logistics, customer care and cheater attitude to extract money from the pockets of middle class.

Ridiculous site
I bought catwalk block heels from Snapdeal through online payment. At the time of delivery the delivery guy didn't come to my house. He called me that he has dropped the courier at the security desk. I told him that I will write abcomplaint regarding this but he didn't pay attention to my words. So I went to collect to courier and tried the product. The fitting was inappropriate. I placed a return and replacement request right away. I got the message, email and calls that my return request has been scheduled and the product will be picked up by the delivery guy soon. But on body came to collect the product. Than again I placed one more request for return but again no one came to collect the product. Now Snapdeal has closed my return request without any pick up attempt. This is so frustrating. No sense people
As per my personal experience I will suggest everyone please do not purchase anything from Snapdeal. Day by day their services is getting poor. At the time of return and replacement these people treat you like their slave. SnapDeal are least bother about your concern and complaint.

I have two bad experienced in the past for last two...
I have two bad experienced in the past for last two transactions. is PATHETIC. SnapDeal claim to be the india BIGGEST ONLINE SHOPPING PLACE but it's more than worst. One the first transaction, I never received the item which I ordered and after my contact to them after 15 days they told me that it will be delivered in few days as there was too much rush during Diwali Festival and then after 15 days they told me that the item cannot be posted so I claimed refund. Then I ordered another product which delivered but not as per delivery terms. I was happy atleast I got the item. The item didn't work fine so I initiated refund, the item was not picked up for a week and after I contacted their customer support, the pickup man came after 3 days. They received my item back on 17th December and the money was supposed to be given back to me in 3-5 working days but till now I didn't get the money. When I called the Snapdeal, they told me that my refund is not even processed still(1st Jan 2015) and they told they may still take a week to process my refund.


Please don't remove my feedback, it's for the public awareness.

Cheating--Sent me a cheap different product and now not helping me.
Very disappointing and cheating service first ever received from any online shopping site. I have ordered for a wireless and FM radio blue tooth head phones but SnapDeal have sent me a wired head phone set with no other options.
Felt like cheated and definitely raise a complaint against them in consumer forum and mark the complaint their Facebook and other social pages as well.
Avoid shopping from Snap deal.

I always do shopping from this website and ask some of my friends to send the products to here in Australia. But, this time i bought this jabra wireless, built in Bluetooth and FM set for one of my English friends here in Australia. When he opened this up in front of me and found it a different one. Its just a simple head phones set with no Bluetooth or wifi or FM options.
I felt very ashamed and felt sorry for my country's shopping system.
I was a big harassment to me as it spoiled my image in front of everyone.

When you guys will change this cheating culture at your end?
Why you always cheat with your on going customers.
I want this to be taken care immediately otherwise definitely will take a strict action against you.

My email ID for the order was *******


As we can see, India is flooded with numerous e-commerce...
As we can see, India is flooded with numerous e-commerce business, it is very hard to pick up which are reliable and which are waste services.

After my experience with Snapdeal in ordering a SanDisk Pen Drive in December, 2014, I don't know how to express the nightmare. I would only say, Snapdeal is the worst in almost every category. In this review I will explain every possible fact I learnt about this unreliable and irresponsible service – which has become a brand by doing foul business.


I ordered a SanDisk 16GB pen drive on 22nd December, 2014 with the price tag of Rs. 558. Before ordering I checked if my selected PIN code is included in their deliverable list. Positively, their website showed it could be delivered within 7-8 working business days. I was more than happy and excited.

Disappointingly, SnapDeal could not provide Cash on Delivery option on my location, so I had to make full advanced payment either by Credit Card or Debit Card or Net Banking system. Among these options, I paid via my SBI Debit Card. Then, I had to provide a proper shipping address. Since I stay in Tripura state of the North East India it could not be delivered within 1-2 days as it is possible in metro cities. No issues, without any thinking I provided my shipping address.

They assured me to deliver it by 29th December. But as of today, 31th December, the item is still pending in the dispatched state, and it has not yet been updated in the shipment track record.

Snapdeal Website:

O god, the website is so terrible in its design and styles. Most of the times while loading a page it hangs for few seconds, which does not happen with Flipkart, Infibeam or Amazon websites. Another annoying feature of their website is in one's active account. Every time the page loads, the active user account takes time to get updated or sometime one has to click on My Account to refresh it. Such a disappointing user interface of Snapdeal's website. Its web designer must be the most stupid one.

Customer Support Review:

This is the most pathetic of all the services. I cannot understand when Snapdeal will realize that customers are its main sources for their survival. Without customers their business would be ruined at any second. But, customers have many other sources to buy their desired products rather than depending on Snapdeal.

Every time you wanted to contact customer support, you would need to overcome various sections and steps to reach to the main page of the contacting option. This is freakingly irritating. If you visit Flipkart or Amazon websites, you will find a very convenient link to directly contact with the support team.

Besides, whenever you mail or call their support team, they are always ready with a silly excuse, such as "Please bear the inconvenience caused to you" or "Your order will be dispatched soon" or "Your shipment is escalated". Surprisingly, you will receive the same responses even when you contact them for the tenth time after they failed to update your order.

The most appropriate Hindi word for this is " ghatiya ".

Delivery Location Facility:

One thing which both Snapdeal and Amazon have similarity is their false promises of delivery to remote location PIN codes. Even if the delivery courier service is not available in these particular PIN codes, they will convince you to be possible. The reason is nothing but to survive by cheating the customers. It is because, if customers don't find their product is deliverable they will go for alternative options of buying them or buy from direct retailers. And it will cause a loss for Snapdeal and other similar e-commerce services. And Flipkart is a big winner in this case because it clarifies on the first step if the item is available for delivery at a specific PIN code.

If they can convince the customer to make the order, Snapdeal's next trick is to collect the money without COD option.

Thumbs down, Snapdeal. You are pathetic in this category.


Oops, I still regret of why I ordered the SanDisk pen drive when there was no option for COD. Rs. 558 is simply lost from my life, which is very hard to earn. None will pay you any penny unless you are a beggar. For a beggar it will take almost a forthnight to earn Rs. 558 from others, but Snapdeal earned it within a second from me. Now, even if I contact them for refund, they don't reply but only a silly excuse as mentioned above.

Returning Customer:

First impression is always the last impression. Yes, it's true for me. I'M NEVER RETURNING as a customer again throughout my life until Snapdeal becomes the No. 1 e-commerce in India(which is never going to be if they fraud with customers).

Since this is my first and last order on Snapdeal, I cannot review the category of Product Authenticity, because I have not received my ordered item yet.

Please, remember the above reviews before you face similar experiences with Snapdeal.

Stay away from Snapdeal. It will save you from headache.


Supam CB

Cheating Snapdeal
Snapdeal is not official partner for LeEco brand of mobiles, I was cheated by buying the LeEco phone from them, I ordered the phone on 4th Oct midnight, it got delivered on 5th 11AM, I was amazed by the fast delivery and also felt something fishy. After few days finger print sensor was not working, so I asked for the replacement, Snapdeal send the engineer to verify, he came and written everything in his report. Then one day later pickup guy came and took the phone, after that for 15 days I dont get any update or info about the phone, whenever I call them SnapDeal are telling we will revert back in next 24 hours. But finally today somebody calling me and telling you have not delivered the package in good condition, usermanuals are missing, phone was having few scratches in it, so we can't replace your phone. Phone was used with his screen guard and body cover for those 5 days, these snapdeal is telling some silly reasons because they cant claim the phone from LeEco as they are not their official partners, today when I called LeEco support they confirmed me that they will purchase the phones either from Flipkart or LeMall and they dont have tie up with snapdeal. Finally I am cheated by snapdeal for hiding this information to the customer. I feel frustrated with this and pathetic experience, CHEATING SNAPDEAL... guys be careful with Snapdeal. Dont buy from them, they are selling fake products.

Unreliable Delivery and Customer Service
Order number: *******4392
Order Date: 27/12/2016
Order Status: Cancellation Requested
Order Cancellation Date: 04/12/2016
Courier Company: Vulcan Express
Current Consignment Status: Reached DC Delhi on 05/12/2016
Advisors spoken with at Snapdeal: Simran, Divya, Ishant and 25 more.
Supervisors: Deepak, Aziz, Sreshta, Syed Mujahid.

I placed an order for a Camera Canon EOS 1300D with lens 18mm-55mm prepaid amount 20,049 Rs. By Credit Card on which snapdeal has earned interest from the banks for 18 days and counting it was considered a Snapdeal gold delivery, expected my Camera's delivery by Valcun Express on 03/12/2016, the customer service advisors mentioned above(All Calls were recorded) promised an assured delivery on the 03/12/2016 when spoken on the same day when the knew the status of the courier is dispatched from Lucknow I wasted the whole day at home, the next day when the camera wasn't delivered no one knew where the camera is and if SnapDeal should contact the camera's location no one can call the delivery company and check why it hasn't been moved when asked for manager or supervisor have been put on hold for over 30mins I called Nehal at Vulcan Pune he informed the Courier is missing and they have no clue of its whereabouts, had to cancel the order as I had no confidence I will receive it this camera was ordered for a reason and it had crossed that reason day. No reason why I should be dealing with this issue myself no one at snapdeal taken the responsibility of finding out where this device is and how it can reach to me... All I am getting is... wait wait wait and stalling with false promises. Pathetic service by snapdeal, after i cancelled the order i received a notification stating the delivery is delayed till 09/12/16 then delayed till 15/12/2016 who gave snapdeal the approval to extend the delivery date when i have asked for a refund... even today i. E. 15/12/2016 I haven't received my refund which is 18 days from the order date and 12 days from cancellation date, when the promised refund date was 10/12/2016. I am being told that I have to wait for delivery to be attempted and I have to refuse it... post which the refund will be initiated,

How does this policy sound...?
Please tell me if you find logic... I cancelled the order due to delayed delivery, if I wanted to wait for 17 days for delivery to be attempted and then i will refuse why would I cancel the order at the first place.

My questions to you are...
1) How long does it take to deliver an Item from Lucknow to Pune?
2) Where is the camera coming from... to take 17 days for delivery?
3) Are 18 days less for snapdeal to realise that they have to investigate the cameras whereabouts and the courier company miss?
4) How many days does snapdeal need to refund the amount?
5) when a mail has been sent to me promising a refund by 10th of Dec why can't you keep your word?
6) If I never receive the camera to refuse when will you realise that you have my 20k I am being on my credit card and I have to pay for it if you don't refund in time.
7) who is suppose to contact the delivery company and check why are the taking this long to deliver the product... or is it lost?

SNAPDEAL IS fraud company
After sending so many mails to you (as i think you will sort out the issue when your subordinates cannot), with unsatisfaction and doubt i am writing this mail. I am keep on receiving calls from your company (Mr. Kushdil) from the past two days (after a long struggle to register my complaint with snapdeal) and even today. But, unfortunately the outcome is ZERO. Today I had a discussion with Mr. Kushdil who is handling this issue from 05.12.2016 informed me that my order cannot be cancelled or replaced until I sent the part delivered product back to snapdeal. When I enquired SnapDeal have strongly and repeatedly refused to arrange the pickup. My question in this particular time is when snapdeal can able to deliver the ordered product to the any point of India why they cannot pickup the cancelled order product. Because of the negligence of snapdeal team i have already sufferred a lot. Now, as a snapdeal CEO please answer my below questions.

1) Why Snapdeal is not delivered the goods as promised (i. E. delivery date promised is 30. 11. 16)?
2) When I have reported about one part of the product not delivered why snap deal is not taken immediate action?
3) Why you have taken your own time to revert back to the customer (i. E. Reported on 30. 11. 16 and got a call on 05.12.2016)?
4) When I requested to cancel my order and refund the money why you have refused to accept my request?
5) When you have the delivery facility why there is no pickup facility?
6) Why you have accepted the order when you do not have the pickup facility (if any scenario like customer cancel the order or defective product delivered, etc...)
7) Why snapdeal is so adamant to arrange the pickup the product when I am explaining my situation?
8) Why you are hesitating to reply to the customers mail?
9) Why because of snapdeal incapability to deliver the product, I as a customer has to suffer?

Please answer my questions...
This is showing the total failure of snapdeal process. On the conversation with Mr. Kushdhil I again understood that snapdeal is trying to cheat me. This is the way you have developed your company. As I have seen in the social websites there are huge number of complaints on Snapdeal. My case will be another feather on the cap.

Kindly cancel my order and refund my money immediately, otherwise you will definitely face the future consequences. If I have not received my money back within this week I will file a case in the court of law against snapdeal and against Mr. Kunal CEO under section *******467467

Unable to address customer complaints
Friends! The worst online shopping website I ever used is Their online shopping app is a more worse feature SnapDeal have added to their useless bundle. It simple cannot forward requests to their database neither it can help you cancel your orders.

I made a purchase on 10 nov 2014 for which the payment was struck up at gateway. I had to call their customer care to tell about my order. They took my order request and amount was debited to snapdeal. They assigned me some order id *******061. I waited for the order to be processed but found that my order was not processed. Hence I raised a request for order cancellation on 14 nov 2014. Their unhelpful website as well their app were not accepting my cancellation request and reported error every time I placed the cancellation request.
Finally I called the customer care and reported the issue. They took my request again and started processing it.
I Mohammad Pasha, a Research Scholar persuing my doctorate in Information Technology and a Professor by profession, I do not know what in this world is needed to cancel an odrer other than just clicking a button.

The Whole snapdeal team is working for the last 40+ days canceling my order. Even today I call them they report that they are trying process my cancellation request.

Upon regularly posting my query to their customer care they started informing me that something went wrong at the seller's end. I have confirmed with the seller (RDP workstation pvt. Ltd.) and found that no order was forwarded to them. Thus found that snapdeal is playing games on customer payments by not forwarding the requests to sellers.

Their policies like the trusted pay are of no use to me. Inconsistent companies like these are mostly in satisfying customers and are certain to forgo their business and should learn from global leaders like Amazon where refund to the customer is made upon the slightest of issues reported. I reported the incident/ lodged a complaint to the Police authorities and waiting for my refund.

What I learnt from is that we cannot trust local players who deny the customers even the basic right of cancelling the order request.

Mohammad Pasha
Ph. *******64925.

Pathetic Products Pathetic Service
I ordered Activa Pluto Mixer Grinder from Snapdeal. We are not a regular user of Mixer Grinder, first time when I used it there comes a very less amount of wire burning smell from it but I thought may be it is its first time it happens but when next time I used it, the wire burning smell was more with lots of smoke coming out of it. But till then the replacement period was over which was of only 7 days. I contacted Snapdeal for replacement as there are many such electronic kitchen appliances which people do not use on regular basis so I requested them for replacement as the products was sent defected by their end. But SnapDeal denied and advised me to go to its brand customer service center to repair that damaged product delivered by them. After paying full amount including delivery charges they want me to spend extra money and time to repair the product. Other thing is that the Activa service center is in Delhi and I resides in Mumbai, so Snapdeal team wants me to go to Delhi to repair the damaged product.

I wrote a mail to Mr. Kunal Bahl regarding the same issue but no one wants to help customer at Snapdea. L

#Snapdeal provides a pathetic service so better to go for other shopping sites than Snapdeal. #Boycottsnapdealproducts

Disaster - Defective Product & Worst Customer Services
SnapDeal send you defective products and ask you to get it replaced or repaired by Samsung. When you get pissed they say if you don't like the solution from Samsung we will help you. After you request Samsung to give you the job report and hand it over to snapdeal, they don't have time to check it for 3 days when the complaint has been marked Priority by the supervisors. When you ask them about the status all the customer service has to say is that it is already escalated and then you have to speak to the supervisor who says that he is initiating a pickup (which never happens) so keep the item packed. After all the false promises the team above calls to inform that an engineer is going to visit you to verify the issue when SAMSUNG ENGINEERS already certified the issues when highlighted the answer is "its our policy" which means Snapdeal employees don't know the exact policies. After that they tell you it will take another 2-3 days to have the item picked up and they money will only be refunded after they receive the item and their quality team checks the product which is apparently superior to the original manufacturer Samsung.

In short, Snapdeal Customer Service desk is full of big bunch of trained liars. Their policies are made for the benefits of Snapdeal and not the customers. Save yourself the time, stress, frustation and anger by not purchasing from Snapdeal anymore. If you think the product is 1000 rupees cheaper on snapdeal wait till you find out that the product delivered is defective.

SNAPDEAL is Fraud...!
I recently ordered one Lava X17 (Black-Steel) mobile and had a worst experience with Snapdeal because of the following reasons:-
1. I ordered the mobile on 4th Nov (ORDER NO - *******1673) and got delivered on 12th Nov. When i opened the box and found that instead of Black-Steel, SnapDeal have delivered the Black-Gold. Why the hell they haven't done the quality check at that time?
2. They have delivered the damaged product with some scratches on the screen. To hide those scratches, They have already put in the screen guard on it. This means they have delivered the opened product.
3. I applied for the refund without even putting the battery in the mobile. Now Snapdeal has rejected the complaint because the refunded product doesn't clear the quality checks without mentioning any reason and putting the allegations back on the customer.

Moreover, When i call on to customer care then they are asking that they will not refund the amount. This is what Snapdeal is doing with the Customers.

Why they haven't done the quality check before they delivered the product?

This is the worst experience with the Snapdeal and will not refer anyone to trust Snapdeal.

It's a BIG FRAUD...!

My personal advice is not to trust snapdeal and always opt COD for any product. Just check the product before you pay.

Horrible, disappointing, never shop from snapdeal
Second time the most horrible experience in online shopping (first time was also snapdeal). The delivery boy gaurav phone no. *******636 given as per snapdeal has not even came once to deliver the item but it shows 3 failed attempts already... I needed the book consumer behaviour for my group project but because of the delivery boy I have suffered alot. I called the delivery boy atleast 40 to 50 times since 23rd Aug 2017 but he did not pick my call even once I called him on the other no. Also but no response... I even called him on whatsapp also... the customer service does not even have the option of talking to the operator for any complaint... I sent a complaint on the feedback also but I didn't get a proper response. Now I cancelled the order and reordered it the price of the book became rs. 662(free delivery) to rs. 735 (including delivery charges)... really disappointed n disgusted with sd... now I'm never goina order on sd, after 2 bad experiences

No DIL in "Dil ki deals"
... NO 'Dil' in deals (Damaged Products and Pathetic Service from SNAPDEAL)
I ordered a "Micromax Canvas Tab P480 8GB 3G Calling Tablet Black" from snapdeal which was delivered to me on March 27,2016. I stay out of the country and ordered it for my parents. When SnapDeal unpacked the product, the headset was broken. So, i placed a request for return on the same day. Since, I was not satisfied with the quality of the product, I decided to have it returned and order an iPad.
The request for return was placed on March 27,2016 and I received a confirmation from the customer service that the request will be attended within 48 hours. After 48 hours, i got a ridiculous response from them asking me to visit the service center, which is completely senseless because,
1. If only I intended my parents to out in the hot sun, I would have asked them to go any retail store instead of ordering the product online.
2. What is the use of online shopping, when the customers are asked to roam around service centers
3. If the product is broken and I am not satisfied with the product, is such a big deal to have the product replaced
I called the customer service and explained them the situation and could help yelling because each and every time they confirm that they will have the product returned, they SEND THE SAME AUTOMATED EMAIL ASKING ME TO CONTACT THE SERVICE CENTER.
This is my third product in the last 3 years and they delivered me two broken products. If it was not for my greediness to save a few hundreds, I would have ordered the product with Amazon, which by this time would have processed the return of the damaged item.
Its been more than 4 times that I called the customer service and they keep sending me with the same automated emails. I am in an helpless situation now and seeing this Dil ki deal advertisements make me laugh with irritation.
I would suggest customers to go for other online shopping websites, because I am sure that many will be facing these issues. 2 out of 3 products being faulty, with the pathetic service that I am receiving, I dont see myself going to Snapdeal again in future.

Product Details:
Micromax P480 8gb 3g Calling black
ITEM CODE: DB5170775
ORDER NO: *******7310
SUBORDER NO: *******0036

Worst Service Ever from Snapdeal
I m Krishna Parmar. I have ordered one top from snapdeal, Order ID is *******4814 on 09/10/2016. But material was not good that i expected. So i had make refund request for this item. I m failed to return in first attempton 16/10/2016 because it was sunday. Courier man using bad words that u will not get refund tomorrow. Then i had spoken that i will going to complain about this to your customer care then he told me that you can do whatever i don't care. Then he run away. "What a bad behavior of him." He must have to guide me what is next procedure. Then i called in customer care and rescheduled on 17/10/2016 it with the help snapdeal customer support. But courier partner not came to my address again and close the request without any confirmation call or message.

Than again i rescheduled 18/10/2016 the pickup schedule. The courier partner was changed. Then i thought i will be done. But once again SnapDeal close my request without any confirmation. My order status shows me that "pickup scheduled". So i was waiting. I have called customer care 15 to 20 times every day i called them. They said ya mam we have surely done it today or 2 or 3 working days. But no one is coming. I fed up and mail to customer support. They only revert me "We are eager to resolve your concerns and will contact you within a maximum of 24 hours. We'll either call you from *******500* or email you regarding your request." but still i don't have any call or mail.

Worst Service Ever! Do not expect it from u snapdeal

This is with reference to my return request closure.

I have ordered 'Oomph! Peach Chiffon Saree' from snapdeal on 03 Oct, 2016 and got delivery on 07 Oct, 2016.
I did not like the item as its not what I ordered, the material and design is not as expected, hence I placed Return request on 08 Oct, 2016, and as per timeline details of my order my item pickup should be done on or before 10th Oct 2016.
But the pickup is being done on 20th Oct 2016 after having long followup with your team.

Now I have received below email saying We have closed your return request and the reason is its not passed through quality check.
This is ridiculous, as the item as packed as its being delivered and its being returned as the color was not the same as shown in the

So, if snapdeal doesnt want to return the money and its return policy is only for show purpose then I think I have use my consumer rights and ask for my refund via consumer court.
This is not a question of amount which Snapdeal has to return, but the question of SNAPDeal's reputation in Online Ecommerce business. If this is the service snapdeal gives then I will do the needful for my rights ASAP.

I am very frustrated with this experience I got from SNAPDEAL and off course I am going to spread it using internet as much as I can, that never BUY ANYTHING FROM SNAPDEAL...

SNAPDEAL blames customers provides MENTAL HARASSMENT with Worst services
Order ID: *******9950
My story: I made order with Snapdeal (clothing) some size Issue return it, here my Struggle starts
1. SNAPDEAL site not Worked for Return and Invoice 2. No reverse pick up arranged 3. Two different Address provided for Return the product (concludes one after I contacted) 4. I had couriered the product, Returned Product came back to me because address problem
5. No Response for 10- days (even regularly contacted by phone, Phone bill makes 200+Rupess) 6. Second time also no REVERSE PICK UP arranged
7. Blaming, Harassing customers (making phone calls) That I had PROVIDED WRONG ADDRESS on courier
8. Mean while the courier at DELHI Arranged REVERSE PICK UP which had to be done before a MONTH BEFORE 9.
Some one calls from SNAPDEAL asks about story SNAPDEAL thinks customers are at their service
10. Courier delivered to the destination address provided by SNAPDEAL on 2 feb 2016 SNAPDEAL accused me that I had mentioned wrong address on courier (making phone calls) if I mentioned wrong address how snapdeal got the product 11. I got a phone call from SNAPDEAL(on 3 feb 2016) that SnapDeal got the product on 2-feb 2016, still troubling customers that they Initiate refund on freecharge wallet, I sad no and I want my Refund should be on method of Payment what I had used.
I can't Imagine SNAPDEAL services and support, for single order they makes more than a month blaming me every time, wasting my time, effort and money(making calls to snapdeal) causes MENTAL HARASSMENT to Customers even their is nothing wrong from my side
So, please don't do this to others thanks

Hi to all buyers
Hi to all buyers,

I will never suggest you to buy form snapdeal. I purchased 2 HP pendrive form here.
First I received 2 packets on 2 different day.(what a shipping...).
Next I received one of them faulty pendrive & I also found that it is not that which I ordered.
Then I raise complain as SnapDeal show TRUST PAY (never trust on it). After 2 days no response, I called/ email multiple times but they

Always told me "they are working on it and revert withing 48 hours" After 20 days I received a call from them, they told me they are

Refunding my amount (I feel ok, that's fine) BUT I was wrong, In evening they told me that pen-drive is branded product and I have

To go service center.
Here is not story end... Now turns to HP service center... I gone one of them, they send me to another one, and after the 4th

Service center agreed to replace my pen-drive.
Now tomorrow I get my working pen-drive (still I am not satisfy because this is not which one I ordered, But I need it in urgent...)
Summery: If I have to go then why I purchase online...:-(
For the wrong product and faulty product
Hemant Singh ( Order: *******930) ---complain no: 5084677

Return and refund not initiated
Order Placed on 08 Jun, 2018

Item: JQX 4000 mAh Battery For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100, P3113, P3110 & SP4960C3B

Order delivered: 15 Jun, 2018

Return Request initiated: 17 June, 2018 (Return could be issued within 7 days from the date of the product being delivered. That means return request was closed on 23 Jun, 2018)

Return request closed on: 23 Jun, 2018

I have placed an order for an Jqx 4000mAh battery for samsung galaxy tab 2. The reason for the return was that the product was damaged and defective.The pick-up boy came but refused to take back the product on grounds of "unoriginal product" according to himself. Subsequently I have informed the Snapdeal people via email (******* to reschedule the return. Reply from them takes about 1 day to arrive, meaning 1 more day is lost from return window (23 Jun, 2018). On 20th June, 2018, SnapDeal sent me a mail for reschedule.
They sent me this, 'We value the importance of your concern. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced. Your item will be picked up within next 2-3 days since 20-Jun-2018. If you require any further assistance, feel free to reply to this email. Wed be glad to help you."

Nobody came to pick up the item within 2-3 days and of course I informed them and 23 Jun, 2018 came by and hence according to their plan, they closed return request window. I have been sending mails after mails, but they keep rescheduling the pick-up and as usual nobody turns up.
Today on 26 June, 2018, they have sent me this-"We have not received any response regarding your JQX 4000 mAh Battery For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100, P3113, P3110 & SP4960C3B!
We had to pick up your item to initiate refund/replacement. It seems you no longer want to return it. Thus we are closing your request. Reference no: 47879836"
Technically, they have already closed the return window on 23rd June. Such irresponsible and carefree company!

I have done online shopping before but never faced any such humiliation from anybody except Snapdeal. Snapdeal is such a fraud company.

Worst experience possible
First SnapDeal send you substandard quality package of two Jeans which do not match with what you ordered and do not have good fitting. When you return the same quoting one of the many issues, size issue in my case, they reject the return saying it's a different product then the discription on website so can't accept the return.The idiots don't get the simple thing that this is the seller's mistake. Then they send some random email and send back the product. You open the package and find only one of the two Jeans that you returned. On calling the help line and sending a complaint mail, you get a call and the fellow tells you in a polite way that you have to keep this jeans that you don't want and can't use, and forget about the other one which was never returned and don't even think of a refund as the customer care people "can't do anything about any issues that a customer faces". If anyone who reads this isn't convinced that it's a bad bad idea to shop with snapdeal, go ahead and buy something from them, you will soon be.

Snapdeal is a Thief, Cheater, scoundrel Employees
Dear Friend!

I ordered One item 16GB Micro SD Card Class 10, on dated 6-10-2016 that the Courier was delivered to me on dated 09-10-2016. That the Card was delivered by the ECOM Express Courier agency. That the micro SD card was already taken at the time of Dispatch of the Snap Deal Warehouse address at Khasra Np. 26/13, 14, 15/1,16/1,17/1.18/1,27/11 VIII, Sadhrana Village, City:- Gurgaon, State:- Haryana, Pin 123505. That the Courier tape was full wrapped and I checked before taking that it would not be tampered from any side. That as I open the packet on my table I found the the Micro SC Card 16GB was missing and only the adapter was in it. I at same time reported to the Snapdeal and share the same images which I upload here. SnapDeal say that don't worry your product is covered from Snapdeal guarantee and insurance. That after that they say that your case was escalated and a internal enquiry was made for this to checking where the problem was generated. That after 2-3 days that kindly shipped the same incomplete item back to their warehouse through same packaging. I shipped to the same ware house address on dated 14-10-2016 with shipping cost of DTDC Rs 200/-. That on 15-10-2016 a Snapdeal customer care call me that they make their check thru company side and your refund not be made to you and you keep the item with you and they closing my complaint and no refund was made to you for this item missing from the Box. I get so much angry from inside that I decide not to buy any item from onwards today from Snapdeal and buy from only or or That only Rs 345/- item they say that I am telling lie to him while I wasted so many hours and my phone calls to contacting customer care on this issue and get bothered so much and they have adamant on their cheating behavior.

If I buy any costly item Rs 1000 to Rs 25000/- and then item will similarly get missing then I get so much financial loss that my mind and heart break for this type of cheating Online Business. That today Snapdeal case heard of getting bathing Soap when they ordered mobile I heard in Print media but not believe too much but when the same thing happened to me I believe that Snapdeal is a hooligan, cheater and fraud and thief company in India. So I barred from my side Snapdeal since today. May be in two to 10 times you get correct item but one item in any day may bring the same problem to you as I faced today. The Company has bad ass employees and its Sellers and channel partners are also fraud and cheater as they are. This was shared so that some know that the Snapdeal becomes no a days.

Images of the item and its proof attached here for veracity my Words and Honesty.

Mr KK Agarwal Advocate
City:- Muzaffarnagar
Uttar pardesh.
Email:- *******

Snapdeal is worst
I really regret to say that I had worst experience with Snapdeal. I have ordered "
Fastrack Blue Non Leather Sling Bag ". I had a very bad experience in receiving the product. Item delivery was delayed a lot. And also I went to collect the item. I called the courier person and asked him to deliver the item to the address mentioned for delivery address and also said that will direct him to reach the address. Delivery person said that he will not come to deliver the item and asked me to collect it. After collecting it, I found the item is not the correct one which I ordered. I ordered for blue color bag but received pink color bag. So I have placed return request to pick up the item. Even for picking up the item also it is getting delayed. I am not going to office and staying in home that the person will come to pick up the item. But no one came or contacted me. I never faced such problems with Flipkart or Amazon. Really this is terrible and worst experience to me with Snapdeal.

Dont buy any products from doing fraud, cheating with me
Dear sir/Madam I would like to complaint against
Actually I brought a one ONIDA washing machine 6.5 KG on 22 August 2015(order no *******638-on: 2015-08-22 15:40:32) that time is telling 10% cash back in SBI Credit card so am having the same SBI card before I placing the order I called to THE SNAPDEAL customer care is told if you buy these product you are eligible to cash back and also mentioned in product purchasing cart so Then I place a order with my SBI Credit after 24 August 2015 afternoon I received these product and am using last two month am happy with these product. So my problem is still Am not received my cash amount of 498/- then regarding about today morning 24/10/15 I call to customer care he said I forward your query(Case #09342433) in our snap deal refund department after 48 hour you got a cash back so now I received a mail from your side is mention these cash back offer is applicable home and kitchen products only. After that again I called to your customer support at 24/10/2015 today 3.15 p.m. he said some one snapdeals customer support executive is wrongly committed to cash back. So I think snapdeals doing all fraud cash back then I seen before placing order in below pricing options is clearly mentioned the 10 % SBI cash back now your in placing order card. Now your telling these fraud story in end of these claim days. So snapdeals doing fraud, cheating like that... so finally snapdeals happy and am what is that called in Hindi bakra. So these is very bad Experience purchase to snapdeals... Please file a complaint against such fraudulent snapdeals who is giving mental torture and agony to customers like me who has spent all hard earned money to buy a ONIDA WASHING MACHINE.

Thanks &Regards
M. Mohammed Faheem

Worst return policy, Sell bad quality products on higher rate
I am a regular customer of Snap deal. I purchased a balancing wheel /smart drifting scooter from Snap deal wide order ID *******4694 on 23rd Aug and received it on 29th Aug. But when I use it, it found not working correctly so considering my child safety, I placed the return request on 1st Sep. But till date neither SnapDeal have picked it up the item, nor provided any solution on it. They just gave a SMS to call on toll free no. *******9387 which is invalid. And suddenly on 8th I received another SMS from then that they have cancelled by return request which shocked me as item cost is 11.5 K. In between I called them on customer care and mailed them on snapdeal email address but no proper response received against it. It all shows that they sell defective or poor quality items and do not get it return against return request. This way they cheat the customers. I will raise complaint against snap deal in consumer forum. Can somebody guide me in the same. My contact no. Is *******9658, Krishna Paradhi.

SNAPDEAL FRAUD for Order Nbr. *******318 / Request #8484439

TV Not working on delivery and NO Refund/Exchange despite innumerable calls to customer service. Had paid money online & since then there's been No response whatsover except a couple of robotic emails/ customer rep saying 'we are looking into this'. This is UNacceptable and the company must be punished for malpractises and utter incompetence. How can SnapDeal take the customers money and then NOT deliver the right product and keep delaying on 'purpose', which I am 100% sure is the case looking at the attitude/robotic replies of customer reps. I am sure that

1. SNAPDEAL does NOT have a working product available on short notice due to their network of SHADY/SUBstandard sellers and merchandisers who sell fake/used/defective/stolen products.

2. They take customer's money today and promise to deliver a product within say 2-5 days, and then keep delaying for months until customer is fed up of calling again and again and cancels and demands refund as per their immoral TrustPay guarantee. They then take another month to return the money which they have to legally anyways someday or the customer can actually sue. Now by this stage, they have kept your money for couple months and earned INTEREST on it; while you tear your hair apart.

I have shopped online extensively in the US in the past 7-8 years and now here in India in the past year. Its safe to say THIS HAS BEEN MY WORST ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER.

The Number of online complaints and pleas for help I see is something I havent seen before for a company that is supposedly One of India's recent times internet success stories. I think Its easy to ride the wave of increasing internet reach in India currently and quicky rise as a company, but very difficult to sustain it in the longer run with these kind of operations and unethical behavior.

I refuse to believe that someone senior in the company hasnt seen or is not aware of the sheer number of complaints and the kind that would figure in peoples 'most horrible experience' lists. And if they have seen it, then why do these complaints keep getting more and more as each day passes. Arent corporations supposed to atleast make an effort to better themselves. What kind of business are you running? Is the company moto ONLY to earn money at customers expense. To hell with return customers huh?

I have been doing some online research specifically on snapdeal reviews and the kind of complaints compared to other sites such as amazon india, flipkart. And I see the difference. Its quite an eye opener. And kind of a scam.

Dear Snapdeal - Yes, you are one of India's recent internet success stories. But you are also operating a scam. Making a quick buck and fooling customers.

Remember the Internet is forever. Whatever's written on here is your history and legacy. And the lakhs (maybe millions) of rants and complaints and desperate pleas for help plastered all over the internet by cheated customers will come back to bite you someday when it really matters.

You made a joke out of something as simple as online shopping.

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