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Unfortunately it did not work for me.
The price after 2 years is almost doubled, but if I would enjoy the service, and trust the company, I would stay. Unfortunately value/quality for me is not worth.

My most recent problem was with the support. I delated the automatic renewal and I received a receipt two days ago for a service. I contacted the support and asked to be refunded without canceling my hosting. It will expire on March 2nd. SiteGround canceled everything. I was not able to get in touch with the support on my account since I did not have any service available, so I had to sign out and chat with the sales support to be able to communicate with them. My site was down for half day.

Last year my site, without any kind of notification, had a big change. It was moved from Http to https but I had no idea. On my google console, I found more than 523 errors. I contacted the support regarding my errors and after chatting in 3 different days with 3 different people finally, one person said that the problem was due to the move from Http to https. I opened a ticket and the support, without any "sorry", said that they would replace all of the links (after 1 year) in my database configured with HTTP and change them to HTTPS. I am definitely not an expert but I contacted a very close friend who was a programmer for 15 years and now he is a manager on a big IT company and he said that this configuration should have been done in the early stage of this big change and a serious company would definitely notify the client of this change.

I sincerely lost my trust in the service and the company. I am moving to another company soon.

The support is simply amazing.
I had the opportunity to chat with Atanas V from siteground regarding an issue we ran into with our website. I have been really pleased with the devotion and passion Atanas showed us to resolve our issues. Not only was he really charming, he was also devoted to provide screenshot and offer detailed technical feedback to really pinpoint the core of each issue. Keep up the great work! And if I bump into you in Bulgaria one day, you owe me that beer! ;)

Best hosting I have used to date
As a wordpress developer, I have used and interacted with many other hosting companies and none come even close to Siteground. Their prices included everything that I consider essential for any website these days. Others will constantly add on extra costs for SSL, backups etc so your 'cheap hosting' suddenly is pretty expensive.
I recommend Siteground to all my clients too as it is what I use and just love it. Another thing, their support. Their support will always respond in a way that assumes you don't know or are not technical. I love this! This is why I know it is the best solution for my clients who are small business people and not techie. Siteground supports that so I really trust them if I am not there to help.

Don't believe the hype
Like many others, I believed the hype about this host, SiteGround are recommended literally everywhere. But as I have since discovered, this is because everyone and their mum has a Siteground affiliate account, and every review you read if clickbait and gets paid if you signup via their links.

I really have nothing positive to say about my experience with Siteground, too many issues and the customer service simply do not care and are only intereste din upselling you to a more expensive service that will not solve the issue.

Doncho D. Customer Service On Point
I was absolutely blown out of the water by the customer support I received from Siteground. Generally, tech platform's customer service is absolutely disgusting.

Doncho D. Specifically, with the Siteground customer service team is absolutely next level at what he does. He went above and beyond to provide the best customer service I have experience with ANY business.

When you have 3 business websites go down at the same time, no one better to handle the fix than my man Doncho!

Excellent support
For economical reasons I wanted to migrate my page to a cheaper host, especially because I am not using my (touristic) website due to covid. But in the process I realized how fantastic the support is from Site Ground and how bad unfortunately at other hosting sites. Fast, clear and helpful information! I decided to stick with the good instead of going for cheaper, thanks to the staff. Money wise it still hurts a bit paying 110€ more per year...

Best Support
Siteground Technical support always responds quickly and go above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned and dig deep to fix problems as fast as possible. For example, a Technical Support guy named Adem S. Personally dug deep into a complicated SSL issue to discover the root cause then he explained in easy to understand language what was causing the problem, the various options I had and even guided me into making the best decision. I am very impressed because he made me feel like a valued customer.

The SSL problem was caused by the way WordPress works and its impact on the Wordfence plugin, so it had nothing to do with Siteground really, but this Technical support guy spent a lot of time to help me discover the cause and fix it.

Mr. Ivaylo Stoyanov helped me
Mr. Stoyanov helped with with several questions and was kind to go into the filing system and make a correction. I will attempt to follow his directions, but if I cannot I'll ask for more assistance and pay for it. I intend to buy the upgraded Grow Big maintenance program so I can have his help to do small jobs in future. I'm a code illiterate and need this sort of help with small jobs which sometimes are vital to my effort toward business.
Thank you Mr. Stoyanov! Sn

Great Customer service
This is the 2nd time I've dealt with an issue on my website and had to utilize Siteground's customer service. Both times I've left impressed with the knowledge of the individual I spoke to and how quickly I was able to resolve my issues. This time I spoke with an agent named Dobrin, and he was able to direct me to the htaccess file to give my new ip address access to edit my website since I was receiving a 403 forbidden error. I also made an erroneous purchase based on some confusing advertising, but Dobrin was able to reverse my mistake there.

In short, if you're looking for a great webhosting company that employs knowledgeable individuals to help you through any issues you have, this is definitely my pick.

Got me back in my site!
I needed to make a quick update on one page of my site -- and the durn thing would NOT let me login. Wouldn't even let me get to the login page(this is wordpress), and instead, kept shooting me back to my home page.

George had the presence of mind to ask if I'd recently added any plugins, which I had. He then disabled it, and I was back in business! This was especially important as I was running a promo... and it was CRITICAL the site work.

Why you should always keep your website on Siteground
When I opened my first website I had thousands of offers online to chose from. I cound't make a clear decision. A friend told me to start with Siteground. "It's a bit expensive" he said "but you'll never be alone. SiteGround have great customer care!".

And that's more than true! For some issues base on the covid emergency I had to cut down some costs and even if my questions were all concerning a downgrande of the services that Siteground is selling to me (aka less money income for them) they always adviced me for MY best and not for THEIR best.

I am very, very grateful for this and I'll suggest to everyone to use Siteground, a company that puts etics in its job.

Always a pleasure chatting with siteground support:-)
The best? That would require evaluating all the other ones and I have absolutely no need to do that. Always getting adequate answers to my questions and requests. I even got them fixing some setting on all (yes ALL) their shared servers - for the non-believers: I can prove that:-) Maybe not the cheapest but not too expensive either.
One minus though: SiteGround are rather greedy on disk space: 20GB for 'unlimited email accounts' for a 'Grow big' isn't unlimited at all and it won't grow that big, unless you set all mailboxes to 0 bytes, remember the math: 0 x unlimited = undefined...

Newbie at SiteGround
I recently moved from Hostgator to SiteGuard and currently I have the same site www, on Hostgator and at SiteGroiund, Both hosts offer excellent chat support. I find the SiteGround website complicated to navigate round but it does offfers more oportunity to develop ones site. My website is marginally faster on SiteGuard but don't believe all the hype from the affiliates as SiteGuard offers them generous rewards for promoting their site.

Honestly, these guys...
I've been with several hosting services in the past, and have found them either awful, or passable but with no human element to them. I moved to Siteground a year ago, and in that time I've set up several websites with them. I'm not the most technical, but I get by just fine - until I started working on this website and decided to delve into areas of CSS I'm not massively familiar with. Long story short, I did a stupid thing, and somehow managed to strip out backend data. Cue: a long evening of panic trying to undo my stupidity to no avail. I went to Siteground with my problem and I was in a chat with Ivaylo within three minutes. He'd solved everything in less than ten minutes - all on a Saturday night. He even stayed on until I'd solved it in case I needed 'moral support'. Every time I've needed any help from the guys at Siteground they've been right there (the longest wait I've had was ten minutes on a chat and a day on a support ticket) and they've all been really lovely and helpful. I know the lack of support I would have had from my previous hosting providers. It's more than worth the money to know they're invested in the customer service. 10/10, would recommend!

GREAT service every time - worth the price - even at the renewal rates.
I have had siteground for 3 years running my ecommerce site and continue to be impressed with my encounters with customer service and with the overall service. Every interaction has been professional and prompt. The more involved technical issues are quickly and seamlessly escalated to an advanced technical support team and promptly handled. Managing websites is a joint affair between a host and the client and Site Ground always makes it pleasurable - a rare thing and especially in the shared hosting business. I have used Gsuite, HostGator, GoDaddy, Ionos/1and1, Digital Ocean, AWS - no one has the level of customer service of SiteGround. Yes I have had cheap $10/mth hosting - but what kind of customer service (or performance) can a provider afford to offer that that price.

Siteground support is terrible and going down the hill
Hosting is becoming pathetic with siteground. Support is down the hill. I am already in the process of moving to another company.
I was trying to upload 800mb file to migration tool. It is taking several hours. I uploaded to their file system and asked them to import to wp migration tool. SiteGround refused to help and they left me hanging.
Recently bought namehero. They could attach and I could restore. But, siteground is taking terribly long and they could not help me through any process to restore my site.
I already have account in hostinger and namehero. I will move everything out soon.

Quick and friendly help
I was contacting the help center via chat, as I was already searching for hours for a solution to my problem. The technical assistance was analysing, asking the right questions and passed my support ticket over to the 2nd level team as the question was more tricky. The 2nd level solved my issue :).
All in all from starting the chat, waiting the chat to be started, writing with the 1st level and having the answer that solved my problem from 2nd level, it took about 45min.
Really well done! Friendly and competent team and great workflow within the help center.

New website with SiteGround
The customer care at SiteGround is really wonderful. SiteGround never try to push sales on you, they are there to help you and they do it with abolute care and patience. Today I set up my new website and Toni helped me. She was genuinely wonderful and stayed with me helping me every step of the way. Doing anything tech can be a bit daunting for people who are not great at internet tech, but Toni made everything so easy for me. I am so appreciative and this is why I wanted to leave a stunning review.

Customer Service is OUTSTANDING!
I transferred my site over from Godaddy and at first I thought if I used SG transfer plugin I would see if I could do it. Unfortunately, I ran into a few hiccups and eventually had their staff transfer over the files and database for me for the fee that was well worth it for the peace of mind. Next, setting up all the security, cloudflare settings and such was another hurdle but the SG team was awesome in walking me through what I needed to do if I kept the domain with godaddy or move to SG. After several days of testing and Godaddy no help in double checking I eventually, moved the domain over to SG as well and as soon as I did all the set up was easy. Again, I might have made it more difficult on myself trying to do it on my own but SG team was very patient and walked me through each step. I am now live, my emails are all working and my forms are going where SiteGround need to now. What a huge relief. I could not be happier I made the switch and now that I know I can reach out to the SG team any hour day or night they are all 5 stars in my book.

The #1 a customers service provider that solves any issue instantly
I have been using sitegroud hosting services for several years now, and I am definitely not going nowhere else anytime soon, I actually paid for 10 years hosting services, which it tells a lot about my trust and confidence in this company. As a business owner, my website is my showcase and even more important than my business physical storefront. Site ground customers service and their Representatives are very Awesome. SiteGround are very helpful, polite and patients. They always go above and beyond to solve the problem and providing explanation what might cause the problem and how they will resolve it. All done at the same time.

Thank you so much to the last representative, Pavel who assist me and resolve my website issues and thank you all at Siteground for your great hosting service and and for being T H E #1 customers service providers.
Two thumbs up

Migrated to "Site Tools" Disaster -
Siteground carelessly migrated our site. It's been down for hours. SSH which we use for backups, remote mysqls all are gone. IN addition, SiteGround switched our A records to default. The worst part is they don't even care. I've chatted with some support and they just"advance a ticket" to which I wait an hour to get a 1 line answer and a link to a tutorial. No real help. This is so horrible if you own a business and they mess up your site during their "aintance"

Vasil N. Went above and beyond
I just want to say that I was hesitant to leave Arvixe, not because Arvixe is worth staying with at all, SiteGround absolutely aren't but rather BECAUSE Arvixe has been such a headache that I didn't want to get stuck with another hosting provider like them ever again, especially because I locked myself into perpetual hell with them due to needing to pay for 2 years at a time to get the best deal. Well anyway I finally did it after a lot of research. I was hesistant because there are a lot of claims that Sitegrounds tech support has gone down hill lately and that is exactly the problem I had with Arvixe but I haven't found that to be true albiet they hide how to get to their live chat a little too well once you actually do get to it the people who help are nothing but absolutely awesome. I had to have asked idk how many questions and they do offer you links to like go off and read but if you ask questions they don't say like check out the link they actually will help you with your specific questions about your specific website because sometimes idk if I'm even describing what I need help with correctly if that makes sense. Vasil especially was probably in chat with me for an hour and I know I had to have asked some repeat questions because I get confused kinda easily like it's hard to grasp certain things about mail and SSL stuff and transfering and pointing all these websites. I just personally really wanted to shout that dude out and say that was a real person who cared and that means EVERYthing after dealing with headache after headache after headache with Arvixe. They copy and paste everything they say to you, not Siteground. Not Vasil. Straight to the point, never frustrated, never passes me off to another person. I hope he knows he does make a huge difference after a week of crying with Arvixe support I am just so relieved now to know this is what I can hopefully expect from Siteground. I'm moving all eight of my websites over. I'm sorry I ever hesitated.

Excellent service very well informed staff.
I have just spent the last hour discussing my company's needs with Aleksander from Site Grounds sales team. And I have never been more impressed by a service and the knowledge of a sales rep. Not only is the hosting an upgrade in every way from what we are using currently I was able to discuss the tech to a level normally reserved for the highest tier of tech support. For anyone looking for a top level wordpress host I can not recommend this service enough. Fast, secure, easily accessible, great support, and specialized in Wordpress not sure what more anyone could want.

Super Efficient and Excellent Customer Service
Was helped by Peter G today and he was so very helpful. He helped solve an issue for me that was completely my fault. Despite the fact that my mistakes were self-inflicted and that I made those mistakes in order to avoid paying the higher price - he did not make me feel like an idiot. He quickly fixed my issue so that I could go ahead and renew for 36 months.

Why did I decide to renew Siteground despite the increased cost? I have been with Siteground for two years now. In that time I have not had any issues with them or their service. After carefully looking over all of the options available and considering all factors, including reliability, ease of use, customer service, features, etc... Siteground is one of the best hosting services I have ever had. It sucks to have to shell out a lump sum for a new or fairly new business but it's so important to remember that you get what you pay for. And if you consider Siteground's track record, that still comes at a reduced cost when comparing all factors against other hosting companies. Honestly, if you're serious about your business, I highly recommend Siteground. I won't think twice when having to renew again three years from now.

Great Help
I spoke with EKaterina S and she was very helpful. She was willing to go above and beyond and help me restore my site from a previous back up but I didn't feel like I had the ability to do that since I am not savvy with technical website stuff but she did a great job in trying her best to assist me. She gave me the info I think I will need to fix the issue. I need a developer and she also gave me a link. She was very helpful, understanding and nice and I appreciated her professionalism. Thank you!

Fastastic host
Been with Siteground for almost 3 years now, having all 3 variations of hosted accounts and having upgraded 2 of those to Cloud hosting.

Primarily running Wordpress, but also some custom PHP, and an OJS install; having about 60 website total including ones that require PCI scans.

Besides speed and ease of hosting, which have been very good, the technical support has been incredible. I have used MediaTemple, which seemed to take a direction different than our needs, and Site5, which was also great until SiteGround were bought out.

But when I have problems, they get addressed quickly. Not everything has been painless, but since I work in IT, I know it never can be - so having the promptness and professionalism to address issues and stay on top of communication has been why I review Siteground so highly.

If you are completely green, this would not be a solution for you - the support is technical, so you should an intermediate level technically to use this or willing to get dirty and overwhelmed for a bit. I've had to direct them to the source of problems from my perspective, and that has helped the time to resolve.

Excellent Choice for Hosting
In essence this is where you get treated with respect regardless of your own shortcomings.
9+ Technical Score for solid data center implementation

10 Score for Anytime You Need It Support
Because the tech's will go into your installation and make the fix if you are not able or do not understand what to do (the majority of problems are not understanding the details yourself).

10 Score for Email included

5 Score for Technical Assistance with Security.
The default install of WordPress and Email leave you highly vulnerable because the File & Directory Rights (Read, Write, eXecute permissions) are too promiscuous as with all hosting providers. "0644" means 0 in Directory (good), 6 as Read/Write for Owner (ok), 4 as Read for Owners Group User (ok) and the last 4 is Read permission for the entire world (VERY DANGEROUS). While these are the defaults for loading software the problem is with last position being xxx4 that anyone or any program can bypass the WordPress application and read your all of your data, your User accounts in WordPress, all the passwords in WordPress INCLUDING wp-config. Php which contains the Website ADMIN, Email, Password, plus Database User ID and Database Password.
Proper setting for websites is published in the WordPress Codex and also involves placing WordPress application in it's own subdirectory to enhance security control. The majority of Wordpress program files should be running under 0640 Read/Write(update)-Read-None, files which are just contents use 0440 Read-Read-None permission, and your backups should be 0400 Read-None-None since SiteGround contain the all your data & secrets.

Regardless of the Hosting provider - the effort of Locking Up of File Permissions After Install & Unlocking to Perform WP Updates is the responsibility of the hosting User (You & me). So unless you hire someone to do it for you it's going to remain your job description OR YOU CAN BE RUNNING A WEBSITE IN UNSAFE CONDITION THAT"S EASY TO STEAL (copy) DATA. All hosting providers have this inherent problem of website owners failing to handle the security. Fortunately has documentation of Securing WordPress.

I would recommend SiteGround for the majority of small to medium hosting. It's far more useful than wrestling GoDaddy or RackSpace for email and other common programs are fundamentally bundled in Linux/Unix hosting which those providers stripped out to charge you more money with increased headache of using Microsoft mail instead of Exim or Postfix which are a better technical choice for multiple reasons.

SiteGround is at the top of their industry. If you are not willing to learn how your site works then hire a wordpress administrator to run your site on SiteGround. There is no entry level hosting with better features & dependable support than SiteGround at their price.

David L. Cannon
Best Selling Author, Innovator, Sr. Executive - Bridging the 99,000 foot Gap Between Strategic Goals & Execution

Chat support is fast, though their prices jumped significantly in June
I'm a happy subscriber to Siteground. Moved away from Hostgator about 4 years ago. I've always been happy with uptime and chat support at SG. The load speed has never been a problem, nor issues with Wordpress. I found myself today facing renewals of 24, yes you read that right, 24 sites over the next 6 months. Moving them all to another hosting company seemed like the way to go, but the tech and billing folks at SG talked me off the edge, and we put together an affordable solution. It's still gonna be expensive 36 months from now when I have to renew again, but until then I'll likely be happy with the service, like I've been for the last 4-5 years.

Siteground is always there for you!
This is a review of SiteGround's online web chat help service. SiteGround have some awesome specialists that listen/read, understand and execute with ease and efficiency! I'll always be a fan of SiteGround and tell others about their awesome services! Ok ok, I know they revamped their website but, it's so simplistic in look/feel that they've hidden some of the services that I used in the past (ie: finding help hidden in the question mark at the top). Ok, maybe that sounds kind of logical but, nothing says help me better than the word "HELP" on the top bar... OR "Contact Us" Or Even a floating box near the top-right that has a phone image. But anyway, I digress... get a SiteGround account and never look back!

Exemplary client and technical services
After 4-plus years with Siteground, our experience as a company has been very positive. Exceptionally so. And here's the short list:
1) Chat response after my initial query was no more than 1-min: 30-sec [that was the longest "wait"].
2) Early on, had gremlins on our site after coordinating content for legal and compliance reasons with third parties. Once again to chat response/service where I typed in the issues. The Siteground tech helped two ways: one, by making changes on their end and two, by walking through steps we needed to do on our end.
3) Their explanations are easy to understand for mortals like me. I don't work in HTML.
I haven't been disappointed with their services. And I suspect it'll remain that way...

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