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Scam alert!
This is a scam! SimpleSwap get your first swap smoothly, then when you commit to other transactions they become shysters. Been waiting almost 8hours after my transaction cleared Coinbase and they're still saying it's "due to liquidity" or they're "asking their partners". Trying to get some dialogue from them and only get what looks like bot responses or broken English. Not sure how they're still in business. Still haven't received my crypto. Contacting SEC, FBI, and IG. Stay away from these crooks!

These guys are sorcerers
SimpleSwap suck. Nickel and dime you, then complain about it and then they slam you with vanishing cryptos

Expensive fees
I traded quite a few times there, before I found hotbit exchange. Their fees are at least 5 percents, even if SimpleSwap give you what they promised, in the beginning of the exchange, let alone that they may charge you much more, explaining it by "fluctuation of the market". To me it looks too much.

SimpleSwap kept their Word
EDIT: New Update 6-9-21

As of today, SimpleSwap, after many months of communication, finally completed the swap from March. Not only that. SimpleSwap retrieved a swap that I thought was pretty much a lost cause. I sent USDC to a USDT address.

When this NANO attacked occurred, I pretty much thought I lost my tokens for good. But thankfully, I was finally able to receive the THETA tokens in exchange as I originally intended.

Thank you SimpleSwap!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... /> I've been going back-and-forth with SimpleSwap since March. Around mid-March, I made a Swap for NANO to THETA. At the time, unfortunately, there was a "spam" attack on the NANO network forcing many exchanges (including SimpleSwap) to stop trading NANO for weeks until the attack had been thwarted. During that time, I stayed in touch with SimpleSwap making sure they kept me updated on the Swap. Each time they would tell me the NANO token "was on maintenance."

For awhile, I accepted it, because so many other CEX/DEXs stopped trading NANO for the time being, but around the Mid-April, many if not most exchanges started trading NANO again, and yet SimpleSwap still uses the excuse that the NANO coin is on "maintenance." It is now MAY and I have not received my the equivalent value of THETA for my NANO.

Because of how long the transaction has been ongoing, my NANO has skyrocketed in value and affords me more THETA than originally intended. And SimpleSwap has my NANO in their possession, it can easily be track through the NANO explorer, but I do not have any THETA. I'm out for more than $2200. 00. I've also requested a refund, they give me the same excuse, "NANO is on maintenance."

How can that be true going on almost 3 months now?

My problem was consideren within 5 minutes and resolved in 20 minutes
It was the first time I preferred to use this exchange and my exchange failed. I contacted the support and SimpleSwap returned to me in 5 minutes. They explained that my exchange failed because I didn't specify a memo. I agreed to complete the exchange and the coins appeared in my wallet in 20 minutes. No headaches. Highly recommend this service.

Good service
These guys are top notch on responding if you have delays and such and need a piece of mind. Means a lot to know SimpleSwap do their best to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible... Will definitely keep using them in the future.

Stay Away
Your company couldn't handle the volume from the Theta pump and didn't honor the original terms of my swap. It took two days to process my transaction and I lost 35% of my money due to your negligence. "David" was rude and unhelpful, I will not be returning and advise everyone to say away.

I used it several times
Ok, my exchanges went quickly. I also received some tokens as cashback. However I have no idea what to do with them as Simpleswap coin is not traded on their website.

Fast customer service
I had an issue with my exchange, so I have submitted my ticket, and surprisingly I got a reply within 5 mins, my issue was also resolved within an hour. Thanks a lot for helping me out. Would definitely use this platform again.

Great Service
I am very satisfied with using SimpleSwap. There was a problem with my transaction(forget enter destination tag). I thought that I lose my money, but thanks to the technical team I refunded my money within an hour. I am appreciate your service guys, and what are doing for clients. Thank you one more time.

They have a good affiliate program
I have many of my favorite exchanges. Use them mostly for the affiliate program. Never delayed my payments. I share the affiliate link with my followers. Keep doing your business guys!

Stay Away
It's now been 48 hours and simpleswap has taken my bitcoin and not completed the swap. SimpleSwap will not refund me or complete the transaction. Similar to prior reviews, they claim it is stuck in the "sending" stage. They have my money and will not give it back.

Ticket # 25645

Simpleswap SCAM: "Be Warned"
Simpleswap Deceptive SCAM: Sadly and annoyingly SimpleSwap deliberately sent me the wrong tokens which made my exchange experience a nightmare, they refused to inform me what exactly they had sent and only after a period of days of my pleading with them for an explanation or resolution did I find that the tokens were incorrect and not compatible with the ERC20 I requested, they actually confirmed and knew he sent the wrong tokens but rather than say anything he simply kept me in the dark, forcing me to spend a plethora of man hours trying to establish what was actually sent and how I could retrieve my several thousand dollars' worth of tokens, after all, even after my weeks of requesting help or resolution, Simplswap refused to help me resolve the mistake they had made! I had after all made it perfectly clear as a disabled old age pensioner; I know very little about Cryptocurrency and nothing about the way they are processed, my pleas were purely for resolution to amend their mistake. They are heartless and without empathy!
I had in the past couple of weeks exchanged with them several tokens without issue until it came to Fantom which it seems has three separate address an types, Simpleswap sent my token from and to Opera Fantom which was NOT listed on their site and instead of receiving my requested ERC20 I got Opera mainet tokens. I contacted Simpleswap only to be informed "it was my fault for not checking" so I asked then what could I check when there was no indication this is what I would receive and even after I categorically proved that they had made the mistake, at which point he admitted to the mistake, he then said there was nothing he could do. In fact I had to pay someone to retrieve the tokens because after weeks of me pleading with Simpleswap they refused to offer any assistance at all and when I asked multiple times over a period of weeks for their details so I could complain and possibly take legal action he on each occasion refused point blank to provide them, I actually asked on EIGHT separate occasions. This is clearly not the behaviour one would expect from any reputable company so be warned. I also asked them on many occasions, why they don't make it clear or lable what token they would send or what could be requested but they again refused to comment, I expect they think they can avoid responsibility when they make mistakes this way.
Their refusal to be honest and transparent is grave cause for concern, they are in fact breaking many regulations which I pointed out to them in the way they conduct business and their terms are bias and one sided. I sent them a link for the "The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000" They seem to think that they don't need to comply with any regulations or the law which is clear from their terrible negative hostile and at times abusive attitude.
I was on this occasion fortunate not to lose several thousand dollars through no fault of my own so this is simply a warning to avoid at all cost this company Simpleswap which make exchanging tokens a nightmare…. I suggest you. Update your name to "Difficultswap and ensure your terms are in compliance with the actual law is my advice to you.

Simpleswap cant even complete a simpleswap SimpleSwap should change their name to simplesteal. Here we are 5 days after an attempt to swap a small amount of BTC. Transaction never happened! After 19 back and forth emails still no resolution. It is clear that they will hold your coins if the exchange rate changes before they complete it. They took my BTC in less than 5 minutes and never completed the swap and would not return the coins. They are criminals I will never use them again. Think twice before using simpleswap There are safer alternatives I learned the hard way. Hopefully they become a casualty of Progress and be held accountable for all their illegal activity. I will be letting everyone I know plus spreading this far and wide on Facebook and twitter Daily!

I have already used this exchange 5-6 times and today I ran into an issue here. My request was processed by the support team and the problem was resolved within about 2 hours. I used to wait a few days for a refund with other exchange platforms. Therefore, for me it is a super fast and high-quality service. I recommend

Very convenient and efficient
This is not the first time I have used SimpleSwap and I can say that I never worry about my funds. Everything goes quickly except for my last exchange. I immediately contacted support service and described my issue. David immediately answered me and helped me get the coins back. Thank you very much for your quick feedback and excellent service.

Reliable and fast
Very satisfied with the service. The exchange was completed within an hour! Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a convenient and fast exchanger.

Amazing service
I'm very satisfied with this service, it's basically a quick and easy exchange with over 200 coins and one of the cheapest fees and friendly support team.


Wonderful and speedy support team
My experience with SimpleSwap exceeded my expectations. When I had an issue Support helped me right away and took care of me until it was completely resolved! Highly recommended

Good service
I like the service and the team as well. But recently I've had an issue and it took more time to be resolved. Of course, there was my fault also. Finally, it's resolved and I recommend this service to other crypto holders.

Absolute scam
Refuse to compete my swap after receiving my funds Even with the tx hash, wallet addresses, etc SimpleSwap refuse to return the funds or complete it or even look for it on their system.

Very good service
As a casual user, I had a bit of hiccup today with a transaction which failed. I sent a message and got reply instantly, with reasons explained (minimum from exchange partners not met) and refund was swift. I increased the amount and the transaction went through as expected. Very pleased with the experience. The service proves itself best when problems as such arise. Highly recommend it!

Made several exchanges and mechanically made an amount of mistake. I got in touch with support and helped solve the problem! Very satisfied, I didn't even expect such a service!
Very fast and high-quality instant transfer of dollars to bitcoin was made! I recommend this exchanger to everyone who works with cryptocurrencies.

Nice experience
Decided to try a new platform. Satisfied with the variety of coins, so easy to use, so fast to swap! Gonna use it again!

This site is a joke... SimpleSwap took $200 worth of doge coin... after 24 hours I never received the exchange... after about 20 emails customer service said I was refunded...

This is a scam do not use

I finally received a refund, with less tokens than I started with... waste of time

Lost 50,000 TFuels Due To SimpleSwap System Technical Failure
I executed an exchange of Theta for TFuel (Exchange ID: d2B5FHFeMiv) on 12 Jan 2021. Loss 50,000 Tfuel because of a technical fault in SimpleSwap exchange system. Successfully transferred and deposited Theta token at 06:48am but SimpleSwap system only started the exchange process 74 mins later due to their software glitch; normally, it shouldn't take more than 10 mins although the entire exchange process may be much longer or hours later. As a result of a very sharp spike in TFuel price at 07:10am, I received 50,000 TFuels lesser than expected. Total time taken for this exchange was 108 mins counting from the time of Theta receipt at 06:48am.
SimpleSwap just returned 3050 TFuels (exchange fees) and said SimpleSwap are not liable for any technical faults caused by third parties and/or themselves per their service terms which I find it most unfair and felt been robbed.
As time is of the essence to determine the rate that one intend to exchange, how is it possible that SimpleSwap holds no responsiblility as to when they should start the exchange process; it might as well be many hous later since they are covered by their service terms.
So, be warned and duly informed about unfair trade practices when one chooses a crypto exchange company.
In a nutshell, the required exchange process to buy in the TFuel should have started the moment your system received the deposit of my Theta so as to secure the rate closest to the time of order although it is well understood that the entire may take hours.
(Below comments were inserted after viewing SimpleSwap's Response on review)
Your system failure to detect the deposit and/or lock in the rate within 5-10 mins upon the receipt of my Theta deposit has left much to be desired. Had your system perform the checks on deposit and begin locking in the buy rate for TFuel timely, this rate would not have to be floated over 22 minutes and in this particular case, it actually took 74 minutes. I cannot imagine the rationale of exchanging cryptos on a floating rate that is allowed to float without time limit. Surely, like any other contracts, there should be a written or unwritten industry best practices on how long a floated rate should be reasonably allowed float, and hence, would determine and delineate the liability of each party. In my case, I have done my part by successfully sending you the specified Theta tokens for exchange, however, it is clear that the root cause of my loss was the failure of your system to detect my deposit and lock in the market rate within a reasonable period of time.
This episode is a lot more than mere inconvenience as I actually lost lots of TFuels.


They returned my Theta
I accidentally sent my theta to another simpleswap address. Happily I contacted them and SimpleSwap returned me all my sent theta. It's fair and worth to use the service without any suspicions.

Many thanks for your patience
Hello everyone, my name is Dacom and I'm new to cryptocurrency.
I must admit that my first experiences in creating an exchange were not successful. I reached out to the support team to get help.
I want to tell you that SimpleSwap have a great video with detailed instructions on how to create an exchange. But, after this video, I still had questions, even if they were very stupid.
I am grateful to the SimpleSwap support team for patiently explaining each step to me, telling me what to do, and how to fill in each column.
After that, I successfully created my first exchange!
I was told how to check its status and how long it will take.
And you know what? The exchange took less time than I expected. Everything was fast and accurate.
Thanks to SimpleSwap, I feel that I can continue to create exchanges.
Thank you again for your help and patience!

First time experience
I had a wonderful experience with the platform, I have created my first swap, but there was a delay on the exchange side, and I got really worried but thank their support team, the issue was resolved quickly and I have received my coins. Thanks a lot, the lesson was learned)

Stuck on Step 3 of exchange
I attempted to exchange xdc for btc and followed the prompts and video from YouTube. It got stuck on step 3 but my xdc was sent to an address. I contacted support however it is a Saturday. It is going to be a long wait to hear back from them since I do not want to loose my investment. Not sure what happened or why it froze but the transaction went through from my wallet holding xdc. I pray its not gone. Please advise!

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Description: SimpleSwap is a user-friendly instant cryptocurrency exchange without sign-up and upper-limits. SimpleSwap offers exchanges of more than 300 cryptocurrencies and two exchange types: floating and fixed rate. You can always choose the most suitable option. Taking part in the SimpleSwap Loyalty Program you can receive a cashback for every exchange made on the service. Moreover, SimpleSwap offers its customers and partners an Affiliate Program with API, referral links, and widgets available. The support is working 24/7 and provides quick and professional help.
SimpleSwap has a Mobile App that is available for two platforms: iOS and Android.


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