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Outdated or totally fake profiles
SilverSingles have random, ineffective matching system with no regard to your preferences. The majority of profiles are fake. Tricky auto-renewal and cancellation policy. SilverSingles fails on all fronts. I found
To be safe, legit and secure and I met my partner there. Most of the women are in their 30's-40's, although there are different age groups available. As opposed to SilverSingles, all the women are real there and the site is not membership-based, so they don't play all these tricks with automatic renewals, recurring payments and inability to cancel. Obviously, SilverSingles platform is geared to rip off. It's just another time-waster and money-vacuum.

Loved the women I met!
I started dabbling on the site a month or so before I signed up for a paid membership so I didn't really respond to smiles or messages at first. I wasn't sure which site to go with. After I did pay the fee (about the same cost of one or two dates), I began communicating with some ladies that seemed very special and very lovely, too. I had dates with 2 of them and the second happened to be my soulmate. We're still early in our relationship but we are head over heals for one another.

The support part of the site is unimportant to me. The result is better than I ever dreamed! I will say that I was not too happy with the robustness of the site, but I'm not going to argue. I'm too happy!

I also recognize that a lot of women did not respond to my "smiles." Were some fake, bots, or former members? I cannot say, but I know plenty of women DID respond so I have to go with that. I know some men react very negatively when a woman does not reciprocate. To all of those guys I'd just say "Move on and don't fret the girls who don't respond. It probably would not have worked out anyway. And if your reaction is nasty, that simply confirms the doubts of the chick in the first place. So please, do yourself a favor and have some class."

Not ONE Thing Good About This Site
Lots to complain about! The site takes your money and that's the end! You will never get to talk to a human about your issues! You can send an email and that, also, will go without a response nor will anything be done about your request! You are required to fill out the importance of various factors to enhance getting matches with their database.The preferences rate how important the criteria is to you. Example: You're asked geographic distance where to find your match. I started with 100 miles and when those choices were obviously out of the question because of travel time, gas, etc, I changed the max distance to 50 miles, very important. To date, many of my supposed matches are 100 or more miles away! Every day I am being matched with selections which have absolutely no indicators in their profiles for liking the same or similar things! Two thirds of the "matches" have NO Photos! And, probably the worst fault of this site? It seems to be loaded with scam artists. Of three different contacts, all three were not who SilverSingles claimed to be! Two of them were "falling in love" with me. One of them after a phone call, which lasted less than 10 minutes, and the other through 5 very short emails! The third, this morning, lives (?) 144 miles from me AND the second message from him said he's in Kuwait, by himself trying to start his company! He's a 70 year old man, mind you!
Don't waste your money, ladies and gentlemen. Run as fast as you can away from this hole in the internet where you throw your money!

This silver singles dating site is a waste of money and your time. You can't get a hold of their horrible customer service, SilverSingles don't return emails, they have a phone number that says Virginia, I called it and it was the Philippines, the woman was rude and clueless about the dating site, she didn't even identify herself as a representative of this dating site, then the call went to this waiting time for over an hour, I finally hung up, and every attempt after went straight to some music.
No Representatives...
I've only been on for a few days, they continued to have my profile under review, no matter what I wrote.
You've been warned by someone who fought for this country.
This site can kiss my Marine Corps ass.
O rating all the way across the board.
Make sure you change your credit card or atm card, these people are crooks...

Tommy USMC

22 November 2020

Terrible matches - STAY AWAY
So friends encouraged me to try online dating and SS SEEMED to be a possibility. Signed up and started getting notices and matches. I responded to a few ladies and never heard back. Then I received what - I should have known better - seemed almost too good to be true. Turns out I should have run away screaming. The old saying, "There's no fool like an old fool" definitely applies. As I said, this lady seemed almost too good to be true, and it turned out several thousand dollars later that she was a scam artist. Nice picture, a little dog, a very nice "biography," and she played me like a fiddle. Do yourself a favor and stay away from sites like this because it's the wild-wild-west out there, No verification, no way to check are SilverSingles really who they say they are. The only bright spot - I received a refund of the balance of my membership. STAY AWAY - better yet RUN AWAY!

Don't bother!
I wish I'd read all of these reviews before I signed up... I've had the same experiences as almost 100% of the people here. Including being contacted by someone 'from the site' who's friend saw my photo and just had to meet me, so he gave me his email address. I used a junk email account of mine to contact him our of curiosity and of course, he's a widower, an orphan, good looking (sent two adorable pictures), is from Italy but claims he came to the U.S. to get a 2nd degree, blah blah blah but won't answer any questions about where he currently lives, etc etc. I emailed SS to ask if the "friend's" profile was real or a scam and directed them to the message. No answer after two days. It is Silver Singles that is a scam!

Be VERY careful before signing up!
The site has great reviews, I liked the personality profiling. Why NOT take the plunge!?!? I signed up for 6 months. Within a week, I could see there was gonna be a problem unless I was willing to drive 2 hours for a date. I called customer service. SilverSingles advised I needed to just re-emphasise that distance was important. Ok, done! It didn't change the fact that the matches I got were still more than an hour away. I don't live in a big city. I asked for a refund, was told I'd loose a month of payment. OK. Gave it another week (so I'm now in my 3rd week of membership). Called again. Nope-NO refund unless it was in the 1st 3 DAYS of membership. DON'T DO IT unless you live in a big city or you're willing to do a long comute.

Total Scam
I am very disappointed in this site. All of the matches I received did not fit the preference I chose. The two people that reached out to me, our conversation only lasted two days. Most profiles do not have a photo and when you request one you never get a response. I tried to cancel my membership online which is not possible. I found a number online and when I called it I got some guy named Daniel telling me that their server was down and he could not log into my personal server so I had to go to the nearest grocery store or 711 so he could log into the server and then get a silversingles card from the store so he could get the authorization code from the back of the card to refund me my money. There is no such card in the store and when I told him that he said miss you were suppose to call me before you went in the store so I could log into the server and he said I know the card is not in the store I was going to tell you which card to pick. Now that was not what he said originally. Well since their server allowed them to take my money I dont understand why it wont allow them to refund it when I told him I was contacting the BBB he told me to go right ahead. Lesson learned no more dating sites for me.

Experience on SilverSinlges
I signed up for Silver Sinlges for 6 months. I called customer services. SilverSingles said that you could get a refund if no service provided. So I gave it a try. People asking for money. Pictures looked fake. Some profiles there were no photos with robot generated responses. I was only on the site 3 weeks. Seems like the people working for Silver Singles are creating all the fake accounts themselves. They are playing games talking to the customers themselves just to take your money. When I went to try to cancel the subscription after 3 weeks they said you can't get a refund. I tried to get a refund from my Amex card. Amex said there is no number to reach out to them. Silver Singles does this to so many people. There should be an investigation on this company. They are not a legitimate business. National scammers.

Their site messaging service was hacked.
I'm writing to tell you that while using this site my messages between men were hacked. I had gotten to the point of regularly messaging one guy back and forth to the point I gave him my phone number. That message was intercepted by someone else with a phone number coming out of Atlanta. I was only talking with men in my area of Las Vegas. Posing as that man this person began texting me. The tone of the texts sounded off. So the texting didn't last.
This company refused to acknowledge that my account was hacked nor would that give me a refund. I don't feel safe using their site anymore.
The guy that I had tried to give my number too to begin with said he tried to warn me my account had been hacked through the SilverSingles messaging but I never got the messages. Then he reported that everytime He tried to contact me it kept saying my account was closed.
I only know this because a week later my account showed up again as active and he was able to message me again seeing the messages that weren't written by him.
I'm angry and upset. Please add this to your review of their site

Us Older Folks Are Really Specific About What We Want: And Not Afraid To Say So!
Once again I found myself not being able to go out and socialize. Major reason because I live in Los Angeles, CA. CA has a 53 year old, good looking, wealthy governor and his hair always looks great. He is also a fear mongering hypocritical douche. You'd think by the time you hit 50 you would realize that fear is not an educational tool. Gavin seems to be a co conspirator in the 'fear bred ignorance' movement. Why he thinks all of his constituents, the people he actually works for are stupid is incredibly insulting. He is nothing like the people I have chatted with on Silver Singles. Most of us in our mid sixties. Their is so much fantastic historical and present day information on covid/corona that he could have easily presented. People then would have been able to research on their own, and make up their own minds. Their are no words to properly convey how his ignorance has damaged the psyche of the workers who make California the 8th largest economy in the world. I jotted this down for those who truly don't get how bad Newsom has misinformed his constituents. It's a one minute read and then I'll return to my review of Silver Singles... Hear you go... So the corona virus has had a name since the 1960's. Why is that? Because the scientists/doctors/lab people/basic science hunters who kept finding it in cultures from patients being tested/treated for something else kept finding the crown(corona)shaped micro organism. So it gets a name. Goes unchecked in a billion people for over a 100 years, or more probably. Incubates in the petri dish we call our bodies. As time goes on some carrying this little organism become susceptible to it's desire to grow and eventually it becomes problematic. This holds true for hundreds/thousands of things that are in our bodies just waiting for us to become susceptible to them. How do we stop the onset of the undiscovered yet to come, unnamed, untamed micro organisms just waiting to hit a deteriorating immune system, you might ask? Well start by avoiding the obvious. If you know you are a candidate for heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, parasites, etc., etc. You might want to look into a different kind of living, eating, exercising regimen... Anytime I'm around people in a public setting I wear a mask. Not for me. For the people who are already living in fear of what SilverSingles don't understand. It doesn't help to educate anyone by giving them something else to be uncomfortable with. They will just grow more fearful. As we all know, 'fear is not an educational tool'. So instead of being a blamer or an apologist or a justifier, take some time to educate yourselves. Knowledge is power.If you would like to check on the history of the unknown and unnamed potential illness's: trying researching here: or here: or here: I did my homework, yet Gavin is still forcing his fear theory on anyone his svengali like persona can lead down the yellow brick road. So now I find myself on Silver Singles. I'm active, fun, creative and have never been bored in my life. I'm super easy to please. Just very choosy about who I let please me. I presented myself on Silver Singles just like that. I found that most of the women in my age bracket +or- 10 years are looking for that one man who wants to travel endlessly. Walk on the beach and be retired. I get it. I'm just not it. I want intimacy, preferably with a woman who hasn't gotten all alzheimery and forgotten how good it feels to have a $#*! in them. Sex is far from everything. It is in the top 5 of things to be enjoyed while still learning and being creative. Actually it is number 5 on my list. Where pursuing, playing, writing and dancing to music is number 1. Then socializing, cocktailing and eating some of my personal recipes. You can tell a lot about some one when it comes to trying someone else's food creations. Eating is so very personal. Putting into your body that which you might not have tried before. Shows a certain willingness to open up to another. If all that works between the two of you, there is a good chance that sex will be very tasty. Well, I found on this SilverSingles site that the older people get the more specific their wants have become. I get it. I'm one of them. I won't tolerate a women who owns a cat. I won't tolerate a women who blames others for her previous choices that did not work out well for her. By the time we get to our age we show know how to make ourselves come and not rely totally on the partner of choice. This requires some communication and some thought. Which just highlights the sex. I don't want to guess how to make a woman come. There will be plenty of other surprises to make things creative. Be aggressive, be be aggressive ladies... Confident men love that. So, I have not met anyone who subscribes to my sense of order and wants. I know their is a woman out there who will blow my mind. I'd like to find her and reciprocate in kind. You have to patient. I'm not very patient. I'm working on it though. So, till I find or am found. I will sing, dance, create and eat too much of my good cooking. I'm putting a positive on SilverSingles because in this day and age where personal run ins with your potential paramour are scarce, this may broaden the possibility. Don't forget to consider geography. Some of us like to be close to home because driving is not what it used to be.

Complete Crap, should be called Silver Scammers, Silver Shysters, etc.
I filled out the background questionnaire, including photo, but took a breather before committing. Good thing. Read a ton of lousy reviews. That was last night. I have received at least 10 teaser emails from S. S. telling me I have guys interested in me. When I click on them, the site says SilverSingles have been "taken off my list". Also, Silver Singles "personality evaluation" questionnaires are so silly, why wouldn't everyone want to paint a pretty picture of themselves? I must be matched with more than a thousand people. Interests I get, and also stuff you can write about yourselves. I edited my site and put in "seeking sugar daddy", also, "rich old lady". Hmmm, seems like a contradiction, eh? I also checked out at least 4 sites, "reviewing" Silver Singles". All of them were positive and all of them gave links to S. S. Pretty obvious, I'd say. This site is the only one posting negative reviews. Good for you!

Too Many Deceitful/Fake Profiles
Majorly DISAPPOINTED in Silver Singles, my experience, MORE deceitful/fake profiles THAN real ones! PLEASE! SS, you are contributing to the bad reputation of the online dating experience. When we know better, we have the opportunity to do better... I know I speak for so many others out there who are serious about dating, a much better vetting process for membership would be a great start! There is at least one new online dating site out there right now doing just that--from what I've read so far, members can only use the site's camera for photos and the site does an eight point check to verify identities... we shall see!

I have one month left on my SS membership, which I do not want due to all the "fake" profiles, especially three (3) in just the last week. Of course, I was told I cannot get a refund for the last month. What a world we live in!

Don't Even Look, Or You'll End up Joining Without Even Wanting To - Stay Away!
What a scam! 1st off, SilverSingles advertise a monthly rate; but if you accidentally join (which can happen!), they'll charge a full year! Then, beware, it automatically renews every year; so watch out! So how do you accidentally join? Well, if you just want to see what the bottom line is or if you can specify how long you want your membership to be for, you start in PayPal. Well, I wasn't worried. PayPal normally doesn't charge you anything until you authorize it, so you can go all the way through the process to the tax and shipping, and you still won't be charged. That's NORMALLY. With Silver Singles, once you start the PayPal process and after you've completed so very much of a personal profile that you really don't want to start over, you're stuck. You can't go back at all. You can only continue on, and then they charge you for the entire year instead of their advertised monthly amount. So you pay it all up front. Then, no matter how many times you choose your preferences, it always defaults to something else. Like I don't like guys to be shorter than me, but it just keeps going back to 5'6" as the minimum height; and it doesn't let you specify, say, I don't like bald dudes (sorry you bald dudes). So I get a whole lot of short bald dudes, etc., etc., etc. Run!

Scam, Scam, people are fake, Read my Review...
SilverSingles is a scam, I didn't read the above reviews 1st... S. S. Claims that you can view members before joining... Wrong, Bells & Whisles goes off, so I join up, and I find 200 member online, in a 100 mile radius of Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area, So I use my iPad to take pictures of all 200 of them, of that 190 haven't been online in over a month or two (per the site), and the remaining 10 are fakes, no response from them in a month. I signed up in June of 2019, I canceled Before July renewal. I haven't been there in 3 months and I'm still getting emails from S. S. that someone is viewing my page and is interested in me... Then I get Ransonware malware... completely killed my new computer, because I hadn't installed Virus program... Fake company, Headquaters in foreign countries... good luck getting you money back...

They literally won't let you find matches
Okay so I'm interested in older women, and thought Silver Singles was a place where I could search for profiles, or would use a swipe-system like most other dating apps. This model of dating website works because statistically, a man will need to swipe roughly 1,000 times before he gets 1 match. That's the simple reality of what it means to do online dating if you're a man. You know you'll need to send out lots of messages before anyone replies.

So I came on Silver Singles, having paid the full price for 3 months, and saw only 9 matches. I thought maybe those are just recommended profiles... I started clicking around looking for the search bar where I could see 500 more profiles and get to messaging. Again, I purchased 3 months, so if I start sending out messages now, I can expect to get maybe 4 or 5 replies before my membership expires. I touched every button I could find, and there doesn't appear to be a search bar. What gives?

So I clicked on "help", thinking I'm just missing the option that lets me access the thousands of profiles I very clearly and obviously need, because honestly, it's just a fact of life that men will not get matches better than 500 messages for 1 response, and even the most casual online dater knows this. That's when I saw the help page, quote:

"You cannot search our website for members; we do the work and recommend compatible matches for you"... are... you... serious?

I mean... okay, this idea MIGHT work, if your website matched me to, say, 10,000 other people I could browse through. But you matched me to literally NINE PEOPLE AND THAT'S IT! And I changed my settings to allow for literally anyone over the age of 50. And all I'm matched to is just the nine? So I paid 50 dollars for 3 months and this is all I get. I can message all of them in ten minutes. Then what? I sit and wait for the next 89 days and hope that one replies?

Go on literally any other website where you can actually swipe or browse. With SilverSingles, you're left at the complete mercy of their algorithm. Imagine if it only matched you with 3 people after you went and paid the full premium price for membership.

Worst Singles Website Ever!
I did a lot of online dating more than 10 years ago and belonged to many different dating websites over the years. I gave up and stopped looking for almost 10 years, but decided 8 months ago to get back into the game by giving SilverSingles a try. I immediately regretted it.
This is the WORST and most badly managed singles/dating website I have had the misfortune of being on. The site is very difficult to navigate and you will rarely get any sort of a helpful response from "customer service." All you get are the same canned, pre-written responses to whatever your complaint or question is.
This site won't let you reorder your profile pictures if you'd like a different photo to appear first, but meanwhile SilverSingles let through LOTS of photos that are supposedly against their rules, like sideways photos, photos that are too dark to see faces, photos with than one person in it. They lie and say they review photos, yet repeatedly let bad photos through.
I was very specific that I am a woman looking for a man but on more than one occasion, SilverSingles sent matches to me that are women! They also seem to have a very poor security review practice because I have been approached multiple times by men with fake/scam profiles. I can always tell these are scams because of the way they are written and because the photos are always obviously fake/stock photos -- usually much too perfect and clearly staged. Since I can always sniff out a fake profile, I always write something that tells the guy to buzz off -- I'm not interested. Then days later, sure enough, SilverSingles sends out an email warning me and other women who were approached by these scammers about the fake profile. If SilverSingles would do their due diligence in the first place, there wouldn't be so many fraudulent profiles and scammers on this horrible website.
SilverSingles also repeatedly sets you up with exactly the kind of person you made clear you wouldn't be interested in -- or people who are geographically much too far when you specified a certain amount of miles. Then they ask for "feedback" on their supposed "matches," saying they want this feedback so they can improve their matches for you, but they routinely ignore your feedback and continue to send you the bad and too-far matches.
Most people I have approached on this site NEVER respond, which tells me most of the profiles are old and outdated and no longer active. Unethical dating websites such as SilverSingles keep old, defunct profiles active to make it look like they have more members than they actually do.
Also, be careful if you sign up because they don't offer any sort of monthly payment plan. Instead, they deceptively fool you into paying for an entire year at once by outlining the amount of the yearly cost divided by 12. It's all very cleverly and misleadingly worded so that it SEEMS like you are signing up for a monthly plan but you aren't -- they will charge you for an entire year and WILL NOT relent when you explain that their website DID NOT make it clear you would be charged for an entire year at once. If you don't realize the mistake within 72 hours, you are stuck on this terrible website for an entire year.

Stay away from this site!
First, it's not "free." In order to see anyone that's contacted you, a subscription is necessary. What's the point of "browsing" if there's no contact? I did one month only (Thank God). The app totally ignores your preferences that you set and most matches I got each day were completely outside of them. I was lucky to see even one that was in my home state! Second, the app is almost unusable on an iPhone or iPad. I had to always use the browser version to reply to any messages. There's no real monitoring of the profiles. I had to report more than a few who felt the need to send me offensive messages because SilverSingles disagreed with my political views. I received approx 6-8 contacts per day and almost all were looking for just pen or phone pals and not relationships. Spend your money on another dating site. This one is a total waste.

A scam service that uses scammers to post fake profiles
At first this looked good. I should've known when I saw that the company was German. Why would a foreign company be running a service for Americans? Did that make sense. But, it looked good, so I thought why not try it. The three day acceptance period should've been a red flag. Most services have 30 days... and you get a full refund. I wasnt looking for a full refund if I didn't like the service. I wanted the service. So ive asked for a partial payback. We'll see if I have one positive thing to tell. But the negatives were plenty: a few days after I signed on, I couldn't access the site. My internet service was working perfectly. I could access every other site I regularly went to. I got no people matched to me in the "quit time" of three days. I finally started sending out smiles. By week two I got a few smiles back. So I asked questions of the people who'd smiled at me. A few minimal responses and nothing. THen I was being matched with bunches of men with no photos. It said photo upon request. I kept requesting photos and got no pictures. And I starting reading poorly written profiles. Bad grammar, English, nonsense responses. Where do you feel most at home: at home. What? Sarcasm? What is most important in your life: Jesus, my faith, my church. The answers were errily alike. Here is a good example: No photo for someone named James from Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans: James is really passionate about:
Love saints foot ball
Friends would describe James as:
Good listenerRespectfulPhysically fit
James and I
James enjoys these activities the most:

Working out, working, building things.
Bland profiles a child could write with minimal information about what goes on in New Orleans. No adult with a high school education would write so poorly about their interests if SilverSingles were seeking to lure a dating partner.

There were app problems all the time. I'd send a comment, but I couldn't add a message along with the comment. It's some fly by night operation. There is no customer service phone assistance. Only email contact that is acknowledged 24 to 48 hours after a request for help is sent. I simply didn't put it all together until now.

Worst waste of money I've ever spent!
This site is a complete waste of money. You cannot do anything if you're not a paid member and I was suckered into thinking there were viable matches in my area contacting me so I stupidly signed up for a 3 month membership (something like $45 and change). I have spoken with ONE man and he lives over an hour from me. It didn't go anywhere. The vast majority of your matches won't be anywhere near you, and even if there were more matches near you, you cannot speak to them if SilverSingles are not also a paid member. I've done better on free sites (MUCH better). I can't prove it, but I feel like most of the profiles are either fake or very old. I tried to look up reviews about this site and kept finding ones where it was listed as one of the top rated sites; wish I'd seen these reviews first.

Stay off this site and save your hard earned money
I joined this site drawn by the thought it attracted mature' seniors. Sadly the site is no different than any of the others online. Enter at your own risk. I joined with an open mind and thus far after several months of membership am pessimistic and very annoyed. One guy tried to lure me off-site by saying his friend saw my profile but was not a member (was visiting the actual member when he saw my photo) and the friend lived near my city, providing the friend's' email address and invited me to write to him.' I complained to customer service. Just recently, some guy presenting himself as both a "M. D. and Ph. D", the M. D from Harvard, emailed at the site saying we were "100% compatible" (it was 80%). When I asked about the 100% he actually pulled some of my "likes" directly from my profile so as to mirror my interests. But the best part was his expecting women to come to him "for a weekend meet and greet" (aka encounter) and that "this arrangement has worked out quite well for him." He provided both an email and a phone number telling me to "call him." He also instructed me to look up a word in a "Urban Dictionary" which turned out to be quite creepy. He is still actively on the site as of this writing despite numerous complaints.
I do not recommend this site as the only endearing thing about it is that it calls itself Silver Singles'.

Buyer Beware
I am a 68 y. O. male, I live in Oklahoma City, with a population of about 1 mill. People in the metroplex. I sat my preferences for 50 miles, seeking women 55-72, no smoking, slim/slender, muscular, athletic/fit, curvy, about average, and Christain. About the only likes or smiles I got was overweight women, and women that looked like SilverSingles belonged in an assisted living center. The site kept telling me to expand my preferences. The only thing I really wanted to change was the search area or mileage from my hometown. I then started sending likes and messages to women in cities like Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Denver, etc. The problem I had now is nobody was interested in long distance relationships. I was so frustrated and still had 3 months left of subscription. I took my pictures down and I started getting photo requests. I put my pictures back on but these women that supposedly requested photos were nowhere to be found! I finally got fed up and deleted my account.

It is practically a scam
Be aware.
SilverSingles sell you a 6 months contract mine ends on Aug/21/21, but have no woman to show. They have 6-7 women and all far away from your zip code (in my case Waco TX and Greenville TX, nothing closer to 75601). Or they spam you with profiles that are no longer valid. After a week or so they cut you off from any communications on the website. Calling customer service gets you an obvious young man that asks for your name and problem, laughs into the phone and hangs up. Yes, I have recorded it. I'm not the only one that experienced the same problem. Others here in my neighborhood have too. E-mails don't even bother. You never get an answer. Don't say you were not warned.

Questionable dating site with questionable practices
I signed up for 3 months and will not be renewing. I plan on canceling my credit card first to make sure it's not renewed. The site is teeming with scammers who try to get us off site with some ridiculous stories of a friend not on the site who fell in love with our photo (?) and wants to contact us off site of course and SilverSingles give an email address and phone no. Beware! Especially if you're a woman over 65, we are Nigerian scammers' prefered target group. I was even contacted by a scammer who obviously had hacked one of the matches account
I suspect that half my matches are fake profiles ( usually without photos or with sideways photos) and another 1/3 are canceled accounts they still use to inflate the numbers. SilverSingles appears very good at marketing itself as seen in many online positive reviews ( they most likely post themselves) but the reality is very different. I would not recommend them.

I've been a member for 6 months and 99% of my matches according to my profile were from the most homely looking women Ive ever seen. One would think that SilverSingles would post an attractive picture of themselves but the all look like they just rolled out of bed.The few that were attractive never responded to any of my quires.
I did have one woman that needed money to return to the USA, she was stranded and broke in Turkey after a diamond buying spree... she would pay me back with diamonds... I assume she is still stranded, or maybe some knucklehead sent her money.
If these women want to lure a man into their lives they need to look like a women and not post ugly pictures of themselves.

Their requirements are not made clear before purchase
Wouldn't recommend to anyone... their requirements for using the site are buried deep in the fine print and SilverSingles will disable your account without any notification.
What horrible thing did I do you might wonder?
I filled out their questionnaire and wrote some great essays, however, I did not want to post any pictures of myself. I'm on the pretty side and simply wanted to avoid superficial guys. I figured that way any responses I would get were from someone that was looking at the inner me rather than the shell. I certainly thought that was more honest than posting a fake picture, as many on this site do.
Well, it took me weeks to get my money refunded and not only did I have to cancel in writing, but follow up with several phone calls.

The worst yet
25% of the time, images will not load. You end up with a blank white image. Doesn't matter if it is the app or the website. You are limited to filters. I'm tall and slim, but you can't request any type of body style, slim, heavy, athletic. I'm an older white man. I'm not interested in black women, but again, no filter. I list women in 50 miles, but it defaults to people all over the us. NOT what I wanted. It shows 400+ matches, when it is actually maybe 20. It sends you an email if someone browses you're profile, no picture of that person. You have to log in to see if you are interested. Terrible site. Do yourself a favor and skip it. is 10x better in every aspect.

Matches are NOT what you ask for
I have experienced great difficulty with receiving matches based on my preferences. When I first contacted Silver Singles about this, SilverSingles said my preferences were too "strict". I changed several of my preferences but not "distance" which I have set at 50 miles. I continued to receive matches from 100 miles to matches from other states that are over 150 miles away. Customer Service tells me my matches have indeed met my preferences. Matches that do show up within my 50 mile preference are "under review", that means they cannot see or reply to messages. Silver Singles uses this to get you to try and contact these matches so they can send an E mail to this "free member" saying "look, you have a message, sign up now to read it". What a lousy business model.

I joined this website several years ago, hoping to...
I joined this website several years ago, hoping to meet more people in their 50s and up. What SilverSingles don't tell you is that this site is owned or partnered with So although you post your profile here, you may get "matched" to men who are in their 30s. Even if you put down your desired age range as "50-60". Aggghhh! I don't want to date men who are young enough to be my sons.
BTW--- did you know that some men lie when they post a photo? I met someone who was 50 lbs. heavier than in his photo, and had been that way for years. I am not knocking his weight. I used to be VERY heavy. But tell the truth, for the love of God. I'm going to find out when I meet you, anyway.

Took up a 6 month subscription after reading all the BS reviews. It has to be one of the worst sites for Australians - seriously. You cannot do a search - SilverSingles simply feed you 20 supposed prospects each day at 3.44am (every day) obviously just a simple delivery off their data base. So all you can do is look and the prospects are from all over (eg 3500klms away)- just ridiculous! Then on their site they say if you wish to cancel your subscription simply go to your account and follow the prompts to cancel AND YOU WILL STILL BE A PREMIUM MEMBER until the original subscription expiry date. Well guess what, when you actually go to do it that is not the case at all. They then say cancellation removes everything immediately and thats it. This mob really need referring to Australian Fair Trading (which I intend to do) because they are nothing short of con artists. They simply stink.

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