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New black shoes
Purchase very good. I have a serious balance problem and desired a new pair of black shoes. I have always liked Cole Haan shoes and have shopped and travelled to Maine almost yearly for over 60 years. The shoes I bought will not fit my purchase purpose as I am more unstable and apt to fall when wearing them. I realize ShoeBacca are not returnable and am looking for a person to give them or will find a way to provide them to a local Boulder, Colorado Charity.

I placed an order for a pair of sneakers and after...
I placed an order for a pair of sneakers and after placing the order discovered that the sizes run small. I called back immediately within 10 mins to ask to change sizes and was informed that the entire order would have to be cancelled, and I would have to re-order the shoes again. I was not happy about that situation as I too am in customer service (Regional Director to be exact)and there are ways to change orders. Apparently, it isn't the way Shoebacca operates. An additional reason for the rating was the fact that I had a representative by the name of Monica who doesn't seem like she wants to work. Sounded to me like she just was there and needed a paycheck. She had very poor customer service with a very bad attitude. She acted like it was too much for her to help me, and didn't want to deal with it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she came back on the line instead of a supervisor offering me a discount to accept the refund and deal with my credit card company about getting my money returned to the card. Her attitude was terrible. I proceeded to ask her was she the clerk or a supervisor, and she said to me and I quote. "I'm not a clerk I'm an agent". I then said well whatever you are let me speak to a supervisor I don't like your attitude. She proceeded to tell me "I don't like yours either", and placed me on hold. A few minutes later a supervisor by the name of Sarah got on the line, and was able to handle my problem and was kind in the process. She apologized for Monica's attitude and informed me ShoeBacca would pull the call and use it for coaching purposes and would reprimand Monica for her bad attitude. Sarah also offered me a 15% discount as well as offered to refund the $10 off promo code that I used. Sarah was very nice and handled the situation correctly. I was going to cancel the entire order and go elsewhere, but because of Sarah's kindness and helpful attitude, I re-ordered the shoes and an additional pair. Please give Sarah a pat on the back and Monica needs to learn better customer service. She almost caused your company to lose a valued customer. You can see from my previous orders I spend a lot of money. Thanks again Sarah, Monica you need further training.

Great price
Ordering was easy, site easy to navigate. The boots I ordered were exactly what I was looking for. Great price on the boots, actually about 40 dollars less than what ShoeBacca would have cost in the hunting store. The fit was perfect! Will buy from shoebacca again!

Contacted because the info I had received via email said my boots were shipping, and no other response after 3 days. Contacted to get status on order. Customer service was great and courteous. My boots were received in about 3 days after the call.

Definitely worth a looksee
This was strictly a drunken purchase and I had completely forgotten about it. The ad was basically a pop up on a sports site I frequent regularly. The shoes came surprisingly fast and overall look great, Im fairly positive the sole design is was got me to click, ShoeBacca are decently comfortable but due to the composition of the sole( it's ALMOST a hard plastic), they would be sketchy at best to do anything else but walk around and receive compliments (which I get every time I wear them). I'll definitely look to buy from again just with a sober eye.

Not of any fault of Shoebacca... Boots are the best quality I have ever seen... I am looking forward in warm feet this winter. And because of health reasons really need protection from the cold. My boots were delivered to the wrong address by UPS and were left out side in a really good rain storm. When ShoeBacca were brought to me by the neighbors they were soaking wet... boxes were destroyed by water... drying the boots out so far so good. Can't wait to try them on... talked with customer service which offered a return. Passed it up I'll dry them out and I got me the best boots that one can find... not letting these out of my site... Fast shipping also... Customer service was great. They took care of me... very Thankful for their action... I wish everyone at Shoebacca a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Great experience
I will be shopping here again. Site interface is really simple, and easy to use. There isn't a bunch of data gathering on sign up, and checkout is fast and easy. Best online shopping experience I've had outside of amazon. I can't speak for customer service here, but I don't have to because things went off without a hitch. Also, this site has had the fastest processing and shipping to Hawaii that I've ever encountered with online shopping- Better than amazon on that part. I'd recommend advertising this excellence to platforms that have users in Hawaii, as we're always happy to find a service that cares about shipping expedience (at a free rate too).

Thank you.

Condition of box and shoes
The Shoe Box seem to be very old with lots of dust and soot around the Box
The shoes inside had no tissue wrap around the shoes witches as sign of either remainder or defective or really old shoes
I have never received from shoebacca or other shoe companies a product delivery as I received on these speakers
I am hesitant to order from your company again as a result of the conditions of what I received it didn't seem new to me

The lady provided me some answers but it didn't seem that there would be any correction or offer to compensate or returned for what I received.

Will Shop Here Again!
I was not familiar with Shoebacca prior to this purchase. Because of that, I checked first to make sure ShoeBacca were legit and apparently I've been missing out on some good finds because they totally are.
Found the shoes in the size we needed and no one else had them! Shipping was super fast (we did expedite because we needed them for a bday gift) and we received them in time. They were exactly what she wanted!

Didn’t receive a tracking number so the rep tracked them, confirmed delivery date and then emailed me they tracking number.

Terrible returns
It is very difficult to return items to Shoebacca. I saw no way to generate a return label from any email sent. So I had to call customer service. ShoeBacca said a label was sent to the closest UPS store but it was not there and they did not know what I was talking about at UPS. Now it is happening again with another order for which I never received an email at all

Customer service person was nice and apologetic but the whole system is bad. It is now happening a second time and I’m having trouble returning the second pair of shoes. Never received an email with an order number for the second pair and customer service thinks I’m still trying to return the first pair

GReat shoes, little small
Great shoes, was waiting on size 11's to be in stock and ShoeBacca finally were. I read some of the reviews of them running small so I chose a half size larger than I normally do. They are still pretty tight, so I would suggest anyone interested in these getting at least a half size larger... if not 1 full size. That said, they are sweet looking shoes. They are still pretty hard, but looking forward to wearing them in. They go with just about anything.

Great customer support from people who actually care and follow up with their customers
I experienced a problem with a delivery from UPS and thought my package may have gotten lost. The fine customer support team followed up and let me know that my package would be delivered. Thanks to everyone at SHOEBACCA for your excellent customer support. UPS will not let you talk with a live human being anymore and that's very disappointing. Fortunately SHOEBACCA does their customer support the right way and you can actually talk with someone. I really appreciate that aspect of your customer support staff. Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays to all at SHOEBACCA!

Hit or miss when you buy online
The purchasing part was easy. The e-mail was unexpected. The rating were skewed. The sneakers arrived without a hitch but are like walking with cement blocks on your feet. Funny no feedback listed how bulky and heavy ShoeBacca would be. Definitely not for the gym... more for dressing the part.

I was going to return them but decided against it since the price w/delivery was only $30.00. In the closet and I expect to some day wear them. So, my suggestion is, not matter how flattering or tempting these sneakers appear, there is nothing like in store purchasing where you can visibly see, feel and try on what your intended purchase is.

I couldn't sign into my account, so I placed my order...
I couldn't sign into my account, so I placed my order without doing so. Upon completion, I was given a chance to create an account, but received an error that the email was already being used. I was using the correct password when I tried to login so I don't know what was going on. I did notice there was a new popup box to choose either existing customer or guest checkout so I don't know if there was a malfunction somewhere. It was quite frustrating.

Reassuring in icy weather
Neither my usual snow boots nor my hiking boots could prevent slipping on the icy pavements and paths that have descended on New York City and Central Park in recent weeks. After a bad fall, I ordered pull-on cleats, which did a good job, but I could not walk on my wooden floors nor across the marble hallways without scratching them up, and ShoeBacca were not so useful on paved sidewalks that were a mix of clear and icy. So having learned about the amazing Vibram Arctic Grip, I bought a pair of Muck Boots from Shoebacca that have the Arctic Grip soles. I wish the boots had come in a size 10 1/2, since the 10 would undoubtedly have been too small and the 11 is quite roomy. But thick socks have remedied that and the boots, though very big and rather ungainly-looking, give me plenty of support, and I can walk much more confidently on icy paths. I plan to keep these as my go-to ice boots.

Sizing was strange, but Shoebacca was great to order from!
Shoebacca is great! The shoes I ordered came super fast. My only issue is that I have these exact shoes in a different color. From what I could tell, the ones I ordered were normal width like the ones I already have in the other color. However, the width was huge on the pair I received and way too big. I ordered a second pair in half a size smaller and the width was still massive. I'm not sure if it is a manufacturing issue with Frye or if someone is pulling wide width instead of the regular width by mistake or if I somehow accidentally ordered wide both times. I am returning both pairs unfortunately, but Shoebacca made the returns very easy.

Buying shoes made easy
Bought ASICS while on sale. The delivery was super fast only 3 days and ShoeBacca arrived. Well definitely buy from this company again. One pair was for my boyfriend and the size was a little small but it started that in the reviews and had to return due to being a little too snug for his feet. I bought another pair for my nephew, and he loves them.
The return was easy, they email you the shipping label take it to the UPS drop off and done. WONDERFUL COMPANY TO DEAL WITH AND BUY SHOES FROM. I WILL DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN AND TELL FAMILY ABOUT THEM.

A few issues
Well I ordered a pair of Scott tennis shoes and ShoeBacca were way too small, i sent them back, they were delivered to Irving TX, im waiting on refund. meanwhile I ordered a pair of Diadora and they arrived, fit perfect,they were on sale for a great i ordered a 2nd pair.
The very next day...I didnt even get to wear them, the rubber came unglued at the toe. i req a return, chose defective as the reason, and my est refund is $12 less than what i paid?? I will update this review

Nike Running Shoes
My son is pleased overall with the Nike running shoes. The only problem we had was with the shipping. We selected expedited shipping and the shoes arrived one day after the promised delivery date, which was one day after his track event. Customer service apologized and reimbursed us for the rush shipping charges.

The customer service agent was very apologetic and accommodating in addressing the delay with the expected arrival of the shoes.

Great prices, fast and free shipping
I placed two separate orders with Shoebacca. Shipping was fast and free, I was able to find promo codes for both, and my refund was processed the same day for the return I sent (wrong size). The prices were awesome too! Very satisfied. Everything went perfectly smooth.

I called to ask how I can register a return I need to make when it isn’t showing up on the website under my orders. The representative told me it was submitted as a guest order and she instructed me step-by-step how to select the items I wanted to return and print a shipping label/return slip. It was very quick and easy.

Great Trainers at a great price
Overall pleased with the trainers, good price, fast delivery. Have only used the trainers once so a bit early to comment on performace, very light and overall seem to be good quality ( Asics) i run 5k twice a week so we will see in a month how ShoeBacca are performing.
Only slight downside is that the trainer is much tighter across my foot then usual even though it is a D, I have loosened of the laces a lot and they are so light that after the initial putting on it is not to noticeable.

Takes your money but never ships the item!
I bought a pair of Roper Avas and a volleyball. The volleyball came in but the Avas never did. I called three times, twice ShoeBacca promised the shoes would come in, but the third time Oh! They told me they were refunding me instead. What happened to the shoes is a mystery apparently! No one knows where anything is if you have an issue and it's a run around. They'll take your money gladly but will fight like crazy to actually give you the items you bought.

So glad you had these specific shoes in this specific...
So glad you had these specific shoes in this specific size! My hubby is an avid tennis player & purchased a pair of these at a big box discount store (like TJ Maxx) & immediately felt as though ShoeBacca were the best shoes he'd ever had in his 30+ years of playing tennis (and he's VERY particular!). Anyway- over the last 2 years, he's worn that pair of shoes down a lot & now there are several holes in the toes. We hesitated to go looking for another equally decent pair of shoes because it's such an arduous process & we had no hope of coming across another pair exactly like these since we'd originally bought them from a chain clearance store- we figured they were no longer being manufactured or sold anywhere, but I'm so glad we checked online! My hubby has a very demanding job & volunteers many hours weekly for our church, so tennis is his absolute outlet & way to decompress, and having the right shoes makes a HUGE difference in how he feels when he plays. Long story short (too late for that?!) is: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
~Tabitha Garner

Great shopper experience
The shoes I ordered were the wrong fit, so I had to return them. But the customer service from Terrance was extraordinary! He picked up the phone after just one ring, and helped me with the return within minutes. His friendliness and helpful attitude were above and beyond.
I will be ordering more shoes in the next few days to hopefully find the ones that fit perfectly.

Terrence was a gem! He helped me with my return within minutes and was so pleasant to deal with. My call was also answered after just one ring! That's so rare these days. :)

The worse customer service
Made a purchase through Amazon and ShoeBacca shipped the wrong size. Contacted shoebacca and the girl/customer service rep. Was rude, didn't listen nor offered to solve the issue. In fact, she was rude from the very beginning, guessing, maybe she doesn't like her job! She has bad customer skills, and no human relations. I will NEVER EVER order from this company again! Also, will let all my associates and family know not to order as well. There are far too many competition for any customer to experience what I did over something so simple and to be mistreated and disrespected towards.

I found that the shopping on shoe Becca very easy prices were good and I know that I have received one package I'm waiting on another package and I'm just hoping that when I get home because I'm a truck driver and I tried the shoes on that ShoeBacca fit if not I'll have to try to find out about trading them or swapping them or refunding or something but as of right now with one package that I've gotten I'm happy with with the delivery time shopping experience so far so good let you know if the second package comes in.

Last night I tried buying these shoes but didn't have...
Last night I tried buying these shoes but didn't have my credit card with me. So I was using Paypal (which I rarely use anymore due to their censoring conservative American truth soldiers). My credit card was old in the paypal account, so I thought I would go ahead and grab my credit card but I could never get back to using a cc. Only allowed Paypal. I tried it about 5-7 times. Finally this morning, I grabbed the link to the shoe I was buying, took off the UTM advertising stuff and pasted in Google Chrome and was able to put the item back in my cart and use my credit card. Its just a tiny glitch but thought I'd mention.

Poor CS
I recently ordered a pair of shoes using at Brads Deal code. I ordered women's shoes and ended up with men's shoes. After reading some issues reported to the Better Business Bureau, this seems to be something that happens a lot. I was told by customer service there where no exchanges I was also being charged a $6.50 restocking fee for their mistake. After complaining and confronting them I was told I would get a one time courtesy allowance and ShoeBacca would not charge me the $6.50. Courtesy? How is this a courtesy they give me the wrong size, won't exchange them and want to charge me extra for their mistake. If I with you I would never buy anything from this site. There are so many good sites out there that do right by the customer this is definitely not one of them

The website was giving me a little bit of trouble
The website was giving me a little bit of trouble. I put in my first order a shirt then I went to order shoes and somehow only the shoes were in the shopping cart then I couldn't find the shirt even though I put shirt in the URL box ShoeBacca were showing me shorts I was getting frustrated and almost didn't order. I had to keep trying to get the items to show up in the shopping cart finally maybe 20 minutes later I got the order right. Upsetting!

Boots looked great, but didn't fit
I was looking for Muck Boots without success until I found your site. ShoeBacca were reasonable priced, shipped quickly and looked great. However, they didn't fit like my other boots and I had to arrange to return them. The customer service personnel I spoke with was very helpful and arranged for return shipping without a problem. I will look on your site again in the future.

Very helpful and friendly. Quickly arranged for me to return the boots that didn't fit right.

Shoes with a wide width
I like the shoes I got but what i really wanted was an all red sneaker like the ones FILA or others make. But all of those shoes were too slender. I even sent away for a piar of filas that i was told were wide but were not. I bought a red pair of FILAS 4 years ago - ShoeBacca were not indicated as being a wide (2E or above) but fit perfectly and still do. I'd still like to buy a red pair wide - but will postpone that for now as I spent hours on this in person and on line and no luck. Thanks for asking.

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