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Quite a Shindigz story please read
Quite a Shindigz story please read.

I received the following email from Shindigz after I notified them there were no shipping charges on my final bill.

My original invoice was:

PRODUCT: 109.28
TOTAL: 81.96

ShinDigz sent me this email...

RE: Order confirmation from Shindigz W2478924

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your email. Im very sorry for the confusion that this order has caused you. Unfortunately the code that you used EM4DC is our employee discount code. You unfortunately are not eligible for this code and will not receive this discount and will have to pay shipping charges of $16.95. Your grand total of the order is $126.23 I will have your order on hold to see if you would like to continue with this order. Im very sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused you. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Best Regards

Craig S.
Customer Service

So I sent them this response...

I found this code online doing a google search. The number of codes that turn up are confusing. Unfortunately, being the customer, I am unaware of the validity of the codes and use them in good faith. When the website accepts the code it agrees to the terms of that code.
I understand the shipping cost and that is the reason I contacted customer service. I took the initiative to contact your company and question why there were no charges. I am more than happy to pay the cost of shipping. If you are unable to honor that code fine, I will choose to do business with other customer centric online retailers.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your email. Im very sorry. We can not honor the promotion for you. Im not sure how this code was given online. We are currently looking into that. As much as I would love to honor the code for you we can not. Im very sorry. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Best Regards

Craig S.
Customer Service

Sent: Monday, November 25,2013 9:32 AM
To: Stumps Web Customer Service
Subject: Re: Order confirmation from Shindigz W2478924

On Nov 25,2013, at 11:01 AM, <*******> wrote:

Dear Michael,

Thanks so much for your email! We have cancelled the order as you requested and apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Best regards,
Customer Service


Here is my last correspondence I never heard another word...

Please understand I did not cancel this order. It was your company that would not honor a coupon code found legitimately using Google Search. I will post my comments appropriately.

Mike M

Here is the code I found... I'm no search expert I just typed a search for a coupon in Google...

ShinDigz Coupons, Promo Codes, Deals, Discounts - Goodshop
November, 2013 - ShinDigz 20 coupons and promo codes save $36 per sale... EM4DC. SHOW COUPON CODE. Expires: 11/24/2013. 80% Off On Select Items.

I rarely complain and usually take the attitude buyer beware... so please beware! I would think twice about supporting this company...
Mike M

Negligence in delaying my Next Day shipping and the...
Negligence in delaying my Next Day shipping and the totally inferior product of magnetic tape!
On Tuesday morning I placed a generous $380.66 order for parade float decorations to be shipped with "UPS Next Day Air Saver". It was important to me for delivery to arrive on Thursday to begin our float for the Saturday morning parade without last minute surprises so I paid $94.95 for this guaranteed next day shipping. Just when I was expecting delivery, I got email notification that my order had just shipped out. Upon calling, ShinDigz confirmed that they did indeed charge me for Next Day but that they just didn't get it out in time for that to happen. Receiving the order close to 7PM on Friday meant that I was on the phone to UPS customer service more than once and totaling an hour on hold for delivery tracking. Of course, I had hired help on the clock who had to give up waiting for UPS with me and go home. So I paid for help which couldn't help and then two of us burnt the midnight oil trying to make up for lost time. What was meant to be a fun experience for all to share in building our float, turned out to be a last minute panic attack. This complaint is two-fold so read on…

Although customer service was helpful in calculating material quantities for my 10X20 trailer, they gave me a huge bum steer on the magnetic tape for securing the fringe to the metal trailer. After paying $178 for 2 rolls of the tape, we quickly discovered that it couldn't secure a chicken feather. It was useless and a complete waste of time and money. That is not the worst of it, though. We found out at the last minute and had to scramble with good old duct tape. Two major faux pas on their part were negligence in delaying my Next Day shipping and the totally inferior product of magnetic tape, which left me to my own devices at the very last possible moment. Never again!. No thanks to Shindigz for the fact that I didn't get to sleep the night before the parade.

I ordered 2 big heads of two of my graduating children three weeks in advance as to avoid any issues. I never received an order confirmation. The tracking number that ShinDigz provided me with wasn't valid so I was unable to track my package. When my daughter opened that box, she was livid that her graduation was in 2 days, and the person on the giant 36 inch Big Head was not her. She is is a Black female, and the person on the head was an older white male.

When I called to get the issue resolved, I was told that there was nothing they could do due to production having to remake the order. Now, I may be wrong in thinking that you can expedite a process and overnight the order to accommodate for your mistake - but maybe I expect too much when spending $60 on an order.

This wouldn't be so bad if I had received a full (not partial) refund. Being that I had multiple items in the order and I could still use ONE ITEM, they refused to refund me for it - despite the fact that I was told they would. I could've walked to the store to get the item that I was able to use. To make matters worse, my sister also ordered items form Shindigz for my daughter and she didn't receive her full order. They have successfully ruined the graduation surprise AND the party considering all decor was ordered through them! She has a balloon holder in her order that she can use later in life, so I am sure she won't be refunded in full either.

Spend your money elsewhere, and save your sanity knowing that your event will actually happen. The chance of them getting it wrong is higher than the chance of it being right!

*Oh, and order your Big Head stick and your banner and yard sign stakes separately. They don't even give you what you need to use the items you order given you actually receive it.

ZERO ************

Don't waste your time!
I ordered from this site for my daughter's graduation. I ordered the head cut outs on May 3rd, ShinDigz charge me on May 7th, after charge the order was never updated. They never emailed stating the order was being processed or anything. I honestly forgot I had ordered from them. As graduation got closer, I reached out to them to check my order status. Well their site indicates you have to download a whole app to check the status. Well I download the "Shop," app and still not one update on the order. I then go to the website again and try to reach out to customer service. Well their customer service just consists of sending an email. If you try to call them, you get a recording and they direct you back to the website to the chat option. Well that chat option is just another email option for you to send another message. I haven't heard anything from them, no response to the 3 different emails I've sent to them. I have contacted my bank and disputed the charges because I haven't heard one word regarding my purchase. For my shipping I did Economy because I had ample amount of time for the items to arrive by graduation. If I could give less than 1 star, I would! I would give them a negative star. This company is HORRIBLE and a complete SCAM! Don't use them unless you can wait an eternity to receive your items. And maybe you will receive them, and maybe you won't. I am still waiting.
Hopefully my bank will honor my dispute because I have yet to receive anything or hear anything from this scamming company.

Nicely Surprised!
I'm glad I didn't read the reviews before order, or I might not ever have ordered, but so happy I did. I ordered custom buttons. I designed by own and it was very easy. See picture attached - at $1.49 a button - I made them for all the family to wear to his grad party and graduation. (Proud Mom, Proud Grandma, Proud Cousin...) I also ordered the small custom candy bar wrappers, nothing exciting and maybe not the exact color I thought I was ordering but I'm not that picky and it is close enough (I picked the shade of color that I wanted). BUT was very excited to find out the wrappers come on sticky paper so no glue is needed for 70 tiny candy bars;-). I ordered the custom danglers and ShinDigz are exactly like I thought they would be, only bigger - and picture was clear. THE BEST PART was the custom banner. I purchased the "Classic Grad Photo Banner" 24 x72 indoor/outdoor. Changed the colors to what I wanted and added the picture. The picture is large and super clear, grommets in every corner and heavy duty vinyl material. I only paid $16.00 (was $19.99 with a 20% discount). It will last for MANY years, so if you bought a birthday banner and it's the same material, you would have it for YEARS! Definitely worth more that $16.00!. Because I missed some family when counting buttons I placed another order before I received this one, hope I"m equally surprised at the quality.

Worst place I've ever ordered from!
I've ordered a lot of things online and have never experienced what Shindigz is currently putting me through. I ordered 17 yard signs for an event I was having on 5/2/21. After almost four weeks of waiting, 13 out of the 17 signs arrived. Three of the signs had a green hue on the faces of the people and four of the signs never arrived. Multiple copies of the same signs were included in the package as well. I called the number listed on the website four different times, sometimes staying on hold for upwards of 2 1/2 hours. I emailed four times too. I subsequently had to pay extra money to a another company to have the missing signs created in time for the event. I have been trying to contact someone to get a refund for the signs that never came and the signs that were damaged to no avail.The phone number that was listed on the website is no longer in service and the "contact us" mode of communication leads back to an automated reply saying someone will be in touch soon. I am beyond frustrated and at this point. I am putting in a formal complaint with the Consumer Protection Division for the state of Maryland to help me get my money back at this point.

Don't waste your time
Although Shindigz promotes great products and discounts, please do not waste your time. Their customer service is TERRIBLE! I ordered products on 4/30 and waited 2 weeks to begin reaching out when my products were never delivered to my home. It took me a WEEK to get someone via chat (don't bother to call them via phone because ShinDigz never answer and the automated person would just hang up the phone) in which SOME of my products were delivered on 5/28 (over a month after placing my order) I immediately opened my delivery and mistake 1- Ticket booth prop is damaged (cardboard dented and torn) mistake 2- customized banner is missing. Now I'm livid because I have an event to do 6/5 (placed this order in well enough time) and I have a damaged item AND a missing item. Tried reaching back out to customer service and this picture will give you great clarity on how talking to someone goes (this picture was taken after getting disconnected 3 times because LAUREN didn't have the answer for me)

So again... if you don't want to waste your time, don't order from here. You get what you pay for!

Ps: I NEVER leave reviews because I just don't have the time but for this one... I HAD TO!

Never received all of my order and no communication
UPDATE 5/31/2021
After this review and a report to the BBB I immediately received a refund from Shidigz. I have no idea if the bad reviews caused them to refund my money. But just wanted to update that ShinDigz did something finally about it

I received half my order late after my venue date passed. I ordered them April 15th received May 17th. I kept them as I will use later. However the other half of my order never arrived. You can't speak to a person all you can do is use the chat online or email. The chat usually says there are no representatives available. I emailed them 8 days ago and get a canned response:

"Thank you for emailing Shindigz. Our Customer Care Team will respond to your email as soon as possible.

This past year has been challenging for everyone, but it's exciting to see the world opening up again and people beginning to celebrate with friends and family. Like many companies, we are eager to serve you and are ramping up after a yearlong COVID impact. We are adjusting and improving each day and our goal to serve you as quickly as possible."

Haven't heard a thing after 3 emails. Theft by no product received. Never will order from them again!

If only I had read reviews before using this company..
Earlier today I was ready to write an outstanding customer service review. See below for why that is NOT happening.

Placed a custom order well in advance for receipt by a certain date. Several days later I called to make sure everything was on track. The associate assured me that the shipping system would take into consideration the needed delivery date and prioritize my order to get it there when promised. Great. Another couple days go by and I finally get the tracking. Delivery slated for a day too late. Called again and had what I thought was an extremely helpful conversation with another associate. She put in a new high priority order to be shipped out later that day. So she claimed. I called (again) towards the end of the day to make sure all went well (since the shipping for that new order had a status of "NOT SHIPPED"). I then learn that she NEVER PUT THE ORDER IN. ShinDigz decided to just "hope and pray that the original order can make it there early" (verbatim). Interesting that they had no plans to update me about that. Here I go off to my event with NOTHING.

Lots of empty promises. Not a way to run a business.

Yall need to be report yall is a scam
Well I jus had my first son. He will be 1 on may 29th he bubble guppies so since covid19 happen I decided to get him the standee since I can get characters to come my older was place may 8 2020 the specialist lisa tell me twice I will be seeing a shipment then she response back and she didn't tell me that I have copys of her response my son party is the 30th now it's too late for me to even think of another idea smh. If ShinDigz dont send my shipment date and if I dont see my order by the 30th I will report shindigz to the business bureau fox news and NBC 10 for me and all the other customer this is sadden. If yall knew yall couldn't make promises shipment and delivery shindigz should had close during this time but no yall play with people emotion do yall know that were going threw enough already because of this pandemic. And for shindigz to lie to there customers for people that cant properly see there kids graduation birthday etc. yall make it even more difficult. YALL NEED TO CLOSE AND STOP TAKING ORDERS. STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE

Hey I would think twice before ordering from this company
Hey I would think twice before ordering from this company. ShinDigz have terrible customer service. I ordered some labels for my husband's 40th birthday party and paid $22 extra for 2 day shipping and they arrived 2 days late after the party. I contacted the company and they told me my items could not be returned even though I could not use them and it was my fault for not allowing production time. It did not say anywhere when I placed the order to allot for extra time. I have received the same CSR and she is very rude and has no concern whether the company loses a customer or not. I have product which can't be used and can not return and I am out money. WHAT a RIP! I'm telling you be careful... if your product comes out wrong or late you are out and they are not willing to make it right... what a shame! With the economy the way it is, this business will be out of business if they keep this up! I will continue to complain and make sure anyone I know does not get ripped.

I recently purchased from and I have nothing...
I recently purchased from and I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I ordered personalized printed candy bar wrappers, a printed yard sign, and several other items that were to good to pass up with the pricing. I placed my order early May and my order shipped complete the following week. The printed items were of excellent quality and the pricing was the best. The printed items were shipped two days later than ShinDigz were initially expected, however, I did understand that these items could be held up due to the personalized printing. I was lucky enough to take advantage of an offer Shindigz was promoting at the time of my order and received free shipping and handling and 10% of my complete order.
I did call customer service, only because I was a bit worried about my order being late after having read others' reviews.
I would recommend this company for the quality and pricing of their products, as I did not have a problem with my order.

Horrible - Horrible - Horrible
Placed customized thank you graduation cards for my duaghters party. Placed them on May 10th (12 only) and needed them by June 4th. According to their website this was not an issue. No cards, reach out to them, do not take calls, did not reply to emails. On line Chatted with someone on May 24th, who assured me I would receive them by the 4th. Told her I need to know for sure because if not, I have to order somewhere else. Her name was Lauren. Yes, Yes, you'll be fine. Still no delivery or any status of anything being done. Online chatted again on June 1st. Was told that I never gave a "need by" date and therefore, nothing was done and Lauren did nothing either. I explained that I took a picture of the chat, so I see I gave her a date. ShinDigz didnt care, nor did it make any sense. I WILL SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOP OF EVERY ORGANIZATION I BELONG TO AND ORDER FROM THEM. NO MORE! WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE A THING AGAIN, PLENTY OF COMPETITION! BYE BYE, $#*! DIGZ

This company is the absolute worst place I have ever ordered from, and that's saying a lot because I have had some really crappy experiences! ShinDigz suck! I ordered 6 boxes of personalized lollipops for my son's communion, I paid $72 for them. They sent me ONE box and when I looked on the website to see when the rest was coming, it said the order was fulfilled. When I called them to find out what the hell happened to the 5 missing boxes, I was left on hold for over 2 hours! I literally fell asleep waiting! I was given some bologna story about their computer program and how they would rectify the situation as soon as possible. Here I am with a knot in my stomach 2 weeks later and NO Lollipops! I am once again on hold so far for 47 minutes. I wish they would stop calling their customer service reps amazing because I want to put my hands through the phone and ring their NECKS every time they say it! If they are so amazing, why am I on hold for over 2 hours?

You may never get your order
I ordered a custom graduation banner on May 6, paid $27 to have it arrive by May 13 and it's now May 21st and nothing. After 5 emails to "customer service" (I put in quotes because it's nothing near service) has yet to respond. Their phone line has a recording that says it's not taking calls, yet it claims to be a family-owned business which would lead one to believe that ShinDigz would provide customer service. They sent some balloons and trim. Stuff you can get at Target. I paid $47 for a dozen balloons. My friend placed the same order and got one of 2 banners. Then a week later, she received the rest of her order. It's been a disaster. Now we're upon my daughter's actual graduation date, even though there is no ceremony, and I put all my faith in this "family-owned business" only to be majorly let down. I will now have to fight PayPal for my money back. Good times. TERRIBLE company. For those of you who did get your order on time, congratulations.

Order Never Shipped
I was promised a delivery date of 3/24/21. My order was placed on 3/13/21. The only traction I have regarding this is "Order is Confirmed." No tracking info ever updated. I chatted with an online agent because I never got to anyone on the phone. Her name was Victoria. She staed that my order was suppose to ship the day before, but a delay occurred and she would have it shipped overnight. Moments later I called the customer service number and got a person by the name of Kelsey. She said my order hadn't even reached production yet. I questioned her. So, what exactly was going to be shipped to me the day prior if my order hasn't even made production? She then stated that ShinDigz have an outdated system & s communication issue & to maybe wait it out. This "business" is a JOKE! Please don't order from here. Now I have to come up with last minute solutions for my daughter's birthday! Hopefully, my refund won't take as long as this nonexistent order.

Buyer Beware - Zero Customer Service!
I am very frustrated with the lack of and/or ZERO communication from Shindigz. Since my order was placed, I messaged Shindigz several times and have had NO response regarding my order. Two of the three items I ordered did NOT ship in time as scheduled for my daughter's graduation. I asked for updates from Shindigz leading prior to the event date and received no response. I am so disappointed due to the fact that I was referred by someone to order from them for the first time and this was my experience. No one is available via phone and there hasn't been a Live Chat available on their website as stated in their voice mail each time I jump on Shindigz website. I sent another message to cancel the remainder of my order along with the shipping fee attached to those items. If I don't hear from them I plan to report Shindigz to the BBB and will write reviews everywhere I can to prevent another customer from experiencing what I went through.

Never write reviews but I am so disappointed with this vendor I felt compelled to send this email.

On May 12th I ordered several items for our daughters Sweet 16. Two of the key customized items were a large photo letter K (included ~ 15 custom pictures of family/friends on the letter) as well as a large Sweet 16 stand for photo opportunities. I paid expedited shipping to have the items here no later than the 27th.

As we sit here on the 28th, no only have the items not arrived, ShinDigz show "unshipped" on my account. Their customer service number is not accepting messages. I've email 3 times thru the site over the past several days and emailed twice on their separate email with NO RESPONSE.

Clearly it does not appear that the items will arrive but the complete lack of communication is unacceptable.

I thought I had a couple of special things for our daughters big day and now I have nothingvery disappointing.

Dont buy from here! Go somewhere else if you can
Shindigz WAS a good place to purchase custom signs and such from. Just recently (Feb 2021) the website underwent some updates and ShinDigz royally f*&'d up the site and save areas. Whatever you may have saved was gone post site update. In addition, the site was useless the first few days post update. You couldnt even input in any discount codes - yet they provided you with DISCOUNT codes to use. Useless. Tried calling instead and the reps there were utterly useless and they knew it. Made no sense negotiating with them. But sadly enough they offered nothing that gave you a positive feeling. I ended up wit 4 separate orders that now look like they cannot be fulfilled. For sure, I should have stayed clear of this site. I'm guessing post COVID they just havent figured some things out. I will be taking my business elsewhere. Its just sad that my current offer is stuck with them and I cant do anything about it.

We were running an event at our business for a fund...
We were running an event at our business for a fund raiser. A friend mentioned Shindigz for the banners. We ordered 3 banners one was 16 feet x 5 feet and the other 2 were a bit smaller. For the prices ShinDigz charge I was not expecting anything to elaborate. To our surprise they arrived and were made of high quality material and were better then we imagined. The turn around time was very quick. We ordered some additional signs and they also arrived quickly and were made of the same quality material.

We are opening a new location for our business in a few months and i will definitely be getting our "Grand Opening" banners from here.

As a business owner I realize the power of reviews on the Internet. So when a company provides us with 5 start service I always try and leave good on line feedback.

I will be referring your company to anyone I know who needs signs and banners.

Elite Laser Hair

Who needs a birthday banner after the party
If I could give no stars I would. Go get your banner at Office Max! Same day great job
Do NOT order from this company unless you are ordering something from them way in advance. I ordered a banner for my Mother's 75th Birthday party which should have arrived regular shipping. I have used this company in past and received my products ahead of the anticipated delivery date. This time was not the case. The party date was coming up and I noticed it hadn't shipped yet. I contacted the company three times to ask them to expidite my order for me. I did not receive a response other than we got your message we'll be in touch. No response from them yet. After the party I wrote them twice and asked them to cancel my order and guess what? ShinDigz didn't respond but sent me a message today 17 days past my event that my order was delivered. Wow! Isn't that great! Never again.

I ordered from personalized items for...
I ordered from personalized items for a friend's shower. The dates were incorrect on the favor bags and the rep kept insisting it was me who had made the mistake! I had ordered other personalized items in the same order that arrived with the right date except for these boxes.
I am not saying I could not have made a human error but there is no way to go back and check the image for yourself, you are at the mercy of the company and ShinDigz can only fax or an email image of the order but its your word against theirs.
There are no managers after 5pm so you have to either call back or wait to resolve your issue. After placing an order of over $80 with this company I expected them to be a bit more flexible and work with me on my order.
The rep in a flat voice informed me that all they can do is expedite shipping. I will not use this company again.

A very sad joke
Placed my order early to ensure I would have on time. Week and a half before it still didn't ship. I tried calling. Emailing multiple times a day. Tried to find their "chat" online feature ShinDigz say they have on the phone message that says they aren't answering any calls. Email and chat only. Needless to say NO RESPONSE. So disappointed. I had to scramble last minute to find something else so as not to disappoint my son. They clearly don't care. Ruining a number of people's lives. Virus is impacting all of us but don't promise something and not deliver and worse yet ignore your customers. If the company is struggling post something so we know or cut off ordering. Don't leave people hanging and disappointing those that are trying to hard to plan and order something to add some brightness to someone's day while we are all impacted by this virus.

Ordered personalized and other items for an event...
Ordered personalized and other items for an event requesting all items ship together and paid $40+ to have it expressed. ShinDigz expressed the $1.99 confetti I threw in just because and shipped the other items AFTER the date of the event which was clearly printed on the items. When I called to inquire about the other items I should have received, they were NOT READY LET ALONE SHIPPED yet they would not cancel the order but didn't charge for express shipping. This is egregious and they should be ashamed! Schools, event planners, organizations, and individuals BEWARE, there are too many reputable companies out there for you to get stuck with this one. Eventually everyone will catch on and they will get what they deserve. I believe poor service is why they really changed the name from Stumps. Different name, same game.

Terrible- product never came on time
There was a problem with the product I ordered. After much to do ShinDigz offered to redo the order that they messed up and ship a new order. I received some money back to my account $60 total and a Promise to receive product by 6/6. Product didn't ship till 7/3 via regular mail knowing I needed it for my daughter's Sweet Sixteen on the 7th. Needless to say I never received it on time! I spent a large amount of money at this company and all they had to say was sorry but not sorry and blamed it on my mail carrier. They are in Indiana I'm in NJ, why use standard mail? If you promise to replace an order in time for a big venue, wouldn't you go out of your way to make sure it arrives on time? Why pay any money when product was never used! First and last time I use them. Instead of ShinDigz should be renamed shi. SnDitz

I purchased a cinderella carriage stand up for my daughter's...
I purchased a cinderella carriage stand up for my daughter's party and when it arrive the box was so horribly mangled that I didnt know if the products would be ok inside. The carriage was damaged in the area where the box had been damaged and I had to call shindigz and find out how to get a replacememnt. ShinDigz told me that I needed to contact the shipping company for a credit to get my replacement. Why do I have to contact them and why can they send me a new set. This was a major set back for me and I really needed to find out if I was even going to get a new product and my daughter was very unhappy and it ruined her birthday as they shipped the item last minute to begin with. Be careful when you buy from them, I know they are large company but they should have helped and stood behind the products!

HORRIBLE and they lie
I wish I could submit a negative score. Received an email in response to my inquiry about my order, promising that my order would be completed and received by my required event date. However, when I asked for tracking information I received no response, and since then, no response at all - ShinDigz have gone "radio silent". I figured out how to login in and look up my order on their site and it says "UNFULFILLED" under order status. So they basically lied to me to appease me. In addition, they won't answer their phone and their "live chat" access has apparently been removed from their website. "Don't call us, we'll call you." I've cancelled my order that they've already charged me for so this should be fun. I now get to spend more time talking to my credit card company to get the charge reversed.

CHARGED ME - but shipped nothing and I can't get ahold of anyone at the company
I ordered a "grad" sign on April 6th. I was charged $110 on April 7th. At the time I ordered I was told ShinDigz would ship April 28th. I have not received the "grad" sign nor can I get any answer on any form of communication. I have emailed 2 times and I have tried the phone and the Message system on their website for over 1 week and not one response. I am very disappointed in their company and I would not suggest them to anyone. I will need to figure out how to get my money back from the credit card company. I would not order anything from this company. I will not use them again- which is to bad - because they look like they have good product. But, if you can't get anyone to answer and no product - It doesn't matter how good they look - I have paid a lot of money for nothing.

Horrible service, False Advertising and Sad Customer Service
This company advertises Premium Next day delivery. ShinDigz do NOT send the package, Premium Next Day Air. This Advertising is FALSE! They sent emails back and forth totally avoiding a refund and when I called, the Customer Service was even more Horrible. The person answering the phone to represent this company was very Confrontational, and Ignorant at best. Never addressed why I was calling, and then chose to simply hold the phone in silence. Dealing with this company is a Nightmare at best. I paid extra monies for Premium Shipping and I am expecting to be reimbursed for their lack of judgement and false advertising. Horrible service. I would recommend their service to a bird that cannot read, and whom does Not wish to order from anyone, lease of all this company.

Shindigs Admitted Guilt to Negligence & Does NOTHING
I am extremely upset with the customer service Im currently receiving with Kim. I purchased Hershey kisses on Amazon and received them completely melted since it was 92 in Ohio. I called, ShinDigz said theyd try again. And again, melted with no cold packs like it was advertised. Good thing Ive planned ahead right? So I call again, they said theyll just refund me (since they cant figure out how to put an insulated box and an ice pack with it). So now Im SOL and have wasted my time with this company. She did offer to try sending it a third time, but no refund or discount, even though Ive been entirely inconvenienced and punished for their negligence. Kims response, Yeah this has been happening a lot more lately. Admits guilt that they have no quality control.

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