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Finally something in my size!
This has been the only place I've been able to find a belly waist cincher that actually fits me. I'm sadly currently at my largest and also its doubling as a belly binder right now for a hernia that's recently happened. So its helping with a lot of my pain. Just wish that I could detach the thigh pieces now. But I wouldn't have been able to get any sleep last night without it.

I wish I could a model of various sizes in the demonstration...
I wish I could a model of various sizes in the demonstration video. Ill, admit, I was a bit irritated watching someone without belly fat demonstrating this item. Of course she looks great. She looks great without it!

Look is only part of what makes this item great. The support it gives to someone who may be postpartum, post c-section, or get major surgery or injury is incredible. For most women, when you look better, you feel better. All women deserve to have that feeling.

I'm just giving a suggestion. You always want to be careful to remove anything, advertising/marketing - wise, that may offend or give a potential customer and doubt about what you have to offer.
Weight is a very sensitive subject for many people. It's often the cause of deep depression, eating disorders, etc. It seems like now days you can hardly say anything without offending somebody somehow.

For me, it was like going to the gym to try and get back into shape and everyone around you looks like they've been going for 10yrs or more.

I'm sure your customers are more mature enough not to be intimidated and walk out. But what if Shapellx aren't strong enough, mentally or emotionally, to push through those feelings and stay.

Just my little 2¢!

Excited about my new belt! Thank you.

My first shaper... very tight fit
This is the first shaper that I have ever purchased. I was skeptical at first but now I am glad I purchased it. For the most part, it did smooth me out and enhanced my ass (love that part). It's a tight fit but not uncomfortable. On first try, I had to have my daughter help my with buttoning it up. The one thing I didn't like was depending on what type of dress you wear, you can see some of the seems like the front zipper part and the butt seems. Otherwise I like it.

It rolls
I like the item but it was to big I emailed about exchanging for a smaller size no none had gotten back to only about reviews so u want it I'm give it it rolls when clearly that say it don't roll it's so big that it's not even holding me in properly but stomach feels bigger in the unit I have a plus unit need the regular size I'm about 190 not butt no hips have stomach & breast and also makes my back look like I have breast back there so this wrap around unit is a no no. For me due to the size & will I back to purchase I have purchased a second time but a third time probably not due to the fact as a customer I was truly ignored about my order & the request to have it return back for a smaller size

Just received my order
Just received my order. Not only was I sent the wrong size, but also the wrong color! I ordered black & received PINK...? I am extremely disappointed I waited in excitement just to receive an incorrect order! Come On... This is BAD BUSINESS! I will not pay to ship this back! However, UPS May pick it up. I want to receive my correct order and if not, please refund me!

The zipper placement is horrible
The zipper placement is horrible. It is so extremely hard to unzip or zip back up when you are done using the restroom. If you leave it unzipped it's extremely painful. I feel it would have been better just left opened or something. The straps though Shapellx are removable never stay they Keep coming off during the day while out and about. It's so very uncomfortable and even embarrassing when that happens. I will say I do like the front zipper being on the side makes it easy to zip. I do not like that clasp are so small it makes it harder to clasp into place for zipping. The tightness of it is great though. I do enjoy that. The bones are too flimsy though and bend throughout the day.

I love my product
4 stars because the product color I originally ordered wasn't in stock after purchasing it. Just bought my 4th product from them and I'm completely satisfied with the way Shapellx fit. The fact that it's thin material in all the right places like the butt and hips make it so much more comfortable to use under clothes. And gives me a glass hour shape, plus It doesn't make me like a stuffed potato like other garments.

Hello I received what supposed to be a confirmation...
Hello I received what supposed to be a confirmation that my package SYSX-357734 was delivered to my home 108 Lucian Circle Savannah Georgia 31406 on November 1@ 11 a.m. on Monday. I still do not have this order in my possession. If someone from your company can please give me a call at your earliest convenience I would greatly appreciate it. I do not and will not pay installments for merchandise I don't have or never received. My number is *******441.


Latosha Sweetenburg

Canceled my order
After waiting several weeks (yes I understand mail is slow), I begin emailing, and asking about the status of my order. It took me 3 more emails to get a response. After their response, I was understanding and waited several more weeks. I reached out again and Shapellx offered a 20 dollar discount. I asked what was the status and they explained that they needed time to make my product.(which was 3 items, about $250) I still waited. After waiting several more weeks I canceled my order.

I I rdered a medium( Ht: 5ft 2in Wt: 165lbs)
I ordered my shapewear and it came a little over a week later, I've recently gained weight (30 pounds) due to having a baby boy, I was hesitant about ordering a medium but I did anyway l, the latches are the hardest part but once I get half way through those it's a breeze! It definitely defines the butt doesn't feel constricting at all! Helps with posture as well follow me on ig for more insight@beau. Meelah

These products seem to have a lot of good reviews but...
These products seem to have a lot of good reviews but unfortunately my experience has not been good so far. Order shipped 2 weeks ago has still not arrived. Have sent several messages over the last week about the product and shipping information, no one replies. If product does arrive, will most likely be sending it back just based on the experience alone.

Need to have customer service contact number
Love the product but not happy with the customer service it took me over 2 1/2 weeks just to get somebody to email me back to send me a return label to exchange my order it was so frustrating the next time I order if I order from this company I'll make sure I get the right exact size so I don't have to ever have to deal with this? Again of waiting such a long time for somebody to send me an email when it should be a customer service phone number so with that I'm not satisfied

I love it, this is not my first time ordering from...
I love it, this is not my first time ordering from this company. My first purchase was a body shaper and I ordered it large thinking Shapellx run small but no guys if your a large you need to go down a size down like medium, so now I ordered this new product that came out and I'm so excited and can't wait to try it out.
So thank you to the staff at Shapellx for providing this so we came feel more beautiful and SNATCHED UP without going under the tools.

I made an order on June 22,2021 with the order number...
I made an order on June 22,2021 with the order number SYSX-265010. It was said to have been delivered yesterday Monday August 2rd, 2021 by 11:53am in my Mailbox. I checked yesterday afternoon and this morning, there is nothing in the mailbox. I have not received it. USPS normally sends me the list and images of mails and packages coming to my mail daily. Of which this particular order/mail was NOT included in what was coming to my mail yesterday. PLEASE, I NEED A REFUND.

Everything I've order has fit perfect, and i can see a lot shaping going on, have definitely went down in size, but this wrap tho. I have put it on everyone of my clients, I do hair. Placing a big over next week for it, all ages an sizes have tried it on no complaints. I promise to do a video soon, trying to get a friend to do it with me. I'm so in love with my body now!

I received my order on 7/16/21
I received my order on 7/16/21. I had ordered two items. I only received one. I corresponded with Shapellx through email. Shapellx refuse to reimburse me for non-shipped item. The item that was sent was a little too small, but loved the way it's made. I'm returning the item that I received. I ordered more a size up, but if this isn't resolve intelligently... I'll never order here again. It's not the customer fault if you're sending incomplete orders that I paid your company for! TH

Love the shapewear I received
I recently did a review on shapellx, and Shapellx offered me a gift of a new shapewear of my choice and color. I received my gift in good time and I love this one also. I'm so glad I was offered the gift because I purchased 3 different shapewear that I could not wear to do want the others do for my body. So I really appreciate the gift you guys offered for my inconvenience. THANKS SO MUCH SHAPELLX!

I do not recommend shopping with this company
I'm not thrilled with customer service, the chat function, or the limited product info on the webpage. I reluctantly decided to order one item to try out, we will see how it goes.

Update: So far every contact with customer service has felt like trying to talk to a chat bot. I followed the size chart, I was between two sizes so I bought them both, but I couldn't even begin to get the larger size on. I requested a return and the company tried to talk me out of it. I was responsible for the return shipping cost, the package shows that it was received November 3rd but as of Nov 10th I haven't heard anything back from the company since I started the return process.

Terrible customer service!
Terrible customer service! I placed an order, which has been sitting in their fulfillment center for the last 7 days with no activity. I was told to give it 2-4 more days. I gave it 2 more days and still no activity. The customer service associate never once offered to contact the shipper. It's clear that there is something wrong with this package. I was denied a refund and was then told to wait another 10-15 days! I have contacted my bank and requested a stop payment!

DHL is the worst courier ever
DHL is the worst courier ever. I have tracked my order nonstop since it departed from China. Once it arrived in Miami and was shipped to Greensboro, the address magically was incorrect and the order was placed on hold in Greensboro. I attempted several times to get someone over the phone with no luck. I then requested via email that the order be picked up at a service location. I was told that it had been delivered, drove 50 miles to pick up only to find that it was not there. I spent 3 more days trying to get in touch with someone and also emailed them to request that the package be shipped to my address. Today I find out that it was delivered to Burlington this morning and that I will have to drive there and pick it up again.

CoreSculpt Firm Tummy Compression Butt Lifter
Absolutely love, love, love this garment. It's a must have. I wore it all day two days in a row and it made my clothes look so much better. My butt was lifted as if I had work on it and it was all natural. I ordered a second one. Now I'll have one in black and in beige. Will definitely continue to buy more from this company. Great turn around time as well. Must have!

This is my first time ordering from you all I receive...
This is my first time ordering from you all I receive my item which I really like but the only issue is too small and I need to return it for a larger size I've sent multiple emails I've called the number and it's a nonworking number no one will return my call either email telling me what address do I would like to exchange the item for extra large I ordered a large but it was too small my order number is SYSX353009. Please help a first time customer! My email address is *******

New User, Products
I recd my items, very well made. Unfortunately, I could not get the shaper to cover my abdomen even though I ordered a 4x. I don't think these items are made for American women's sizes, as if I ordered a 4x here it would have been way too big. I am keeping both shapers (I only tried on one) the waist shapers belt so far is good, it is quite long and wraps tightly.

I was totally impressed with the many products offered for full figured women. Can't wait for items to arrive, thxs.

I ordered 2 pieces of shapewear in size 6X
I ordered 2 pieces of shapewear in size 6X. I was sent a size small in both pieces. There is nothing I can do with a size small. This is an error on your part. I made sure of the size BEFORE I confirmed the order. I emailed you and I have heard nothing back from you. This is very disappointing. Poor customer service! My email address is *******

Making the purchase went smoothly!
Making the purchase went smoothly! But literally everything since has been a nightmare. I received a delivery confirmation email but there wasn't actually a delivery. I reached out to customer service Shapellx said they would resend package. But that 2 days ago. I haven't received a new tracking number, an update about the "resending" of my order. Nothing! Your advertising is top notch but your customer care needs considerable work.

I have shopped before and I never received my package...
I have shopped before and I never received my package and never was able to get a refund after the post office told me that it was sent back because Shapellx didn't it the apartment number on the package they sent it back to the company and the company never did issue my shape wear back out or tried getting me a refund although I had paperwork from the post office so I order just now over a hundred dollars in shapewear because I know they do have shape wear but I hope I actually really receive it this time

No one is responding, I want to cancel order
I placed an order on 11/19 and the ETA given for standard shipping was 11/29 so /i chose standard shipping. A week later the tracking still shows that its at the original USPS facility and hasn't shipped so I reached out to customer service who said there were delays and the problem was that I chose standard shipping. I am baffled by that answer because had I known of delays I would've paid for faster shipping...

I tried to reach out at least 5 times afterwards to see if shipping could upgraded or something and no response so I just want to cancel at this point. It's now 12/01 and no shipping has happened and no one has gotten back to me. I reached out 4 more times to cancel because I find it sketchy that I've been ignored and I'm not trying to be scammed.

I bought this shaper especially for an event coming up on 12/04. I would wear it when going out with friends as well.

I saw many Instagram ads advertising this business and the ads seems convincing so I wanted to try it.

This has been a nightmare, to say the least
This has been a nightmare, to say the least. I ordered two weeks ago and have yet to receive my order. I reached out to customer service 3 times, only got one response tonight, saying the reason for no order yet is because the item that I purchased is no longer on sale for $71 dollars. But that it is still available at regular price of $88 dollars. BUT for my inconvenience, Shapellx gave me a $20 off coupon. Which makes the item cheaper $68 than the previous order. It makes no sense. So now I ordered the same item again, and I have to wait probably 2 more weeks to receive, Because your products are quality, is the reason I'm ordering from you guys but your rules and the way you do business is baffling.

2nd times the charm!
This was order number 3 for me. I'm 5'9 and 285lbs I thought a 2x was my fit the 1st time ordering but it wasn't for me, in the torso (too short). So I gifted it to a friend because it was way too nice to send back. I ordered the black 3x instead and it fits perfectly! Smooths out my look n dresses. Quick delivery (I think 4 days) and now with order 3 I have both the black and tan. Happy I am.

Hi ya!
Hi ya! I had brought a Spapellx black and red waist trainer with the thighs trainer connected to the waist trainer. However, the thighs parts was too! Big so, I had decided to cut the thighs parts off and now used just the waist part. However, the material of the trainer is AMAZING! The fabric is awesome. Indeed I am soooo excited to see this New! Trainer... Great job..

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Description: Shapellx is functional, effective, size inclusive shapewear, that fits you 100%.
Our thorough design and manufacturing process requires that each piece is fitted on real women with different body types. This ensures ultimate comfort while sculpting and highlighting your own feminine shape. And nothing short of perfect leaves our design studio to get to you - our beloved Shapellx Gal.
The Brand obsesses over sourcing high quality fabrics, so anything you put on your body, not only feels ahhh-mazing, but is of great quality too.
Shapellx is made using Sustainable, durable fabrics that provide the comfort and support needed for your day. Our shapewear lines leave you feeling sexy, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Address: 2315 Lynx Ln Suite 9, 32804


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