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Lousy Service. Lousier Customer Service
I bought an annual plan, because reviews seemed to indicate SelectHomeWarranty were better than other home warranty companies. In 7 months, I made exactly 1 claim. A plumbing issue. The company they sent to my house caused more damage than they were there to fix, and then insisted they were not to blame and refused to fix the new damage. I had to call another professional to come fix the damage caused by the company sent by SHW.

This incident occurred in mid April - amidst the pandemic shut-down. I called SHW and asked to have the $60 service fee refunded since I had to pay someone else to fix it. They said they wouldn't refund for services rendered but would comp the next service fee. I explained I had no intention of using their services again and wanted to cancel the contract effective immediately.

Of course they have a pro-rated (monthly) refund, not based on number of claims made. So even though I paid almost $500 for the year, and only made the one claim that caused damage to my house, the refund is just $133. Fine. Refund me. I'm told it's not worth it to cancel and I should just let the contract expire. I tell them that's not happening and I want my refund. I get an email telling me it'll take 14-30 days to receive the refund. I call again in late May asking where my refund is because it's been more than 30 days, and I still think I should get the service fee included in that refund. They insist they can only offer to comp the next service fee and do I want to keep the service. I tell them 'absolutely NO. I am cancelling the plan and expect a refund." I'm told again that it's not worth it to cancel since I'm 7 months into the plan and I can still use their services for future claims until the contract expires. I tell them I would never trust them to send competent service providers to my house again after the damage caused and response from the company they sent last time and please send my refund check now.

Now, today, 6/7, we are now 8 weeks after my initial request to get a refund. The guy I get on the phone tells me the notes say the last guy I spoke to explained that it wasn't worth it to cancel and I had agreed to this. I told him that was emphatically untrue - I had cancelled the account in April and I called in May asking where my money was. He insisted twice more that I had agreed to just let it expire because the refund would be less than $100. I told him that this was not true. I had not agreed to let it expire and the refund should be over $130. Then, suddenly he changes his tune and says the software shows that my check was sent and I should have already gotten it. Not true. Hasn't happened. Their efforts to insist I just let it run out so they don't have to pay out is as telling of their business practices as their refusal to refund a service fee for a claim that caused damage to my house, wanting me to trust them again with some future claim that may or may not ever be made. If I could give them zero stars I would. This has been exceedingly frustrating and infuriating that they just keep giving me the run-around.

Shame... Newborn suffers through heat and they don't care... RUN
I signed up with Select home warranty in March of 2019 and was at first very impressed with customer service. I had a service call on my furnace that went smoothly. HOWEVER, my 26 year old air conditioner went out at the beginning of July 2019. Being in my first year of home ownership, I knew I had older AC units, furnace, and other major appliances, so. Logically this is the very reason I signed up with Select.

When I called, I was told it would be over a week before a service rep would be out to only DIAGNOSE the problem. I explained I have a newborn and 2 year old that are at home and needed someone sooner. SelectHomeWarranty told me to find my own company! So. I did, I found a very reputable and highly rated AC company that came out same day and diagnosed a failed fan motor and compressor. In AC talk that meant a new $3k+ system. After receiving all the paperwork and photos needed for Select's authorization department, I was told my claim was NOT DENIED, but APPROVED for $150 reimbursement... TOTAL! They actually had the guts to say that. They quoted section 9. 1. 2 (check your contract!) that stated 3 YEARS OF MAINTENANCE RECORDS REQUIRED. Now, what new home owner has that information?

It is now August 9,2019 as I write this review. I never do this. I work in HR for a hotel company and train people on customer service. Never have I met a service rep and Claims Manager (in this case) that cared any little than these people. They continued to quote the contract, state I would not get a refund even after cancelling my plan, and showed ZERO regard for my family who are suffering through the heat. Frankly, its a dangerous situation for my new born and I receive ZERO empathy. I am beyond disappointed, I am hurt by this company's lack of caring and willingness to do anything. I strongly urge you to run away...

SCAM Company
This company is a SCAM. We filed a claim for a broken garbage disposal and SelectHomeWarranty said that they would give us $75 for a replacement. The actual cost to replace the disposal would be about $400-$450.

We are very unsatisfied with that resolution and how challenging it has been to get clear and correct information from the call center. I have called MANY times and have received bad customer service each time. It has taken a ridiculous amount of phone calls and time (the plumber waited 2 hours on hold when he tried calling to report his determination that the disposal needed to be fixed). I have been told multiple times that I would be contacted by a manager within a certain time frame and have not been contacted.

We feel misled by the false advertising on the site and the salespeople that we worked with. One of the salespeople charged our credit card without our consent so we were ultimately charged twice for our policy and it took almost two months (7 weeks) to get reimbursed. The site says "We'll repair or replace your covered item. You pay a minimal service fee. Simple as that." and the contract specifically says "this agreement covers all modules, components, and parts of the garbage disposal necessary to the functionality of the garbage disposal". This indicates that items will be repaired or replaced when necessary. Then the contract has the caveat of section 8 that says Select Home Warranty does not have to cover something if it's irreparable or not cost efficient to fix. This essentially enables Select to avoid paying to cover any claim submitted because nothing is "cost effective". I understand that we had 30 days to cancel our policy once the contract was sent to us, but we were under the impression that Select would operate in the best interest of the homeowner and didn't think we had to read through the contract that we didn't even have to sign to verify that the claims made on their site were true.

The plumber that came out to our house agreed that this is something that home warranty companies typically cover.

When I finally was able to speak to a manager, they gave me an email address and said that there was nothing they could do and probably wouldn't be able to get help by emailing the back house but to try. I tried and explained this whole situation and received the following response: "We are in receipt of your email. Please contact us at *******532 option 5 to discuss your claim." This does not resolve ANYTHING and is frustrating because that's the number I've called MANY times that ultimately told me to email.

I want my garbage disposal covered and I want my money back from this company. It is awful and frustrating.

Do Not Buy a Warranty from Them
We have worked with 3 home warranty companies and Select is by far the WORST! Do not buy a warranty from them. Our hot water heater went out the first day in our new house. We went almost a week without hot water as we did our due diligence to ensure we had a proper diagnosis and weren't replacing if it weren't absolutely necessary. Mind you, We have a 2 year old and another on the way so that in itself was tough to do! It was deemed that we needed a new hot water heater. Our hot water heater was a very nice model and not at end of life. Select offered us less than $200 to repair it. It ended up costing us a couple thousand out of pocket to replace. Months later our washer started throwing an error code. Select suggested a technician that we were unable to get in touch with. We called them for assistance and after a couple days of them not being able to get in touch with the technician, SelectHomeWarranty instructed me to find a local technician. I confirmed over and over that this was the correct step. The service fee and diagnosis was $148. A quote was Provided from the technician to repair for close to $700. Select offered us a measly $185. This barely Covers the cost of the technician they REQUIRED us to get! There is no coverage for repairs being offered. I am beyond upset and frustrated by this company's poor business practices. They are a complete scam! Please avoid them by all means necessary.

Buyer beware
I purchased a 2 home warranty plans from them. One from a rental and the other for my residence. The rental the AC unit went out. SelectHomeWarranty could not locate a repair person so I was told to get one. I paid 75. Dollars so they can evaluate the problem. Then they said the circuit board and something else was broken total charge 450. Submitted receipts for repair. They denied initially because I hired my own technician. I wrote back telling them this is what they had told me to do. Now a week they asked for pictures serial number. They denied the claim cause the refrigerator was 15 yrs old so they offered 150 dollars. So I'f you have older appliances even though they could get fixed they will low ball you. On my property the HVAC broke same thing they could not find a technician. Same process. Send pictures. This HVAC. Was a he old. Now they requested service receipts so if you are like me who gets services but does not save receipts they apparently won't cover you. I don't know if you purchase a home a don't have service reciepts technically with this tactic they can avoid paying for the repair. 4800. And that is the main reason I paid for the service. Luckily I had receipt but it has been a month and still nothing. They are offering 150. Dollars again. I switched to First American. They will replace a unit if it can't be fixed.

Thoroughly educate yourself prior to purchasing a home warranty plan.

I bought the SHW's Platinum Care plan after specifically informing the representative that my intention was to purchase their top of the line, making it clear that I wished the following coverage; AC, water heater, plumbing, to name a few. This led to the payment of an entire year's premiums upfront ($450).

If I have SHW's top of the line plan, as described to me at the time of purchase, then why do I keep being informed of the following, "... that coverage is an additional $49.95, which you did not purchase," each time I attempt to file a claim? However, whenever it's been necessary to file a claim, it seems to end with the same decision, "After further review, the problem you are having is not covered under your policy." This leaves me with only one recourse; fight the decision.

If that wasn't enough of an insult, the representatives repeatedly write my claims using their own assessments by twisting my words and ignoring the service company's and my explanations, therefore, making it easy to deny the claim.

It's unfortunate these companies are allowed to hide behind loopholes in order to avoid the responsibility of a legitimate claim. If SelectHomeWarranty are covered by their wording, then I can only deduce that the problems lies in the lack of monitoring by parties these companies answer to.

Wording used by SHW is presented in a deceptive manner, and omits important necessary information that would assist a consumer in making an informed decision when purchasing a policy.

This deception is referred to as bait/switch advertising. The company offers something that is desirable and replaces it w/something not desirable when a client submits a claim. A common loophole SHW hides behind is in the term "leak," making it possible to deny claims based on the fact that any unit (heater, plumbing, etc) containing water will be denied if resulting in a leak, even though the leak isn't primary problem. A case of cause/effect, where a primary problem may be a crack in a unit due to normal wear and tear, compromising functionality of unit (covered by wordings in contract) won't be covered because the cause resulted in the effect of a leak. Conveniently allowing company to hide behind the term "leak," resulting in they're denial of a legitimate claim.

Suggestion to SHW: perhaps it would be more honest & accurate to inform customers verbally, and revising wording in contract to reflect the truth; NO CLAIM INVOLVING LEAK OF ANY KIND WILL BE COVERED, for these were words provided to me AFTER THE FACT.

Perhaps it's time warranty companies not be allowed to hide behind loopholes & deceptive wording that cheats customers.

In addressing my complaint, SHW behaved inappropriately, resorting to engaging in unprofessional conduct. I'm baffled with the business' insistence to intentionally muddle the facts by introducing irrelevant information and supplying boldface untruths in order to support their defense, popular tactics among large corporations, attorneys, and politicians.

The company should accept their responsibility instead of continuously searching for loopholes in order to deny coverages that are rightfully a customer's rights, since they upheld their part of the contract by paying their premiums.

Terrible customer service.
I am writing as a result of a contract dispute with Select Home Warranty ( SHW)

I originally contracted with them on 9/17/18 to serve as my home warranty company. This contract was set to expire on 4/17/22 ( see enclosed document). SelectHomeWarranty gave me a 6 month so called free extension because I signed with them immediately on the first day of my contacting them.

I had a phone conversation with them in January 2020. I can not recall the circumstances that surrounded that call but at that time I extended my contract with them until October 2025.
The original contract time period was still in effect at the time of the extesion but the salesperson said this was a special deal. The contract extension is attached to this document.

To the best of my knowledge the first repair I believe was not until July 2020 to repair my hot tube. In July 2020 my hot tube needed repair as they did not provide a repairman I was required to find my own. He charged me $800 and the gave me $400 per their contract. I had my built in microwave stop working ( I don't recall the date nor the exact amount of the repair) and called them, again they did not provide a repair person so I got my own. The charge was around $350. They gave me a check of $125 as they chose to depreciate the value of the microwave instead of repairing it. In Nov 2020 my furnace would occasionally turn on, keep running and not shut off. I call SHW this time they sent a repairman who said it was the thermostat. They notified my that I needed to send them pictures and provide them with 3 years maintenance record. I had the furnace serviced just 2 months prior to this problem. I sent them the pictures and the maintenance record done just 2 months prior. I could not provide 3 years records as we use our propane fireplace as our main source of heat in the winter and we service the furnace every other year. I was given a check for $150 for a $400 repair job.

I was disappointed with their company and asked for a refund. I paid them a total of $2,663.83 for both the original contract and the extension. I opted to cancel the contract. They proceeded to use I think faulty accounting with regard to my refund. They took all the money from the so called repairs ( $400, $125 and $150) plus an administrative fee of $75 and a pro rated ( $1.94 per day) and sent me a check of 10.87. This is accordance with the contract.

My complaint is that the money was taken from my extension not the original contract that was still in effect until April 2022. How can they take money from my extension money I paid when it was not to take effect until the original contract expired April 2022, I feel they owe me 1488. 84. All monies should have been taken from the original contract money not the just the extension.

This letter was sent to Consumer Protection A. G. Office State of Maryland, The FTC and BBB
New Jersey.

Thank you
Ronald Abigill

I called to get a quote and explained to rep I was price checking a few top rated companies. He gave me a quote and i said thanks, i have a couple more calls to make and THE SALES REP. IN HIM CAME OUT, he said if you sign up right now i can give it to you for 100.00 less than quote he just gave. I told him wow okay, let me make the rest of my calls and I will get back to you. He said that price is only good for right now. I said if you value me and want me as a customer after I do my price checking you'll give me that price when I call back! His response was quote. " THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS, GOODBYE". So I was in shock. Marked them OFF my list and moved on. Immediately my phone rang and it was someone wanting to talk to me about signing up for a contract. I have been bombarded with calls emails and text messages since that encounter. Like I've been doing a lot of research on these companies and I suggest all of you do as well before picking one because there is a lot to consider it is not as black-and-white as SelectHomeWarranty make it on the phone. Read the contracts don't just take what they say all of this information is online. You will set yourself up if you do not read read read the contracts. That being said, if I am greeted with rudeness on my first phone call that makes me have zero faith in a company to be there when I need them.

I signed up with them two years ago for my property. I was promised courteous and attentive customer care with fast service from good, licensed contractors. Also I was told I would be allowed to choose my own contractor and SelectHomeWarranty would reimburse me the funds I was out of pocket in excess of the $45 deductible in a timely' manner.

After two years, Let's see how well that has worked out:

1) Attentive customer care - Non Existent
NONE of their customer service personnel speak English as a primary language. That, in and of itself, is not a problem. But when they haven't learned the language well enough to understand a simple explanation of the problem or to be understood by someone who is multilingual. That IS a problem especially when there is no one there to whom they can transfer the call to get the help required. Moreover, the 'customer care' center, while polite, is totally useless. They can't get anything done especially when there is an actual problem with customer care and attention.

You can't call in a claim. If you do, you are directed to submit it online. They have no answer to "What happens if the problem precludes your ability to use your computer?!" Then they call you back in a day or two for 'more information'.

There is no place or way for you to check your account(s) or claims online to see the status and calling in, as I've said before, is useless. All you get is transferred multiple times until you reach someone in existing claims' who, essentially, gives you the party line of "We are processing it. You should be contacted in a day or two."

2) Fast service I'm STILL waiting for a return call on a claim I filed two months ago!
First is to note the fact that once you submit a claim, it takes them a day or two to call you back for more information' which amounts to your name and address and type of claim - all information which you already provided to them online. Then it takes them another "24 to 48 hours" for "Claims to assign a contractor." who you have to call to set up an appointment. So, even under perfect circumstances, you're already at a week before the contractor gets to your property to evaluate the problem and order parts.

Well, the first plumbing problem I had was spraying water all over the downstairs. I had to turn the water off and called in a claim. After a week during which there was ZERO running water at the property, and multiple calls to the 'claims' center, they STILL hadn't assigned a contractor so I chose my own and got it fixed.

That fix' caused problems up the lines. The company was notified this might happen prior to the first repair. But, when I called in the second claim for a leak up the line, I was refused service on the basis that I had signed a release' (see below) which, apparently, was in tiny print on the check they sent me and prevents me filing a claim on that water line in perpetuity. So after one claim, I can no longer use the service for my water intake pipes - EVER! What sort of insurance is that?

The second claim I put in involved a broken sewer pipe inside the house which was dumping sewer water into my downstairs. AGAIN, No assignment after 48 hours so I called again. I was promised assignment in 48 hours. That didn't happen. I called again and got the name of the contractor they had assigned. The contractor was in a DIFFERENT STATE and didn't work my state. So I called back AGAIN! After much teeth gnashing and threats, finally got to speak to a manager who promised me immediate assignment and a call back that afternoon with the name and number. Didn't happen. After more than a month with sewer water running inside the house and their failure to respond in anything vaguely resembling a 'fast' or 'courteous' manner, I finally paid someone to fix it for which I have yet to receive any reimbursement.

3) Good-Licensed Contractors Possibly, but not necessarily licensed in your state or servicing your area
I made a claim for a plumbing issue created by a cast iron sewer pipe cracking and dumping sewer water into my guest bedroom. After filing the claim online, I called every other day for two weeks before I finally got someone assigned' to the matter. I called the assigned plumber who doesn't live or work in my state, isn't licensed in my state and does not service my town. I called several times and was promised that they would fix the matter'. After weeks of waiting, and payment for a half-dozen estimates' from a variety of contractors, I finally found someone licensed and competent to fix it within the $500 plumbing reimbursement limitation in the contract (the average estimate was over $1,000). That was four months ago and I'm still waiting for my reimbursement check.

4) Timely reimbursement I guess within my lifetime' is their idea of timely'
It took them 2 months to get me a reimbursement check for one claim and, as stated above, I'm still waiting for the second one! How is that timely?! I submitted the paid receipt the very day it was paid. It took them a WEEK to get me the 'appropriate claim forms' and another 6 weeks to get the check after that was submitted back to them. I'm elderly and on a fixed income. That $250 was my food money for the month. I had to sponge off my friends and family to eat thanks to their 'timely reimbursement' policy.

5) Claim approval "We approve over 90% of claims submitted" according to the sales department
However, MY personal experience is that they approve 25% of claims submitted.

In two years, I submitted four claims Two separate plumbing leaks, my all-in-one washer/dryer stopped drying (immediately after the first plumbing leak was fixed), and my refrigerator icemaker stopped making ice. FOUR claims and only 1 was approved and serviced at all.
The washer-dryer claim was denied on the basis of inadequate maintenance' and on the release letter (see below) in spite of the fact that the damage to the machine was directly caused by the plumber manhandling the machine and not any lack of maintenance.
The ice-maker wasn't a covered part of the refrigerator. In spite of the fact that the policy says "all components" under Refrigerator, apparently the Ice Maker is a special rider which no one mentioned when I was purchasing the policy.
The second plumbing claim was simply lost', I guess. I've never been able to get any response on that particular claim.

6) Release letter This is the icing on the "not customer friendly" cake
Once a claim has been serviced and you have paid the contractor, in order to get your reimbursement' you have to sign a release document identifying you as "RELEASOR" and Select Home Warrantee as "RELEASEE" and says in exact verbiage that "RELEASOR releases and discharges the RELEASEE, RELEASEE's heirs, executors administrators, successors and assigns from all actions, causes of action, suits, debts, dues, sums of money, accounts, reckonings, bonds, bills. Damages, judgments,. Claims and demands whatsoever, in law, admiralty which RELEASOR, RELEASOR's Heirs, executors ever had, now have or hereinafter can, shall, or may have for, upon, or by reason of any matter, cause from the beginning of the world to the day of the date of this RELEASE."

Seriously?! So if the contractor they recommend and you pay for the service ends up doing additional damage (which is what occurred in the one plumbing claim they DID approve and eventually - pay) the company will not pay to fix the damage EVER! Once something is fixed, they will NEVER fix it or anything related to it. What sort of service is that?

I have found another company and fired this one. And get this! When I called to cancel, I had to spend 45 minutes ARGUING with the representative who kept insisting that he could help to address your problem'.
After all they put me through in two years, I couldn't even cancel the services without a fight!

Bottom line they aren't worth the money or the frustration. Find someone with a better track record.


SELECT HOME WARRANTY IS A DISHONEST COMPANY do yourself a favor save your money and stress knowing that you being fool by trusting this SCAM COMPANY. Stay away from SELECT HW SelectHomeWarranty do not have technicians as they claim, also that few companies that accept SHW are dishonest like them, they only collect the service fee which it will not cover the part that is just for diagnostic (some can give you this for free) and then they tell you they will contact you to let you know what is your part and what SHW will cover. Furthermore, they sent companies without checking their license.

I have three properties and 2 are with CHOICE HOME WARRANTY we have made several calls in one of our rental property and they honor what they advertise, is the item is cover they collect the fee $45 and the rest is paid by CHOICE HOME WARRANTY.

Please do not make the mistake I made, I am so glad I only tried them for 1 year and it is the house were we live, since we do take care of our property I only call them once but enough to discover SELECT HOME WARRANTY IS A SCAM. I lost 375.00 plus the calling fee $45 but I will post this bad review every where to avoid people making rich a dishonest company.

I am a real customer so please believe me stay away from SELECT HOME WARRANTY only their website have fake reviews. This was my mistake checked the reviews on their website but check yelp and others to find out more about this company.

So Bad I Only last 2 Months with Them - Look at Real Reviews!
I'm not sure how this company received so many positive reviews; perhaps SelectHomeWarranty are from those working for the company. Not sure. But check the BBB website and you'll see just how many complaints they receive and how poor their service is.
I lasted 2 months with them before cancelling my membership. This was an overall terrible experience. I found them to be uncommunicative and unreliable. The website is not very good - there is no way to check your account at all. Calling to speak with someone is a hassle and very frustrating. You may be hung up on. You may have to keep getting transferred. It takes a while to get anything done.
I submitted my first (and only) claim with them to repair my AC unit. An outside company came and I paid $75, but this was only a diagnostic. I was told that AC repair was covered under my "Premium" contract. The AC company reported that the condenser coils needed to be cleaned in order for the AC system to perform better. Select Home Warranty did not accept this and would not cover the job. I had to cancel right away because it took days to get to this decision and I found it incredulous to not have this covered. This is the very reason to have SHW and they failed miserably. The previous company I used did cover this so perhaps I will go back to them. If you are looking for a company to insure household appliances - I would implore you to shop around and look elsewhere... avoid the problems I had.

Do not pay money for this company. Do not trust this company.
I would never recommend this service to anyone who didn't get it for free. Even then, there is likely a steep time-cost for trying to get anything done. SelectHomeWarranty are a call center with a short script that will simply say "your issue is a top priority" and "while it generally takes 24-48 hours to find a vendor you should expect something sooner," no matter what your issue is or when you call, no matter how many times you call about open claims. I've had a claim open for more than a month with the same response each time. There's always "no supervisor available at this time," or "the dispatch center will escalate your claim immediately," with no real action being taken.

This company will contract the lowest bidder, someone you likely do not want repairing your appliances. I was assigned (without ever being contacted) a company to repair my machine. I found this out after waiting a week and calling back to SelectHomeWarranty. I was told I should reach out directly to the repair company myself. The company was unresponsive and their voicemail was full. Any calls to SelectHomeWarranty ended with the same back-and-forth of asking for a different vendor and never getting one.

The call center is very clearly only there to get customers off the phone in the shortest amount of time possible. They follow a very limited script and won't address any real topics or have any form of conversation that divulges from the script. There is no "support" provided.

Bad experience
I was going to change over to Select Home Warranty from American home shield because the deductible was less for when you have a service call. I didn't want to go without coverage so I was going to have both of them at once. But couldn't afford it. So I decided to stay with the company already have so there's no waiting period. Well I called in to cancel I was told I was going to get a refund within two business days. 2 days later I receive a phone call I guess from a salesman and he does everything to not get me to cancel the policy. He says he can waive the waiting. So he says a new contract was to come and just to be safe I don't cancel my American Home shield. Well I never got any email with a new contract so five days goes by and I call in today. Waited on hold like 15 minutes only to be told that there's no way SelectHomeWarranty can waive the waiting. So now I wasted with not having that money back and I needed it I'm starting all over again. Talk to the cancellation department and he tried everything to try not to get me to change again. I said I don't wish to speak about it just give me my refund. I've had American home shield for 5 years and have had an excellent service.

We chose to work with Select Home Warranty based on their positive reviews we read. We purchased a full home warranty plan one year ago to cover our entire home. A few months after purchasing the plan our heater broke so we contacted SHW for coverage. SelectHomeWarranty sent a mechanic to look at the unit who had no understanding of the issue. We decided to call another professional heating service provider who fixed the issue quickly and charged less than SHW. We tried to get a reimbursement from SHW which took two months of back and forth and only happened when I threatened to cancel my service with them. After 3 months, we had another issue, this time with the A/C. We called our technician again who came to fix the issue. We sent the statement to SHW for reimbursement only to be told that this wasn't covered under the warranty, despite it clearly being covered. Then, last week we had another issue with a leak in our water heater. Again, we called a professional plumber who came to fix it the same day. When we sent the bill back to SHW for reimbursement, they again told us this wasn't covered because leaks with water heaters didn't qualify. After three consecutive cases, it's clear that SHW is running a scam and not reimbursing for services that are clearly covered under their policy. The representative will speak very nicely with you but make sure there are no results at the end. Stay away from this company if you want quality home warranty coverage.

Every excuse to not give service
We just bought a house and bought a SHW home warranty because, obviously, we did not know all the kinks we might find. We did all the BS, having a realtor and private inspection done. Then during a bad rain storm we found a leak in our laundry room roof. Now this passed our county inspectors/permit but we learned that it was done wrong and funnels water into the ceiling. Because it was done wrong, SHW says SelectHomeWarranty won't fix it. Next, our hot water heater quit. After 3 days waiting for SHW to pick a plumber, he told them he would replace all the parts for $28.00 plus labor. But because it was under factory warranty, SHW would not let the plumber do it. We were told we had to wait for manufacturer to send us the parts in two weeks. No shower for two weeks is crazy. So without checking anything else the plumber left. I bought the parts ($60.00 at Home Depot by the way) and installed myself. Still no hot water. Luckily my neighbors kid is electrician and he found that I was only getting 120 power from a 240 breaker. Another $10.00 out of my pocket for breaker and $10.00 for beer to pay the kid and I now have hot water. SHW did absolutely nothing but take my monthly premium. I'm currently talking with attorney about sueing the seller of the house and may see if I can go after SHW as well. They're useless! Heed my warning... do not contract with this company. J. H.

Select Home Warranty, REALLY?
I have been in my place for almost 4 years now. I thought I need and should get a home warranty. Left a message on getting response from 4 different companies. I was called like at really early next morning by Select Home Warranty. The sales agent told me the top of the line warranty a platinum would be x amount and would cover my roof and septic tank also and if you want a better deal pay $1200. 00 for 3 years same warranty and coverage is great top plan SelectHomeWarranty have, so I bought that plan. 2 1/2 months later my soft water system goes bad. I called they made appointment and said I would get a call when, great. I was never called so I called Select Home Warranty and was told this was not apart of my warranty and it would be additional charge. I told them to cancel me because I was told this was their best plan that was B. S. I was called back several days later but missed call and called Select Home Warranty back and was given an ok deal and I payed or additional 3 years so I bit on it so total I paid for 3 year plan total $1364. 94 and re made the appointment so my water softener could be repaired or replaced and I even gave them make and model of water softener and was told we will have some one call you. I waited for almost 2 weeks and yes the covid-19 is going strong. I called them a Select Home Warranty again and was told that they did not have a company that could do that in the area. I was told I could get my own lic. Company to replace my water softener and they would take care of me, B. S. and hung up. I waited around 3 weeks or so as not to take their Customer Service Persons head off was not his fault he works for a shady company like that. I called and told Customer Service I wanted my money back, PERIOD. I was asked why which I told them on crap service I got and I was told by Customer Service guy who told you that I stated you guys did not 1 but 2 of you did that. I also told him after she said he would handle that that forget it I can repair myself and I want my money back. I was told again they would take a percentage out of what I paid for for early termination. I told him you guys do what you have to and I will do what I have to do, Pay Backs are a MOTHER! One other thing Select Home Warranty takes your money right away and it takes 30 days from Select Home Warranty to get back your money, B. S. Would I recommend Select Home Warranty, NOT ON YOUR LIFE! I HAVE ALL MY PAPER WORK FROM THIS COMPANY AND WILL KEEP IT!

SHW clients are not the contractors priority
SelectHomeWarranty have good customer service and find services quickly. The problem is that contractors don't want to come and service Select Home Warranty customers. My first time filing a claim, the contractor SHW provided me with(1st leak response) calling me back complaining about waiting for SHW payments for over 4 months, that contractor turn down my order and said he will not answer SHW phone calls. The second claim i submit, i called the contractor (Texan Mechanical) that SHW provided me with, to make an appointment. The contractor was ready to give me an appointment when i told him my order number and insurance name he said he was not setting appointment for "them" yet. SHW clients was not his priority. The third and last claim i submitted. The contractor (Lujano Plumbing) changed my appointment 4 times. When he came told me that Select Home Warranty wont cover my broken water pipe and wanted me to pay the whole service, part, labor etc to him and for me to submit a refund to SHW. He also complained about SHW owning him 15,000.
This is how it goes with SHW. You submit a claim and it take 2 labor days to get you a contractor (if you call on Saturday it will take the 4 days). Then the contractor takes 2 days to give you an appointment. Then the contractor submit by email his report and it take SHW to 2 labor days to approve. Once approved contractor has to set up another appointment. It takes about 3 weeks to have the work done.

Worst Home warranty company out there.
Submitted claim on A/C unit May 28th. Was informed may 29th that SelectHomeWarranty had delay in finding available services company to send out for inspection and repair of unit. Was sent email that I could find my own company to use for the claim. I called a local air conditioning company and had a technician dispatched to my home on May 30th. Was informed that I needed my fan motor replaced, a side duct resealed and thermostat wire replaced. I submitted the documents neccessary for pre-approval of repairs. Almost a week went by after calling several times to check the status. Select home warranty informed me that claim was still in review. I then decided to go ahead and pay for the repairs and seek reimbursement. The repairs needed to be made quickly as I live in Phoenix and temperatures were exceeding 110 degrees outside and 97 degrees inside which is not conducive to comfort for my family. I submitted the repair information and invoices along with pictures for review. I was then denied because I did not get prior approval for repairs even though I had submitted all the appropriate documentation that they had requested. They were certainly happy to take my money every month but god forbid they pay out on a legitimate claim which is clearly outlined in my contract.

LIED to me several times, then denied my claim
Hey Select! It's absolutely freezing in my home tonight - just like it's been for over a week, since I discovered my furnace wasn't working and filed a claim with you.
Not that you care - You managed to make the already terrible, freezing-cold week absolutely miserable with promises to "call me back" and assurances that my claim would be reviewed in the "next 24 hours" only for NO ONE to ever call me back!
I was promised my claim would be escalated on numerous occasions, since it was for my FURNACE at the beginning of winter and I have TWO SMALL CHILDREN, only to find out, days later, that it was never escalated!

After a freezing week of getting nothing but empty promises, I spoke to 3 different people on Saturday November 9th who all assured me that SelectHomeWarranty would call back with an answer from the claims department THAT DAY; only to find out from the 4th person that the claims department IS NOT EVEN OPEN ON SATURDAYS!
This means that I was NEVER going to get a call back that day and was LIED TO THREE TIMES BY THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE AT SELECT!

And finally, all this abuse ends with my claim being DENIED because I don't have 3 YEARS worth of maintenance records - I only purchased the house LAST YEAR!?!?!? NOT ONLY THAT, BUT I TOLD YOU I DIDNT HAVE THOSE RECORDS ON DAY 1 AND WAS TOLD THAT IT WOULDNT BE A PROBLEM!



They have yet to cover any claim submitted
I tried to submit three claims in the last year, non of which worked out.
The first was for a leaky faucet and basket/drain on my kitchen sink. A plumber came out and looked at it, said he had what he needed to fix it on his truck, but couldn't do it because he had to wait for SHW to accept it. SelectHomeWarranty did accept it for up to $500. The guy called me and said he would come fixit for an additional $485. What? Replace a cheap faucet and drain basket for almost $1000? Hey told me to have it done and send receipts for reimbursement. I replaced the cheap sink and fixtures w very nice ones for less than $500 but they never reimbursed me.
The next was for a fridge that wasn't cooling though the freezer worked. According to my research, it probably needed a new ventilation fan, relatively cheap. Their guy was an hour away so wouldn't come. People close to me wanted $75 to even look at it. That fee may or may not be reimbursable. I replaced the fridge with a nicer used one for $55.
Now my AC is out. The fellow that looked at it said that the compressor is bad and is no longer available so a new unit is needed. Of course, they won't cover it. They said that is an electrical problem so they won't cover it.
This warrenty company is USELESS!

Service is Terrible Integrity Rating is ZERO
I've been a customer of Select Home Warranty for 2 years. First issue was a backed up sewage line in my home. Sewage was coming up in showers and tubs and this was occurring while I was having an event at my home. I called and expressed the urgency in the situation SelectHomeWarranty assured someone would be in contact shortly. Hours went by no call back. Finally called a repair company to get it done myself and then Select didn't want to pay because I didn't use their contractor. Finally settled with them for a portion of what I paid.

Next job dishwasher not working. So far two weeks of calls and they still can't get someone to come look at my dishwasher. No-one wants to work with these yahoos. They told me after two weeks to find my own contractor and they would reimburse me? Why am I the one doing their job and what the hell do the do but avoid getting things done. I don't believe they will reimburse after the my last experience. I have spoken with numerous entry level people as well as their supervisors and managers. All of them assured me they were the ones to take care of my claim and gave me their extension number with the promise of calling me back if I had any issues just leave a message and they would help. ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS NO CALL BACK NO RESULTS.


Select Home Warranty is a Scam
Save your hard earned money. Select Home Warranty (SHW) puts a lot of effort into advertising their repair and/or replacement of your home appliances and equipment. I was very skeptical at first and after participating for the first year have come to realize that it is a SCAM. I had roof leak coverage as part of my premium package. Shortly after moving into our house we realize a roof leak and submitted a claim. SHW declined the claim. Then had issues with our HVAC system at the start of the summer with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees. We waited a couple of days without any air conditioning waiting for their recommended technician to contact us which never happened. Then SelectHomeWarranty told us to contact anyone for the repairs. Another couple of days for a different company to come out but they finally arrived, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Submitted the invoice and they said they could not process the claim because they require you to just get an assessment and send it in to SHW so that their team can review the contractors diagnosis and cost of repairs while two to three weeks go by with us having no air conditioning. Then had an issue with our 2015 Samsung refrigerator that cost over $3,000 new. Had their technician come out and the estimate for repairs exceeded $1,000. They figured after their depreciation of my refrigerator that it was only worth $225 that I could use towards the repairs or to buy a new one. Check their repair small print. They only cover repair parts not labor. Even though they claim repair or replace, their accelerated depreciation would never allow them to replace an item let alone repair. Save your money. SHW is a scam.

Home Scam not Warranty
If this is the best home warranty available we are all in trouble.
First (if it matters) SelectHomeWarranty are not an american company. If you don't believe me just try filing a claim.
Second, it is impossible to find someone that is willing to work with them ( which should be a red flag).
Third DO NOT let them talk you into calling your "own" technician because you will find out the hard way that they do not reimburse for "out of network" technicians, which by the way it says absolutely nothing about out of network technicians (per Gabriel a claims supervisor) in the contract. I called a tech. At their recommendation and was stuck with a service call.
Fourth I am now waiting for six weeks on a repair or replace of my dryer. They will not contact me and when I call they say "we so sorry, we expidite you claim".
Fifth I filed a claim on a $600 septic aerator less than two years old and after daily calling and expressing my extreme frustration they reluctantly are supposedly are sending me a check for $200 because of depreciation.
Sixth even though they refuse to help you in any way, they will not reimburse you without a early cancellation penalty and a pro-rated reimbursement.
They exist to charge premiums and deny claims. STAY AWAY

What Does Platinum Care Plan Mean?
Elect Platinum Care Plan
Select Home Warranty has been the most miserable warranty program I have experienced in my life. Of everything I need fixed in my home, Select has found a way to get out of paying for it. The people at select are so incompetent that SelectHomeWarranty have recently ordered an AC and Heating repairman three times to fix my refrigerator. Finally, after I hire my own repairman Select condemns my refrigerator and offers $150 to by a new one that cost $1400. 00. Haven't got that money yet. I have a washing machine that is broken. Select refuses to take a claim on it. For you do-it-yourselfer, beware. I am an AC / Heating and repair man retired. I have done the annual service and check of my own AC unit for years. My AC unit gets better care than most because they get pampered to last longer than most. Recently, My AC blower motor went out and a claim was filed with Select. Because I didn't have proof the unit was service past three years, they will not cover the cost. There is a whole lot I don't understand about this Company. Here is how they sell their warranty.

1. Call to place your claim, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
2. We will contact a local licensed service technician to diagnose your problem. Technician will contact you to set up an appointment.
3. Just pay a Modest service call fee and covered repair or replacement of your home system an appliance will be complete.

A call place to Select Home Warranty. Problem with my refrigerator. Supposable a licensed service technician was call. No one showed up. Contacted Select Home Warranty two additional times. The same thing happened, no one showed up. This went on for about 10 months. I called Select Home Warranty again. This time, I received a phone number of the licensed service technician. I call the technician immediately. The Technician stated that his business was two hours from my home address. That he could not come and look at my refrigerator. I called Select back and they contacted the technician and the same was expressed to Select. Select contacted another Technician. I called this technician to find out he only works on AC and Heating units. Not Refrigerators.

Unsatisfied Customer

Different representative different ATTITUDES
1. My initial call inquiring on fees/coverages spoke with Steven in sales, In 10 minutes he wants to get down to business asking for my payment to buy their 6 years services, any more questions on coverage GO READ terms & conditions ON YOUR OWN. I wasted 15 minutes of my time feeling frustrated.
2. Same conversation with Steven about their free roof coverage, he said it's a USELESS COVERAGE THAT's why it's free. Select only pay for leak patch, regardless if it caused any electrical OR cable shortage & plywood needed before synthetic paper cover the leak AND broken/ missing tiles are NOT included. That tells me Select only perform temporary fix NOT TAKE CARE OF PERMANENT FIX.
3. I called back asking for COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT email, spoke to Issac whom was gentle & patient in calming me down. Issac convinced me to buy service from them & assure me their service is good once I tried. He even said consumers can FREEZE the plan indefinitely not wasting plan time if encounter job transfer needed to work out of State for a period of time such as 1-2 year work transfer or taking 6 months vacation away from home. That adds more point.
4. Just saw the review that if you use own licensed/insured contractor pay out of own pocket first, SELECT only reimbursed part cost, LABOR COST NOT INCLUDED. This is a little tricky, I will call Issac to find out tomorrow. He said worked for SELECT for 9 years and SELECT from New Jersey only in Home Warranty business for 9 years too. He should know the answer.
5. Per review, their Customer Service took forever to answer call & hung up on customer to avoid complaint or future claim; reimbursement CHECK of service took more than 6 weeks. Many questions to clarify with Issac. I will also call Customer Service tomorrow pretend inquire a claim to see how SelectHomeWarranty respond to us in term of needs, otherwise, I'm stuck with them for 6 years if Service Department not as good as what Issac, the sales representative said.

Incompetent, condecending and liars.
So the 'repair' process on my air conditioner took from 5/31/19 to 9/6/19 involving dozens of phone calls and being stood up 5 times by their contractor. Now we're at 2 months later and the fourth time submitting the invoice, trying to get the $250 reimbursement against a $706 repair bill. Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling about this company.

I hope to hell we never need to use their service again. In fact, our furnace stopped working this Monday & we called a local company who came out & had it repaired within 6 hours. I gladly paid them the extra $47 to not have to deal with Select Home Warranty.

Attachments area

This is the fourth submission of the invoice for this claim.

So the 'repair' process on my air conditioner took from 5/31/19 to 9/6/19 involving dozens of phone calls and being stood up 5 times by your contractor. Now we're at 2 months later trying to get the $250 reimbursement against a $706 repair bill. Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling about your company.

I hope to hell we never need to use your service again. In fact, our furnace stopped working this Monday & we called a local company who came out & had it repaired within 6 hours. I gladly paid them the extra $47 to not have to deal with Select Home Warranty.

Attachments area

Bad Customer Service
Select Home Warranty has terrible customer service. My AC stop working and I called them for service. It took 48 hrs before SelectHomeWarranty assigned a company called Action Services. (Never heard of them). I called the number and this guy with a work truck came the next day. I have a Trane AC unit. He had no idea how to work on it. He said all AC units are the same. He said he will come back the next morning@ 10a after he reads up on unit. He said he will change out the thermostat. Guess work. He was no show the next day. Called Select and they said they would reassign to some1 else and would take another 48 hours before I would get another technician to call. I told them I would call my own technician. They said I could do that but my tech would have to call them before he works on system. I called Michael & Sons. They ck inside unit and saw alarm lights. He said sys had been knocked off line perhaps by power failure. He called Trane sys to assist in resetting system. I called select to approve before and was on hold for 45 min. No 1 ever picked up. I filed claim and receved an email from select it was approved. Its been 2 weeks ago never heard again from select. Called Select and they said their claims dept had to send a RA form for me to fill out. Nothing. I don't expect to receive it. I told Select about their sent tech from Action Services and they said they will put a note on claim. Select is terrible. They have no intention of paying any claim. Their own tech was getting ready to take them to the cleaners for either bogus work or they were going to deny claim. This is not a warranty to have.

Unreliable Service Provider
Company does not provide professional repair service.
Only six weeks into warranty and SHW has not come through with repair still waiting for scheduled repair after 3 days without a refrigerator.
I filed repair complaint company SelectHomeWarranty provided a service tech from "Arctic Blast" refrigeration. This company apparently claimed the work. I have contacted the repair office for three straight days including texting them from they number they sent a confirmation to do the work. They have not returned my call for service date.
I contacted Select Home Warranty and was told I needed to wait for this company to contact me. I asked to speak to manager was told manager would call within 30 minutes. Its been three hours no call from supervisor. Called Select Home Warranty back was told they couldn't cancel work with the confirmed company but I could choose my own repair service, I PAY COST, they would reimburse! REALLY?
I contacted warranty sales person and requested refund on my warranty.
Am filing with BBB but now see that their are numerous complaints about this company and although on line they say they are BBB approved BBB says they are not!
At least with Sears home services when you call in you a service date immediately you don't have to wait 48 hours to hear from a company then wait again for them to schedule you in.
I am filing with BBB and want my money back I will go back to SEARS HOLDINGS.

SCAM - Breach of Contract - won't allow you to speak with their attorney or supervisor
We sustained a covered loss to our heating system 52 days after the contract started. Submitted a claim and received no callback. To date, we had to call select for any updates on the claim. Noticed the claim reimbursement had not been received after 30 days of submission. SelectHomeWarranty denied the claim stating it was within 30 day waiting period. Obviously it is not and the waiting period would have been excluded because we had a carryover policy that ended 6 days after this policy started with HSA. They refused to allow us to talk to a manager or their attorney to resolve the claim, despite our proof in the contract that we were past the waiting period and had prior coverage that would waive the waiting period. They called back three different times to cancel the policy and charge us an early termination and pro rata fee. We refused and said they are refusing to comply with discovery in a now pending lawsuit for the claim by refusing us to speak with their supervision or attorney to clarify the contract and requirement to honor it. They are in breach of contract and when called out on this breach their response is to cancel and charge us. This is biggest scam company I have dealt with in 40 years! Stay away and go with someone reputable like HSA whom I had a claim with and had zero issues.

When you pay for a "Home Warranty" you expect to what the name implies. A warranty that covers your home an appliances should SelectHomeWarranty break. After all the very definition of a warranty is " a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary".

I purchased a "warranty" through select home warranty and paid over $600 for approximately 1 year of coverage of my home where my wife and 2 small children reside. I bought into the sales pitch of " Shield your wallet. Shield your home". I thought I was purchasing piece of mind. What I was really purchasing though was a SCAM.

Recently my clothes washer started making a loud banging noise so I decided it was time to file a claim with Select Home Warranty (from here on out I'll refer to SHW as " SCAM ARTISTS"). So I filed the claim and they sent out a technician to diagnose the problem. I paid the technician his $75 service fee and he submitted the information to the SCAM ARTISTS. Later that day I called THE SCAM ARTISTS to follow up with them and they indicated to me that they were giving me a $100 dollar credit towards the purchase of a new washing machine.


What is the point of having a warranty on your home and appliances if all they're going to do is write it off as "broken"?! I could've told them that is was broken! So basically after paying the technician the $75, I ended up with a 25 bucks towards the purchase of a $900 dollar washing machine! If that's not a scam I don't know what is.

Please please please do yourself a favor and do NOT ever do business with these SCAM ARTISTS!

Select Home Warranty should be ashamed of themselves. For scamming good hardworking people out of their money. I'll be getting a lawyer and blasting this company for the thieving scam artists they are.


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