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Would never purchase from seatgeek again. Highly recommend stubhub
I am a frequent customer with Stubhub and decided to try seatgeek. Keep in mind that Seatgeek is only a platform to connect you with another seller / website.

I visited their website yesterday which led me to Razorgator and purchased two tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers against the Utah Jazz on April 13,2015 (Section 6 row 2) this game happens to be Kobe Bryant's last game. At the time I was charged $1,000 with a transfer fee of $100. Several hours later I received an email saying that due to high demands these tickets were no longer available. My girlfriend and I frantically rushed to the computer to see if we could find replacement tickets but by this time most of the tickets have been purchased and prices have been inflated to the current market value (double or triple the price). Since this was after hours several calls to Razorgator and Seatgeek were not answered.

I called Razorgator today and SeatGeek said that by the time I bought these tickets they had been already sold an hour prior but their system did not "refresh". The explanation I received was not clear. The agent stated that this happens all the time and empathized that he would be really upset also. He did offer me a deal for the $1,000 I had spent he could give me replacements tickets at the current "market value" which is in the 300 section row 29. My current seats that I had bought are now around $1,500 a ticket which is an additional $1,000 a ticket out of pocket. I believe if I was told in a timely matter I could have found similar tickets for around the same price. I do not believe that Razorgator did everything in their power to help me out.

I emailed Seatgeek and they responded showeing some remorse but did nothing to help me find tickets.

"Ultimately, we hope to create a better system where this does not happen."

It really does sound like I became victim of their trial and error. That's nice for the future to fix your system, but how about right now? How are you going to fix this for me? Fix this for your current customers?

From researching about Razorgator and Seatgeek both take pride in being a trusted source of providing authentic tickets, killer bargains and the best customer satisfaction by offering 100% guarantee. I find all these are untrue. I feel like I was robbed, treated unfairly, and justice was not served. I went to Seatgeek to help ensure that my ticket purchase is seamless but left without tickets and a terrible taste in my mouth. This is my first and last time purchasing from Seatgeek.

My tip if you want to purchase tickets would be to go to stubhub or directly though nba ticket exchange. With stubhub for any reason the tickets you purchased becomes unavailable like what had happened to me they will charge the seller the difference of what the market price is for the current seats.

Save yourself the trouble and don't go to a website that will link you to another site. Go to the direct source or learn your lesson the hard way like me.

Unhappy Customer,

-James Nguyen

Bad experience, lost money on seats for game I couldn't make that should have sold earlier.
I listed two Game 5 Warriors vs. Cavs tickets when I was forced to go out of town on business. I had previously sold tickets on site without issue. This time, I attempted to list tickets for market value, approximately $1,250, and was rejected. The site stated to put in a price under or equal to $1,000.00.

I contacted customer service and only got a response on my third attempt, by which time I had lost a full sale date. I was contacted by customer service with some excuse about how "new" the resale marketplace was and that SeatGeek could not support sale prices of over $1,000.00. I promptly checked other prices and found OVER 50 SEATGEEK EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS for over $1,000.00 to the same game!

I contacted customer service via email to ask about this inconsistency and, about a week later, have yet to receive a response.

Long story short, I lost out on prime ticket sale time, got an unsatisfactory response and ended up eating $250 per ticket because they did not sell until hours before the event. Had I simply used one of their competitors, which I will now do, I have little doubt that the tickets would have timely sold.

Terrible experience and feel avoided/lied to.

Deceiving Business Model
SeatGeek will not be paying me interest despite holding my funds for 7 months.

1) I should have fully vetted them before posting tickets. That was my bad.
2) SeatGeek certainly don't advertise payment after the event takes place and are unwilling to make a one-time, non-monetary concession to a repeat customer that felt duped. I will not be using them in the future due to their customer service and overall business model.

I have changed my review from 2 stars to 1 star as SeatGeek's solution is not to remit payment to me in this one instance. I asked if they will be paying me interest for holding my funds for 7 months, as I would expect to earn 3.5% over that time period in the stock market. Stay tuned for further updates.

I sold tickets on 12/22, expecting to be paid 3-5 business days after sale. After some discussion with SeatGeek support on whether my bank info was correct, I was told I would not be paid until after the EVENT. The event is 7 months in the future (7/20/2017). It is ridiculous for them to hold my money for 7 months. In my opinion, the slogan, "Sell tickets on SeatGeek. Just upload your tickets, add a price and get paid." is deceiving since you do not get paid right away, which is far from the industry norm.

Yesterday I asked SeatGeek if they could remit payment to me in this instance given I was unaware of their policy. I have not yet received a response. I followed up again this morning but haven't heard back yet. I will update this review upon a positive response from SeatGeek, however I felt I had to post now given the lack of email response and no contact number. Stay tuned!

NEVER purchasing from SeatGeek again!
SeatGeek are thieves. I purchased Bruno Mars tickets 5 days ago, not realizing general admission tickets were not for sale yet, and those prices are much more reasonable (I paid DOUBLE what the general admission tickets were. Absolutely ridiculous). After realizing THAT I WAS SCAMMED I wanted to cancel the tickets. I called and SeatGeek stated that I was not able to get a refund. They said that I am stuck with them. They also did state that I could try and sell them once tickets are sold out. BUT, I will not even get a PDF version of my tickets (which I paid an additional $5 for an email delivery) until one week before the event. SEVEN DAYS PEOPLE. There is no way I can get to sell my tickets, and even get my money back for a concert that is OVER 9 MONTHS AWAY just SEVEN DAYS before the concert. I am highly upset, they do not care for the customers, and are just trying to make extra money off of their customers in any way possible.

I will NEVER purchase from SeatGeek again, and I highly recommend that no one ever does either! I wish I would have read the reviews before as well! And I see now, that I am not the only person dealing with the same issues.

I will ensure that everyone I know does not purchase from this site. Trust me, I will continue to request a refund, or at least the option to sell MY TICKETS that I have purchased.

One VERY UNHAPPY customer

I don't even know what's going on
So I ALMOST bought a couple of tickets through this site but at the last minute I did not because I found out my husband was going to have to work. I made an account with my email address and made a password but I never actually purchased anything, so no card or bank info was ever entered into my account. The only thug that I put in was my email and the city I lived in... So that was 2 months ago. Today I have been receiving emails all day long about Coldplay tickets that were successfully sold and the amount SeatGeek were sold for. And it's like tons of tickets and thousands of dollars so I log on with MY email and MY password and there is some other phone number and bank account hooked up to it. I want to delete my account because I am not selling these tickets and I can not do it. I tried to call and email about concerns and have not had any help. I am worried someone is selling fraudulent tickets with my name attached to them and I can't even cancel my account to get away from it. I really do not know how this is happening but I just really want nothing to do with it and want my info off this site. Do not even mess with this site. I never even bought anything off this site and I am dealing with sketchiness.

If you use SeatGeek then you will do so at your own peril and will be subject to lack of customer service and the selling of tickets using deception. I purchased nearly $5K of tickets for a prime sporting event three months in advance and SeatGeek did not adequately disclose that ticket delivery would be game day pickup only. Their position was that at an unknown point of time, an unknown seller, will contact via email (which could be directed to spam) and provide delivery of the tickets at an unknown location. SeatGeek flat refused to identify the seller and allow me to make arrangements to have the ticket's delivered via registered mail to a post office box with insurance. Most companies in the industry will provide electronic delivery services and not force a "gameday situation that is totally FUBAR". To add to the misery, my purchase was a gift to a business associate and I had not planned to attend the event, therefore costing me a day's pay plus over six hours of driving expenses as I will not place this burden on a client. SeatGeek's customer service & ethics are totally unacceptable and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

I should have read the reviews first.
Update 11/23/16: I have received my refund. Maria and Roxanne were very quick to help and we came to an agreement. Thank you for your assistance you two.

Update 11/21/16: I have been contacted by a manager and will be getting a refund. Once this transaction happens on my card, I will update my review.

I should have read the reviews ahead of time...

I purchased Bruno Mars tickets through SeatGeek as a recommendation through Philly D on YouTube! I price checked through Stubhub and Ticketmaster and decided to try SeatGeek. After I placed my order, I THEN checked the reviews and went into panic mode. If the company has MORE 1 star reviews than 5, I tend to steer clear. Mistake on my part.

I emailed the company within 15 minutes of my purchase asking for a cancellation/refund. I got an email back explaining terms and conditions as per usual, but said I could sell them. Since the concert isn't until next August, I figure I have 8/9 months to resell on THEIR website, I just needed to wait until I got my PDF version of the tickets. That is when I found out I wont get my "PDF" version of my tickets until a WEEK before the concert. Why would a company take your money but not give you product for ten months? Without working with the customer on any other options?

If you press purchase, SeatGeek are yours. The company wont work with you, and throw the excuse of their terms and conditions as well as blaming the venue. If you can't do anything but take my money from me? What is the point? I wont be happy until I get the option for a refund, or my PDF tickets early so I have a CHOICE to sell them. Expecting someone else to pay nearly 500$ for 2 tickets 5 days before the concert is insane.

Would Rate Lower if Possible
Seatgeek sold me tickets and even confirmed them within 15 minutes. 3 months later SeatGeek decided to refund my money without an email or any notification. By that time ticket prices had increased by 400%. Customer Service has been a complete waste of time. I would never under any circumstances buy anything from them again. Large Service Fees and fraudulent tickets are all you'll find here.

I reached out to Seatgeek as they have requested below. It took them 2 days and me asking for an update before anyone responded. They have continually lied to me. First they told me my tickets were not real. I informed them that I have Chat transcript verifying the tickets. I have the ticket locations by Row/Seats that came with the Verified ticket email. They then backtracked and said the tickets were for a different event at the same venue. Check this off as another lie. The tickets were for the Kentucky Oaks/Derby. Churchill Downs only has 2 MAJOR Days during the Summer that would warrant an expensive(500$+) ticket and those Days are the Kentucky Oaks/Derby. I honestly don't understand why anyone would ever use Seatgeek. The only thing worse than my original experience has been talking to Customer Service who continually lied to me.

The last time I will use SeatGeek
I have been using SeatGeek for a little over a year and it has been great. Unfortunately, after my last experience, I have deleted your app and will start using your competition.

The ticket I was sold was invalid. That is not the reason I am frustrated with your service. To me you learn more about a company when something goes wrong then you do when things are going right. I was super disappointed with the hold time to get to someone. I am at the event and had to wait almost 40 minutes from start to finish. That made me miss a portion of the event I was trying to attend. The options of 120% refund or a comparable seat are nice on paper, but in action, SeatGeek were not satisfactory. Once you add up travel and parking the 120% wouldn't equal what I paid in whole and the "comparable" seat wasn't the same experience I was expecting. I'm sure the price was comparable to the invalid ticket, but from a fans perspective, it was a ticket I wouldn't have purchased.

On top of that, I had one of your reps reach out to me on twitter because I posted my frustration on the site. They asked me what happened and replayed with a stock answer that proved either a) it didn't really matter or b) they didn't care. It was filled with excuses for why it happened and made it sound that this is part of the risk of doing business with you.

I'm bummed by this experience because I like the ease of use with your app and website. But because of this experience, I can't trust you to have a great experience at a game if I was to ever buy tickets from you again.

I hope you can use thing information for training and to improve the experience for future customers.

Zero Stars
I bought tickets to a Denver Nuggets game 4 hours before the event. SeetGeek charged my card and when I went to download my tickets, the website said the transaction was pending. After 3 hours and logging back in 10 times the website just kept saying pending. My whole family was waiting to go to the event because we still did not have tickets. After 2 calls to the customer service I was finally told 2 minutes before the game started that my purchase was declined and that it would take 3-5 days to give me my money back. I didnt know there was even a chance that I would not get my tickets, there was no disclaimer that clearly stated that this was even a possibility. My family's plans were ruined by this website after paying them over $400. After, we actually just drove to the game and got scalped tickets in front of the arena for less then half of what I was going to pay online through SeatGeek, if you want to know you are going to the event you are buying tickets for please don't use this website. You may think you are saving money, you are not you are literally wasting your time and your money. Worst online purchase I have ever made

Nothing but headache lost 1000$
We bought EDC Tickets before covid 19 hit and the event has been postponed 4 times. I wish I could get the money back since 2019 but seat geek refused, fine. I would have gotten the refund though ticket master. We have been waiting for over 2 years. We moved during those period. We did upgraded the shipping address in their system as the direction said. Finally the tickets sent out without any notification. Got email from UPS that the package will be over night to the old house. Nothing I could have done at that point. I called UPS next day and let them know. SeatGeek held the package on their facility and told us that we could pick it up with in 5 days, but we were on a trip and would be back on time. The only person that can call and rerouted the package is seat geek, so I call seat geek. The man said no worry he'll take care of it. I told him the situation that if only seat geek call UPS, they'll rerouted the package to the right address. 2 weeks later, nothing. I called back again and again. Each call took over an hour on hold. They always said Oh no worry, but NOTHING ever get done what so ever! Last call, said thing happened again. On we don't now blah blah blah. The even will happen in 5 days and the cost me double to book it now and I still haven't heard anything about my tickets. I don't think I'll ever see the tickets and here goes my 1000$ that I will never get to see again. The fee alone is 200$ This site feel like a scam to me at this point. I'll never ever ever using this site again in a million year and tell all my friends not to ever trust this site. Horrible horrible service.

Poor Execution - but great customer service
Good Afternoon,

I ordered tickets on Thursday November 9th for yesterday, Sunday 11/13. On 11/10 I was kindly notified by a customer service representative (David) that there was a technical error with my tickets. I was then offered a generous choice of a refund (+20%) or upgraded tickets. I chose the upgraded tickets. There was another issue, which resulted in me not getting those tickets, but a different set of tickets. At the end of the day, i did not receive my tickets until 3 hours before my event, despite purchasing multiple days in advance.

That being said, David, my customer service representative was very kind, attentive and accommodating throughout the process. We traded ~30 emails over the course of the weekend trying to get the situation sorted out, and I truly appreciate all of the effort he put in to remedy the situation. He did a great job "crisis managing" and turning what could have been a negative experience into as positive an experience as he could.

While I am frustrated with the situation that occurred, I do really appreciate the level of customer service and care that was shown to me through the process, which turned a negative situation into a positive one. I hope to continue utilizing Seatgeek for my ticket purchases in the future (though I hope the next time I do, it is less eventful!) And at the end of the day, my fiance and I truly enjoyed the event and the upgraded tickets (which played really well for me given it was a birthday gift for her!)

Poor Customer Service
As a follow up to my previous review, I spent over 4 hours on the phone with various customer service reps and supervisors and none of them provided a reasonable solution to my issue (paying me the $6 for the sale of my ticket or issuing me enough credit so that I could buy a ticket to a future event without having to pay any money - a $10 credit is essentially an obligation to buy something). Further, when I spoke with Nixon (a customer support supervisor), he assured me he would do two things for me: 1. Email me the information that I needed to try and get a refund from ticketmaster and 2. Provide a $20 credit to SeatGeek. He did neither of those things. After all the conversations on the phone, it took me placing a public review for the company to actually apologize for not following it's own protocols and consistently misinforming me. This is incredibly disingenuous. I was told by Nixon that there was absolutely no way that I could ever be paid and I was told by King, a different supervisor, to "Just let it go." But as soon as I start making my experience known to the public, the Company is very accomodating and apologetic. So disgusting. I won't ever buy or sell tickets with SeatGeek.

Horrible customer service, glitchy website
I purchased tickets to a baseball game a month ago for my husband's birthday. I reached out to customer service several times because the tickets weren't visible to me on the SeatGeek website. I never received a response back, and it is currently the week of the event. As it turned out, somehow a new account was created for me and the tickets were available on that new account - thanks for telling me, SeatGeek!

My husband is now unable to make it to the game, so I tried to post the tickets for sale. SeatGeek suggested a price, and I listed it for said price. When I looked at the tickets for the event, I realized that this suggested price was WAY too high and there was no way the tickets were going to sell for that price just a few days before the game. I went back to edit the price of the tickets, and an error came up saying, "We are unable to list these tickets at this time." I tried signing out, restarting my browser, everything I could think of, and then contacted customer service.

I FINALLY got a reply this time, and the response was a curt, "Thanks for your alerting us to this issue. It looks like there is an issue with your account and our website at the moment. We will be looking into this, but in the mean time I suggest using another account to list these tickets." Wow, gee thanks. The website which was built for the entire purpose of selling tickets can't sell tickets, and that's the response I get? Fantastic service.

I tried transferring the tickets to my original account. I was able to see the tickets, but when trying to accept them, I received the error message, "Currently unable to accept this transfer." So now I have tickets to an event I can't attend, from a website I can't sell them on, with customer service who is absolutely useless.

I will NEVER purchase tickets from this website again. Their fees are astronomical, and the entire purpose of the website is pointless if you can't sell your tickets.

**UPDATE: Since I wasn't getting answers from SeatGeek customer service, I was able to post and sell my tickets on StubHub instead (which I wholeheartedly recommend as the process was easy and successful). After having sold my tickets there, I finally received a coherent response from a different SeatGeek rep. He explained the situation much clearer, similar to the response to my review here. That being said, it shouldn't take several days and multiple reps just to get a straight answer on why my tickets can't be sold on a ticket-selling website. In the end, I used a different site and still will not return to SeatGeek.

DO NOT BELEIVE THEIR GUARANTEE - they cheat you out of more money.
DO NOT BELEIVE THEIR GUARANTEE - "If we do not provide you tickets exactly as ordered we will replace tickets with comparable of better, or offer you a refund." SeatGeek sent me incorrect tickets, I didn't want refund, as the event was in a few days and purchasing replacement tickets would cost me more. I wanted seat geek replacement of comparable tickets, as stated in their PHONEY GURANTEE. Called, they told me because they were backed up and event was in a few days, if I purchased nearly identical replacement tickets (which I did) they would send me voucher to cover the additional cost of said replacements after they received the transferred back incorrect tickets. It took them 4 days to accept the incorrect digitally transferred tickets I sent back, they waited till the day of event. AND then they didn't want to give me refund for the incorrect tickets and they didn't want to give me the promised adjustment cost of $143 for replacements. I called my credit card company and disputed. Was able to get refund on incorrect tickets because I transferred back before event date. But I couldn't dispute/get back the additional cost of replacement tickets. Was told by credit card company that any company can make any claim of guarantee - it means nothing in terms of legal transaction. Unless you have a specific document/receipt stating refund or adjustment due in the amount of... there's nothing cc card company can do. Seat geek ARE CHEATS. I think they purposely did not sent me the correct tickets I originally purchased because price with promo code was extremely good. They sold them for more $ to someone else and had me a in position where I had to pay more for replacements. If they hadn't lied about planning to give me voucher for replacement tickets, I DEFINITELY would have purchased them elsewhere. They know their guarantee means nothing and tricked me into another sale. NEVER BUY FROM SEAT GEEK!

Awful experience
I had 2 tickets to a Red Sox - Tigers game that I listed for sale very early the morning of the game. Shortly thereafter, I received confirmation that the tickets had been listed. I changed the price a few times within the first couple hours, and received confirmation via email each time. Everything seems OK right? Nope...

I later went to the buying screen for the game and noticed that my tickets weren't listed (no green/yellow/red dot above the seats). I emailed customer service about this issue immediately. About two hours later - now only 4 hours before the game - seatgeek emails me back and explains that their system had a "parsing issue", and as a result my tickets had not EVER been visible online for people to buy. SeatGeek said they fixed it and if i listed them again it would work. Again, by this time it's close to game time and ticket prices have dropped precipitously.

So essentially they made me agree not to sell them via any other online platform, failed to list the tickets on their site (despite confirmations to me that they had been listed), and only partially resolved the issue with mere hours before the game started.

Customer service-wise, they are even worse. When I tried calling to explain the issue, the associates couldn't follow what the issue was. Poorly trained and setup to fail. Not to mention I was hung up on once by a "manager". They have also failed to call me back multiple times after promising to call back within 24 hours. Don't even waste your time with these jerks.

Be Aware, Be Informed, Be Rewarded
I bought 3 tickets way in advance to a sold out show on Memorial weekend. Obviously, did not want to wait until the day of to find out whether or not the tickets would arrive. This was my first time using SeatGeek and I was really worried since I put down a lot of money for the tickets.

I had contacted SeatGeek way in advance to ask questions like "if this will be delivered as an e-ticket, why would it take so long to get delivered?" and worse, "Why do I have an email and SeatGeek confirmation that my order of 3 tickets were delivered, but only two tickets are showing for download?"

SeatGeek/Customer Support was really helpful and responded to me within 24hours (way quicker than I expected based off of the reviews). Luckily, SeatGeek found out that the pdf uploader on their end messed up and they emailed me the full delivery of 3 tickets.

If this hadn't worked out I actually would have been leaving an awful review, but the show was amazing - front row and no issues upon arrival. And I'm extremely happy that the SeatGeek Staff/Customer Support never left me hanging.

It might have been helpful that I had purchased from a "SeatGeek" Vendor and not another vendor through SeatGeek such as ticketcity or razorgator etc. I felt that Customer Support had more obligation to help me with issues or concerns since as a consumer from their seller/vendor, I would fall under their jurisdiction and not that of the other sites.

$1500 to be very stressed and embarrassed
Bought tickets to Dear Evan Hansen. Arrived at the theatre with tickets which I'd printed as I left home (three hours earlier). Manager said SeatGeek were likely fraudulent when they failed scanning as we checked into theatre. I spent ten minutes on the phone with Seat Geek to try and understand what to do, manager at the theatre finally helped me get valid printed tickets. Seat Geek did nothing and won't even refund their fee - in their view we saw the show, why am I complaining? The 10 min panicking and negotiating with theatre manager is not what you expect when you spend $1500 on tickets.

The agent finally called me as the curtain was going up to tell me the tickets had been reissued... as the tickets aren't electronic and need to be printed... not sure how that was going to happen in the lobby of the theatre. Luckily manager had already helped us... no thanks to SeatGeek.

Two rounds of writing to their support center asking to refund fees - be clear not asking for refund on tickets themselves, as we did see the show. The fee is to give you access to valid tickets and instead I had a humiliating ten minutes, I'm pretty confident that is not a normal part of the seat geek experience.

Stick with StubHub at least they have a physical site near broadway if something goes wrong.

I purchased tickets from Razor Gator through the Seat Geek website at 3pm on Saturday for a noon game on Sunday. The tickets were electronic tickets and after I didnt receive an email with the tickets for four hours I tried contacting Razor Gator and Seat Geek. I emailed Razor Gator twice, I emailed Seat Geek twice, I left two phone messages for Seat Geek, Razor Gator was closed and doesnt accept phone messages, I posted a comment on the Seat Geek facebook page because SeatGeek dont allow visitor posts, I facebook messaged Razor Gator twice, and I facebook messaged Seat Geek. In these ten messages I emphasized I need these tickets emailed to me by 9am in order to print them in order to reach the game in time. Out of the ten messages I received one response saying Razor Gator would contact the seller when they open for business at 11am. Seat Geek emailed me at 10am saying they couldnt help me because the tickets were purchased through Razor Gator even though I purchased the tickets on their website. The tickets were emailed to me at 10:30am, too late for me to get to the game on time.

Fortunately, I purchased a different set of tickets from a competitor website. I wont name the competitor because this isnt an ad for a competitor; its an indictment on the exceptionally poor customer service by Razor Gator and Seat Geek. However, I will say that this competitor requires all electronic tickets to be available for instant download two days in advance of the event to avoid this predicament.

The poor service wasnt over just yet. I emailed Razor Gator again and asked for a refund because I wasnt delivered the tickets in time and on Sunday I received an email response that I would receive a refund. On Thursday I emailed Razor Gator again to see why I hadnt received a refund and I was told that no refund was processed, but this time it would get done. I asked for a receipt or screen shot to prove the refund was processed and I was told they wouldnt give me any proof the refund was processed, but this time they would do it. The one positive thing I have to say is that I did get a refund, albeit 10 days after the event that they couldnt deliver tickets for.

I emailed Razor Gator and Seat Geek and asked if I would get a discount off a future purchase because of this issue and both emails were ignored. I will reiterate do not buy from either of these websites.

Disappointed with their Unwillingness to work with Customers
I will update this if the outcome changes, but as of right now, I would NOT recommend Seat Geek.

Our 12 year old daughter loves basketball and wants to attend UConn. With UConn being 5 hours away from our home, we checked their scheduled and found that SeatGeek were playing at Temple, which is much closer to our home (only an hour away). We purchased her tickets as a Christmas Gift through Seat Geek. Unfortunately, due to the weather in our area, the Game date and time got changed. The game was moved up a day. The original game was scheduled for Sunday, January 20 at 1:00 PM and was moved up to Saturday, January 19 at 12:00 PM.

While at the dinner last night, my husband was checking his Sports Apps and saw a score for a UConn v Temple game. Confused, we pulled up the scheduled thinking we made an error and somehow wrote the wrong date down. That's when we found out the game had been moved up a day due to the weather. We understand that the weather is out of everyone's control, but thought that a refund would be offered since we were not aware of the change. AND that it was moved UP a day not rescheduled to a later date.

We called SeatGeek today and my husband spoke with Ian. He claims we were sent an email, which my husband did not receive. AT this time they are not willing to offer a refund. AS our first time using Seat Geek this is completely disappointing and overly frustrating. We are awaiting a call from a Supervisor.

While we are waiting, we did look further into my husband's email account. He did receive an email that went to Spam. It was time stamped for January 18,2019 at 4:55 PM. So we were provided with the information that the game was being moved UP an ENTIRE day with less than 24 hours before the new date and time of the game. Again, we understand that Seat Geek cannot control this change and we understand that UConn and Temple cannot control the weather, but as consumers, we can also not control this and should be refunded the money we spent so we can find another Event to take our daughter to for her Christmas Gift. Hoping this is resolved, but per the conversation between Ian and my husband, it is not looking promising.

Sent my tickets to the wrong address
I bought tickets for The Rolling Stones concert (before it was postponed). SeatGeek was prompt to ship my tickets via UPS 2-day shipping. I came home excited to find my tickets at my front door, and SeatGeek weren't there. I called UPS to confirm the delivery address, and was told my address was incorrect and it was delivered elsewhere. I had input my address correctly on SeatGeek when I purchased the tickets so this didn't make sense. UPS wouldn't give me the delivery address for security purposes. Luckily I was able to find the address that SeatGeek sent the tickets to in an email from them. The tickets were delivered to a home 20 houses away from mine, on the same street. Not sure how they got the house number so wrong on the shipping label. Glad my neighbor was kind and honest about the package not being hers and said she was going to drop it off to UPS the next day. I paid a lot of money for these tickets as an anniversary gift, so to come home thinking they were stolen from my front door and getting the runaround from UPS, to discover it was the mistake of seatgeek was extremely upsetting and stressful. I am less likely to use seatgeek in the future due to this experience.

Awful Last Minute Ticket Experience_2x
Hi, First off, I'd been a loyal customer of Seatgeek for >5 yrs w no issues. Recently during the NBA playoffs had two MAJOR problems with last minute ticket (LMT) sales which have encouraged me to explore other options. Most recent was Gm 3 of Raptors/Cavs series in TO. Purchased LMT about 1.5-2hrs before game time and was told my credit card was processed. (both within Seatgeek app and via email). Waited a bit but still didn't receive the tix. Sent a couple emails w/ no response to their customer service email listed as it was a Sunday. Loaded my 7 y/old into the car as we live about an hour away, assuming the tix would arrive while enroute. Got to the stadium (having called 4-6x while en route from the car) and still no response. Finally got a live body right after the game tipped. Kevin, the CSR was polite and investigated. After a brief hold 3-5 minutes or so, he came back to inform me that the purchase was fine and I should receive the tix w/in a few minutes. 2 minutes later I receive a second email saying the TICKETS WERE CANCELLED. So now I have a crying 7 y/old on my hands who justifiably couldn't understand why we weren't able to go. Call back, get Kevin again. He informs me there must have been some mix up w/ the vendor, apologies and reconfirms my credit card wouldn't be charged. I politely explained that a refund is obviously acceptable but does little to improve the shattered dreams of a crying 7 y/old child. He listens politely but says SeatGeek can't do anything. And b/c the tix came from the seatgeek listed inventory they don't have any power like other brokers to offer some type of customer goodwill such as an additional credit. His only suggestion was to go to the box office or buy something else from the site. At this point it was almost halftime and any remaining tix on the site were still priced much higher. (+ I would have had to go through the same waiting process which now had gone beyond 2hrs). This was by far the worse ticket buying experience ever encountered and in my case it meant I was twice bitten as two weeks earlier had a similar experience again with Seatgeek.

Prior time was during Gm1 of the Raptors/Heat series where I purchased e-tix ~4 hrs before game time. Rec'd a confirmation email shortly after purchase but was at work so got busy. About 2 hrs b/f the game I noticed tix hadn't arrived so I began calling emailing seatgeek and Uberseats (which was the listed broker). No response from seatgeek, eventually got a guy from Uberseats who said he'd look into it. They told me the broker had double sold my tix, no fault of my own so I could accept replacements or have a refund + a 50% goodwill payment. I initially opted for the replacement tix, but then after waiting realized I wouldn't have time to get to the venue and use them as I hadn't received them yet. Responded back and took the refund option. To their credit (and after a couple more emails two days later) uberseats came through w/ the refund and their fan guarantee. Seatgeek however, was extremely poor in their engagement and other than a quick 'Good/Bad' email to rate the experience (which expired w/in a day of receiving so I couldn't submit feedback) there was no communication.

Bottom line, I don't think Seatgeek is a worthwhile option for last minute tickets on very popular events. Quite frankly its awful that they are even allowed to sell last minute if they can't fulfill the obligation on time. The fact that they weren't able to even attempt to satiate my concerns or understand the implications of having a crying child miss his first playoff game is also frustrating. As a result I'm likely going back to Stubhub. Although there fees are higher and ticket prices are often higher, the customer service is responsive and I've never had issues with tickets whatsoever. I might consider Seatgeek again if I have a long time horizon to wait but otherwise its a POOR option. Hope this helps.

Adrian M.


So after voicing my initial displeasure this was the update I later rec'd from Samantha a Seatgeek customer service person. (Verbatim) I'll summarize- IN ONE SITUATION WE'RE PERFECTLY HAPPY TO HAVE ANOTHER PARTY HONOUR YOUR FAILED TICKET EXPERIENCE. GLAD THEY WERE ABLE TO STEP UP AND DELIVER.


The second argument might have been remotely credible if this all happened w/in a 5-10 minute span not 90-120 minutes. Do I seem a little frustrated? They did apologize which is comforting every time my kid turns on the t. V. and sees basketball and asks me why we couldn't go again... or perhaps last week when I took him to a pro soccer match and he didn't believe it until we got inside as he now knows what its like to stand outside, see a crowd and think you have tickets only to be denied. Sorry for rambling, but as a parent I see my ultimate role as trying to make your kids happy, teach them right and make their dreams come true. When someone tramples on that I GET PISSED! Seatgeek response below:___________________________________________________
For situation 2, your UberSeat order, I am glad to hear that you were pleased with the buyer protection guaranteed to you under UberSeat's terms and conditions. I apologize that a SeatGeek representative did not follow back up with you directly on this issue. Our team is in very close correspondence with UberSeat internally, it is possible that once we received confirmation from UberSeat that your issue was being addressed with them directly the issue was closed on our end.

As for situation number 1, it sounds like you had headed over to the game before the order was confirmed. I understand that last minute orders make it difficult to deal with the pending period, however, before the order is confirmed your tickets are not guaranteed to be delivered. It looks like in this case the seller had to honor the first order that came in for these tickets, rendering yours canceled. I'm sorry for the trouble. For future purchases, please be aware that the seller has up until the start of the event to confirm your tickets (if it is a last minute order). Should the order continue to remain pending after that point, you are entitled to a full refund.

Buyer Beware
On 10 January 2020 I purchased tickets to a concert scheduled for 7 February 2020. I received several emails stating that my purchase was "confirmed" and that the tickets would be delivered via the App the day prior to the show. When I opened the App, the confirmed tickets were identified in the tickets portion of the App.

On the day of the show, 7 February at 5:55pm, 2 hours prior to the start while I was at the venue, I received a phone call from SeatGeek that I did not hear. SeatGeek left a voice mail and followed up with an email stating that the tickets were not released, but I would be reimbursed 120%. This really serves little purpose 2 hours prior to the start of the show while you are at the venue standing in line.

I called SeatGeek to try and understand what was happening and I was placed on hold for 17 minutes. When the representative came back on I asked to speak to a manager. I was placed on hold again for another 22 minutes before being told they were closing for the night and could not assist. The representative promised to have a manager call me the next day. No one ever called. It is now 5 days post incident and I have yet to speak to anyone or receive my refund.

In conclusion, my tickets are pulled 2 hours before the start of the show, customer service does not follow through with the promise to get a manager, no one calls the next day, or at all. There are too many other options for tickets. SeatGeek should not be one of them.

Buyer Beware.

The worst experience ever
Published review 4/12/21
I really hope reviews like this will stop people from using this website. I've never had such a bad experience of purchasing tickets in my life. I bought 2 tickets for a hockey game, got the confirmation email that I was supposed to receive ticket from the third party and that I shouldn't be worried if I don't get it right away, because most likely I'll receive it on the date of the event. Which is already weird and makes no sense, but I went with it and waited till the day of the game. 4 hours before the game Ive got really worried, started reaching out to them, emailed twice, since didn't get a reply and it's already another day, not sure why SeatGeek tell to specify that event is today so they can treat that email as a priority. First time I called I was on hold for 27 minutes, the guy on the phone was apologizing and saying he is going to make a request for my tickets again and I will receive them in an hour, if not he will make sure I'll receive them before the game starts. At that point I already promised myself never go with anything but Ticketmaster, saving $20-$30 dollars on a ticket is not worth all the stress they put you through. Anyway 20 mins before the game, still no tickets, I'm calling them, on hold for 25 minutes, the game is already on, I'm staying at the venue fighting for the tickets that I paid money for on the phone, the guy tells me "I don't know what happened", I'll get you replacement tickets, asks me to hold on, another 7 minutes of waiting to hear "sorry there are no tickets, we can refund you 120% of what you paid". Are you joking me? I drove to another state to get to the game, they had no problem with charging me for those tickets, but they can make sure I'll get them? This is absurd! 120% refund will never make anyone happy, when you ruined the whole day like this. Also that refund won't cover all the expenses when you are coming from another state. Coming to the game you paid money for and not being able to attend it. I've honestly never been in a situation like this, such an ignorance, terrible customer service. Since yesterday I had no time to listen about how they will refund me 120% because I had to figure out the way to get to the game that was already over 10 mins in, I had to call them next day, was on hold for exactly 27 mins third time in a row which means the are not busy, it's their system is to make you wait 27 mins to get to talk to someone. Clearly they couldn't do anything except to offer 120% refund, which of course will not make anyone happy after they ruined your day like that. Don't recommend it to anyone! Avoid SeatGeek! The worst.

Seatgeek is pointless, had so many issues not just for me but with my friends too for same event.
When I finally got my ticket and needed to accept it, I had to make maybe five accounts just to be able to accept it and until maybe an hour of time wasted it finally worked and the crazy thing is I still don't know why. But some of my friends weren't as lucky. For one of my friends it didn't work at all so we finally resorted to just calling up 212-Yankees (we were supposed to go to a Yankees baseball game) and after waiting on hold and speaking to an imbecile representative we were told nothing could be done we have to speak to seatgeek. So that's what we did and we were on the phone with dare I say the stupidest representative ever because possibly seatgeek might've hired someone stupider than him. We spoke to him for over an hour and a half and had enough of his repetitive reply of "that is the best I can do" or "that's your best option right now" we demanded to speak to a supervisor but to no avail we were transferred to an even stupider and ruder representative who even hung up on our faces. We ended up buying tickets direct from the Yankees Box Office which were cheaper and for about the same seats. So basically no seatgeek is not useful and I was extremely unsatissfied and this wasn't even the whole story this was the best I can do to sunmarize while pouring out all my anger and frustration in a matter of minutes

Nikki was the best! I couldn't be more grateful for her!
Unfortunately I had my graduation party this past weekend and my hard copy tickets for the Jake Owen concert were stolen by someone who was in attendance at my home. I was already upset that someone I welcomed into my home, that I trusted had stolen from me, but my anger increased when I was promised by several representatives at seat geek that SeatGeek would exhaust all their efforts to contact the vendor to get me electronic tickets. I spoke to five regular customer service representatives and one manager, all of which could not help me. Mind that I had to call back and speak to five different representatives because no one was calling me back. The manager I spoke to called me back and advised that the vendor didn't have e-tickets and there was nothing more they could do for me. I paid $166 for these tickets and told her A refund needed to be issued. I was extremely upset! They acted like me having to contact them was inconveniencing them. I needed my issue resolved and needed it done today! Long story short, I contacted the OC fair venue and they unfortunately couldn't do anything since I didn't purchase the tickets from them (understandable). So I contacted seat geek one more time and that was when I got Nikki. She was the only representative that was kind, sympathetic, and did indeed exhaust all her efforts to try and get me e-tickets. Not only did she send me an email notification right away about our conversation, she contacted the vendor and additional parties and got me electronic tickets. A manager at your company wasn't able to do this, but a regular representative was. I find that very hard to believe that the manager exhausted all of her efforts for me, the customer. Nikki was the most respectful one. I am beyond grateful I obtained her as my representative! Please, please do whatever you can to praise her for this. I am extremely grateful for her. Especially since I know she did all she could. She followed up with me in a timely manner and because of her kindness, efforts, and promptness I get to go to the event. I was extremely upset at seat geeks representatives, but Nikki is another story. She was nothing short of amazing. I would give her a big raise! Nikki, I could not thank you enough! I hope many blessings and amazing things come your way! Just your simple efforts and act of kindness has shown me that there are still great people in this world! Thank you Nikki! I appreciate you more than I can express. God bless you!

Terrible Customer Service. Look Elsewhere!
I have had a lengthy and unfulfilling exchange with Seat Geek's outsourced customer service through Zendesk that doesnt seem to be going anywhere. I could not find any way to directly talk to someone in a position of authority through the contact options on Seatgeeks website so I sent an email to the president, which was ignored, and I requested a call from somebody in customer service which I was promised to receive, but SeatGeek blew me off.

Some background. On October 18th, my wife and I were both trying to secure tickets to an even on December 2nd (tickets went on sale the 18th). I was in the process of purchasing 6 tickets to the event when my work laptop when my battery ran out. I was uncertain as to whether the transaction had transpired as it was mid transaction at the time. I consulted with a friend that had recommended the service to me and they informed me that they typically received confirmation emails moments after submitting the offer. I checked my email, through my phone, and I had received nothing. I searched the website for a customer service phone number, but there isnt one listed only an email address. My wife called me an informed me that she has located tickets through an alternative source and asked if she should buy them as she was only given a few minutes to complete the transaction before the seats were returned to available stock. I told her to proceed, as my transaction had apparently failed.

Shortly after completing the transaction, I received a notification from my credit card company that Seat Geek charges of XXXX have been applied to your account. I checked my email again, I still had not received any sort of confirmation. I shot off an email to the customer service email on the site asking them if the transaction has taken place, why I had received no confirmations, and was there any way to either cancel the transaction or for me to resell the tickets as now I had twice as many as I needed. This is point where my frustration really grew.

Despite my many assertions that I had not received any email, I was summarily dismissed as a liar. I was supplied screenshots of the supposed emails and told It looks like you had received a confirmation e-mail 3 minutes after you submitted the order. When you submit an order, immediately after you will receive a prompt that will notify you that your order is pending. This point was driven home multiple times by customer service, not simply that an email was sent, but more emphatically that I received it. I got our IT department involved and asked them to review this claim, after some research they determined the problem. Communications from some through the domain This domain is blacklisted by most virus and spam services. We use Barracuda Networks as our corporate firewall provider, they are the fourth largest email and web security provider in the world. They support over 150 thousand companies worldwide and are publicly traded. So it wasnt as if Seatgeek email were being directed into by Outlook junk email folder, they were summarily rejected by Barracuda Networks due to the domains inclusion on a blacklist. I have screenshots of the rejections by Barracuda of these emails that I was emphatically told I received, and a screenshot highlighting the domains inclusion on the blacklist. I offered to provide the Company this detail but never heard anything. In my opinion, I was acting on good faith that my order was not completed.
Regardless of the prior bullet, now I have theses tickets that I do not want or need. I am told by customer service that If you are unable to use the tickets you've purchased, you can re-list them for sale once they become available to you This is a very popular event, and you stand a good chance of recouping the cost of the tickets by re-listing them. Alright, a possible solution has been identified, I will sell my tickets. I am then told that Seat-Geek will not allow me to sell my tickets through them as the platform does not support the listing of hard stock tickets at this time. This is reiterated in the FAQ section of their website under What kind of tickets can I add to SeatGeek, where it states that SeatGeek does not currently support uploading of hard-stock tickets. So I inquired how is it that SeatGeek does not support the sale of my hard-stock tickets, when I was sold hard-stock tickets? Seems a bit contradictory.
So apparently SeatGeek wont help me sell these tickets to a very popular event but directs me to other services that allow users to list tickets that they do not have yet. The catch is you must ship the tickets with x amount of hours of the tickets selling, and they must be received at least one week prior to the event. Customer Service tells me that my tickets wont be shipped to me until three days prior to the event for receipt the day before the event. That gives me no window to sell the tickets. I am told that the late delivery is because of a venue restriction that only releases tickets three days prior to the event, yet I know people that already have their tickets in hand, so I dont understand that contradiction either.
When I questioned the logic behind not allowing me to sell hard-stock tickets that I dont have yet, when they allowed somebody to sell them to me I was informed We allow licensed and vetted ticket brokers to list these types of tickets on our site. Okay, that sounds plausible to me. So I inquired as to who the ticket broker was so that I might see if they would be willing to assist me in listing these tickets since the prices have only gone up since I bought them. I was told that I was not allowed to know that information. On numerous locations in the FAQ on their website it indicates that I should contact the vendor directly, and that I can find the vendor on the confirmation order for the tickets. When I look at the confirmation order that was forwarded during my back and forth with customer service, there is no vendor listed. Why not? It mentions that in some instanced SeatGeek is the seller. Is that the case? If so why has customer service been pretending that there is a 3rd party seller involved in numerous email exchanges. If it is not SeatGeek that owns the tickets, then based on the fact that SeatGeek will only allow the listing of hard-stock tickets by licensed and vetted ticket brokers, there must be a ticket broker involved and everything on customer support says I should work with them to rectify the issue. Only catch is Seatgeek want tell me who it is.

So I have been painted into a corner here. I was never informed that the sale was transacted because their domain is blacklisted by a large reputable firewall provider, I have been charged for tickets that I will not receive until the day prior to the event and they will not assist me in selling the ticket, I cannot sell the tickets elsewhere because I do not have them and will not get them until it is too late, any nobody cares.

I proposed an easy solution which would be to allow me to relist the tickets for sale and have the ticket owner just change the tickets to ship to the new buyer instead of me. Any upside on the sale they can keep, any downside is on me. If I have to pay more fees for this, so be it. The lowest prices listed for this event now is $177, I paid $91.99, plus there are no more contiguous groups of seat this large available. I really do not feel like I am asking for much here, but honestly I havent gotten a single helpful individual in an entire 2-week back and forth. Rather I get accused of lying and are given condescending responses to my inquiries.

This whole thing was just unnecessary.

I purchased tickets for a show on July 31st. I got an email saying that the site didn't have my tickets yet but that SeatGeek would be in touch with futher instructions on when and where I could pick these tickets up. Three hours before the concert and I still had not heard anything, I call back to ask for an update. Customer service gives me the run-around, saying that they are trying to get in touch with the seller and they will keep me informed. One hour before the show and I have still heard nothing. We ended up having to buy expensive tickets just to get in to the venue because we waited up to the last minute for the purchased seats from SEAT GEEK to actually be delivered. Halfway through the concert, I get an email with the electronic tickets (these were Ticketmaster E-Tickets purchased and sold through the third party Seat Geek site). HALFWAY THROUGH THE CONCERT. What am I expected to do with this? The site offers a "buyer guarantee" and assures that you will get into your purchased event no questions asked. I called to get a refund the next day and continued to get the run-around from customer service. I have the time-stamped email where the third-party seller sent the tickets well after showtime. I was hung up on twice and was told by one representative that he set up a scheduled call with his supervisor, which I have yet to receive. I'm having to go through my credit card company because SeatGeek refuses to assist me. Unethical business practice, false advertising, and fraudulent charges for services not rendered. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

I bought tickets on SeatGeek through a recommendation of a friend. My niece and I got to the Hillsong concert in Miami, but we couldn't get in. The tickets when scanned kept coming up with a big x with the word refunded! We were then directed to the box office and SeatGeek refused to help. They said it was a third party dealer and if the ticket is saying refunded then and we weren't the names on the ticket we need to call the people who originally bought the ticket and figure it out with them! What?! I had no intention of losing my money so we went to another entrance and explained what was going on! Thank God that these workers had compassion. They told us that it wasn't working, and this tends to happen with many third party scans, but we could go in and see if the seats were actually open. If they were, they told us to stay and if not it's an open venue with lawn space too so we could still just find another spot and stay! We went to the assigned seats and guess what! Two people were already sitting there! We compared tickets and both sets of tickets had exactly the same section, row and seats! Since we were all standing at the time, the other two ticket holders invited us to stay until we had to sit. Eventually, they helped us find two other unused seats just in front of "our" seats and we were able to enjoy the concert... NO THANKS TO SEATGEEK! However, because of kind, Christian people and answered prayers this fiasco did work out! Otherwise, I would have lost money on 2 tickets and missed a concert that I was really looking forward to see! Terrible SeatGeek experience! I would not recommend using this site!

UberSeat, TicketCity, FX, TN Direct
Buyer beware: There are fraudulent tickets on SeatGeek and I would check who the secondary broker is before you buy. Companies such as UberSeat, TicketCity, FX, TN Direct list tickets on SeatGeek and have different policies on refunds. I ran into issues at recent a Coldplay concert after outlaying $450 for two separate set of tickets which were both fraudulent. To be fair, SeatGeek did refund the amount for the first set and replaced the second set of tickets in time for the concert. I am now facing a similar issue with another concert coming up (Tickets were bought before the Coldplay experience) and SeatGeek has not responded to my last three emails and told me to contact the secondary broker. Not good enough, I purchased the tickets from SeatGeek and I expect them to deal with the issue or refund my money. This company is trying to do the right thing although you could easily find yourself dealing with a secondary company and out of pocket if you are not careful.

Updated; Buy with full confidence. SeatGeek responded with full assurance that if the ticket were invalid SeatGeek would find replacement tickets or reimburse the value. In any case, this was not required as the tickets were valid and represented excellent value compared to what they were selling for on other sites. I had also purchased a day pass for a major music festival on SeatGeek from Ticket City which was delivered by FedEx in plenty of time for the event and gained access with no issue. The SeatGeek customer service representative, Zach, was awesome and responded in a timely fashion every time. Really impressed after initial concerns and will be using SeatGeek again.

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