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I ordered a cover for my car using Seal Skins "guaranteed" fit process. This process involves entering vehicle info so Seal Skin Covers can select/ship the "perfect" cover. I have a Dodge Charger... standard vehicle, nothing exotic. Well... like many other reviews have stated, it was fully three feet too short. It was not even close.

The only way to tell if the cover fits is to try it on, right? They selected the cover size, guaranteed it, and it didn't fit. I immediately repacked the cover, it was not used, soiled, or damaged in any way. It still had the wrinkles from being packaged. It was not out of the shipping box for more than 5 minutes.

I contacted Seal Skin customer service and requested a return. While they "authorized" a return for the wrong sized cover they selected and guaranteed... they insisted on charging me a 20% "restocking fee". Their mistake, my money. Looking now (and regretting I hadn't looked before) I see that many customers receive "guaranteed fit" covers that were too small. I wonder how much money Seal Skin makes by shipping out products they know won't fit?

In case there is some expectation that you can reason with their customer service associates, you cannot. They simply reiterate their return policy, and justify taking your money even though they selected and sent the wrong product.

If you're into paying for someone else's mistakes... this is the company for you! If not... there are plenty of other covers available from other sellers. I know, I have several. This company has perfected the art of tricking the consumer into believing they are buying the right product, and then keeping your money when the truth comes out.


My opinion bad customer service
I feel that this company is questionable at best. I ordered a cover for my 1972 Boston Whaler Montauck with bow and side rails. Seal Skin Covers said it was a match. What they sent me was a generic cover that covered the boat, but definitely not a custom fit. The first time I put it on, one of the buckles on the cover ripped completely off the cover. I contacted them for a warranty claim, they approved the warranty, but wanted to charge me $39 to process the warranty. After some back and forth, they did back off of the processing fee. I got the return label and returned the cover. After I tracked the package, I contacted them through their chat two weeks after they received it. I got an email with a tracking number, also stating that do to Covid they were running behind. I constantly tracked the package for two weeks and it never left the company. I reached out again using the chat and got this email response:
Hello James,

Thank you for ordering with Seal Skin Covers.

Unfortunately, the COLOR for the cover you have ordered is out of stock. The cover you selected will be available within an estimate of 2-4 weeks. We apologize about our inventory as season is in full swing and we are doing our best to keep up with the demand.

We do have these colors available to ship now:(GREY). Please reply back to this email if you would like any of the colors mentioned.

Please reply Backorder if you prefer to wait for the original color you selected.
Please reply Refund if you would like to cancel your order.

How could they issue a shipping label for something they didn't have. I was willing to take the GRAY cover that they offered because the original blue one that I had was fading to gray in the Florida sun anyway. In my opinion, be real careful dealing with these folks.

Buyer beware
Ordered cover for my 33ft boat. Discussed briefly with sales support to determine the right style and size.
Received (a) cover, the instructions were a blurry copy of a copy, barely readable.
Ultimately called support since i could not get it to fit. Customer service rep had me check the label... turns out, Seal Skin Covers had send a cover for a 32ft boat.
After a couple days i got a return shipping label, but there's no way to compress cover back into original box, so spend $15 re-packaging it.
When i followed up a few days later to get tracking info for the new cover, i was told it already shipped the previous day.
Called the next afternoon as i still had no tracking info. Was again told it was in route and he would sent tracking number.
He sent me UPS tracking number, but it was for a label he just created, and it was another day before it left there warehouse.
When the new cover arrived it was a T34 - for a 34ft boat, so its too long.
Still have not resolved this.
3 and a hall weeks and still don't have the covered i ordered
UPDATE: As suspected... They twice sent a cover off by one size because they didn't have the one ordered in stock. They justified by saying it's only a semi-custom fit-(which I'm fully aware of) Had they simply said they were out of stock and this is the next best thing, at least they would have been honest, instead they lied about the sizes, lied about why they sent the larger size,,, all because they simply didnt have the correct size in stock. Very dishonest

Stay away do not buy
I purchased a seal skin cover for my very rare Altima SE-R edition. I live in a semi wooded area nothing extreme. I had a small twig like branch fall on this cover and this twig weighs not even close to a full pound, it made more than 3 holes from the little edges of the twig so I called for a warranty replacement. At first Seal Skin Covers were nice and easy going and charged my credit card a $35 shipping fee (ok) it's been almost two weeks without a replacement cover. When I called multiple times to find out where it is after the rep looked up my name and account the phone calls would mysteriously drop, and I would have to keep trying to call back. Finally after I got thru the representative was extremely rude and told me they need to receive the original cover first before a new one ships. They are out of their mind if they think I will be without a cover for an extended period of time. Also that's a horrible way to do an exchange. If they think customers won't return the original cover they have everyone's card on file and they should simply charge the customer for another cover if the original is not received, but that would be a good way to do business and too hard to do. I would NOT recommend this company to my worst enemy horrible customer service and a more than stupid return/exchange policy. I already called my banks to dispute all charges and will further contact the attorney general and Better business bureau about these guys.

Don't expect a good fit for boat covers
I purchased a boat cover from Seal Skin by entering the information from my specific boat. It took a while to be delivered but was in great condition. Upon putting it on the boat, it was about 30" too long to fit properly and didn't have any cut away to make room for an outboard motor setup. After multiple emails I was sent a return sticker for a replacement. After mailing the cover back, I waited weeks and sent multiple emails asking about the replacement. Eventually I was able to contact them by phone and was told the replacement had been misplaced and would be sent out right away. Weeks later the replacement arrived. Now that it was November we had 6" of snow so had to wait a couple weeks to put it on. The replacement turned out to be 18" too long and still had no adjustment for outboard motors. I sent an email with pictures explaining the issue and was told there was nothing Seal Skin Covers could do. I then requested that Seal Skin refund my money and was subsequently told that the sale was final because it was beyond 30 days since the original order. I appealed this due to them taking multiple weeks to send out the replacement and was denied. Seal Skin says the covers can be inches to a foot too short or too long. Mine was multiple feet too long. Although they claim you will have a tight fit, you won't. In an area where you have rain or snow, this is not the cover for you.

Sealskin truck cover
Not satisfied one bit. I Ordered a cover with specific information given about the vehicle year type and model. The cover showed up one week later and was extraordinarily too large. Sealskin wanted me to give them information as to how much to wide, how much too long in the front, and how much too long in the back. Seal Skin Covers should already know the exact size of an exact vehicle specified. They said they would replace it with a better fit, but that process would be over two weeks long by the time they received my return. I asked for myMoney back and they told me it would cost me 20% of the purchase price to return it. Where is my 100% satisfaction Guarantee? There was no way I was going to wait two or three weeks for a new cover based on my dimensions given to them for size adjustment. That is just putting the responsibility back on me, the buyer! I argued about the 20% restock fee, they would not budge. Definitely a company I would not recommend. The photos on the website of the cover That I was supposed to receive were completely different in color and texture. This is false advertising. Do not buy from seal skin! I returned the cover and ate the 20% fee. DO NOT BUY FROM SEALSKIN!

I purchased a boat cover from SealSkin because their website states "Custom Fit Covers". This is untrue and misleading. I ordered a cover which which was "specifically" designed for, according to a chat conversation, for my Alumacraft Navigator 165 CS. The cover was 2 ft too long! When I contacted SealSkin I was told that the covers are "semi custom" and could run from inches to feet too long or short. Nowhere on their website is this variant divulged or I would've never ordered. If I had exchanged for a smaller cover, which cost less, I would not be refunded the difference. On the other hand, if I had needed to order a larger cover I would've been charged the difference. So much for FREE EXCHANGES! I returned the cover (receiving a prepaid return label was an effort) and was charged a 20% restocking fee. The whole painful experience cost me $36. Oh, and the covers are not made in the USA... Seal Skin Covers are made in China and shipped from a warehouse in the USA. BUYERS BEWARE! Do yourself a favor and order a boat cover from Amazon. Exchanges and returns are free if Prime.

Possible scam company
While I suspect this company started as legit it meets the criteria of a scam in that you cannot get actual responses or support. My cover is almost 1 year in use. It has been in use since Jan 2019. The photos below are from October 2019 when I began attempting to get support. Of note this is exactly 1 year after I placed my order even though the cover was not delivered until the end of the year. As noted in my previous review the company is effectively noncommunicative. Seal Skin Covers allow a third party customer service center to answer calls. Then bots deliver email messages in a static and preformatted nature. Photos below indicate the breakdown of the cover and the detritus left on the car after a single night of use. There is no water resistance left in the cover and in fact, I have to be careful to uncover the car after the rain or dew to prevent mildew smell from starting. I listed this as a scam because they take the payment but the product they send is nothing like what is described and they provide no (ZERO) ability to obtain recourse. To be fair the bots sent my an email stating that they would replace my cover AFTER they received it in return shipping which they wanted me to send them a check for - even though I was shipping the item. I don't trust that I would ever get the product replaced and I'd then be out the original $135 AND the poor excuse for a cover. Below is an exchange from 2018 when I couldn't get the original cover after the order - this should have been a warning sign.

Emma: Hello, thank you for visiting. May I help you find the right cover?
Me: Actually, you can help me find the cover I ordered last month.
Emma: one minut
Monica: Can you give me the order number please?
Me: Your Order #100135680 (placed on October 18,2018 5:23:03 PM EDT)
Monica: Just a moment please
Okay so I got your tracking number, and it seems to not be moving
Really sorry about that, it doesn't usually happen
However what you need to do is create a ticket
It's easy and it documents the issue so nothing gets lost and we can help you as fast as possible. Let me forward you to the page, please fill it out and give our agents a chance to look into your order and help you a soon as possible.
Me: Wait, I'm confused the package hasn't shipped yet and I have to create a ticket?
Monica: It seems there was a problem with the shipping
I can help you create a ticket if you wait for just a moment
Me: I'm not trying to difficult but I'd rather the company just ship me the product I ordered instead of making a request again.
Monica: it will, however in order for our support team
To see that there has been a problem with your order
We need to create a ticket
That would just let them know that you haven't yet received your order
I will mark it on urgent, so that they will get back to you within 24 business hours
Me: UPS says you haven't shipped it yet Wouldn't it be easier to just ship the product?
Monica: They will ship the product once they get the ticket which lets them know that it hasnt been shipped yet
Me: Can you cancel my order?
Monica: just a moment please
We can offer you a 10% discount since there was a problem with shipping
If you would like that, the item will be shipped by the end of the day

Nice product but wouldn't fit, watch restocking fee
The customer service was awesome on line. I texted back and forth to their customer service rep to assure their cover would fit my boat. This was a factory boat with no modifications. A Robalo r227 with ski tow. Seal Skin Covers researched it and they assured me it would fit. I received the first one around 7 days after ordering. The product was great quality but when I put it only boat it was too short. I immediately put in for a return authorization and the standard form ask me how short was it both with and length. (Standard form)
I put the cover back on and measured how short on both the length and width. Then shipped it back. It took another week or so to receive the new one and I immediately put it on the boat and it was way too big. I immediately went on line and asked for a refund. The original sales person assured me it would fit and now it didn't. They agreed to the refund but charged the restocking fee.It took 19 days to get he refund issued.
My issuee is why would they assure me it would fit and then charge me because it didn't. Their fault, not mine.
I would not recommend seal skin unless your prepared to pay to try it out. Seemed well made, but the assurance of fit was, mis-leading

Don't buy this boat cover for your boat in Florida!
Don't buy this boat cover for your boat in Florida!

This is the email I sent to the company looking for help and they're inferior product. This cover does not last more than one summer in Florida!

Jun 23,2021, 12:02 PM EDT

Boat cover

To whom it may concern,

My wife and I purchased a Spartan supreme 1200 all weather boat cover for our boat back in 2019. My order number is 400012079. Since I purchased it in 2019 I've had to have it replaced after the first summer in Florida. Now I've gone through the second summer in Florida and have to have it replaced again because it has deteriorated to the point of powder and ripping. We purchased your boat cover because it was the best one we could find online and we're willing to pay a premium price for a premium product. I would expect these boat covers to last 5 to 10 years even in Florida. But it obviously cannot handle the sun in Florida.

After contacting your customer service. Seal Skin Covers said that the cover will only be replaced one time. I understand that if the material was a quality material and was expected to last 5 to 10 years. We have proven by the severity of the deterioration from the Florida sun it is not of quality.

It is unfair that we paid $300 for a cover that is supposed to last longer than a year or one summer in Florida. This cover has not been abused or neglected in anyway. We only use it to cover our boat and it's taken off of our boat 2 to 3 times a month.

All we are looking for is for your company to stand behind your product and do the right thing by replacing our boat cover at no charge because of the inferior fabric used in the process. I can only say this because we've only made it through one summer per cover and each time it has deteriorated to dust.

Please feel free to call me at and I will be happy to explain it in detail again to somebody on the phone.

Thank you for your help in advance

Horrible fitting car cover matched with terrible customer service
Ordered and received a top of the line outdoor car cover for my 2005 Crossfire Coupe. I only planned on using it for severe weather and put it on for the first time a few days ago because a hailstorm was moving in. I can't understand how Seal Skin Covers can call these a "Guaranteed Fit" when in no way does it fit snugly front to back, side to side with slack laying on the ground. I contacted the company and as of this writing, 5 emails, 2 worthless website chats (Alan & Mike), and a customer service phone number on the site that is no longer a working number.
On the first email reply to my concern that the cover was to big, this is what I was told " We saw you were unhappy with the fit of your cover and we're really sorry to hear that. Our covers are not custom fits, semi custom covers are the best fit at the best possible price but they're not perfect. Semi custom covers can generally run inches to a foot too short or too long but are an awesome option for someone looking for a good cover at a great price. These covers are waterproof and backed by full warranties. Fully custom covers is when someone comes out to measure your boat or vehicle. Those covers can take up to 8 weeks to make and are double the price!"
I feel like I've been fed nothing but lies and they have zero interest in my complaint about being comparable to a size 27 Mumu instead of a size 2. Keeping the bag cause I'm done dealing with them but ordered a set of wind gust straps from CARCOVERS.COM (which SealSkin apparently does not have) to hopefully take some of the slack out.
I seriously made a mistake assuming this companies "Guaranteed Fit" was an actual guarantee. Hell, I could cover my car with a painters tarp and probably get it to fit better than the cover for my Crossfire. Two big thumbs down

I tried to pay online through PayPal and an error came...
I tried to pay online through PayPal and an error came up. I did the site chat and was told to call in to make the payment. I called and the person I spoke to didn't speak English too well. After repeating myself several times I put the order in and paid for it. This all happened after 7:30 p.m. I received an email confirmation and noticed Seal Skin Covers still had my address wrong. I also checked PayPal and was charged three times for my order so I called the very next morning to cancel my order and was told as long as it hadn't shipped they could cancel the order and after the warehouses were contacted to see if my two covers were shipped I would receive an email. I was pretty sure that between 7:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. that the order wasn't shipped yet. The next day I received an email from my credit card company saying the payment had gone through. When I spoke to the person on the phone about cancelling my order I told him the address was not correct and he never took the correct address for me so not only did they not cancel my order but they also shipped it to the incorrect address so I paid for two covers that I never will receive. I should have known when I went through 4 pages of 1 star reviews that I should have shipped elsewhere. I guess it is my fault for choosing these idiots.

My boat model/yr not listed
My boat model/yr not listed. Had to rely on 'chat' to get there. Even though she provided a link to the cover that I ordered, when I went in and searched again it was still not there. That concerned me regarding proper fit and would have to wait / see. Upon delivery I found the cover to be 'generic fit' , being bigger in what would be the windshield area of a boat with a console. Mine is a 19'-10"' long Tuffy 'tiller' model fishing boat without any console / steering wheel / windshield etc. Upon installing the cover which was obviously bigger than need be, I found that it actually extended easily another 18" over the 115 hp outboard (not a bad thing), and also that the seating could have their backs raised and heights adjusted to provide centerline support and a relatively snug, wrinkle-free installation. My biggest 'beef' is the elastic hem cord, which makes the cover like a fitted bed sheet....... hard to put on and impossible to compactly 'fold' when removed. AI always remove the elastic and replace with a soft cord on my two smaller 14 and 16 ft fishing boats that are not worthy of a custom cover. This allows tightening the hem for a better towing experience. I purchased this cover to protect my investment until I could have a 'real' cover made, as there was a 3-month waiting list because it was early in the summer season. My intent was always to use it as a 'backup' or a dust cover. I have since purchased a "custom made" Aqualon snap-on cover from the area's best boat cover manufacturer (TUMAC'S Inc. in Pittsburgh) for $700, including 4 adjustable support poles with vents and a 1" nylon ratchet strap in the hem for an unbelievably tight fit. I'm 70 and have had three Aqualon covers on by previous boat (1989 20' Bass Boat'), each of which lasted 10 years of extreme exposure and thousands of towing miles before it's functionality began to become compromised. I need to add that I live in the Northeast and my boat is NOT garage kept and is exposed to heavy winter snow, blistering summer sun, and buckets of spring rain. I will use the sealskin cover as a 'dust cover' if I decide to store the boat under a canopy or indoors, as I seriously doubt that due to the 8' width and only centerline support, it would handle a 2' heavy wet snow fall if I'm not home to keep it cleaned off. I view your cover as being worth about 75 bucks + profit, sewn by someone who works all day for a bowl of rice, and it is expected to fail in a year or two whereby a 'one-time replacement' is sent (provided, of course, that all of the replacement criteria is satisfied), putting you 50 to 100 bucks in the black. Shrewd from a business standpoint........ but from a consumer standpoint we have to be constantly reminded that we often get what we pay for. My opinion would be that your cover would be PERFECT for people who store their boats indoors or under a hard cover or live in a more temperate climate like the southern US, and want a cover that will limit rain/sun exposure and protection while traveling in inclement weather etc., bearing in mind that if Seal Skin Covers 'moor' their boats the cover attaches with straps...... hard if not impossible to install in the water. I'll never know if it will withstand northern exposure because it will never see it, and it will outlive me with expected limited use, so overall I'm happy with my investment. I'm not sure that I would be if it were my only cover.

Inferior quality and awful customer service
I bought a cover for my 2001 Sea Ray Sundeck 190 with swim platform. Cover took awhile to be delivered and did not fit perfect. The cover lasted less than a month before tears started showing up. It also filled up with water and never repelled the water off of the cover. After months I finally received an email back saying my cover was approved for warranty and that it was out of stock and would take 3 weeks before it arrived at there warehouse. 3 weeks turned into months again. But then I get another email saying again that my warranty was approved but now Seal Skin Covers want $35 for shipping and i have to send back the old cover. I had already threw the old cover out since it was useless and they sent me an email months before saying it was approved. Never did they mention anything about sending in the old cover. And this whole process took 4 months. Now they say I am out of luck since i do not have the old cover around to send back to them. Beware of the garbage they sell and their lack of any type of real customer service. There are much better companies out there, this company does not deserve your business.

Poor customer service and poor quality product
I purchased a "custom" boat cover last year. It was not custom to fit my boat. It has since dry rotted and I requested a replacement or my money back. I was told I had to pay a $35 fee and Seal Skin Covers would ship my replacement. I received an email stating it was shipped on November 6. By November 18, I was concerned I hadn't received the new cover so I emailed the company again. I received an email the next day that stated they would be sending me an email with a link to download a return label to print out, box up the old boat cover and send it back to them. They would then within 72 hours send my cover to me. I spoke with Will yesterday and received no satisfaction when I explained to him that the boat and cover are 2.5 hours away from me on an island where there is no UPS store. I expressed my concern that I would have to leave the boat uncovered for approximately one month due to me not going to the island from Thanksgiving until Christmas. In fact, I can't get the cover until Thanksgiving when I will be on the island. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said there wasn't one I could talk to. I put in another ticket and have not heard from anyone. I asked that they send the cover so that I could exchange it over Thanksgiving and would then return the defective one on December 2nd.

Hands down, worst customer service I have ever experienced
Upon receiving a cover that was wrong in size and fit, I contacted the company to exchange the cover. Seal Skin Covers sent a UPS label and I shipped the cover back. According to their policy, once my cover is in transit, they will ship the new one in 24-48 hours. This did not happen. They received my cover on Tuesday, 6/09/20 by Tony according to the UPS tracking site. By Thursday I had not received any tracking number for a new cover being shipped (mind you, this is now a week that a new one should have shipped) so I called the company. When I asked where my cover was, the only answer was I would receive a tracking number in the next 24 hours. I asked several times why one had not been shipped to which the answer was simply that I will be getting a tracking number soon. After not settling for the canned answer and trying to find out where my order is I was hung up on. On Friday late afternoon (now more than 24 hours) I called since I still had no tracking information. Btw- be prepared to wait upwards of an hour on hold just to talk to someone. Anyway, I asked to not be placed on hold and yes, I was irritated after being hung up on the day prior. I asked for a tracking number and did not want to end the phone call until I had one generated in my email. I was told that the best they could do was to have a tracking number to me within an hour. Monday morning at 11:00 cst, you guessed it, still no tracking information. I called and was on hold for 45 minutes to which they picked up the line and immediately hung up the call. I called back. When they answered I immediately said "I want a refund, I am tired of dealing with your company and I want the refund generated now"! To which I was hung up on immediately. I called back again. The last representative was very kind to me and did all she could, however, I am now in limbo as I was told I can not speak to any managers and it will take up to 72 hours to generate a refund. Their receiving department also tried to have her tell me they didn't receive the cover until Thursday the 11th therefore the shipping of a new cover is actually within their 72 hour turnaround time. This was a bold faced lie as I was looking right at the ups tracking information. This company is horrible to deal with and I highly HIGHLY recommend you steer clear.

Poor material, difficult warranty process
I ordered a cover for my 2020 Sea Hunt 22'5" Ultra and in just under a year the cover ripped in two spots, just by the wind. I contacted Seal Skin, sent pictures, the SKU # on the cover, was approved for a warranty replacement and was told it would be a month for replacement due to out of stock due to covid.
After a few more contact and two months from my original warranty submission, I was told the cover was in, but I had to return the old cover, pay $35 processing fee, give them the SKU number from the cover and verify my shipping address via email. I already had given them the SKU and this was the first time after at least five contacts (via email and chat) that I was told I was going to have to return the cover. Luckily I had not thrown it out.
So now I am waiting for a label to print out, then I have to box up the old cover, go to UPS and ship it back and once again wait to see if Seal Skin Covers will ship out a replacement cover. Will the replacement last more than a year? I think if anyone is reading this, you might want to buy local with someone you trust and a good reputation. It will probably cost more but in the long run may save a lot of headaches, like I am getting now.

Scam Company
Didn't realize your company was such a scam. Seeing plenty of other reviews from other unsatisfied customers now. I have 5-6 other buddies looking to buy boat covers in the next couple of years. I will be buying boat covers the rest of my life. Why not offer better customer service and keep me and my buddies around for life? Instead, I have to tell everyone how $#*!ty your company is and tell them to stay far away. I won't be doing business anymore with you, what a waste of an opportunity.

Not asking for a lot more than just normal performance and customer service from your company. Crazy disappointed. Here is a message for your superior. "$#*! you and your $#*!ing scam of a company. I can't believe you guys aren't replacing your $#*! up of a cover you sent me. I'm starting to realize you never even had an actual cover to fit my boat. Did I mention $#*! YOU you $#*!ing $#*!s?!" Send it to him in all caps if you think it helps get the tone across better.

And what the $#*! are you doing working for such a low life of a company? Do you enjoy all the pissed off people you have to deal with everyday? I normally wouldn't be pissed at you about this but $#*! you for working for these guys. I will be reviewing any and everywhere I can around the internet. One of the worst consumer experiences of my life, can't really think of a worse one actually.


PS $#*! your company and the owner. May all of his children grow up to be fat and ugly with no friends and end up killing him in his sleep because of how $#*!ty of a dad and owner of a company he is. I would say she but this has got to be a $#*! up of a dude, woman don't run this $#*!ty of companies. I hope Seal Skin Covers all take sides of one of these enormously over-sized boat covers you $#*!s sell, wrap him up in it, take him away, chop him up slowly, start feeding pieces of himself to wolves while he is still alive and turn this company around for the better. Now that would be some $#*!ing silver lining to this story.

Very disappointed
Very disappointed. No where on your web site does it mention a 30 return policy. I did receive my order but it is too short. Because I have two home, one in SC where the car is garaged and the other in MA, my main residence I was unable to return in 30 days. I called and talked to customer service who related my story to the powers to be but the declined the return. Here is what happened. I was shipped to SC where I unpackaged it and put on my car on the last day of my stay before returning to MA. IT DID NOT FIT. A couple of days after returning to MA I contacted, by e-mail, Sealskin and was sent a label for the return. I had a flight booked with Spirit to return to SC in May making it possible to return the cover then but Seal Skin Covers cancelled my flight because of Covid19. When I finally came back to SC this June I called into customer service because I was concerned the label had expired, which it had. It was shortly after that I was informed I was denied returning the cover. Under the circumstances I would have thought Sealskin would have been more understanding of situation the was completely out of my control. The cover was never used and is in the same condition as it was shipped to me. It is currently packaged. I hope you will reconsider and send me another label. I will be here the rest of the week returning to MA Sunday 6/21/2020.
Gregory Tjampiris

Don't buy! Not as advertised, poor service.
I ordered a custom fit, water proof cover for a new jet ski. After receiving the cover I placed it on my jet ski which was in the garage for the remainder of the winter. The cover was not custom fit, nothing like described and looked nothing like the photos online. But for $120 I figured that is what I got. The first day it was taken to the lake it rained. The cover was not water proof as advertised, it leaked through the whole thing, including zippers on the front which were not part of the cover I ordered. It let so much water thigh that it filled the foot holds on the jet ski with rain water. I attempted to contact customer services and got the runaround, I finally received an email back saying it was past the 30 day warranty and Seal Skin Covers would not be doing anything to address the issues. DON NOT BUY, spend the few extra $$ and GET A REAL CUSTON FIT COVER FOR YOUR BAOt OR CAR, you will end up buying the better product eventually. I believe I received the wrong cover and didn't notice it for some time and they still will not fix their issue.

Fraudulent company
This company charges your card before shipping, then makes a fake shipping label or at least makes one... then changes the status to "In Transit" to UPS, even thought Seal Skin Covers don't realize that UPS would need to scan the package if it was in transit. They make excuses saying right off the bat they cant refund because its shipped, but then say they are sending another one out with a new tracking #. They hang up on you and disconnect chat. I was sent a BRAND NEW tracking number and the status does NOT say shipped, so I have immediately requested a refund, as they themselves claim you cant get a refund if an item is already shipped. Now they say I must wait a day to hear about my refund?! I do nto get one immediately. I have asked for a confirmation of the cancellation and refund via email. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Delivery - - -Future Event Shipped - - -Current Event Label Created 08/04/2020 3:17 P.M. United States Order Processed: Ready for UPS
Since your ticket has been updated on friday by the end of day we will refund all of your money back.
Why not NOW?
Yes since every ticket needs 24-48 business hours to be respond we will keep you updated by the end of day today.
I want a confirmation this tracking number is cancelled
I would like a cancellation confirmation of order # 10021**5 and tracking # 1ZAF4322031**6
Yes exactly we will keep you updated via email.
Can i please have it now
I do not trust your company what so ever
Like I said by the end of day today my team support will refund you back and will email you the confirmation email.
By the end of the day? You said Friday before, which is it?
We appreciate your business. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day.
Thank you.
Thank you for contacting us.
Chat session disconnected.

I have been pretty vocal about my dissatisfaction with...
I have been pretty vocal about my dissatisfaction with this process. The original tracking info I received was not valid. Then every time I would attempt to find out where my shipment was I was given excuses. This cover was supposed to be a gift but it's now 12 days after my anniversary and I had to buy something else instead. After doing more research I can assure you I would not have ordered from your company had I seen all of the negative comments and feedback that are somewhat hard to find thanks to your savvy internet marketing department. I've seen everything from poor fitting low quality cover complaints to complaints about how long it took to receive shipments. Your re stocking fee is a joke. In a world of true customer service your company is decades behind. If I pay top dollar for a car cover I expect something nicer than what I can pick up at Walmart. If I'm not satisfied I should be able to get my money back. If anything losing a few sales might persuade you to improve the truthfulness in your advertising. I would have never paid 150 up front had I known your covers came from China. All I can hope is that my cover when it does eventually get here is at least half as well designed as your internet marketing defense. Every negative post I've posted and every angry comment I've made have been deleted by your cyber team. You have to go to the BBB or a select few lesser known review boards to find the truth about your business. I did see the you tube video about how the company owner made millions off of low cost car covers by simply developing the internet marketing platform to sell them as if Seal Skin Covers were custom fit. Probably not the best video for angry customers to stumble upon. I'm sure I won't hear back or get anything out of this rant but you asked for my feedback so there you have it.

Horrible Customer Service/Lied
I received a seal skin car cover for Christmas and was so excited to get it to get my vehicle covered and out of the elements. Shortly after getting it... it snowed. When the snow began to melt there were 5 areas on the seal skin car cover that allowed the water to go through. Unfortunately, the temperature dropped quickly and froze the water and seal skin car cover to the car. I contacted seal skin by email and phone. I was advised by someone clearly from overseas named "John" that it was going to be taken care. I called a total of 6 times and emailed 10. No responses other than, "I was dealing with a family emergency" That cover one call, how about the rest. As result, I made a Better Business Bureau complaint. Surprisingly enough I got notification from the Better Business Bureau that Seal Skin Covers were contacted by seal skin stating that they had honored the warranty and that it was all taken care of. Of course this was not the case. Nothing had been done. As a result I refiled with the Better Business Bureau after advising seal skin lied about addressing the issue at any level. Buyer beware. If you get a cover from them that is in good shape and your a lucky one. However, if you're not a lucky one, and you get 1 that's defective be advised they will not go out of their way to make it right

Don't Waste Your Time. Garbage Product! Garbage Customer Service!
I purchased a Seal Skin Car cover for my 1965 Ford Galaxies. Order process was fine, cover showed and I started the process to cover my car. Very first time I put the cover on, it didn't fit. Stretched at the corners so bad the cover tore. Contacted Seal Skin, Seal Skin Covers said they would replace it, all I had to do was print a label, and ship it back. When they received it they would ship a replacement out. Sounds fine, except I live outside Seattle and it's the rainy time of year. I have no desire to leave my car in the elements for 5 to 10 business days waiting for the new cover to show. Spoke with Will in customer service, I asked if they would ship me another and when it showed up I would ship the bad one back. He told that's not possible. I asked to speak with a manager, the managers at Seal Skin don't take phone calls. I asked for a refund. I just received an email they want to charge me 20% restock fee on a defective product. What a great company! They are dishonest, misleading and fraudulent in their business practices. Don't waste your time or money.

I ordered the seal skin cover on April 3, 2020 and...
I ordered the seal skin cover on April 3, 2020 and still have not received it to this date. I called to get a refund and found that it actually finally shipped. But was advised that if I did get a refund, I would be charged a 20% as a restocking fee. Seal Skin Covers refused to waive this policy even though it is their fault that I have not received my cover and even though I received an email from them apologizing for it. I can understand under normal circumstances where I receive the cover in a reasonable amount of time charging me a 20% restocking fee. I had to go purchase a different cover last night to protect my vehicle due to storms coming, which is the reason I ordered this one in the first place before storm season. Now I will be out 20% or the money I had to spend on a new cover to protect my vehicle. I spoke at length with the customer service representative and he refuses to waive the 20% fee. So I have to pay for the mistakes of this company and the poor customer service that they have. Believe all the bad reviews you have read on this website, they are absolutely true. You have been warned and any business you do with this company in the future is your own fault if you disregard these bad reviews.

Poor quality product (twice)
Since 2015 I've been through 2 pairs of jet ski covers for my 2 Yamaha Waverunners. Both leaked and would have several inches of water in the footwells after rain. I'm talking 4-5" after some rains, not just a little water.

The product claims to be "WATER PROOF" in all of the descriptions and marketing on their website. Mine was waterproof for about 2-3 months. I even recommended Seal Skins to a neighbor for their jetski and their's also leaked shortly after receiving it.

I did contact them. After Seal Skin Covers explained their product is "weather" proof, not water proof they sent me a second set of covers with me paying shipping. Now, after seeing all of the BBB online complaints now I wished those had popped up in Google search in 2015 as I would have never purchased these covers.

If you store inside feel good about buying Seal Skin. If you need outdoor protection go elsewhere and spend more to get a better cover. Personally I'm going the route to buy the more expensive Yamaha brand covers that are much better than this junk. Had those covers on an older set of jet skis. Good luck in whatever you buy.

Buyers Beware!

Cheap Materials and I don't care attitude by customer service
Purchased a boat cover in mid January. The cover was shipped and delivered in a timely manner. The cover fit my boat fine but the clips that are suppose to secure the straps are cheap and came undone whenever I tried to tighten them. I contact seal skin customer service and Seal Skin Covers sent me a video on how to fasten the clips (Really!). I again called and they agreed to exchange the cover with a new one. First return the used cover and we will inspect it and send you a new one is what I was told. So, uncover my boat, leave it unprotected until we get around to send you a new one, which in my opinion says we could care less about your boat even though we are in business to protect your boat. After some exchanged emails they agreed to ship me a new cover as soon as I checked the old cover into a UPS location. It has now been four days since I delivered the old cover to UPS and no new cover has been shipped. Its obvious that this company does not understand the concept of what customer service is and only cares about the bottom line. If you choose to buy a cover from this company I hope there are no issues because conflict resolution is not something they teach their employees. However, they will lie to you and not follow through with their promises. The clips they use are total crap and will not hold up over time... BEWARE!

Does the Job but I wish it had
I bought this cover in November 2019 for my Dodge Challenger.
Reviews were mixed, but my wallet like the price.
I ordered it on a Sunday, and then read more reviews and decided to cancel, until I read the cancel policy.
Seal Skin Covers aren't going to keep a third of my money for nothing, so I sucked it up and waited two weeks to get it.
When I got it, I took my Challenger to the car wash and scrubbed it good, then came home and tried the cover.
I unfolded it over the car and let it set... there is no real front or back.
But it fit nicely. Plenty thick enough to give it some protection from hail. Lets face it, its a CAR COVER, not a garage.
Folding it back up was a breeze, and it comes with a bag to store it in and I keep in the trunk of the car.
My only complain would be, since there is no front or back, there is no extra pouch for the Shark Fin antenna on the roof. That I can see will be a wear place that will puncture first.
Also this product is made in China. But isn't just about everything these days?
I have read other reviews and it seems it is hit and miss with Seal Skins, and it looks like I got a hit!

Worst Customer Service Ever!
I'll start from the beginning when I first purchased their cover and was told it was made in the USA and after the first time it failed I wrote them a good letter showing them all the pictures and Seal Skin Covers sent me a cover and forgot to take the sticker out that said made in China or wherever it was at time so there were no problems returning it and sending me a different one when I confronted them, it fell apart in less than two years they didn't want to replace that one because they're only going to do a one time warranty swap out so I purchased another one knowing it was Made outside of the country as it is everything anyway and a really decent cover came except the people who take the orders don't know how to understand what you're saying so it looked like it was for a F350 heavy duty four-door big truck and I have a small 1500 crew cab with 2 doors only, when I called I gave them the SKU off the old cover that fit perfectly do they could cross reference the covers, still got the wrong cover and I went through it six times so it wouldnt be wrong, im in michigan snow was on its way, I called multiple times after I started my ticket there would be weeks where no one would even respond it was the worst experience I've ever had purchasing anything online in my entire life I do not recommend them unfortunately their covers are good but when you use a third-party company as your ordering and your customer service the people of the third-party users know nothing about your product and this is the Outcome, even though they sent me the wrong cover they still charged me a restocking fee it was an awful experience worst money I'd ever spent and I suggest you don't do the same!

Even though I entered the year, make and model of my...
Even though I entered the year, make and model of my husband's car the cover that came does not fit properly and has stretched so that once it rained it leaked. I asked to exchange for a bigger one but was told since it was beyond the 30 days I could only process a warranty claim for the exact same cover and that Seal Skin Covers are not guaranteed to fit even though that is what the website claims. I was informed they could be a foot too small or a foot too big. So now I am paying more to exchange for the same one that I hope is "a foot too big" this time so that it will actually fit right. I bought this a Christmas gift for my husband and it didn't rain for another two weeks after ~ we didn't know that it was faulty until after it rained but that was beyond the 30 days. I have gone back and forth with your company via email for weeks and have come to the conclusion that the only option I have is to pay more to exchange for one that I hope is "a foot too big" so that it will actually fit right. This has been an extremely frustrating experience. I'm hopeful to improve my rating after the replacement arrives.

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