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A complete RIP OFF!
I was seeking to just get a copy of my credit report and I clicked on Scoresense. I will own the fact that I must have missed that it would be an ongoing charge, but as soon as I did-I called to cancel. ScoreSense will not refund my money for the service THAT I NEVER USED and that I cancelled in PLENTY OF TIME! And to make matters worse, they cancelled my account, won't refund my money AND I can't access any of the so called "benefits"! So they took my money and I have NOTHING to show for it! SCAM SCAM SCAM! RUN RUN RUN!

Misleading/Incorrect Score Info
Summary: Scoresense DOES NOT present your three agency scores, it presents scoresenses own interpretation and calculation based off of the reporting agencies info. If scoresense shows me a number listed as Transamerica, it should NOT be a re-digested/recalculated number created by scoresense based ON the info Transamerica has, it should BE the number Transamerica has. (it should be 'Hey, here's the info trans has and heres the score ScoreSense have for you' but it's NOT)
--After using only ScoreSense to review my credit information for over two years, assuming the information presented to me was the info that would be shown if I went to any of the given agencies and checked it, I spent an hour on a text support chat to learn that just because they display 'Transamerica', 'Experian' and 'Equifax' scores, those are NOT your scores for each of those! Scoresense RECALCULATES their OWN number and DISPLAYS IT AS THOSE AGENCY numbers! Ie, If you see '775' under 'Transamerica' that is NOT your Transamerica number! What's the point of using one service to 'see' your scores for three agencies if my number for each of them is not the real number? They tried to explain how there are multiple formulas to calculate a score. I truly do understand that. That ONLY explains why with the same information, Trans may not give me the same number as Equifax. But when Scoresense displays that my 'Transamerica' number is 775, if I go check it at Transamerica, outside of data refresh, it should be same or nearly identical. Turns out, not even close.

Was A victim
I have been a victim to identity theft since 2010. Thanks to this site I was able to determine which charges were mine and which were not. I truly appreciate the help and accuracy. Now that I can redeem my name and good payment history I will be back on my feet in no time. Even in a Pandemic I can feel safe knowing my score is accessible whenever I need it.

Great credit monitoring tool
I've been using ScoreSense for a short time but already it's provided me with some of the best credit insight ever!

The login site is easy to navigate. The information is clearly outlined - even for a newbie who might feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the enormity of information. There are lots of features and articles to read which are relevant and useful.

There are also customer service representatives who are available to help you utilize and access resources that are available to members.

I would definitely recommend ScoreSense to family and friends.

This company score sense as soon as you hit their web page they're charging you. I never filled out crap with them. I called them and asked why they're charging me for a service I don't want or need and who gave them the authorization to use my debit card. I called them 2 weeks ago and the man said that I would get my $29.95 not once but twice and then I look at my transactions again and I still see it on there when it said refund on 10/1 and 9/1 where the hell is my money this was an unauthorized transaction.

Poor customer service
My husband and I refinanced our house last year. We thought we were authorizing a one time credit check but apparently we signed up for monthly charge from scoresense. My husbands into online sports so when I saw the twice monthly charge I didn't think anything of it. When I decided to ask him about it we realized we were getting charged twice a month for a service we never used for over a year! When we contacted customer support to cancel we were not refunded any of our money. Never logged in, never saw a credit report, never accessed the account. All the emails from were going to our spam account so we had no idea we were signed up. And what I thought was a twice a month fee for my husband was actually one for him and one for me. We were both signed up without our knowledge and ScoreSense won't refund us our money. I guess the customer isn't always right.

Defiantly trying to cancel. I thought it was going to give me a FICO credit score for each union. Instead it's just a vantage score; this is not your actual credit score and you can get your vantage score from your bank (capital ones is free and updates weekly). Also HSBC and discover have your FICO score every month (so does Sallie Mae). I made one big purchase in the beginning of the month and paid it off but it hurt my vantage score so my FICO is significantly higher. I just it's fine for people just initially trying to build credit but very misleading

Extremely bad service
I called to cancel my subscription and ScoreSense continued to charge me for an additional 4 months. When I called, they said the 4 months would be refunded. However I received a email stating that my refund was not approved. When I call to see why that was. They told me that even if I didn't use the service after calling to cancel it. They were still going to charge me for it. Do not recommend this company to anyone.

Tried to cancel on the 11th day after I found out this...
Tried to cancel on the 11th day after I found out this company was not worth it... and that ScoreSense would charge big fee every month after the 10 day trial. I called on monday and they said the 10th day was a sunday and i should have called to cancel on sunday... no sympathy for me in getting refund of the $30.00 charge they put through right away. Stay away from these guys.

It is NOT free
First of all: it is NOT free. ScoreSense give you 5 for days trial for $1 and then charge you $29.99 monthly if you don't cancel membership.
Cancelling membership is another issue. You can't do it on line, you MUST call, stay on hold until one of their reps answer the phone, answer whole bunch of "security questions and listen to a truckload of sales pitch crap.

Never gave me any refund for their misscommunication
I called to cancel my account and ScoreSense talked me into "giving it a try" for less monthly payment. I accepted under the impression I was trying it for one month. Instead they have been charging me 4 months since and I didn't notice OR use their services. Now i am out of work due to covid and reviewing my expenses and noticed it, requested at least a partial refund for the misunderstanding and was not approved for ANY! Regret "giving it a try".

Doubtful and unsure
The necessary data for a credit rating review seemed necessary, but highly suspicious. Example: the full social security number.
The claim for no charges as a free service, countered by a request for detailed info on a credit card (in my case a debit card).
I am in need of a confirmed status for security on all data provided, and a final confirmation of the free service,
No charges to be placed on the debit card at that time, or in the foreseeable future.
I do not intend at all to be asking for updates on my credit score standing.

They charge you multiple time writhing a month
ScoreSense will literally charge you twice within the same month, no matter your situation if you need to get your money back they will not give you the opportunity. I heard bad reviews about it from all of my friends figured I check it out and they were not wrong. If anything it's even worse than they said, they do not have respect for people struggling with money or the fact that there is a global crisis going on where, them automatically charging you a 1$ for a FREE 7day trail. That isn't free because on the 4th day having this was charged 19.95 then 2 weeks later I'm charged with 19.95 once again. When you try to talk to an agent and try to get your money back they can end the chat, and that's the end of it. I'm honestly mad I can't put zero stars because this low grade site deserves it stealing peoples money.

Newer App isn't as useful as old App
I've used ScoreSence for over a year and I initially got into it through their free trial. I was impressed by the details and how easy it was to see how I could improve my credit score. If I were to rate this company 6 months ago then I would have given it a 5/5. Unfortunately, there was a new App update and it looks like their website also mimics the App interface, which is less detailed and not as useful. I'm currently looking for another App to replace ScoreSence as I'm not satisfied with the latest updates... now it seems to be more focused on advertising their services.

Credit Report
I don't know where your company gets its information for the credit reports. But I feel this was a waste of time and money me because the report was vague and needed information that should have been on a standard report was not there. Maybe the report was streamlined to some extent it is very unclear. Thanks for the opportunity of your service but I will no longer need it and I wish to cancel my subscription.

Somehow I subscribed to the service unknowingly for 10 months, yes, it was my fault not check my credit card draft, but the way it started was unclear to me at the time when I used the "free" credit scores the one & only time. When I asked for refund, I was rewarded a $1.00 after my explanation of never used the service. Since lost of my wife last year I have been dealing with huge amount of medical debts and collection agencies, thus for the concern of my credit rating. However, never used the service didn't seem to matter to the accounting folks I was dealing with.

They are Bad News
I checked my credit scores with this company, although ScoreSense say it's free they ask for your credit card information and charge you $1.00 that will be credited back to your card. Not true, not only did they not credit the money back the next two days my card was compromised twice. The bank is investigateing but they feel it stemmed from this company. Be careful people this is not a false review!

Customer Service
I wanted to cancel my membership because I've only use it once and ScoreSense kept charging my account. When I called the FIRST time, one of the customer service representatives that answered was being a bit rude when I tried to get my membership cancelled, they kept offering me discounts and was basically trying to get me to stay, but I didn't want to and kept repeating that I just want the whole thing canceled; however he had the AUDACITY to tell me that I didn't care about my credit and etc, which was very unprofessional. He hung up on me after I refused his other offer that he made. I understand people get bad days, but saying those things like, " I didn't care about my credit" was very uncalled for and rude.

I called again and talk to another representative who was more professional, helpful, understanding. He immediately canceled my membership with no problem at all! :)

After use
I called to cancel membership, as I needed only to see if a certain credit card I cancelled had given me a bad report. I was being charged
29.99 % on balance, that was TOO MUCH. ScoreSense refused, and I canceled, and a rep. Said it would be reported as I had cancelled. I did
Not know if that would have any problems for my credit score. Your rep. Bobbie, was very nice to me.

Unable to Cancel
I signed up for the 7 day membership and I tried canceling the very next day. I tried for over a month to cancel my membership, but you can only do this by speaking to a live person. For the month that I tried calling ScoreSense were either having a problem with their phone system or all circuits were busy. I was finally able to get through to someone after my monthly membership ha been charged the $39.99. When I requested a refund since I never used the service I was told an email would be sent to that department. I received an email today stating that my refund request for the $39.99 was not approved because it was after the monthly fee had been paid. However, they did APPPROVE a refund for $1.00, which was the amount for the 7 day trial. Since, this amount was refunded the entire amount should have been since they are basically saying my membership was canceled after the trial period. I AM DISPUTING THIS WITH MY CARD COMPANY. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE ONLY TRYING TO SCAM PEOPLE!

Best Credit Fix
There are a lot of things we do that affect our credit score unknowingly, it's left to one to stay vigilant and monitor the updates on the report to be able to make proper adjustments. We all know that a good credit score is the key to being qualified for low interests loans and credit cards, there is a possibility that you have made a mistake that affected your credit score without realizing it. The quickest way to get the job done is to handover your report to credit experts who'll ensure all unwanted items are removed. I did a lot of research on the journey to boost my credit score in a shorter duration and came across CreditMason on Google, ScoreSense revived my poor score. Get more information from (

Awsome Customer service
I tried score sense with the 7-day trial membership. Very simple to navigate and informative. But I decided to cancel because I have some work to do on my credit. I spoke with Reese, who was very professional. Although he offered two other options to continue the membership there was no pressure. And I received my cancellation email right away. Customer Service is EVERYTHING! Thanks, I will refer my friends.

Really nice job quick good information
Really nice job quick good information, good information and numbers on credit cards dispute center with Trans Union and Equifax Experian all numbers follow up contractor files discover in accurate information and review report research and preparation finding a car negotiating your deal financing your car Understanding how to to buy a car how the dealers make money by financing determine which word purchases understanding the fees on the contract car buying tips all excellent information

As advertised
Company is legit. It does provide a comprehensive credit history and is able to explain a) what the numbers actually mean, and b) how to improve them if desired. Cancelling the subscription required a phone call (no website option), but that was done in less than 10 minutes. All I needed to do was call up, explain I wanted to cancel, listen to two additional offers and that was it. So long as you are polite but firm, canceling is really easy.

Email Address Unacceptable
I was thoroughly disgusted with your system which kept telling me to put in a "valid" email address. I have had my email address for over ten years and no one else has a problem with it. My email address is a cherished nickname given to me by my now deceased Godfather. It is ******* Mackadoo was and is what I am fondly called by family and close friends. I was shocked and appalled that your system kept asking me for a valid email address, as if I didn't know my own email or was deliberately putting in a fake one! I ended up having to use my employment email address instead of my personal one, the latter of which is the one I use for all of my regular emails. I do not want to use my employment email address for my personal use and will have to discontinue my use of ScoreSense if I'm not allowed to use my personal email address. Upon calling your customer service, I was simply told that the system did not recognize my email address and there was nothing that could be done about it. What a sorry system! I get hundreds of emails per day from a variety of sources, and like I said previously, nobody else has a problem with my email address. I am totally through with ScoreSense if ScoreSense are not able or willing to allow me to use my personal email address.

Terrible Experience!
Called March 6 2021 to cancel my membership because I didn't even realize that scoresense was taking out $29.95 a month. I just wanted to try it once. The customer service rep that I spoke to said that he would cancel my account and try to recoup several of the withdrawals and not only did I not get my money back he kept my account active so I've had 2 more $29.95 charges taken out of my account! Awful experience and definitely would not recommend!

No refund
I tried the week trial and passed it by 1 day. ScoreSense are on a different timezone than me. I couldn't reach them the 1st time. Then when I called the gentleman was very helpful. He said they would contact me about my refund. I received an email stating my refund was not approved because I used my trial. You would think i could use the membership for the month I paid for but no. They canceled my membership and stole my money.

Customer service
I call to cancel this and the lady that answer was on her house with a baby crying like crazy. She cancel my membership after few minutes she was was trying to convence me. Well ScoreSense charge to my credit card. I was in chat we some lady and the only that she write was going to makn menu. That is not serious about a company. By the way I dont received my three credit reports.

This company charged me 1.00 to get a credit score. Only to turn around and charge my account 29.95. I called to cancel and the refunded the 1.00. And kept the 29.95. Very disappointed in the company. I will never recommend this company to anyone. For any reason. ScoreSense bait you in and take youroney. Oh and it's at the company's discretion to refund your money.

Terrible and malicious operation which advertises "$1"...
Terrible and malicious operation which advertises "$1" credit report and then uses your credit card card information to automatically charge you for renewals which approvals are some embedded in your initial acceptance for the $1 charge. More than likely this is legal, but it is morally wrong and doing severe injustice to the unsophisticated consumers. After repeated charges, I finally had to change my credit card number to get them to stop charging me. Stay away from this scam at all cost. You can get a FREE credit report once each year from your local bureau by just calling them.

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Description: At ScoreSense®, empowering people with the credit insights, tools and personal support to make better-informed decisions about their financial lives is our sole focus. Having your credit scores is important, but understanding what’s behind them is critical. ScoreSense fills the gap that other credit score providers simply don’t.

Not only does ScoreSense provide all three credit scores and reports from TransUnion®, Equifax® and Experian®, we also analyze your latest credit data to show you which factors are most affecting your scores – and possible steps you can take to protect your credit. The ScoreSense app and easy-to-use tools equip you to take control; credit alerts notify you of changes and potential threats; and a credit specialist is ready to answer your questions and help you make sense of your scores and reports, every time you call or chat online.

The ScoreSense team is available to answer your questions seven days a week at 1-800-972-7204.
Monday through Friday, 8AM to 8PM CST
Saturday, 8AM to 5PM CST
Sunday, Noon to 6PM CST

Address: 8144 Walnut Hill Lane, 75205


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