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Patiently waited...
When I placed my order on January 8th of 2019, I was looking for a new scent. Scentbird provided mini-vials of popular scents to help consumers explore their options. At the time, the said that they were overwhelmed with orders, and that we needed to have patience. I cancelled the subscription since I never received my scents, but they still have my $35. I used their e-Mail client in February of 2019 and March of 2019, but never received a reply. I tried to find a phone number to reach them, it's more difficult to find than Bigfoot. Over time, I forgot about it. I looked, to this day, my order still shows as "Processing" and "Delivery Status: Not available yet".

I found my scent since, I just want my money back. I tried to contact them again, finally a response. Their remedy, after nearly 2 years, is to send me the mini-vials I should have had years ago. No, the need for this product has long since expired. I want my money back.

Anyone know about laws that required a business to refund a client when item/order was never fulfilled?

Great fragrance options!
I love the fragrance options and the flexibility of their ‘cue'. It's a monthly subscription, but you have the option of skipping a month, or two, or buying the whole cue, which can be as long as you like. You can buy as many individual products as you like to add into your monthly box as well. You can pay for three months and have them delivered monthly, and choose one, two, or three items at a time per month in your subscription box and get a discount for each level. You can choose which scents you would like in your cue, or complete the scent profile and get and get an idea of what you would like best on you. You can rate their scents individually and read other scent ratings. The only downside is that if you don't understand the note profile of a particular scent (I. E. woody, earthy, floral, vanilla, etc) you wouldn't be able to understand the actual description of the scent until you smell it. On the upside, Scentbird sell other products including face, personal, makeup, and candles. They have special items to purchase. Most items are only $14.95, as most are the sample size, though some are up charged if they are premium products, and they do offer some full size products. Their shipping and packaging is great as well. You can access them via website or app from your iPhone.

Awful customer service
I was a member and recieved my first order Sept 2016. I placed several orders with issues so i cancelled. I thought ai would give Scentbird another try. I placed my order in 9/7/2020. After several emails, because Scentbird don't have a customer sevice number I recived my order 9/28. I did not recieve a case and when i asked for one I was told we gave one with your first order... that was in 2016. Before I posted my review I want to see what the Better Business Bureau had to say about Ssentbird. Allow me share
Pattern of Complaint:
BBB files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning delivery fulfillment and customer service issues for Scentbird Inc. Consumers are telling BBB about problems they encounter after signing up for a subscription service with this company. Many consumers claim they still haven't received the expected monthly shipment from the company even though many weeks have passed since it was expected to be received. Numerous consumers reportedly encounter a lot of difficulty getting a response the Scentbird about the delivery status of their orders, despite multiple attempts to each them by email and Facebook. Some consumers also claim they have issues cancelling the monthly subscription fees and obtaining a refund of these charges from the company.

Completely broken shipping and customer service
First month was fine. Never received second monthit turned out that due to a system error in their end Scentbird didn't charge me and just didn't ship. I didn't see the *lack* of the charge on my credit card so had no idea and spent three weeks dealing with customer service before they finally told me what actually happened.

Now we're three weeks into my third month of membership, and of the two fragrances I ordered (and confirmed I was charged for) at the first of the month, they've sent one to me and the other one went from "being prepared for shipping" last week to just totally gone from my account today.

To make it all even more frustrating, they take forever to respond to issues and they send automated follow-ups warning you that since YOU haven't responded, they're closing the issue. (As opposed to only closing an issue once it's actually been resolved.)

The whole experience has been so frustrating. All of this for basically some oversized testers? I can't believe I'm writing this, but I'd honestly rather brave a department store's fragrance counter than spend any more time, money or anger on this badly run company.

A word to the wise was NOT sufficient
Well sports fans, it appears that my first review of this business, scentbird, was not taken seriously; therefore, this follow-up review demonstrates that I am a woman of my word. I have been a loyal customer of scentbird for the past six months now, and I really enjoyed receiving new fragrances from them each month. These were fragrances that were offered for me to try, to add to my queue, or to purchase in full-size. Unfortunately for me, scentbird made promises to provide me with my chosen purchases, and then would make last-minute changes to my order due to a shortage of said fragrance. I informed them how upsetting this was to me, submitted my grievance in the form of my first written review on this site, and have since experienced one more recent denial of a fragrance which I was greatly looking forward to receiving. This latest disappointment was the final straw for me, and I have canceled my monthly membership from scentbird and unsubscribed from their website, as I promised to do should this irresponsible and unsatisfactory business practice continue. It's too bad, because I really enjoyed my monthly fragrances, and three out of the six months I was treated in this fashion. I am certain that if it has happened to me, it has happened to hundreds if not thousands of other disappointed customers, which is the reason for this follow-up to my first review. Now I choose to take my business elsewhere, even if it costs a little more, and hopefully to receive the fragrances that I was promised, in the time frame upon which we agreed. I hope this second review of scentbird is helpful to many frustrated customers with broken promises and broken hearts!

Great if you love having options
I like fragrance, but I HATE buying large bottles… I could count on one hand how many times I've used an entire bottle up. My fragrance changes depending on the weather, the occasion, my mood… many things. There's nowhere near me to try fragrances ahead, so I had stopped buying any. I really enjoy Scentbird suggesting scents that may fit my profile, as well as scents that I may like based on other scents. I have discovered some fragrances that work very well for me. Two of them I liked so much I bought a full bottle! Shipping is quick and tracking is spot on. The metal cases that hold the fragrance vials fit easily into a purse or pocket, and the unique "twist" design to open ensures Scentbird don't spray accidentally.


Wouldn't cancel my subscription
I thought scentbird was absolutely great until I went to cancel my service. There is no option to do it on the website, you have to email them directly. Scentbird emailed me back and said it was cancelled.

A month later, I still received the monthly package from them! So I emailed them again, trying to get it cancelled and refund the package. After some back and forth, they essentially told me that they would not cancel the service until three months out. I don't want three more months of charges/packages, I wanted it to stop a month ago! They would not give me a refund and would not cancel until three months out, they just told me that their service would pick scents that I would like based on past preferences.

I am thoroughly annoyed with this company.

Terrible Service
Suffice it to say that I am extremely unhappy with this service. I would have posted a review on their web page but it does not allow one to. Let me run my story by you...
I joined Scentbird in August of this year. When I first joined I did the $15 membership. That month, although there was pretty slow shipping, went well. I took into consideration that Scentbird were apparently "moving" as was advertised on their website.
Nevertheless, because of that I decided to upgrade to the $25 a month plan. This was on September 1st. Scentbird took no time at all yanking that membership upgrade money from my account. Literally, 30 seconds after my upgrade it was taken. I was fine with that, but I had an inquiry. So, I reached out to Customer Service to ask if it would be possible to get my shipment date changed to sooner. It took them 9 days to get back to me. When they did they didn't even answer my question but instead said that my shipment date was the middle of the month. No specific date. I replied to their response and asked again, "Is it possible to change the shipping date?" 5 days later I got another reply that said, "Oh we are sorry but that isn't possible. Your shipment date is the middle of the month and you should receive your perfume by the 18th or so." Needless to say I was not happy with the curt and sort of rude reply but I decided to wait it out.
Here we are on the 25th of September and my shipment has been "Processing" since the 13th. I STILL haven't gotten my shipment and they took the money out of my account damn near a month ago.
I'll just say this... Y'all ain't getting my money every again. The minute that perfume hits my doorstep I am cancelling my service, moving to another provider and telling everyone I know about my crappy experience.
Terrible customer service and terrible shipping!

I loved my Scentbird subscription... UNTIL THEY MOVED
I disagree with a lot of the bad stuff said about scentbird. I absolutely LOVED my subscription. I paid with paypal which was a nice option and I opted for the 2 scents/$30 per month. I always received the right perfumes that I chose and Scentbird were always on time. Until they moved their warehouse. That's when all hell broke loose. I was angry at the time but I was happy that I was able to suspend paypal from getting billed. That cut out a lot of the hassle of having Scentbird cancel my account. I did end up getting the perfumes that were billed before I cancelled, but months later. That was about a year ago and I miss my subscription so much. I want to try it again to see if things have calmed down and they are back to business as usual but from these very recent reviews I am scared that it will be just more of the same. By the way I never had a problem with authenticity of the fragrances. They were always great. Sad to see this happen to what could have been a promising company! I still hope they work out their issues!

TOO many "we made a change to your queue"
I have waited a long, LONG, L-O-N-G time for a service such as "Scentbird." So, it breaks my heart that after only seven months, I will be canceling my subscription. I looked forward to receiving (my) three "scent-birdies" every month; but, the CONSTANT "changes to (MY) queue" are MORE than I can handle. Perhaps, my selfishness wants to believe there will be enough "birdies" for ALL the queues- even if Scentbird are FIVE years long.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*(Please note, "this" is an UPDATE made on May 10,2021):
As of today (May 10,2021), I am "upgrading" my '3 stars' to 4.5 stars due to Scentbird's willingness to satisfy the CUSTOMER's need.

While I stick by my earlier review (and cautionary tale of TRYING to keep your desired choices under a THREE-month selection), I feel it is only fair (and RIGHT) to let the public know SCENTBIRD has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure I was happy. I won't get into specifics, but I will type this:

ALL their "SCENT'ASTIC" Scentbird Fairies are just that- "SCENT'ASTICALLY" SCENT'SATIONAL!" And, I WON'T be canceling my subscription just yet. <3 Thank you, Scentbird! =^o^=

Happy, now. But, it took a while to get there.
I have been using this site for about 6 months, maybe a bit longer. In the beginning, I had some of the same problems other reviewers have had. I have always received my order, however not always on time or the site has said, it was delivered, but it had not been. My problem with this site is the customer care. In my emails to the company, I have gotten responses that had nothing to do with what I was writing about or worse, Scentbird would ask me for all of this information, that was already in my email. Happily, I haven't had any problems for a while. I love the products, the service and ability to try things and not be into it for $100+. Am I confident there will not be any problems in the future? No. Am I willing to recommend this site to others (especially with all the pressure they seem to put on you, to do so) right now, No.

March 2020 Subscription Experience
I had blind-subscribed based on an article I read on a trusted blog, maybe foolishly. The website functions well, with plenty of information about each scent and good recommendation tools. Once I had my order together (I opted for a scent and a face cream), it took a while for it to ship - maybe 5 or so days. Within their guidelines. After it had shipped, the delivery date came and went. When I saw that it had yet to be delivered, I chose that as a good time to actually research this company.

Anyone who's gotten to this site has likely already seen the BBB rating, and a few other website ratings site. I got nervous, and reached out to their customer service. I received a response right away, who assured me that, if the package was lost in the mail, Scentbird would replace it. The next day, when it had yet to be updated still, they reached back out to me to let me know they had sent in the replacement order.

I received that order a few days later, and I couldn't be more pleased with the contents. The fragrance was definitely genuine and not old, and the face cream was larger than I expected. Many thanks to their customer service agent, Pat G., who made sure I was taken care of, and who re-assured me as to the legitimacy of this company. Pat calmed any fears I had about keeping my subscription active, and now I can't wait for April 2020 to come in the mail.

Someone I met at my wedding a few months back thought it would be nice to get me a 3 month subscription to scentbird. A service that offers members the opportunity to try new colognes by either picking one or accepting the companies selection. Sounds good however in my case I travel a lot for work so I was bombarded with emails asking me to activate my membership. What Scentbird dont clarify is activating the membership and starts the clock ticking till your first selection ships. So now the next thing I know Im getting tracking information for my first selection. Didnt pick it but they sent one- strike one. Contacted scentbird, asked if they could freeze my membership because Im traveling for the next 3 months (Im writing this review from my hotel room in China) and got NO RESPONSE. I took the time to go into the post office and have them return any mail for me to the sender so I dont have pkg left outside my home to let people know house is empty. This business for me is a complete waste and customer service is non-existent so I say for all of women who think this would be a good present for a man in life it absolutely isnt and dont bother. The only thing worse then Scentbird is the Art of Shaving- Avoid Both!

Scentbird - Scam?
While I love the concept, this company is either a complete scam or just horrible at business. I received my first month with no issues in July, have been charged for August and September but have yet to receive either months subscription. Continued emails to customer service are nothing less than automated bang you head against the wall emails with little to no information from "scent fairies". The last email I received provided me with August's tracking number, I logged on and my profile shows that tracking number as September's. It is also showing with a date of 9/21 - Scentbird moved their facilities to NJ allegedly, not Guam! No clue what the issue is with why it is so difficult to get on track with this.
I'm leaning towards this company being a scam. Not worth the aggravation and lack of making it right for their customers.

Seems good to me!
I am a new subscriber to Scentbird. I don't know which fragrance smells good on me and I don't want to buy expensive bottles trying to find one that does. I was apprehensive after googling reviews of this subscription service but decided to try it out for myself. I placed my order choosing 2 bottles (one for me and one for my husband), received an email saying to choose and confirm my choices within 24 hours or Scentbird choose for me (seems reasonable). I received an email saying that my order was expected to arrive on a date and it did not arrive that date. Looking at the shipping tracking it had an odd route/reroute and did arrive 3 days later than the first estimated arrival date (not perfect, not bad).

These reviews spoke about broken bottles, 1/2 empty bottles, etc. The bottles I received were full, came in cardboard containers which were enclosed in a bubble wrap package (seems well packaged to me). It arrived with the free dispenser (1) in a velvet bag and product information cards. Please see photos. Other than the few days delay, everything seemed good. I liked the scent I chose, hope my husband likes his and am looking forward to next month's choices which I've already selected and saved.

Look around before choosing your queue, good selection but no consideration for price
I've recently dug deeper into the world of perfume samples and found that Scentbird isn't necessarily the best out there. The flat rate of $14.95 doesn't reflect the original quality or price of the perfume in the slightest. If you look around, you can buy some of the same perfumes for much less elsewhere in the same 5ml container, or choose an even smaller sample if you only want to wear the fragrance 2-3 times. I understand there has to be a mark up, but other perfume resellers do this as a ratio, taking the whole bottle's original price into consideration. I've also collected too many of those 5ml bottles of perfumes that I dont actually care for, so it's nice to see smaller options on the market.
I will say I appreciate their inclusion of NEST and the Confessions of a Rebel fragrances, as well as the fact that Scentbird are always adding to their sample repertoire. It's also nice that it's a subscription so you get something to look forward to every month. Their rating system is easy to use and the layout/visual aspects of the website are well constructed. Overall I just don't think it's worth over paying for the benefits, buy they do offer a wide selection of perfumes, some of which you can't sample elsewhere.

Not worth it. Total scam.
I love the concept of Scentbird, but the execution is HORRIBLE. Like everyone else, I've experienced delayed shipments, incorrect tracking info and poor customer service. I received a 6-month subscription as a gift in August 2018. To date, I've only had 1 shipment arrive in the correct month. Everything else has been a month behind. The tracking information means nothing, since Scentbird just create the label and don't actually process the shipment until weeks later. Why even bother creating the label?

The latest upset is regarding the Pearly White Case, which was supposed to arrive with the very first shipment. Well, that never happened and I've gotten 3 shipments so far. I emailed customer service to ask when I would receive that and was told that it would be shipped "shortly". Weeks later, my package arrived. No Pearly White Case, just an empty velvet bag and empty cardboard tube. WOW. Seriously, they paid money to ship me an empty container, pictured below.

This company is not worth the money. It would be more cost effective to just head to your nearest Sephora or department store and ask for samples and buy what you like.

Great to try small sizes, before you commit and buy full size
I love this site! It's great for me doing the majority of my shopping online. (Also perfect now for ppl shut in with this pandemic situation). For me it's hard to visualize what the scent will be like based upon the notes and descriptions given by the seller... I love perfume but HATE the thought of wasting money on buying something im thinking I'll like but when I get it, I HATE IT. Scentbird takes all the chance and guesswork out of the picture for you. For a minimal price every month you choose the scent(s) that you THINK you may like. And if you don't you've only spent about 1/6 give or take of what you would for the full size product. To me this is absolutely perfect! I've even"upped" my monthly shipment from one scent to two. This plan gives you even more savings. I believe Scentbird also have a 3 pk plan available. I'm so glad i decided to JUMP and join the club! I love it

Lies, lies lies
Of course I signed up for there wide known selection of women's perfumes the website is very eye detailed that it traps your mind into thinking (oh what a deal I can get)
Wrong wrong wrong was I...

But little did I know that I was being fooled. To the point yeah I received the pearly white free bottle. But two scents I purchased never got delivered. I emailed Scentbird said it got delivered. No it didn't numerous emails went back and forth. Anastasia is her name apologized for the mishap and assured me that the problem will be resolved by sending me the two scent que perfumes I never received. Well we will see. I also informed the company of my disappointment, frustration, anger with there company. I will never never order from this company again. They should see all the negative that's been writing by customers and shut down there business it's ridiculous wrong.

Poor service
Signed up with scentbird at the end of last year. Thought it be great. Since I signed up, seems like every other day I get an email saying Scentbird have to change the order of my queue, because the fragrances I picked are out of stock. Then I wanted to upgrade to receiving 2 a month instead of 1, so I go online and change it, as soon as I clicked on it they withdrew the money. No where does it say that they will pull the money the moment you agree to upgrade. I had just paid for the month a few days before. I feel they should make it clear that you will be charged as soon as you upgrade. I also feel they should find a way to have enough of a certain product before listing it as an option. You get excited for the one you picked and it is very disappointing when they tell you it is no longer available. No sure I will be staying with them. Going to see how the next month or so goes then will decide.

Worst subscription service ever!
I started my subscription on March 31st. According to the site the first scent is supposed to ship in a few days. It's been almost 2 weeks. I also ordered a second scent as a stand alone and that was supposed to ship in 5 days. I emailed the company and Scentbird said they haven't shipped and will send me tracking numbers as soon as it does. No explanation why or anything. I got a free scent from signing up after a friend recommended it. After I see that has shipped I'm canceling and going with scentbox instead.
UPDATE: After emailing them several times to find out what happened to my order I ended up canceling before it was time to get my free month from using my friends referral. This company sucks. They claim to be moving and that's why stuff is delayed. They've been claiming this for over a year. How long are you people going to milk that one? Like I said in the title, worst subscription company ever! I ended up going with scentbox and they have been on the ball every time.

Overcharged & No Customer Service To Help
Terrible, terrible, terrible. Do not waste your time and money. Scentbird have overcharged me 90 dollars after already signing me up for the 12 dollar a month plan. In total I was charged over 100 dollars just to sign up for PERFUME SAMPLES. I could buy a nice bottle of perfume for that money. Are they mental? Also, there is no customer service number. They think they're too good to have one which is a serious problem. There email sucks - no one responded to my SEVERAL emails asking for immediate help so I can cancel this before anything ships. You know what they did? COMPLETELY ignored my cry for help and instead sent me a confirmation email for the $#*! I don't want. I just want my money back and to never have to deal with these people again. Terrible service, not worth the time and money. Try scentbox - cheaper and they have a fuxking customer service number. I feel one start is too generous. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Good could be great
So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my subscription through I do wish for the $15 a month you could select 2 fragrances at a time. Esp if you pay $5 addtional dollars for a delux scent you should be given a 2nd option. Thats just my personal feelings. I also feel the time between billing and shipping is extremely long. I understand the company is at the mercy of the shipping company but maybe ship right after billing instead of making customers wait 2-3 week after theyve paid. I will say thanks to scentbird I have found my signature scent that I ordered a full size bottle of for my birthday. Juliette has a gun not a perfume is a strange name for a fragrance but it is now my favorite and I have scentbird to thank for that.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Queen
I started using this company a little over 3 months ago and let me tell you it has been an amazing experience to me.The website is so easy to use and the best part about them is that Scentbird break down every bottle on their site, tell you the ingredients and the notes and if it is a date kind of sent or a warm & cozy scent. They truly thought of everything putting this site together and you pick what scent you want for what month and if you want a guy scent for one month then that's OK too. I love that and customer service is absolutely great. I love how you can put in your own review of how you liked the scent to help others see if that is the scent for them. Never had any Credit card issues or shipping issues. I truly love scent bird and the best part the scent last all month long great value for the price :)

Do not order
I have emailed this company several times and this company refuses to respond to my emails. Scentbird do not care for their customers and just like every single other review here I began my subscription in June I received Junes but not July I emailed them and they said they were moving which is why things were delayed I ended up getting July and August in late August then I received September's perfume and have yet to receive another perfume. The website states it has been shipped but then I track with UPS it just states the label has been printing so nothing has been shipped. This company lies to their paying and loyal costumers who just want what they paid for.


Great concept. Bad execution
Honestly, I love this concept. Scentbird have an awesome selection of colognes that you can put in your queue. There are just a few major issues with the delivery of the product.

1. They will charge your card at the beginning of the month however don't expect it to arrive anytime soon. Usually they deliver it at the end of the month they charge you. ( I was charged at the beginning of September 2020 and still have no received a delivery date or tracking information) the same thing happened last month. When you email support (their only source of contact) no one will respond. Or it takes a week for them to do so. So you're basically hoping that they stay true and deliver your product. I don't like that kind of chance especially when I am already taking a chance buying a product I may not even like.

2. They are constantly running out of product. So just because you put a cologne in your queue doesn't mean you're going to get it. This means you CONSTANTLY have to check the app especially a week before they process your payment to make sure there are no surprises. This is disappointing because you probably won't get the selection you want but they do have a lot of other nice items. Just make sure you load up your queue a few months out otherwise you'll get a random nasty one I'm sure.

3. They use DHL for shipping which is known to cause problems or major delays.

Overall I am sad that I'll be canceling my membership because there are just too many unknowns with the logistics of this company and will try one of their competitors. I've seen so many reviews about the cancellation process where even though you cancel they still charge your card every month so I will update the review on the canceatiom process.

It's an amazing service!
I'm the kind of guy who likes to smell good. I wear cologne almost all the time even if I don't expect to see anyone just because I enjoy the smell. I also love having many different options and so I used to spend hundreds of dollars on different cologne but with Scentbird I can spend a fraction of that and have far more options. I haven't even run out of the cologne from my first months subscription because I've been alternating everything. It's obviously smaller quantities than a regular cologne bottle but I honestly think you end up getting more bang for your buck this way. My only wish is that Scentbird had a few more brands however that said the existing selection is extremely extensive so there's honestly nothing to complain about.

No good.
There are two sides to this company in which Scentbird are horribly underperforming in, that is Customer Service and Logistics.

On the customer service side, the company wants you to look at their FAQs and if no answer, submit a ticket. When they finally decide to email you back, they aren't any help, they just tell you what you already know and give no solutions.

Now for logistics. I was charged every month on the 5th. When do they ship it out? Blindfold yourself, then point to a random date on the calendar, that's the best way I can describe their scheduling. The latest they shipped my order was 15 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE! It took 11 days to actually receive it after they shipped it. 26 DAYS! On their FAQS, they state it takes up to 10 days for them to process the order, and clearly can't even follow that big of a window. Then it says it can take up to 15 for it to arrive, from the time they ship it. So basically, you could receive a shipment, and be charged for the next month in a weeks span. I got an order on August 31st and was charged 5 days later for the next month. I have since cancelled my subscription, and will never use them again.

Plus to put their pricing in perspective, they price gouge. Most colognes cost on average. 50 cents per ml. Scent bird charges 1.83 per ml. Just do the math, and it just makes no sense to use them. I was stupid for signing up. Save yourself time and money

Scentbird lacking scent
I have just finally received my second scentbird vial, spritzed my normal places once... twice... sprayed a piece of paper and decided that I should check blogs to see if this perfume is legit. The first month I tried my perfume I noticed the scent quickly faded; I asked several people to smell me soon after I spritzed, LOL, and Scentbird smelled nothing. I also noticed that shaking the vial was necessary to even get an initial scent. I was trying to be positive, but two months of expensive perfume that I smelled in the store ahead of time is making me question quality. I know oil based perfume last longer so maybe it's my choice of perfumes that are lacking, but I doubt it. This experience is making me not want to actually buy these perfumes that I thought I liked and I'm not sure if I should jugde from this experience. Has anyone else experienced something like this or am I alone?! Please help, I want to stay positive.

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