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Saks Off 5th

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Antiquated Return Process!
I generally view my online shopping experience based on ease of return and prices.
I buy from Saks Off 5th occasionally when I see good deals.
Recently, I had placed several orders for Longchamp Le Pliage totes so I could select the best colors and styles. I had brought the unneeded items from multiple orders for return to one of the local stores.
Here are the flaws that I saw:
1. Unfriendly gloomy personnel. I wish Saks Off 5th were trained to be pleasant and smile when serving their customers.
2. I was asked for my e-mail once. I expected that all the return receipts would be sent to y e-mail. Instead, I only received the 1st return receipt by e-mail. I hate to rely on paper receipts only, as I tend to loose them often.
3. When I checked my online account information several days later, NONE of the return activity was reflected there.
4. I had to go to my credit card account to verify that the money were returned.

1. The return of online orders was unsatisfactory and outdated. The return process needs to be fully automated and not rely on paper receipts for proof of return.
2. Based on 1, I will keep my shopping at Saks Off 5th to the bare minimum or try not to shop there at all.

HORRIBLE customer service, ETC.
I cannot believe the level of customer service and (CLEARLY) insufficient employee training from Saks Off Fifth online. EVERY SINGLE purchase has had an issue (or two, three) attached to it. Further, Saks Off 5th need to TRAIN the employees. These people either don't know the answers to basic questions, or they can't be bothered to find out, so they dish out inaccurate info. It would also be helpful if they could at the least, understand the English language, let alone speak it.

To spare myself any continued aggravation, I WILL NEVER AGAIN MAKE A PURCHASE FROM SAKS-OFF-FITH, NOR RECOMMEND THEM. There are PLENTY of online clothing stores that have wonderful customer service AND are appreciative of your patronage.

I wish I wasn't forced to give them 1 star in order to leave a review. They don't deserve it. If anything, they deserve a -10

Package never delivered, refund never given
I placed an order with Saks in late July. Saks Off 5th attempted a delivery but were unable to find my apartment stating that I had given an incorrect address. I triple checked my address and it is correct. I expressed this to them and they told me once they received the package from the delivery company I would receive my refund within 30 business days (which seems like a long time). I waited the 30 business days then sent another e-mail having still not received my refund. I was told by them that I still needed to wait 10-14 business days. I waited again and then sent a follow up e-mail requesting my refund. They responded saying that as of September 25th the parcel was still in transit back to the facility and after they receive it I would have to wait another 10-14 business days. I do not understand why it should take over 2 months to receive a refund when my package was not delivered because their courier service was unable to find my apartment even when given the correct address. Horrendous customer service - do not shop from this store.

Package delivered to wrong city & l can't get a refund
My order was delivered to the wrong city &address on 11/16 I live in Fairburn but item delivered in Newnan. I've called Saks of 5th several times trying to get a refund or help in locating my package. On 11/16 Saks Off 5th said they had to do an investigation that would take 15 business days even though they could clearly see that their carrier(fedex) misdelivered the package. I was offered a partial refund but I declined. On 12/1 I was told that I would get a refund on 12/4(the 15thbusinessday) but today I got an email stating that they have decided not to approve my refund so I have no refund and no products? I called again and after several questions including if I used a credit card to make the purchase and a 30 minute hold I was told they reconsidered and my refund will be issued in 15 business days. I decided to dispute the charge with my credit card company and will never shop with them again

Worst customer service ever!
After shopping online for several months, all of a sudden my online account was locked. I placed several phone calls to their customer service with no results. I was sent temporary emails that didn't unlock the account, was told Saks Off 5th would fix it within 30 minutes (didn't happen), they had a technical problem and would look into it and call me back (didn't happen either). I finally asked them to delete the account so I could create a new one. They did and just then told me I would not be able to create a new account using my regular email address. I was so furious I just hung up on them.
Out of curiosity I tried to create a new account with a different email address. That seemed to work but only until a few minutes later I tried to sign in again and then was told the account was locked! I even received two emails from saksoff5h, welcoming me for creating a new account, with a link to my account, that was locked.

On top of that, I had participated twice in their Friends & Family events and had earned gift cards. I was supposed the receive them via email. Which, of course never happened either. I called about this, was told they had sent them, I recalled and finally was sent a promo code (over wrong amount) and of course when I tried the code, it was invalid! This is the most frustrating experience with a customer service ever, they are absolutely unprofessional and just lost me as a customer, will never ever buy there again!

Good company, until you have an issue
I ordered 3 designer bags, kept 1 bag. I returned 2 bags (The description was off), and these people only refunded 30% of what I paid. Saks5thAveoff, said I only returned one designer bag. I showed the receipt with the weight, which proves two bags were returned, Saksoff5th, agreed to fully reimburse me. Two months later, not a additional dime yet.
Saks Off 5th put you on hold for over an hour... no kidding, and then just say that, they will send me an email.
After my BBB complaint, they agreed to pay me back in full, but, never did, after two months.

The BBB decided that my complaint was legit, told me to contact my state Consumer Affairs Division to do a Formal Complaint for consumer fraud, listed SAKSoff5thAVE a bad rate, and to list and make my complaint public.

I just read a new review posted, that called SAKS5thAVE-off "Thieves".- Maybe, I know I was ripped off.


Very poorly managed system
I ordered twice from, and here is my experience:
1. Saks Off 5th delivered damaged, defect products, the so-called up to 80% off items;
2. When I returned them using the return labels they provided, the information was not correct in the FedEx system, so the package was going nowhere, I had to call FedEx numerous times to provide the shipping address for Saks Returns to eventually ship the package to them, lots of frustrations;
3. After they received the package, it took them 11 days to issue a refund;
4. Even though I called at the time of return and told them the product is damaged and they promised me a free return, still I was charged 9.50$ for the shipping fee for the return;
5. When some Items in the same order was cancelled, but they never told me through email or online status update, I kept waiting until I called them and ask them. The service is so lousy and system is so poor that it makes customers feel they are dealing with a third world country store.

DO NOT go to, you will experience the same thing!

Ripoff and uncaring - Never again.
I bought an evening purse (hoping it was the last one I would ever have to buy). It was half the price it was at other sites and so I thought "why not?". Here's why - It came with a defective clasp. I didn't find that out until I tried to use it at a black tie wedding 15 hours from my home. I used it anyhow and kept shutting it. I received many complements and many prompts to close my purse. The last time I closed it the chain also broke. I called Sax of 5th and Saks Off 5th would not let me return it - "The distributor won't take it back", "we can't resell it"... They offered me 25.00 for a 32.00 purchase (credit towards another purchase). I said I wanted the full purchase amount or another bag (who knows what happened to the initial offer of another bag). "We don't take back used merchandise" - was another excuse. Finally I asked to speak with a supervisor and they said they would send me a return label just for this one time exception but the distributor would determine if I got my money back. The return voucher charged 9.95 to the return with me getting a refund of 14.99. I called again and they supposedly will not charge for the return. Each time I called I was on hold for 20 minutes. Next time - Lord and Taylor or Nordstrom Rack - even if I have to pay full price.

Lying piece of $#*!
Such a $#*!ty website... if you want to waste your money go for it... if not stay far away from this website... I ordered a red pump... first day I wore... heel broke. Called customer care... Saks Off 5th asked me to return it... returned... it came right back... again called them 4 times... every time they said 'with in 24 to 48 hours they will call or send me email' but every time there is nothing so 5th time they finally said they cannot take back their piece of $#*!... so what will I do with this new broken piece! Their cc is just full of liars... all thieves... I wish I read some reviews before buying... do not make the same mistake as I did... I am telling everyone not to buy from this website they are nothing but liars... I called them from last 45 days just to return a broken shoe... no record nothing... every time you have to call story what happened... but before every call they will tell you story...'Your call may be recorded bla bla bla bla bla...

More knock-off products.
Similar to my recent review of Bluefly and Belle & Clive, I received a knock-off Furla bag from Saks Off 5th. Poor quality leather, cheap lining, bad stitching and "Made In China" tags in the bag; for $200 and a name like Saks, I expected better. I was invited to write a review for the bag on their website, which I did, but it hasn't been posted. Their return process seems easy; there was a return label included in the package, and I'm fairly confident that the return will be processed with no issues. However, I am most displeased that Saks is selling cheap knock-offs of name brand items and passing them off as designer goods. I'm not interested in the name and having something that looks like a good Italian bag; I look at name brands for the quality Saks Off 5th should provide. If I want cheap, questionable leather bags made in China, I can get them for $35 at TJ Maxx.

Return Policy Sucks
I ordered a down coat on 1/19 and received it on 1/25. However, the belt was missing. I called customer service but kept me waiting and waiting. I sent them email telling them I wanted to return it for a refund due to that fact that I got a defective coat, and I don't agree that I'm responsible for return shipping cost as it's not my mistake. Saks Off 5th replied my email after a couple of days with copy and paste from what I can read in return policy. Nothing I can do but just packed the coat and dropped it off at FedEx. I'm so regret dropping it off at FedEx now cos after 2 days the tracking still shows "not found". I just have 14 days to go before it passes the 30 days return window. Finally I was told the return shipping can take 10-14 BUSINESS days, which is 20 days. But the return policy doesn't show the return shipping time can take up to 20 days. The 30 days return window is so unfair to customers. This is an excuse for them not to accept the return. Beware!

Mentally tortured by the Store Sales woman and security guy
We are still not able to get our heads out of the Insult that occurred at Off5thSaks store in San Francisco California from the Man who said to be the security person at store. We were having a good time looking around the shop and my husband went back to car as he forgot take the card which we intended to use and I was still hanging around with the dresses I intended to purchase when he came back. As it was taking longer for him to come back since we parked our car far away, I had to go to other store and as it was 8pm already, I told him, I will put the dresses on hold and he can come back and buy. Then as I made myself to the exit, he said he is close by and I can wait, so I was waiting at the front door of the store (inside the store). Also we had a heavy bag which was with me and my husband if at all I want to go I can leave the bag with security at the front as he is close by store. The security at the door (he is a different person than other security guy who falsely accused us) said Saks Off 5th can't, so I was standing with bag next to me. Then there comes a man rushing at me and I was thinking he is coming towards me to say that I can't leave the bag in store (as the other security guy at the door checked over the phone and then said no, so I was thinking he came to warn me again) then he goes on like "you and your husband are not allowed in our store " I replied no I am just waiting, no I will not leave the bag here. (As I was thinking he is here for the bag issue) then he continues "you have been switching tags in my store and it's causing a loss to my store". I was so shocked and I couldn't even understand what is he talking and why is he talking to me, then made a call to my husband and put him on phone so that he can hear and I told the security person who was accusing me (not the one who stands at the front door) " no I will not leave the store because you are blaming/ Accusing of something I didn't do and please show the video " he said he won't and I have to leave and what is there to leave, I said if I leave the store it means that I accepted what you are accusing me for and it's against my will to do so. As I haven't done anything or what he was saying like switching the tags or whatever. Then he repeated again "what is ther to leave, just leave the store ", I replied the same that " I can't just take false accusations and leave, if u are accusing me of something show the proof / evidence, " then he takes my bag and keeps it outside the store and ask me to leave and at that time my husband comes running and as he asks why we have to leave and all the security person says (and all this time he was taking in loud voice and barely allowing us to talk) " I already told your wife and you both are not allowed in store anymore, so all gets resorted again as my husband and me keep asking him to either show us the video or to anyone in the store, he denied saying he won't, he is not allowed to. Then we say " Call the cops and show them the video " he says he will not call cops. Then we repeat if what you are accusing us of is true then show us the evidence, how can you just come and accuse some one. All this time he was repeating only one thing "leave the store and what is it to just leave " then I said " you are not understanding how it feels to take false accusations and you are accusing of something which we didn't do and if we walk out then it means we have accepted what you said and we can't do that, it's against our will" and I couldn't control and I break down. It was too much for us to take in. We are respected residents of the country and we have been very good people and we never ever involved any kind of isssues or anything. So this was all too much to take in. And I literally started tasing my voice because it was physiologically causing so much of a damage and I had no other way than to raise my voice as he was barely allowing us to talk. I didn't t care where I was and who were there and kept repeating thousand times call the cops. But said he won't and he will not and we said we will call the cops. And it continues repeatedly and then I guess because all this was happening at front door and with louder voices for more than 30 min Cops walking by outside came in and asked us to reach the corporate office. And we strongly suspect that a Sales woman had something to do with all this who was observing us the whole entire time for no reason.

SaksOff5th is stealing my money, do not shop there
On May 23,2020, I ordered two pieces of Roberto Cavalli
luggage from SaksOff5th, one was 21.5 inches and the other was 28 inches.

On May 28,2020, I received the 21.5" luggage
Onn May 29,2020 I received the 28" luggage, when I opened the package, the 28" had many scratched on it, it had been used before your distribution center shipped it out to me so I decided to return both of the luggage since I wanted a set of two. Please see the shipment tracking from ShopRunner as follow:

Package #1
Order Processed: Ready for UPS
Access_timeMay 29,2020 1:40 AM
United States
Out For Delivery
Access_timeJune 5,2020 6:42 AM
Saint Clair, PA, United States
Access_timeJune 5,2020 1:30 PM
POTTSVILLE, PA, US, United States
Show Tracking Details +
Delivery info:
UPS Ground
Package #2
Shipment information sent to FedEx
Access_timeMay 24,2020 11:07 AM
On FedEx vehicle for delivery
Access_timeMay 28,2020 8:49 AM
Delivered - Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized
Access_timeMay 28,2020 2:41 PM

On May 29th, the same day I received the 28" luggage and found it has been damaged, I contacted SaksOff5th customer service to inform them about the damaged luggage, Saks Off 5th said I had to return through ShopRunner so I printed out the labels and brought the two luggage to UPS for return right away, please see the tracking below:

05/29/2020 01:40:00 AM United States Order Processed: Ready for UPS
05/29/2020 10:48:00 AM South San Francisco, CA, United States Drop-Off
05/29/2020 20:45:00 PM South San Francisco, CA, United States Origin Scan
05/29/2020 22:53:00 PM South San Francisco, CA, United States Departure Scan
05/29/2020 23:34:00 PM San Pablo, CA, United States Arrival Scan
05/30/2020 00:23:00 AM San Pablo, CA, United States Departure Scan
06/04/2020 13:11:00 PM Lawnside, NJ, United States Arrival Scan
06/04/2020 20:02:00 PM Lawnside, NJ, United States Departure Scan
06/04/2020 22:07:00 PM Horsham, PA, United States Arrival Scan
06/05/2020 04:36:00 AM Horsham, PA, United States Departure Scan
06/05/2020 06:36:00 AM Saint Clair, PA, United States Arrival Scan
06/05/2020 06:42:00 AM Saint Clair, PA, United States Out For Delivery
06/05/2020 07:10:00 AM Saint Clair, PA, United States Destination Scan
06/05/2020 13:30:00 PM POTTSVILLE, PA, US, United States DELIVERED

I went out of town for two weeks, I came back home and saw the 28" Roberto Cavalli luggage has been sent back to me with a label saying "item has been used, cannot be returned". What the hell? I was the one sending it back to you because it was damaged before you sent it to me but you sent it back out to me blaming that I was the one damaged it? I contacted your customer service but they were very difficult to communicate with, they kept saying that your distribution center said they already quality checked the luggage before shipping out to me and it was perfect, what kind of quality check was that? They did not even catch the damaged merchandise before shipping out to their customer? Were they really doing their job? Or perhaps because of the pandemic, your business is not doing well so you try to scam your customer by sending them the damaged product and not allowing them to return? Your customer service promised to contact the distribution center for the investigation and will contact me back, they said they would email me of the status within 3 days but I still have not heard back from them until a week later I called them.

Customer service told me that they got a hold of the distribution center and they still said that I was the one damaged it and they offer $25 gift card, what the hell? A damaged expensive luggage for $25 gift card? What kind of luxury like you that did not take responsibility of your fault?

I emailed customer service about issue but no one got back to me, I had to call in many times and left messages then finally someone called me back, they promised to take back the return, I received an email from customer service saying "we have resolved your issues" but it was not since I still have not received me refund yet. A couple days later, I received an email from Lino asking me when would be the good time for FedEx to come and pick up the damaged luggage, I responded two times but he never responded to me. I kept calling customer service and asked for him but they kept saying that he was not in the office. I never experienced such poor customer service from SaksOff5th like I did at this time. Why didn't they allow me to return the item that has been previously damaged by someone else but they still shipped out to me? If you look at the tracking of the shipment from ShopRunner from the order and the return then you'll see I had no chance of using the luggage as I returned them immediately after I received them.

On July 27th, FedEx did come to my house to pick up the damaged luggage but 3 weeks after I still have not received my refund? I called in and was told that they are processing my refund but I still have not seen it.
Now it has been more than 3 months but I still have not received the refund from SaksOff5th, for this luggage, this is very disappointed and I called in many times to follow up, customer service representative kept saying they are processing the return but where is my money?

I am planning to send this message to your corporate office and will write a review on your products so people know how bad of customer service you have. I am a long time SaksOff5th customer but your customer service is terrible and your products are damaged but you did not take the responsibility. I will never shop at SaksOff5th again and will take legal action against you if my money is not returned.

I am attaching all the proofs for your records.

Shoddy Merchandise & Terrible Customer Support
I recently purchased a handbag online with Saks. Within 3 days a large hole appeared on the side of the bag. It was clear this was a defect. I carried a purse for exactly 3 days before the hole appeared. I spoke with a customer service representative who sent me a return authorization. After three weeks with no communication and no credit, along with three unanswered emails through their website I was finally informed that since I used the purse I would not receive a replacement or refund. It was very obvious that the stitching missed the leather on the portion of the seam of the purse. I explained this in detail and sent photos when the bag was returned to me. It took another two weeks and two more emails to receive a response. The responses were rude, dismissive, and not up to par of a high-end store. Ive been shopping at Neiman Marcus and Last Call for years and thought I would give Saks a try. Needless to say Ive close my account with Saks and will only be giving my business to Neiman Marcus and Last Call. Their customer service, merchandise quality and overall experience is far and above that of Saks Fifth Avenue. Buyer beware.

Wrong item sent pending refund
I was billed close to $500 for a Roland Mouret dress on sale ordered online from Saks Off Fifth, but instead received a Mint dress (never heard of the brand) in terrible condition and not even in my size! When I tried to return the wrong item at the NYC location, Saks Off 5th would not accept. Even though on the order summary it clearly stated customers can simply bring the form with the items to the store for easy, free returns. It is extremely misleading to put that in writing if they are not honoring their stated return policy. It is NOT the customers fault that wrong items are being sent! I shipped the wrong dress back with their label provided. Theyd better be prompt with the refund and not charge me with the shipping fee, or I am ready to file a dispute with my credit card company. Customers should not be penalized for Saks Off Fifths mistakes. And their customer service never replied to any of the emails I sent. I took multiple pictures and documented the whole process, in case there will be issue with my refund. Bottom line... its best not to place online orders with Saks Off Fifth, from my experience it is not worth the hassle and frustration.

Worst experience ever!
I ordered a pair of Valentino sneaker. The sneakers arrived in very poor condition. The shoes were obviously used a the bottom and interior of the shoes were filthy. I contacted customer service and obtained information to return the item. The representative offered me a free return label in which I appreciated as paying to return dirty shoes was the last thing I wanted to do. I can not understand how the shoes could have gotten in the box as Saks Off 5th were not just scuffed, they were very nasty and unsanitary. I mean seriously, imagine opening a box of sneakers during a pandemic where cleanliness is basically LIFE. ($288.46 with shipping) and they are suppose to be new. You get the box open and pull one out to see that someone else has obviously worn them... ALOT! It has been 13 days and I have yet to receive a refund. I could not be more disappointed.

The worst service ever!
Last call Neiman Marcus puts this company to shame! How can the Consumer Services allow such a large company to sell items online that need to be tried on to see if Saks Off 5th fit by saying ": final sale". No other company I know refuses to return an item if it does not fit! I tried to return a pair of shoes that did not fit and I was told there was no way I could return them as they were a "final sale"! How ridiculous is that? So now I am stuck with a pair of shoes that do not fit and cannot return them. I then walked across ( at the Block in Orange, California) to Last Call Nieman Marcus to return 3 items without a receipt that I had misplaced. An amazing sales associate by the name of JR Salas called the online department and was able to locate my account and within minutes they refunded me for the items and I was on my way. Simple and painless compared to the argument I went through at Off Sacks. Also consumers be aware that when they advertise 30% off your whole purchase or 50% off or 75% off the final price of the item never changes. Pick a few items and put them in your cart. Check everyday at the specials they advertise and you will find they just increase the price and the take off what they are advertising to bring the price right back to what it was originally. Such a SCAM! Off Saks is definitely OFF my radar as of today and I will be sending a complaint to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Saks company is a thief
I purchased three same jeans with different sizes on the Saks Off 5th website on 8/16/2020. I ordered size 24,25, and 26. I received all three sizes but sized 25 and 26 were completely the opposite of what I purchased. Saks Off 5th mailed me only size 24 correctly, but 25 and 26 were not correct. I called Saks, and they sent a FedX guy to pick up the two incorrect items. I have been waiting to get my refund since 8/20/2020. I have been calling them many times, and they have been giving me different information. Sometimes they say that they don't sell the items and cannot refund me, and other times they say that they have approved my refund, and I should get it with ten business days. It is about to be three months that I am waiting to get a refund on sizes 25 and 26. This company should be held accountable for putting their customers through a lot just to get a refund. If I owed them money, they would totally report me and mess up with my credit history. There have to be some consequences for their actions. Do not shop at Saks.

Please please please do not order from this company! I ordered a pair of boots back in December never received them called them and Saks Off 5th said they were out of order which didn't make sense because I received a tracking number that they were on the way. I waited a month supposedly they were back in stock I had the guy ordered them over the phone for me got another tracking number never received them called them back and said they were unable to deliver them because the address was wrong somehow the guy screwed that up. Apparently they got sent back to the warehouse and was told that they had to send in a request that took 24 to 48 hours to respond back I've waited almost 2 weeks now I've had to call every day they're extremely rude to deal with and somehow this is now my fault and they're saying do you want the shoes or not? I said are you kidding me I've been wanting them send them to me... They promised they were going to overnight them but they are still waiting on some requests to hear back that they originally said will take 24 to 48 hours it's been almost 2 weeks! None of it makes sense everybody's read to deal with I find it very odd that every single person is a foreigner which makes me think that this company is not legit let's see if I get my money back because apparently there was never any issues to begin with because they never sent them! Save your money go somewhere else do not deal with this company. They promised they were going to overnight them but they are still waiting on some request to hear back that they originally said will take 24 to 48 hours it's been almost 2 weeks! None of it makes sense everybody is rude to deal with I find it very odd that every single person is a foreigner which makes me think that this company is not legit let's see if I get my money back because apparently there was never any issues to begin with because they never sent them! Save your money go somewhere else do not deal with this company

Definitely not. Don't go to the store. Don't go online. Avoid.
First off, bless your soul if you have the courage to buy online at saks off fifth. My journey begins when I saw a YSL scarf in stores and when I went back to get it a few weeks later Saks Off 5th were out of stock. Since I had already seen the product I decided to buy through their online store. After buying it I got a confirmation email saying that I will receive a email when my item has been shipped. The confirmation email also says Please note that we will not charge your payment method until we have shipped your order. I had found that my card was immediately charged and I had still not received the shipping status email. After four days I called to check what the status of my order was (thinking that I had just not received the order). WOW, was I in for a great time. If youve had the pleasure of dealing with the calling centre you might know that they are extremely unhelpful and rude. I provided my order number and the lady from the call centre asked if I properly knew how to place an order online and if it was on the Canadian website (Im located in Canada). To which I responded yes I feel competent enough to fill out an online order and the order summary was even in Canadian dollars. She felt as if that was rude so she made sure to let me know how she felt. Maam it was a simple question you dont need to be rude. The stuff the lady was saying sounded like it was straight out of their costumer service manual dodging my questions. It was explained to me that the order was cancelled and that it never went through. (LOL how did that happen?! My card still got charged). I was wondering why my card got charged for an item I was never going to receive. The lady explained that it is some sort of pre-authorized charge. (OOOOOOKKAYY but email said otherwise). Anyways I am still waiting for my money to be returned.

Moral of the story, this is the saddest attempt of a scam Ive ever seen. They just hope you forget about your item and that they can pocket the money. All the great deals you see online are fake and it is all a lie. So sad. I just wanted the scarf. Dont buy from saks off 5th.

Never received my item or refund
This by far the worst thing I've every experienced from a major department store, especially from Saks. I placed an order by in September it was supposed to be delivered on 9-23-20. My package never arrived, when I checked the tracking it said delivered however I never received the package I contacted my local FedEx office and the 800 FedEx number I also went to my local FedEx office. After conducting an investigation my local FedEx office stated that the driver delivered the package to the incorrect address he went to retrieve the packages and Saks Off 5th were no longer their mind you I had other packages not only from Saks from another stores also. Clearly someone is not doing their job correctly because if the correct investigation was completed and they called the local Fed ex office as stated with the number that I provided it is on file that the package was delivered to an incorrect address that was stated 1120 Chesaco Ave. Versus the correct. This has been a constant battle since September 23 every week and still have not been a resolution to this matter. I received an email stating g that it was resolved no refund issued. Contacted SAks credit card no refund. At this time I am looking to move further to take it to court to have it resolved it is no reason why I should be having a battle over 2 1/2 months for a refund total from a major store.
My local FedEx office number is to all of those that do not do the work they were supposed to do. *******140
My order # 100901381

1800 Fedex stated Saks needs to fill out a claim so I can get my refund still no refund.

They steal money!
I wish I can give zero stars because I think 1 is too much for this trash like company. I ordered a Valentino bag few weeks ago. The package came few days after but the items inside is a complete stranger's order. I contacted their customer service and Saks Off 5th told me they will open up a case for me for investigation and also gave me a return label to return the incorrect items (which I did). Didn't hear back for awhile and when I tried to contact them again, I was told I will not be able to get a refund for the tax because the government already took the tax. Ridiculous as I've never heard of not being able to get the tax back if you were to return something. 3 weeks passed and I got a notification that my request for the refund was declined because the tracking indicates the package was delivered (even though the items inside was not my order!) This is a complete scam and I can't deal with them anymore so just went ahead and disputed the charge with my credit card company. Never will I order anything from this company again. They have horrible customer service with people who can't do their job correctly. They obviously also need to update their system or assembly line to ensure the items in the packages are going to the correct customer.

Customer service Saks on Wilshire BLVD
I had interesting experience today at Saks. From Worse service to best service. I am in health care and after a long shift i went to the store to make a return. I was exhausted and emotional with work and needed to get home. I don't want to talk about the worse service because the best service i got afterwards made up for that. I can only say worse one was on 2nd floor.
I went to the 5th floor after that. I was lucky to be serviced by this wonderful kind genuine girl named Kristina. She was very genuine and real no fake smiles straight to the point. I felt her positive and real energy, She helped me complete the return. After talking to her i was so relaxed and feeling good. I wanted to stay and shop. I wish all people in service business would be like her. We are going thru such a difficult times right now with Covid life is very stressful and challenging. We need to all be there for each other. All it takes is a genuine smile and caring. I could tell she loved her job. It was so nice knowing that we too can get treated with love and care, be pampered once a while outside of work.
Thank you Kristina, keep up the good work.

Worst online site and experience
I have made a few sizable purchases from Saks Off 5th (SO5) over the last 3 months. I have to say Saks Off 5th have been the worst online experience I have EVER had and I purchase online very frequently. Not only is the site terrible and buggy and most things you add to your basket are actually not available when you go to checkout (lost 10 out of 16 items basket) and could not use my account to check out. Had to spend 2 hours on phone with SO5 support and only solution was to check out as "Guest". I gave SO5 benefit of doubt again and placed an order Jan 19. I NEVER received an invoice or confirmation of the order nor a single communication in regards to shipping/tracking. I have had my credit card charged and after 3 weeks received 5 of 17 items purchased! Terrible! I had to call and request a copy of the original order confirmation and an update on shipping status/tracking and again NOTHING! After calling I have sent two follow up emails... again no response. SO5 is supposed to be a premier retailer... receiving confirmation of your order and shipping status is table steaks for being an online retailer... SO5 cannot even do this well! This is by far the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with online

Worst Online Service Ever!
I usually am a logical and understanding customer. But what happened with my recent orders is beyond imagination!

Problem 1:

For one of my orders Saks Off 5th sent me a wrong item. I ordered the Diane von Furstenberg New Jeanne Two Wrap Dress (Linked Chain pattern). Instead I got a Diane von Furstenberg Reina dress in same pattern. It was not a warp dress at all. So I called the customer service who told me to go to a store and make an exchange. When I protested and told the person that it was not my responsibility as it was an error on their part, he told me that FedEx will come and pick up the wrong item and he will place the order for my original item. When I received the new order confirmation email, I saw he charged me for shipping even when it says on SaksOffFifth website that any order above $99 is shipped free with a code. I had to call back again and get it removed. Their own customer service providers do not know the rules of their own company! He could see in my original order that I did not pay shipping. Why would he charge it again? Why do I have to call multiple times to get the right order? Now I have to stay at home and wait for the wrong item to be picked up by FedEx. Would you for pay such incompetent service? Oh and by the way, FedEx never showed up on the specified day. I had to run after a delivery truck and get the driver to check if he has a pick up order. He first said no and after 5 minutes of arguing with me he finally checked and found out he actually did have an order to pick up! Isn't it fun?

Problem 2:

For another order, the Alice + Olivia Elisa High Neck Ruffle Blouse came with the safety device attached. So it's pretty much unusable! The customer service provider told me just go to a store and get it removed. I was not offered an apology or anything Do they think my only job is to place and receive orders from SaksOff5th? I paid for a service and I expected to receive what they promised. Why do I have to go to a store, which is 20 miles away from my house, to get it removed?

They do not train their people to cut cost. Their greed for growth in revenue should not come at a cost to the customer.

This was my last order from SaksOffFifth. I will never buy anything from them.
Thank you for nothing!

Terrible customer service
I purchased bathing suit on Off fifth. I did not like it.

It came with a hygeine sticker that did not stick well. I sent it back but Saks Off 5th returned the item to me saying that its not in sellable condition. When i called only a foreign customer service agent answers who is very difficult to communicate with. He finally said that the hygeine sticker was off and it had deodorant stains on the underarms.

I examined the item and there was no stains at all and the dirty hygeine sticker was there originally. He said they will look into it and email me a response. The response came in 4 words misspelled 'As we discuss previos'. I was not even given the courtesy of a full sentence.

I called the line for new orders and got a native english speaker who said the same thing and said she has pictures to prove it. Terrible customer service for a large company. Ive shopped on other big companies (ZARA) where my return was lost in the mail.

They took my word for what i said was in the box and issued me a refund of over 400$. I strongly advise you shop elsewhere!

Horrible experience
Ordered an expensive coat online and was sent the wrong item. Called customer support as the item was sold out online and was told it was available in the New York store (which I don't live anywhere near). I called New York and was in the phone for an hour just to have them tell me that Saks Off 5th didn't have the coat, but that I could return the wrong one in my nearest store. Drove to the Leesburg location to be told that I couldn't return it there since the store was closing permanently but that I could return it at the fairfax location. Drove to fairfax (an hour away) only to be told that I couldn't return the item there because they don't sell that coat in the fairfax store. While there I asked the manager to see a ring in the jewelry cabinet and he said he would be right back... 20
MINUTES LATER I left and still had not seen the ring I asked about as the manager never came back. I called customer support again to complain and was told a locator order could be placed to see if any stores had the coat and I would hear back within 7 days... no response. Followed up win an additional email to customer support and never heard back. Just received an email that the coat I returned had been received, but that I would be charged return shipping costs and that my refund amount wouldn't include the tax I had paid. Absolutely outrageous experience. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SAKS OFF FIFTH AGAIN. Buyers beware.

1 star is too high a rating
I ordered a briefcase for my fiancé.
I got the wrong briefcase in the mail.
I called and waited on the line for about 10 minutes before I got an answer. Saks Off 5th asked the details of what was wrong and supposedly wrote it down for the people that would be packing my new order.
I got the new order and it was the wrong item... again.
Meanwhile, they told me that there was a prepaid packing label and that I'd be able to send it back through USPS or FedEx. I tried to send it through USPS and they told me the barcode was invalid. So now I have TWO wrong bags, and no way to send them back because the shipping labels don't work and they said the only other way to return is if FedEx picks it up from my house and I live on a college campus. I told them that I could go to my parent's house in a week and schedule it to be picked up from there and they said I can't wait that long.
Lastly, in the second package they sent a weird $100 wine voucher (but you have to spend $160 to use it) for a sketchy, illegitimate website.
Unprofessional and not willing to assist customers that THEY drive away.

The worst customer service ive ever experienced
I placed an order online. There was an issue with the payment so I had to call in. Once Saks Off 5th put the new payment on there they changed the shipping and billing address to my old work address for whatever reason. They never confirmed the address with me. The first part of the order was shipped there. Had to call multiple times to finally arrange Fedex to go pick it up and deliver it to me (still hasn't happened). Then after 5 calls and 2 hours on the phone with them they said they'd have fedex intercept the second package so I could pick it up from a fedex location. The customer service agent said they'd make sure this happened and would call me. Neither happened. The second package was also delivered to the wrong address. Now I'm on the phone again, the 2nd time today, trying to get this figured out. Yesterday I got hung up on after being on hold forever then one guy refused to transfer me to a manager and kept reading the same thing over and over off the script and it wasn't even what I was asking. This has been beyond absurd, infuriating, and a huge waste of my time. It's also embarassing because they were delivered to my old work and I didn't leave on good terms and now I'm having to text with my old boss about my packages.

Terrible Service; Bad Shipping
Tried to order from Saks Off 5th several times. Never doing so again.
Firstly, their shipping rates are horrendous. Secondly, regardless of what you're paying for shipping, your packages do not even arrive.
My first order was never delivered and I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company before even hearing from Saks Customer Service.
My second order had a delivery date that was 11 days after the "expected delivery date."
My third order, which was supposed to be shipped via Fedex, was sent to the post office to deliver, so that Saks can save some $ on their shipping costs, and was never delivered. I waited 3 days, each of which had a status update of "attempted deliver," though no one came to deliver anything. After which, Saks Off 5th told me I need to pick it up at the post office (because Im paying a shipping fee so that I can go pick up my own order?). Once I got to the post office, they did not even have my package!

Terrible customer service; even worse shipping service!

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