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Sabo Skirt

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Very easy to shop on the Sabo Skirt website!
Very easy to shop on the Sabo Skirt website! This was my first time shopping with Sabo Skirt and an Instagram ad during stories was the way I ended up on the website! Lovely clothes, great price and easy to use website! The free express shipping is incredible too! Definitely purchasing more in the near future!

I was trying to buy the dress I had been waiting for...
I was trying to buy the dress I had been waiting for as it was out of stock, and opened sabo online just seconds after receiving the email it was back in stock, I then put it in my cart and proceeded with my purchase but at the very final step I was told it was out of stock? This should not have been possible as the item in my size was already in my cart and I was making the purchase but it was taken out of my cart and what seems to be as given to someone else. I was very disappointed as I really wanted and had been waiting on the belen dress

I love the website and love all the products but the...
I love the website and love all the products but the website is incredibly slow, I shop online with a number of stores and really struggle navigating through saboskirt as things take ages to load and sometimes done event load. It takes ages to get back onto a page after looking at a product (i checked the internet and tried with 4G too and used other websites and it's definitely just an issue with this one) apart from that I loved it!

My shopping experience with Sabo skirt is generally...
My shopping experience with Sabo skirt is generally quite good! I like the ease of their website and the price point of their products. However my experience this time around wasn't as good as i found it hard to see a true depcition of the product i was wanting to buy. The colour way of the bikini is quite bold and all of the photos had very strong filters that altered the colours of the bikini - it would be nice to feature an image of your products without a strong filter so customers can see what they'll really look like in reality! :)

Product arrived after I needed it; now I am burdened with heavy shipping cost to send back
I paid for Express Shipping to get the items before a trip. It showed up greater than 10 days later and the items missed the trip - so much for that expense. I am now burdened with paying for International Shipping back to Sabo with a cost of $200+, despite their 'miss' on the shipping to me and Sabo Skirt expect it within 14 days. Completely unreasonable.

Overall, the product quality was OK (a bit cheap and many of the items were completely sheer, despite the product description indicating otherwise).

Have not received a response

I love the clothes but it would be nice if the models...
I love the clothes but it would be nice if the models measurement were included. It would also be nice to see models of various sizes model the same outfit. For example use XS, S, M and L models for the same outfit it would help customers get a better idea of the sizes especially for customers like me in the U.S.

I placed an order and was told I would receive that...
I placed an order and was told I would receive that order within 5 - 11 business days. However, it took 26 business days before I received my package. Unfortunately, I didn't like the items I ordered to I returned them. I was told once my items were received in Southern CA Sabo Skirt would then need to be shipped back to Australia. Well It has now been over 2 months since my items were delivered in CA and there is still no sign of a refund or any indication that my items were received. I understand shipping out of the country takes time but waiting over 2 months seems ridiculous.

Great service
Great service.

I tried to buy this set instore but Sabo Skirt did have my size and I had an online gift card. Lily switched it straight over to an online gift card and I as able to proceed with my order.

It was nice to have a customer service representative assist me stress free. I have had a few instances with other brands where everything was always a hassle and they just told me what they couldnt do so it was very refreshing to be helped straight away.

Very happy with your service thank you.

The dress came pretty fast especially because i live...
The dress came pretty fast especially because i live in the United States. I got shipping updates constantly which i loved. The only issue i had was the sizing guide and how inaccurate it was especially because it was my first time purchasing from them. Next time i know to size up. Another issue i had was it wouldn't show me any customer reviews which i did not like at all.

"Poor Quality and complete wrong order"
A few days ago I purchased two items from Sabo Skirt. At first I thought the shipping was quite fast and good however, when I opened my parcel that was a different story... Inside was a dress I didn't even order... I was missing a top... I was eager to find out how good the quality of the clothing was. I was absolutely disappointed. The quality is terrible. Low quality material and even the dress I didn't order that was worth $72 felt horrible and I would not wear it. The other top I ordered was partially see through when near the light on an overcast day... I would definitely not recommend to anyone, save you money because you will regret buying from here. I also am about to find out the returns and after reading the reviews I am hoping to receive a refund because this is terrible.

I have never been disappointed with the clothes that...
I have never been disappointed with the clothes that were delivered to me by Sabo skirt. Once I did not receive my order, customer service was very responsive and I received a refund promptly. The delivery costs are a bit expensive for me who live in France but all my outfits fit me as indicated in the size guide. The designs are always amazing.

Wonderful! The answer was quick.

Items don't always come up under their relevant category...
Items don't always come up under their relevant category when selecting from the drop down ribbon or from the search bar. This means items can be missed or it can look like they're not listed for sale. Also means you must search multiple areas to ensure you don't miss out. Eg, I bought a sample sweater which was not shown when selected from the Sample ribbon, but shown if I typed Sweater into the search bar. Not all beauty products are listed when selecting from Accessories ribbon, or when you type in Beauty in the search bar, but can be found when selected "Under $$" category.

Great quality and fits perfectly!
Great quality and fits perfectly! Usually I wear a medium but I've gained a few pounds over Covid and a large fit really well; even if I lose a bit of that I think it'll still look good. The only thing is I'm 5'4" and I guess not as tall or lengthy in my torso so the fabric bunches a bit in the middle. Otherwise, I'm quite happy with it and can't wait to wear it in the summer. The tracking and shipment was always being updated so even if it was delayed I knew where it was and when it was coming.

I purchased my first order from this website on 3/30, and unfortunately stupid enough to purchase another order just last week after seeing my 1st package has been stuck in new zeland since 4/7 & has not progressed. I have reached out to customer service about the issue and Sabo Skirt have yet to respond. It says on the website that they aren't responsible for any packages held at customs. But this is around $200 of items I purchased that I probably won't be receiving anytime soon. Even under the circumstances we are under with the world right now, this is RIDICULOUS. I've already told people to STAY AWAY from this site!

A lot of the clothes are very cute but the sizing is...
A lot of the clothes are very cute but the sizing is completely off. I have to buy an XS in everything when I'm really like a S-M in most things. On top of that, the shipping is so ridiculously expensive to buy or return anything from the US that I'm forced to try to resell the goods that don't fit on an off price app like Poshmark - with no guarantee that Sabo Skirt will sell. I end up losing more money in the process because these apps take a cut from what you sell. This company should at least offer free exchanges so you can get the size you need without having to pay 20 dollars to send it back and then having to pay for shipping AGAIN when you need to buy another one in the correct size. Lastly, a lot of times the items are out of stock before you can exchange for what you need - I feel like they just need to plan for more inventory and stop making the customers wait so long for styles to come back in stock.

Don't order if you live in the uk
Paid extra for postage... £14. Customs wanted me to pay £95 for 5 items of clothing... hardly heavy.

I contacted them and Sabo Skirt said they would cover the fees but now they have changed their mind. They will get charged again and I'm going to loose an awful lot of money for zero clothes. The clothes look amazing, but seems to me run by clueless people.

This is the worst experience I've ever had with a retailer
This is the worst experience I've ever had with a retailer. I placed an order on April 28th and it's now June 12th and I still have yet to receive it. Shipping of course is going to experience delays due to COVID, but this is absurd. My biggest issue with this company is not telling your customers PRIOR to ordering to expect these sort of delays. It's careless. If I would have known it would take over two months to receive an order I wouldn't have placed one. I've seen SEVERAL others reporting the same issues. Never will I ever shop with this company again.

Perfect Style, Great Products
I found this brand through social media and then became obsessed and obviously it's from Australia because what cute brand isn't from there? Things are definitely pricey but I think the material is great and cut and sew is awesome. Only downside is that since it's coming from Australia, shipping takes awhile (over a few weeks) and if you need to return, cost is on you to send it back to there (especially if you're in the US that's a no go).

I spend a very significant amount of money at SaboSkirt
I spend a very significant amount of money at SaboSkirt. I love the styles and I am very impressed with the customer service I receive. However I would really appreciate a loyalty discount program or something that rewards me for spending- then I can and will buy more! Thank you I hope this feedback helps :)

Chinese fabrics SCAMM ALERT!
I ordered a co ord set and also 2 dresses and neither of the items were matching the description. The fabric was absolutely hideous, i could feel will irritate my skin, the co ord set was a sweater type of material very sinthetic! The items are overpriced for the quality Sabo Skirt do not provide and PLUS they do not answer to my emails! They lost a customer here!

5 stars for experience, delivery and quality of products
I always get a little cautious when ordering from Aus to the UK (hidden duties/taxes, astronomical shipping) but this was a breeze! So happy with the speedy delivery and excellent customer experience, will for sure be ordering a lot more from Sabo thanks to this. Also the quality of the products is 10/10 - the swimwear in particular is a perfect fit and gorgeous design. Couldn't recommend more.

The online shopping experience was good, but unfortunately...
The online shopping experience was good, but unfortunately the Dharma Playsuit - Bluebell is not what could be expected from the pictures online. The playsuit is yellow and the images are very misleading.

The violet/orange flower pattern and yellow colour in the playsuit are completely different in the images vs in real life. Would be great if there was a closeup on the garment/pattern and colour in a "real" light. I will hence return this order.

Thank you

Horrible literally not worth it
2 weeks shipping, 6 week return and impossible to reach anyone. This place is a joke. Also don't use Afterpay with them, i bought my 2 dresses with after pay, Sabo Skirt didn't work out so i shipped them back. Got refunded for 1 payment of after pay which was 44$ and paid a total of 134. Never have seen a dime of the rest of my money. The quality and fit is not good. Just go somewhere else this place is a fuxking joke!

The return process is the worst I have seen at any company which is really upsetting because the clothes are so cute but it is so complicated to return compared to competitors. I will most likely not purchase anything again. Returnly is a wonderful platform for returns in case you are looking to implement something on your site.

I have been trying to reach out about submitting a...
I have been trying to reach out about submitting a return and no one has gotten back to me, I have now missed my return window because of such. Absolutely horrible Customer Service for anyone purchasing from the US.

For someone purchasing in the US this was an easy buying experience but a TERRIBLE return experience. I tried reaching out the day my order arrived and I knew I needed to return the item, followed instructions, my order supposedly didn't exist and no one contacted me back when I sent an email to the CS Team. HORRIBLE experience and I've now missed my return window.

No response from customer service
I've bought multiple times from Sabo at least 2 times per month for the past year 1/2 (I know!) I can't deny how cute there stuff is. I live in the USA so it has always taken long for things to arrive. Longer than any OTHER Australian clothing brand. I purchase 3 items on March 24, that all came out to a little over 150 USD. I get it the pandemic is making this longer and on April 24 I received a package with a stamp that said RECEIVED WITH NO CONTENT. Just an empty bag but listing the items that should be in there. I reached out to them 3 times... through different venues AND... crickets. In the past Sabo Skirt have answered me through diff venues as well but not even a curtesy sorry to hear that let me check if we can see anything from our end. So upsetting and I'm extremely disappointed. Lost trust in there company and as cute as there stuff is I just can't risk that again so i won't be buying again. Lost 150 USD and nothing to show for it. :(

Disappointed buy
Super cute clothing but it is somewhat false advertising because the dress was not flattering in the slightest. I am 5'3 and only weigh 115 pounds and this dress was a horrible look on me. Also, I tried returning the dress but Sabo Skirt made me pay for shipping which is overseas and it became a way too expensive purchase! Just fyi

Quick easy and one of the best online shopping websites
Quick easy and one of the best online shopping websites. Not overloaded with too many items and I love that the models size clothes is up. I wish you still wrote the measurements of the actual model so it helps with choosing clothes. I do wish there was more reviews, as I sometimes get stuck on what size to buy.

I would like more reviews and additional info on clothing
I would like more reviews and additional info on clothing. Including details of the clothing (whether the item can be adjusted by drawstring/room for stretch at the waist) will be helpful when shopping. Also specification on the 'final sale items' definition when looking to return. This is my first time shopping here and I would appreciate more information when getting my correct size - I measured and purchased according to the guidelines yet still found this difficult to understand as I am between sizes.

Issue resolved
I had not received my order after 11 days, sabo skirt didn't receive my first 2 emails but after the third were very prompt at sorting out the issue and my dress came 2 days after that.

Sabo Skirt didn’t receive my first 2 emails so was initially quite frustrated but they replied very quickly to my third and my issue was sorted out promptly

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