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Warranty means nothing!
Ryobi brags about their warranty being 3 years on their tools, but they neglect to tell you that you have to take the tools to the nearest ryobi repair shop. I don't think driving 90 minutes ONE WAY is acceptable to get to a ryobi repair place. I was then given an option to go ever further to get the repair work done. I have three ryobi tools and I will NEVER purchase another one. Just like someone else said, expensive lesson learned! My sprayer not working is of no fault of mine! I bought it at Home Depot. I took it to back to them to get help with it and they said, return it to ryobi. Ryobi does not care about their customers. Like every other greedy company, they just want their money. Back your warranty!

Ryobi HORRIBLE company that doesn't stand behind their products.
Keep your receipts otherwise they won't help you. I WAS a mega Ryobi product user NO longer. I had bought several extra batteries. I had two that stopped taking a charge. 1 brand new the other a bit old but should have been w/in five years of purchase. Apparently the manufacture date is past the five years to bad so sad! VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON! Effective immediately will NEVER buy another Ryobi product!

Excellent Customer service
I purchased my snow blower Summer 2021, and pulled it out for the first time in January 2022. There was a part missing, so I called Ryobi customer service to have this issue resolved. I received the best customer service experience, I was so impressed I had to leave a review. The representatives I spoke with Pam and another young lady both were excellent, Ryobi Tools were very polite and were determined to resolve my issue. I'm very satisfied with the service I received, and will definitely recommend Ryobi products.

Making Life Simple with RYOBI
I recently purchased a RYOBI chemical sprayer to add to my many RYOBI tools, it works very well, I just turn it on and point the spray nozzle and pull the trigger.
I have set up a special wall in my garage to hang all of my Ryobi tools and a charging station for all of my batteries, So Easy! No gasoline or oil to spill, no wrenching my shoulder pulling a rope. Just slip the battery into the required tool and go to work. Thanks RYOBI! I would like for you to create a small battery operated heater, battery operated, safe to carry anywhere, like a camper, hunting blind, boat, tent, etc.

I had a brand new less than 2 month old RYOBI battery and tools in my truck, not even charging and it burnt my new truck up before I sold the truck.
I tried to get a hold of Ryobi multiple times over the phone, emails, social media and everything; and Ryobi Tools completely ghosted me about the whole thing. Wouldn't even replace the tools or anything!
*Luckily I was outside when this happened and heard the truck topper window explode and there was a hose near by to extinguish the fire before it was a total loss!

Great, Powerful, Quiet Blower
Saw a neighbor using this blower & the next day purchased it at Home Depot.
We love it because my wife does not have to pull a starter cord to start it. It is strong enough & the battery last long enough to blow our entire, large driveway, back patio & all else. If you need an extra stronger blow, you just push the "turbo" button right on the handle to get a tough spot or heaver sticks. It is quiet & does not disturb our neighbors, even on Sunday.
Get one, there is no cord to drag around.
Art & Connie, HHI, SC

I'm going dancing
Using my new Ryobi P737D I pumped the tires on my old pick-up stored for the past year.The tires were about 20 lb pressure and were all pump to (33 lbs in about 5 minutes. I spend a day each Spring inflating the tires on 2 boat trailers, 2 utility trailers, 1 travel trailer, 2 sport cars, a wheel barrel and 6 bikes. I'm 82 years old and after hauling the trailers to my air compressor I'm tired and ready for bed. With my new Ryobi P737D tool I should be able to pump all these tires in about an hour and be ready to go dancing at nite. Thank you Ryobi for this incredible tool. *******

Better than the old version
I have a old RY40600 that one of the handle screws rusted through and the end of the handle broke off. The tool is pretty beat up from a lot of use, so I bought a new one with a battery and charger. A new battery alone costs as much as a new hedge trimmer with a battery and charger. That is totally weird. Anyhow, the new one seems to be a little lighter. Ryobi has put a "cutesy" turning handle on it that I deemed worthless and a marketing ploy. You only have to squeeze the handle for the trigger to unlock, rather than hold in a thumb switch. This I like very much. The blades have been improved and seem to cut a lot better. Overall, I like it more than the old one and recommend it.

Bad Batteries
I have the 18V Trimmer/Edger by Ryobi and the P2660 Hedge Trimmer. I love the battery feature and no cords. Unfortunately, I have had these tools for about three years and am getting ready to replace the batteries again for the 4th time as Ryobi Tools seem to only recharge for a few months and then the batteries become defective. Maddening. I tried to Contact customer service and registered at the Ryobi website, the the Confirmation Verification email was never received. So I called and have been on hold for about 15 minutes so far... not my idea of Customer Service. My caution: research the P102 batteries first as they are costly and don't last long.

40v snow blower, RY40890VNM
When I first tried it. I was disappointed. What the problem was that the edge of the input chute was putting a drag on the blower because it was rubbing on the ground and on the sidewalk. You had to push down on the handle to go forward.
My solution was to mount 3 inch wheels. One on each side of the chute. There is a screw on each side that you remove and replace with a longer one. You can buy any type of wheel. I bought rubber ones. Now when I go forward it is smooth sailing.
Hope this helps someone.

In love with the RYOBI Pressure Washer 2000 PSI
I borrowed my brother in law's RYOBI Pressure Washer to do my driveway. It did such a good job that I started on the 2 year old fence. It worked so well I asked my wife if she would get it for me on Father's Day.
Now I'm the proud owner of this great machine and I couldn't be more satisfied with this product... oh wait, it came with a 12" Surface Cleaner as a Father's Day bonus... Priceless.
I would recommend this product to any homeowner or for your business. YouTube will be satisfied.

16" Gas Chainsaw
This is my second of the same chainsaw as I have two properties. I've had McCullough and Poulan saws and I also use an electric saw when it's close to electric power and prefer electric because Ryobi Tools are always easy to start. I'm not a professional user but have been felling trees on properties for 40 years or so and can usually put them down where I've drawn an X on the ground. I don't buy the professional saws because I don't use them all year or even every year and gas saws can be finicky when left unused, even when you drain the fuel out of the carb and I have learned only to use the non-ethanol $20/gallon pre-mix fuel. I'd rather have to replace a $150 saw, than a $600 one and for half that price I can have a saw at each location. The first Ryobi I bought 2 years ago and it has done everything I've asked it to do including taking down some 32"+ diameter trees and I would recommend it as a good lightweight saw. It has a 3 year warranty, though I've never had to use it. MY ONLY ISSUE IS WITH ITS SO-CALLED "SAFETY TIP." AT THE END OF THE BAR. I'd highly recommend that anyone buying this saw remove the tip from the bar (though I'm sure it will void the warranty). I misjudged the center of gravity of a tree and it started to go the wrong direction toward the bar rather than away from it and was going to pinch the bar if I didn't slide it out through the cut. But the " safety tip" prevented sliding the bar out the cut and I had to lift it high out of the cut with a quick motion. I'm getting over my rotator cuff surgery after the massive tear from the quick lifting of the bar out of the cut. I've never seen other chainsaws with tips like this and I'd recommend that Ryobi get rid of it as I have. If you buy this saw, just use an 8mm socket wrench to remove it from the bar. If it wasn't for the "safety tip" and a $40,000 surgery with almost a year of recovery, I would give it 5 stars instead of 4.

This is a sturdy string trimmer
Just purchased a Ryobi ry253ss straight shaft 2 stroke gas string trimmer with the extend it feature. This works for me as I already have many of these tools. After 10 years of service my old trimmer just gave out, so I bought this one. It has been reengineered an appears much more durable than the old model. The assembly was very quick and easy, it only required a simple screwdriver to complete. Prepared the fuel mixture and it started eastly on the third pull, pretty good for an out of the box first start. The straight shaft is stronger and the string head much easier to load and service. A quick tryout proved the machine to have excellent power and good balance. Half throttle ate right through 10" high overgrown grass. I expect to get at least another ten years out of this one. I recommend this product for anyone that enjoys working with commercial grade yard tools at a reasonable price.

18v sprayer
I purchased this Ryobi 18v sprayer from Home Depot. The first one lasted a less than a month, Home Depot replaced it. I got it in the fall so I didn't use it for a few months. I go to use it and it will hardly spray, called Ryobi Ryobi Tools told me I have too take it to a repair center. I took it in on June 16 they said the motor was bad and they advised Ryobi to send me another one. I got it back on July 14th or so, in the mean time I had to buy a pump sprayer to spray for spiders. I tried to use the Ryobi sprayer and this new one would not spray very well, called Ryobi and they said I would have to take it to the repair center. I asked her "Why would I want to try a 4th one?" She said if needed I would have to take a 100 to the repair center. I wasted a $100.


Great customer service for me
My son bought me the outdoor leaf vacuum for Christmas but unfortunately I did not actually receive it till July of this year 2020 because we live live several hours apart and then the pandemic started. The item worked great one time then never worked again. When I checked with Ryobi on internet, it stated must have receipt. I had no receipt and my son had lost the receipt. I gave Ryobi a bad review because I was pretty upset, however, the next day I received a email from ALEX who manages online reviews and said he wanted to help me. He turned it over to Ryan the Product Manager. Both men were polite and professional and acted concerned. Ryobi Tools had me do different things to help them troubleshoot what the problem was. I thought it might be the battery or charger. It turned out to be the actually leaf blower and end of story, Ryobi sent me a brand new one with a battery and charger. Its been awhile since I have seen great customer service like this. Thank you guys very much.
Bill Layton

Ryobi One +
I have purchased not 1 but 2 of the Ryobi One + 18v 6pc combo kit for EVERY tool to have a problem! Not to mention I've purchased the Ryobi 7-1/4 Circular saw with laser and paid EXTRA for the 2 yr warranty which is now GARBAGE! When I take it to home Depot for the 3 yr warranty, Home Depot and Ryobi wants $20 per tool (refundable if the problem is covered under the "limited warranty) to look and see if the tool is broke and covered under the warranty. 2 combo kits = 12 tools = $240 Ryobi Tools want me to leave with them when the hole kit is only $299 at Home Depot. I will NEVER in my life but another Ryobi tool if this problem can not be fixed!

Senior tools excellent buy
I ordered a lawn mower, but sent it back as my daughter bought me a better one without my knowledge. I was going for electric cord one, but she got me a battery one with a trimmer and blower. I did have a battery one before but could not pick-up the battery to recharge it as it was so heavy. I was very surprised with the batteries for my new lawn mower, Ryobi Tools weigh next to nothing, so I am able to do every thing myself. Being 73 years old it is nice to have something like this Ryobi, being able to do this myself is great. I have tried the trimmer and with the battery in it is not heavy either, blower is the same. So thankyou very much for this product, I recommend this to anyone. Because i am an older lady, I have people tell me to get someone else to do it. But because of your product and thanks to my daughter I am still independent. Thankyou again. Sheila Pikkert. I am sorry I cannot send you proof of purchase as my daughter got it for me and she lives north of Toronto.

Ryobi 40-volt weed eater with accessories
I have used a ryobi one drill for a few years and. Had been pleased. I needed a weedwacker and purchased the 40-volt ryobi it has been a 250 dollar disaster first the battery went bad verified by ryobi rep told that under warranty but Ryobi Tools were backorder a n d to go to home depot a ND purchase new battery and would be reimbursed the battery was purchased on 6/14 today is 9/18 still no check the wacker stopped functioning would run fine for about5 minutes and then would slow to crawl I will not waste my time and just take an approximate 400 dollar loss even though under warranty. Would not recommend either tool or company

Battery Powered Mower
I have been wanting a battery operated mower for a long time. But was put off by the price. I finally bought a self-propelled, battery operated mower by Ryobi. I also bought a 2nd battery as a back up. I couldn't be happier with this mower. Although it does not have the power of a gas mower, it is quiet. I don't have to buy gas or oil anymore. I push one button and it comes alive. Pull one off two levers and it's off at a speed I select with a sliding button. I use it on mulch mode and it leaves no grass clumps behind. It is lighter than a gas mower. The handle folds into the body and the mower can be stored in an upright position or hung from the wall.
The following comments are added at a much later date: I had one of the larger batteries charging in the garage unattended. I did not know it had caught fire until my room-mate told me there was smoke in the house. Searched the house and found no fire. When I opened the garage door, it was like fireworks from the 4th of July. The batter was on fire and repeatedly exploding. (It was on a fast charger.) Used three fire extinguishers to no avail. Had to finally call the fire department. Ryobi Tools hosed it with water. It took a friend and I two days to clean the worst of the smoke damage from inside the house. Still haven't done the garage yet. It destroyed my three tier tool box and all the tools in it. In all it probably cost me, including replacing the batteries and tools, around $2000 in damage. I still like Ryobi rechargeable tools, and will continue to buy them. But now when I recharge the batter, I run a power cord out to the driveway and do the recharging there. And I use the lower power charger.

20-inch 40V Brushless self-propelled lawn mower with 6.0Ah battery
I really love this product, very easy to use and to store - has more than enough power for my needs and is relatively quiet. Battery life is very good - I have a decent size yard and the battery thus far has lasted for two cuts before I have needed to charge it again - although I have only had the product for about a month. The one thing I would like to see changed however, is the addition of a lower height setting. The lowest setting is 1 inch - I would like to see a setting lower that this for very close cuts.

Ryobi spotlight 18 volt
I bought a Ryobi 18-volt spotlight. 2500 lumens very bright. Much brighter than my Cree 8500 Lumen flashlight. It came with a battery and charger. Model P7171. Could not find that exact model number on the Ryobi website. Closest number was p717 and I used that. In the registration Ryobi Tools ask for a receipt number. I bought my light over the internet and it did not come with a receipt. Finally got one from Home Depot. Evidently the receipt number is the same as the order number. I called their customer service number and went around and around on that. They really need to fix it. Very bright light but what a hassle registering it.

I Like RYOBI Tools
I have several Ryobi Tools at my home I used regularly. I like them because of their Pricing, Ryobi Tools seem to be way more competitive in price vs. a lot of their competitors. Ryobi tools seem to deliver what they promise in toughness, and efficiency. Their batteries, which are very important to lengthy use of the tools are strong, and reliable. I have some other tool of the same nature that were more expensive, and their batteries were not only limited to they amount of time you could use the tool, but the price to replace their batteries were also high. It was very disappointing.

Electric Jet Fan Blower
Santa brought me the Jet Fan for Christmas and is the best present this year! I can now throw my rake away, well... It'll be a great tool in maintaining my year 'round landscape here in Phoenix where leaves and blossoms are dropping all the time. I can now keep the gravel ground cover around my plantings debris free. My initial use this week was quite satisfactory in efficiently removing and consolidating plant rubbish. The Jet Fan quickly removed daily fallen tree blossoms from the front driveway and sidewalk... Phil Davis

Ryobi tools,
I currently own multiple Ryobi tools, in which I can not say enough good things about them. I currently have 2 drill sets, 2 chain saws 18" and 14" bar, leaf blower, weed eater, tire inflater and recently just brought the power washer. I used my chain saws to clear cut area to place home on up north 6 years ago and to this day it still fire's up on the first or second pull when a tree is down. I will continue to purchase other tools as projects come up. To the Ryobi team, please continue to make your A1 products and I will continue on purchasing the product line. Thank you again.

Their Customer Service is Actually ZERO STARS!
In addition to my first post. Ryobi never ceases to amaze me! I have 3 NEW 40v Batteries. Ryobi Tools were purchased last fall. Although they have never been used, because THEY WILL NOT CHARGE, they will not warranty them, because I dont have the receipt! They have a 3 year warranty, but its ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS! I received them as a gift, so of course I dont have a receipt. Even though I registered them when I received them, they WILL NOT HONOR my registration date. The batteries themselves should have a date code and THEY WONT HONOR IT EITHER!

Elder lady's "right arm"
Ryobi is my right arm! I am an "older lady." Each type of Ryobi I have used to custom build/update my home, has been excellent! The outside tools from tree saw to trimmer and air blower have been perfect for me. The saw trimmed large older Crepe Myrtle trees to a "professional" groom. Neighbors seeing me using them have immediately become interested and either borrowed or purchased their own having been so impressed with the ease and effective use of each Ryobi. The power washer immediately took years of built up gutter spill green moss and mold off the brick easily. Intending to only do the house, i was "enticed" to start on the aggregate drive. I never knew the 20 year old drive would look brand new! That lead me to the curbing and immediately made "my" curbing white as snow. That got the attention of close-by neighbors and soon, neighbors farther away, due to the stark difference in mine vs all the rest. The cost for the product makes each tool quite inviting. Then finding the ease and effective use is the best product for me. Large projects like remodeling a master bath to actually change the configuration of a room and totally building a custom office/craft/sewing room, were all done with Ryobi. Like i said: Ryobi is my right arm!

Ryobi lawn & garden
I would like to share my experience with Ryobi lawn and garden tools. I have a 40 volt weed trimmer with the expandit capability, i have had excellent results with the weed trimmer, so i purchased the edging attachment, again had great results, so i bought the cultivator for our garden, amazing what such a small attachment is capable of. After using these items I purchased a small chainsaw again i was impressed, so I bought a pressure washer, I also have a blower, all of these except the washer are cordless, it is so nice to NOT have to worry about starting, gas, fumes from gas and oil etc. I just purchased grass shears and hedge trimmer and Ryobi Tools both work fantastic, I will always consider Ryobi tools in future purchases.

Great domestic use Leaf blower
I had a Ryobi leaf blower for about 5 years and it finally quit (the fan disintegrated) last month.
I bought a competitors blower & returned it with in a day as it did not measure up to the Ryobi. I am glad that I did as the new blower is a newer model (naturally, after 5 years) & has better power than my old one & works well on wet & dry leaves. Because I also have about 16 other 18v all in one Ryobi tools I now have another spare battery. Love the product & make good use of all of the 16 tools I have

The only brand I own
I've purchased just about every tool ryobi had made. The last 2 purchased were a battery powered pressure washer and a battery powered air pump. I'm not happy with either purchase. My hose has more pressure than the pressure washer and the air pump only goes to 20 psi before leaking. I bought the extended warranty on both but I've never had a problem with any of the other tools so I didn't bother to register. So now being passed the time to register I'm stuck with these 2 tools that I'm extremely unhappy with. All my other tools work 100% and I'm happy with. I literally have almost all of the battery operated line that Ryobi Tools make. I tell everyone to buy because I've never had a problem. Won't make the mistake of not registering again

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