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They cancel orders for "unknown" reasons
This is the second time in several years that I have tried to buy something from canceled both times. When I wrote to ask them why they wrote back:

"Thank you for your email. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience.
There are many reasons an order may be found invalid and canceled but, unfortunately, Merchant Services does not provide us with those reasons. When an order is canceled, we relay that to the customer and advise them to use PayPal if the order is still wanted.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter
Kindest Regards
Jami ~ Fraud Prevention Services"

I use the same credit card, same address, and same name each time. I have no debt on this card, so why do they cancel? The reason is evident in the line "When an order is canceled, we relay that to the customer and advise them to use PayPal if the order is still wanted." They want lower cost. To me, this is an absolutely invalid reason and the credit card should be notified, so I will. review
I found from a google search for area rugs. I've ordered from Overstock, Wayfair, and Home Depot in the past, and had a vast selection of quality rugs in more styles than I remember the other sites having. The navigation of the website was intuitive and fast. All my questions were answered with the information in the product details and pictures. The customer pictures and reviews also showed real home decor and styles. With the black Friday savings, I ordered two rugs and saved an additional 10%. Very happy I found this site.

Filters are basically useless offer filters so you can narrow down your search amongst their thousands of products, but they dont apply them at all no matter how many you select, requiring you to spend hours and hours of your time sifting through product to ensure you're getting what you want and also the best price. Some products are listed numerous times by different colors even though they have multiple color options available to select by product. If their filters worked properly, they could fix that issue, instead of listing all of the different colors separately and showing them in the SAME SEARCH even when I did not want that color. Overall, the site is chaos and it took me days to get my product because I felt so overwhelmed by the task. Almost didn't even end up purchasing here because of it, and to be honest, I probably never will again if I can help it.

Poor Customer Service
I ordered 2 rugs for delivery on 12/24/19. This was for an New Years Eve event. Due to the holidays, the shipment was delayed; which was understandable. I received one rug on the 26th. My tracking showed no scheduled delivery date for the second. I called 4 times, each time being promised a follow up text or call, which never came. Since it does not appear that the rug will be here in time for my event, I finally had to request a refund so that I can get one somewhere else. As a customer service manager who has worked for large companies, I understand that these things happen., so I was not at any time rude or disrespectful to the reps. However, as someone with a great deal of customer service management experience, I have to say that with the exception of Steven, the customer service representatives were nether courteous nor professional. interrupted me when I spoke, were rude, pushy and sarcastic; particularly the young lady who issued the refund. I have since gone back online and researched reviews about this company, which I should have done before ordering. I can not recommend this company and would advise shoppers to go elsewhere.

Did I just get a bad apple?
Sept. Of 2019 began looking for a new rug at a doable price. Had bought from before, but their prices were a little too high this time around so I checked out which had a lovely selection and price, at least the picture was gorgeous. I checked the rug out on 3 different sites and the picture was the same, thick gorgeous 2-1/2" high pile infinity shag, but no reviews on any of the sites. I assumed it was a newer item from Turkey and after checking out hundreds of area rugs over 5 sites, went back to with every confidence that I'd done my homework. This website had beautiful rugs and many, many 4 & 5 star reviews. The rug I got weighed no more than 25 lbs., I'm a 76 yr old female and I carried it down 9 steps to my apt., opened it up and honestly did not know what I was looking at. Looked nothing like the picture, was laying down in every direction and looked like straggly, sparse witches hair. I knelt down and could see each individual fiber, where it was looped and the entire carpet backing. When I stepped on it, it was like walking on the floor because there wasn't enough carpet to give it any cushion. Maybe the machine ran out of carpet or maybe are all like this I don't know. What I do know is this: cust. Serv. Is easy, they responded to my email in 3 minutes, explained that it's hard to know If there is anything wrong with an item, whether it's a chair or a rug, as everything comes wrapped direct from the supplier, apologized In earnest, immediately emailed printable return labels and directions how to wrap for shipping and offered me fedex for $5.00 and returned payment the day they rec'd the rug and emailed me that info. They did say this rug was a new item which explains why there were no reviews. I'm just saying, what we all know, you can't count on the pictures. Was it just a bad apple?

In fairness to, they have good standing as an etailer, and outstanding customer service. I might Give them a 2nd chance if I saw something wonderful. Has anyone else dealt with this company?

Living room/dining room coordination
I Purchased the 6 x 9 blue oasis for my living room. I have an open floor plan that includes the dining room. My research tells me I can deviate from the exact pattern and style from the living room, For the dining room rug I just purchased. The dining room will be a 6 x 9 Paragon Which has similarities to the blue oasis, but has the colors that will distinguish it with the theme I am proposing in my dining room. I think it will be perfect. With the full spectrum of rug styles and colors, is perfect for selecting rugs for my condo in South Florida.

Cautiously Hopeful, Happy Ending
I had a good experience purchasing my rug. If I had read reviews before ordering (as I usually do), I would have been scared off and would have never ordered from this company. But I didn't read reviews because I had been online for hours researching rugs and when I found a rug that I really liked and it was available in the right size (6' x 6'), I jumped on it. I was hopeful that I would receive a good quality rug that looked like the picture and, long story short, I did. I also purchased a very nice 6 x 6 pad. I am using my carpet in a small bedroom where I will be installing a twin size Murphy bed. The bed will fold down in the middle of the carpet and provide a foot path on either side of the bed. I know some folks have found these rugs to be flimsy but I guess it depends on your expectations. I ordered a Persian rug, so I didn't expect a heavy, thick nap like you might get when you install a hefty wall-to-wall carpet. The fibers are short, full and soft, but it's not a "thick" carpet. You really need to use a good pad with these type of carpets for step comfort and carpet life. I have purchased similar, Persian-type carpets from brick and mortar stores and the thickness is much the same. Of course, the more money you spend, the higher quality you can expect, but I believe I got my money's worth on this transaction. I feel for the folks who have had difficult customer experiences with this company. I didn't have to deal with that, but I know how frustrating it can be. There seems to be many negative reviews for If you're deciding whether or not to take a chance on them, I would advise carefully measuring your area, researching exactly what you want, and managing your expectations. Sometimes, glitches happen, like colors being off, or a rug just not working out the way you envisioned, and its important to have confidence in a company's customer service, so you'll need to assess whether (if need be) you're willing to spend the time and effort to work with their customer service to return a carpet, resolve a billing issue, etc.

False Advertising
I purchased a used oriental rug on which was advertised in Very Good Condition with a 1/2 inch pile.
When I got the rug there were damage spots all over the rug, the pile was flat, almost bare in spots and it had an 11-1/2x9 inch patch where a piece had been cut out and a replacement made that did not match well. I sent my complaint to and have not heard back. It's been 7 days. Nobody answers the phone even though advertise 24/7. As an elderly person, I don't know how I can roll the rug up, wrap it and send it back. The rug is heavy. It is around 8x10 in size. What a terrible way to treat customers. I need a response.

Great rug, extremely poor packaging
I just purchased a 4 x 6 area rug from to put in my kitchen and was thrilled to find one of this caliber on sale. However, when the rug arrived, it had been rolled in such a way that it put sharp lateral creases across the rug in three places. I tried to roll the rug in the opposite direction. I tried to work on the creases, but were so indented into the material that I could not get them out. It's ruined the rug. I'd ship it back but it would cost more to ship than what I paid. never responded to my emails. I tried to log in but they said they can't find my email address. Yet, every day I get email advertisements from them, so someone there has my email address.
Update: contacted me and sent me a replacement rug that is better than the first rug. I was completely surprised and gratified by their response. They were very helpful. So... it worked out.

Nice rugs, good prices
I recently got hard floors and purchased several rugs. The selection is very good, the website is easy to use and the quality of the rugs is excellent. I then decided I wanted pads for many of them, and also bought some of those. The rugs vacuum and clean up nicely. The regular pads add comfort do a good job of preventing the rugs from slipping. The non-slip pads don't. The rugs with those seem to slip around easily. I had to go to another company to get a comfort mat for the kitchen. Their website was much harder to use and made a mistake on the 1 thing I ordered, so I would recommend

Still Waiting, although rug has been at FedEx for 1 week
Ordered rug on April 27. According to tracking info, rug arrived at FedEx facility (less than 20 miles from my home) on May 1 and has been sitting there since. Inquiries to only produce same information, noting backup problems with delivery during covid 19... ordered other items (2 and 3 days after ordering from from other online retailers who noted same delays but all those items have arrived, although took longer than normal. uses FedEx, which is the worst when it comes to delivery and has lazy drivers... we have had items left at our mailbox because drivers were too lazy to walk up the hill... never been a problem with UPS or USPS. Lots of nice rugs at, but it isn't worth the hassle. Shopping elsewhere in the future.

Pay attention at check out...
I am giving a 2 star rating now immediately after placing my order-be aware that you may find a bottle of rug cleaner pop up into your cart without you actually adding it. I noticed thankfully as I was checking out. I removed it from my cart only to have it pop up again! Very sneaky... it took several attempts to purchase my rug without the additional item in my cart. Perhaps count on people not really paying attention... I will give a review on the actual rug itself once I receive it. Hopefully the shipping will be better than the check out process.

Great selections!
Had been searching for 2 rugs in multi shades of blue to go in our new home living room & guest bathroom. Didn't want solifs, stripes or circles & needed them to include shades of gray along with the blue shades. Had been looking everywhere, then came across the site. Put in what I was looking fir in the search window, & just like that, I found the perfect rugs! Ordered the one for the bathroom & was very, very pleased with the quality, colors, style & the price! I have gone ahead & ordered the one for the living room & can't wait to get it! I know it will look fabulous!
Thank you!

I am not surprised at all the negative reviews. approved my order and processed the $169.00 payment. Within minutes, I recv'd the following msg: "Thank you for your recent purchase. We regret to inform you that your order has been determined invalid by Merchant Services and as a result it was cancelled. Any deducted funds will be back into your account within the next 2-3 business days."

When I inquired, I was told my only recourse was to respond to the cancellation email, which I did. Five days later, I got a response that basically said, we have no control over what happened to your order: "Merchant Services is a third party monitoring system that works with financial institutes to protect consumers. There are many reasons an order may be found invalid and cancelled but, unfortunately, Merchant Services does not provide us with those reasons. When an order is cancelled, we relay that to the customer."

I was never contacted to verify the order. My bank approved the purchase. My refund did not show up until 11 days post payment. Bottom line, if this is how does business, allowing an anonymous third party to treat their customers like common criminals, with no explanation or recourse, they are not the kind of company I want to do business with. You've been warned.

Cotton Woven Rug - Color bled when washed
The color on my cotton woven rugs from bled and also bled on two other light blue bathroom rugs that I've washed numerous times with no bleeding. Those are now ruined. I've purchased woven cotton rugs for years from other vendors and never had the color bleed ever. I have hardwood floors and wash my rugs when I clean the floors, so that everything is clean. One shouldn't have to dry clean a cotton rug. The company has a return policy, but it's a bit much to package heavy rugs for return. Their outsourcing to rug vendors seems haphazard. I'm not able to review on their website, which make one question all of their five star reviews.

I ordered two rugs, received them and upon opening the sealed package was overcome by the stench of mildew and a strong kerosene odor, perhaps from an industrial dye. I immediately phoned customer service, was on hold forever and gave up. I emailed customer service and still no reply or return label, which I desperately want because the rugs reek and I want them gone. I am initiating a charge back claim with my credit card issuer. I truly feel that I have been scammed. If anyone reads this review, please do not make the mistake I did in trusting this company.

In search of washable runner
Was looking for a narrower, 26" or less, runner about 8' long that could go in the washing machine. Found a few that would work dimensionally. Different rugs showed the same video of putting rug in the washing machine, but some of the rugs had a 1/2" pile and looked rather stiff. It did not look like a rug that could go in the washing machine. I opted for one that was only 1/5" pile. Some thinner polyester rugs can be a little silky, making them rather slick in one direction. Hoping that this is not the case, but there were no product reviews.

Difficult to buy on-line
Trying to buy a rug and decided to change the color. I called within a few hours and was told that had to cancel the rug and I could order a new one of the color I wanted. I did all this, and then received an email that my new order was cancelled due to 'an issue with Merchant Services". I called and they said I needed to call my bank. I called my bank and they said that they had approved both charges ( one which should be a credit). I called back to and I was told that I had to use paypal ( which I don't use). Seems very odd to make it is so difficult to buy a $209 rug.

Good Customer Service and Prompt Delivery
True story... please read if your are hesitant about purchasing from this company. I hope it will help alleviate any possible anxiety you may have after reading negative comments from others on this forum.

Three weeks ago, I purchased a rug online from, then 15 minutes later found another rug from that I liked even better. This was a slight hitch because I had already completed the transaction on the first rug with my credit card; so I decided to take a chance on also purchasing the second rug and cancelling the first order that same day. Then I read the reviews - yikes! The negative comments made me nervous because I needed to cancel one of the rug orders and keep the other one. Based solely on those less than glowing reviews, I envisioned a nightmare scenario, so I called the same day as the purchases were made to cancel one of the rug orders and keep the other one. Admittedly, I did have to wait, with my phone on speaker, for an hour or more, before being connected with a customer service representative; however, Jalesia was very pleasant and helpful, taking care to answer all my questions and even went so far as to confirm that the cancellation email she sent had indeed arrived. It had. She was lovely - very patient with me and so calming. A week later - mind you this was during the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, so delays were expected - the rug arrived in great shape! It is absolutely beautiful and looks so nice in our dining area under the dining room table. I was thrilled because I had been shopping for so long to find the perfect rug for this area of our house. Thankfully, the rug I had cancelled did not arrive, as I had feared it might, and the credit applied to my card for the cancelled rug was very prompt. I would have rated 5 stars, but in the end took one star off due to the hour wait time for customer service, which was surely due to the pandemic. I would recommend this company. have great stock for a low/reasonable price and do a good job of keeping in touch via email. Next time, though, I will make sure to order a pad, as the rug is a bit thinner than I had anticipated. It wasn't a problem for the dining area but I would probably like more thickness for other rooms.

Take a chance on if you are looking to purchase a beautiful rug at a low cost. Patience is a virtue!

This rug looks nothing like the picture on the website. There is a one and a half inch band of dark gray in certain areas along the binding, that is not shown in the picture. I understand a rug has to be rolled out and laid down however the shading isn't going to change along the edge, get real. This company does not stand behind their product. I emailed the company regarding this issue along with pictures, I was offered a $6 refund. After several emails of bickering back and forth I finally decided to call the company. I asked them to send me a new one and have UPS pick the original one up. were not having any part of that. Buyer beware do not purchase anything from this company. They don't post negative reviews. After posting mine I seen it then it was removed.

Horrible Customer Service
The worst company and customer service I've ever experienced! There was an error with my address which I did everything in my power (calling FEDEX) to handle the situation. The only thing wrong with the address was the unit number. The packaged was still believed in a completely different town! had to ship a completely new rug to me because they can't find the original rug, so to charge me a fee to reship a new one is absolutely ridiculous. After contacting about this, they charged me 18 dollars to change my unit number! After ignoring my emails and giving me the runaround with charging me extra or not. I'm returning the rug and will never buy from this company again!

Don't Buy From This Company
I purchased an 8x10 area rug from this company in August... when I laid the rug out the wrinkles in the rug would not flatten out because not only rolled the rug but once it was rolled it was folded in half and that's how it was shipped to me. I waited a week to see if it would flatten out but it did not so I proceeded to call this company. My first phone call to them I was waiting for a human to pick up the call for one hour and 47 minutes and no one picked up the call. This continued consistently for the next three weeks I could not get anyone to speak with me I do not have all day to sit around waiting that length of time for them to pick up the phone so that's when I started emailing them. It took about 2 weeks for them to respond to my email and when they finally did they tell me that I must return this rug I must wrap it in tarp I must carry it to a FedEx facility. Hi explained that I am a senior citizen I don't have any way of getting this to a FedEx facility and I don't have tarp to wrap it in. I told them I would be happy to pay FedEx to pick up this rug at my house if they could send me the label... well by the time they sent me the label they told me that my return time was up and I would now be charged a 25% restocking fee that would come off my refund... I finally Got a representative to agree to send someone to pick it up they were going to send me the label and just charge me five dollars for FedEx to pick it up. I immediately got the rug ready for them to pick it up I did wrap it in plastic I put the label on it and they picked it up. I expected my refund as soon as they received the rug back. It was over a month and I still did not get my refund so I disputed the charge on my credit card. They gave my credit card some bogus story that I wouldn't return the rug so my dispute was in their favor. I once again opened up another dispute because that was an incorrect response from this rug company. This time they refused to respond and comply with American Express so the dispute remained open. Now that the second dispute was open decides to agree to a refund. But they told me that they couldn't give me one because the dispute was still open. The bottom line is they are liars they do not have good customer service you cannot get anyone on the phone to speak to you in person you get ridiculous emails that make no sense all this for $134 rug. It took from August till December to get my money back and then once they did give me the money back they took $40 off and charged me a restocking charge which I was told I would not be charged. I reported this company to the Better Business Bureau and I wrote to the attorney general... if you read the other readings they are bad. Do not do business with this company you will be so sorry. I buy a lot of things online and this is the worst experience I ever had don't make the same mistake I did.

Feeling scammed
Ordered a rug that had amazing reviews on their website. When I received the rug (and it was in a timely manner) the fringe on both sides of the rug were all different lengths (see pics, it is ridiculous). I kept getting emails to review so I finally did expressing my surprise at all of the good reviews and wondering how I could be the only one this happened to. I received an email saying my review was received and reviewed, yet my review can be found nowhere on their site. INTERESTING. Now it's starting to all make sense. I was able to talk to customer service through email who sent me a shipping label to return. He also ensured it was not the quality of the rug and I would not see this in another rug if I repurchased (HA -- definitely not repurchasing anymore). Cost $12 to buy a tarp to roll the rug with and there were so many demanding instructions for the return that could cause you to not receive a refund or a deduction in the refund I am getting really nervous. After doing some digging and seeing others have add problems with this site too, I know this is not the end of my troubles with just waiting on that refund... I am so disappointed, angry and feeling really scammed. I HATE that companies can get away with this BS.

Rug return
The rug I received was nice but color was not the perfect match that I needed. The problem was the cost to return this rug. The cost was $70.00 to return plus the initial shipping and handling fee. It also took 11 days after received the rug to recieve my refund. That was after a few phone calls inquiring about my refund. The refund amount was short the taxes I paid so I had to email them and the shortage which they did acknowledge and refund that amount right away. Due to the fact of the expensive return cost I will now order rugs from local shops to avoid the costly return fees.

Wrong pile thickness listed
The website says that the I ordered rug is 1/2 inch thick (e.g. 12.7 mm). However when I received it, the tag said it is only 8mm thick. I had purchased the rug specifically for it's thickness to block sound coming from the floor below. When I brought this mis-representation to's attention, asking for a rug pad to make up the difference in thickness refused to give me any more than $85 back (which doesn't cover the cost of the pad I'll need). This makes me very concerned about all product descriptions on the website overall, so proceed with much caution when/if ordering here!

No Follow Thriugh
I purchased a $3000 Moraccon rug and was promised a certificate of authenticity, however, I haven't received anything and the rug arrived before Christmas or approximately there of. I called multiple times and each time I was told it was mailed. Well, have you seen it? Because I have not. Customer service takes forever to answer the phone. I even asked to speak to the buyer who purchases these rugs for the company. I was told weren't available. L must say the rug came in very good condition as promised. However, Persian rugs, oriental rugs and Moroccan rugs are very expensive and it is necessary to have a certificate of authenticity if you want to sell the rug some day. These rugs are antique and very desirable.
At this point I am going to call and ask for a manager but I don't think it will get me anywhere.
My advice, don't buy from this company. They are not reputable.

Worst Experience
I ordered for the first time and upon receipt of the merchandise, the rugs were quite less than quality. I requested a refund and was told that I would receive 5 to 10 business days once the items had been received at the company warehouse. The less than quality rugs were to be in good condition, quite surprising when I provided the notification regarding the quality of the rugs. Please know that I just received the shipment so I did not have the rugs in possession for some time nor am I attempting to defraud by using the rugs and then requested a refund. Please don't waste your time and/or experience the issues that I have had as there are so many other companies which provide quality merchandise and quality customer service.

Delivery Restrictions
I placed an order which was processed to the wrong address. I reached out the next day to correct this and was told could not edit the address (because I had not paid with a card directly on their site and instead used pay pal) but I could cancel and re-order. I did so, later I learned that part of the initial order was not cancelled, had been charged, and was on its way to the to the wrong address. I reached out to ask for a refund since I requested a cancellation and was told they would not refund the money. The rugs I did get from the second order are great. Customer service was responsive and ultimately helpful but it was like pulling teeth. Do not use third party pay systems to save yourself shipping headaches.

Bought an 8x10 rug, the price seemed good, and state on their site that they GUARANTEE their prices to be the lowest. While later looking for a runner to match, I found the same 8x10 elsewhere for $100 less! Contacted an hour or two after buying by email, asked if they'd match the price since they say they have the lowest prices, never got a reply. Also tried calling several times, was on hold forever, no response despite them claiming to have customer service 24/7. They do say that replies will take longer because of Covid but they NEVER reply, and other unhappy buyers complained about no customer service before Covid, so that's an excuse. I finally demanded that they cancel my order - which hadn't shipped, got NO response to that either. These people are either totally inept of frauds. If they ship the rug I'll refuse it and will contest the charges. I contacted the BBB and the SC attorney general's consumer complaints office. HORRIBLE experience, never again with this fraud of a company!

I think the rugs are beautifully shown; I hope will be as pretty "in person"! As a non techy I always have a concern when ordering on line but, this was so simple! The prices are amazing and the design colors and sizes are excellent. I need another round rug for my entry and as soon as i get this rug, I am sure I will be ordering several more for other rooms too. I like the fact I was able to choose shipping times (even though I think Fed Ex is run by ding dongs) I hope Fed Ex can actually deliver in the two day window I selected... although I won't hold my breath!

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