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Beautiful Rug and Great Customer Service!
There was an issue with the shipping of our rug and customer service cleared everything up and offered to send a new rug if I didn't receive the one I ordered.
The rug is beautiful and everything shipped the same day that I ordered it and arrived quickly (aside from the one rug - but it was an issue with the carrier)
Will be buying again!

Rugs USA were great in assisting me with the shipment issue. It was fully the carriers fault but Rugs USA offered to send me a new one within 24-48 hours but I ended up receiving it.
Great customer service and the agent I spoke with was very helpful.

I just received 2 lamps I ordered from you all. I was so excited to get what I thought would be beautiful lamps. My family tried to surprise me by having them out for me before I got home therefore the boxes got thrown away. I am very disappointed in the quality of these lamps... very cheap looking. The screw off piece on the top is scuffed up and one shade has spots all over it. I will never order from you all again. Honestly wish I could send them back. Not a happy customer at all.

If you order from them you probably won't get a rug. Won't get your money back either. What you WILL get is lies. Every single person I communicated with lied... "Your order is ready to ship." "We have escalated the follow up to our warehouse." "It's just waiting to be picked up." Allow 24-48 hrs for the tracking number." "Only my supervisor can issue a refund." "My supervisor is in a meeting." "My supervisor will call you back in two hours." ALL LIES! Rugs USA took my money, didn't ever ship the order, and wouldn't give my money back. Bunch of thieves. This place is a scam. Don't buy from them!

Problem w/ shipping and loose ends
The initial problem in the beginning where it noted in my order status that it was delivered but it was not received and there was no way of assuring who received it was a waste of time and frankly was concerning. However, it was corrected in a timely manner, but time and convenience have been lost. It can be addressed if there's a way to sign for the packages delivered. Regarding Quality of rug. There are some loose ends, unfinished area, but I can accept it still works for our use. If it was standing alone in the middle of the room, it would be noticeable and probably get worse.

Problem was addressed.

Poor Quality, Difficult to Return
Shopping for this rug was simple and the pattern was beautiful, but the quality was terrible. The rug was like cardboard, would not flatten out, slid all over because it was so lightweight even with a rug pad. When I tried to return, I discovered I had to pay for returns and for a box to put it in making the cost to return almost the same amount as I paid.

I asked for help with returns and with finding a similar rug of better quality. Response was not prompt. I was sent a copy of return instructions with no answer about a similar rug.

Excellent customer service! Beautiful rug!
First, I absolutely love being able to see how the rug will look in my home by uploading a photo. I love the silver/grey shag rug that I ordered. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged, due to the fact that it was only wrapped in plastic, and our Fedex delivery driver is terrible:/
I was SO pleasantly surprised however, that RUGS USA made it right with a replacement immediately upon notice. I couldn't be happier with their excellent customer service!

My complaint (rug damaged upon delivery) was handled perfectly. A new replacement rug was immediately dispatched. I've been thrilled with all of my RUGS USA purchases/experiences so far.

You get what you pay for
My wife ordered the rug I could care less about the style of her taste but I care about the build quality of the stuff she orders and this rug feels to the touch much much cheaper than what I paid for. The rug we had prior to this one was from Costco, it was a bit smaller but felt softer and more dens thicker and at half the price of rugs USA and I wasn't too pleased with the way it was folded because when I put it on the floor in its place it had many bumps at the folds, I hope it was rolled up instead of folded but then it would probably be harder to ship

Happy with product and experience
Rug arrived a bit later than expected but was still within a few weeks of ordering during a labor shortage so I can't really complain. Product seems nice for the price. No scent or off-gassing at all which is nice. My only complaint is that it was listed as tufted wool but has loops. I had specifically wanted to avoid loops due to snagging dog toenails, but I like the rug so kept it and we'll see how it wears.

I contacted them to see when my rug would ship since it was later than expected and told it would be within a few days, so not a major customer service issue, but the online chat feature was easy to use and allowed me to get immediate assistance.

Great Experience
Easy online shopping experience. Using the filter feature helped find several rug designs and styles faster, according to my specifications. For each rug choice I clicked on, I appreciated seeing multiple pictures of that rug in actual room settings — featuring actual people and actual furniture. Greatly helped me evaluate color, texture, size, etc. Received rug sooner than expected. Actual area rug's colors match online pictures, thank goodness! (Photo accuracy is so important!) Highly recommend. Would definitely buy again!

Poor Return Administration
I ordered 3 rugs with "Standard" grip pads. The rugs were satisfactory. The pads were not as expected and wished to return two unopened pads. Rugs USA requested pictures of the produce prior to return. Rugs USA said to wait a day for an email to reply with photos of each pad. I waited many days and finally received an email that said my issue would be closed. I replied with copies of the pads as instructed. I am still waiting fir a shipping label and instructions for return.

Still waiting for my shipping label for returning pads.

The rug is awesome but the service…
I received my beautiful rug, the quality is great and looks exactly as shown in the pictures.

I had an issue with their service though, I needed to fix my address and I talked to 3 different people throughout the week and their information differed making me insecure about if I would receive or not the rug in the right place.

My address had a misspelling and I called y'all to fix it and I was informed in my first contact that it was done and I'd receive a new tracking number within 48 hours, I had to have a second contact after the deadline bc I did not receive the tracking number, so I had to go through all the same process again, but still didn't work. My third contact was through the chat service where I got most disappointed because the information differed and the person said that could not insure I'd receive my rug and also asked me to keep checking throughout the next 48 hours to make sure it wasn't misplaced, exactly what I was trying to avoid since day one.
I was in contact with y'all since at least 5 days before trying to avoid a problem and read that anyone did or could do anything to help me was frustrating.
I could fix the problem by myself throughout the FedEx website where I asked them to drop it off at their facility for pick up.

Very Happy
After reading quite a few bad reviews about this company, I was very hesitant to order from them. However, when I saw a lamp I wanted at half the price Overstock was selling it, I took a chance. I bought two of the lamps. Delivery was fast, and the lamps arrived in pristine condition. Even the lampshades were perfect, and I've had issues with lampshades from Wayfair and Overstock, but not these. I got two lamps for the price of one on Overstock and couldn't be happier.

Poor quality rugs, poor quality customer service
I bought this outdoor rug for my patio and upon rolling it out, loved it. The colors were bright and vibrant. However within a month or two, the colors faded---orange became yellow, etc. I was OK with that, however within 6 months, the edges and corners began fraying, so much so that people trip over it. When I phoned RugsUSA (calls are not within the USA however), a supervisor told me that Rugs USA can only replace or guarantee up to 90 days. So, be warned, this $200+ rug is only good temporarily. I would not do business with a company that does not reasonably stand behind their product.

I got an email saying I would get an additional 10%...
I got an email saying I would get an additional 10% off my purchase, but there was no promo code or anything…. But I would have ordered from Rugs USA anyway. I love everything about Rugs USA! I have several rugs in my home from y'all and you never disappoint! Great selection, great quality, great value, great prices, great sales, just great everything! I have recommended you to so many people! No matter what style decor you have, Rugs USA has the right rug for you! In fact, Rugs USA have 100 right rugs for you! The challenge is to choose only one…. Or two…. Or three…….

No rug after 2 back orders
Can't complain about the online chat customer service. I was able to get a nice discount on my order when I pointed out the 10% off promo didn't take. Immediately posted to my card, cleared in a couple days. BUT, after 2 delays with a 3rd coming up, I decided I was never going to get the rug. Others here have commented that Rugs USA don't tell you about the delays. They say they'll email, but they don't. So, it's incumbent on you to get in touch with them. Judging by the complaints of their customer service, I guess I lucked out with the online chat. They send a transcript of the chat immediately. All well and good, but doesn't result in a product. I have another promo code. Even if I find another rug available immediately, I won't do any more business with them. Going to go through a reputable business. It'll cost more, but worth actually getting a product.

I ordered a rug early August, was delivered September 24, damaged. Immediately began trying to get a return label, finally got one 2 weeks later. Return rug was delivered to them October 16. I received an email that my return was "complete" on October 31. November 9, Mark G. From customer service said he sent the refund that day. November 22, I have still yet to receive a refund and Mark is "forwarding it to the accounting team". Mark lied to me, rugsusa scammed me, I have no rug and no money and I'm pissed.

Horrible Experience
This has been the worst experience. Rugs USA delivered me a rug that was falling out of the packaging before we brought it in the house. I called the same day i recieved the rug and emailed them a picture of what they had sent me. They said that they would refund my money back because the damage was on their end. It has now been a month, still no money back in my account. Everyone I speak with says that "you should recieve it within 24-48 hours". I have called three times and now emailed them. I will never order from them again. They have been no help to me.

Back ordered a long time, despite showing as in-stock
The frustrating part was that we ordered an item which showed as in-stock, but was instead back-ordered. The item missed its estimated in-stock date a couple times without a new date being given until I inquired about it. The person providing support was helpful, once I reached out to ask why we weren't getting better updates.

The item seems pretty good for the price, consistent with what we expected.

Once we engaged this person the experience got better. He/she did a good job.

Less thank impressed.
My overall order experience was pretty smooth at first, but soon after I placed my order I received an email telling me that my order was delayed. I understand the shipping shortages but I felt misled by the website right from the jump. In addition to that, when I received my rug it was not exactly as vibrant as it seemed online and had several spots on the rug that can't be cleaned out. The rug does the job for the space intended, but def going to be more careful if I ever order from this place again.

Great customer service - they turned a negative into a positive!
We were so excited for our seagrass rug but sadly, it arrived damaged in several places. Customer service was excellent - Rugs USA made the return process fast and easy, with prompt replies to my calls and emails, frequent communication, and prompt follow-up. They were kind enough to waive the normal return fees and even gave me a generous coupon to use on a future purchase (which I am excited to do). They turned a potentially negative experience into a positive one. I will definitely order from them again.

Horrible Quality and Customer Policies
Rug we ordered was extremely poor quality - colors were not well dyed and overall the rug felt very cheap. Unfortunate for a $240 rug. Similar to other online rug orders, quality can be difficult to tell from online so we decided to return. The company states on their website that Rugs USA do charge for returns, but does not list how much anywhere. Other competitors charge $25, which seems reasonable given the size of what is being shipped. In this case, the rug actually folds into a box (instead of the long rolled tubes), so we were expecting $25 or even less.

In reality the company tried to charge us over 20% of the value of the rug to return it. Again, a $8 flat rate shipping label from a FedEx or USPS would be enough to get this bad boy across the country. Chatted to confirm that was the right amount and it was.

Poor quality and misleading policies lead to a company trying to take advantage of consumers. Will not be shopping with them again!

Hassle to exchange - Returns not made easy
I bought a rug that was 4 x 6 and it was too small. I was willing to exchange it with RugsUSA for the correct size (And paying for the price difference). First off, when you start a return, RugsUSA WILL NOT OFFER A FULL REFUND. Rugs USA will take a portion of it for "shipping costs" (In this case, they took ~$24 from an $80 purchase so they keep 30% of your refund) - Once you agree to that, they will send you a shipping label with explicit instructions on how to mail the rug back (Spoiler: There is no easy way to mail a rug back but they want it in similar packaging it came in) and the partial refund will be processed after they receive the rug.
The return process is a pain and did its job of encouraging me to keep the rug rather than going through with the hassle of returning it. It's also effective in convincing me that it'd be easier to resell my rug privately and purchase my next rug (One that's the correct size) with another company. Would not recommend due to a bad post-purchase experience.

Oh and if you buy the rug pads with the rugs, the rug pads won't be delivered as the same time as the rugs because they're sold by a separate distributor - So why even buy them together at checkout?

Not what I expected
Received rug very quickly but was not what I was expecting. The color was completely different from the picture. I expected some difference of course from what's on the computer verses in person but the main color of the rug was almost completely missing. I ordered a rug that was mainly orange with hints of blue and yellow but instead it was the other way around.
Even though the rug wasn't as expected and returned the customer service was excellent in helping me with my return.

Customer service was excellent. I explained my situation and what I expected and it was handled quickly.

Rug pad
Love the rug. The rug pad came a few days later which is super annoying…I would have rather waited a few extra days for the rug because I don't have space to store that while waiting for the pad which takes up a ton less room. So I didn't even end up using the pad and I wasted $50 (I think that's how much it was).

Rugs USA told me the item was on its way and I could just refuse the shipment but that isn’t how it works since I live in an apt building and they didn’t contact me when it was delivered.

Style and Comfort
The rug that I ordered is perfect. I love it. The process to get it was a more of a nightmare. After waiting long past the due date I called RugsUSA and it was determined it was lost in transit. So I placed a replacement order.

Several days later the first rug was delivered at 5:00 pm a Saturday. I'm not sure if I will get a second one. BUT I do love the rug that was delivered!

The two people I interacted with were sympathetic to my issue and I was able to resolve the problem.

"Rug Pulled Out From Under Me"
I have made contact with this company several times concerning their error in my order.
I had to return a rug Rugs USA sent to me that was the incorrect size as well as the rug being soiled.
I immediately I cancelled my order for two rugs I ordered previously and returned the rug they sent me in error.
Now, I"be waited over a month for my refund and have not received it as of this date.

This company is definitely in question concerning customer service, as well as backing up their claim of easy returns.

I'd stay away from Rug USA.

Great customer service!
When my original order seemed to be lost in transit, I was offered either a refund or a replacement. I chose a replacement, which arrived within a week. A couple of days later--surprise!--the original, presumed lost order arrived as well. When I called to ask about the best way to return one of the rugs, the customer service person not only thanked me for my honesty, but also very graciously arranged for a pickup (at no cost) so I wouldn't have to lug a heavy 8x10 rug to a FedEx facility. Bravo!

See previous response.

ABC rug
I love that this rug is washable. Aside from design, that was the second reason I bought it. Looking at some other reviews, I was glad to see my rug's letters came in ABC order. The color is more of a blue/gray color. Not what I was expecting, but thankfully it still goes with the room. My biggest complaint would be that the letters are not centered in the rug. One "side" of the circle has a large section of blue space from the top of the letters to the edge of the rug. And across the rug on the other "side" the tops of the letters are almost hanging off, no blue space above the letters. I notice it, I don't think guests would.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. But this is the first rug I have purchased from Rugs USA where the color in real life was not consistent with the color online. Blues/greens were inconsistent and not what I was expecting.

Shipping process was very strange. Delivery estimate kept changing/being pushed back. Product left Rugs USA very quickly, but FedEx was very slow. The information available from the tracking site was inconsistent with my actual delivery experience.

Some good some bad
The first rug I bought (Striped Tiles) was good quality, felt thick (but was only 3/8" thick, not the 1/2" stated in the description), dense fibers, soft, good color and stitching so decided to try another.
The second one (Blue Abstract Contemporary Area Rug) is defective, hemming is crooked, edges are buckled from uneven tension in the stitching. Poor quality in general, very thin (only 1/4" thick, NOT the 1/2" stated in the description), design, though interesting, is not done well--the color is garish and brighter than photos and blending is poor, the weaving is skimpy and coarse. It does not have enough weight to lay flat. I will want to return it and won't buy more.

In general, beware their thickness descriptions are NEITHER accurate NOR consistent.

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Description: For more than twenty years, Rugs USA has helped our customers turn their house into a home, offering a stunning array of rug styles, materials, and sizes to suit every design need and budget. Whether you’re replacing one runner or redecorating an entire house, we take pride in helping you realize your vision. With over eight million rugs sold to more than one million homes, we are experienced in making your online shopping journey seamless: from selecting a rug style and size, to ordering and delivery, to education and support for how to care for your rug. We are able to keep our prices low and quality high by maintaining close relationships with the designers, artisans, and factories who make our goods.
Our customers inspire us. By helping you find the right rug at the right price and offering outstanding customer service, we cherish making life more beautiful for yourself and your family.

Address: 286 Prospect Plains Rd., Cranbury, New Jersey, United States, 08512


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