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Will buy more.
This dress is a great deal. The shape and quality far exceed what you would expect at this price point. I'm 5'9 and the length is just at my knees. Perfect for something you can toss in suitcase or overnight bag to be prepared for almost any occasion without needing an iron. It's simple enough to wear with flats for daytime but can easily be dressed up with heels for going out, meetings, date night, and so on. I'm seriously considering getting it in a few more colors just to have on hand.

Canadian shipping
Hello, I ordered two dresses paid through papal. I also ordered a third dress that did not ship. The first two dresses were $29 plus $7 USD for shipping. No problem Rosewe came in 10 days and were nice. But to send one back I would have to pay Canadian shipping to New Jersey which was about $24.00. That's a problem.

My last item was about 20 days without any notice. I wrote them about it and the next day they said it was shipping. ($30 plus about $7 for shipping). The parcel shipped from China and arrived three days later with a $25 customs charge. That was a big problem. Now I am into this dress for $62 and I don't even know if it fits.

So beware. ROSEWE is located in China. Their customer service is open from 9PM to 6AM that should be a warning to you. Beware of companies that do not have a customer service phone number to speak with someone in your Country.

Mark M

I strongly recommend
The clothing is of excellent quality and perfect. Rosewe are better than I had hoped and fit great. I love the versatility and all the options and variety of clothes. The style they offer is very unique and I really love the designs/colors of the dresses. I'm pretty impressed with the overall quality for the price of the dresses. Customer service is great too. One of the best online stores. Satisfied with everything I ordered. I will continue to shop with Roswe as it has become one of my favorites brands to purchase dresses from.

Great Service & Fabulous Items
Highly recommended! My delivery came well before Christmas & each item was separately wrapped in it's own resealable bag. I hung each item up & the creases easily dropped within a few hours. In reality, the clothes are exactly as seen on the website, well made, look great & are so comfortable to wear. Each item is an unusual & individual statement piece which is guaranteed to get you noticed & for all the right reasons. I was totally spoilt for choice with the variety of clothing on offer, so I'll definitely be revisiting your site to buy again! I'm so pleased with my purchases & I'm glad that I discovered your website - thankyou! X

Excellent service.
I bought clothes from China in the past, bad experience. I told my friend that I ordered clothes from Rosewe. When she told me Rosewe were coming from China, I thought Oh No! I e-mail Rosewe to cancel my order, they had already shipped it. Their response was quick to tell me when the clothes arrive I can return them. Package came New Years Eve. I tried on the clothing n was surprise how nice they fit. Nice quality. I e-mail them back n told them I'm keeping all 4 of my outfit. I will be ordering again.

I really love to shop with ROSEWE i am not disappointed in their product that
My bad experience is not with ROSEWE it is with Fedex. FedEx have me and my package all over the world. Please do not ship back no more package for me with fedex thank you. USPS or DHL will be ok FEDEX leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But overall ROSWE is my online store to shop. Thank you to ARIA she did a. Wonderful job when i contacted her on Facebook. She tried to locate my package. And she communicate with me with every step she made.and return my dresses and i really love them

No customer service, shipping was too late to be of use
Started an online chat at 2100 because apparently you can only chat in the middle of the night. Was cut off and could not (to this day still cannot) start another chat. I don't know if Rosewe blocked me or what, but there is no phone number, they do not respond to emails so if there is no chat I have no recourse but to call my credit card company and deny payment. Ordered dresses over 4 weeks ago for a trip. I leave today and no dresses yet.
I strongly recommend buying from somewhere else, save yourself the hassle. Also check out the language usage on most of their positive reviews, I think they are having employees write reviews for them.

Thank you Aria
I had a slight problem with my order, that I needed to get sorted out. Unfortunately I had been taken ill with pneumonia and then Sepsis, and i never managed to get round to sorting it out before I was hospitalise. When I came out of hospital I contacted Rosewe again about it and Aria sorted it out out for me with no problemsat all, even though it had been about 6 weeks after I had bought them. I can't thank her enough for sorting out this problem for me. So that I dont have to worry about itany more.

My girlfriend loves it
"I'm really surprised by the negative reviews I see on here. I bought my girlfriend a blue strapless dress from there and had a pleasant experience throughout the entire process.
The website was easy to navigate, the clothing was good quality and reasonably priced, and it got to me in less than a week. There's not much more I can ask of a clothing company.
I was a little nervous about the sizing (unless you see it you don't really now how big it is) but it fit her like she was born to wear it. My girlfriend loved it, I loved it, and come Christmas time I'll definitely order again. 5 stars, would recommend."

Still have not received my item
I order a item back on May the 26th for a event on June 19th as of day which is July 1 I still have not received my item every time I text them Rosewe tell me that they will email me in a day or 2 will it been mouth and a week, I have never order from them before and I hope you all never order from them either, they will liar to you about your now all I want is a refund and they keep beating around the bush about my money this crazy Family and Friend do not order from these people

Updating a bad review of
I recently wrote a negative review of because I received an inferior quality item from them. Their site says: "Full Refunds. We offer full refund on any items that are found to be faulty or damaged due to our fault." The problem is that you have to ship it back to China to get the refund.
Initially Rosewe refused a refund through Pay Pal but after my review on ReviewFeeder they responded quickly with a partial refund which was all that I had asked for since they had shipped it all the way from China. I appreciate their effort to be fair and I hope that this was a rare case on their part.

Terrible Service. Dont Purchase from them and my advice "Stay Away "
I purchased from the site and when I received the order it did not fit me so I asked to return it or for a refund and there were lots of emails to them and from me asking for it to be sent back. Rosewe asked for the purchase number and the order number I did this and nothing came from it. I have still got this outfit that does not fit me and they refuse to do something about it. Under no circumstances should anyone purchase anything from them. They are dodgy and won't help you. I have informed them I will let others know of the service I have received from them

Petty dress, higher waist
I really like this dress, it is pretty and the fabric is very soft. The waistline was higher than pictures on the model but not as high as a typical empire waist. The top would be perfect cut for someone who typically wears petite sizes but if you are petite then you will probably need to shorten it. The photos posted by other users will give you a better sense of where the waist will likely hit you. I think it would work well as a bridesmaid dress or if you were attending a more formal event.

Package was lost/stolen and Rosewe helped me!
I had ordered two beautiful dresses daaaaays before my mother's wedding. USPS was in charge of the delivery and sent me a notification that it had been delivered. However, I never received the package and quickly informed Rosewe of the situation. Rosewe help me contact USPS and we started an investigation to find out where my package was. Sadly, USPS sent me a statement saying that the package had been lost/stolen. I was devastated because the whole package was more than $100 and I needed to get a new dress for the wedding. After telling Sumie, from Rosewe's Customer service, about the situation, she told me that Rosewe will send the order once more to help me. I even got the email confirming the shipping of the new order. I am very glad they didn't just leave me to the side while I lost my money/dresses.

There are several nice looking dressing that you can wear for spring to church that don't fit too tight. There are women who want to look decent so can someone please start a business in the US where women of all sizes can shop ROSEWE have some very nice dresses that I can wear a jacket with and be off to church I was skeptic to order cause no reviews on the website so i search and found this I am giving 5 stars so someone can take notice of this message and start making some nice comfortable items for church women that is not low cut and too short... you will make some money for sure. Oh thanks for the reviews too many bad reviews to take a chance.

Helpful and efficient
I had a problem concerning my package and I emailed them to explain what had happened Rosewe responded within hours of my enquiry and was able to give me the information I needed regarding my package. The information had helped me contact the delivery company and I then found out that my package was then delivered to a wrong address and I was able to get my package to me safely. I was also offered a refund if I did not get my package but thankfully I did receive my package. And their shipping time is that you were told you that your package will arrive is accurate.

Looked like a BAD KNOCKOFF
The company ought to be ashamed of their misrepresentation. I have never been SO dissappointed and felt taken advantage of by my purchase. I bought what I thought was a supposed(white), turned out to be a cream one-shouldered /with silver,(not glittery like the photo)jumpsuit; for a special occasion. Back lighting can be deceiving, but It didn't do the photo, justice. It was cheesy looking, shabbily made and too short for my 5'5" frame. I will NEVER trust to make another purchase from this company again and I deserve more than an apology!

Wonderful Buying Experience
Love this website. Rosewe are having tons of super stylish dresses, awesome swimsuits, very standing out Jewellery, fashion tops... Enough to surf a whole day and to still discover something new that I definitely wanna have;)but before you purchase, you need to know your own measures and check the size charts in the description of each item, almost all clothing is produced for the Asian market and the sizes you have to order here most probably differ from what you're usually grabbing at your local store.

Ordered 4 blouses from ROSEWE. Took 4 WEEKS from China. So excited. Opened and was SO SHOCKED AT THE JOKES Rosewe call clothing. $139.00 for the most INFERIOR material. Some were sheer see through junk. They were NOTHING like the pictures! Nothing. SHAME on the scammers. Shame on me for believing. They are laughing at the IDIOTS sending them money, hundreds of dollars at a time. We cannot do anything except voice our disdain. Unethical business practices. Sad. Thieves. Absolutely. Never again.

Worst experience ever.
This is a total scam. It is impossible to receive a refund even when you return the cheap crappy clothing! I have been fighting for a month now to get my money back and because this company is in China there is no real way of making sure that happens. Rosewe lie and lead you on like they will refund you but they keep these messages going on and on with no intention on really returning your funds. I included pictures of the ticket I opened including proof of delivered items that I returned to them. DONT DO IT! This is a total rip off! Save your money for real clothing with a site that actually has real customer service and oh yeah real clothing! This is cheap and horribly stitched clothing. It looks like clothes a middle school kid made in home ed.

Love Rosewe.
Absolutely love this dress!
The pink color is soft and romantic, and the neckline has more than enough room for a large bust, while still looking good on a small one. The length hits me several inches below the knee, but isn't unflattering at all! Again, I am thrilled with this purchase. Shipping was quick since I used Prime, and the dress arrived in a lovely zip bag, neatly folded. It is a bit difficult to iron using a conventional iron, I had to use a wet cloth to press it, but a good steaming should work perfectly, and once it's pressed, it hold the press for a long time! Would absolutely recommend this dress to anyone who asks, I'll be buying myself one in every color!

Never Again
I give them 1 star and Im being generous only because I did receive my package. First of all, most of the reviews seem staged. Rosewe tell you to order up a size for a more comfortable fit, but I learned not true(too big for me). I watched a review video later and learned that the site caters to plus size customers, but I don't see how when they say they have sizes 6-8. I ended up having to return a suit and request smaller size, haven't received yet and don't know if I will. Along with the suit I want to exchange, I paid to have 1 sent back also, that I ordered 2 of by mistake. Now, before ordered shipped, I tried to have it removed from my order but, I was unable to because it kept showing that my order number was not valid. This was the first red flag for me. I was told I would not receive a refund because suit was worn or stained. Lies! I never wore this suit or any of the suits, because I tried to return it soon as I received it, still in same packaging. So, not only am I out of money I paid for suit but also shipping. I advise you all not to do business with this company.

I came across this site of facebook so already skeptical!. The dresses I viewed were super cute. I tried one that was about $35. I am surprised that the quality was very decent, it fit well, and overall looks great on me. I'm about to go order another. Now, it does take a long time to arrive but hey, it is coming from China so understandable. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because part of the stitching looks like it may not last too many washing. But hey, it was only $35 and you get what you pay for. But overall I am very pleased with the dress.

Too good to be true... run far far away from this company
I should have known better, I keep saying to myself. The prices of the dresses were too good to be true. But, in an attempt to look nice, but not spend a fortune, I fell for it. The 4 dresses I ordered (for a Rehearsal Dinner and wedding that is in less than a month now) finally came after about 6 weeks. I anxiously tore into the package and literally did not know whether to laugh or cry. One dress vaguely resembles the picture, but the colors are different. I tried them all on-nothing comes close to fitting, the size I normally wear, and Rosewe are so poorly made it is laughable. Based on the reviews I just read, I am going to see if I can consign and get pennies on the dollars that I spent, and save myself any further headache with this company. I will NEVER purchase from this company again, and I would recommend you do the same.

Terrible quality, no support
I ordered a dress and a tankini... that looked great in the pics.
When Rosewe arrived the exact opposite was true. The quality was so bad I would not be able to wear them, cheap, nasty and poorly made.
I had no choice but to return them, which cost me £17.40 (from uk). Rosewe refused to pay nor share the cost of the return... despite it being their fault.
Basically, don't order anything. Don't be tempted. It will cost you almost it's value to return or you're stuck with awful clothes you'll never wear. Save your money

Disgusting after sales
Ordered 3 dresses. Took ages to be delivered then when arrived 2 of the dresses quality was horrendous. Im sure I would have had better quality in Poundland! Therefore decided to return. The cost of returning was really high (photo attached) £25 basically!
I thought ok doesn't matter as the company had said we will refund full costs once we receive the items. 2 weeks later Rosewe finally email to say received and refunding for the 2 dresses. I emailed straight back stating you are forgetting the postage? They have just emailed to say return costs are to be borne by the consumer?!?!?! I am raging!

£25 may not seem a lot of money to some but it is to me. I feel like my consumer rights have been breached and I have told them I will NEVER purchase from them again!

The customer service team helped me avoid a disaster.
I haven't received my dress yet so I can't comment as it pertains to the actual product. But their customer service team helped me to avoid a disaster. My shipping information was missing a house number and Rosewe caught it and sent an email to me so I could correct it. I have done this once before with another company (auto fill) and it wasn't caught. I never did get the product. They said if I wanted it, I would have to pay for shipping again, so I asked for a refund, and they only gave me half of my money back. Which took 3 months to get. I really really appreciate Rosewe catching my mistake.

Fantastic! A guaranted success!
As soon as I opened the package sent me by the Rosewe company, I was speechless with wonder. I had chosen two dresses, a blouse and a swimsuit.
The first is a very evening dress.It is a black dress and both on the front and on the back it is completely adorned with golden flowers with glitter sequins.It can be worn on every elegant occasion and it will assure you a guaranted success.
The second dress is a very original and elegant day dress. This dress model is striking both for its floral pattern and for the model with a particular wide puff neck. This soft falling dress doesn't mark at the waist.It is particularly suitable for those who want to be elegant without sacrificing confort.
The third item I chose is a blue blouse. Its peculiarity can be seen in the yoke and sleeves decorated with lace and sequin flowers. This tunic is very detailed and can be worn both day and night.
The fourth item I chose is a very intriguing bikini.
The bra is in black and white strips and is decorated with golden ties.It is without underwire and with large cups that facilitate this support.The comfortable culotte briefs has laces that allow adjustment.
In conclusion it is a sexy bikini that will enhance your figure.If you are interested in some of the garments I've just shown you, don't waist your time and order them right now.
If you want to see more follow me on my Instagram (@venus_lisa_) and TikTok (@Lisavenusofficial). I'm going to post them in the following days.

Fraudulent charge
I ordered some bathing suits and bathing attire. Once I got to checkout the amount was $137 which I agreed to and submitted the order. But when I got the receipt the charge was different it was 267.49. I immediately tired to contact someone to cancel to no avail I got no one. Finally Rosewe contacted me and said the price difference was because I had doubled some items, which was totally untrue. I know the amount I agreed to at checkout. The bottom line is Rosewe were trying to cheat me. I will never order from them again. I advise everyone not to order there either save yourself the headache and misery.

Read this and buy from Rosewe
I was looking for a nice top that would cover my belly since I have health issues that can make me bloat a lot.
I looked at the reviews and size chart and decided to order an XXL. It fits just as I wanted it to- draping, not form fitting (much like how it's pictured on the model). I'm 5'4 and 145lb (34DDD) if that helps gauge what size would work for you. I usually wear Medium or Large sizes. I could have gotten away with an XL, but wanted it a little bit bigger for those high-bloat days. When I put my arms over my head it doesn't show my stomach at all. The sleeves drape nicely and are loose like in the photo of the model.

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