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This is the second purchase I have made of the Rose...
This is the second purchase I have made of the Rose Gold Handset. Thank you for the 15% off. I have purchased this for my daughter. I saw that you're now giving me a 25% off discount. Would it be possible to apply a greater discount to my purchase please? I would really appreciate it.

I'm still using my RoseSkin product and I keep raving about it!

I find your site very easy to use I bought an item...
I find your site very easy to use I bought an item from you a couple days ago and I've decided I want one for myself because the first one I bought is for my mom I appreciate that you take the time to have a site that it's customer friendly have a good day thank you Laurie Edwards

The purchase experience on the website was smooth
The purchase experience on the website was smooth. The shipping took 3 weeks to arrive to destination (Germany). It was a big confusing at the beginning, since I got a notification a few days after the purchase, saying that the packet had already arrived at the destination city. However, one week later the notification disappeared and the package was re-shipped

Good product
The delivery was fast and the application was also easy to understand. Unfortunately, I can not use many places with the device, because my hair is too light there. But the application in general does not hurt at all (I have only used it on level 1 and 2). I keep the product anyway, because I have the feeling that it shows some effect in the areas used (armpits and legs).

From 2nd time of use (intensity 2) onwards, it doesn't...
From 2nd time of use (intensity 2) onwards, it doesn't deliver pulses all the time when it's pressed in manual mode or when it's in position on automatic mode. The lag between pulses can be initiated gets longer with higher intensity. Is it normal? Or product faulty? Takes too much time to finish treatment...

I just received it today and read all of the instructions
I just received it today and read all of the instructions. Tomorrow I will be gone my first treatment. I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift. I've had IPL laser treatments done at a local dermatologists clinic. I had fabulous regulars after only two visits and it very expensive.
I thought I'd give this a go for my husbands back hair, and other hairy places that he would like less hair. I'm hopeful it will work.

Quick easy!
Quick easy! The website answered all of my questions and I felt good about trying this product out! (I do wish that your site was less women centric because I'm trans masc using this for my patchy facial hair I get it ciswomen are your primary audience but there is definitely an underrepresented market in queer and trans hair removal!)

Looks like a scam
I purchased the Hair removal handset and it just does not work, as as per their terms and conditions I contacted them to arrange a refund. I sent the product back and RoseSkinCo advised when the handset arrived and I provided them with the tracking number and proof of delivery they would process the refund. As soon as I emailed them the proof of delivery their replies have stopped and no refund.

DO NOT BUY this product I am sure it is a scam.

With the Rose Quartz Roller as part of my beauty routine,...
With the Rose Quartz Roller as part of my beauty routine, I found my skin feeling more firm and moisturized after using it together with my skincare set. The vibrations definitely helps in reducing puffiness and water retentions, and the roller helps to sculpt my face, jawlines and cheekbones.

I've only used my machines twice, so it's too soon...
I've only used my machines twice, so it's too soon to tell, but I'm satisfied with how easy it is to use and I agree it is far less painful that the laser I have had before. My only criticism is that the handset is quite chunky in the hand. I feel it could be more slim-line or have a more gripping material

All website direction & information provided was very...
All website direction & information provided was very much appreciated & helpful to deciding & reviewing/comparing to even competitors, however a simple 10% sign up discount is minor & given the pricing of such a product pushing to 15% would be a much greater incentive for purchase.
Including the exfoliation glove as a free item on 10% as an optional differing discount would also give your customers a choice of which product/offer RoseSkinCo will choose, rather than to purchase or not.
I would recommend this as a forward option as it will increase your overall purchase orders with an extremely minor loss of profit of which will be more than covered through the instinctual purchases.
All said, I very much look forward to using your product & reviewing its progress.

P. S A black option may increase your male audience l, I myself prefer a bit of color in my life, although many of the self conscious men looking to remove hair would also be very concious & concerned of being discovered to have a "femininely colored" hair removal product, which would decrease their otherwise likely purchase from your company & push them to competitors with more "masculine/neutral" designs regardless of the quality.
Food for thought, would love to know the results if you choose to take heed of my feedback

Johnny David

Scary I haven't spent this much money on any one product...
Scary I haven't spent this much money on any one product for myself in about 2 years so I really hope this works for my upper lip hyperpigmentation but anyways the shopping on the website was very easy and if this product work that I would definitely return again for more

Easy and simple!
Easy and simple! Customer service is quite responsive! It took about 2 and a half weeks to get my IPL handset. Once I used the handset on the lowest setting, it was such a breeze! I can't wait to see the results!

RoseSkinCo were able to give me a response in an appropriate and timely manner. They even followed up with me if everything was okay. Very good

The boxing day savings and a special offer code from...
The boxing day savings and a special offer code from a helpful YouTube review about this product has made my dream of owning one of these into a reality! I really hope in a few months I will have a smooth hairless face. I am plagued with a shadow that looks like stubble but is just thick dark roots. Really looking forward to this product!

Ruined Christmas
Buyer Beware! I bought a gift for my wife from this website and it has been the worst online experience of my life. I am on a limited income so $129.99 was a nice Christmas gift. The only problem is that nobody knows where it is. Purchased on Dec. 1st it is now Dec. 23rd. At least 15 emails sent and only 2 response's. Do not do business with this company if you want good customer relations. Very disappointed! Going to ask for a refund or do a credit card dispute next. NOT A "MERRY CHRISTMAS "

I couldn't purchase through the snap chat ad
I couldn't purchase through the snap chat ad. For some reason it kept redirecting me back to the very starting page when trying to pay with PayPal. I had to leave snap chat, get on chrome, type in your web address, and use PayPal that way. Then everything was pretty normal and went quickly.

I had a really pleasant experience as the customer...
I had a really pleasant experience as the customer service was excellent and prompt in their replies when i sent in some queries regarding my payment

RoseSkinCo were prompt in their replies and always check on the status even when i have yet to reply their previous email which i appreciate as i missed their previous email

I CANT WAIT! On sale end a Christmas present that my husband may scream about. I just watched Kelly and Ryan and RoseSkinCo talked about this and I went to your website and unbelievably So, it was on sale. Jackpot jackpot jackpot. As I said I can't wait and I thank you from my heart.

Trying to check out w/purchase has been a headache...
Trying to check out w/purchase has been a headache as the card I was trying to use would not go thru even though I have used it on several other purchases, ugh. I ended up having to use a different cc that I really did not want to use. Not sure what the problem was but very irritating.

I'm on week 3 and been using it 2-3 times a week and...
I'm on week 3 and been using it 2-3 times a week and still no results…. So we'll see remaining hopeful but lots of reviews with people saying RoseSkinCo saw results within the first few weeks I definitely haven't seen any change. And I'm hair with dark hair? So supposedly the ideal customer?

It toggled back and forth between payment pages and...
It toggled back and forth between payment pages and took a while to get through properly since the address and info kept all filling themselves incorrectly and I had to redo them at least 4 times. Just not a great mobile site but I got a great product at a great price and I'm very excited and happy for that. The glove was sold out by the time I got back to my cart to figure the payment stuff out but I have my own exfoliating brush already so I think it's better this way. Just very inconvenienced at the payment screens. It kept going to shop pay or the other option automatically and erasing everything I'd already typed in. Just an irritating ordering process but nothing personal against the company or its people

Best customer service ever!
I had a bad experience with another company that was so similar to RoseSkinCo I thought it was the same company. When I contacted customer service about it I found out it wasn't the same company and that RoseSkinCo is the legitimate one. BBB website has all the into you need to know. :)

While talking to the representative I felt like RoseSkinCo genuinely cared about my experience and so before my return even processed with the company, I purchased the Lumi and it came with a free exfoliating glove which is awesome!

Shipping took forever due to Covid but that is no fault of the company. I am on week two of my hair removal treatment (twice a week for me!) and I am already noticing that I have slower growth. I can't really tell yet if it's thinner but I can't wait to see what it's like several weeks down the road!

Thank you to everyone I talked with at RoseSkinCo for being kind and caring. It goes a long way with me.

I have had such a poor experience shopping with Roseskinco
I have had such a poor experience shopping with Roseskinco. I went through the checkout process, applied my discount code and paid using PayPal (which showed the properly discounted price). However, when the page took me to my order summary and in my email confirmation, I was charged full price! Please respond to this! Can I please get a refund?

I loved having feedback all along the process
I loved having feedback all along the process. I've had things that have never shown up that I'd ordered online, but I had email confirmation the whole way including a personal email from this company. Haven't used the product yet but as far as customer service goes…I cannot fault it

Quick, easy, straightforward add to cart and checkout...
Quick, easy, straightforward add to cart and checkout interface.

The review reading interface could be more straightforward. When making a >$100 beauty device purchase, I want to read a lot of reviews to get an idea of what I'm buying, and it was hard to do that on this site.

You need to get your payment portion working correctly
You need to get your payment portion working correctly. Had to scan my card in multiple times before it would finally accept. Verified the number, expiration etc. every time but would tell me wrong number. After multiple tries it finally accepted it. Hopefully the product works better than your website.

I'm very excited with the product and I hope I get good results, I have been using it for two weeks with no issues. Everything works as describes and I have been taking pictures so I can compare the results.
Thank you for a speedy delivery and I hope to be this excited in 10 week for now! Lol

I've got not used the product twice now so as per right...
I've got not used the product twice now so as per right now no results.

However, the representative I have been emailing has made me love this company. Not only Canadian but felt like I was talking to someone who actually valued me as a customer!

Big impact on how I view the company, product and would definitely order more products from them base solely on customer service.


Package still has not arrived. It has been more than a month.
I ordered the product on July 19th. It is August 16th and the product is still not here. It has been in Orlando for more than a week now. I do not know what Is taking the product so long to arrive. Wish I could tell you how well it works. Maybe I can when it finally gets here.

At first after going through the checkout process it...
At first after going through the checkout process it wouldn't work asking me on three occasions to put valid phone number. I did this 3 times!
And then finally! I get past that and it says can't ship to my location!
Anyway... 7th time lucky after the valid phone number thing happened 2 more times... the order went through!
Let's hope there are no further issues with receiving this product and that it does what it says it will do! If not I've totally wasted 45 minutes and $154 ordering it!

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Our mission is to make beauty simple.

We create innovative products that make it easy to show your skin the love it deserves, from right at home.

Spend your time and money on the things that really matter.

100,000+ Happy Customers
Since it's inception in April 2019 RoseSkinCo™ has served 100,000+ happy customers and counting.

Safety First
All RoseSkinCo™ products are certified for safe use, have peace of mind when using your favourite products.

Guarantees & Warranties
All RoseSkinCo™ products come with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. They are also covered by a 1-year warranty in case of any defects.

Address: Rose Skin Inc. PO Box 93 Montreal SUCC.H Montreal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 2K5


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